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Caring mothers, saving babies, ending abortion “Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.” Deut. 30:19 Dear prayer partner, sweet greetings & blessing… First of all, I would like to say ‘thank you very much’ for your constant and tearful prayer. Friends, this month also God enabled us to do His notable work among churches and outside of churches with great excitement. Even in the midst of different needs and necessities God helped us to stand still and move forward, which gave us a kind of peace in our heart and empowered us to do more for Him. He inspired us to live beyond of our limitation and experienced His unlimited and supernatural power. On 8th. October, 2010 VOF, Nepal conducted an awareness program on abortion at Balaju Koinonia Church, Kathmandu. More than 100 women and young ladies were gathered there. They had great opportunity to learn about abortion with different approaches like verbal teaching, watching prolife DVD, listening pro-life songs, touching fetal models and reading leaflets. Many of them were in tears and some of them came to us and confessed their past mistakes. Many of them came with questions and we helped them with suitable answers. Further of it, they were very generous towards VOF Nepal, many of them helped us financially and some signed for membership too. I believed that they really had total idea about why to choose life.

***Two Mothers choose life*** VOF Nepal says stop abortion with caring option that is caring mothers, saving babies and ending abortion. Recently, two unwed mothers have chosen life with the practical help of VOF, Nepal.

Intercession points. • Please pray for the babies those who have adopted by the families. • Please pray for the salaries be provided for executive director who is working without any payment till the date. • Please pray for the fund be raised for every project run by VOF Nepal. • Please pray for us to be kingdom focused not only issue focused.

VOF Nepal believes in vision then provission . In order to fulfill its vision it needs your practical involvement. VOF Nepal receives any kind of grants (Voluntary, Technicals, commodity and financials) from local churches, NGOs, INGOs, Government agencies, donor agencies and individuals. Voice of Fetus, Nepal. GPO: 8975 EPC: 2194 Kathmandu, Nepal. Email: Contact: +977-9841651569

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