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Voice of Choices The Great Invocation From the point of Light within the Universal Mind Let Light stream forth into the minds of men. May Light descend on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart Divine Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men. May God/dess return to Earth. From the center where the Will of God/ess is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men. The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the center which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out and may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Monthly VOICE OF CHOICES Magazine Publisher: Kathy Lowden 1-877-236-4080 206-715-2824 Copy Editor - Jim Bacon Maui Distribution - Russ Reina Whether you define ‘spirit’ as enthusiasm or spirituality, Voice of Choices supports you in exploring the many options for creating and enjoying your life! We feature articles on alternative healing, personal development, spirituality and a wide range of topics focused on spirited living. Giving voice to the myriad of choices available in every moment, information is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, or prescription regarding disease, illness or injury. We recommend you see a licensed health practitioner if you have concerns about your health.

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- Goddess of Prosperity

The Lord’s Prayer - Translated from Aramaic Oh Cosmic Birther of all radiance and light! Soften the ground of our being and carve out a space within us where your presence can abide. Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of your mission. Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire. Endow us with the wisdom to produce and to share what each being needs to grow and flourish. Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes. Let us not be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment for you are the ground and the fruitful vision, the birth, power and fulfillment as all is gathered and made whole once again. Editor’s Note: This translation was given to VoC several years ago. I am not finding verification that it is authentic. If you have that validation - please contact VoC. We may continue to print this - but can only do so as ‘the Aramaic translation’ with verification.

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Voice of Choices August - September 2008

Maintaining Your Mantra

Blessings From The Publisher

our energy (or not) that determines the level of safety we can experience - regardless of the material world ‘realities’ and situations going on around us.

Blessings and welcome to the first BiMonthly Voice of Choices. Change is the only constant in life. I remember a poem I wrote in high school about adapting change that seemed to be moving too quickly for comfort. With all of our ‘instant’ media information options, we always have a choice as to how much of ‘out- there’ we want ‘in here’. Choosing what is ‘too much information’. Turning off the tv, radio or computer - not to plunge our heads into the sand like ostriches, but to allow ourselves quiet time. Time to just be - or even do is important. We often live in constant reaction to what’s going on around us adding a perception of stress that doesn’t always serve us well. There are things we do that require alert action and interaction. Meditation while driving might not get you where you want to go safely. Taking some quiet time at home, outdoors or wherever is convenient and soothing to you - assists in honoring ourselves. Everything is energy. Thoughts are what create our reality. Vibrations of sound and light affect our phsysical bodies, emotions and ability to think clearly. The resources which give us up to the minute reports on world events are wonderful inventions. They are tools we can choose to access or not - when we are ready and available to best appreciate their gifts. We can choose to tap in to every event, whether they be triumphs or tragedies - and then sometimes wonder why exhaustion, depression or a feeling of overwhelm won’t go away. Sometimes people even begin to disconnect from their own lives - finding day to day reality more like a watching a movie as they participate without feeling fulfilled. So as I type these words - and know that the next blessings I send you will be on-line.... how and what do I share that can assist you in making choices to honor yourself, your needs, your path? We are living in a time of incredible opportunity. Shifts and changes are occurring on most every level of the environment, finances and world government/politics. With so much going on, our presence and participation in the 3D reality can include anxiety. Strengthening our personal connection with Spirit, finding our way through with a willingness to accept and adapt to change, are key factors in riding the waves of soul level evolution (which may at times feel more like ‘revolution’). It is with courage that we must find our own center. Our ‘safe-point’ within. In weather patterns like ‘twisters’ there is what is called ‘the eye of the storm’. No weather man can point you to that place and it is constantly moving as Nature’s forces are in constant motion. No book or teacher, healer or minister can give you the blueprint to your personal soul development. It is how we experience, perceive and choose to invest

We have the opportunity, as the dramas being played out around us provide a multitude of new options, to consciously choose what path to take. Will we explore the positive options, seizing the moment to create something new and different? Will we realize that repeating patterns of blame, holding an illusion of past powerlessness, or expecting someone else to ‘fix’ what ails us serves no higher purpose and limits what we can experience? I have been very aware, that through what has felt like ‘change moving too quickly for comfort’, new and more positive solutions/options are also manifesting at a much faster rate. I watch for and acknowledge the almost constant ‘ahas’ that give me verification that not only am I in the right place at the right time - my thoughts are ‘tuned in’ at a level of awareness that can support my highest good. Lately, it’s been my experience, that an ‘answer’ or alternative can open up almost before I realize there is a need for it. Man created the concept of time - to organize events. Hours, days, weeks and years are our system to keep track of and to schedule the future. Yet life is composed entirely of the ‘now’ - one moment at a time. As we shift into a more cosmically conscious reality, try being open to ‘catch and release’ immediately. In other words - and because words set the tone and intention for our next now moment experience - Letting go of what we percieve as not working - and doing it now - even as we’ve just ‘hooked the fish’ - can open our ability to ‘catch’ a more appropriate experience. What does this have to do with ‘Maintaining Your Mantra’? Self talk. Reminding ourselves we are spiritual beings in a physical, human form. Finding our center within any outward reality that brings a ‘storm’ or wave of major change. Finding faith and trust in the process rather than staying stuck in the details which lock us into a mindless repetition of what we don’t want. I’ve started working with a ‘new’ to me mantra. Words of blessing and invocation to Lakshmi - Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth. Starting on a Friday - and with a strand of beads in my hands to keep track of ‘how many’ ( like the concept behind Rosary beads) ‘Om Navah Maha Lakshmi Namah’ is the chant - 108 times daily. Since my beads have another 47 on the strand, I finish with 47 Nam Myoho Renge Kyos - Calling for and accepting Divine Right Order. There are many prayers from many spiritual traditions. Finding one that speaks to your innermost desires and beliefs, then devoting time to focusing on it’s message connects you solidly to your soul self. I will be posting more prayers and mantras at I also intend to offer more articles available online - between the printed copies of Voice of Choices available once every two months. Our environment needs our support. This new format will honor those who choose to explore MORE Choices - and continue to put a printed copy in the hands of those not online. A re-design of the website will make it easier to read individual articles. The possibility of an email ‘E-Zine’ is being considered. I receive much more information each month than I’ve ever been able to print in hard copy. The internet can provide an alternative - give you more of what you love about Voice of Choices - and we will all be taking a huge step as we ‘walk our talk’ by truly making conscious choices to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’. Should any of the above change - new information will be available on the website. You can contact me at to set up advertising online and in-print. It is the revenue from that advertising that covers the costs and allows Voice of Choices to continue sharing life-changing articles and inspiration. I also welcome your questions and articles at that email address. Blessings in all your choices, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Om Naveh Maha Lakshmi Namah and Mahalo, Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde’ Lowden

Voice of Choices August - September 2008

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Ground & Clear

Create a Clean Spiritual Environment Walks With Thunder The life I lead can be magical to some. While I do some routine chores (like answering email, paying bills, folding laundry…), the “spiritual housecleaning” parts of my life may seem more enchanted to some- interpreting dreams, clearing negative energy, shielding, grounding... Yes, you could say I am enchanted by my life. What makes my life different than yours. Maybe it’s just what I call spiritual housekeeping. Now and then everyone needs to do a little “cleaning” (so to speak)- especially folks that channel spiritual energy, those who receive it, or even those of us who just live in it every day. I have found many ways to keep my environment spiritually happy (and welcoming to blessings like Angels and Fairies). Some of my favorites are grounding and clearing, which each have as many possibilities to try as there are people to try them! Here are a few…

personal symbology is good. For me, I also like to ask for what I want. I call all nations (ancestor spirits or all my relations) that love me and ask them to ground my energy and clear my home of negative energy in a good, fast but gentle middle world way. I thank the nations that love me. Done. Easy. Love that! To clear Negative Energy is just about as simple. In fact, one of the few traditional things I do is to smudge. I like to use white Sage for this. You simply light the Sage and let it smolder- using a bowl to catch the embers. Best approach is to fan the smoke with your hand into the cupboards, under the sink, into drawers, closets, the freezer, oven… Don’t forget the corners! I know some folks use a feather fan but I like my hands as no birds had to give up their wings.

Not everyone gets along with smoke so you can also make a tea from the white sage leaves. Boil water, put three for four sage leaves in the water, steep till you get a light green tea. Let this cool. Put the tea into a plant mister and mist the areas you would have fanned the smoke into. Works the same way as the smudge. I also like to have some Kosher Salt on hand to sprinkle outside my home. Kosher Salt is prepared in a sacred way to the Jewish people and while it’s not said to be blessed, I believe it is as the Rabbi Continued on page 13

For grounding (I chuckled out loud at this one), but my good pal likes to use mud puddles and bare feet. The process is easy. Find or make a mud puddle. Take off your shoes and put your feet in the mud. Wiggle your toes and see the energy from the earth traveling up from the ground into your body and out the top of your head. I think that’s funny as we have so much rain in Washington State (usually its cold rain too). Putting my feet into a cold mud puddle is not my first choice, but hey! My way is just to take off your shoes and feel the ground/floor beneath your feet. Another “grounding” technique is to envision yourself standing on the earth. Seeing the earth energy flowing through you (shoes on) to be grounded. That’s nice too. Then again there is the reverse of that with Energy from the sky coming down through you into your feet and then into the ground. What ever works for your

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Voice of Choices August - September 2008

Living in The Light

Mastering the Mystery Guy Finley

Here’s a true idea that rarely occurs to us. There is a greater potential in what we don’t yet know about this life of ours than there is in what we’ve already seen about it. This great undiscovered territory—this “darkness” within us—is there for a distinctly Divine purpose: it exists as it does to serve the Light that reveals it; for in each such revelation there is a simultaneous realization and release of a new order of consciousness. There is such beauty in this idea, for it speaks to the possibility of a continual rebirth within us. What this means is that currently we don’t yet see “problems” for what they really are: a part of the Light within us that we have yet to perceive! Any thought or feeling that troubles us in mind or heart, any fear or worry, is like a candle not yet lit. What purpose has any flame or light—in any form we may find it—other than to enter into and transform what is dark into more of itself? For instance, maybe we turn around one day and find ourselves caught in the dark grip of some kind of fear. Perhaps we see the one we love “looking the other way”; maybe a phone call delivers uncertain news about our deteriorating health; or someone tells us about a forthcoming change at work that threatens our sense of security. In moments such as these, our future grows as dark and full of the loneliness, worry, and loss we see coming our way. But our lives need not be swallowed up in unconscious servitude to this kind of suffering. We have another choice if we will only dare be still and be the Light. Here now are some ways to practice realizing the truth of your Self. Each case begins with remembering to make the

new choice that follows: • Instead of surrendering yourself to its punishing presence, bring your loneliness into the Light of your Self. If you will remain there within your awareness of this “darkness,” here’s what you’ll see take place before your inner eyes: the fear of being alone will be transformed into the contentment of knowing that you have never been without the love that you long for. You will see that a tenderness beyond words lives within the Light you have embraced. • Bring your fear and worry about “tomorrow” into the Light of your Self. Remain there in your awareness of these frightening shadows, and here’s what will unfold before your inner eyes: you’ll watch these dark doubts dissolve into an unquestioned knowing that no time to come has power over the peace of being in the present moment. You will see that serenity is one with the life of the Light you have chosen to be. • When visited by some sense of loss or emptiness, bring it into the Light of your Self. Remain quietly attentive to how that dark state wants to drag you into its world, even as you hold it in your awareness, and you’ll see a miracle take place before your inner eyes: that feeling of being forsaken will be transformed into the fullness of knowing that who you really are is wholeness itself. For your willingness to be inwardly watchful, you will see that the Light of your Self reaches everywhere in the universe . . . so how could you ever be alone? All that lives . . . lives within the Light of your Self. After many years of talking to aspirants about being the Light instead of searching for what they think they need to deal with their dark states, I have found there is one main reason most people won’t take the leap of releasing their fears into the Light that lives within them. They profess a love of the Light, but whenever an unwanted moment appears, and they look into its unknown abyss . . . they see no Light there, only darkness. Then comes an immediate resistance, and darkness rules the day. Let me shed some light on this problem. Things are not always as they are seen. Do you recall the wonderful characters in The Wizard of Oz? Along with Dorothy—who was trying to find her way back home—there was the scarecrow, the tin man, and the cowardly lion: her compatriots on the journey to see the great wizard who would grant each of them their most fervent wish. The scarecrow wanted a brain, a mind with which to reason and know the truth of things. The tin man hoped for a heart to beat in his hollow tin chest, so that by its warmth and rhythmic beating he would know the presence of the love for which he longed; and the cowardly lion wanted courage to face his fears, to meet any form of darkness with what it takes to defeat it. By the end of the story— largely as a result of what they go through because of their love for Dorothy—each makes this glad discovery: the very quality of character for which they had gone out searching was already living within them! So it is with us: we have forgotten that who we really are cannot be made a captive of any dark condition any more than a sunbeam can be caught and held in a bottle. Our True Self is success itself, in every meaning of the word, because by its Light it fulfills and liberates all that it touches. Never mind all the voices you’ll no doubt hear shouting at you the first time you decide to be the Light of your Self. That which is dark does not go gently through being made new and bright. So there is work involved. But the Light we realize within us never fails; it literally carries us above Continued on page 13

Voice of Choices August - September 2008

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Are Answers The ‘Answer’? Doug Marman

Years ago I set out on a voyage that changed the direction of my life. It was not a journey I began idly or out of curiosity. I felt pressed into it by a force I could not understand. Most people are not so haunted by the mystery of life. They don’t leave their family and friends to set out on a search for truth. However, after a profoundly moving dream, followed by a number of unexplainable events, I needed to find answers. I could no longer ignore the questions that were springing up within me.

and lessons, because they originate from different sources of wisdom. Every level of understanding is a state of consciousness with a reality all its own. However, it is the silent questions that are woven through them all. It is the questions that come back to us again and again that lead us on to something more. And there is always something more. Excerpted from ‘The Silent Questions, A Spiritual Odyssey’ By Doug Marman ISBN 978-0-9793260-2-8 Published by Spiritual Dialogues Project

The world teaches us to smother such sparks or drown them in a thousand different ways—through work, family, entertainment, science or religion—but there was nothing I could do to put out this fire. I found only suffering when I tried to run away from the silent questions. My troubles grew until I stopped resisting. Then, my whole life became a part of this quest. However, this book is not about answers. Originally, I thought I needed answers. I was lost without them. I felt compelled to search for some kind of map that could explain everything. Then, changes entered my life like new ocean currents that took me far from where I expected to go. No sooner would I declare victory and stake my flag upon some new mountain top, than life would come along and pull apart everything I thought I knew. Confronted by new doubts, I was once again lured on by the desire to know. I soon learned I was not chasing something fixed and easy to nail down. I was hunting something alive: A reality that unfolded its depth the further I pursued it. Today, no answers satisfy me. It is only a sense of awe that leads me on. That’s why I’m not much interested in the raging debate over religion these days. Long ago I would have told you that I had left religion behind. I even used to claim such a thing; until the day I realized that my beliefs were so deeply embedded that they were invisible. So, I must confess right up front that I have been converted. I have fallen in love with a reality so subtle I can’t put it into words. It has coaxed me on in stages. It is the force behind the silent questions that compelled me to peel away the veils one by one to see where it was leading. It slowly persuaded me to drop my illusions, showing me something greater than anything I could have believed. This book describes some of the spiritual experiences, discoveries and personal realizations I’ve encountered along the way. We live in an age where everything seems to be up for sale. Every new idea gathers an audience and turns into another cult or ism. Wherever I look, I see hawkers promoting “The Answer.” They claim to have cracked open the mysteries of the universe. That is the last thing I want this book to be about. The Answers may promise to solve life’s great problems, but I think our appetite for Answers only draws us away from our wondering and our asking. It only pulls us away from the desire of Soul to know firsthand through its own discovery. Therefore, the knowledge we receive from others no longer seems like a good substitute for personal experience to me. The strength of our life story depends on finding an individual path no matter how many teachers and guides we might have. Otherwise, the way never really becomes our own. That is why I no longer see the spiritual path as a single system of faith or as one viewpoint about life, but rather as a process of adopting beliefs, experiencing them and then moving on to deeper realities. The popular adage that all religions worship the same God and lead to the same place sounds incomplete to me. Rather, it seems to me that each teaching brings to the student different experiences

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Voice of Choices August - September 2008

Kasara D’Elene The first time I was introduced to muscle testing was when I was 21. I had gone to see a chiropractor on the recommendation of my boss. The chiropractor had me hold out my arm or leg and told me to “hold”. Then he tested the strength of my limb by gently pushing on it. At the time, I didn’t really know what he was doing, but inside it felt like my body was communicating with the doctor and telling him where to focus his efforts. A few years later when I was training as an herbalist, the woman who trained me, and her son, also used muscle testing, but this time they used their fingers, checking the information from the client’s body and double-checking by using each other to pull each other’s fingers apart to confirm answers. Watching this I had an “ah-ha” moment and realized this was the same thing the chiropractor was doing, just on a different muscle. I was amazed, but this also felt very natural to me. Why wouldn’t we use this to learn what each body does and doesn’t need?

What is muscle testing?

Muscle testing also is referred to as applied kinesiology, behavior kinesiology, muscle response testing, muscle checking, or energy testing. Many chiropractors use it to find which parts of the body need adjustment, and to check if an adjustment has been made successfully. They use it combined with elaborate knowledge of the body’s systems. If one touches certain key points of the body and at the same time tests if a certain muscle is weak or strong, that can indicate if that key point needs correction or not. The interesting thing is that muscle testing works just as well on mental or emotional issues as on physical body parts. One can put attention on something and then test for a weak or strong response. Increasingly, many other professions are using muscle testing, including dentists, osteopaths and massage therapists. The reason for this is not surprising because the body is not as much of a liar as the conscious mind. It is much more likely to give

an honest assessment of what is going on. The body will give answers to things that are submerged and unknown to the conscious processes. It will give answers without being biased by wishful thinking or social maneuvering. Any muscle can be used for the test. Most commonly used is the big deltoid muscles on the arms. The client stretches one arm straight out in front or straight out to the side. The practitioner instructs the client to resist and then presses down on the arm. The practitioner then notices if the arm holds up to being pressed down, or if it gives in and becomes weak. There is a certain knack to sensing it, but once one has got it, it is a very finite sign. Muscle testing is not used to tell the future, it isn’t fortune telling and I have yet to find a practitioner who can use muscle testing exclusively to tell if someone is pregnant or what gender the child is. The body doesn’t see these conditions as “dis-ease” so why would it tell us? How did all this get started? Muscle testing began in 1964 by a chiropractor, George J. Goodheart Jr. He had amazing powers of observation and the discoveries he made are what most practitioners apply today when using this amazing technique.

Books and references

If you want to learn more about muscle testing, you can find a wealth of information on the Internet as well as close to 100 books and videos on the subject. Many of the books discuss not just the main issue of muscle testing, but also how to use indicator muscles or points to “check” for the client. Each is different, but the main point is intention. The practitioner must have his or her heart in the right place to help the client with proper intention to find the problem effectively. When I first started muscle testing it very was challenging to trust the information I was getting. Like anything you do on a daily basis, it becomes part of you, and it is definitely part of me. I muscle-test everything: food before I buy or eat it, clothes before I buy or wear them, and of course supplements before I buy or take them. Like many of my practitioner colleagues, I have been muscle testing for more than 20 years. After muscle testing for several years, many people begin to know the answer before checking it by muscle testing. It is possible to see or feel the energy give out or be strong. The actual physical testing acts as a “second opinion” and confirms or not what we consider as practitioners. Anyone can muscle-test. We teach people all the time in our store


Voice of Choices August -September 2008

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and in classes we offer with a local chiropractor. I taught one of my customers and she taught her kids how to do it. Then when they went shopping with her she told them they could have anything they muscle-tested strong on in the store. This prevented them from buying junk food.

How to do it

To muscle-test something for yourself do the following: Stand with your feet flat on the floor facing directly forward. You want to make sure your toes are not pointed in or out, but pointing straight ahead. Your shoulders should be directly over your feet. Then gently bend your knees to prevent you from locking your knees and passing out. Next, hold an object you know is good for you, like an organic apple or celery, in your hand and place it on your chest. You may close your eyes if you like. You may also need to remove glasses, watches or any other items that may affect your energy. If the item is truly good for you, your body should gently bend forward naturally. Next do the same test, feet in the correct place, with an item you know is bad for you, such as a bottle of Clorox, or a candy bar. Your body should gently bend backwards. The point of this exercise is to start to feel the difference between the two. That way, when you start testing things you don’t know about you’ll learn the correct result. If your body gives you the opposite answer on this first test, you may need to visit a chiropractor as your polarity may be off, or you may be deficient in minerals, enzymes or other basic nutrients, which affect the readings you get. If you don’t move at all, then the product may be neutral for your body, neither good nor bad. Adding a bottle of enzymes to a neutral product may give you a more precise answer. I encourage you to learn more about your body and what it needs by trying muscle testing yourself. Once you start you may find you get a lot of useful information from your body to help you make better health choices for yourself.

Muscle Testing Tips A common way of testing is to use the extended arm, as though as a lever; held out perpendicular to the body (whether the subject is standing, sitting, or lying down doesn’t matter), it either can or can’t easily be pushed downward by the tester. Usually, it’s a clear yes or no, and when it’s no, it’s really no! Self-testing can be done in various ways. One way is to touch the thumb to the middle finger of each hand to form two rings, linked through each other. Say something true— for example, “My name is [give your name].” At the same time, pull the linked fingers of the right hand against those of the left, but don’t allow them to separate. Then say something false—for example, “My name is [give someone else’s name].” Do the same thing as before with the fingers, but this time deliberately separate them, as though they were flying apart or repelling each other. (You don’t need to make the true and false statements aloud— silently is okay, as long as you do it each time.) The idea is to train the mind in different responses for truth and falsehood. If you practice this 10 or 15 minutes a day, you should be able to develop the response within a few weeks. You can also check your responses by holding something detrimental while self-testing—sugar, for example—and seeing what response you get. Put the container in your pocket or hold it under your arm and test. Then hold something good for you—an herb you need or an organic vegetable—and test that. If you think your mind is influencing the results, you can have someone else put equal weights of both items in identical nonmetal containers. . If you are not getting accurate answers you may want to consult someone who knows about muscle testing for assistance.

Kasara D’Elene is a nutritional counselor, a master herbalist, an intuitive herbalist, wellness coach and President of Tru-Health,Inc 1803 BothellEverett Hwy Ste. L, Bothell, Wash., a health food store specializing in all natural products. Visit her website at

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Voice of Choices August - September 2008

possible during this time)

August 2008 Happy Birthday Leo and Virgo Sun Signs.

What would you like ECLIPSED in your life?

August Begins with an astrological Bang as we have A NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE pdt 3:13am on the 1st. Solar eclipses are powerful events (nothing to fear) and this one at 10 Degrees of LEO asks us to look at our lives. To ask of ourselves are we living with Passion, joy, creativity, and having fun yet? If not, then what do we need to bring into our lives over the next 2 weeks to make life joyful again. (please read more on Eclipses on my website http:// August is the 8th month of a number 1 year of new beginnings for the planet and for many of you it will truly be a 9 Month of endings. Many of you have decided a venture or friendship, or work relationship just is not working out and it is time to revamp our lives into a more joyful and honoring energy. August 16th we have a FULL MOON Lunar eclipse at 2:16pm pdt, with the sun still in the fiery and passionate sign of Leo. As in all full moons the moon is in opposition to the sun. So for this eclipse the moon is in the sign of Aquarius which is more logical and a bit less impetuous. Of course as in all eclipses the Nodes in the sky (What we need to do this lifetime) are in the signs of the eclipse further pulling us into connection with Self and Self honoring (Leo) and detaching from emotionally charged situations which no longer serve us (Aquarius). This Eclipse seems to pull us to let go of all which is not in harmony with our souls path. I really believe that many of you will find the 2 week period between the 1st and the 16th a very significant time for relationships and new choices. (I always advise not to do anything MAJOR Between eclipses. AUGUST 1st through the 16th, will be a time to reacess your life, not make changes if

August 16th through the 30th will be inner and outer housekeeping time. This 2 week energy from the Lunar eclipse to the next New Blue moon on the 30th is in the Sign of logical and more linear Virgo. This Blue New moon is about looking logically at choices we have made and correcting our course to set sail in the direction which best suits us. So, if you can wait to make major decisions and begin new ventures you may find the 30th new moon will give you more concrete outcomes and you will be much happier if you can wait To create our new lives and reshape ourselves these eclipses seem to ask that we eclipse, or block, or otherwise let go of Beliefs, and ideas and perhaps those voices of others who try to rain on our parade. With the first couple of weeks of August having Mars the planet of Energy and Anger making an opposition to Uranus many of us will finally get up the courage, or frustration, to finally get moving with the choices which are going to bring us the recognition, honoring and joy we know we truly do deserve. This month is not a time for false humility, nor for throwing tantrums but the energies from the sky will allow and assist us to truly move through this time with honor and dignity and doesn’t all honor have to begin with honoring self? August 1st through the 22nd with the sun in Leo we will need more passion. From August 22nd 11:02am pdt when the sun Enters VIRGO we will get many more details.

September 2008 is the 9th month of a number 1 year

Making this September a 1 month of NEW BEGINNINGS and isn’t that appropriate after the eclipses And fun stuff of last month. We still have the sun in Practical Virgo this month until the 22nd when we have the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX and the sun enters the air sign of Libra. Expect relationships to be fraught with lessons this month as Mercury moves retrograde in the relationship sign of Libra on the 24th of September through October 15 th. We really entered the shadow point on September 3rd so in truth this whole month of September 2008 is a time of double checking on information before you let go of others. Remember your response to people is much more important for the lesson than anything during this time. Our temptation during Mercury rx. in Libra is let go of people, my advice to you is to let go of Attitude towards your response first and then see if the person can be salvaged. If not, then so be it. We have 2 huge months as JUPITER the planet of supersizing and beliefs moves DIRECT on September 7th in the sign of Capricorn and Pluto moves direct in the sign of Sagittarius on September 8th. Expect lots of action, a desire for MORE in your life and also let go of control of others. That is not really possible anyway is it? The urge towards perfection is strong this month and perfection? Well, expectations are the road to many things and others rarely live up to them do they? The Full Harvest moon September 15th brings relationship issues forwards with some illusion added with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Dreamy Pisces, look for facts to be a bit confused over the next 2 weeks. The New moon on September 29th with the sun and Moon at 6 degrees 33 minutes of Libra asks again that we look first at our relationship with self, and begin with loving self and acceptance of self, and then this energy should hopefully help you avoid any Mercury retrograde pitfalls. HAPPY August and September 2008 and Enjoy yourself and begin a NEW Relationship with yourself this year. One of joy, love, unconditional acceptance and see how this changes your whole world. Visit Carol Barbeau’s Web site at to learn more about astrological influences. E-mail her at

Voice of Choices August - September 2008

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Voice of Choices August - September 2008

Astrological Compatability

The Truth is in the Details Sarah Svati

that relationships are even more complex, astrologically speaking.

“Why is it that the books say that I am not compatible with my husband? It doesn’t make any sense, we have everything in common and have been happily married for years, but it says that we should avoid each other. I don’t believe in astrology because it is wrong.” All too often people are exposed to the basics of astrology and are turned off by it. I am here to set the record straight by saying yes, I agree, it is wrong. Because the books that tell you which signs are compatible are only the basics. Professional astrologers take into consideration many factors to determine whether two people are compatible or not and by no means do they simply consider sun signs as the ultimate deciding factor of a relationship. For those of you who don’t know much about astrology, prepare to expand your horizons. The zodiacal belt is divided into 12 sections known as the signs. The circle of the zodiac starts on the first day of spring with the sign Aries. When you were born, all of the planets were in a different place. From our perspective here on earth we look out at them and consider the sign behind the planet. We draw up a chart for the moment of your birth and place all of the planets including the sun and moon into the chart. Now we can see that you have your own unique design, your special pattern of planets dancing in the universe that no one will ever have again. What most people do know is their “sun sign,” which means the zodiacal position of the sun on the day you were born. For instance, I am a Virgo. Virgo is the sign that the sun was transiting, or moving through, on the day I was born, Aug. 26. The sun’s movements are easy to measure since we know that the sun moves through the entire zodiac each year. The articles and books that tell you which sun signs you are compatible with do not take into consideration where the other planets were when you were born. Each planet rules different areas of life. For instance the moon is associated with your feminine, receptive self and emotional needs. Venus rules over your desires and your abilities to relate and enjoy friends and lovers and Mars gets your passions raging and gets your animalistic desires fulfilled.




a He nd al Ho th l F ai s t i ir c s


The sun dominates your core personality, ego, will, vitality, life force and masculine nature. It is the center of our universe and it is the center of who you are, but by no means does it describe all of you. Oh no, there is more to you than being one-twelfth of the population and astrologers know that better than you can imagine. So please relax, Aries and Aquarius. We know you are still original in your own unique ways. Knowing this supports the fact

Kent 1st Sat. Monthly New Earth Books 213 West Meeker St.

DUALITY Masculine Aries Gemini Leo Libra Sagittarius Aquarius TRIPLICITY Fire Aries Leo Sagittarius

Feminine Taurus Cancer Virgo Scorpio Capricorn Pisces Earth Taurus Virgo Capricorn

MODALITIES Cardinal Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn

Air Gemini Libra Aquarius

Fixed Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius

Water Cancer Scorpio Pisces

Mutable Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces

These are the basics that astrologers use to gauge whether or not your sign is compatible with another sign, although in real life we are many signs and it is nearly impossible to give an accurate reading on your sun sign alone. We can, however, say signs of the same element have a level of harmony as they view the world with similar tastes, while the signs of the same modality struggle with each other and have challenges. If the two are in the same duality then they are of the same element or a compatible element and have a better understanding of one another. Fire gets along well with Air as Earth is friendly with Water. Another fundamental factor in compatibility is what we call aspects, which are the spatial relationships between the planets as seen from Earth. To give aspects a well-deserved explanation is well beyond the scope of this article, but it is important to mention their existence. This is where we bring in the theories of opposites attracting and two planets in the same signs having much in common. Aspects between planets describe whether the two play well with one another or have difficulties and challenges with them, including the type of energetic interplay they will be working with. Astrological compatibility, as the uninformed had previously believed, was wrong, but true astrological compatibility and all of its components, elements is complex, meaningful and extremely insightful. My Mercury in Virgo enjoyed every minute of sharing this truth with you and my hope is that you will continue seeking answers in the mysterious universe we all play in.

Mill Creek/Bothell 2nd Sat

Corner of Seattle Hill Rd and 35th Ave SE From I-5 - East on 164th follow until it crosses 35th

Bel-Red Overlake 3rd Sat. NEW DATE

Maitreya Education Foundation

2260 152nd Ave. NE Redmond, 98052


Check web for maps - Private Readings Anytime

New Website 425-562-4777 Voice of Choices August - September 2008

What we do know is that the signs carry certain qualities. They are divided by Duality, positive and negative, also known as masculine and feminine; Triplicity: Fire, Earth, Air, Water; and again by Modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable, which represent seasonal differences. So you can see that signs have commonalities and differences.

Sarah Svati has 15 years of experience, a good heart, a listening ear, passion for knowledge and compassion for helping clients navigate their ups and downs with the waxing and waning of the planetary cycles. Contact her with comments, questions, readings or inquiries on current and future classes. Phone 253-230-7995 or e-mail Her Web site is

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Ground & Clear from pg 5 blesses the food in the warehouse and the salt is in there when they do that. What if the salt gets wet? Good then it dissolves in the water and makes the ground around your house saturated with blessed salt, even better! Above all, whichever grounding or clearing technique you choose… Remember your will and intent when you do this. Your will is set to clear negative energy, your intent is a clean spiritual environment. So, will you have to “clean” again? You bet. I haven’t seen a house yet that does well with a once a year “Spring” cleaning and nothing else. This is a maintenance routine, so keep it simple, follow your own symbology, and create a routine that serves you well. May your environment be blessed so that it supports a healthy mind, body and spirit in you and those you bless. Visit or call 253350-5755 to schedule a session.

------------------------------------------------------------ASTROL OG Y ------------------------------------------------------------ASTROLOG OGY Soul Centered Astrology - Carol Barbeau

Hand Cast Astrology Charts

Relationship - Solar Return - Monthly - Relocation - Children’s Charts


Mastering the Mystery from pg 6 whatever mountain is before us by revealing it to be nothing other than what we had yet to see about ourselves. | We cannot control the way the world turns, we cannot change day into night, we cannot keep what is not ours; and we cannot hide these facts from ourselves, no matter how hard we try. But what we are given to do, and that turns out to be the one power of ours truly capable of transforming the whole of life, is that we can choose—moment to moment—to be the Light of our Self. We are created as co-creators of all that we can be conscious of within ourselves. It is our right to be in relationship with only those powers whose presence serves our chosen purpose in life . . . which is to be one with the Light.

-----------------------------------------------------------------Wellness ------------------------------------------------------------------W

Guy Finley is the best-selling author of more than 36 books and audio albums on self-realization. His newest book is The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, Red Wheel/Weiser Books, 2008. Founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for self-study in southern Oregon, he gives talks four times a week. Visit, and sign up to receive a free helpful email newsletter.

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