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FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

Enroll Now Few Days Left – President Trump Has Signed an Executive Order for Obamacare

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India Culture Center Houston’s I-Fair Nikki Haley confirmed as celebrates India’s 68th Republic Day US envoy to United Nations

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley testifies during her confirmation hearing for US Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) before the Senate Foreign Relations committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, January 18, 201 (AFP Photo/SAUL LOEB)


ASHINGTON (AFP) - The US Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly confirmed Nikki Haley, the governor of South Carolina, as US ambassador to the United Nations, delivering new President Donald Trump one of his most potent diplomatic tools. ICC’s 2017 Community Service Awardees: Mayor Scarcella, Jawahar Malhotra, Harshad Patel, Anju Mittal, and Sunanda Nair with Surendra Asthana, Deputy Consul General, (3rd from left) Col Raj Bhalla, ICC’s outgoing president Rajiv Bhavsar and ICC’s incoming president Falguni Gandhi. Photo by Shobana Muratee. by Shobana Muratee TAFFORD - The India Culture Center, (ICC) Houston held its signature event I-Fair celebrating India’s 68th Republic Day on Saturday, January 21, (a few days shy of its official day of celebration that falls on Thursday, January 26) at the Stafford Center, in Stafford Texas.


It was on January 26, 1950, that India was declared Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic. On this was written a new Indian constitution that was approved by the Indian Constituent Assembly. The Indian diaspora observes this day with great pride remembering the valiant freedom fighters and leaders that set India free from the long and oppressive British Raj. The day-long program started at 1.45pm and ended at 7.30pm and was



attended by over 2400 people. This year the event was ticketed for $3. It is after six years now that ICC has decided to reintroduce their admission fee. Ticket stubs were raffled every hour for a Gold coin sponsored by Chemmanur Jewelers. There were six such winners at the event (coordinated by Director Nimish Sheth). The ticketing process was coordinated by Director Dilip Dadhich and Indian Senior Citizens Association volunteers very diligently.

The nomination of Haley, the daughter of Indian immigrants, sailed through the Senate by a vote of 96 to four.

ASIE 2017 Board Sworn In


The new US president had just three cabinet members in place prior to the Haley vote: Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who was confirmed and sworn in late Tuesday. Trump has signaled he would like to slash US funding for United Nations climate change programs, and he opposed a recent UN Security Council resolution critical of Israel that Barack Obama’s administration had declined to veto. Haley won the backing of Democratic Senator Ben Cardin because, he said, “she does not support efforts to slash American funding to the UN and that she would consistently vocalize US values, including universal human rights, good governance and press and religious freedom.”

Each year the celebrations present a refreshing take on India. This year’s theme ‘Our India’ portrayed an array of items covering India’s history, culture and heritage. ICC was joined by its affiliate Indo- American organizations in the celebrations. Continued on Page 7

The 45-year-old will assume the job at UN headquarters in New York with a clear early task: reassuring nervous governments around the world that Washington will remain engaged in international diplomacy during the era of Trump.

Guest Speaker, Hon. Judge Ravi Sandill being honored by Dinesh Shah ASIE president and Naresh Kolli, ASIE past president. Read report on Page 9. .

She also acknowledged in her hearing testimony that “Crimea is not Russian” and spoke “very strongly” about defending Ukrainian sovereignty, Cardin said, referring to the Kremlin’s annexation of the region in Ukraine.

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by Bhamy V. Shenoy

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aving returned from India recently where I had witnessed the epic war of demonetization from November 8, 2016 to January 11, 2017, I want to share my thoughts on the ground realities. Despite the connected world, it was surprising to learn about the misunderstanding on the part of US NRIs about demonetization. My house in Mysore is located exactly in front of a branch of State Bank of India. When PM Modi announced demonetization banning high denomination notes (500 and 1000 rupees) on November 8th, I got scared. Soon after the announcement, there was a large crowd in front of the bank’s ATM. As a result cash was withdrawn quickly from ATM and it had to be closed. I thought that the angry crowd frustrated with the lack of cash may start throwing stones around. Nothing of that happened and people left the place after seeing the sign, “NO CASH”. First two weeks there were long lines at this bank like at other banks. Even that could have been avoided since there was more than enough time to either exchange old banned notes or to put them in the bank. However panic was created by the media either giving exaggerated problems of demonetization or failure to create an environment of the need to give all support to the government. Full disclosure: I am neither a supporter (disappointed with the handling of Godhra incident) though I do admire him for his honest administration nor a critic of Modi. I had written articles comparing demonetization to Mahabharatha war. On the ethical side there are the modern age Pandavas mostly consisting of the general public led by Modi. Kauravas led by opposition politicians are those business men who have amassed crores of black money, terrorists who have printed or have access to fake currency, and bureaucrats and politicians who have illgotten wealth by using their official power or high level connections. There was no expectation that demonetization will put a stop to rampant corruption in Indian society. Government also knew that a lot of ill gotten wealth through corruption would have been already invested in assets like gold, real estate, and foreign bank accounts. It is for that reason the government had a brand new benami law approved by the parliament. There have also been efforts made by NDA to identify and bring bank foreign funds sent illegally. But those efforts have not been all that successful so far. There is still no credible information on how much of banned notes which accounted for 86% of outstanding currencies have been deposited. By one estimate almost 98% has been deposited. That does not mean all that money has become white. Prior to demonetization there was expectation (perhaps totally misinformed and not based on any credible research) that as much as 30% of banned notes may not get deposited. Results have proven those pundits wrong. Some people with ill gotten

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FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

India’s Demonetization: Success or failure? An update wealth have found ingenuous ways of converting their black money into white. They managed to get even from some bank managers and RBI officials (obviously corrupt) new currency notes in crores when common man could not get more than Rs 24000 in a week. Using banned notes, some paid off their loans, cleared taxes owed to different government agencies for years, paid extra bonuses and pre paid salaries, deposited in Jan Dhan accounts, etc. Income tax department and Enforcement Directorate have already booked several people including politicians who could not account for their huge bank deposits. Government has announced that it would look into every bank account which has deposits of more than Rs. 2.5 lakhs after the announcement of demonetization and take action against those who have ill gotten wealth. This is going to be a herculean task even for a society with high ethical and moral standards. Given the deep rooted corruption in India, where are we going to find thousands of honest officials who will not misuse their position to let the dishonest get away by collecting bribes (in new notes now)? However by building enough checks and balances and using the latest digital technol-

ogy government may be able to minimize such corrupt practices. This will be the real test for Modi’s government. Despite the obvious need for secrecy, if only Modi had taken into confidence three or four leading opposition leaders into confidence, NDA might have faced less political problems. After all when one starts a war, one needs a strategy to silence or weaken the potential enemies. Modi could have played the national security card to get their support and also sworn them into secrecy. Even at later stage, when the Parliament was in session, he failed to get the support of the opposition and the entire session was a wash out. It is difficult to ignore the irresponsible games played by the media in highlighting incidences of inconvenience caused by demonetization war. While they could not hide how demonetization was fully supported by the public at large despite the inconveniences, they never attempted to support the war against corruption. Indirectly they tried to justify the protest by the opposition leaders by giving extensive publicity. It was inconceivable how some one like Aravind Kejrival, who became CM of Delhi on the platform of fighting corruption could condemn supporting demonetization as

an anti-national activity. Undoubtedly people did face inconveniences - but not unmanageable ones. It is equally true that with better planning ( to make new notes compatible with ATM so that no retrofitting was needed, having a large inventory of new as well as old notes, and efficient ways to transport notes to all parts of India) demonetization could have been managed better. I have talked to people in rural areas (hinterland of Harayana and Rajasthan) in the north, villagers in the South near Mangalore, students in cities, shopkeepers in rural and urban areas and not once did I hear complaints about demonetization. To overcome the problem of cash shortage, already a number of initiatives have been taken both by the government and private entrepreneurs to promote the use of digital devices ( not just smart phones, but ordinary mobile phones) to increase percentage of cashless transactions. Such rapid transformation to cashless transactions (currently at 98% in numbers and 68% in value) would have been impossible. This is the unintended benefit of demonetization which will lead to less corruption while demonetization can only identify black money.

GOPIO appeals to Prime Minister Modi for diaspora Indians to deposit or exchange their demonetized currencies GOPIO (Global Organization of People of Indian Origin) Executive Council had an emergency meeting on last week since GOPIO officials have been getting hundreds of telephone calls and e-mails about OCI/PIO card holders as well as Diaspora Indians with Foreign Citizenship not being allowed to deposit or exchange their demonetized Indian currencies at the Reserve Bank of India. The Executive Council unanimously agreed to make an appeal to Prime Minister Modi to correct this issue. The appeal as follows: Global Organization of People Indian Origin (GOPIO) fully supports demonetization of the higher end Indian currencies so as to curtail black money and terrorism funding. However, Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) requests that: 1. Diaspora Indians with Foreign Citizenship, and PIO and

OCI card holders be given the same opportunity for depositing old and obsolete currency notes as given to NRIs (Indian Passport holders), allowing them to deposit up to Rs. 250,000 of Indian currency in the Reserve Bank of India instead of notified amount of Rs. 25,000; 2. some of the NRIs, and PIO and OCI card holders have old currency notes safely kept in their residences in India for reasons such as education of their children in India, supporting old age parents, helping family members, etc., so allow RBI and Banks having NRO accounts to accept the old currency notes up to Rs. 2,50,000; 3. (as it may not be practical on account of job situation or other reasons), Diaspora Indians with Foreign Citizenship, and PIO and OCI card holders are not able to visit India and hence be permitted to deposit in their bank account in India through an authorized agent, the amount certified by the for-

eign branches of State Bank of India or Indian Missions in the country of their residence or in RBI / NRO accounts with various banks in India. Finally, since all Diaspora Indians with Foreign Citizenship, PIO and OCI card holders may not be able to visit India prior to June 30, 2017, they should be allowed to deposit old currency notes at either the Reserve Bank of India/NRO Accounts maintained with various banks in India up to December 31, 2017. Sir, you have repeatedly acknowledged the role of NRIs/ PIOs and expatriates in the resurgence of India and their record annual remittances to India which is the highest compared to any country in the world. We urge you to agree to the requested concession for goodwill of thirty million NRIs and PIOs and amend the Notification # RBI/2016-17/2005/DCM/(Plg) No 2170/10.27.00/2016-17 dated 31st December, 2016,

K. V. Doraiswamy Bhattar 281-489-0464 or 281-948-8368 |

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FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

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Houston India Conference launches “Make in India – The Inside Story” on March 24-25, 2017


ouston India conference is hosting first of the series conference on March 24th – 25th in Houston, TX. The topic of 2017 conference is “Make in India – The Inside Story”. The conference is organized by Consulate General of India in Houston, India House, Asia Society Texas Center, Indo American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston, US India Skills and Education Council, University of Houston, and World Affairs Council of Dallas. Texas has a large concentration of constituencies interested in doing business with India. The GDP of Texas at US$ 1.7 trillion would make it the 10th largest economy in the world if it was an independent nation. Texas is home to 54 (or 11%) of Fortune 500 companies. Houston alone does an annual trade of around $3.2 billion with India. There is a strong presence of Indians in Industry, businesses, educational, medical and research institutes that Houston is renowned for. The Indian origin community is large and very successful. Houston India Conference is designed to bring together the various constituencies that have an interest in India, share with them the latest developments in India and discuss the best practices of doing business in India. USA and India are true global partners -- both in strengthening economies and strong democracies. That’s why President Obama visited India twice while in office, while PM Modi visited USA four times in last two years. Soft Bank of Japan committed to investing $10 billion into India over the next several years and CEO Masayoshi Son proved his seriousness by pouring the first billion into an Indian e-commerce company Snapdeal and a car-sharing

service Olacabs. It’s not just frothy internet startups that are doing well in India today. Domino’s Pizza stated that they sell more pies in India than any other country other than the United States. Boeing has been building long-term partnerships with Indian companies that are helping create the indigenous aerospace and defense infrastructure envisioned through “Make in India.” Dennis Swanson, Vice President, Boeing Defense, Space & Security in India said in an interview with Economic Times, “India is one of the most important markets for Boeing internationally. Boeing’s defense trade with India constitutes three-fourths of cumulative defense trade by US companies in India.” While some companies will do very well in India, some do not. GE found that it could not make a go in the appliance business in India. Dallas-based Mary Kay exited from India after six years in 2003 while Amway and L’Oreal thrived in the same market. Keeping above in mind, the central focus of the Houston India conference is to provide a collaboration platform and share today’s India story with the audience in Texas who are interested in investing in India, by the people who are playing an important role in shaping up the modern India. Informed opinion in Houston recognizes the growing salience of Asia and India in the US. This conference will not only bring together individuals and organizations in Texas or India that have an interest in investing or doing business with each other but will also catalyze the emergence of a major network in Texas interested in doing business in India. The conference on March 24th, 2017 will be based around a number of panels with carefully chosen speakers. Finale of

Foundation for India Studies (FIS) participate in 23rd MLK Grande Parade

the conference will be at India House annual gala event on March 25th, 2017. The first panel will focus on the political aspects of doing business with India. It will stress on the political will that makes India an attractive investment destination, its commitment to make it easier to Make in India; and the commitment to globalization. The second panel will be a presentation of two cases by successful Indian businessmen who are “success stories.” The last panel will focus on the “soft” aspects of Make in India – the socio-cultural transformation that is being fostered by Skill India and other such measures. “We have speakers who have expanded brands in India, journalists, foreign policy experts, and movers and shakers who are writing story of today’s India. This event presents a chance to learn lessons from them on what it takes to do business in India and with India”, said Dr. Anupam Ray, the Consulate General of India. “We expect to have a large and interested audience by combining the networks of the organizations engaged in the conference. We expect the audience to include top businessmen; active investors and money managers; a collection of business school and public policy school deans; and local government leadership”, said Jiten Agarwal, Chair of the Houston India Conference. Delegate attendance at the Houston India Conference is by invitation only, limited to qualified titles (usually Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO and President from global headquarters) and is at the discretion of the Houston India Conference organizers. For further information, please visit

Participants in the parade were : Kulwant Bhatia, Atul Kothari, Satish Saridey, Sai Aakarsha Saridey, Thrayee Sai Saridey, Rajender Aparasu, Shravya Aparasu, Saureesh Aparasu, Krishna Vavilala (FIS Chair), Lakshmi Vavilala, Raghavender Nednur (Event Chair), Kranthi Nednur, Apoorv Nednur. by Raghavender Nednur FIS Event Chair


OUSTON - For the sixth year in a row Foundation for India Studies (FIS) has participated in the 23rd..annual MLK Jr. Grande Parade held in Midtown on January 16, which was a declared a public holiday. Readers may recall that FIS was the recipient of the 2015 Grand Marshall award. It was a fun filled 2 hour long,1-hour walk under clear skies. Weather was comfortable for kids and adults alike. The parade provided an opportunity for the Indian community to express solidarity with grass roots America through the values expounded by Martin Luther King Jr. who had adopted Mahatma Gandhi ji’s principles of non-violence and civil disobedience in his struggle against racial discrimination in America.

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Though the two had never met, MLK Jr. was profoundly influenced and inspired by Gandhi ji’s philosophy of Peace and Non-violence which took him to India on invitation from Gandhi Memorial Fund. Dr. King Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott visited India in Feb.1959. King declared that he may go to other countries as tourist, but to India he would go as a pilgrim. King


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Upon his return from India, Dr. King also wrote in Ebony magazine that his visit to India was a revelation as if “the spear of frustration had been transformed into a “shaft of Light”.

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also spoke on All India Radio broadcast when he said, “If this age is to survive, it must follow the way of love and nonviolence that [Gandhi] so nobly illustrated in his life.”




FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

Handling Harassment at Work in Trump Nation

The People’s Lawyer Richard M. Alderman Interim Dean of the Law Center

Old debts may not be put back on your credit report Q. I defaulted on a credit card ten years ago. I was never sued and I thought everything had gone away. I now have a collection agency threatening to again report the debt to the credit bureau because they are not the original creditor. I worked for seven years to maintain good credit. Will this now be put back on my credit report? A. This is called “re-aging” and the debt collector cannot do it. As you seem to understand, negative information stays on your report for seven years. After that, the information is considered “obsolete” and generally cannot be reported. The seven-years period, however, runs from the original debt. The fact the debt is sold or assigned to a debt collector does not start the clock running again. I suggest you let the debt collector know that you believe its threat to place the information back on your credit report violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This is the federal law that protects you against abusive, harassing and deception debt collection tactics. If it has been reported, contact the credit bureau and let them know this is all the same debt and you want it removed. For more information about debt collection and credit bureaus, look at the debt collection material on my website,

Q. I would like to know if the property manager of an apartment project can refuse to give the tenant the owner’s name if the tenant requests it. A. According to the Texas Property Code, the landlord or property manager must disclose the name and address of the holder of record title after you request it. If the information is not disclosed, you could be entitled to $100 plus one month’s rent in damages, as well as attorney’s fees and court costs. I suggest you send your request by certified mail. Q. We hired a contractor to remodel two of our bathrooms. We paid him everything except the labor, which was to be paid at the time of completion for both bathrooms. After four months he stopped coming because he said he had lost money on the job. He also didn’t do the work very well; the shower leaked and he left holes in our family room ceiling and some of the grout in one bathroom is coming up. We finally fired him and asked for a refund on the second restroom, which he hasn’t touched. After several weeks of waiting for our refund, he continues to make excuses for not bringing our money to us. What recourse do we have? A. You seem to understand the contractor’s failure to do the work breaches your contract and entitles you to damages. Your damages could be

a refund of what you paid for the work not completed. But it also should include any costs you will incur to get what he has not done properly repaired, or any increase in costs to get the work completed. In my opinion, the contractor’s failure to properly perform also violates what is known as the “warranty of good and workmanlike performance.” A breach this warranty gives you a claim under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, our state’s consumer protection law. You could be entitled to up to three times your damages plus attorney’s fees if you have to hire an attorney. Based on what you say, however, it seems like the contractor knows he owes you the money. As a first step to getting paid, I suggest a certified letter explaining that you know your rights under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and that you will file a claim in justice court or speak with an attorney if he does not promptly pay or make arrangements to pay what he owes you. Make it clear that you believe it is in everyone’s best interest to settle this matter amicably, and avoid any additional waste of time and money. Hopefully, he will pay. If he does not, contact the office of your local justice of the peace to find out how to file a claim in justice court, or, contact a local consumer law attorney.

Nitin Sud, Board Certified Labor and Employment Attorney

During the presidential campaign last year, Donald Trump made several statements arguably supporting ridicule or mistreatment of people based on their race, national origin, gender, or disabilities, as well as acknowledging disturbing incidents of sexual harassment. Following his election victory, and now confirmation as president, concerns of yielding to inappropriate harassment in the workplace have understandably arisen. (If it’s ok for the President to do it or say it, then it must be ok for everyone else, right?) However, the law has not yet changed, and unlawful harassment in the workplace should be handled appropriately. Question: What types of harassment are illegal? There is not yet any federal or state anti-bullying law, nor any requirement that management and coworkers have to be nice to each other. For example, “harassing” a co-worker based on his or her poor choice of shoes could not

be considered illegal, although it may still be grounds for termination. Unlawful harassment only prevents improper treatment based on protected traits as defined by statute such as race, national origin, color, disability, sex, age (over 40), and religion. Although sexual harassment is generally the most understood form of harassment in the workplace, the law equally protects harassment involving the other protected traits. Question: What constitutes “unlawful” harassment? Harassment arises to the level of unlawful when the treatment is sufficiently “severe or pervasive” to alter the conditions of the victim’s employment and create an abusive working environment. Judges focus on the “totality of the circumstances,” including frequency of the conduct, its severity, and the degree to which such treatment interfered with an employee’s work performance. Not surprisingly, whether an allegation of harassment meets this standard is often one of the biggest battles in court. Question: How should employers handle complaints of harassment or prevent it from occurring? It is important for all employers to have proper written procedures in place for obtaining complaints of harassment and conducting appropriate investigations. If a complaint is substantiated, it will be necessary to take suitable corrective action. Also, the employer should ensure that the employ-

ee who complained is not retaliated against, regardless as to the outcome of the investigation. However, the best way to deal with harassment is to prevent it from occurring. Employers should clearly communicate to employees that unwelcome harassing conduct will not be tolerated. They can do this by establishing and following an effective anti-harassment and complaint policy, as well as providing anti-harassment training to their managers and employees. Employers should create an environment in which employees are not afraid to raise concerns and are confident that those concerns will be addressed. In conclusion, although the advancement of employees’ rights may be on-hold over the next four years, current laws still provide remedies that should not be overlooked. Board Certified Labor and Employment Attorney Nitin Sud represents employees, executives, and small businesses in the following matters: Litigation in state and federal courts, Wrongful termination and employment discrimination claims, Overtime claims, Employment contracts, Severance agreements, Non-compete and non-solicitation matters. For more information, visit


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IndiaCSS can provide information to India caregivers regarding the following topics: Caregiver Associations, Caregiver Support Groups, Caregiver Information & Publications, blogs, Caregiver Training, Online Caregiver Certification Programs, Training Centers, Institutes, Councils, Non-Profit Organizations, Medical Supply Companies, Assistive Technologies, Home Health Care Agencies, Caregiver Entrepreneur Assistance and Caregiver Cancer Support, Overseas Caregiver Opportunities and more.


IndiaCSS can assist India caregivers who are experiencing the following issues: • Dementia • Elder Care • Caregiver Burnout Visit us at: Member, IACCGH

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FRIDAY, January 27, 2017


Sugar Land, Katy, Stafford, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg and Meadows Place Email:

Delight all your senses with a trip through the Sugar Land Home & Garden Show


UGAR LAND – On Jan. 28 and 29, the 7th Annual Sugar Land Home & Garden Show in Stafford will provide a one-stop home improvement event for homeowners looking to spruce up their homes, landscapes or outdoor living areas. The show will be held at the Stafford Centre at 10505 Cash Road in Stafford, which is easy to find and has plenty of available parking.

supplies last, to those in attendance. With the stain-resistant, nonporous qualities of natural stone quartz surfaces – kitchen, bath, laundry room or anywhere countertops are used – continuing to grow in popularity, representatives from Cambria will be at the show to provide information and an opportunity for homeowners to see and touch the company’s most popular countertop products. In ad-

Tel: 713-774-5140

Missouri City wins $50,000 Lowe’s grant


ISSOURI CITY - Missouri City and The Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation recently announced that the city will receive a $50,000 grant for the Quail Valley North Park Playground Replacement project.

“I am very proud of Parks & Recreation Director Jason Mangum and his team for their efforts in understanding the importance of public/private partnerships in achieving our goals,” City Manager Anthony Snipes said. “Their hard work on this application is evident and will result in an enhanced quality-of-life for residents.” As part of the city’s High Performance Organization model, staff is

finding innovative ways to fund projects and programs. In addition to the newly created 501©3 Missouri City Parks Foundation, which is actively pursuing proposals and sponsorships, employees also took the initiative to apply for multiple regional and national grant applications to fund several projects, including the grant.

“Thanks to the hard work of staff, we were awarded the highest level of funding from the LCEF to replace a park that was destroyed by an arsonist two years ago and unfortunately has not been replaced due to limited resources,” Snipes said. “This is a great partnership with Lowe’s that will help rebuild a community rec-

Fort Bend ISD proceeding with Co-Teaching model Program allows special ed students to be taught alongside general student population


Flora, food and fun will fill the Stafford Centre the final weekend of January. Main photo: Belgard Hardscapes, Inc. is one of the feature exhibitors. Inset photo: Chef Michelle will cook up delicious Super Bowl appetizers. “We’re really excited about all of the new products and exhibitors at this year’s show,” Tony Wood, president of Texwood Shows Inc., the producer of the Sugar Land Home & Garden Show, said. Kitchens will receive special attention at the show with demonstrations from the Thermador Live Cooking Stage sponsored by Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. Chef Michelle Morris, Ferguson’s in-house chef, will produce exotic cuisine such as Cumin Spiced Lamb Sliders, Asian Beef Bulgogi Nachos and Butternut Squash Focaccia Pizza in a demonstration of the company’s Thermador 36-inch Induction Cooktop, as well as its Thermador BuiltIn Steam Oven. Scheduled for four times daily, the demonstrations will conclude with free samples, while

dition to samples of Cambria’s more than 130 designs, the booth will contain full-size slabs of the company’s Brittanicca, Princetown, Harlech and Roxwell designs. Homeowners attending this year’s show will have an opportunity to learn from the best as experts including Certified Professional Organizer Lisa Giesler, GardenTalk Host Randy Lemmon and Solar Energy Expert Bill Murphy each take the Fort Bend Lifestyles & Homes Presentation Stage throughout the weekend to share their specific knowledge and answer questions from the audience. In addition, Master Gardeners from the Fort Bend County area will be on hand throughout the show to answer questions and provide tips to those with a desire to step up their gardening efforts. Landscape enthusiasts will want to be sure to hear Pearl Fryar of The

UGAR LAND - The Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) is soon expected to continue implementing the co-teaching model that simultaneously teaches special education and general education in the same classroom, making it a general policy implementation.

on lesson planning and classroom instruction.

The co-teach method, which has been implemented in at least one classroom on every county ISD campus, employs a general education and special education teacher in each classroom, who collaborate

“When we enter the classroom, we should not be able to tell which teacher is the special ed teacher and which teacher is the general education teacher,” Hill told Voice of Asia.

Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden spread his message of “love, peace and goodwill” through the beauty of plants. Fryar will describe his journey from self-taught gardener to award-winning topiary artist and will continue his inspiring story by sculpting live from the presentations stage and sharing photos of his beautiful topiary garden in Bishopville, South Carolina.

VIP Craft Beer and Wine Event will be set up adjacent to the show in the parking lot of the Stafford Centre from 1-5 p.m. on both days of the show. The event will include a shopping tent with artesian vendors, a wine auction and a beer competition. To purchase a specially priced combination ticket to both the Home & Garden Show and the Craft Beer and Wine Event, visit brewandvinos. com/.

The increasing popularity of outdoor living has prompted an update to the Belgard Hardscapes Mobile Display. Crisscrossing the country, the semi-truck is filled with brandnew hardscape designs and products to provide curb appeal or turn the surrounding property into an extension of the house with the addition of pavers, a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, or even a pizza oven. The 2nd Annual Brew & Vinos

The co-teach model is just one of several initiatives which FBISD Chief Academic Officer Phillys Hill has launched since being hired just prior to the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

“The Sugar Land Skeeters’ mascot ‘Swatson,’ always a crowd favorite, will appear each day of the show from 1 to 3 p.m.,” Wood said. “And please be sure to stop by and visit with the folks from the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center, the show’s 2017 Charity Partner, to learn how to help the group fulfill its mission of transforming communities through innovative child-centered learning.”

reation space and allow us to work collaboratively with one of our corporate sponsors. I am proud of the ‘Show Me’ spirit exhibited during this process and look forward to an innovative new playground that area families can enjoy.” Snipes said that as the city plans for growth and development, the city council is working to meet goals through creative and strategic methods and are already showing successful through the grant and the parks foundation, which will focus on parks, recreation facilities, trails, special events, public art, education, equipment, scholarships, and municipal facilities.

FBISD began implementing the co-teach method throughout the district in approximately two years ago, when the district installed persons into several positions to help with the program. According to Ms. Hill, as of this school year, there are 87 elementary school, 68 middle school and 87 high school classrooms that utilize the co-teach. To fully implement the program takes about five years, and with FBISD just in the initial phase of the program, the district still has a long way to go and will be a permanent part of the district moving forward. “Equity-based inclusion is not a fad or an initiative that’s going away,” Hill said. “This is a change and we all need to get on the bus with this.” Also set up outside the show on both days will be local food trucks, Cousins Maine Lobster – providing lobster in a variety of ways from bisque to tacos, St. John’s Fire, which serves Gulf Coast specialties ranging from Cajun Egg Rolls to Fried Crawfish Mac & Cheese Balls -- Curbside Sliderz and Houston’s Finest Soul Food Truck. Show hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 28, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 29. Tickets for the Sugar Land Home & Garden Show are cash only at $9 for adults, $8 for seniors, and children 12 years and younger can attend for free. Parking is available at no cost. For show and ticket information call 832-274-3944 or visit, where a downloadable discount coupon for $2 off admission is available.


FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

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1-877-331-8670 10148 HWY 6 S. SUGAR LAND, TX Offer for new and qualifying former customers only. Important Terms and Conditions: Qualification: Advertised price requires credit qualification and eAutoPay. Upfront activation and/or receiver upgrade fees may apply based on credit qualification. Offer ends 4/05/17. 2-Year Commitment: Early termination fee of $20/mo. remaining applies if you cancel early. $120 Savings Offer: Receive a monthly credit of $5 for the first 24 months. Requires subscription to International package and qualifying American or DishLATINO package (starting at $29.99/mo). NOT included in advertised price (and subject to change): Taxes & surcharges, add-on programming (including premium channels), Protection Plan, and transactional fees. Other: All packages, programming, features, and functionality are subject to change without notice. After 6 mos., you will be billed $8.99/mo. for Protection Plan unless you call to cancel. After 2 years, then-current everyday prices for all services apply. For business customers, additional monthly fees may apply. Free standard professional installation only. © 2017 DISH Network L.L.C. All rights reserved.



FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

India Culture Center Houston’s I-Fair celebrates....Cont’d The Event Chair Sanjay Sohoni welcomed the gathering and spoke about India’s Republic Day and the significance of theme of the celebration- Our India, “Our intention is to keep all participants, visitors emotionally connected to India.” Outgoing ICC president Rajiv Bhavsar thanked his dedicated team of workers that supported him and his vision throughout his term. He specially thanked his Executive Committee and ‘core’ team for their invaluable support. The program started with the energetic Ismaili Golden Club Matki Band which had 39 performers in age group 55 to 81 years. This was fifth year in a row that they presented their spectacular show.

Eesha Dhairyawan singing the Indian National Anthem.

The segment on “Women Who Make India Proud” was coordinated by Sangeeta Pasrija and Sapna Shah. ICC Directors/ Trustees or their

ICC’s Incoming President Falguni Gandhi announcing the Awards. Photo by Shobana Muratee

Mayor Leonard Scarcella and Col Raj Bhalla at the I-Fair. Photo by Shobana Muratee

Continued from Page 1 Surendra Asthana, the newly appointed Deputy Consul General of India, Houston in his Republic Day message drew parallels with United States constitution. “We owe a lot the constitution of the United States,” he said. “The preamble of our constitution which says “We the people of India” - upholding the principals of Justice, Liberty and equality were taken from the United States constitution,’ he reminded on the occasion. Asthana spoke about the various projects that the Indian government had launched like: Make in India, Namami Gange Project, Digital India, skill India, to create jobs for youth of the country and some others. Aluding the efforts of ICC he said, “I strongly believe that it is not the embassy and the consulates which are the representatives of the Indian culture and ethos. It is every one of you whom I strongly believe is the ambassador of India’s traditions and culture.” Mayor of Stafford, Leonard Scarcella lauded the rich contribution of Indian Americans toward nation’s economy as well as upholding the core values of family, education. “You have added a new dimension to America,” he said in his message. Mayor Scarcella, the longest serving Mayor in the entire country, is up for reelection this year. On the occasion, he requested continued support of the community. Mayor Scarcella was later awarded with Community Service Award along with four others of this year’s awardees: Anju Mittal, Sunanda Nair, Harshad Patel, Jawahar Malhotra. The Award Committee was led by Col Raj Bhalla who presented the accomplishments of these individuals. Earlier, ICC’s incoming president, Falghuni Gandhi, in her message paid rich tributes to the motherland India and adopted land, USA. She spoke of ICC’s activities and initiatives and said that this year ICC will strive to increase its membership. She recognized the members of the Board, Trustees and volunteers for their support.

Event Chair Sanjay Sohoni, Nisha Mirania and Swapan Dhairyawan. Photo credit ICC spouses were attired to represent women of Indian origin who make India proud. Sarojini Naidu, Kiran Bedi, Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochar, Sania Mirza, Kalpana Chawla, Asha Bhosale and Sushma Swaraj. This innovative segment was well done. A scintillating “Live Antakshari” put together by Ajit Patel and Manisha Gandhi, had two teams Deewane and Parwane competing while the audience acted as Mastane group. Four rounds of highly entertaining session declared the Parwaane team comprising of J K Paras, Manmeet Patil and Monika Prakash as the winners. The formal segment comprised of the Awards ceremony that began with the lighting of the lamp by Kirti Sohoni and Falguni Gandhi followed by the National Anthem by Eesha Dhairyawan (Indian) and Paarth Maniar (American). The segment was emceed efficiently by Nira Patel and Harshil Sheth. A Vote of Thanks was proposed by the incoming ICC Secretary, Sapna Shah. The following segment had a very engaging “Live Quiz” on India coordinated by Event Chair Sanjay Sohoni and co-sponsored by Foundation for India Studies and International Hindi Association. The Quiz winners were Nadir and Nazneen Hajiyani were awarded cash prize, while the runners Shrikant and daughter Anjali Vempati

were also awarded, There were token gifts given to all the participating audience. Rishikesh Sohoni, Aditya Shah, Preeti Sohoni and Eesha Dhairyawan ably assisted the show. The cultural segment of dance and musical groups was coordinated by Swapan Dhairyawan and Nisha Mirani. Over 260 performed in this segment starting with Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh step-by-step presentation of the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). What followed was a series of dances ranging from folk, regional, patriotic to Bollywood which was highly entertaining. The Dance shools/ Groups that performed included:HH Creationz, Kalakriti Performing Arts, SPARSH, Sunanda Performing Arts, Kathak Kala Kendra, Aradhan Dancing School, Dance with Dolly, Tarang, Shivangini School of Dance, Katy Balikas and Rice Riyaaz. The energy, enthusiasm and talent of the various participants was amazing. The highlight for the segment was showcasing another country which was chosen this year- Turkey. The efforts of the Harmony School in providing two performances: an authentic Turkish dance and cowboy music was amazing. The 40 plus high school students that performed stole the hearts of the audience. The Turquoise House provided with a booth of Turkish artifacts and an Ebru artist on site was totally swamped during

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh step-by-step presentation of the Surya Namaskar

Protrayal of “Women of Indian origin who make India proud” are some of ICC’s members and volunteers. Photo credit ICC. the day with the attendees. Sponsors and a total of 38 booths/ vendors partook in the event due to the efforts coordinated by Charlie Patel and Pramod Bengani. A 36 page souvenir ‘Tarang’ commemorative magazine was coordinated by Swapan Dhairyawan and Hemant Patel.

for assisting the publication of Tarang for the last four years. The PA and sound system was provided by Darshak Thakkar. Event photography & videography was provided by Raghu Thakkar, Paresh Shah & Gautam Jani. The exclusive digital screen was monitored by Luna and Yagnesh Patel.

Media was recognized on the occasion: Voice of Asia, India Herald, Indo American News, Radio Dabang, Masala Radio, Meena Datt, Shoba Joshi and Andhra Mirchi. Special recognition was given to Suketu Kapadia

The event was concluded with announcement of ICC’s upcoming Shaam e Ghazal on February 10th Friday at India House between 7 to 10pm (also see Ad on Page 9 ). For details visit





unar New Year Houston 2017 celebrates the Year of the Fire Rooster in SW Houston, the International Heart of the City. With 100 dazzling Lions & Dragons roaring amid a million Lucky Red Firecrackers, we ring in this Red Fire Rooster Year! Our legendary Lions & Dragons, dance to giant drums and gongs, and challenge fierce fireworks. They cast out all bad spirits of the old year, and welcome the Great Good Fortune of the new! Lunar New Year has been celebrated just like this for more than 2,000 years! It is our Asian heritage Holiday of Holidays! Lunar New Year Houston presents this venerated tradition in all its ancient authenticity. Entire families, from great grand-elders to tiny toddlers, join

Celebrating the Year of the Fire Rooster! PRESENTED BY: Visit Houston WHEN: February 4 & 5, 2017 Saturday & Sunday / 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM WHERE: Viet Hoa Center @ Beltway Plaza 8388 W. Sam Houston South / Houston / 77072 FREE ADMISSION! MORE INFO: in our ageless celebration to welcome the New Year and be blessed with the Good Luck of the Lions & Dragons. Our New Year Celebration is definitely all TexAsia, showcasing the finest of our fabled heritage in our hometown Houston. Visit the fun at the KidZone and enjoy traditional music and dance at the Lion Dance Are-

Book Signing Event at Brazos Bookstore On February 24, 2027, at 7.00 PM of the 20th century, making significant contributions to genetics, physiology, biochemistry, biometry, cosmology, and other sciences. More remarkable, then, is the fact that Haldane had no formal qualification in science. He made frequent appearances in the media, making pronouncements on a variety of poignant topics including mining disasters, meteorites, politics, and the economy, and was a popular scientific essay writer. Haldane also was famed for conducting painful experiments on himself, including several instances in which he permanently injured himself. Dr. Krishna Dronamraju, Author. Brazos Bookstore, 2421 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77027 Popularizing Science: The Life and Work of JBS Haldane By Dr. Krishna Dronamraju, Published by Oxford University Press - January 6th, 2017 J.B.S. Haldane (1892-1964) is widely appreciated as one of the greatest and most influential British scientists

A staunch Marxist and convert to Hinduism, Haldane lived a diverse, lively and interesting life that is still revered by today’s science community. A biography of Haldane has not been attempted since 1968. This book provides a complete biographical sketch written by Krishna Dronamraju, one of the last living men to have worked personally with Haldane. A new genre of biographies of 20th-century scientists has come into being, and thus far works have been written about men like Einstein, Oppenheimer, Bernal,

na! Plus, Lunar New Year Houston features the best martial arts teams in Texas -showcasing the exhilarating Vovinam styles of Vietnam and soaring Shaolin Kung Fu traditions of China. Signature sponsor Texas Lottery joins our celebration for all to share a chance on their New Rooster Year Good Luck! Lunar New Year Houston 2017 is presented by Visit Houston- the official sales and marketing organization for the nation’s fourth largest City. For more event information, visit LunarNewYearHouston. com & our Title Sponsor So, bring your Family & Friends with a little Lucky Money to Feed the Lions for Great Good Fortune in 2017! For details: / Galton, and many more; the inclusion of Haldane within this genre is an absolute necessity. Dronamraju evaluates Haldane’s social and political background, as well as his scientific creativity and accomplishments. Haldane embodies a generation of intellectuals who believed and promoted knowledge for its own sake, and that spirit of scientific curiosity and passion is captured in this biography. Author: Dr. Krishna Dronamraju is President of the Foundation for Genetic Research in Houston, and Visiting Professor, University of Paris, France. He served on the national advisory boards of both Health and Agriculture in the U.S. Government, Washington D.C. He was a member of the U.S. Presidential delegation to India for Scientific cooperation. He is the author of over 20 books and numerous scientific papers in Genetics and Biotechnology.

FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

Illustrious Tabla Maestro of Houston passes away on January 18, 2017 Dexter Raghunanan was a highly accomplished tabla player based in Houston Texas. He was one of the most distinguished Indian Classical artistes to originate from Trinidad W.I. Dexter was originally from Mon Repos, San Fernando. He always had a great penchant toward percussion as a child. His paternal grandmother recognized his innate talent and passion for drums bought him his first pair of Tabla and subsequently encouraged him to learn Tabla formally. His musical journey began under the tutelage of Shri Tensing Ramlakhan. It was not long before Dexter became a sought after accompanist and performer in Trinidad and the rest of the region. He established his own tabla school that started off with just four students in a temple in south Trinidad soon expanded to a school of over two hundred. Dexter taught for several years as a Primary School teacher at Debe Primary school (at Standard 5 level) before migrating to the US. Dexter’s love of tabla took him to the U.S. and Canada, where he accompanied many world-renowned artistes. In 2005 Dexter moved to Houston Texas where he began teaching tabla and performing extensively in the U.S. with Classical musicians, Ghazal singers, Dancers and Fusion artistes. The United

Dexter Raghunanan States Congress recognized him in 2010 and most recently by the Mayor of Tulsa OK USA. On the 15th of January 2014, Dexter represented Trinidad at a concert on the lawns of the Majestic Taj Mahal, featuring other world famous artistes such as Grammy award winner, Ustad Zakir Hussain. Dexter, has been an outstanding cultural Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago to the Americas and by extension the rest of the world. His selfless service as a music teacher to hundreds of aspiring musicians in Trinidad and abroad will not go un-noticed.

Commemorating Mahatma Gandhi’s 68th Shraddhanjali, Memorial Sevice Mahatma Gandhi Library, Unity Houston, Arya Samaj Greater Houston, Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston, The Ismaili Jamatkahan Center and Brahmakumaris will observe Memorial Service and pay Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on Saturday, February 4, 2017 from 3 pm to 5 pm at the Main Sanctuary of Unity Houston located at 2929 Unity Drive, Houston, TX 77057. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, 1948. In observance of the passing away of this great soul, Mahatma, the above annual memorial service will take place. Please mark your calendar and come pay your respects to Apostle of Peace. We will be honored with your presence.


Innovative Learning


Harmony Public Schools is a network of high performing K-12 college-prepatory charter schools focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, with hands-on, personalized project-based instruction.

Apply Today & Enrich Your Child’s Future Now - Feb 10, 2017

enrollment period for THE 2017-18 school year

Each of our campuses offers high quality instruction to students in its area. Check with a campus near you for more details on applying for enrollment.

Find campuses near you by going to Submit a complete application form online or in person in order to be considered for admission. A lottery is conducted when the number of applicants exceeds a school’s maximum enrollment and a waiting list develops.


HOUSTON campuses

It is the policy of HPS not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, or disability in its programs, services, or activities as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. For inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies, please contact Section 504/ADA Coordinator at (713) 343-3333 located at 9321 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S. Houston, TX 77099.

“Harmony Science Academy has given my children an enriched academic environment and structure that has encouraged their growth and maturity.” - Tim and Kathy, Harmony Parents



A Trifecta of events at Sri Meenakshi Temple during January 11- 15, 2017

FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

ASIE 2017 Board Sworn In Dinesh Shah takes charge as new president

L to R - Judge, Dinesh Shah, ASIE president, Chetan Vyas - VP, Gaju Patel, Secretary, Poolkeshi Patel, Tresurer, Madhu Kilambi, Chaitanya Gampa, Sirish Madichetti, Tej Kour, and Archana Sharma (not present). by Shobana Muratee Arudhra Darshanam: Priest offering pooja.

Devotees during Pongal celebrations at MTS.


EARLAND The trifecta of events celebrating Arudhra Darshanam, Andal Kalyanam, and Pongal displayed the rich traditions of India and the depth of “bhakthi” (devotion) among the devotees who attended. Each event was a feast to the eyes and ears, and proved to be extremely gratifying to the devotees, thanks to the beautiful decorations and authentic pujas performed by the priests.

Arudhra Darshanam

Pongal -Kummi at MTS. Photos credit: Kulwant Bhatia

by M.K. Sriram Arudra Darshanam, also known as Thiruvadirai is a very important festival, celebrated primarily in southern India. Sri Meenakshi Temple, the symbol of traditional Hindu worship in the southern United States celebrates this in the same fashion as the famous Chidambaram temple in Tamil Nadu. This event occurs on the full moon day, also on Thiruvadirai nakshathra or

also known as “Kodhai” and “Choodikotutha Nachiyar” is considered to be the incarnation of Bhoomi Devi (Mother Earth) who took the human form to show all of us mortals the way to Lord Vishnu’s lotus feet. The 12 azhwars together contributed 4,000 poems in Tamil known as the “Naalayira Divyaprabhandham”, of which 143 poems were written by Andal. The 30 poems known

Pongal by Arun Narayanan This year the auspicious Pongal day was stunningly celebrated at Sri Meenakshi Temple. It was even more special because the Pongal calendar day and the temple celebration were both on the same day. Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated in India on the first day of the Tamil Month, Thai. It is similar to Thanksgiv-


OUSTON – On Thursday, January 16, members of the American Society of Indian Engineers and Architects (ASIE) met at the HESS Club for the Recognition and Induction ceremony of their new Board for 2017. It was a packed hall of nearly a one hundred attendants that included ASIE members, engineers and architects - students and young aspiring engineers, ASIE founders, past presidents and supporters. Outgoing president Naresh Kolli gave a brief report of 2016 activities of ASIE stating it was a very successful Dinesh Shah incoming ASIE president presenting a plaque to and equally exciting year filled outgoing ASIE president Naresh Kolli (right). with technical seminars, field trips, E-week, ASIE members attended high Schools to inspire students to join engineering, he said. Kolli also mentioned that ASIE gave $10,000 in scholarships to the students of Indian Origin and was also able to raise $10,000 towards Houston Mayor’s Fund for flood relief measures that was donated to Mayor Turner at an even hosted in his honor in May, 2016. He thanked his Board, long-time supporters and donors. Membership during 2016 was at 216 and corporate members rose from three to twenty four in the last three years he reported. Kolli introduced incoming ASIE president and the 2017 Board members: Dinesh Shah, ASIE president, Chetan Vyas - VP, Gaju Patel, Secretary, Poolkeshi Patel, Tresurer, Madhu Kilambi, Chaitanya Gampa, Sirish Madichetti, Tej Kour, and Archana Sharma. Kolli and the outgoing Board members of 2016: Showri Nandagiri, Raj Basavaraju, Sai Gowthami Asam, Bharat Tailor, and Avinash Patel were recognized for their contributions Harris County Judge Ravi Sandill addressing the ASIE members. Photo by Shobana Muratee. and presented with a plaque.

Devotees offering Pongal prayer at the Sri Meenakshi Temple Society. birth-star, in the Tamil month of Marghazhi. Legend says Lord Shiva descended on earth in the form of Lord Nataraja, and performed an ecstatic cosmic dance. About a hundred devotees gathered on Wednesday, Jan 11th evening and took part in the abhishekam and pooja conducted by the priests. Classic Tamil poems in Thiruvempavai and many vedic hymns were chanted to the spiritual delight of the devotees. The idols were taken out on a grand procession around the temple. After the final Aarthi, prasadams brought by the devotees were distributed among all. The main prasadam by unique tradition is the Thiruvadirai Kali, made of made of Rice, Jaggery, Moong dhal, Coconut, Cardamom and Ghee accompanied with Thiruvathirai koottu which is a dish made using seven vegetables. The event was coordinated by Sheila Sriram and Chitra Kumar. MTS priests, staff, Religious Activities Committee and volunteers worked hard to make this a great religious experience for the devotees.

Andal Kalyanam by Kamala Raghavan Andal is one of the bestloved poet-saints in Tamil Nadu, and one of the 12 azhwars known for their bhakthi towards Lord Vishnu. Andal,

as “Thiruppavai” are known for their simplicity and elegance in Tamil. The poems are believed to be more than 1000 years old, but they are still in vogue with young and old devotees today. Sri Meenakshi Temple Society celebrated the sacred wedding of Andal with Lord Vishnu on Friday, Jan 13th. Utsava idols of Maha Vishnu and Andal were beautifully adorned and placed in the center of the main temple. Over a hundred devotees eagerly gathered to witness and celebrate this celestial wedding. After the initial rituals including Sankalpam, Vishwaksena puja and Punyahavachanam (purification), the Priests performed all the rituals that are part of a regular Hindu wedding. Parents with unmarried children believe that when they partake in this event, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu will shower their blessings so their children will find suitable partners in life. The event was very well organized by Mrs. Sheila Sriram and coordinated by Bhargavi Golla, Chitra Kumar and Malathi Sundar. They were ably supported by the Temple staff, silpis (artisans) and devotee volunteers. The priests deserved special kudos for the beautiful decorations and authentic divine wedding ceremony of Sri Andal to Lord Vishnu. The devotees were treated to dinner organized by the MTS Food Committee.

ing in the United States. The program started with Surya Namasakar through yoga by Hindu Swayam Sevak. At 10:30am the priests began the puja and Mrs. Meena Kannapan and the priests’ spouses lit the first stove of the Pongal celebration. The overwhelming number of devotees registered to do Pongal was at an all-time high. Milk was boiled in vessels over wood burning stoves. As the milk overflowed, chants of “Pongalo Pongal!” could be heard from the devotees. The ladies performed a traditional “Kummi” dance to classic folk music. The enthusiasm was infectious, as the men and children also entertained the crowd with delightful dancing. It felt like you were in Tamil Nadu. As the music faded and the dancing came to an end, the priests offered the delicious Pongal prasadam to all four deities inside the main Temple: Siva, Meenakshi, Venkateswara and Padmavathi. A special aarthi was done in all the Sannadhis. The executive team thanked the priests, staff and all the volunteers. Malar Narayanan and Sarawathiamma Pillai were the coordinators of the Pongal celebration. Mala Gopal coordinated the Kummi dance and Sheila Sriram coordinated the Puja. It was a great day for the Meenakshi temple devotees. Pongalo Pongal!

Ravi Arora, ASIE founding member introducing himself to the guests at the induction ceremony. Photo credit: Shobana Muratee Chetan Vyas, a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas and Vice president ASIE 2017 Board introduced Guest Speaker, Hon. Judge Ravi Sandill. Addressing a hall of professionals, Judge Sandill said, “Regardless of what your profession is and what your interests are you are always representing the community and if you can make strives you make strives for every single one of us.” Judge Sandill also mentioned that he would be happy to help any child who is shows interest in law because at the end of the day they are the ones who make the impact, he said. This was followed by a swearing in ceremony conducted by Judge Sandill. Newly inducted ASIE president, Dinesh Shah, a highly accomplished engineer, developer, and broker who established Shah Companies in Sugar Land, is a well know community leader and a longtime supporter of ASIE. In his message Shah, praised the work of ASIE leadership over the years. He recognized a few founders as Hasmukh Doshi,

Hari Patel, Manaji Thakor, Navin Sheth, Bharat Patel, Ravi Arora, Vijay Sanghani, Kirti Sanghani and said they were many more. Presenting his vision he said, “Our 2017 mission is to develop management and leadership skills for young engineers, architects, technicians, and designers of Indian origin in the Greater Houston Area. Develop “Adopt a Student” program, in which senior and retired engineers can help. They can be a mentor for one or more Indian Origin Students studying engineering and architectural in Houston area Universities. So they can help them to build their future.” Shah said he would not be alone in carrying ASIE but will work alongside a Board of Directors of professional engineers and some even business owners. “They decided to volunteer, not because they have extra time, but they have huge heart. They consider this opportunity as a privilege,” he said. “This year we will continue providing technical knowledge enhancement to all members through continuing educational semi-

nars, workshops, field trips and networking.” He concluded on the importance of enhancing the organization’s membership and said that the membership drive will soon be announced. About ASIE American Society of Indian Engineers and Architects known as ASIE is a Greater Houston Area based non-profit organization for engineers, architects, designers, and engineering technicians. ASIE provides a forum to assist its members in career advancement by providing opportunities for networking through continuing educational seminars, workshops and field trips. Every year, ASIE support engineering and science education by volunteering in Mathcounts competition, volunteering as judges during Science & Engineering Fair of Houston and giving out Awards to students in Junior, Ninth & Senior Divisions based on their projects. ASIE also awards scholarships every year to students pursuing undergraduate & graduate degrees in engineering programs from public universities in the Greater Houston Area.



TiE Houston host its first networking event of 2017


OUSTON - On Thursday, January 19, 2017, TiE Houston hosted their first networking social of 2017 at Ciao Bello. They had over 60 CEOs, investors, and entrepreneurs present. Everyone celebrated the appointment of their new TiE Houston President, Dr. Arun Pasrija as well as the kickoff of TiE Global’s 25th anniversary year. They also welcome Vijay Menon, Executive Director of TiE Global who shared the events and initiatives that are going to take place worldwide, including right here in Houston. TiE’s next event will be a Charter Member Dinner on February 11th and a follow up to last year’s Keynote Speaker event on energy in March. Also, in April TiE Houston will be hosting the 2 winning teams from the Asia and Europe TISC competition to participate in the Rice Business Plan Competition.

FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

Heart Health Screenings Lifestyle Changes Can Lessen Cardiac Concerns

Julia Adrogue, MD Board-certified cardiologist From Left to Right: Ravi Brahmbhatt, TiE Houston Board and Charter member, Sehar Javed, TiE Houston member and Dr. Arun Pasrija, TiE Houston President.

TiE Houston is proud to be an active chapter of the 56 TiE chapters across 18 countries, with the newest being Mexico joining in 2016. They pride themselves in celebrating in the diversity that Houston is known for and helping the thriving entrepreneurial to grow even more.


UGAR LAND—(January 13, 2017) – Is your heart at risk? It might be. One in four deaths in the United States are caused by heart disease each year. Heart disease is so dangerous because many chronic conditions that lead to it may often go unrecognized while slowly damaging your heart. Julia Adrogue, M.D., a board-certified cardiologist with Houston Methodist Cardiology Associates, explained some of the most common cardiac conditions and what you can do to help protect yourself. Three Dangerous Conditions

To get involved with TiE Houston or future event information visit: www. or e-mail

From Left to Right: Vijay Menon, TiE Global Executive Director, Ana Rojas Bastidas, TiE Houston Executive Director and Pradeep Anand, TiE Houston member. Photos credit: Ana Rojas Batidas, TiE Houston Executive Director.

Largest March In Texas History Over 50,000 Attended Women’s March on Austin

• High cholesterol – Individuals with high cholesterol are twice as likely to develop heart disease as those with lower levels of cholesterol. “The body uses cholesterol for many things that are useful,” Adrogue explained. “But, when you have too much cholesterol, it builds up in the walls of blood vessels. When this occurs in the arteries of the heart, it can lead to a heart attack.” One of the most troubling aspects of high cholesterol is that it often presents no symptoms, meaning it’s crucial to have your cholesterol checked by your doctor regularly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults have their cholesterol checked every five years. • High blood pressure – One-third of U.S. adults have high blood pressure, a condition that can have potentially life-threatening consequences. “High blood pressure has been called the silent killer,” Adrogue said. “It is a kind of background threat to your health when you have it. High blood pressure affects the entire body, putting you at higher risk for stroke, heart attack, atrial fibrillation and can also put strain on your kidneys, causing damage.” • Atrial fibrillation (AFib) – Irregular heartbeats, or heart arrhyth-

Protesters gathered in front of the Texas state capitol building in Austin on January 21, 2017. Photo credit: nathanrussell


USTIN, Texas - On Saturday, Jan. 21, one day after the presidential inauguration, participants from all over Texas gathered at the Texas State Capitol for the largest march in the state’s history. Over 50,000 people peacefully marched for protection of human rights, equality, safety and healthcare for all. “The tens of thousands of women and men who locked arms and

marched in Austin, TX are ready to continue the fight. Elected officials, from the White House to the County Court House, need to realize we will be silent no more and we will make our voices heard,” said former Texas state senator Wendy Davis, the defining speaker at the event. A sister march of the Women’s March on Washington, the Women’s March on Austin was one of the largest marches worldwide. The message

was sent loud and clear that elected leaders are expected to act to protect the rights of women, their families and their communities. Over 600 sister marches took place all over the globe, exceeding 2.5 million par-

Lucky Land Houston celebrates Lunar New Year

Children learning Kung Fu from master at Lucky Land Houston during the Lunar New Year celebrations on January 21, 2017. Photo credit Lucky Land Houston.

ticipants. The Austin program featured rapper/singer/songwriter SaulPaul, acclaimed Indie recording artist Wendy Colonna, HBO Def Poet and World Poetry Slam Champion Joaquin Zihuatanejo, and singer-songwriters Tameca Jones and Gina Chavez. The program also included inspirational speakers Lizzie Velasquez, Mustafa Tameez, Sheryl Cole and many oth-

mias, can put strain on the heart and the systems it supports. Atrial fibrillation, or AFib, is one of the most common heart arrhythmias and a condition that often worsens with age. “In a normal heartbeat, the heart has a natural pacemaker that fires electricity located in the right upper chamber of the heart,” Adrogue explained. “In between a normal beat, the heart rests. When the heart has beats coming from different locations than the natural pacemaker, it can cause extra heart beats. This is atrial fibrillation.” Among the most dangerous potential effects of AFib are stroke and heart failure. Reducing Your Risks While these cardiac conditions must be taken seriously, effective treatment options exist for all of them. Medications are available that can help reduce bad cholesterol levels and bring blood pressure levels to a normal range. AFib similarly can be treated with medications as well as promising new surgical options. But, Adrogue stresses that in addition to proper medical care, it’s vital to begin by improving your lifestyle choices to lower your risk of future heart problems. Focusing on making healthy food choices and getting regular physical activity are two of the most important behaviors you can adopt for heart health. “Many diseases of the heart are caused or worsened by living a sedentary life with poor eating habits,” Adrogue said. “Combining effective treatment with lifestyle changes offers the best hope for a healthier life for most people. That’s why the first thing we do for cardiac patients at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is implement patient education to help develop healthy dietary and exercise habits.” To schedule an appointment with Julia Adrogue, M.D., at Houston Methodist Cardiology Associates, visit or call 713.776.9500. For the latest news, events and information visit our Facebook page at methodistsugarland. Heart Health Screenings Schedule an appointment to learn your 10-year risk for heart disease and receive cholesterol and blood pressure screenings. The event is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 23, in the Brazos Pavilion Conference Center on the Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital campus. Registration required. For more information or to register, visit events. or call 281.274.7500.

ers. This grassroots effort was produced by Women Rising and Taylor Collective Solutions and comprised of dozens of independent coordinators and partner organizations including Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, Texas Freedom Network, Progress Texas, Annie’s List and many more.



Happy Champ!

India PM overturns bullwrestling ban HENNAI | AFP | Saturday 1/21/2017 - An Indian state lifted a Supreme Court ban on a popular bull-wrestling festival on Saturday after Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered the event should be allowed to go ahead.

Jallikattu be lifted which they say is an attack on their culture and traditions.

Modi overturned the ban on the festival after massive protests in southern India by demonstrators who called the court’s ruling an attack on their culture.

Tamil Nadu’s governor then promulgated the executive order Saturday evening, paving the way for Jallikattu to resume on Sunday.


New Year Grand Sumo Tournament winner ozeki Kisenosato Yutaka stretches his legs during a press conference at his Tagonoura stable in Tokyo, a day after ending the tournament with a 14-1 record on Jan. 23, 2017. (Photo: Kyodo/Reuters)

China says it will not back down on South China Sea


EIJING | AFP | Tuesday 1/24/2017 - China warned Washington Tuesday that it would not back down over its claims in the disputed South China Sea, following vows by the Trump administration to defend US and international interests there. China’s artificial islands in the sea, some with the potential for military use, are considered a potential flashpoint and tough comments from White House spokesman Sean Spicer and Trump’s nominee for secretary of state have raised the temperature. “China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and their adjacent waters,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a regular press briefing, adding that the country is “firm in safeguarding our rights and interests”. “The United States is not a party to the South China Sea issue.” Spicer said Monday that the US “is going to make sure we protect our interests” in the sea. “If those islands are, in fact, in international waters and not part of China proper, yeah, we’ll make sure we defend international interests from being taken

over by one country,” he said. Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, said last week China’s access to the islands might be blocked -- raising the prospect of a military confrontation. China lays claim to a vast swathe of the South China Sea within a so-called “nine dash line,” including waters claimed by several of its neighbours.

Though it lags behind the US in raw military power, experts say China is counting on a strategy of deterrence to keep the world’s most powerful navy at bay.

Under President Barack Obama’s administration, Washington insisted it was neutral on the question of sovereignty over the islets, reefs and shoals.

“Beijing knows that it cannot win a conventional frontal conflict with the US,” Valerie Niquet of French think tank Foundation of Strategic Research told AFP.

But, while calling for the dispute to be resolved under international law, the US supported freedom of navigation by sending naval patrols through Chinese-claimed waters.

“China is therefore seeking to develop capacities that would restore its freedom to manoeuvre by pushing Washington to hesitate before a potentially costly intervention in Asia.”

Hua said China “firmly upholds freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea in accordance with international law” and urged the US to “fully respect the efforts of regional countries to safeguard peace and stability”.

On Tuesday leading Chinese newspaper the Global Times called for the country to expand its nuclear arsenal to “force the US to respect it”.

Despite the recent escalation in rhetoric, China is “not worried” about rising tensions with Washington, Hua said.

Citing Trump’s calls for the US to acquire more atomic weapons, the popular paper, known for its inflammatory rhetoric and hawkish views, said that Beijing’s nuclear forces “must be so strong that no country would dare launch a military showdown” with it.

Beijing asserts sovereignty

In recent days, Chinese social

- ‘Not worried’ -

Indian-origin Mauritius PM steps down, son to take over


ORT LOUIS: Mauritius is set to have a new Prime Minister on Monday, two days after the 86-year-old Indian-origin Anerood Jugnauth resigned and handed over the post to his son. Pravind Jugnauth, 50, leader of the main political party Militant Socialist Movement (MSM), has already formed his ministerial cabinet after receiving an appointment letter from President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, reported news

channel Africanews. In a televised address, Anerood Jugnauth said he was resigning in favour of a “younger, dynamic leader”. His son is currently the Finance Minister. The main opposition Labour Party protested against the appointment which it termed as a “Father-Son Deal”. The police rejected a request from the Labour Party to hold a sit-in protest. Labour leaders urged their supporters to wear black to denounce the move.

Australia opens door to China in push to save TPP by Glenda Kwek

licans supported the TPP.


“There is also the opportunity for the TPP to proceed without the United States,” he added.

YDNEY | AFP | Tuesday 1/24/2017 - Australia said Tuesday it was working to recast the TransPacific Partnership without the United States and opened the door for China to sign up after President Donald Trump ditched the huge trade pact. The deal included a dozen Asia-Pacific nations which together account for 40 percent of the global economy, but Trump declared Monday he had “terminated” it in line with election pledges to scrap the “job killer” pact. Canberra is floating a “TPP 12 minus one”, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull saying his government was in “active discussions” with other signatories including Japan, New Zealand and Singapore on how to salvage the agreement. “It is possible that US policy could change over time on this, as it has done on other trade deals,” Turnbull told reporters in Canberra, adding that the nominee for US secretary of state Rex Tillerson and Repub-

over almost all of the resourcerich region despite rival claims from Southeast Asian neighbours and has rapidly built reefs into artificial islands capable of hosting military planes.

“Certainly there is the potential for China to join the TPP.” The agreement, the biggest trade deal in history, was seen as a counter to China’s rising economic influence. It was signed last year but has not gone into effect. Trade Minister Steven Ciobo said Australia, Canada, Mexico and others had canvassed for a pact without the US at a World Trade Organisation ministerial meeting in Davos. “There would be scope for China if we were able to reformulate it to be a TPP 12 minus one, for countries like Indonesia or China or indeed other countries to consider joining,” Ciobo told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “This is very much a live option and we are pursuing it and it will be the focus of conversations for some time to come.” New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English noted that Beijing

“This is a black day for Mauritius. The Jugnauth family is turning the Island into a ‘Banana Republic’. This is great treason in history as the population never voted for this dynastic arrangement,” former Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Navin Ramgoolam said. According to the country’s Constitution, the President appoints a member of the National Assembly as Prime Minister who has the support of the majority of members. Pravind Jugnauth’s party has the majority in the National Assembly with 32 members. “hasn’t been slow to spot the opportunity” to cast itself as a free trade supporter. There was a willingness towards “making an effort to find out what we can do with TPP, rather than just dropping it and waiting and hoping to get a call (from Washington) about bilateral agreements sometime”, he told reporters in Wellington. Trump said he would pursue bilateral deals with TPP signatories to secure terms more favourable to the US. But English said a US-New Zealand pact would be challenging given Trump’s insistence that Washington would dictate terms. - Chinese interest Beijing has long been noncommittal on the idea of joining the TPP, choosing to back an alternative trade pact, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), a more modest deal that calls for lower and more limited regulatory standards. It includes the 10 members of the Southeast Asian grouping ASEAN plus China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, but notably excludes the US. Analysts in Japan said the TPP would not make sense without the US.

FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

India’s Supreme Court outlawed the bull-wrestling Jallikattu festival last year after a plea by animal rights groups, which have long accused participants in the event -- held annually across southern Tamil Nadu state -- of cruelty to the animals. Tensions have escalated in recent days with thousands of demonstrators gathering in state capital Chennai and other cities, demanding the ban on

The growing protests prompted Tamil Nadu’s chief minister to travel to Delhi earlier this week to ask Modi to overturn the ban, which he did late Friday.

“Tamil Nadu Governor Vidyasagar Rao approves Jallikattu ordinance,” the state’s ruling AIADMK party posted on Twitter. Television footage from Chennai showed crowds erupting in joy, waving, giving the thumbs up and flashing peace signs as the news came in. State Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam is set to kick off the traditional contest Sunday morning.

“Honourable CM Thiru O. Panneerselvam thanks the students, women and the public who staged agitations across the state to protect our culture,” the party said on Twitter. In Jallikattu, young men struggle to grab the bulls by their sharpened horns or jump on their backs as the muscular animals, festooned with marigolds, charge down the road. Unlike in traditional Spanish bullfighting, the animals are let loose into open fields where young men compete to subdue them bare-handed. Critics say organisers lace the bulls’ feed with liquor to make them less steady on their feet and throw chilli powder in their faces to send them into a sudden frenzy as they are released from a holding pen. Organisers of the centuriesold festival insist the animals suffer no harm, calling the event an established part of Tamil culture.

media has carried pictures purporting to show an advanced intercontinental ballistic missile system deployed in the northeast. The Dongfeng-41 is reportedly a nuclear road-mobile missile thought to have a payload of 10-12 warheads and a range of 14,000 kM (8,700 miles), according to the Global Times. The newspaper said some media claimed the People’s Liberation Army leaked the photos as a warning to Trump. “They think this is Beijing’s response to Trump’s provocative remarks on China.”

Children celebrate after a traditional buffalo fight held as part of Magh Bihu festivities at Boidyabori village, east of Gauhati, India, on January 15, 2017 (Photo: Anupam Nath / AP)

Nude painting of South Korea president sparks violence


EOUL, SOUTH KOREA | AFP | Tuesday 1/24/2017 - A nude painting of impeached South Korean president Park GeunHye met a violent end at the country’s parliament Tuesday, reports said, as supporters tore the work -- which evokes Edouard Manet’s Olympia -- off the wall and destroyed it. The image was part of an exhibition at the National Assembly featuring works by 22 artists lampooning Park and her confidante Choi Soon-Sil, who is at the centre of the corruption scandal that led to Park’s impeachment. In Manet’s 19th-century original, on display in the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, a naked white woman widely identified as a prostitute stares boldly out at the viewer while a black servant brings her flowers. In Lee Koo-Young’s version, entitled “Dirty Sleep”, Park’s features are transposed onto a nude Asian woman who clasps a missile from the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) system to her bosom. Park last year agreed with the US government to deploy the system in South Korea in response to the threat of missiles from the nuclear-armed North, infuriating China. She is also depicted dozing as the Sewol ferry -- which went down with the loss of nearly 400 lives three years ago -- sinks outside her window. Two puppies cavort on her thighs and Choi takes the place

Lee Koo-Young shows the damage done to his work.(Photo:AFP) of the servant.

of arts.”

A group of some 20 Park supporters went on a rampage at the exhibition, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported, wrecking the work. A 63-yearold member of a rightist group was arrested and another was being sought by police, it said.

Painter Lee is one of nearly 10,000 artists on a “blacklist” drawn up by the conservative government for voicing criticism of Park. Those named are said to have been deprived of government subsidies and private investment, as well as being placed under state surveillance.

On its website the Musee d’Orsay describes Manet’s painting as a “profanation of the idealised nude”, adding that it “provoked a violent reaction”. Pyo Chang-won, the opposition lawmaker who organised the exhibition, has been referred to an ethics panel by his own Democratic Party over the picture, which provoked accusations of sexism and bad taste. However, he defended the painting. “It surely does not suit my taste,” Yonhap quoted him as saying. “But I believe it is within the boundary of the freedom

The Constitutional Court last month urged Park’s defence counsel to clarify the mystery surrounding her seven-hour absence during the Sewol disaster. Unconfirmed media reports have suggested a wide range of theories about her whereabouts, including a romantic liaison, participation in a shamanistic ritual, cosmetic surgery or a 90minute hair styling. Park flatly denied those allegations as groundless, asserting that she kept monitoring the tragedy and issuing orders to rescue any survivors.

China urges boycott of Japan hotel group in massacre row


HANGHAI, China | AFP - China’s tourism authority called Tuesday for a boycott of Tokyobased hotel group APA in an escalating row over a book by the company’s CEO denying a Japanese wartime massacre took place. Copies of the book asserting that the 1937 massacre by Japanese soldiers in the Chinese city of Nanjing did not occur have been placed in hundreds of rooms operated by the APA hotel group, angering Beijing. APA has so far refused to remove copies of the book, written under a pen name by its CEO Toshio Motoya, despite

Chinese criticism. “Seeing that Japan’s APA hotels is continuing with its erroneous ways, the China National Tourism Administration... demands that all businesses involved in overseas tourism and Internet travel-industry platforms stop all cooperation with these hotels,” said the tourism authority’s spokesman Zhang Lizhong. Zhang’s comments were made in a press conference in Beijing and posted on the agency’s website. China says 300,000 people died in Nanjing in a six-week orgy of killing, rape and destruction by the Japanese mili-

tary, and accuses Tokyo of failing to fully atone for the episode. The revelation of the book’s existence caused outrage on China’s social media. Last week a Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman lambasted Motoya and complained that the book underlined the refusal of some in Japan to “squarely face history.” The book, written in Japanese and English, said the Nanjing incident was fabricated. Motoya said the killing of 300,000 people was impossible because the city’s population at the time was only 200,000.


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VPTHREE.COM #1 Web Design Agency in Texas

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FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

Tel: 713-774-5140

The five top trends at Paris fashion week Male brains ‘overwhelmed’ in multitasking test: study by Fiachra Gibbons


ARIS, France | AFP | - With Paris men’s fashion week coming to an end Sunday night, we pick out five of the big trends in the autumn-winter collec-

by Mariëtte Le Roux


Are women really better at multi-tasking?

tions: - The young ones -

A study Wednesday said a tricky brain-teaser throws off men’s walking gait but leaves most women unfazed, reopening an age-old debate about mental gender differences.

Youth may be wasted on the young, as Oscar Wilde once quipped, but style isn’t, insisted the Paris shows, which went all-out to capture the hearts of millennials. Rarely have the catwalks been so focused on teens and twenty-somethings. The hoodie conquered all and skate kid chic was everywhere, with Japanese brand Facetasm going so far as to send its models out with what appeared to be fake acne.

The “in” colours of burnt gold, rust brown and red were featured in shows such as Paul Smith’s during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris (AFP Photos/Francois Gulliot)

“Women under 60 seemed to be resistant to this effect, as they were able to perform the verbal task with no change in arm swing,” said study co-author Tim Killeen, a neuroscientist from the University Hospital Balgrist in Switzerland.

Dior’s Kris Van Assche, whose show was a rallying call for a “new tailoring” aimed at the young, summed up the adolescent fascination.

- Logos Not since the 1980s heydey of bling branding has fashion had such a fascination with logos. Dior, Loewe, Balenciaga, Andrea Crews, Louis Vuitton, Icosae and even tastemaker in chief Dries Van Noten went logo a go-go. Like much else these days you can blame/ credit Georgian trendsetter Demna Gvasalia and his Vetements collective, who name-checked no less than 54 big brands in its last show. Gvasalia was up to his old logo banditry tricks in his show for Balenciaga, appropriating Bernie Sander’s campaign logo, much to the US Democratic Party senator’s amusement. There was less to smile about at Vuitton, where its collaboration with the super hip US street label

On a treadmill, men -- and women over 60 -- started swinging their right arm less while grappling with a complicated language test, researchers found. Language function and right arm swing are both thought to be controlled mainly by the brain’s left hemisphere.

The slogans that ran through The Etudes, Lanvin and Chinese brand Sankuanz shows were pure teen spirit, “Never mind”, “Nothing” and “Destroy”.

“I have always been drawn to the moment when boys become men and they are still clinging onto to dreams, desires and freedoms and haven’t yet slipped into the straitjacket,” he told AFP.

ARIS, France | AFP | 1/24/2017 -

“In men and older women, the verbal task appears to overwhelm the left brain to the extent that the movement of the arm on the right is reduced.”

Model present creations by Balmain during men’s Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter 2017/2018 collection in Paris on January 21, 2017 Supreme had decidedly mixed reviews, with the New York Times calling it “the fashion version of a murder-suicide”. - Women everywhere This was supposed to be men’s fashion week, but with so many women also on the catwalk you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Mixed and gender-fluid shows have been a thing for a while, but now it has almost become the rule to have a few women models in men’s shows, much to the chagrin of some like Dior’s Van Assche who claims men’s clothes are losing definition. Once he builds that wall, maybe President Donald Trump could come over and help restore some male pride. He does after all have his own Trump men’s clothing line. -Vive



ment! -


The establishment may be a dirty word politically right now yet fashion can’t get enough of its stuffy symbolism.

Overall, however, informality was king -- Paris being far too cool to be casual about anything. There was almost no formal wear at all apart from a handful of red-carpet two pieces at Agnes b and the odd outfit that might do at a stretch at Berluti, Ann Demeulemeester and Wooyoungmi.

The “in” colours of burnt gold, rust brown and red are nothing if not upper class, and aristocratic Prince of Wales overcheck tartan turned up in all sorts of unlikely places. You would think you were at a grouse shoot looking at some of the fabric Paul Smith, Agnes b, Officine Generale, Alexandre Mattiussi, Kolor, Loewe, Berluti and Haider Ackermann put out. Upper crust dandies abounded, most memorably at Ann Demeulemeester, with pinstripes also figuring strongly even among such cutting edge labels as Christian Dada and Henrik Vibskov. - Trainers with everything

Dress suits and evening wear appear to be over, trodden into the ground by the onward march of trainers, which were matched with everything from the couture heights of Dior to Balenciaga’s Frankenstein office suits to Vuitton, no longer a synonym for well-heeled where footwear is concerned anyway.

The “unexpected” findings were published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. “We were surprised to find such a consistent gender difference in how two relatively simple behaviours -- cognitive control and arm swing -- interact with one another,” Killeen told AFP. The team had set out to study how people walk under different conditions, aiming to build a database of “normal” gait profiles for treating people with walking disorders. They used infrared cameras to record the treadmill walking patterns of

Language function and right arm swing are both thought to be controlled mainly by the brain’s left hemisphere (AFP Photo/JONATHAN NACKSTRAND). 83 healthy people, aged 18 to 80. The participants were asked to walk -- first normally, and then while performing a verbal task called the Stroop test. Developed in the 1930s, the test involves printing the name of a colour -such as “red”, “green” or “blue” -- in a non-matching colour, then asking a person to say the colour of the ink, not the word itself. - Better at language? This is difficult, explained Killeen, as the human brain “sees” both the written word and the colour of the ink, and must reconcile the two. During normal walking, the left and right arms swung approximately equally. “When we added the verbal task, we observed that in men of all ages and women over 60, this symmetry broke down, with a reduction in right arm swing while the left arm carried on swinging normally,” said Killeen.

Whether this might apply to other compound activities -- such as driving and talking or walking and texting -- has yet to be shown. It is also unclear whether a woman’s ability to take the verbal brain teaser in her stride confers any advantage over men, said Killeen. The fact that women over 60 lose the capacity may provide a clue as to its origin, the researchers said. Brain receptors of the female hormone oestrogen may get a bigger boost in younger women, who have more of it. “Alternatively, women are often shown to have somewhat better verbal skills than men” and may find the Stroop test easier, Killeen said by email. “However, this does not explain why older women revert to the ‘male pattern’ after 60.”

Does this prove women are better multi-taskers?

Previous studies have disagreed on whether women are actually better than men at doing more than one thing at the same time.

“Ha ha! I think this shows that younger women may be able to resist interference of these two fairly specific behaviours,” she said.

“This may be a paradigm for investigating this further -- maybe someone can finally settle this age-old question!” said Killeen.



FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

Gay prince on front line of India’s war against AIDS

10 Top Destinations Of 2017


ERLIN ( - Here the city can tell you exactly what having a moment feels like. The German capital is still in the midst of one that has lasted a solid three years. While locals will say their hometown has been cool all along, a perfectly timed confluence of hotel openings, new restaurants and cultural happenings made Berlin an impossible-to-ignore destination for global travelers. The following cities, a mixture of once-fabled places starting to regain their mojo and budding spots that are just getting their feet wet chosen by our Forbes Travel Guide editors, are all aiming to become 2017’s version of Berlin, and they’re doing it with a host of hotel debuts, a slew of exciting events and the aroma of just-opened kitchens. Oahu Big things are happening on this 608-square-mile island. Oahu commemorated the 75th anniversary on the attack on Pearl Harbor in December. Hawaii will introduce its underappreciated contemporary art scene to the international community with its first Honolulu Biennial (March 8-May 8). Iconic The Royal Hawaiian, A Luxury Collection Resort will hit 90 years in February (try its 90th Anniversary Package with a $90 resort credit).

Montreal Canada marks its 150th anniversary this year, but Montreal celebrates its 375th. The city kicks it off with Les Hivernales (through March 11), a festival featuring cold-weather activities, such as snowshoeing, curling and winter biking.

worthy destination.

Don’t miss the food component of another winter festival, Montréal En Lumière (February 23-March 11). Some sure-to-be-delicious events are the Jérôme Bocuse and Christophe Muller Honorary Co-President’s Dinners, where master chef Daniel Boulud and executive chef Riccardo Bertolino will curate meals at Four-Star Maison Boulud at The Ritz-Carlton Montreal (February 24-26), and the All-Day Black Truffle Brunch (February 25), where chef Normand Laprise will craft four courses at Four-Star Toque!

The Watergate Hotel unveiled Argentta, a sleek spa that includes a restored indoor pool, a whirlpool, saunas, a gym, steam rooms, a nail salon and more.

Raleigh-Durham We’ve screamed of the charms of North Carolina’s capital city before, but now that eight restaurants (including James Beard-nominated chef Scott Crawford’s Crawford & Son and the 22,000-square-foot Morgan Street Food Hall and Market) have decided to open their doors by spring, we can back up our fawning with a bit of flavor. But just as new places around town

D.C. will revitalize its waterfront with the October opening of The Wharf, a hub with shops, restaurants, parks, piers, promenades and a new InterContinental Washington D.C. at The Wharf.

Phoenix Being the host city of college basketball’s biggest event, the men’s Final Four (March 31-April 3), warrants Phoenix’s inclusion on this list alone. The sizzling Arizona metropolis confirms its place on our roster with a year’s worth of other sports (MLB spring training, February 24-April 1), new dining opportunities (Scott Conant’s Mora Italian, Matt Carter’s Fat Ox) and luxury hotel fun. Los Angeles/Beverly Hills Much like Paris or New York City, no one would bat an eye if Los Angeles made it onto this list every year. But 2017 is special. Though changes around Beverly Hills (Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, opening in June), Hollywood (Columbia Square’s continued reinvention) and downtown Hollywood (NoMad Hotel, opening later this year) probably won’t sway things much in L.A.’s favor when the International Olympic Committee decides on the host of the 2024 Summer Games this September, they certainly can’t hurt, either.

start to find their culinary groove, Raleigh-area standards are keeping their kitchens cooking with a commitment to fresh ingredients and a calendar stuffed with epicurean fun (Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Herons’ fourcourse Valentine’s Day dinners, February 10 to 14).

Santa Barbara Napa may be California’s preeminent wine region, but the American Riviera is its most innovative one. Taste your way through more than 220 wineries in the emerging area. Cruise through the picturesque Santa Ynez Valley where boutique wineries like Refugio Ranch and Grassini Family Vineyards are creating great pours.

Bogota As the city (and Colombia as a whole, really) continues shedding unsavory images from the 1980s and ’90s, people are slowly realizing just how special Bogota is.

Another reason the city is on our list is that the fabled Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara observes its 90th anniversary.

With ambitious offerings at hotels (W Bogota’s new interactive music experiences), the continued growth in the restaurant industry (Four Seasons Hotel Bogota’s year-old Kuru Japanese restaurant) and exciting attractions (the National Museum of Colombia), the increasingly safer capital city is on the cusp of becoming the hottest destination in South America.

Lisbon Similar to European hot spot Croatia, Portugal overflows with rich culture, Old World charm and beautiful beaches. See Lisbon’s modern side with Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon’s Street Art Tour. Hop into a vintage sidecar to discov-

The JW Marriott Ihilani Ko Olina Resort on Oahu is changing hands and being rebranded as a Four Seasons property. (Photo: Ko Olina Resort) Major Waikiki thoroughfare Kuhio Avenue is undergoing a revival as well. Leading the effort is The RitzCarlton Residences, Waikiki Beach, the brand’s first outpost in the state. It brings contemporary apartment-like accommodations with kitchenettes or full kitchens, washer/dryers, balconies and beach views. The hotel also boasts Waikiki’s highest infinity pool, and indemand dining options, like Sushi Sho and Hawaii’s first Dean and DeLuca. Riviera Nayarit Mexico’s Pacific coast isn’t a new entry on travelers’ radars by any stretch. But because of the region’s 2017 calendar, it should get more than the casual consideration when families start planning their vacations. Be it with nature (XIII International San Blas Festival of Migratory Birds, January 29 to February 5), sports (International Beach Polo Cup, May) or high-end hotels (Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit’s Family Vacation Package, through April) this exclusive swath of Puerto Vallarta beachfront certainly has earned our attention.

Washington, D.C. All eyes are on D.C. as our new president settles into office. But there are other reasons the U.S. capital is a

“We would keep condom packets in public toilets, and even hang them on trees in public parks because we did not want to stop them from having sex in toilets or behind the bushes. We just wanted them to have safe sex.” Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, India’s first gay royal and AIDS activist, speaks with an AFP during an interview in New Delhi (AFP Photo/Sajjad Hussain). by Abhaya Srivastava


EW DELHI, India | AFP | Thursday 1/19/2017 - From setting up his own charity to hanging condoms on trees, Manvendra Singh Gohil has dedicated himself to fighting the scourge of AIDS since coming out 10 years ago as India’s first openly gay royal. A member of a royal warrior clan and heir apparent to the throne of Rajpipla in deeply conservative Gujarat state, Gohil uses his fame and status to educate the gay community about safe sex and their rights in a country where gay sex is a criminal offence. “People say homosexuality is a part of western culture. It is absolutely wrong,” Gohil told AFP in an interview, citing the Kamasutra and the homoerotic sculptures that feature in ancient temples across the country. “It is the hypocrisy in our society which is refusing to accept this truth. And this motivated me to come out openly and tell the world ‘I am gay, so what? And I am proud of it’.” Gohil has been part of a campaign against the colonial-era law that bans homosexual acts in India, which he says has contributed to the spread of HIV/AIDS. His charity the Lakshya Foundation works with homosexual men and the transgender community to promote safer sexual practices, though they face constant obstruction from police. “When we started work among the MSM (men having sex with men), we were harassed and threatened by police.

er cutting-edge murals, like a chiseled face from Portuguese artist Vhils, during a private four-hour tour. Some other upcoming attractions:

- ‘Spreading homosexuality’ -

Gay sex was effectively decriminalised in 2009 when the Delhi High Court ruled that prohibiting it was a violation of a person’s fundamental rights. But in 2013 the Supreme Court ruled that the responsibility for changing the 1861 law rested with lawmakers and not judges. Prosecutions are rare, but gay people say they face significant discrimination as well as harassment from the police. Gohil said even a government contract to distribute condoms did not protect his workers from police harassment. “They said we were spreading homosexuality,” he recalled. “Some of our workers were arrested and taken to the police station where the cops themselves had forced sex with them without condoms.” India has the third highest number of HIV/AIDS cases in the world according to the United Nations, with about 2.1 million people in 2015, although the rate of infection is falling. In another positive sign, two bills designed to end discrimination against transgender people and individuals infected with HIV are currently going through the Indian parliament. Working with people in the transgender community is a priority for the government in its national AIDS response plan, but social isolation means the community is still at particularly high risk of HIV transmission. The bill seeks to prohibit discrimination in any form and specifically bans denying them access to public places, on pain of up to two years’ imprisonment and a fine.

The landmark 25 de Abril Bridge, often compared to San Francisco’s Golden Gate, will open a viewing platform in the fall overlooking the Tagus River.

Youngest Astrologer of North America Astrologer, Vaastu & Gem Stone Consultant

“HARDIK VYAS” Astrologer Hardik Vyas, a famous young face in Vedic Astrology from India is available in Houston. Call for guidance on Health, Wealth, Education, Career, Business, Property, Love & Passion, Marriage & Compatibility, HoroscopeMaking, Child Problem, Luck & Fortune, Peace & Prosperity, Karma & Economical Sources.

Vaastushastra, the ancient science of land. Fix and appointment for personal visit to your home, plot, business/office, shop, factory, and hotel. To gain peace of mind and prosperity, by doing little changes as per Vaastu Shastra. Simple, Easy, Scientific & Affordable solutions/remedies to overcome problems in your Horoscope and Vaastu.

5 4


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Science of Nature, not related with any religion, caste, or community. It is an Occult Science and gift of nature for the welfare of people to get proper advice.

We Speak in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi languages. Listen to me live on Sound Asia 10.50AM Radio

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The Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) or

ObamaCare It’s the Law. You must enroll!

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2I¿FH 281-313-6160 (PDLO



Cervical cancer gene discovery may boost remedy quest by Mariëtte Le Roux ARIS, France | AFP | 1/23/2017 - Cervical cancer comes in subtypes, said a study Monday that may boost the quest for lifesaving treatments for a disease experts said is killing more women than previously thought.


Moreover, different subtypes have different causes, according to research by The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), a network of US-based research agencies.

to vaccines and screening facilities it is the top cancer killer of women.

dying from cervical cancer was higher than long believed.

Worldwide, cervical cancer accounts for more than half-a-million new cancer cases and over 250,000 deaths every year, said the study authors.

This was particularly true for older and black women.

This, despite the fact that vaccines exist to prevent transmission of most of the cancer-causing forms of HPV, as

A team led by John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers used a new method to calculate US mortality rates. They excluded women whose womb and cervix had been removed in a hysterectomy, which removed the risk of cancer. This created “a more accurate picture”, the team said.

Gene analysis of some 200 cancers found that several were unrelated to the human papillomavirus (HPV), previously thought to cause virtually all cases of cervical cancer, it added.

It revealed that black women in America were dying from cervical cancer at a rate 77 percent higher than previously thought, and white women at a rate 47 percent higher. With the new calculation, cervical cancer mortality for black women over 20 rose from 5.7 to 10.1 per 100,000, “a rate similar to less developed nations,” the researchers note.

This meant some cervical cancers may have “strictly genetic” causes, which could be targeted with personalised immunotherapy, said the study authors. “The latest TCGA analysis could help advance efforts to find drugs that target important elements of cervical cancer genomes,” said the National Cancer Institute, which took part in the analysis published in Nature. Cancer of the cervix -- the “neck” of the womb -- is the fourth most common cause of cancer deaths among women worldwide, after breast, colorectal and lung cancer. In poor countries with limited access

do tests to screen women for the virus or pre-cancerous stages of disease. - More black women dying The virus is mainly transmitted through sex. Cervical cancer detected early can be treated with surgery or radiation, but becomes incurable if diagnosed after spreading to other organs. A separate study published in Cancer, the journal of the American Cancer Society, said a woman’s risk of

For white women, incidence climbed from 3.2 to 4.7 per 100,000. The reason is not clear, said the team, though earlier research had found cervical cancer was more likely to be diagnosed at a later stage in black women. Current guidelines do not recommend cervical cancer screening after the age of 65, but this may need to be changed, the authors said. “These new findings suggests the risk remains -- and even increases -- in older women,” said a statement.

‘Three-parent’ baby born in Ukraine using new technique IEV, Ukraine | AFP | 1/18/2017 - A baby boy has been born in Ukraine to an infertile couple after the first ever use of a new technique using the DNA of three parents, the head of a Kiev fertility clinic said Wednesday. The boy was conceived using DNA from his mother and father but also from an egg donor in a technique called pronuclear transfer, said Valeriy Zukin, director of the Nadiya private fertility clinic in Kiev. “It is the first delivery (using) pronuclear transfer all over the world,” Zukin told AFP. The clinic said in a statement that the 34-year-old mother gave birth to a healthy boy on January 5 after trying for a baby for more than 15 years and undergoing several failed rounds of IVF This became possible after the woman’s eggs were fertilised with her partner’s sperm, but then their nuclei were transferred to a donor’s egg which had previously been stripped of its own nucleus. As a result of the procedure, the egg was almost entirely made up of genetic material from the couple, plus a very small amount (some 0.15 percent) of the female donor’s DNA. Zukin said he hopes the pronuclear transfer technique could help other women whose embryos stop


Explanation of IVF using mitochondrial DNA donation, which is designed to allow women carriers of hereditary diseases to have healthy, genetically-related children (AFP Photo/P.Pizarro/V.Lefai)

developing at a very early stage of development during cycles of IVF. The boy is considered to be the second “three-parent” baby after a similar baby was born in Mexico in 2016 after the use of a different technique. Zukin said the pronuclear transfer method could be used to help women who suffer from a rare condition called embryo arrest. Zukin estimated that annually some two million women across the world try to have a baby using IVF and around 1 percent of these suffer embryo arrest.

“So I think approximately 10-20 thousand women per year could be potential candidates for using this method,” Zukin said. Experts urged caution over using the method as a fertility treatment, however, stressing that it was intended for those at very high risk of passing on serious genetic disease. “Caution and safety assessment is urged before widespread use of this technology,” said Yacoub Khalaf, director of the Assisted Conception Unit at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London, quoted by the Science Media Centre website.

Member, IACCGH

“We are a caregiver information and advocacy website that all Texans could use” • SENIORS FOCUSED WEBSITE Brian Mertz • TXCSS RESOURCE DIRECTORY CEO • UPCOMING CAREGIVER EVENTS • ADVERTISE IN OUR RESOURCE DIRECTORY

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FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

US city sues maker of painkiller OxyContin


OS ANGELES, | AFP | 1/19/2017 - A small US city on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, the maker of the pain reliever OxyContin, accusing the company of helping fuel an opioid crisis that has devastated the town. “There is clear evidence that Purdue ignored their responsibility to stop the diversion of OxyContin into the black market, directly leading to the heroin crisis on our streets today,” Ray Stephanson, the mayor of Everett, in the western state of Washington, said in announcing the suit. “Their drive for profit caused this epidemic, which has overwhelmed our treatment and emergency systems.” The first-of-its-kind civil suit asks that the drugmaker be made to pay the costs of handling the crisis as well as punitive damages. The Connecticut-based drug firm has previously been accused of misleading doctors and patients about the addictive nature of OxyContin, a prescription drug that often leads to heroin abuse. The company agreed to pay more than $600 million in fines in 2007 for minimizing the risks of its blockbuster pain reliever pill. The suit filed by city officials in Everett, which has a little over 100,000 residents, accuses Purdue of allowing OxyContin to flood the city’s streets in total disregard for the community’s wellbeing. “Purdue placed profit over the health and safety of our community, and we can see the tragic results of that decision throughout Everett,” Stephanson said. “We’ve already invested significant taxpayer dollars to deal with impacts of opioid addiction in our city, and we know that substantial additional resources will be needed to deal

with this crisis in the coming years.” - City overwhelmed City officials said the epidemic is affecting residents from all walks of life. “We only have a 16-bed detox center in our county right now... but on any given day we have 10 times that many people detoxing in our jail,” city spokeswoman Meghan Pembroke said. “The scope of the problem is so big that without additional resources, we don’t feel like we’re going to make significant progress.” A representative for Purdue told AFP in a statement that the company shared public officials’ concerns about the opioid crisis and was committed to help find solutions. “Although OxyContin accounts for only two percent of all pain-related opioid prescriptions, Purdue is an industry leader in abuse deterrence as we were the first pharmaceutical company to develop an opioid medication with abuse-deterrent properties,” Bob Josephson said. The long-term painkiller drug first went on the market in 1996. The company touted its positive effects in a 1998 promotional video titled “I Got My Life Back.” In a bid to curb abuse, Purdue in 2010 introduced a new version of the drug that makes it harder for drug abusers to crush the pill to snort or inject. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths involving prescription opioids have quadrupled since 1999 along with sales of such prescription drugs. More than 183,000 people died in the United States from overdoses related to prescription opioids including OxyContin between 1999 and 2015, according to the CDC.

Pharma-backed trial more likely to okay a drug: study ARIS, France | AFP | 1/17/2017 - Clinical trials which conclude that the drug being tested works are more likely to be conducted by researchers with financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry, a study said Wednesday. The investigation, published in The BMJ medical journal, was fuelled by concerns about bias on the part of doctors and scientists run- The investigation looked at a selection of randomised clinical trials conducted in the United ning drug trials. States in 2013. AFP Nearly 60 percent of some 400 principal investigators in ducted in the United States in 2013. 195 clinical drug trials analysed had In a typical randomised trial, a group of traceable financial ties to the drug involunteers taking a new medication are dustry, the researchers found. compared to a group given a look-alike Such ties, in turn, “were indepen- placebo with no active ingredients. dently associated with positive cliniPrevious investigations into possible cal trial results”, wrote the team, led bias linked to financial ties have yieldby Salomeh Keyhani of the University ed conflicting results. of California in San Francisco. In a 2002 survey of more than 3,200 Financial ties included honorariums, payment for consulting work, and US National Institutes of Health scientists, 15 percent admitting to fiddling stock ownership. with the design, methods or results of This did not necessarily mean that a trial under pressure from a funder. results were falsified, the researchers In the peer-review process, medical pointed out. and scientific journals distribute studIt could also be that the results of ies submitted for publication to outfailed drug trials are simply not pub- side experts for review. lished. Most journals also require authors to “More thought needs to be given disclose any conflicts of interest. to the roles that investigators, policy “Journals could help by rejecting makers and journal editors can play in ensuring the credibility of the evidence research by authors who are unwilling to share their data, and by penalising base,” the BMJ study concluded. authors who fail to disclose financial The investigation looked at a selec- ties,” commented Adreas Lundh of the tion of randomised clinical trials con- University of Southern Denmark.


Young Life


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YLDP students engage in inspiring session with Dr. Ramchand by Subhiksha Srinivasan

people by the time you turn 21, imagine how many people you know, there must be someone you know who is an expert in people skills. Once you find the expert, humble yourself before them and ask them for their guidance. Dr. Ramchand advises that once you find your mentor you need to understand that you are holding yourself accountable to listen to them and not offer any opinions or suggestions, after all they are the ones who are the expert not you.


n January 7, in a conference room in India House, a group of aspiring students sat amazed. Eyes open, ears listening, brain processing each word that escaped the lips of Dr. Latha Ramchand. Her love for numbers drew her to the banking industry, where, unknown to her, laid down the foundations of her success as the Dean of University of Houston Bauer School of Business. She jumped through the obstacles of exams, becoming a gold medalist in Economics from Bombay University and furthered her education when she came to the U.S. in finance, receiving a Ph.D. from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Academically, Ramchand was an academic star who would make any Indian parent proud, but that day Dr. Ramchand told to the students that academics, though very necessary, isn’t the only thing that leaders strive in. She dived into the discussion of what makes a leader discussing just what is a leader, what motivates a leader, how adversity is not the downfall but rather the turning point of successful leaders and most importantly to constantly learn, constantly build your skill set

Step 3. Build a personal board of directors. Build a community around you who holds you accountable, they can be mentors, teachers, family, friends, people you trust, a board of people where you can be yourself. Dr. Ramchand left us with one last strong message: YLDP batch 2017 with Dr. Latha Ramchand, Dean of University of Houston Bauer School of Business. (Photo: YLDP)

What characteristics do you find in people you trust?

to increase your value in the market place.

Step 2. Find an expert/mentor and learn from them.

If you can be an expert in those skills you just made yourself trustworthy.

Find someone who is amazing at want you are weak at. Who do you know is an expert in people skills? Who do you know is an expert in having fun? Who do you know is an expert in math? You know over 2,000

Trust is the difference between a leader who constantly turns behind their back making sure they have followers and a leader who looks straight and knows that they have followers.

One of the most powerful topics Dr. Ramchand covered was a method to developing one’s skillset. Here’s the process: Step 1: Analyze your strengths and

weaknesses Make a t-chart of your strengths and weaknesses. Than ask yourself how can you work on your weaknesses? Let’s say one of your weaknesses is people skills. Ask yourself, “What can I do to strengthen my people skills?” Which leads us to step 2.

‘Communism never happened,’ Senior Tech Fair a benefit to our seniors and youth says young Chinese designer

Shangguan Zhe, designer. AFP


ARIS, France | AFP | 1/22/2017 - Geopolitics made a rare foray on the Paris catwalks Sunday when the upstart Chinese brand Sankuanz said the world must wake up to the “reversal” of the old order. Rising star Shangguan Zhe’s collection “Destroy” included clothes, often made from biochemical protection suits, emblazoned with charged slogans such as “Immigrant”, “Natural Selection” and most controversially of all, “Communism Never Happened.”

The young members of Jack and Jill of America


UGAR LAND - On Saturday, January 7th, The Missouri City - Sugar Land Chapter of Jack and Jill, partnered with Best Buy’s Geek Squad and held a Senior Tech Talk for the members at the Pinnacle Senior Community Center in Fort Bend County. Seniors were able to ask ques-

The designer, whose rebel spirit has won him a growing following, said in a week when Donald Trump has become US president he was asking people to take their “goggles off and look outside of political correctness and politics at the reversal of an established system”. “I am not a fighter... I am just telling the world as it is right now,” he told AFP. On his slogan “Communism Never Happened”, which appeared on the back of two of his coats, he said: “It is not really a slogan, it is just my observation. “As a young Chinese person this is true for me. China is not communist now, it wasn’t when I was growing up, and I don’t think it ever was,” Zhe added. With tension high between Washington and Beijing over

Earlier in men’s fashion week Balenciaga appropriated Democratic senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign logo for some of the clothes in its show, held on the eve of Trump’s inauguration.

Raw-edged military uniforms, jumpsuits and outfits made from Dayglo and synthetic DuPont material dominated his show which he said “hinted at a post-apocalyptic world”.

The gesture was seen as a snipe at the new US president who Sanders has insisted he could have beaten if he had of won the Democratic nomination.

The room was full of learning and laughter as the seniors were able to learn at their own pace.

Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated is a membership organization of mothers with children ages 2-19 years old. The organization is dedicated to nurturing future AfricanAmerican leaders by strengthening children through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving and civic duty.

International Science Olympiad Back In Houston

Sankuanz’s Fall/Winter 2017/18 Men’s collection at Paris Fashion Week. (Photo: EPA) Trump’s attitude to Taiwan and fears of a trade war, he said “the only hope, the only opportunity to change this situation lies in rational creations by mankind like chemistry”.

tions about their smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers. The young members of Jack and Jill, grades 6th-8th grade were there as Jr. Geeks to give some one on one help.

HOUSTON - Come join students from 58 countries and 36 states as they descend on Houston this May to showcase their innovative and inspiring discoveries during the 10th annual ISWEEEP Olympiad. ISWEEP, which stands for International Sustainable World Energy Engineering Environment Project, brings

students from around the globe as they try to answer the world’s most pressing needs through cutting-edge science and technology research. The morning of Friday, May 5, the public is invited to experience nearly 500 interactive student displays, performances from the Texas A&M Chemistry Roadshow, solar car races and robotics competitions.

WHAT: ISWEEEP Public Day WHEN: Friday, May 5th 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. WHERE: George R. Brown Convention Center, Hall E-3

30 Fort Bend ISD students selected as 2017 Texas All-State Musicians All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive in band, choir and orchestra


ORT BEND ISD FORT BEND ISD (January 19, 2017) – Thirty (30) Fort Bend ISD student musicians will perform with the Texas All-State Band, Choir and Orchestra as part of the 2017 Texas Music Educators Association Clinic/Convention. The event will be held February 8-11, 2017 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. The FBISD students are among approximately 1,780 high school students who qualified for this prestigious honor after competing in the TMEA Texas All-State competition. All-State students will participate in three days of rehearsals, directed by nationally recognized conductors during the TMEA Clinic/Convention. Their performances, before thousands of conference attendees, bring the convention to a memorable close.

Following are FBISD’s 2017 Texas All-State Band, Choir and Orchestra students:

About the Texas All-State competition:

2017 All-State Band students include:

Each year, the Texas Music Educators Association sponsors the competition that welcomes more than 68,000 Texas high school students who seek the honor of performing in one of 15 All-State band, orchestra and choir ensembles.

Austin High School – Christopher Courtney and Ryan Schroedter Clements High School – Jason Eric Ancheta and David Quiazon Elkins High School – Mauricio Franco and Ryan Hunter Kempner High School – Michael Ojo and Dong Pham 2017 All-State Choir students are: Dulles High School – Jane Cloninger and Swara Mukkamala Elkins High School – Faith Eapen and Courtney Stelzer Ridge Point High School – Kathryn Anthraper and Serena Jacob 2017 All-State Orchestra students include: Austin High School – Yvette Tiffany Chang, Lexie Livingood, Elizabeth Zhang, Cameron Ahmed, Daniel (Yung-Ju) Cheng and Asher Lee Clements High School – Neo Scott, Randy Tan, Archer Wang and Jonathan Wing Dulles High School – Omar Haffar, Paul Li, Ian Vetter and David Worstell Hightower High School – Robert Gonzalez and Loren Li

The competition process begins with students attending statewide auditions hosted by 33 TMEA regions. During auditions, individual musicians perform selected music for a panel of judges who rank each instrument or voice part. From this ranking, a select group of musicians advances from their region to compete against musicians from other areas in seven TMEA area competitions. The highest-ranking musicians judged at the TMEA area competitions qualify to perform in a

TMEA All-State music group. Only the top 2.6% of musicians who initially audition become All-State musicians. To view the All-State concert schedule and conductor information, go to the Performances section of the TMEA website at The Texas Music Educators Association is an association of over 12,000 school music educators dedicated to promoting excellence in music education. For more information, visit

Read more on YOUNG LIFE Visit us online Visit: www.


FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

Bollywood -Hollywood

Section 2


Tel: 713-774-5140

Priyanka Chopra wins her second People’s Salman Khan cleared in Choice Award for Quantico; says she’s ‘psyched’ illegal arms case


OS ANGELES - After her glittering turn on the Golden Globes 2017 red carpet, Priyanka Chopra had another big moment at the People’s Choice Awards. On Wednesday evening, Priyanka received the Favourite Dramatic TV Actress trophy for her turn as FBI recruit-turned-CIA agent Alex Parrish in the TV series Quantico. Priyanka was up against actresses like Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Ellen Pompeo, and Taraji P Henson in the same category. This isn’t Priyanka’s first People’s Choice Award. In 2016, she had won Favourite Actress in a New TV Series for Quantico. Priyanka wore an understated but flirty peach ensemble for her red carpet turn at the People’s Choice Awards, held at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles. The two-piece number had a strapless top with a sweeping asymmetrical hem, teamed with a midlength skirt that had a tasseled fringe. Strappy metallic sandals and minimal jewellery completed her look.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan, 51, has now been acquitted in three out of four cases filed against him for hunting rare black bucks, a native species of antelope, while shooting a film in the northwestern state of Rajasthan in 1998 (AFP Photo)

On stage, Priyanka thanked all her co-stars and fans while receiving her award. She also lauded all the other actresses who were nominated in her category for being her inspirations.


“I am really psyched. Can I do a little wiggle? I am sorry it’s the concussion talking...this (award) means the world to me,” Priyanka said, as she accepted her trophy. A few days ago, Priyanka had suffered a concussion to her head when she fell while performing a stunt. After a brief stay in the hospital, Priyanka seems to be on the mend. (-Courtesy: First Post)

Priyanka Chopra poses in the press room with the award for favourite TV drama actress at the People’s Choice Awards at the Microsoft Theater on 18 January 2017, in Los Angeles (AP Photo)

Audiences embrace M Night Shyamalan’s ‘Split’ shocker by Jen Yamato


n the age of the internet spoiler, the twisty plot turns to Split have been impressively kept under wraps. There is, perhaps, something to root for in preserving the exquisite secrets of a classic M Night Shyamalan movie. Split, written and directed by Shyamalan (who also produced and shot the film in his beloved Philadelphia, where all of his original films are set), stars X-Men: First Class actor James McAvoy in a tour de force turn as Kevin, a man who Director M Night Shyamalan and actor James McAvoy (Photo: Linda Källérus) kidnaps three teenage girls (led by The Witch breakout Anya Taylor-Joy, joined by Haley Lu Richardson and Jessica Sula) and imprisons them in a labyrinthine underground bunker.

ODHPUR, India | AFP | 1/18/2017 An Indian court on Wednesday acquitted Bollywood superstar Salman Khan of using unlicensed firearms to kill protected wildlife almost two decades ago. Khan, 51, has now been acquitted in three out of four cases filed against him for hunting rare black bucks, a native species of antelope, while shooting a film in the northwestern state of Rajasthan in 1998. Sporting dark sunglasses, Khan was in court to hear the verdict as hundreds of police deployed outside tried to keep the crowds of fans under control.

they would appeal the verdict after studying the 102-page order. The actor still faces a fourth case on charges of poaching black bucks. Khan, known for playing a tough guy in Hindi films, had accused the state forest department of framing him in the case. Shortly after Wednesday’s verdict, Khan thanked his fans for their “support and good wishes” on Twitter where he has 21.1 million followers. The actor is one of the Indian movie industry’s biggest draws and has starred in more than 100 films and television shows.

“I believe everything works out when you’re putting your energy into the right place. In the wrong place, the universe slaps you,” he said. “I think, in a literal way, audiences can tell if I’m in a good place, if I’m in a bad place, if I’m in a lost place. You can just tell. You can feel it.

“He was charged under two sections of the Arms Act and he has been cleared in both,” Hastimal Saraswat, a defence lawyer, told reporters outside the court in Jodhpur city.

Last year his movie “Sultan”, in which he played an ageing wrestler, smashed Bollywood’s box office records.

“He was acquitted due to lack of conclusive evidence.”

But Khan is no stranger to controversy and in 2015 he was cleared in another long-running case of killing a homeless man in a hit-and-run crash.

“I get it! I’m a very sentimental guy. When I do kids’ movies I do them very sentimentally, and wearing your heart on your sleeve on that stuff is dangerous.

Prosecution counsel B. S. Bhati said

While pronouncing the acquittal, magistrate Dalpat Singh Rajpurohit said the prosecution could not prove that Khan possessed and used fire arms with expired license.

That decision is now being challenged in the Supreme Court. Indian courts can often take years -- and sometimes decades -- to pronounce verdicts.

Jackie Chan in Mumbai to promote Kung Fu Yoga

“I can’t out-CGI people. I can’t out-action people. I can’t outspectacle people. That’s not how I think. What I can offer moviegoers in theatres is something

As the terrified teens discover, Kevin’s not alone: Afflicted with dissociative identity disorder, he shares his body with 22 additional personalities who each want to be heard - including a trio of volatile “alters” whose scheming threatens to unleash an even more powerful, bloodthirsty entity known as the Beast. Or, as co-star Taylor-Joy quipped: “Fifty Shades of James.” “One of the first things he ever told me was that (McAvoy’s Kevin) was his favourite character that he’d ever written,” the actress said, recalling her first meeting with Shyamalan. “It was like, ‘No pressure!’ But Night has created this world, and he knows exactly what’s going on within it, and because of that you have the freedom to play.” At sneak screenings around the world, Shyamalan has found Split audiences embracing his return to a genre that made him a household name in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Like the moviegoers who lost their marbles over his ghostly “Sixth Sense,” his eerie fable Signs and his superheroic thriller Unbreakable, audiences from Austin, Texas (where it premiered as an unannounced screening at Fantas-

Director, writer, producer M. Night Shyamalan and Bhavna Vaswani and daughters attend “Split” New York Premiere at SVA Theater on January 18, 2017 in New York City. Photo: AFP Matthew Eisman. tic Fest in September) to Rome, Paris, Madrid and Berlin have responded enthusiastically. On its opening weekend in the US last weekend, Split took US$40 million, blowing away box office expectations. The film opens in New Zealand on February 2. A few years ago, after a decade of making studio movies that disappointed either critically, commercially, or both (Lady in the Water, The Happening, The Last Airbender, After Earth), the filmmaker was forced to take stock of what was working and what wasn’t.

unique, something singular. That’s my weapon.” He scaled down considerably from the US$130 million-plus budgets of his critically panned fantasy adaptation The Last Airbender (which saw the Indian American filmmaker accused of “whitewashing” for casting predominantly white actors as characters created as Asian in the original animated series) and the Will SmithJaden Smith sci-fi vehicle After Earth, back-to-back special-effects spectacles that earned the worst reviews of his career. Just don’t call Split a comeback.

Consular Camp @ India House

One-day Consular Camp organized by Consulate General of India, Houston in association with India House, Houston

Saturday, January 28th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

At India House, 8888 West Bellfort, Houston, TX 77031 Indian nationals and persons of Indian origin may avail this opportunity and meet officers of the Consulate General of India, Houston. US passport holders of Indian origin, who are in the process of applying OCI Card, Visa and Renunciation of Indian nationality, may bring in their applications with the supporting documents to the Consular Camp. Indian passport holders who are in the process of applying for renewal of their Indian passport, may also bring in their applications with the supporting documents to the Consular Camp. Officers of the Consulate General of India, Houston will verify the applications and supporting documents. Applicants may thereafter send the approved applications to CKGS, Houston. To attend please register at For more details contact: Consul Amrit Paul at | 713-929-1900

“I have a different narrative, which is that when I make thrillers, it’s all good,” Shyamalan said with a laugh, dismissing the c-word. “When I’m making kids’ movies it’s not all good.” “You have to go through something in order to come out on the other side with the things that you need,” he said. “There’s no other way to do it than by going through the fire.” (

Jackie Chan being received in Mumbai (Photo:Sachin Gokhale/Firstpost)


UMBAI - After xXx action star Vin Diesel, it is the turn of Jackie Chan to visit India to promote his latest actioncomic caper Kung Fu Yoga. The film stars Indian actors Sonu Sood, Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur, and parts of the story are set here, which explains Chan’s visit.

guests. DNAquoted a source in the know as saying, “(Chan) is keen on meeting Salman Khan during his stay here. Sonu Sood has spoken a lot about Salman’s superstar status in India and his charity work and Chan expressed a desire to meet him.”

Jackie Chan landed in Mumbai along with his entourage on 23 January 2017, Monday.

Kung Fu Yoga is an upcoming multi-lingual action-adventure comedy film directed by Stanley Tong. The film is a Chinese-Indian co-production of Taihe Entertainment and Shinework Pictures (China).

Mid-Day reported that the Chinese superstar would be staying at a suburban five-star, where a choreographed dance number would be put up for his benefit.

Plotwise, Jack (Jackie Chan), a renowned professor of archaeology at the Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xi’an.

“Farah Khan has put together a performance for Jackie based on the song they had shot together in Rajasthan. It is a Bollywood number with Chinese lyrics. Disha, Amyra and Sonu will join in the dance that will take place in the hotel lobby,” Mid-Day quoted a source from the hotel as saying. The hotel had also laid out an extensive Indian menu for Chan to sample. Special bandhgalas had been created for Jackie and the other male actors by designer Nilesh Mehta. Also on the anvil is a press conference and a private dinner for select

The film is scheduled for release in China on January 28, 2017 and in India on February 3, 2017. Featuring Original music composed by Nathan Wang and Additional music composed by Komail and Shivaan in this movie. The Times of India reported that Chan and his co-stars will appear on The Kapil Sharma Show as part of the Kung Fu Yoga promotions. Kapil had tweeted about the same. Chan’s visit to Mumbai will only last a day after which he is expected to fly back to Hong Kong.


FRIDAY, January 27, 2017


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Prostate biopsies could be avoidable with MRIs: study

Enroll Now, Few Days Left – President Trump Has Signed an Executive Order for Obamacare

by Marlowe Hooda


ARIS, France | AFP | 1/23/2017 - A quarter of men suspected of having prostate cancer could avoid invasive and potentially dangerous biopsies with the help of MRI scans, researchers reported Friday. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could also reduce the number of men over-diagnosed with the disease by five percent, they detailed in a study published in The Lancet. The new approach is potentially a game-changer, experts commenting on the study said. In the case of prostate cancer, “overdiagnosed” includes relatively benign cancers that do not cause any harm during a man’s lifetime. “Prostate cancer has aggressive and harmless forms,” noted lead author Hashim Ahmed, a surgeon at University College London’s faculty of medicine. Typically, men undergo a prostate biopsy if they experience certain symptoms or show high levels of a protein in their blood, as detected by a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test. Each year, over a million prostate biopsies are done in Europe alone. The procedure -- which can cause bleeding, pain and serious infections -- involves using a biopsy needle to draw a tissue sample through a small cut made between the anus and scrotum. The needle goes in “blind,” and can thus bypass a cancerous mass. “Our current biopsy test can be inaccurate because the tissue samples are taken at random,” Ahmed said in a statement. “It can miss aggressive cancers that are actually there.” And if the biopsy does finds cancer cells, it cannot reliably determine whether they are malignant. As a result, some men are given a false diagnosis and prescribed treatments with nasty side effects.

Each year, over a million prostate biopsies are done in Europe alone. AFP photo Ahmed and his team wanted to find out if a MRI scan could be used as a “triage” test to determine which men with elevated protein counts might safely avoid a biopsy. A multi-parametric MRI (MP-MRI) can provide information about a cancer’s size, density, and proximity to the bloodstream. - Second trial under way All of these elements help distinguish between aggressive and benign forms of the disease. In the study, 576 men spread across 11 public hospitals in Britain and suspected of having prostate cancer were given a MP-MRI scan, followed by two types of biopsy. One was the type commonly used to detect cancer, and the other was designed to compare the standard biopsy’s accuracy in detecting malignancy against the MRI scans. Forty percent of the men turned out to have had aggressive cancer. The scan correctly diagnosed almost all of them (93 percent), whereas the standard biopsy identified only half. “Our results show that MP-MRI

should be used before biopsy” to identify men who have harmless cancers and do not need a biopsy immediately, Ahmed said. This group however should continue to be monitored by their doctors. Only those whose scan results point to an aggressive cancer should have a biopsy, to confirm. Using the two tests in this fashion “could reduce over-diagnosis of harmless cancers by five percent... and improve the detection of aggressive cancers from 48 to 93 percent,” Ahmed concluded. Reaction from other experts was positive. “This has the potential to change clinical practice,” said Arnauld Villers, head of the urology department at the Regional University Hospital in Lille, France. “These results represent a solid basis for a new pathway of diagnosis for prostate cancer detection, leading to fewer biopsies.” A second clinical trial overseen by Cancer Research UK, currently recruiting volunteers, will seek to validate the study results.

Families urged to ‘Go for Gold’ to reduce acrylamide consumption


ONDON (BBC News) Jan 23, 2017 - Today, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is launching a campaign to ‘Go for Gold’, helping people understand how to minimise exposure to a possible carcinogen called acrylamide when cooking at home.

cooking instructions carefully when frying or oven-heating packaged food products such as chips, roast potatoes and parsnips. The on-pack instructions are designed to cook the product correctly. This ensures that you aren’t cooking starchy foods for too long or at temperatures which are too high.

Acrylamide is a chemical that is created when many foods, particularly starchy foods like potatoes and bread, are cooked for long periods at high temperatures, such as when baking, frying, grilling, toasting and roasting. The scientific consensus is that acrylamide has the potential to cause cancer in humans.

• Eat a varied and balanced diet – while we can’t completely avoid risks like acrylamide in food, eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes basing meals on starchy carbohydrates and getting your 5 A Day will help reduce your risk of cancer.

The FSA has teamed up with Olympic gold medallist and mother of four, Denise Lewis, to empower people to make small changes to how they cook, to help minimise acrylamide consumption in the home:

• Don’t keep raw potatoes in the fridge - if you intend to roast or fry them. Storing raw potatoes in the fridge can increase overall acrylamide levels. Raw potatoes should ideally be stored in a dark, cool place at temperatures above 6°C.

• Go for Gold – as a general rule of thumb, aim for a golden yellow colour or lighter when frying, baking, toasting or roasting starchy foods like potatoes, root vegetables and bread. • Check the pack – follow the

Commenting on her involvement with the ‘Go for Gold’ campaign, Denise Lewis said: ‘As a mum, the wellbeing of my family is my top priority, particularly when it comes to the meals I cook for them at home. With so many factors to



Scientists believe children may be at greater risk of becoming overweight because their struggling for breath could cause them to play and exercise less.

Having asthma and being obese may also contribute to the development of other metabolic diseases, including prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes in later life.

And a side effect of many asthma medications is weight gain, scientists from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California

Lead author and postdoctoral research associate of preventative medicine Dr Zhanghua Chen said: ‘Asthma and obesity often occur together in chil-

But they found using reliever inhalers when an asthma attacks hit reduce the risk of becoming obese by 43 percent.

It is unclear how much longer you may be able to get a grandfathered plan. Do not wait any longer to get coverage. Do not stop the enrollment process until you are enrolled. This is urgent. Americans must take action immediately or face the possibility of having much lower quality health coverage options. The GOP Is Rallying Around Repeal and Replace Without the Replacement Being Ready Throughout Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the president-elect called for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Now that he’s president, Trump appears to have backed down on this stronger, more aggressive approach to reforming health care. This should come as no surprise given the intricacies of the law. An actual repeal and replacement of Obamacare requires 60 votes in the Senate to avoid a filibuster. Even under those circumstances, Trump can still suspend regulations, weaken the law with new provisions, or refuse to fund it, and Congress would be forced to take action. However, Republicans would be satisfied with simply removing key components of the law – like the individual mandate – and since they have a Republican president who feels the same, they have more motivation to improve what is left. Removing the Individual Mandate Without the mandate, healthy people would not have to sign up and health costs could increase for those who need greater medical care. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) combined with low-premium, high-deductible plans will provide the best option to younger, healthier people while premium tax cuts and deductions would encourage them to buy insurance. High-risk premium hikes may be avoided. Trump can also drop the Obama administration’s appeal of a lawsuit filed by Republicans in 2014 and end tax subsidies for people with incomes up to four times the poverty level. Without subsidies, eight out

Sudhir Mathuria Licensed Professional Health Life 360 6776 Southwest Freeway Suite # 178 Houston TX 77074 713-771-2900

of 10 insureds – those receiving financial assistance – could leave the marketplace. Trump may offer similar assistance or rely on tax proposals to save on premium costs instead, but these tax credits may not be a big help to lower-income people who pay very little in taxes. Changes to Medicaid Trump’s administration could refuse to approve changes submitted by the states for their individual Medicaid programs. Medicaid is an open-ended entitlement program that covers everyone who qualifies. Federal spending on Medicaid varies from year to year depending on how many people are in the program and their medical needs. Trump would fund states under a block grant program instead, which is essentially a set amount of money to be distributed by the states as they choose. Blockgrant funding might save millions of dollars over the course of the program, but there are disadvantages, particularly to states with evolving Medicaid funding needs. This approach would effectively force states to cut back on Medicaid acceptance, thus ending the open-ended era of coverage. To enroll in right healthcare plan contact Sudhir Mathuria @ 713-771-2900.

consider, it’s great that the FSA is helping people to understand the changes we can make to reduce acrylamide in the food we eat regularly at home’.

FSA’s wider work to reduce the level of acrylamide that people consume.

The FSA is launching the ‘Go for Gold’ campaign following findings from its Total Diet Study, published today. The results confirm that people in the UK currently consume higher levels of the chemical than is desirable.

US woman dies of infection resistant to all 26 available antibiotics

Steve Wearne, Director of Policy at the Food Standards Agency, commented: ‘Our research indicates that the majority of people are not aware that acrylamide exists, or that they might be able to reduce their personal intake. We want our ‘Go for Gold’ campaign to highlight the issue so that consumers know how to make the small changes that may reduce their acrylamide consumption whilst still eating plenty of starchy carbohydrates and vegetables as recommended in government healthy eating advice. ‘Although there is more to know about the true extent of the acrylamide risk, there is an important job for Government, industry and others to do to help reduce acrylamide intake. This campaign is part of the

Asthmatic children far more likely to become obese AN DIEGO, CA - Asthmatic children are 50 percent more likely to be obese in later life than their peers, new figures reveal.

Tel: 713-774-5140

dren, but it is unclear whether children with asthma are at higher risk for onset of obesity or whether obese children develop asthma, or both. ‘Our findings add to the literature that early-life asthma history may lead to increased risk of childhood obesity.’ The study looked at the medical records of 2,171 five to seven year olds who were not obese when they joined the Southern California Children’s Health Study (CHS). (


IAMI, | AFP | 1/13/2017 - A US woman has died from an infection that was resistant to all 26 available antibiotics, health officials said this week, raising new concerns about the rise of dangerous superbugs. The woman, who was in her 70s, died in Nevada in September, and had recently been hospitalized in India with fractured leg bones, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported. The cause of death was sepsis, following infection from a rare bacteria known as carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), which is resistant to all antibiotics available in the United States. The specific strain of CRE, known as Klebsiella pneumoniae, was isolated from one of her wounds in August. Tests were negative for the mcr-1 gene -- a great concern to health experts because it makes bacteria resistant to the antibiotic of last resort, colistin. It was unclear how the woman’s infection acquired resistance. Experts said she had been treated repeatedly in India during the last two years for a femur fracture and hip problems, most recently in June 2016. Once the bacteria was identified in Nevada, the patient was isolated to prevent the infection from spreading in the hospital. Postmortem tests showed her

On January 13, 2017, health officials said a US woman died in Sepetember 2016 from a infection that is resistant to all 26 available anitibiotics (AFP Photo/Frederic Brown). infection might have responded to a treatment called fosfomycin, which is not approved in the United States.

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in England, this bacteria is likely to become more and more resistant.

Paul Hoskisson, a researcher at the University of Strathclyde, in Scotland, said that several European countries, including Britain, license fosfomycin for intravenous use in such cases.

“The report highlights international travel and treatment overseas as a feature in the introduction of this pan-resistant isolate into the USA,” he said.

“This is important because we are seeing increasing numbers of drug-resistant infections, and this is one of the first cases for Klebsiella where no drug options were open to the medical staff.” Multi-drug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae has been described by the World Health Organization as “an urgent threat to human health.” According to Nick Thomson, leader of the bacterial genomics and evolution group at the

“Since we live in such an interconnected society, this is important because this isolate represents a truly untreatable infection” which leaves healthcare professionals with few options but to seek to prevent further transmission. Laura Piddock, a professor of microbiology at the University of Birmingham, said the case shows that doctors “need the flexibility to use antibiotics licensed for use in other countries and shown to be active in the laboratory against the patient’s infecting bacterium.”


FRIDAY, January 27, 2017



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Trump to CEOs: I’ll wipe out 75 percent of regulations, fast-track U.S. factories by Ylan Q. Mui

And he again threatened to impose a “substantial border tax” on companies that move production out of the country. “We’re going to be cutting regulation massively,” Trump told a large group of business chief executives over breakfast, which was briefly open to the news media. “Now, we’re going to have regulation, and it’ll be just as strong and just as good and just as protective of the people as the regulation we have right now. The problem with the regulation that we have right now is that you can’t do anything. ... I have people that tell me that they have more people working on regulations than they have doing product.” Trump has promised to take a series of actions on his first formal day in office, including beginning to pull the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and to renegotiate the long-standing NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. His visitors Monday included leaders of companies that Trump has singled out on Twitter and in his speeches, including Marillyn Hewson of Lockheed Martin and Mark Fields of Ford Motor Company. Also in attendance: Michael Dell of Dell Technologies, Jeff Fettig of Whirlpool, Alex Gorsky

Five things early tax filers need to know


Cera-Met employee Phanna Nhek does a dimensional inspection on an aluminum part Friday at the manufacturing plant in Bethlehem. The company produces aluminum castings for defense as well as aviation applications. President Donald Trump has made it clear that reviving U.S. manufacturing as a top priority (Photo: Sharon K. Merkel) of Johnson & Johnson, Klaus Kleinfeld of Arconic, Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemical, Mario Longhi of U.S. Steel, Elon Musk of SpaceX, Kevin Plank of Under Armour, Mark Sutton of International Paper and Wendell Weeks of Corning. Trump said that he hopes to convene this group at least four times a year to hear directly from the business community, saying that they are “great people” who have done “an amazing job.” His message to them and other CEOs on Monday: Keep your production within the United States, and you will be rewarded. For those looking to grow or start new factories, Trump promised to expedite their requests and provide incentives to build. Those who do not heed this advice, Trump said, could face new tariffs that he described as “substantial” and “major.” This threat is one that many Republicans disagree with, worried that it could increase prices for consumers and unfairly punish some companies. International trade experts said Trump may not have the authority to punish

individual companies, while broad-based tariffs would violate existing treaties. Trump defended this proposed tax on Monday as “fair.” “Somebody would said: ‘Oh, Trump is going to tax.’ I’m not going to tax. There is no tax, none whatsoever,” Trump said. “And I just want to tell you: All you have to do is stay. Don’t leave. Don’t fire your people in the United States. We have the greatest people.” In his brief comments, Trump stayed tightly focused on his promises to the business community, rather than veering off to talk about the media or his inauguration crowd count, as he did during a speech at the CIA headquarters this weekend. Trump is expected on Monday to take action related to the country’s largest trade deals, as he repeatedly pledged on the campaign trail to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and start to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement on his first day in office. Although Trump was sworn in on Friday, he has said he considers Monday his first formal day in office.

DARSHAN WADHWA MBA CPA Since 1982 • Tax Preparation for Individuals, partnerships, & corporations • Audit, Compilation and Review of Financial Statements • Medicare and Medicaid Cost Reports • IRS Issues-Audit Representation and Tax Collection Matters • Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreements, Levies and liens

Tel: 832-668-4770 • 713-349-0273 • Fax: 713-357-4822 Email: • 4212 Sunset Blvd, Houston, TX 77005

Tel: 713-774-5140

2017 tax season starts now pening Day for the IRS is Monday. That’s when the Internal Revenue Service will start accepting electronically filed tax returns. We have until April 18 to file returns but many file earlier in the season, if they’re expecting large refunds.


ASHINGTON, DC Jan 23, 2017 - In the opening hours of his first formal day in the White House on Monday, President Trump welcomed leaders from several of the country’s largest corporations and promised to wipe out at least 75 percent of government regulations that hinder their businesses, fast-track their plans to open factories and cut taxes “massively.”

FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

The tax filing deadline this year is Tuesday, April 18, instead of the traditional April 15, because of some quirks of the calendar. April 15 is a Saturday. But the deadline won’t be shifted to Monday, April 17, because that is Emancipation Day, which is celebrated in Washington, D.C. What do tax filers need to know this season? 1. Get an appointment if you want to talk to someone at IRS offices Don’t expect to drop into an IRS office to get any help this tax season. All offices are appointment-only now. If you need to visit an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center in person, you must schedule a time by calling 844-5455630 for the appointment hotline. Taxpayers are asked to check for the days and hours of service, as well as the services offered at the location they plan to visit. 2. Beware of a new hurdle if you’ve used a special Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Some tax filers will be unable to file their federal tax returns if they do not update Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. Warning: Any ITIN that has not been used in the past three years will no longer work for filing that return. On top of that, individual tax identification numbers that have middle digits of 78 or 79 also expired this year. Tax filers in these situations must renew an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number as early as possible because they cannot file a tax return without one. The superized headache? The IRS notes that it can take up to 11 weeks during the peak of the tax season to get that number from the time you send in a renewal application, known as Form W-7, for the IRS to process the application and notify you about your status. Why the change? A new federal law to combat fraud included the requirement that certain Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers expired on Jan. 1. “Anyone filing a tax return with an expired ITIN could experience return processing and refund delay as well as denial of some tax benefits until the ITIN is renewed,” the IRS said online in a statement. These identification numbers often are used by people who have tax-filing or payment obligations under U.S. law but are not eligible for a Social Security number. 3. Some struggling families will face delays for their tax refunds The IRS notes that more than nine out of 10 refunds will be issued within less than 21 days, which is good news. But tax filers who benefit from the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit should not expect their refunds until possibly the week of Feb. 27, even if they file as soon as this week.

The reason? Congress is cracking down on tax-return-related fraud. The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act mandated the IRS delay issuing tax refunds for returns claiming the EITC or the Additional Child Tax Credit until Feb. 15. The move is designed to give the IRS more time to detect fraud and prevent refunds from being issued to ID thieves who file fake tax returns using such credits. But consumers who depend on the refund cash will face extra delays, given holidays and weekends. Another thing to note: The IRS online “Where’s My Refund” tool will not show an estimated date for many tax returns involving the special credits until after Feb. 15. “So don’t panic in late January and mid-February if you don’t see a refund date on ‘Where’s My Refund.’ That’s just how the tool will operate given the special circumstances with the EITC and ACTC refunds,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in prepared remarks in early January. “Where’s My Refund” at and the IRS2Go phone app will be updated a few days after Feb. 15 with projected deposit dates for the early filers who receive the earned income credit and additional child credit. 4. Look out for high-cost, quick-cash on tax refund advances Tax filers might be tempted by refund anticipation loans that proclaim “no fee” will be charged. But Chi Chi Wu, staff attorney for the National Consumer Law Center, warns that in some cases, borrowers could face other higher fees for tax preparation or another product. Advance loans are being heavily marketed this year by some firms, including H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt, in light of the new delays ahead for tax refunds for those who file those Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit. Jackson Hewitt is marketing for its Express Refund Advance, a loan of up to $1,300 that has no fees, a 0% annual percentage rate and no credit check. To get the loan, you will have to pay to file your taxes with Jackson Hewitt. H&R Block began offering a tax-related loan for a limited time beginning Jan. 6. The H&R Block Refund Advance offers loans in the amounts of $500, $750, or $1,250 upfront for 0% interest. The loan is loaded onto an H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard. The amount of the advance will be deducted from tax refunds and reduce the amount that is paid directly to the taxpayer. Both Jackson Hewitt and H&R Block only offer the loans to customers who visit their offices and outlets; it’s not available online. 5. Take a close look at that W-2 Form Some tax filers are going to discover that they have to deal with a “Form W-2 Verification Code.” About 50 million W-2 forms will include a 16-digit verification code that tax filers or preparers will need to add when prompted by tax software. About 2 million W-2s had such a code during the 2016 filing season. The IRS anticipates that the verification code ultimately will be used on all W-2 forms in future years.

Dow Jones passes 20,000 for first time EW YORK, 1/25/2017 (AFP) - The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded above 20,000 for the first time at the start of trading on Wednesday.


US share prices have been boosted by hopes that the economic policies of the new US President Donald Trump will boost his country’s economy. The index of leading US shares rallied after Mr Trump’s election win and was close to breaking 20,000 on 6 January.

20,006.09. The other two main US share indexes also showed gains. The S&P 500 was 10.09 points higher at 2,290.16, while the techheavy Nasdaq was up 36.74 points at 5,637.70. Mr Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway was quick to comment on the news, tweeting that the landmark was down to “The Trump Effect”.

It fell back a bit but rose again after Mr Trump’s signing of several executive orders since his inauguration.

If the index stays above 20,000 by the time the day’s trading ends, then it would mean the 42session rise from the first close above the 19,000 mark would be the second quickest 1,000 point rise of all time.

Shortly after opening, the Dow was up 93.38 points at

The index rose from 10,000 to 11,000 in only 24 trading days

between 29 March and 3 May, 1999, while the rise from 18,000 to 19,000 took 483 trading days (nearly two years). Financial stocks have been a major factor in the gain - with Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan accounting for around 20% of it. This is because investors believe that some of Mr Trump’s policies will trigger inflation and produce a rise in interest rates. Neil Wilson, senior market analyst at London brokers Capital, said: “It’s psychologically huge and, after a bit of pullback ahead of the inauguration, really confirms that the ‘great rotation’ from bonds to stocks is definitely upon us.”

Cash-ban distress leaves scant room for Budget giveaways EW DELHI - Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision late last year to scrap high-value bank notes has put his finance minister in a bind ahead of the annual budget next month.


Arun Jaitley is under pressure to offer tax giveaways and step up capital and welfare spending to ease the pain from demonetisation, but the economic disruption caused by Modi’s jolt has made forecasting next year’s revenue outlook a stab in the dark. While indirect tax receipts grew by an annual 14.2% in December, a slump in consumer spending along with a con-

traction in services and manufacturing suggest the outlook is anything but rosy.

terfeiters. Yet it has left companies, farmers and households in all sorts of bother.

Adding to his dilemma is a delay in launching a new national Goods and Services Tax that would replace a slew of indirect levies.

The International Monetary Fund has trimmed its growth outlook for the fiscal year beginning in April to 7.2% from 7.6% previously, citing the blow to the cash-reliant economy.

“It is an unprecedented budget,” said a senior government official with direct knowledge of fiscal planning, likening it to navigating in uncharted waters. Modi’s decision in November to scrap 500- and 1,000rupee notes - 86% of the cash in circulation - sought to crack down on tax dodgers and coun-

Jaitley plans to deliver his budget on Feb 1, just before voting begins in a round of regional elections, the biggest in the swing state of Uttar Pradesh. Their outcome will be key for Modi’s chances of winning a second term in 2019. (-AFP)



FRIDAY, January 27, 2017


Cricket Paralympics Swimmer Binod England tour: Parvez Amir Khan’s proposed fight with Kell Brook nixed Singh found dead Rasool back in Team India, After years of failed talks, asuperfight looked to finally be on the cards after both Khan and Brook insisted they wanted the clash


HAGALPUR/PATNA, Jan 23 (PTI) Paralympic swimmer Binod Singh was today found dead in a village in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district, with police suspecting that he was strangulated to death.

selected for T20 squad

District SSP Manoj Kumar said the body of the Paralympian was found in an orchard in Lacho village. Preliminary investigation indicate that Singh was killed around five days back and his body was smelling. It appears that he was strangulated to death, the officer said, adding the body has been sent for post mortem. In Patna, a FIR was lodged following the swimmer’s father at Sachivalaya Police Station on January 6 about Singh’s suspected kidnapping, Officer In-charge of Sachivalaya Police Station Pratap Singh said. Kell Brook and Amir Khan (Photos:


ANCHESTER, UK - Amir Khan’s proposed fight with Kell Brook this summer is off after negotiations broke down between the pair. After years of failed talks, an allBritish superfight looked to finally be on the cards after both Khan and Brook insisted they wanted the clash. But once again the plans have failed to materialise, with each boxer now claiming the other one is stopping the fight from happening. Bolton boxer Khan claims Brook has walked away from the fight, but Brook and his promoter Eddie Hearn revealed that was because Khan insisted on a 70-30 split of the purse in his favour. Hearn wanted the fight to be a 5050 split, but Khan is adamant he is the ‘A-side’ in the fight. Khan tweeted: “Eddie I’m the Aside and you and Kell know he will make more than he did against GGG (Gennady Golovkin). “70-30. You will both make a lot of money. More than your mandatory Errol Spence. 50-50 won’t get me near my Canelo paycheque.

“We offered Brook more money to fight than the Golovkin fight. He got ÂŁ2.4m for Golovkin. I offered more as a guarantee so forget the percentage.â€? The latest developments come after comments that Khan had made on TV earlier in the day. “My team sat down with Kell Brook and his manager. We tried to make the fight and Kell Brook said he doesn’t want the fight, so it’s not happening,â€? Khan told ITV’s This Morning. “It’s something I didn’t want to tweet, but I want to tell the truth. I want the fight and Kell Brook has just walked away from it, he doesn’t want it. “Maybe he has other options and doesn’t want the big fight. I think he is just fooling the British public. “I was getting the blame of not having the fight, and now that I’ve said yes I’ll take the fight, Kell has stepped back and is making excuses to try and make me look like the bad one. I want the fight but the answer from Kell and his team was no.â€? Hearn has hit back at Khan’s claims, and believes that the fight needs to be 50-50 in order to take place.


Arsenal’s Wenger charged with misconduct


ONDON - Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been charged by the Football Association for verbal abuse and pushing during Sunday’s game against Burnley. Wenger pushed fourth official Anthony Taylor after being sent off in Sunday’s 2-1 Premier League win. He had been dismissed for reacting angrily to a 93rd-minute penalty given to Burnley, who trailed 1-0. After the game, Wenger, 67, apologised. He has until 18:00 GMT on Thursday to respond to the charge of misconduct. An FA statement read: “It is alleged that in or around the 92nd minute, Wenger used abusive and/or insulting words towards the fourth official. “It is further alleged that following his dismissal from the technical area, his behaviour in remaining in the tunnel

area and making physical contact with the fourth official amounted to improper conduct.� After being sent to the stands by referee Jon Moss, Wenger moved away from the pitch but stood at the tunnel entrance and refused to move as he tried to watch the remaining few minutes of Sunday’s match. As Taylor encouraged him to move away, Wenger was seen to push back against him. When asked about what had led to his dismissal, Wenger said: “Look, it was nothing bad. I said something that you hear every day in football. Overall, nine times out of 10, you are not sent to the stand for that.� He added: “But if I am, I am, and I should have shut up completely. I was quite calm for the whole game, more than usual.�


Sweet Malay victory

Feeling great: Mixed doubles pair Tan Kian Meng-Lai Pei Jing are all smiles after winning the Malaysian Masters title in Sibu yesterday. (Photo: Bernama)


IBU, Malaysia - Shuttler Lai Pei Jing could not hold back the tears after winning her first Open home title with Tan Kian Meng at the second-tier Malaysian Masters.

by Julian Guyer

The frontline spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja been rested from the three-match T20 series against England, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), announced in a statement on Monday.


Leg-spinner Amit Mishra and rightarm off spinner Parvez Rasool have been picked to replace the duo in the

ONDON | AFP - Bernie Ecclestone’s four-decade reign as a “one-man dictator� of Formula One had to end if the sport is to have the fresh start it needs, new chairman and chief executive Chase Carey says. Ecclestone’s time as the colourful ringmaster of the Grand Prix circuit was effectively finished on Monday when US-based Liberty Media completed its takeover of motorsport’s most prestigious brand in a deal valued at about $8 billion. While the 86-year-old Ecclestone, a former car salesman, was widely credited with transforming Formula One into a multibillion global business, there have been growing complaints in recent years that the sport has failed to modernise under the Englishman’s no-nonsense leadership. But he said that F1 “needs to be run differently than for the last four or five years�, Carey said. “In many ways, in a simplistic sense, the sport said ‘no’ too much and we have to start saying ‘yes’ – not gimmick it up but find ways to do new and exciting things to have the sport continue to grow and interest and excite people. “The takeover could create a host of new opportunities for a sport that has struggled to attract a new generation of fans.�

There was no double joy for Malaysia as Goh Sze Fei-Nur Izzuddin Rumsani ran out of gas in the men’s doubles final. The 19-yearolds squandered a 9-2 lead in the first game to lose 19-21, 12-21 to Indonesian youngsters Berry Angriawan-Hardianto Hardianto. Said Izzuddin: “We did well to get off to a good start. Unfortunately, we lost focus. The Indonesians caught up and we caved in to pressure. We’ll bounce back stronger from this defeat.�


ndia’s Twitter trends received an almighty stir at the turn of 2017 when news of Rishabh Pant’s maiden national team call-up poured through. Because cricket, like most sports, loves a good prodigy story, almost as much as it does tales of heroic comebacks. There’s an innate sense of ‘what’s next’ when a batsman can belie his

He was recently picked for India-A tour game against England in which he picked up three wickets. Rasool is only cricketer to play for Team India in the history of JK cricket. (

cherubic 19-year-old face to amass 972 runs at a strike-rate of 107 in 12 Ranji Trophy innings. That he can offer wicket-keeping services to go with all his leather clubbing is a double whammy. The beauty of unruined youth is the promise of limitless possibilities - of new ideas and perspectives. And that’s why cricket is perpetually in search of its next Sachin Tendulkar. (

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Ka Long beat Lee Hyun-il 14-21, 21-15, 10-9 after the South Korean retired with a leg injury in the men’s singles final.

by Kaushik Rangarajan

! VE LI LY IL EN o t W E

Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s Angus Ng Ka Long and Indian Saina Nehwal emerged champions in contrasting styles.

He continued his superb run in domestic cricket and this season he amassed around 650 runs and took 38 wickets during the Ranji season.

Raina’s spark needed


“Now that I’ve won the title, the pressure is off me. It’s time to look forward with confidence,� she added.


After making his debut in One Day International against Bangladesh for Team India, Rasool was sidelined from the squad.

RINAGAR, India - Parvez Rasool has found his way back into Team India as he was selected for the upcoming T20 -series against England.


The 24-year-old Pei Jing was relieved

“I’ve been in pain over the last few weeks. I struggled to find my rhythm in training, even losing my temper with Kian Meng and my coaches (Chin Ee Hui and Pang Cheh Chang).



The win made up for their failure in the final at the Grand Prix Gold tournament in Penang last year.

“I didn’t expect to lift the title here. I’ve been struggling for form,� said Pei Jing before breaking down during the press conference.

Motorsports F1’s director out after 4 decades

by Abid Khan


On Sunday, Pei Jing combined well with Kian Meng to pull off a 21-17, 21-9 win over team-mates Goh Soon HuatShevon Lai Jemie in a 36-minute mixed doubles final at the Sibu Indoor Stadium.

after winning the title worth US$9,840 (RM43,750).

Binod’s father had alleged his 30year-old son had an affair with a girl, who is also a sportsperson. The relationship was opposed by the girl’s family and they were targeting his son, the officer said, adding, probe is on.

The frontline spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja been rested from the three-match T20 series against England, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), announced in a statement on Monday rJNNJHSBUJPO!HSXQDDPN


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FRIDAY, January 27, 2017

Your Horoscope for the Week of January 27, 2017 READ YOUR COMPLETE HOROSCOPE

by Hardik Vyas, Astrologer Cell : 832-298-9950


Aries (A,L,E) 21 March to 20 April

Libra (R,T) 23 Sept to 22 Oct

Get back to your basic needs and wants. People with attitude problems shouldn’t even come into the equation, stay clear of them. Your dilemma is that everybody wants a piece of you. You’ll have no choice but to be yourself when you journey on this new adventure. By week’s end, the mysteries will start to wear thin and expose the harsh reality that really exists. You may have to temporarily withdraw from your profession in order to handle this personal matter.

You need to find your voice and figure out how to use it to your best advantage. Before moving ahead on your own, think about ways to unite others. Human emotions cannot rule you, this time. You must try to look at things on an a more intellectual plane. Try your best to stay clear of those who try to bring you down to their level. You need to look beyond the immediate to understand how the bigger picture works. Everyone needs to feel secure, some may rely on luck but you have your own strategy in place.

Taurus (B,V,U) 21 April to 20 May

Scorpio (N,Y) 23 Oct to 21 Nov

Act on your emotions. Sometimes, you may be too quick to re-act, but this week, you’re right to take a stance. Others are the same as always, but your perception of them will change radically. Be aware that your words and your actions will affect them greatly. You can probably talk your way out it, but everybody is watching to see the outcome. Stay calm and your confidence level will rise. Everybody wants security, but their concepts may be different than yours.

You like the way things are and want to order more of the same. Try to calm yourself down, go about your business and don’t be jealous of those on top. Your constant support will encourage others to go the distance for you. Cherish your friendships and you’ll never feel alone, again. A friendship could even turn into something stronger. Exciting events should prove to make fun week-end plans. Your wishes and dreams will thrive on the new secure place you’ve found within yourself.

Sagittarius (BH,F,DH,TH) 22 Nov to 21 Dec

Gemini (K,CHH,GH) 21 May to 20 June Recent events have made your temper flare and you need to re-organize and consolidate your energy. Even though you feel agitated, you’re very social and very capable. Once the meetings are over, transform your home into a refuge from the real world for a while. Step back and realize that things aren’t quite as bad as you thought. Your positive flow has actually put you in a better position than you were before. You may have to act before you think you are ready to do so. Trust your intuition and don’t allow others to intimidate you.

You will be highly under emotions. Waves of positive & negative thoughts will create kind of confusion, So you may find it’s difficult to focus & do decision making. You will be little aggressive in your work but be careful that you don’t hurt anyone’s emotion, If you do so, immediately say & admit sorry, this will make you & other person calm & hence you will be able to move ahead smoothly. Time is not good for lending money to someone, you may loose your money or it will return late to you.

Capricorn (KH,J) 22 Dec to 20 Jan

Cancer (D,H) 21 June to 22 July Negative energy will have no power over the positive flow that you are rolling on, but remember, you need to learn to walk first before you can run. The warmth you feel inside will spark your passion for life. Get out there and enjoy all that life has to give. Look past others misgivings in order to take advantage of their expertise. You may not understand all the workings of a new technology, but you can figure out how to use it for your own purpose. Check your list and make sure you cover all the bases.

A sense, that you are thinking too much but not able to implement on it will lead you. This may create frustration, little depression & will lead to little health issue like upset stomach. Patience will be your mantra to pass this week smoothly. You need to have some blessings & positive energy to get the things done. Taking your parents to temple or places of their interest will bring blessings & positivity in your life. You should keep yourself away from any gambling related activities.

Aquarius (G,S,SH) 21 Jan to 19 Feb

Leo (M) 23 July to 22 August You know just which emotions to draw out of others and when to do it. You could combine valid points of view to provide a dynamic effort. Supporters will rally for your cause. Look upward and forward. Doubts should not be considered an option. Teamwork is easy for you and it could prove to be very profitable, in the long run. You’ll come out ahead no matter where you start from. By week’s end, you may get tired of being patient. Selfishness will try to rear it’s ugly head, unless you get what’s rightfully yours.

Virgo (P) 23 August to 22 September You need to continue to play the waiting game. Others want answers right away, but you should take some time to analyze the whole picture. If you try to push the process faster, something will hit the fan. Unfounded suspicions and accusations will only make others more uncomfortable. It’s better to keep quiet than to be negative. A surprise will shake things up and provide you with some answers. Try to be as discreet as possible. You’re ready to accept the news but not everybody is.


You usually work hard but lately you’ve been very relaxed in matters of importance. Everyone is a specialist or is in need of one. Prove that you know more than your history suggests. Save time and money by drawing on the resources that you already possess. If this strategy has worked for you in the past, then it will probably work again. Strike a happy medium with authorities who are being too rigid about your boundaries. An apology, a smile or a hug will get you what you want.

Pisces (D,CH,Z) 20 Feb to 20 March In order to accomplish your immediate goals, you must reach out and try new ways to get the job done. If you want to see results, you should know who can help. You have a great network of allies that can provide you with some solid support. Partnerships will bring you more resources than if you try to go it alone. Listen to reason rather than emotion. If you start to promote your own ideas others will find it hard to deny your requests. By week’s end, you should try to slow down your pace a little so you don’t forget certain details that are important to you. You’ll need a cool and level head while others are losing theirs.


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Voice of Asia Newsweekly e-paper January 27 2017  

Voice of Asia Newspaper is based in Houston since 1987. We reach South Asian and Asian American families in Houston and surrounding cities i...

Voice of Asia Newsweekly e-paper January 27 2017  

Voice of Asia Newspaper is based in Houston since 1987. We reach South Asian and Asian American families in Houston and surrounding cities i...