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Newsletter Date: 6th Dec.2012

Strengthening the value of human life

Voice of Fetus Nepal Caring mothers, saving lives, stopping abortions.

Together for the lives at risk ... Dear Pro-life friends and families, Greetings & blessings in Christ ! On last 11thNovember, 2012 VOF conducted a ‘Multi-influencer Interactive workshop’ regarding the reality of an unborn, abortion and its alternatives at the Universal Café of Nakhudobato, Ringroad Kathmandu. The main objectives of the workshop were to build maximum pro-life service providers in different influential parts of the Christian society and to make a common perspective of all. According to the registration in workshop, 157 representatives from the different influential parts of the Christian society like medical, law, media, children welfare, woman welfare, concern group, advocacy group, theological institution, student club, church, etc were participated in that workshop. The workshop was started with a positive provocation by Soman Elisha Rai the Executive Director of VOF. He provoked the participants by presenting the current issue of reelected US President and his agenda of abortion and homosexual marriage policy in US and overseas countries. He challenged the delicates to make a clear and common perspective regarding abortion and to take a strong stand on it. After that, he invited Ps. Lokmoni Dhakal the Director of Nepal Christian Society (NCS) and the coordinator of Christian Commitment in Building New Nepal (CCBNN) to pray for programs. After the opening prayer, the Bible students from Nepal Theological Seminary (NTS) led spirit filled worship. And soon after the worship, the participants were educated with the Pro-life DVD presentation prepared by Gabriel International (GI). After the DVD presentation, the time was given to Rev. Prakash Subba the President of Nepal Christian Fellowship Network (NCFN) to present the common Biblical perspective regarding unborn and abortion. After that, Advocate Kailashman Sankar the chairperson of Advocates Nepal (AN) took time to present the common perspective and commitment on the behalf of Advocates Nepal. Likewise, Dr Kaleb Buda and Dr. Samundra Rana from Christian Medical Association also presented their common perspective and statement on the behalf of Christian Medical Association. All those presentations were awesome and supportive to stand for lives at risk. After the presentation from different groups, the workshop turned into open interaction and discussion. Many representatives from different groups shared their valuable thoughts and ideas about abortion and its alternatives. Mrs. Bishnu Rai the principal of Nursing campus shared wonderful thought about prevention of unwanted pregnancy. She gave the idea of potentiality for developing a curriculum in nursing campuses in Nepal. Dr. Narayan Maharjan the Coordinator of Christian Concern Group Nepal (CCGN) also expressed his commitment for calling an assembly of all the Christian denominations to make a common statement of Christian in Nepal regarding abortion. Mrs. Bimala Thapa the Executive Director of Hope Nepal also shared her personal experience as well as her commitment to network with VOF to rescue the ladies in crisis pregnancy. FR. G. William (Bill) from the Nepal Jesuit Society of Catholic Church also gave additional thoughts and advices. Mr. Silash from Higher Ground Café Counseling Center and B P Khanal also emphasized to seek life saving alternatives to abortion. We heard a Pro-life song from Rajesh Rai who also committed himself to sing for the lives at risk. At last, Soman Elisha Rai challenged all the media persons participated in the workshop and other professions to use their position, profession and skill to speak and stand for the lives at risk. He referred the scripture from Bible, “For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance…will rise from another place… And who knows …that you have come to …position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14). Eventually, He called them to make a resolution together with prayer. Likewise, the workshop was finished with lunch and the distribution of LIFE BAG. Reported by: Soman Rai

Medical persons

Law persons

Meida persons

Children welfare & advocacy

Kailash M. , Dr. Kaleb Buda & Rev. Prakash Subba presenting their perspectives

Dr. Narayan M. , Bishnu Rai , Mrs. Bimala Thapa & B P Khanal presenting their thoughts

Teenagers responding the teaching on purity and abortion

On 13th November, 2012 the VOF was invited by the Youth Fellowship Committee of 3rd Division No. of Dhading District to present the teaching about the sanctity of human life. More than 300 teenagers and youth were participated in that class. Soman Elisha Rai started the class with some oral pre-questionnaires on the issue of sex. He found out that many of the participants were badly influenced by the wrong information presented by the media of these days. One of the participants shared that for him the sexual contact with condom is a safe sex. After getting know the participant’s existed viewpoint on sex, Soman Elisha presented the teaching on Biblical sexuality and Christian values in first session and in second session he presented the teaching on complications of illegitimate sexual relation. In that session he presented the DVD about abortion and its harsh truth. The class remained really effective and productive. After the class, he became available to interact with them for many of the participants had came with different curiosities. Soman Elisha was really busy to reply and satisfy them. Finally, he found that their viewpoint regarding sex were totally changed. They all were committed for purity and choosing life.

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Pathway to Sexual Purity One day Youth Camp. With new year resolution

Date: 30th December 2012 Place: Changed Life Church, Bagdol. Time: 9:30-3:00 Contact: 9841651569 Lunch will be served

Special Prayer Points: Please pray for the blessing & anointing in the Youth Camp on 30th December 2012. VOF is celebrating this Christmas with five single mothers and babies. So please pray for the fund to be provided to buy some gifts and food for them. Thank you

Fund: VOF believes in vision than provision. We are committed to fulfill the vision from God. How about your commitment to support the vision from God? Please open your heart and hand to involve in this LIFE saving movement. VOF receives any kind of grants: prayer, financial, commodity, volunteers, technical, etc. Thank you.

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