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Monthly VOICE OF CHOICES Magazine Publisher: Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde’ Lowden 206-715-2824 9011 Corbin Dr #B Everett, WA 98204 Whether you define ‘spirit’ as enthusiasm or spirituality, Voice of Choices supports you in exploring the many options for creating and enjoying your life! We feature articles on alternative healing, personal development, spirituality and a wide range of topics focused on spirited living. Giving voice to the myriad of choices available in each moment, information is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, or prescription regarding disease, illness or injury. We recommend you see a licensed health practitioner if you have concerns about your health. Voice of Choices is not responsible for any situations arising from participation in or application of anything written or advertised in this publication. We welcome your contribution of articles and artwork, to be published on approval as space permits. Articles do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher. Subscriptions to are $30.00 per year 12 issues U.S. - Inquire for International rates) We accept MC/ Visa, Paypal and Personal Checks. Thank you for all your good work. Blessings in all your choices. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

4 A Rose is a Rose Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde Lowden 5 Found - Law of Attraction in Action Linda Stuckey 6 A Sacred World - Rediscover Our Indigenous Soul Stephan Gray 7 Exploring Archetypes: My Mother Within Karen Hansen, PhD 8 Vegetarian? Choosing Healthy Kasara D’Elene, MS, LMHCA 9 Choosing Growth? It’s Up to You Dena-Marie 10 June Astrological Influences Carol Barbeau 11 Chinese Astrology Ko Hashiguchi 12 You Have Permission - Naturally -Message From Mother Mary Raven Many Voices 13 Rock Talk - Hypersthene Cecilia Ray 15 Magical Life - Common Sense Melanie Marquis

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A Rose is A Rose... website includes easier to read content, interactive options to open conversation about articles and a more structured appearance viewable on the variety of internet capable electronics. Hello and Welcome! I Am grateful you have chosen to pick up this June 2011 issue of Voice of Choices! Living my passion includes sharing a variety of inspiration and information you may choose to assist you in creating your best expression of the miracle that is you. As the world around us continues to offer major shifts and changes, many of us are being gifted with the opportunity for growth in our personal lives. I doubt there are many who could even comprehend the depth and extent of growth we are being called to step into. 10 years ago I had a vision for a publication that would serve the community as we collectively and individually discover new expressions of who we are. Resourceful, intelligent and just a bit stubborn (as is necessary when one forges a new path where there previously has been none) I took on the tasks of publishing Voice of Choices. I taught myself Adobe Pagemaker, Photoshop and Microsoft Front Page to build the Voice of Choices website. I did my best to translate my creativity via computer programs - online and for professional printing and distribution. This month’s articles discuss a variety of topics with a common thread of self-empowerment. You have always had ‘permission’ to be the best you. You CAN follow your joy to discover what works in your life. It is possible for Magic to be ‘common sense’. While it is painful to admit, in the past I have held opinions about the possibility that someone else ‘outside’ of you could take responsibility for and/or be the source of - your ‘healing’. There are many mental disconnects with that statement as first and foremost if you are indeed the perfection of Spirit expressing through you - what would need to be healed? To go a step farther, the greatest teachers (often called Gurus) have embraced a common message. Gee, You are You. You can connect with the ‘teacher’, ‘source’, Spirit, by whatever name or label works in your belief system. Those are the inspirations Voice of Choices has done its best to share over the years. Teachers can guide. ‘Healers’ can facilitate and assist. The ultimate responsibility for our evolution is our own. ‘Doing our homework’, opening to new attitudes, choosing new thought patterns, exercising our body/mind and spirit - those tasks are up to us as individuals and no one can do it for us. And yes - healers can help. It has been interesting that, as I venture out more often, and partake of events, workshops and gatherings, there is a vacant look in some eyes when I suggest I ‘do’ Voice of Choices.... ‘for YOU’. The original intent was to create a networking venue celebrating and promoting the diverse options available as we find our way on this path of life. Without further ado - the following is a list of what it is going to take for Voice of Choices to continue serving at the level that you have grown to appreciate. 1.Technology has moved more quickly than my ability to learn complex web design programs. Voice of Choices needs a new internet presence. Reaching thousands each month, the vision for this new VOICE OF CHOICES



I am excited to know there is a designer whose passion would be ignited working on this new website. Maybe a student studying web design and this would be the perfect project? Maybe you would love to volunteer your time knowing how many people’s lives the information will touch. Whatever your motivation - please contact me. Your skills and programming expertise will be much appreciated. 2. Voice of Choices ‘grew’ with grass roots support from the community. Printing and distribution of a hard copy publication costs money. While there are those claiming our ‘new world’ is shifting to total electronic transmission of information - we humans are a tactile bunch and thousands of copies of Voice of Choices continue to be picked up at the many distribution locations throughout Western Washington. I Am a writer - an artist - I work with energetic healing modalities, Reiki, Reconnections, Intuitive and Conscious coaching.... none of those qualify me as an advertising salesperson. Voice of Choices NEEDS a professional that can address the financial aspect and assist to ensure the monetary business needs are fulfilled. While attending a ‘Wild Food’ meet-up that included a variety of Vegan, Raw Food, Vegetarian and Sustainable Future minded folks I found myself announcing new subject matter to be included as Voice of Choices expands to serve our changing world. It is my intention to feature more topics which provide information for those of us looking to create that world we desire. While VoC will continue to feature inspiration for personal empowerment and growth - it is time to embrace a more diverse foundation of subjects and open dialogue into practical application information that we can use to impact our environment, quality of life, physical health and mental well-being. As a venue for inspiring growth and creating the sustainable tomorrow for ourselves, our children and our children’s children we’ll explore a broader range of topics. As this shift takes place - the doors open for co-creating prosperity with a larger variety of businesses. New website - community and individual support - advertising assistant - all are part of the vision that will give continued sustenance to Voice of Choices. It has been my pleasure to steward these ten years. It is with your interest and input that VoC will continue printing. I look forward to 10 more years of publishing Voice of Choices, the input and assistance from those with skills in areas I lack and the foundational prosperity that supports that goal. Blessings in all your Choices - Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and Mahalo Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde ’ Lowden


Found: Law of ATTRACTION

In Action

Linda Stuckey I wish I could write that I found a great job. Truthfully, though, I think the job found me. I didn’t apply for it, submit a resume, send an inquiry letter, interview, take a test, show a portfolio, or even meet with the guy who hired me. It had to do with faith and timing. I had faith that I would find the perfect job, but I believed I needed to find a job fairly quickly, since my current job ends June 20. I went through the motions that most job seekers do, filling out applications, updating my resume, creating cover letters, networking, and so on. All I had to show for the dozens of hours of effort was a single polite rejection email. In a moment of clarity, I realized that the timing was wrong. I had believed the media woe-mongers who lamented that it takes, on average, about eight or nine woeful months to get hired in our woeful economy. The reality, though, is that when I’m in the right place at the right time, following my internal guidance, it really takes about five minutes to find a job. When I understood that, I stopped applying for jobs and waited. And you know what? There’s a kind of integrity in focusing on my current job and giving it the care and respect it deserves before I move on to the next one. I also let go of the idea that the only way money can come to me is through earning it with a job. I remembered decades ago, when I worked for a magazine publisher, I received unexpected money. The parent company was being taken over in a hostile stock-buyout. Part of the agreement was that every employee became 100% vested in the retirement plan, and we received a lump sum contribution of about 30% of our annual salary. That money came to me without my earning it, just as that job ended. When I checked my neglected mutuals funds, where I had invested that monetary gift, I found that it was worth much, much more than I had expected. So money can come to me without effort on my part. I already knew that a job can be fun, since most of my jobs have been fun. But I needed to let go of the idea that finding the job has to be about making money. When I pieced together all of those insights, my new gig found me. In my new job, I will work on books and magazines for a music publisher. I’m actually a pretty mediocre musician, and my editing skills are rusty. But I love music and writing, and I’ve worked in publishing for about seven years, so maybe I’m somewhat qualified. I’ll work from any computer at any time that’s convenient for me. Just to be clear: I had prepared for a new job. I had already applied for other jobs before the realization about timing, so my intention was already established. I worked with my energy healer and took my flower essences to gain clarity and to gain momentum in co-creating it. And then I followed an inspiration. I thought it would be fun to work as a volunteer at the publisher’s conference this summer, a reasonable commute from home. So I sent an email offering to help (unpaid), and after a short exchange of messages, I got an offer for a paying parttime job as a contractor. Maybe in time, if our relationship is mutually beneficial, it will grow to include more work. I’m eager to see how it all works out. I feel extremely blessed, and now I’m going to focus on fun ideas about creativity, money, and relationships. Evidently, for me, fun gets results.

The Enchanting Art of Kimberly Crick I’ve always wanted to help bring some beauty and magic into the world with art. After having a rough few years with cancer treatments, I was forced to drop out of college at age 22 (when at the time I meant to become an art teacher.) Instead, I started a home business making my artwork available to the public as craft supplies. Art helped me through my healing process and I love to share that with others. After making a full recovery, I took a vacation to the Portland, OR area and fell in love with the Pacific NorthWest. It’s a much different environment than where I grew up, near Detroit, MI. I moved to Oregon right away and discovered more beautiful scenery than I could’ve imagined. This environment has helped fuel my creativity as an artist. The Enchanted Gallery is now my full time business where I offer rubber stamps, flexible push molds for polymer clay, art dolls, and other supplies for jewelry making. I promote creativity and offer free tutorials on my website including: coloring techniques, making rubber stamped gifts such as domino jewelry or card making, and paper art doll templates for you to decorate. All this and more is available on my website at www.

Linda Stuckey is making a transition into energy healing, as well as freelance editing and writing. She has worked as an editor for The Reporter newspapers and Intertec Publishing (Penton Business Media). She lives in Puyallup.




A Sacred World

Rediscovering Our Indigenous Soul Stephan Gray With a mischievous twinkle in her eye, Native elder Suzie Littlehawk looked at me and said, “We’re the original hippies.” She went on to talk about a simple way of living where the people experienced an “ensouled cosmos,” attuned to the Spirit that animates and in some mysterious fashion dwells in all form. It’s increasingly clear that humanity and the planet altogether have reached a nexus point. In such conditions some try to ignore the signs, some see nothing but disintegration ahead, while others see indications of paradigm shifts—core changes of worldview that might put us on the path to planetary healing. In a remarkable synchronicity, elders—visionaries from the “four directions”—are now finding each other and discovering they’ve been receiving essentially the same message from Spirit: that the hour is late but not too late, that people need to rouse commitment and confidence in the prayer for global healing and awakening, and that the teachings and guidance of indigenous people, and in particular women, are to play a central role in the ‘turning.’ Earth peoples from around the world have centuries-old and uncannily similar prophecies about this time—groups as widely scattered as the Hopi of southwestern United States, the practitioners of the bwiti religion in equatorial West Africa, and the Australian aborigines, to name only a few. A lot of people are also now becoming familiar with the Mayan calendrical system, which, according to a number of researchers, is about to complete a great cycle known as the Long Count, which began in 3114 BCE, ends somewhere between October 2011 and the winter solstice of 2012, and appears to signify major—though not specifically or clearly described—changes on the imminent horizon. There is now much discussion and speculation on these prophecies and on the “crisis and transformation” nexus. Regardless of the timespecific accuracy of the prophecies or the clarity of any one person’s

knowledge, a lot of us agree that both intuition and logic point strongly toward the need for a rapid awakening and realignment of priorities. The elements of this realignment won’t be surprising to anyone who’s given the subject much attention: radically softening our footprint and not taking from the planet more than we’re giving back to it, coming to experience our interconnectedness, strengthening community, and slowing down and simplifying our lives on both the outer and inner levels. This is what the visionaries are hearing from Spirit. We need to embody the awareness that sees the planet as a garden from which we have never been ejected except in our own minds, that sees life as already made right by creators of great genius, and understands that our role in this sacred creation is to honor it and to live generously and joyously. “But,” you might ask, “even if that’s all true, what can someone like me do to uncover and act upon such an understanding?” This much I’m confident is true: that we all have awakened mind by nature; that we actively and continuously generate the armoring and the mental busyness that obscure the Buddha’s primordial smile; and that however we can do it, we need to relax and empty into the space between thoughts, to “land on what is.” The wonderful and challenging news is that this surrender to the interpenetrating world around us is both possible and probably essential for manifesting the vision. My friend Kanucas, a highly respected elder and longtime “roadman” of the Native American Church, once said that nothing out there will ever make us feel right until we feel right in our hearts. One night he told us that the Spirit asked him to pass on the message that it’s time now to get right with our priorities and our intentions. He counseled us to quiet our minds and not to get “in front of the Spirit.” In this way we learn to hear “ear-whispered” messages and trust in our innate intelligence to guide us through a period of rapid change. The wisdom carriers say that although we’ve wandered away from our roots and fallen under the spell of the material illusion, those roots are still here. They’re saying that though we may have to let go of much of what we thought we needed for our well-being and security, the time of the great turning is calling us back to something much richer. That’s the message of the original hippies; that rediscovering our indigenous souls, and living simply, in harmony with ourselves, with each other, and with the Earth is the way we can heal this world. Stephen Gray is an author, speaker, and workshop leader whose recent book is “Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality.” His website is Stephen will be in Seattle for a (free) talk at East West Bookshop ( at 7 p.m. on Thursday June 9.





Exploring Archetypes

My Mother Within

Karen Hansen, PhD My mother liked to read Grimm’s fairy tales at bedtime. I went to sleep with the fairy figures under my pillow. Later I learned to call them archetypes. They sleep in all of us. For the many figures of our female experience I had to find my own ‘Feminine Faces’. Mainstream psychology is often too male-oriented. We’ve talked about the Martyr, let’s move on to our foremost archetype the ‘Mother’. We all have internalized our personal mother which deeply impacts the quality of our lives. As our first image of the archetypal mother figure she stays with us until we establish our own sense of the Great Mother in an important part of ego development. Throughout history people have shown devotion for a Mother Goddess. Since nurturing mothers are so vital to our growth, they found in the Virgin Mary, Kwan Yin or Mother Nature an unconditionally giving female archetype that supplemented the shortfalls of their personal mothers. But the old goddesses had their terrible sides too.

through her personal mother wound and found the mother within. She concluded: “My mother had a wisdom that comes from knowing both suffering and joy” Months later I’m writing about Jill’s case and look out my window to see two deer, a mother and child walk slowly past. I notice how much the fawn has grown since I have last seen her which reminds me of Jill’s daughter graduating from high school. Deer for me have become a symbol of the wounded feminine. For me this is a sign that an archetypal transformation has occurred with Jill. We all need to discover how the Great Mother comes through our personal mothers to reframe our experiences in a broader paradigm of both light and dark feminine in all her forms. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and sink into your center located below your navel. Imagine connecting with your root chakra located at the base of your spine which is associated with the color red. Imagine a cord of golden light or rope tethered to the ground as you reach deep into the heart of the earth to connect to its strength. A golden light surrounds you and the archetypal mother is holding, nurturing you in your own way. Remember, we must be grounded in her, matter first, then spirit. Otherwise, we will be blown away by spirit. Affirm: I embrace the loving mother within in all her forms. Karen Hansen, PhD, LMHC (425) 3613908

“Jill” came to work with me on the effects of her early mother loss. When asked to complete the question, ‘how would my life have been different, if my mother would have ___?’ she said, “…..have really loved me. All I ever really wanted was a mother to love me”. Her grieving stepfather neglected his responsibility as her parent and moved out of the family house. Jill withdrew into herself and at tender age fourteen was forced to raise herself. She survived and thrived growing up, marrying a loving man. Yet, growing up in a home with an absent mother had left a void, a sense of yearning for a mother figure. Jill felt the past still impact her present in her relationships with husband and teenage daughter. “My belief is, if I’m not a good enough mother, I can’t be close to my own mother.” In order to heal she had to return to the daughter archetype within herself. One meditation revealed an androgynous figure in dark grey and white followed by a gypsy and a crone. “I could see clearly see the dark and light sides as it turned its back and walked away from me.” This powerful meditation revealed two parts of her mother. The light side, the gypsy, was playful, magical, told stories and ran in the fields; activities she did with her personal mother. “This image of the gypsy morphed with my suffering mother dying of breast cancer on the couch. One was narrow the other loose, one rigid the other graceful, one severe the other flowing.” Our mothers often are not who we think they should be. Her meditations allowed Jill to see the emotional consequences of her early mother loss, and the attitudes, emotions and behaviors underlying her beliefs about being mothered and mothering. She relived her chronic, real life feelings of confusion, abandonment and rejection by her mother. We then found a symbol of healing that she could carry with her always. She remembered her mother trying to teach her to play the piano. “I never learned to play, but I have my mother’s piano in my home and I can see the black and white keys being played by my mother’s hands.” The integration of the good mother-bad mother split helped her to make peace with her mother loss and to reclaim a piece of her feminine self. She softened, learned how to let go of her anger, open her heart, and develop more tolerance for her own daughter’s separation. She moved





Choosing Healthy Kasara D’Elene, M.S., LMHCA Many people find that changing their diet to vegetarian or vegan is helpful for their health. When I was younger I had significant health challenges. Changing to a vegan diet, in addition to herbs, helped me to cleanse my body of the illness I had at the time. Just like anything else, people choose to change their diet based on their health and/or belief systems. Many religions conform to vegetarian diets, and many people find general health benefits switching to this way of eating.

What does Vegetarian/ Vegan mean?

There are many books available either online or at your local library to help you. There are community classes, or some health food stores offer classes to educate consumers on their products.

Meeting Dietary Guidelines In my work I see many people that have switched to vegetarian/vegan diets. Unfortunately, I find that too many people use this as an excuse to eat more junk food instead of healthier foods such as vegetables. If you are serious about using this way of eating to better your health, it can be important to keep other information in mind also. Some find it valuable to see how many calories you burn in a day. This can be done by getting your resting metabolic rate (RMR) in your local gym (or some health food stores offer it). This shows how many calories your body burns while at rest. Once you have your RMR, then you can look at your weekly exercise to determine how many calories you are burning during the week/day. Once you know what your calorie intake is for the day, then you can start planning your meals accordingly so that you don’t actually gain weight from the change (unless that is your goal of course). Another important factor is specific nutrients. For example, B12 is a nutrient that is only found in animal products. If you are not eating animal products it is important to augment your diet with a B12 supplement or vegetarian foods high in B12 like spirulina, chlorella and blue green algae.

The term vegetarian means different things to each person. Traditionally to be vegetarian meant to not eat any meat. Individuals often tailor this to “eating nothing with a face”, to no meat, but do eat eggs, no meat, but Blood Type eat fish, the options are endless. The term vegan means to not eat any animal products at all, as well as not wearing any animals, including Another factor that some health professionals find important to conleather, fur, etc. Vegan purists also do not consume any products of sider with a vegetarian diet is blood type. To learn more about diet animals, for example, milk products or honey. Once you have deter- and blood type, Dr. Peter D’Adamo wrote a book called Eat Right mined which combinations of food will be best for you, it is important 4 Your Blood Type. O blood type is the most common and per his book, D’Adamo discusses how people with O blood type should eat to make sure you are getting the correct amount of nutrition. meat. For people with O type blood who prefer not to eat meat it is If you have read any of Michael Pollan’s book, such as The Omni- important to augment your diet with amino acids as would be received vore’s Dilemna, you may be ready to switch to a vegetarian diet. For from a diet with a meat. A free amino acid supplement can be a good those who have not read them, Michael’s books discuss many studies choice, also we have found that a combination of spirulina, chlorolla and information from around the world where diets include meat and and blue green algae helps to provide amino acids, B vitamins and can those that do not and the health results of each. help control sugar cravings.. Before you change your diet, you may When eating grains and nuts, choose to ask yourself what your goals it is optimal to purchase them are? Are you trying to get toxins out of sprouted (or even better sprout Keep in mind it is important not to just load up on your diet? Are you trying to lower your them yourself) because they are carbohydrates like grains and fruits. These foods cholesterol? Are you trying to get more easier for your body to digest, energy? Switching to a vegetable based it is easier to assimilate the nuare important but they should be balanced with diet is one way some people achieve these trients and they taste better as nuts, seeds, beans, and of course vegetables. goals. Just for the record, it is possible to well. achieve these goals while eating animal Regardless which diet you products also, but that is for another day. choose, it is best to check with your health professional to determine which diet would be best for Difficulties your health. Once you make a choice to change your diet, it can be challenging to find things to eat. This isn’t because they aren’t available. It is more that as humans we are creatures of habit and we get into patterns of eating a certain way. Changing those patterns can be challenging for Kasara D’Elene owns TruHealth, a health food store in the Mipeople especially when they are not aware of the many options avail- Creek/Bothell area. She has helped empower and educate thousands able. It may require you to learn to use different tools in the kitchen of people to optimum health. You can reach her at 425-415-8410 or take more time to prepare food that fits into your new standard.





Have you done your homework today? Making positive changes in our lives requires us to take an active role in our own growth. Whether you are going to your physician, a counselor or a psychic… no expert is going to do the work for you. We all have stuff we are working on, but I know that taking small steps can add up to huge gains over a life time. When I was younger, my family spent hours in front of the TV, we ate lifeless food and had little activity in our lives. As a teenager my first job was in the phone room for a ladies-only health club, where I was soon promoted to the sales floor. It was at that health club that my manager gave me the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull, taking the time to read that small book changed my life forever. My senior year I went to the library and suddenly discovered a whole new world of authors who wrote books on positive thinking and the importance of taking care of our bodies. A year later, I stumbled into a health food store that provided me with some much-needed knowledge on good nutrition. Having been liberated from my original family environment, I changed my diet, exercised daily and spent time reading books that changed the way I felt about myself. I even took the time to get my personal trainer certificate so I could teach aerobic classes. What a great job - I got paid to exercise for 13 years! There were many times I became lazy and would slip back into thinking horrible thoughts, didn’t exercise and ate junk food. When I started to fall down that slippery slope of self-doubt, television watching, and fast-food eating (usually after becoming ill), I got back to doing my homework. My body always remembered how it felt to feel good, repaying me with more energy and vitality. The more I took positive steps for myself, the brighter my outer world would shine. As the years went by, I discovered chakras and Reiki, I found out that I wasn’t just a physical being but a spiritual being as well. I discovered that my body is also a manifestation of my thoughts and feelings – the more I loved myself and the more I was at ease, the more my body was able to heal itself. The transformation for me was being able to look in the mirror and see the person that I had never seen before, the real me. I use to glimpse at my reflection in a mirror and say, “Ugh, look how big your nose is” or, “You’re ugly.” Now, I walk by take a look and say “You’ve come a long way baby!” And I have! I have a practice of stopping a few times a year and writing down all the small things I have accomplished. I call it giving your self credit. Instead of looking at the things I haven’t yet succeeded in doing, I give myself credit and that allows me to see myself as a success instead of a failure. The list gets bigger every year, and I can see how one thing led to another… small things adding up into bigger accomplishments. I see how some small gesture in the right direction made a huge difference, no matter how insignificant. Turning off the news, taking a meditation class or drinking water instead of diet pop, has made me healthier body, mind and spirit. Is there a single pill, one particular diet or one Guru that will do it all for us? I think not. I have taken vitamins that I could tell made a difference in my overall get-up-and-go. I have eaten more green vegetables which have made me feel lighter, and have attended some great retreats with teachers who have helped me gain more peace of mind. Yet, it wasn’t just one thing, or even all three, it was the combination of so many small things that have helped me travel a path of happiness and health. Have I achieved the pinnacle of a healthy body, sound mind and evolved spirit today? No, because I am still open to learning and changing. The most important thing to realize is that you must participate in your own growth, and you can’t expect someone else to do it for you. I have a rule with my clients: if we have a session and they have homework, I will not schedule a follow up visit until they have completed their task – making some type of change in their life. It might be writing down their intentions, going on vacation or doing that one thing they loved to do as a child. On one of Oprah’s last shows, she had a guest on that had been extremely overweight. The woman had rediscovered skating and lost over 100 pounds. It wasn’t the weight that made me shed a tear, it was the way she looked when she talked about her skating: she looked

CHOOSING GROWTH ? It’s Up to You Dena-Marie Alive, full of energy, and had a twinkle in her eye. She used to rollerskate competitively as a teenager—she decided to take up ice-skating after being inspired by women she saw skating at the ice rink where her children played hockey. “I was still pretty heavy, but I just started small and built over time,” she said. Not only did she lose weight, she gained self esteem and recently competed in the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships in Salt Lake City, placing third in her event. I realized in the last few years, we come here alone and we will leave here alone. There is no Prince Charming, no quick fix and definitely no one person that has all the answers. It’s all about you! You could wake up to the sound of classical music, eat fresh organic fruit for breakfast, take a walk at lunch, make dinner with your kids while talking about their day, indulge in a bubble bath before bed and then count your blessings before you drift off to sleep… and then tomorrow… but wait, there is no tomorrow. There is only today! So, do your homework. Start small and build over time, because every little bit counts. Dena Marie is a Personal Trainer for the Body, Mind and Spirit. She is the Author of Our Energy Matters and Ora’s Angel. Check out her upcoming event and classes at or call 425 350-5448 to schedule a free session with Dena Marie.




June 2011 carries some very interesting energy as we encounter 3 eclipses in 6 weeks and We move into the 6th month of a number 4 year which makes this a 1 month of new beginnings for us all. This is the month when things will begin to move with eclipses, Saturn moving Direct in the sign of Libra and a stronger sense of purpose for most of us. Some of the uncertainty seems to be closing down, and we are ready to eliminate the old stories of who we were and move into the NEW story of who we are now and who we are becoming, leaving fear and indecision behind. Happy birthday to you Sun in Gemini and Cancer folks. Ancient birthstone for June is the emerald, which is about truth and fidelity Flowers are the Honeysuckle and Roses. Use the Colors of White for Purity and Green for Prosperity and Healing. Use of all red stones this month to garner power, protection and help lend courage and strength to the body and will. Although the energy of fire is still strong in the sky the theme of the first of this month is much about Taurus dedicated to helping us restructure life, and the last encouraging us to move more inward and explore healthy self care as well as more powerful connections to our own intuiti We begin the month with a dark of the moon magical energy of creation and manifesting what you most desire on June 1st until 2:09pm PDT when we have a New moon Solar eclipse at 11 degrees of Gemini as the sun and moon join to create a Time of growth for us all. Gemini energy is about ideas and this new moon brings in many options as it utilizes the energy The south node (old stories) and the sun and moon gathering together. Eclipses ask us to eliminate, and shift the past, so old stories during the next 4 weeks will cease to carry the importance to you and you will be allowed to clean your energetic story slate if you choose? Eclipses are always balancing energies and with them now in Mutable signs, you will find more options. But please remember I always advise to please do as little as possible between eclipses as the dice seem to be in motion on the roulette wheel of the sky. But this year of course, we have something else unusual with 3 eclipses within a 6 week period.On the 3rd Neptune newly entered into Pisces merging energetically with Chiron the wounded healer begins its backwards (retrograde) motion and going within for answers will give you a tremendous advantage this next 6 months. Neptune the planet of spiritual love, universal connection and illusion as well as vision is retrograde in the sign of Pisces until it moves back to Aquarius August 4th retrograde…. Neptune will not move direct until November 9th in the sign of Aquarius and move back again into Pisces Feb 3, 2012 and remain in the sign of Pisces then until March 30, 2025. So, expect this Neptune retrograde to be a once in a lifetime

adventure as this planet of illusion shifts gears for all of us teaching us new ways of envisioning and creating from visions, dreams and inner connections. Aquarius is Air (ideas) and Pisces (water) intuition you know. Neptune retrograde asks for us to realize how what we are thinking, speaking and believing affects the Whole. And that we are a part of the whole creating it moment by moment, thought by thought. What we do just now is not only just affecting us but we Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (Change) in Aries are surely pushing most of us to move faster than we might be comfortable with and with Uranus and Saturn in Opposition squaring Pluto in Capricorn we are still a bit in the rougher earlier of the year energy. Expect that by August 13th much of this energy will dissipate and meanwhile use it to begin to really create new relationships especially as Saturn moves direct on the 12th and some of your questions about others will surely be answered over this next 6 weeks. Expect plans to be subject to Lots of interesting adjustments during this time and realize that the universe is drawing with pencil and constantly erasing as soon as it puts down a new idea. Using this time constructively you will come out of this eclipse season with TONS of new ways of doing things, better, faster and Easier. Being adaptable and remembering this time is not about endings, or even beginnings, but information, reconnections and rethinking will enable you to utilize this energy to its maximum potential. On the 15th at 1:14pm PDT we have a full moon LUNAR eclipse with the sun in Gemini at 24 degrees and the Moon in Sagittarius at 24 degrees, and expect there will be lots of ideas and people very comfortable with giving you their own personal professional opinions this month. Lunar eclipses are always Full moon times and we are now asked to Eliminate and with Gemini and Sagittarius the idea would perhaps to be eliminate the OLD stories and old beliefs in order to open on July 1st for a NEW MOON Solar eclipse at 10 degrees of Cancer as we are asked to open to New ways of self care and recognizing our own intuitive powers with this new moon eclipse. Keeping this in mind, do not create more stress for yourself by trying to convince people of your own personal views. I am reminded of one of my favorite sayings. “DO not try and teach a pig how to fly, it will frustrate you and really tick off the pig and wow hasn’t this been the year for it?” On the 16th as Mercury moves into Cancer we begin to feel the energies shifting as on the 21st we will enter Summer officially at 10:17am PDT as the sun enters Cancer and the balance of day and night is upon us again. This will be the longest day of the year and this is the celebration of the coming of the light. Summer solstice is when we invoke protection, strength, and clarity with our wishes and prayers and receive all of the above. The Sign of Cancer is about Nurturing, safety, and security. Cancer energy most of all requires us to be kind, gentle and speak softly to be most effective with others. Also, We are asked at this time each year, how we are taking care of Self, are we honoring and connecting to ourselves and giving equal energy to Us that we are to Others? Nurturing is only available when you have it to give, so be nice to yourself this month also as you realize that after the Sun leaves Gemini on the 21st and Moves to Cancer you will need a bit more tlc for yourself also. So, take Care with what you say, and think now as you more and more recognize you are the CreatorMars the planet of action moving to Gemini on the 20th seems to encourage the eclipse energies and new ideas and contact should abound for us all. This month you should expect significant karmic contacts, so be out there and ready to meet your next step friendship, work, or relationship by just opening to a new vision for yourself. I wish you the most wonderful June of your life and wish that you would set that intent for yourself. All that has to happen to make it happen is to BELIEVE and FEEL it and to stay positive and truly realize that YOU are the CREATOR. Which is what this month is all about. And in my world, this is what this entire incarnation and us showing up at this special moment in time is about. Namaste Carol Barbeau, for free articles and daily astrology tips.





Before I delineate further the chart of our “mystery man,” I will reveal who he is: our former president, George W. Bush. Here again is the chart for Gee Dubya: 3 1 8 9 9 5 4 3 The same chart, again translated into English: Yang Fire Yang Wood YIN METAL Yang Water Dog Horse Snake Dragon Here is his chart translated into Elements and Yin/Yang polarities Yang Fire Yang Wood YIN METAL Yang Water Yang Earth Yin Fire Yang Fire Yang Earth “Yin Metal” is capitalized because, not only is that part of his chart -- the Heavenly Stem of the Day -- the most important piece of the whole chart, but because everything else is going to be compared to it. Remember that all of the rest of your Chinese chart gains importance only so much as it helps or hinders that Heavenly Day Stem. Let me review the twin cycles of the Taoist Five Elements, as this is how we determine that the Day Stem gets either helped or hindered by the other pieces of the chart: Water FEEDS Wood.Wood FEEDS Fire. Fire FEEDS Earth.Earth FEEDS Metal. Metal FEEDS Water. If Water FEEDS Wood, Water PUTS OUT Fire. If Wood FEEDS Fire, Wood EATS UP Earth. If Fire FEEDS Earth, Fire MELTS Metal. If Earth FEEDS Metal, Earth IMPEDES Water. If Metal FEEDS Water, Metal CHOPS DOWN Wood. You can list these elements as if they were (and often are) psychological qualities: Wood = Creativity.. Fire = Expression. Earth = Harmony. Metal = Order. Water = Curiosity. By changing “Water” to “Curiosity,” and the other Five Elements to their psychological equivalents, we can restate the following: If Curiosity FEEDS Creativity, Curiosity STOPS Expression. If Creativity FEEDS Expression, Creativity DISRUPTS Harmony. If Expression FEEDS Harmony, Expression DESTROYS Order. If Harmony FEEDS Order, Harmony DISPLACES Curiosity. If Order FEEDS Curiosity, Order DISSECTS Creativity. Just as the twelve zodiacal signs of the Western chart (and the Jyotish chart from India) deal with different topics in your life, so do each of the eight pieces of the Chinese chart also deal with different areas and people in your life: The (Heavenly) Stem of the Year deals with males in the general public. The Branch (Animal) of the Year deals with females in the general public. The Stem of the Month deals with males in the family you grew up with. The Branch of the Month deals with females in the family you grew up with. The Stem of the Day is YOU, whether you are male or female. With this one exception, Stems deal with male people. The Branch of the Day is the significant other, or spouse. This is true whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans. The Stem of the Hour is male children or male pupils, or male disciples, or male underlings. The Branch of the Hour is female children or female pupils, or female disciples, or female underlings. From all of this we can see how the areas and parts of George W. Bush’s life fit -- or don’t fit -- together. Please keep in mind that while the Chinese chart is an extremely important chart, it’s not the only chart he has. Since Dubya’s Stem of the Year is Fire, and he is a Metal, George W. Bush is at a disadvantage with men in the general public. While it would be wrong to say that our former president lacked any qualities for leadership, one can say that his was not a commanding presence. As his Branch of the Year is Earth, Bush was energetically nourished

Astrology Chinese wisdom Ko Hashiguchi by women in the general public. As his Stem of the Month is Wood, Bush has an energetic advantage over his father and brothers. There is one way in which this pattern has, in my judgment, shown up in the eyes of the nation: George the Son refused to court the advice of George the Father -pointedly, as his father was one of the very few people in history to hold the same office. As his Branch of the Month is Fire, G.W. is at a disadvantage with his mother Barbara. As Georges Branch of the Day is in Aversion to the Branch of the Month, this meant that he was and is disconnected from his family. This need not mean that he was an orphan. My favorite, and admittedly catty, anecdote from his youth illustrates this: when the British Royal Family visited the White House in the days of his father, Gee Dubya was seated for dinner as far away from Queen Elizabeth as possible, to avoid the Queen hearing him open his mouth and make a fool of himself. As the Stem of his Hour is Water, and Yang Water at that, Bush would have either been distant from his sons or sons would have been absent. He had no sons. As the Branch of his Hour is Earth, Bush would have been nourished by the presence of daughters. Fortunately for him, he has had twin daughters. Unfortunately, as his Day Branch is in Aversion to his Hour Branch, he assumedly has had somewhat distant relations with his daughters. In the interests of fairness, even though his Day and Hour Animals ARE disconnected, the Yang Earth of his Dragon Hour remains a great nourishment to his basic Yin Metal nature. I have not been a fan of George W. Bush in the past, and I have not changed my mind. But, looking at a certain photograph of Bush as a brand-new father, holding a baby daughter in each of his arms, I can ONLY be happy for the person in that picture. Having any feeling other than joy for the jubilant man in that photograph would be unthinkable -- and inhuman. As both the Dog and Dragon are basically Yang Earth, and since both the way the general public sees him and what he aspires to are therefore highly nourishing to him, George has always -- according to this pattern -- wanted to be a leader, even back when nobody in his own family thought he had what it took. Unless there are other factors in a Chinese chart to interfere, a person whose Hour nourishes them tends to feel energized when they take on responsibilities. George W. Bush was no exception. For him to have reached the level of eminence that he did, though, took more than the Chinese chart alone. Linda Johnsen, astrological author and frequent Jyotish writer for the Mountain Astrologer magazine, says that George W. Bush has one of the most fortunate charts she has ever seen. Despite what I regard as the difficulties in his Chinese chart, , with the placements in his Chinese AND Jyotish charts I am not shocked that he became President of the United States. Ko has studied the Four Pillars Chinese astrology since 1986. Ko has lectured at the UAC in 2002, the NORWAC and the AFA conferences in 2003. He can be reached at his web site,, and by phone at 253486-7742





You Have Permission

Naturally Message from Mother Mary Raven Many Voices Hello my beloved children, today is your day to play, sing and experience all of creation. But often I see you hestitate, hold yourself back and not feel included in life. When you were young you’d look back to your parents to see if you had permission to join in the fun. With a encouraging smile you sang your first song on stage, made your own lunch and became the adult you are now. So when life is changing fast and you feel uncertain what your next step is in life, it is only natural you’d look back over your shoulder for that permission, acceptance and encouragement. It may not be available as it was when you were little, but Divine is always here watching over you and we always give you permission to live life. Blessings to you! As you read these words know you are not only hearing permission from Divine, but also the Divine within you. My Dear Children, Today I give you permission: I give you permission to live your dreams. I give you permission to say no. I give you permission to love without boundaries. I give you permission to be free. I give you permission to let go of all your fear. I give you permission to be silly and laugh loudly. I give you permission to take time for just yourself. I give you permission to take a nap. I give you permission to eat what feels good and what is good to eat.

I give you permission to be abundant. I give you permission to say no. I give you permission to seek your fortune in life. I give you permission to buy those things that the spirit craves. I give you permission to share your soul to another. I give you permission to be silent with your treasures. I give you permission to celebrate the Divine in your own fashion. I give you permission to choose the best care for your body. I give you permission to marry the person who makes your heart sing. I give you permission to be angry. I give you permission to be sad. I give you permission to cry your tears. I give you permission to live your own life. I give you permission to be anything your heart desires. I give you permission to make your own choice. I give you permission to love yourself. I give you permission to sing out loud. I give you permission to love your body. I give you permission to do what others would think impossible. I give you permission to be just you. I give you permission to be loved. I give you permission to be love. I give you permission to be. Namaste’ - Mother Mary Raven Many Voices ~ Guide to the Spirits channels loving messages from Mother Mary and your Spirit Guides. Visit for more messages.





Girasol, what is that? No stone that I have research in the metaphysical guides has had so much discrepancy about what the name is describing as Girasol. One source called it a fire opal, one called it a blue opal, and the other ones I checked said it was a water opal or a milky quartz. The stone I call Girasol was confirmed in a scientific description I found. Girasol is an opal with a slightly clouded appearance and a luster – what some of the sources had pictured as a water opal. It has a non-fire appearance and is semi-transparent. Opals are the result of microscopic inclusion of water or fluid in quartz that prevents the formation of crystals. It is a non-crystalline form of silica. Madagascar is a source for much of the high quality Girasol tumbled stones and spheres. The Girasol Opal can be completely opal, inside of a quartz crystal in the form of a phantom, or can cause chevrons such as those found in amethyst. It is found in mass form and sometimes has a hint of blue.

Hypersthene In Crystal Communion, Jack Frasl called it a ‘Blessing Stone.’ He discussed how it solidifies prayers and requests made to Spirit. When I hold a piece of it, I feel that soft, angelic energy that supports his description. Even its appearance gives off the essence of sacredness, not a stone to treat roughly. One way Girasol is used is for gazing spheres. The luster invites one to explore further, to get inside, to find a vision or door to another realm. The danger in using it might be that one escapes into its gentle energy and does not want to return to deal with life. When I hold a piece of Girasol, it puts me in a very dreamy state of being. It’s great for stress releasing and letting go of pressures. As a divination stone, it is about our deepest emotions such a fear of rejection and being over-sensitive to the reactions and beliefs others have about us. It calls us to let go


of the fear and be less thin skinned. We are guided to look into our feelings and deal with the issues behind them. An unusual quality of Girasol I discovered when meditating with it, was its receptive quality. There was no tingling or feeling of energy coming from the stone. It was drawing from me which explains its stress releasing ability. It does not push the stress out, it absorbs it. I found myself very sleepy after holding it. Opals are not for everyone, and Girasol definitely has the energy of an opal. I suggest you keep a piece around to help you relax, but for most people, do not carry it or wear it for any length of time. You might put a piece on an altar or shelf just to enjoy its beauty. Cecilia Ray, owner of World of Gaia, a rock business on and ebay, reads stone energies. She also owns Mystical Winds, a company coordinating Psychic Fair and Events. 425-239-0565 or


EVENTS PSYCHIC & HOLISTIC HEALTH FAIRS Free Admission 10-5p,. Kent 1st Sat. monthly Browser’s Books-315 W. Meeker St. MILL CREEK - BOTHELL 2nd Sat monthly at Grange Hall corner of 35th Ave. SE & Seattle Hill Rd. From 1-5 head east on 164th St. SW til it crosses 35th. Bel-Red Fair at Friends, Philosophy & Tea. 13850 Bel-Red Rd, Bellevue, Wa 98005 (South side of Applebees) 425-641-4364. www.NWPsychic or call 425-562-4777 for info/ directions.




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MORE GOOD STUFF WORLD OF GAIA – Look up your stones. Free access to online METAPHYSICAL CRYSTAL & STONE GUIDE, www. We carry crystals, tumbled stones, animal totems, more. Wholesale, Retail, Online, Shows. Cecilia@WorldofGaia. net or 425-239-0454.

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Magical Life: Common Sense Melanie Marquis As the alternative spirituality movement continues to grow, we more often hear the word “magic” come out of the mouths of everyday people. Most likely, we've encountered at least one Wiccan or other Neo-Pagan who casts spells and charms in hopes of overcoming obstacles and manifesting success. But does so-called magic work? Have you ever wondered? Why not give it a try and find out? Magical thinking has its benefits. Even if you're not prepared to go all-out and start casting spells, learning to think like a witch will help bring your dreams into reality. The basics of magical thinking are easy to master, and once you do, you'll be able to manifest success through both mystical and mundane actions. Magical thinking is empowered thinking, and we can all use a little more of that in our lives! Let's get started.

Four Essentials of Magical Thinking Empowerment: Empowerment means being capable, and believing yourself to be capable. As a spiritual being, as a living, loving human, you have an inherent ability to transform reality through your consciousness, will, and intent. All you have to do is believe in yourself; trust in your power, and it will grow ten-fold. When we think like a winner, we think magically. See yourself in the best possible light, and strive to become even more. Have faith in your abilities, and test them! Try a simple bit of magic and see what happens. You never know what you can do until you try, right? Draw a picture to represent one of your goals, and while visualizing its successful completion, write the words, “It will be,” at the top of the paper. Carry it with you for a few weeks and see the results. You're pretty powerful, huh? Imagination:: Imagination is more than just Imagination dreaming up something that doesn't yet exist; it is the art of actually pretending that something into reality. As adults, our ability to imagine tends to wane. Sure, we can be creative and we can fantasize to an extent, but our knowledge of the mundane

world and our beliefs in that world's limits can confine our imaginations to a weak expression of vague mental imagery. Magical thinking requires us to reclaim our childhood abilities of imagination. It's not enough to simply imagine that you'll be successful; in order for imagination to play a role in actually creating the new reality, it needs to be strong, vivid, detailed—in a word, real. To enhance your imagination, use vivid details in your mental imagery. Try this visualization which is in fact a simple form of magic. Pretend you already have what you want, and use your whole body and mind to experience the sights, sounds, and sensations of having achieved your desires. What do you see, hear, sense? How do you carry yourself? How do you speak? Where are you, and what sorts of people and things do you have around you? The more vivid, clear, and emotionally charged your imagination, the more likely you are to transform those imaginings into everyday real life. Focus: Focus means concentrating on the outcomes you wish to create. Fear, doubt, and other forms of insecurity can distract us from attaining our goals. To remain focused, we need to keep in mind our vision of personal success and continue striving to achieve it. Try putting your wishes in writing. Make additional notes as you progress towards your dreams, marking each little step or stroke of good luck along the way. Whenever you feel scattered or feel your focus start to slip, take a look at your list of goals and see how you are doing. Another important aspect of focus is consistency; make sure your goals aren't contrary to each other or impractical for your preferred lifestyle. When your goals are consistent, all working together to form a single



story that makes sense for you personally, focus comes naturally and you're sure to stay on track towards achieving success. Direction: Direction means having a plan, putting your imagination and focus to good use in forging ahead on your path towards your dreams. Imagining what you want and focusing on the outcome you wish to achieve will get you nowhere unless you know how to get there. Direction is your road map, your magical GPS to remind you where to turn and when to go forward. Take another look at your list of goals you would like to focus on. Identify the steps you can take to get you there, then take them, one by one, adapting your route as needed.

Magical Living None of this sounds very magical, does it? Common sense is actually a big aspect of magic, and by taking seemingly mundane actions towards achieving our goals, we give magical energy a ready path on which to travel, laying the groundwork for more mystical miracles to take place. Try mastering the four essentials of magical thinking, then use your creativity to take those thoughts even further. Melanie Marquis is the founder of United Witches global coven and the author of The Witch's Bag of Tricks (June 2011, Llewellyn Publications), a book about going further down your own unique path through personalized, powerful magic. Visit her online at

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