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Medical technology (Sonogram) and its abuse in Nepal

Medical technology (Sonogram) and its abuse in Nepal Dear friends and families, last month I had a short study and survey on Medical technology and sex selective abortion in Kathmandu. That time I had a good time to visit and follow-up some families who were blessed by the ministry of VOF Nepal. I found some hidden stories which I am presenting here...

The story of two mothers and their cute baby sons Prema and Mohan were married in 2004 at Khotang, Nepal. They both are educated. Prema got pregnant first time when she was 21. She gave birth to a cute baby girl with the agreement of whole family though it was unplanned for them. After few years they came to the capital city (Kathmandu) of Nepal in search of some job. Meanwhile Prema got pregnant again but this time they had expected a son, because they already had a daughter. So, they visited a gynecologist working in the maternal Hospital in Thapathali, Kathmandu and the gynecologist referred them to a private clinic in New Baneswor where they had video X-ray check-up for sex determination. After few minutes the related doctor of clinic reported that she has a daughter in her womb. After knowing the report they came to their home and made a mind of abortion. So, they went to borrow some money from their relative. At that moment, they got an opportunity to read the brochure called ‘wonderfully and uniquely created’ published by Gabriel International and distributed by VOF. After reading that brochure they changed their mind of abortion and decided to give birth. Today she has a cute baby boy of 17 months. If she had done according to doctor’s report she wouldn’t have this cute baby son on her bosom.

She is Nanda Kumari G T. She got married with Rup Prasad G T in 2003. After marriage she didn’t have any baby for 4 years. Her family had a value that they must have a son at least. So, she had expected a son. Likewise, Nanda Kumari got pregnant when she was 22 and gave birth to a female baby. Her family accepted the baby very hardly. After few years Nanda Kumari and her husband came to Kathamndu Nepal in order to apply for abroad employment. At that moment Nanda Kumari conceived again but this time she wanted to determine the sex of the baby. So, she went to Religare SRI Diagnosis Center in Kathmandu. The related doctor of the center informed her that she has a baby girl in her womb and asked Rs.10,000 for abortion. But she had no that much of money and she made an excuse to come next day. Now, she started to look for money and on that process she met a member of VOF Nepal and she counseled her and made her to watch the pro-life DVD called ’Therefore Choose Life”. After watching that DVD she decided to accept the baby. Today she has a beautiful baby boy on her bosom. The Doctor had told her that she has a female baby in her womb but actually it was a cute male baby.

Prayer Point

VOF Nepal is working in partnership with Gabriel International to translate all the pro-life material in Hindi. So, on this coming September VOF Nepal will be presenting the Hindi pro-life DVD in East Bihar, India. Please pray for us. Thank you

Your Involvement: You also can be a part of this ministry with different creative grants: Praying regularly, giving freely, providing commodity, financial, technical grants, sharing our vision, etc. For further information: Voice of fetus Nepal GPO:8975 EPC 2194 KTM Nepal. Email: Contact: +977-9841651569

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