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FRIDAY, October 20, 2017



Serving Harris, Fort Bend and Surrounding Counties for 30 years Vol. 30 No. 41 Friday, October 20, 2017 • Published Weekly from Houston • 713-774-5140 28 Pages ( 2 sections) 50 cents E-mail:


FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017


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VOICE OF ASIA 3 Medicare open enrollment has begun: What you need to know Read on Page 18 Call 832-806-1000

Serving Harris, Fort Bend and Surrounding Counties for 30 years

Vol. 30 No. 41 Friday, October 20, 2017 • Published Weekly from Houston • 713-774-5140 28 Pages ( 2 sections) 50 cents E-mail:

Haley pushes UN to follow tougher US stance on Iran by Carole LANDRY

its fate to the US Congress.


“The United States has embarked on a course that attempts to address all aspects of Iran’s destructive conduct -- not just one aspect,” Haley told the council.

NITED NATIONS, United States | AFP | Wednesday 10/18/2017 - US Ambassador Nikki Haley urged the UN Security Council on Wednesday to follow in the US footsteps and confront Iran over what she described as its “aggressive, destabilizing and unlawful behavior” in the Middle East. The council met for its monthly debate on the region just days after US President Donald Trump refused to certify the Iran nuclear deal, leaving

Texas Students Pledge to Stay Drug Free at Red Ribbon Rally Rally at State Capitol Kicks Off National Red Ribbon Week


USTIN – More than 1,000 Texas fifth and sixth graders participated in the Red Ribbon Rally kickoff event at the State Capitol this afternoon. The rally is the statewide kickoff to Red Ribbon Week, the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the United States, reaching millions of students nationwide. Supported by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission,







Continued on Page 12


“It’s critical that the international community do the same.” Trump’s decision has been sharply criticized by Washington’s partners in the deal -- France, Britain, China, and Russia -- which sit on the Security Council as permanent members along

with the United States. Germany is also a signatory. The 2015 nuclear deal was unanimously endorsed in a Security Council resolution, placing the onus on the top UN body to ensure its implementation. Haley accused Iran of “playing” the council by complying with technical provisions of the deal while threatening peace and security in the Middle East with its “outlaw behavior.” Continued on Page 12

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley charges that Iran’s “destructive conduct” is a source of instability in the Middle East

Donald Trump celebrates Diwali in Oval office WASHINGTON: PTI | Oct 18, 2017 ) US President Donald Trump has hailed the extraordinary contributions of Indian-Americans to science, medicine, business and education in the country as he celebrated his first Diwali at the White House! Trump was joined by senior IndianAmerican members of his administration including Nikki Haley, his Ambassador to the United Nations and Seema Verma Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Ajit Pai, Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission and Raj Shah, his Principal Deputy Press Secretary also joined Diwali celebrations. “As we do (celebrate Diwali) so, we especially remember the People of India, the home of the Hindu faith, who have built the world’s largest democracy,” Trump said in a Facebook post along with a video of his Diwali celebrations inside the Oval Office. Continued on Page 4

President Donald Trump seen celebrating Diwali in the White House with US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley and Republican Hindu Coalition founder Shalabh Kumar in a screengrab from a video posted on his official Facebook page.

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by Charles P. Pierce

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hat was quite a puppet show that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, the Attorney General of these United States, put on before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. He was there for the stonewall and by god he took care of that. It was right there in his opening statement. It is well-established that the president is entitled to have private confidential communications with his Cabinet officials—his Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Treasury, and certainly his counsel and the Attorney General of the United States, which provides counsel. That rang a familiar alarm bell in my head that didn’t stop pealing throughout JeffBo’s time on the stage. It seemed to me, anyway, that, in that opening statement, and every time he declined to answer a question about Russia and its relationship with the campaign that put him in office, or about the circumstances surrounding James Comey’s firing, or when he got in a run-out-the-clock wrangle with Senator Al Franken about the carefully barbered testimony that JeffBo had given on all of those matters during his confirmation hearings before this same committee, he had a running theme. He seemed to be making a tacit—and, occasionally, less than tacit—argument that he is somehow the lawyer for the Executive Branch, and for the president. There are compelling precedents for why this is a very dangerous attitude to have. Somewhere in the Beyond, the shades of John Mitchell and Richard Kleindienst were nod-

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

Jeff Sessions Is Not Donald Trump’s Lawyer

And that suggestion could be a license for corruption ding at the whole idea. Treating the DOJ like the house law firm is how we got Watergate. It was how then-AG Edwin Meese gave the IranContra conspirators a window to shred those inconvenient documents that were not smuggled out in Fawn Hall’s lingerie. It doesn’t much matter if the Postmaster General thinks he is an employee of the president and not a public servant, but having the attorney general feel that way is an invitation to deceit under the color of law, and to sanctified corruption. If JeffBo is more than halfway down that path, it will surprise approximately nobody. Consider, for example, his non-answer to Senator Diane Feinstein when she asked him why “strangely” the Justice Department was defending the president* against lawsuits charging that he is violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution through his various hostelries. (Arguments on one of those suits began this week.) He once again cloaked himself in creatively constructed privilege. Much to the amazement of Feinstein, Sessions replied: “I would say that it is the responsibility of the Department of Justice to defend the office of the presidency in carrying on these activities against charges that are not deemed meritorious.” There’s all manner of deadly

implications in that one sentence. It is decidedly not the DOJ’s responsibility to “defend the office of the presidency.” That’s how Mitchell and the rest of them ended up in the federal pokey. And it is certainly not the responsibility of the Attorney General of the United States to determine whether an action brought

Donald Trump celebrates Diwali in Oval office Continued from Page 3

made incredible contributions to the country - and to the world.

Trump said he greatly valued his “very strong relationship” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“You have made extraordinary contributions to art, science, medicine, business and education. America is especially thankful for its many Indian-American citizens who serve BRAVELY in our armed forces and as first responders in communities throughout our great land,” he said.

Trump said he was deeply honoured to be joined by so many administration officials and leaders of the Indian-American community in celebrating Diwali -- the festival of lights. The president’s daughter Ivanka also joined him in celebrations, according to a picture released by the White House. In his remarks, Trump said Indian-American neighbours and friends have

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against the president is “meritorious” one way or the other. I mean, it’s not like there’s a lack of lawyers hanging around this White House. Why does the president* need to borrow one of ours? The shadow of corruption in this administration* is everywhere and it’s so damn obvious that I think it scares people a little.

6250 Westpark Dr, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77057

“Today, we proudly celebrate this holiday in the people’s House. In so doing, we reaffirm that Indian-Americans and Hindu-Americans are truly cherished, treasured and beloved members of our great American family,” Trump added.


FRIDAY, October 20, 2017


Second Front Page


Tel: 713-774-5140

Grand Diwali Bazaar Celebrations at Sri Meenakshi Temple for them. Many of the colorful rangoli displays by the local talented artists showed the amount of talent in our community, and provided a visual feast to the attendees in the Kalyana mandapam.

Priests and devotees offer prayers. by MTS Board members


EARLAND - Diwali (Deepavali) festival was celebrated at Sri Meenakshi Temple Society (MTS), Pearland on October 14, 2017 in a grand manner. With an estimated attendance of over 5,000 people of all ages from around the Houston metro area and over 42 vendor booths, the visitors came throughout the day in a steady stream in spite of two other diwali bazaars in the area. Sri Meenakshi temple has grown by attracting more and more people from all the diverse communities, with the divine blessings of Goddess Meenakshi to all. Deepavali, the festival of Lights, is considered as one of the most important Hindu holidays. It symbolizes celebration of the victory of good over evil. It is a day of festivities that transcends the borders of age, language, and religion. Sri Meenakshi temple is the shining jewel of worship, and this year it was especially meaningful to seek the divine blessings and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow devotees after

experiencing many hardships from the unusual natural disasters. This was the unanimous thought among all the visitors. The day started auspiciously with clear fall weather skies. This is the day when it is believed that the sacred Ganga river flows throughout the world and an early morning bath is equivalent to a dip in the holy waters of Ganga where all our sins are washed away. The priests started the pujas at the break of dawn and worked tirelessly till late evening, attending to the devotees needs. The traditional Lakshmi puja was conducted in the Main Temple at 11am and 6:30 pm by the priests with incredible decorations for the mother goddess and an ambience filled with devotion and traditional prayers. It was a sight to behold, with the highlight of the religious event being the elaborate Lakshmi Puja with sahasranama (1008 names) archana was performed by the priests and witnessed by the thrilled devotee audience with tremendous enthusiasm and devotion. The final Aarthi accompanied by vedic chanting enthralled the hearts of all

present. Goddess Lakshmi was taken on a procession around the temple with great fanfare and pomp in the beautifully decorated and shining silver Ratham (chariot), stunningly lit up with blue lamps. Hundreds of devotees took part in pulling the chariot rope to the resounding drumbeat of “chenda melam” (traditional drums of Kerala). Among the many attractions organized by MTS for the young devotees were the children’s cultural program, carnival, and arts competition. Brightly clad children entertained the visitors by displaying their wonderful talents in traditional Indian dances and songs. Children were seen having lots of fun at the carnival. The arts competition had 3 age groups aimed at art, writing, and oral presentation. The participants showed great talent, and some of their art work will be displayed in the temple premises. The winners in the written and oral presentation competitions will be showcased in the MTS radio program soon. Many young kids had fun time bouncing around at a special playground setup

The 22nd MTS Annual Free Health Fair was a phenomenal success. It was well attended and had the high- Mayor Tom Reid sand Kyle Price, CEO of Memorial Hermann Southeast est attendance Hospital cut the ribbon and inaugurated the Fair so far. Over 150 people received free blood tests: Complete Blood count, Metabolic profile, Lipids, Thyroid profile, EKGs, Vision , Dental , Urologic, and General medical checks. Volunteers poured in to support from local physicians, nurses from Memorial Hermann South east, Kindred Hospitals, San Jac School of Nursing, UH Pharmacy School, and Medical students from Dan Arnold Center for Vision Rehab. MTS Chairman Narayanan welcomed every one and Pearland Mayor Tom Reid, CEO Mr. Kyle Price, and COO Mr. Mario Garner of Memorial Hermann Southeast and Pearland Hospitals, Kindred Devotees took part in pulling the chariot rope CCO Joanne Barrett cut the ribbon and inaugurated the Health Pearland Tom Reid, and John The MTS board members Fair. Dr. P. Vaduganathan, the Kelley, Superintendent of thank the community for their coordinator of the Health Fair Pearland Independent School support and extend our invitarecognized the Health care pro- District cut the ribbon and in- tion for everyone to attend the viders for their valuable contri- augurated the Bazaar. Large Maha Kumbhabhishekam celbutions. number of visitors were seen ebration on Thanksgiving day Honorable Mayor of Pearl- thronging the bazaar shopping November 23rd, 2017. Our and Tom Reid, and Kyle Price, their hearts and wallets out. temple will have the unique CEO of Memorial Hermann The busiest place was unsur- honor of being the only North Southeast Hospital cut the rib- prisingly the food tent. Six lo- American temple housing the bon and inaugurated the Fair. cal restaurants set up shop and “Nayanmargal and Azhwarkal” Over 45 vendors displayed served authentic Indian dishes along with the 3 “Acharyas”. their exotic jewelry, saris, non-stop till midnight. MTS We humbly request every devocostumes, art works, pictures, Chairman Narayanan thanked tee to attend and get the divine books etc in the grand bazaar the Deepavali Bazaar coordi- blessings. that filled up the entire Youth nator Joint Treasurer Kamala Lokha samastha sukino bhaCenter. Honorable Mayor of Raghavan for a job well done. vanthu!!

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FRIDAY, October 20, 2017


Sugar Land, Katy, Stafford, Missouri City, R

Fort Bend ISD hosts mental King Lakes Indian Americans celebrate Diwali in Katy health awareness and wellness event for community

King Lakes participants of the Diwali event. From ‘Making Lemonade Out of Lemons: A Workshop on Wellness’ (Photo: FBISD)


ATY, TX - The Indo-Americans of King Lakes celebrated Diwali on Saturday, October 14 at Tompkins High school, Katy. Volunteer team of the IndoAmericans of King Lakes organized the event. Diwali is the festival of lights to celebrate the victory of good over evil. However, Diwali is also a time when people come together as a community to honor and share Indian culture, heritage, and values. The main purpose of this event was to provide a platform to engage kids to learn, understand, and honor this amazing Indian festival. Over 250 diverse guests wearing beautiful and traditional Indian clothes attended the community event for the 7th year in row. The event hall was full with beautifully dressed women, men and kids, eager for the fun-filled evening ahead. The celebration began by invoking God through the singing of Ganesh Vandana by the Ladies


ort Bend ISD hosts mental health awareness and wellness event for community (October 16, 2017) – The evening of October 11, 2017 at the Clements High School auditorium wasn’t just an evening to sit and listen to a presentation. Speaker Joshua Rivedal was there to engage and listen to the audience on a subject that is often considered taboo – mental health.

Young performer at the celebration.

Continued on Page 8

Fort Bend ISD’s Counseling and Postsecondary Readiness Department teamed up with Advocates of Healthy Minds to bring “Making Lemonade Out of Lemons: A Workshop on Wellness” to the community. Rivedal incorporated his project, the Changing Mind Series from The i’Mpossible Project to give parents, students and staff tips on how to deal with

stress and anxiety reduction. Rivedal shared personal stories on obstacles he encountered in his life, such as abandonment, abuse and suicide. However, through it all, he managed to overcome it. With personal storytelling, and a little improv acting, Rivedal provided the audience an entertaining, yet informative way to discuss ways to develop healthy coping skills and how to eliminate unhealthy ones. Rivdal’s visit to the community is just a small part of FBISD’s Counseling and Postsecondary Readiness Department’s new initiative this year – FBISD Speak Up – which is focused on promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention by reducing the stigma and fear associated with being an upstander and reaching out for support,

either for yourself, a friend or family member. “The vision is to grow the FBISD Speak Up initiative to include more campus activities for students, including lessons, school-wide campaigns and parent education,” said Heather Bowman, Elementary Counselor Coordinator. “We want students and parents to feel safe in talking about mental health and reaching out for support.” Visit FBISD’s Counseling & Postsecondary Readiness Department’s webpage for more information. You can also learn more about Joshua Rivedal on his website, www. and download handouts from his presentation at

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FRIDAY, October 20, 2017



Richmond, Rosenberg and Meadows Place

Aliana Indians celebrate Diwali at Vadtal Dham by Shobana Muratee ICHMOND, TX – Indian American residents of the Aliana subdivision in Richmond area gathered at the new Vadtal Dham Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Temple on Clodine Rd. to celebrate the Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights on Sunday, October 15 evening. It was a good opportunity for newer residents of the area to mingle and get familiar. The Aliana Indians Committee founder member Prashant Prabhu, mentioned that they had been hosting such an event regularly since 2013 with intent to get the families familiar with each other. Few other committee members Sharad Amin, Ina Patel, were welcoming the gathering. Earlier, such events were hosted on a larger scale however, this year it was relatively simpler due the recent hurricane he said. The program included games, fancy dress competitions for children and garba. Guests were treated to gifts by raffle and other giveaways by sponsors. The event was announced 2 months ahead and was by invitation only. Swarali Panse, 15, displayed her paper craft art and even had them on sale. Her art pieces ranging from miniature bridal dolls to intricate work on clocks were highly captivating. Paper and fire don’t blend but Swarali, specially designed paper diyas for Diwali that were on sale for a reason-

Juli Mathew running for Judge, County Court at Law Number 3 in Fort Bend County


Continued on Page 9


Aliana ladies doing the garba. FaceBook image.

Kids who participated in the games. Photos by Shobana M. Alian Indians and temple committee members.

uli Mathew is running for Judge of County Court at Law Number 3 in Fort Bend County, Texas which encompasses Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, Fulshear, Needville, Richmond, Rosenberg, Arcola, parts of Katy, and a few other smaller cities. She was recently appointed as the Associate Municipal Judge of the City of Arcola but wants to run for a county-wide seat. Her aspiration to become an attorney rose from her own family’s difficulty. “My Dad encountered various issues with his business partner who was of Indian descent that attended law school in the US. Although he wasn’t a licensed attorney, my parents were always fearful of him. He constantly bullied and threatened my parents with one thing or another. Once he pulled all of the funds from the business account with no notice and having done no work. He pulled the money just before the franchise fees were due and I saw my parents scramble to pay the fees and all of the bills. I saw the nightmare that it cre-

ated for my parents. The desire to become a lawyer was birthed out of that experience.” She has been practicing for 14 years in Fort Bend and surrounding counties. Fort Bend is close to 50% minority of which a large number of Asian descent, has never had an elected Asian Judge and only very recently, one of minority descent. Juli believes that the judiciary should reflect the community as a whole just as a jury should reflect ones peers. She stated that she wants to be the person when Mahatma Gandhi stated, to be the change you wish to see in this world. “ I always thought that I could do better so rather than just talk about it, I decided to do something about it.” Juli believes in being fair while upholding the Constitution, state, and local rules and the fundamental belief that all men are created equal and equality and justice should be for all. Please support her in her campaign to become the Presiding Judge of Court No. 3 by visiting https://funds.



Houston Durga Bari Puja 2017 – Bringing Bengal to Space City



Telephone – Dial 311


Puja was celebrated at our vast temple complex with Ashtadhatu deities right on a picturesque lake. Puja was conducted by our dedicated volunteer priests over four days led by our Head priest Buddhadeb Bhattachariya. We followed all rituals - from Bodhon to Bishorjan, from Hom to Chandi path to 108 lotuses during Sandhi Puja,. Dedicated volunteers prepared the elaborate Naibidya, Bhog and Dadhikarma. We had about 3500 inde-

Sylvester Turner

P.O. Box 1562 Houston, Texas 77251-1562

ouston’s Durga Bari’s Durga Puja is one of the largest Pujas in North America. It won the very first Best Puja in the international category from Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Durga Bari has decided to donate $10,000 from Puja to Mayor’s Harvey Relief Fund. Consul General Of Houston, Dr. Anupam Ray attended the Puja, organized by Puja Chair Partha Ghosal and HDBS President Anindya Chakrabarty and team. Puja season started with Mahalaya and Anandamela celebration - there was remarkable turnaout with lots of activities including food fest, Mahishasuramardini and movie Chilekotha. Main Puja was celebrated September 28-October 1 with Kali Puja on October 20-21.

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

Greetings, As Mayor of the City of Houston, I extend a special welcome to the readers of Voice of Asia on its special Diwali edition. Diwali, the "festival of lights" is an ancient Hindu festival. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness or good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. Its celebration includes millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors and windows, around temples and other buildings in the communities and countries where it is observed. I commend you for your efforts to preserve your distinctive heritage and culture within the Houston community. The strengths of this great city are in the men and women who make up our diversity and cultural richness.

Priests at Durga Bari Temple performing Durga Puja. pendent footfall from all over Houston, Texas and other states for our Puja.

programs, this year’s programs were exciting, high-class and tremendously entertaining.

The entire complex became a fun-filled festival – the milieu of people milling around with mikes blaring. From the entrance gate to Las Vegas style lighting, we converted the temple complex to a VegasKolkata lighting wonderland.

Volunteers cooked delicious food and served it under a canopy. From lunches to bhog to snacks to dinner, you will have a gourmet food experience here. Tutored by the elders, dhaaks were played by secondgeneration kids, for every arati and bishorjan. For bishorjan, we took the Kala Bau and the pitchers three times around the temple in a procession and then, immersed them in the lake.

Houston’s stage brought together the most powerful lineup for 2017 with not two or three but eight famous artists rocking the Houston crowd. From Haimanti Shukla to the singer creating waves back home - Jimut to Chandrika to Aritro-Somchanda to Soumyojit-Sourendro to our domestic

In short, we created India and Puja festival in Space City right here in the heart of Texas.

Celebrating unity in diversity, this event is a time of joy and excitement for a bright future ahead. As you gather to honor and celebrate this special occasion, I join you in paying tribute. Best wishes for a memorable celebration and Happy Diwali!


Sylvester Turner Mayor

Council Members: Brenda Stardig Jerry Davis Ellen R. Cohen Dwight A. Boykins Dave Martin Steve Le Greg Travis Karla Cisneros Robert Gallegos Mike Laster Larry V. Green Mike Knox David W. Robinson Michael Kubosh Amanda Edwards Jack Christie Controller:

Chris Brown

King Lakes Indian Americans ... Continued from Page 6

Ladies play with gulal (red powder) as part of the celebrations.

group of King Lakes. This was followed by the cultural talent show, which displayed a number of diverse performances ranging from: Bollywood dances, Martial Arts demonstrations, Piano recitals, and Classical Indian dances. The talent show was heart of the event with the entire audience mesmerized with the numerous performances. One of the highlights of this year’s event

was the set-up of a professional photo booth. Everyone got a chance to take a family photo with festive Diwali decoration. All the attendees enjoyed a festive dinner along with Diwali sweets. Another highlight of event was work done by young volunteers (ages 4-15), from welcoming people, providing help during talent show, maintaining silence, and helping serve food. From the exciting Talent

Show to the exhilarating Dandiya, the seventh annual King Lakes Diwali celebration was a hit. Event photo art credit goes to Kedar Challa , Ketul Raol and Kirtan Patel. Indo-American of King Lakes thanks its volunteer team and Platinum sponsor Mohsin Noon of Ameriprise, and Silver sponsor Dr. Amit Gaba, Katy Family Smiles.


FRIDAY, October 20, 2017


Happy Diwali To All Sugar Land Prepares for Halloween Town in Sugar Land Town Square


UGAR LAND, Texas – Something’s brewing, and it will be a ghoulishly fun, wicked good time for everyone! Halloween Town is set for Sunday, Oct. 29, from 4-8 p.m., in Sugar Land Town Square. Admission is free and open to the public. Halloween characters will roam Town Square inviting children to participate in several activities, including festive crafts and coloring stations, an interactive rock wall, a Munchkin Pumpkin Patch, the Trunk or Treat zone and inflatables for children. Coloring stations will be provided by Keep Sugar Land Beautiful, and Nutty Scientist Fort Bend will have a children’s chemical lab onsite. Booth sponsors for Halloween Town include Life Essentials Chiropractic, i-9 Sports, Clas-

sic Chevrolet Sugar Land, Overture Sugar Land, Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Sugar Land, Camp Cho-Yeh and Renewal by Anderson. People and pets in their Halloween best are invited to enter Halloween Town’s costume contest in the following categories: Category

Contest Time 4:30 p.m.


3 Yrs Old or Under 5 p.m. 4-7 Yrs Old

5:30 p.m.

8-11 Yrs Old

6 p.m.

12 Yrs or Older

6:30 p.m.


7 p.m.

Remember that Halloween Town is for friendly ghosts,

goblins and ghouls, so no blood or gruesome horror, please. There will be no onsite registration, so get a jump start, and register online today! Sign up children or pets using the contest entry form at A free shuttle service will run from Mercer Stadium, 16403 Lexington Blvd., to Sugar Land Town Square from 3:30-8:30 p.m. Limited parking will also be available in the Texas and Lone Star garages located in Town Square. For more information about the event, contact Sugar Land Parks and Recreation Department at (281) 275-2825, or visit parks for a complete listing of events. Don’t forget to follow Sugar Land Parks and Recreation on social media using @ SugarLandParks.

Aliana Indians celebrate Diwali....

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Continued from Page 7

able price. She now teaches other children so they can join her and help meet up with the demand. Learn more about her from FaceBook page Picturesque quilting. Vadtal Dham Temple was the venue and the host of the event. Refreshments were served early that evening followed by dinner later on. The temple functions in currently in a double-wide trailer that sits on a 10 acre land where the 35,000 sq. ft temple will

English Express

GROUP • PRIVATE ONLINE CLASSES 6666 Harwin Drive, Suite 155, Houston, TX 77036

Swarali Panse, 15 with her paper art work. Phto by Shobana Muratee.

be constructed by 2019. Madhanmohan Patel, who manages the temple, informed that the temple will be complete with Community Hall and kitchen, yoga center and a large play ground. The temple plans to offer medical and humanity services as well.

Left: Children who participated at the costume contest. FaceBook image.


Gabriella Rowe Head of School at the Village School MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES

Rekha Muddaraj TV Anchor - KHOU 11 News SPECTACULAR FASHION SHOW

Ghungat By Shaveta and Anuj Choreographed by Simran Rihal We are pleased to announce that Pratham will donate $10,000 or 10% (whichever amount is higher) of the proceeds raised from our Annual Holiday Luncheon to recovery efforts in the Houston community. The funds will be donated to Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Anywhere Security System

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A ONE INTERNATIONAL 281-493-1888 10148 Hwy 6, S., Sugar Land, TX 77498

In addition, the first $10,000 raised at the Luncheon will be matched dollar for dollar by Pratham leadership, ensuring that a minimum of $20,000 will be raised. ************************* For tickets and sponsorship, visit or send an e mail to Tel: 713 774 9599



FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

Gujarati Samaj of Houston celebrates Navaratri Mahotsav From September 21 thru September 30, 2017.

Gujarati Samaj of Houston Executive Committee and Trustees present check to Gitesh Desai – President of Sewa International Houston Chapter and Vivek Sharda – Young Volunteer of Sewa International Shaivangi Gala as singers, Atifbhai on Keyboard and Darshak Thacker on Drummers to start the Navaratri celebrations. Krishna Sounds also provided high quantity sound for all 10 days.

Garba, a vibrant dance was the highlight of the celebration. by Girish Naik


ooking back on time many of the committee members of Gujarati Samaj of Houston cannot believe that after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, we would have such a tremendous response to Navaratri Mahotsav from September 21 to September 30, 2017. Just when everything was planned out, venues were selected and finalized for the weekday Garba at Arabian Shrine Center and the Friday/ Saturday Garba at NRG Center, Hall A, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, flooding homes and causing people to be displaced from their homes and for many losing whatever they had. Navaratri preparations turned into Relief preparations and helping friends and family that were affected by the hurricane. Our Weekend Navaratri venue NRG Center became a shelter for victims of Harvey. Gujarati Samaj Committee met and decided to that that Navaratri Mahotsav should be

dedicated to Harvey victims. 20% of ticket sales and all Aarti collection should go towards Harvey relief funds. Friday/Saturday Garba venue were re-finalized to Marriott Westchase Ballroom Hall just a few days before Navaratri. Muzica band was on the way from India and still one more

hurdle, Lots of rain in Mumbai causing flights to be delayed/cancelled from Mumbai, Our Artist travelled overnight to Ahmedabad and got flight to Houston, landing one day late but with help of Krishna Sounds we were able hire “Darshak Thacker Live Band” with local artist Hemant Dave/

The rest is history, Respond from our Houston community came out very strong. Young and older generations dressed in colorful traditional dresses danced to the music and drummers of our Muzica Band. It was an amazing sight to see the different variety and styles of Garba dances and the amount of energy this young genera-

tion bring to the floor. On the eighth day of Navaratri, which is considered a very significant day in the 10 days celebration, We had a tremendous response to the appeal we made that all aarti money will be donated to Harvey Relief fund. We had 118 aartis to the goddess Durga. On Sept 30th Gitesh Desai, President of Sewa International Houston Chapter and young volunteer Vivek Sharda were invited. Amee Patel, President of Gujarati Samaj of Houston presented a check in amount of $6500.00 to Sewa

International. Amee Patel was quoted “It was a very fullfilling moment for us to do something for Harvey victims, at difficult times we need to stand by our community and do as much as we can. We have seen Sewa International working day and night for Harvey victims and we are very pleased that we as Gujarati Samaj of Houston could also make a difference. It is the dedication and sincere hard work of all the executive committee, trustees and volunteers that makes a program successful and I am glad to have such a wonderful team.”.

Death of young son creates a pledge to help Street people in India


udarshan Bhatia, an old widow in Houston lost her younger son, an Indian Army Helicopter pilot seven years ago in a fatal crash. Mrs. Bhatia lives in Houston and losing her younger son was devastating for not only her, but the whole family. However, that did not stop her from helping poor people in India. She and her elder son Yogesh Bhatia who lives in Vancouver, with the help of family in Canada and US started helping poor people

in India. For the past few years, the family had been using their personal funds and donations from friends to fund the charity work in India. Funds raised are used to provide cataract surgeries for poverty struck people in India, under a project known as Gift a Sight. Yogesh founded the non-profit organization – Friends for Cause Foundation (FFCF) in 2012 in Canada and flies to India every year to carry out the proj-

ect. He makes sure the people on the streets are getting their vision tested, and having the surgeries done as per medical guidelines. Providing a vision test and a pair of glasses falls under the project “Gift a Vision”, whereas providing a surgery if required falls under the project “Gift a Sight”. This year, a group of students from University of British Columbia are helping Yogesh to collect funds for Gift a Vision Project. Various organizations in Canada and in India have part-

nered to raise funds and awareness when he implements this project. Till date, 750+ people have been provided with free cataract surgeries and another 1,500 have been provided with eye glasses. Friends for Cause has also partnered with Sri Govindaji Gaudiya Matha of Houston to help collect funds. We request others to come forward and join us because together we can make a great difference, says Taruna Das, President

of the Sri Govinda Gaudiya Matha, Houston. Recently FFCF Canada has started enrolling Indian youth in North America who may be interested in helping the cause. “Through the Gift a Vision and Gift a Sight projects, we hope to provide children in countries such as India with a clear vision to what the future may hold for them and their limitless potential”, says Akash, President of the youth wing. Continued on Page 11


Join us in Gift

a Sight Projects “Free Cataract Surgery Camps” Project implemented by: Friends For Cause Foundation, Vancouver, Canada, & Govindaji Gaudiya Matha Temple (IGVS), Houston, USA

Lecture by: Yogesh Bhatia Founder & Director, Friends For Cause Foundation, Vancouver. on Gift of Sight Projects in India Followed by Question & Answer Session. at Govindaji Gaudiya Matha Temple 16628, Kieth Harrow Blvd, Houston 77084 Date: Sunday 22nd Oct 2017 at 7 pm

Free Surgeries for Street People in India 100% funds go towards the cause contact: Vancouver: 604-366-6942 • Houston: 832-283-9684

Sponsored by: Deelish Cakes 100% Vegetarian cakes. • 832- 466-1599

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017



Little girl Grim store sales cast shadow todahead of India’s ‘festival of lights’ saves dler from

Death of young son creates a drowning in pledge..



OUSTON (KHOU) - A weekend party turned scary when a toddler ended up at the bottom of a pool, but it was a little girl who jumped in and saved him. Sofia Patel started swimming early in life. “It was hard at first,” admitted the 7-year-old swimmer. She began lessons at Houston Swim Club in Pearland at just 3 years old, never imagining the skills she learned would save someone’s life. “When I saw him I said, ‘I need to save that kid because no one else could save him’ because I was underwater at that moment,” she said. The second grader was at a weekend party at a neighbor’s home when the toddler fell in the pool.

A woman looks at sarees in a store in the Indian city of Hyderabad. Pictures by Sajjad Hussain AFP by Megha BAHREE


EW DELHI, India | AFP | This close to India’s glittering festive season, the cash register at Neha Tandon’s clothes store should be working overtime as revellers snap up elegant sarees for Diwali celebrations and lavish wedding parties. But the traditional spending sprees have not transpired this festival season, the first since a sudden recall of India’s high-value banknotes sent shockwaves through Asia’s third-largest economy. “Demonetisation” caused months of crippling cash shortages that hit businesses hard and economists concede it contributed to dragging on India’s growth, which hit a three-year low of 5.7 percent in the first quarter of the financial year. Retailers say consumers remain scared of parting with their cash and blame that upheaval, and subsequent economic reforms from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for their festive sales woes. “Since demonetisation, there has been less cash around. But even that aside, the Modi government is so volatile people are afraid to spend,” said Tandon at her boutique in Delhi, where just one woman was browsing the racks of sarees less than a week from Diwali. The Confederation of All India Traders, the body representing 60 million retailers, says pre-festival sales are down 40 percent compared to last year’s $4 billion Diwali bonanza. Since then, Modi has overhauled India’s tax system and cracked down on corruption, flagship reforms many argued were necessary but slowed the economy. The timing could not be worse for traders, who rely on consumers spending big on clothes, jewellery and gifts to lavish on friends and family ahead of Diwali, the biggest celebration of the year for India’s one billion Hindus dubbed the “festival of lights”. “I’ve never seen it this bad. We’ve been here 40 years and trust me, this is not normal,” Tandon said. - Scared to spend Some flashier shopping malls reported stronger sales over the weekend, but smaller outlets say the damage has been done. Praveen Khandelwal, the general secretary of the traders confederation, said there was no hope of a last-minute rebound with some marketplaces “absolutely deserted”. “Usually at this time, it’s impossible to move in the markets. But this year it’s certainly not like that. This is the worst Diwali in a decade for traders,” he told AFP. Luxury items have borne the brunt of the austerity this season, with sales of wristwatches, formal wear and jewellery plunging. But the penny pinching is also being felt in other industries usually booming during the festive season. In a normal year Bengali Sweet Center, a traditional confectioner, might prepare up to 5,000 boxes of Indian sweets for corporate clients preparing gifts. This year, those orders have nosedived to just 60 boxes, said owner Sriyansh Jain. Fireworks vendors, who sell more during Diwali than any other time, are also facing a dismal year with crackers banned in Delhi to curb the capital’s horrendous air pollution. The depressing holiday sales cap off a tough year for retailers, who have been buffered in the wake of Modi’s economic reforms and attribute the

disruption with the glum consumer climate. The cancellation of more than 80 percent of India’s rupee banknotes, a move designed to undercut the black market, wiped out cash reserves and threw businesses into chaos. Eight months later Modi followed up with the biggest tax overhaul in a generation -- replacing more than a dozen state and national levies with four different rates of between five and 28 per cent.

jobs for its ever-growing population. These two policies were singled out last month when the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development downgraded India’s growth forecast for the year to 6.7 percent, down 0.6 point from their June outlook. The Modi government has promised the short-term pain would bear fruit down the line. But such overtures offer little comfort for retailers staring down the barrel of a record-bad year.

Retailers complained they were not ready for the massive shake up, with some sectors striking as others scrambled to work out what to charge under the new tax regime.

“The mood is really down. People are more cautious about spending,” said fashion retailer Sunit Nanda, nervously looking around his quiet shop in Delhi.

Economists had long argued such steps were vital if the country of 1.25 billion people is to continue creating

“But these next few days are critical for our business, so I hope things pick up.”

“I went underwater and grabbed him with this hand and then I got him to a low step because, I couldn’t carry him no more and then the adults came and did everything else,” said Sofia.The toddler’s parents started CPR and it wasn’t until an ambulance came, Sofia’s parents learned how much her swimming skills paid off. “The mother of the little boy came over and gave Sofia a hug and said ‘Thank you for saving my little boy’s life’ and we were like what? My daughter did that,” said Tejal Patel, Sofia’s mother.

Continued from Page 10

Bindu Chakravarty, Professor in Houston Community College is also supporting her brother Yogesh for the last seven years in collecting funds from Houston. Many individuals in Houston and Vancouver were inspired by the work being done by those involved with this organization, and their compassion for those in need. This year, FFCF has set their goals high, they plan to provide 300+ surgeries and hope to help 20,000 children under the Gift a Vision project. The ones requiring surgery will be shifted to the Gift a Sight project. The approximate cost for both the projects comes out to be $35,000.00. The cost under Gift a Vision, where they plan to help 20,000 street children is $1.00$1.25 per child, which includes a vision test and providing glasses if required. This approximates to $20,000, while the surgeries of 300 people will cost $15,000 @ $50 / surgery. The President of FFCF youth, Akash, along with other active members Joban & Tanmai are encouraging youths of North American universities have launched a crowdfunding site at GoFundMe with the target to collect $20,000 for the Gift a Vision Project.

“It makes me happy that I saved someone’s life,” she said.

Yogesh is here in Houston and will be speaking at few gatherings organized by his friends and family and will be talking about cataract surgeries and Gift a Vision project for poor school kids. They have created a crowdfunding site to raise funds where 100% of the proceeds go towards the cause. The crowdfunding page is located at Gift-A-Vision and all donations are deeply appreciated as even a dollar can be the start to a change in a child’s life.

The toddler’s family asked not to be identified. However, they told KHOU 11 they’re incredibly grateful for the brave response that saved their little boy’s life.

Yogesh can be contacted through his e-mail while Tarunkrsna Das of Sri Govindaji Gaudiya Matha can be contacted through

“It felt awesome, because I could finally put my swimming lessons to use for once,” said Sofia. Back in the pool, she’s still sharpening her skills and thankful what she’s learning came in handy.



FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

South Asian editors, journalists condemn murder of Maltese investigative reporter “Indeed, the news is relentlessly gloomy – week after week brings news of journalists abducted, jailed, prosecuted and killed.” EW DEHLI - A group of South Asian journalists and editors on Tuesday (October 17) released a statement condemning the death of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who died in a powerful car bomb blast on Monday.


Caruana Galizia ran a popular blog in which she highlighted cases of alleged high-level corruption targeting politicians from across party lines. She was also the Malta journalist who was part of the international Panama Papers investigation. Politico recently referred to Caruana Galizia as a “one-woman WikiLeaks“. Her most recent revelations looked into Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and two of his closest aides, connecting offshore companies linked to the three men with the sale of Maltese passports and payments from the government of Azerbaijan, the Guardian reported. The South Asia Media Defenders Network (SAMDEN), an association of professional journalists, editors and bloggers, said in their statement, “Daphne Galizia’s killing on Monday comes at a time of a clear increase in violence and intimidation, aimed at journalists and media. The trends show shrinking space for freedom of expression amidst concerns about a climate of increased intolerance

Texas Students Pledge to Stay Drug Free at Red Ribbon Rally Continued from Page 3

the event is an opportunity to educate students and the public through activities, prevention messages and commitments to live drug free. The rally focused on Texas prevention priorities, which include prevention of vaping, prescription drug use, and alcohol use. This year, Red Ribbon Week will be observed in schools and communities across Texas from Oct. 23-31.

The event utilized the 2017 National Red Ribbon Week theme, “Your Future is Key, So Stay Drug Free,” and aimed to motivate students to pledge their commitment to a drug-free life. Today’s rally, sponsored by Texas Rep. J.D. Sheffield, featured interactive activities and reinforced key prevention messages, highlighting strategies to say no to drugs and make healthy choices. Students wrote letters to local representatives

about why they think it’s important to live a drug-free life, participated in ColdTowne Theater improv sessions, and signed pledges committing to stay drug-free. For more information, please visit and The Red Ribbon campaign was created in memory of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Enrique Camarena, who was murdered by drug traffickers in Mexico in 1985.


NGOOR ADDA, Pakistan | AFP | Wednesday 10/18/2017 - Pakistan’s military took the rare step of flying international media to the border with Afghanistan Wednesday to showcase its efforts to harden the porous, militancywracked frontier: a chain-link fence shrouded in barbed wire. The roughly 10-foot tall fence, which Pakistan announced it had begun building in March, stretches through parts of the rugged tribal districts of North and South Waziristan along the Afghan border. Over recent decades militants from the Afghan Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and other militant groups have operated with impunity in the region, crossing the colonial-era frontier at will. A top Pakistani officer in South Waziristan told foreign media at Angoor Adda’s Hamza Fort that the fence was an “epoch shift” in control of the border. To date only 43 kilometres of the border have been separated by the fence, but the officer said the entire length would be covered by the end of next year. “There’ll not be an inch of international border that shall not remain under observation by December of (20)18,” said the officer, who the military requested not be named. “By the time we are done, God willing, we’ll be very sure of one thing, that nobody can cross this place.” Pakistani




forts spaced along the frontier scanned the rolling, bush-covered hills on the other side. Inside the forts, more troops monitored CCTV cameras trained on the fence, illuminated by solar power at night. The military also took reporters by helicopter to Kitton Orchard Fort near Ghulam Khan in North Waziristan, more than 200 kilometres away. Pakistan and Afghanistan have long accused one another of offering safe havens in the border region from where militants could launch devastating cross-frontier attacks. In August, President Donald Trump lambasted Islamabad for harbouring “agents of chaos” on its soil. Washington has for years accused Pakistan of allowing Afghan Taliban fighters to regroup inside its borders and target NATO and Afghan troops inside Afghanistan. Islamabad has repeatedly denied the accusations, and claimed the US has ignored the price it has paid in thousands of lives as it grapples with militancy. Kabul, meanwhile, has denounced the fence, which threatens to upset the daily lives of communities who have traditionally paid little mind to the border. Afghanistan has refused to recognise the Durand Line, a 2,400-kilometre frontier drawn by the British in 1896, as it splits the Pashtun ethnic group between the nations.

The council has adopted a “dangerously short-sighted approach”, Haley said. “Judging Iran by the narrow confines of the nuclear deal misses the true nature of the threat.” “Iran must be judged in totality of its aggressive, destabilizing and unlawful behavior. To do otherwise would be foolish,” she said. - No mention of the Palestinians Haley pointed to arms sales and military support in Yemen, Lebanon and Syria as examples of Iranian violations of UN resolutions while singling out Iran’s missile launches as “the regime’s most threatening act.” The tougher US stance toward Iran provides an opportunity for the council to show that it will defend its resolutions and “change its policy toward the Iranian regime,” she said. Haley’s appeal, however, failed to draw strong support.

Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia tersely reminded Haley that the Middle East debate is aimed at tackling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that she “didn’t even mention the word Palestine.” Turning to Iran, Nebenzia warned that “attempts to dismantle the architecture of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program will lead to a negative reaction in the Middle East and beyond.” France did not mention the Iran nuclear deal, and warned against downplaying the im-

even in ‘democratic’ nations. Galizia was well-known for her fearless investigations into the Panama Papers, an issue which has embroiled many entities and individuals in South Asia and beyond.” “Indeed, the news is relentlessly gloomy – week after week brings news of journalists abducted, jailed, prosecuted and killed. The latest incident casts a pall on the right of journalists to do their professional work without fear or favour.” The statement, signed by director of the Common-

wealth Human Rights Initiative Sanjoy Hazarika, founder editor of Himal South Asia Kanak Mani Dixit, founding editor of The Wire Siddharth Varadarajan and others, asks the government of Malta to “energetically and urgently investigate the case so that the killers are identified, caught and prosecuted”. The fact that Caruana Galizia killing comes closely at the heels of the murders of Indian journalists Gauri Lankesh and Shantanu Bhowmick points to the “widespread incidence of such anti-media violence”, the group said. (-The Wire)

Warning for China as US hails India ‘partnership’ by Dave Clark ASHINGTON, | AFP | 10/18/2017 The United States vowed Wednesday to work with India in preference to China over the next century to promote a “free and open” Asia-Pacific region led by prosperous democracies.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered his unexpectedly sharp message to Beijing on the same day President Xi

Pakistan hails new Haley pushes UN to folAfghan border fence low tougher ... to curb militancy Continued from Page 3

Daphne Caruana Galizia (Above). ““There are crooks everywhere you look. The situation is desperate,” she wrote in the days before her murder. (Photo credit: daphnecaruanagalizia. com)

portance of a Israeli-Palestinian deal to foster stability in the Middle East. Britain said it was ready to address concerns about Iran’s ballistic missile program and regional activities, but warned against scrapping the nuclear deal altogether. “We encourage careful consideration of the implications to the security of the US and its allies before taking any steps that might undermine the JCPOA, such as re-imposing sanctions on Iran lifted under the agreement,” said British Deputy Ambassador Jonathan Allen. The nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), provided for a gradual lifting of sanctions on Iran in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear program. Iran’s ambassador hit back, accusing Haley of providing “the wrong address when it comes to the root causes of insecurity in the Middle East”. At the “core” of the all conflicts in the Middle East is Israel’s “occupation of Palestinian land,” said Ambassador Gholamali Khoshroo. He argued that “no country had done more than Iran” in the fight against the Islamic State group and slammed the US administration for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, which is waging war in Yemen. Council members heard a briefing from UN official Miroslav Jenca, who welcomed the recent Palestinian unity deal and again criticized Israel for building new settlements in the West Bank.

Jinping opened the Communist Party congress. His upbeat speech was designed to set the stage for a visit next week to China’s main Asian rival India, and to lay out a vision for a 100-year “strategic partnership” between Washington and New Delhi. But President Donald Trump’s chief diplomat also took the opportunity to compare the United States and India -- the world’s “two greatest democracies” -- with China, which he said was undermining the “rules-based international order.” Coming on the day Xi opened a party congress designed to further secure his long-term control of what is already one of the most powerful Chinese presidencies in history, Tillerson’s address will be seen as provocative. After the speech, reporters asked a senior State Department official whether it had been intended as a warning or a rebuke to China. “It’s a speech that was designed for many audiences,” he said, smiling. “The fact that he mentioned China is obviously built into the speech,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “But this is a speech, obviously, that we hope all countries in the Indo-Pacific region will take to heart.” Washington and Delhi have been building stronger ties for some time, but Tillerson made one of the clearest cases that the “shared values” underpinning the relationship make India and the United States ideal partners. As such, the speech also amounted to a warning to great power rival China that Washington will build regional alliances to counter its ever-growing power, while promoting free trade and open sea lanes. - ‘Provocative actions’ “The United States and India are increasingly global partners with growing strategic convergence,” he said. “Indians and Americans don’t just share an affinity for democracy. We share a vision of the future,” he said, projecting the relationship into the next 100 years. Promising greater prosperity and security in a “free and open Indo-Pacific,” Tillerson did push India -- which has

its own range of protectionist laws -- to open up its borders to more regional and US trade. But his harshest words were for China, the Asian economic behemoth and the nearest rival to India’s huge population or to the United States’ still worldleading economy. “China, while rising alongside India, has done so less responsibly, at times undermining the international, rulesbased order,” Tillerson chided. “China’s provocative actions in the South China Sea directly challenge the international law and norms that the United States and India both stand for.” The senior US official, briefing reporters to flesh out the themes of the speech, said the idea of a “New Pacific” is a priority for both Trump and Tillerson. In more concrete terms this would mean a four-way arrangement of Australia, India, Japan and the United States to “anchor” the huge region and set standards for trade and security. Implicitly, this would exclude China. As it has slowly emerged as a powerful, economy India has avoided entangling alliances, preferring to maintain cautious relations with both Washington and Beijing, but Trump has built warm relations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. - ‘Greatest democracies’ “The secretary of state spends a lot of time dealing with problems. India is an opportunity,” the senior official said. Last month, the chief of India’s army warned that China had been “testing our limits” in a recent border stand-off and warned that Delhi’s forces must be ready for conflict. India and China went to war in 1962 over the state of Arunachal Pradesh and China has maintained better ties with Delhi’s foe Pakistan. Tillerson did not directly address August’s stand-off on the Doklam plateau in the Himalayas, which is claimed by both China and Bhutan, an ally of India. But he vowed that Washington “won’t shrink from China’s challenges to the rules-based order, or where China subverts the sovereignty of neighboring countries.”


FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

National Association of Indian Nurses of America Advanced Practice Nurses Forum


dvanced Practice Nurses (APNs) are masters or doctoral level prepared nurses with rigorous theoretical and clinical preparation who provide primary, acute or specialty care services to various patient populations. APNs are licensed independent practitioners who provide and coordinate either primary or specialty patient care, as cited by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States. There are four different types of advanced practice nurses: Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives, Nurse Anesthetists and Clinical Nurse Specialists. In order to work in any of these roles, a nurse must complete an applicable academic program and may undertake the national board certification. National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA), a minority nurses organization for nurses of Indian origin, embraces the key message from the Institute of Medicine report (IOM), The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health released on October 5th, 2010 which states that: a) Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training b) Achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression c) Should be full partners with physicians and other healthcare professionals in redesigning health care in United States. Additionally, the aging American population places higher demand on the expanding need of clinically competent APNs. The health care providers, policy makers, and payers find that utilization of

Pratham USA raises $500K in Virginia


ASHINGTON: Pratham USA, an Indian non- governmental organisation has raised more than USD 500,000 this year towards providing quality education to underprivileged children in India. At its latest fund raiser in the Washington DC suburb of Virginia, Pratham raised USD 275,000 from about 360 guests. Actor R Madhavan made an impassioned plea with his keynote address underscoring the importance of tangible results when giving back. “Pratham is doing an extraordinary job in making a huge difference in the lives of people, especially children and women in India,” Madhavan said. The people who attended the event were visibly moved by Nisha Sisodiya, a young woman from Rajasthan, who bravely told her story of how she overcame an abusive marriage to become a successful entrepreneur after discovering Pratham’s vocational programme. Pratham provided her seed funding and mentorship to be able to launch her own beauty salon where she provides livelihood for other women in the community. Please consider giving generously at (-Economic Times)

APNs is crucial when there is shortage of primary care physicians. There is also increasing healthcare demand with the nation’s population growth and aging patients with multiple chronic diseases. APNs deliver cost effective comprehensive healthcare, blending their clinical expertise in preventive care, diagnosing and treating the health conditions, and managing chronic diseases. The APN forum was established under NAINA in 2015 with the goal of uniting all the APNs of Indian origin under the leadership of then NAINA president Sara Gabriel, MSN, RN, MBA. The committee was chaired by Lydia Albuquerque, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC, CCRN. The dedicated session for APNs during the NAINA’s 5th biennial educational conference held at Chicago in 2016, was well received and applauded by the attendees. The goal of APN forum is to provide a culturally sensitive platform to APNs, where they can receive mentorship, networking and professional development opportunities, to render culturally competent, holistic and compassionate care to the populations they serve. The APNs will also be a strong voice for policy changes in areas of health disparities affecting the aging population of Indian origin through evidence based research. Clinical Excellence Conference 2017 NAINA has planned a clinical excellence conference, which is being hosted by the Indian American Nurses Asso-

Search for missing Texas toddler narrows


Indian American woman killed, husband injured after being T-boned by drunk driver

ciation of Greater Houston on Dec 2nd, 2017 with the theme “Advancing Health through Excellence in Clinical Practice”. This conference is designed for all registered nurses at various levels of practice, physician assistants, and nursing students. The conference will focus on important clinical issues faced by healthcare professionals and will offer didactic lectures and focused discussions based on evidence-based practice guidelines. There will be presentation of scientific posters depicting original research or process improvement projects. These posters will give the presenters means to showcase their scientific inquiry, clinical excellence and crucial research literacy skills. The 2017 clinical Excellence conference is planned under the leadership of the current president Dr. Jackie Michael, PhD, APRN, WHNP-BC, and the conference chairperson Lydia Albuquerque, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC, CCRN (NAINA) and Acamma Kallel, MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC, CCRN (Houston). The APN forum has representatives from each state and has been instrumental in planning this conference. The planning committee has worked together to put an educational program with continuing nursing education hours. More information about this conference can be viewed at www. Please contact:Lydia Albuquerque: lydia or Accamma Kallel: accamma

Richardson Police Department handout photo.


ICHARDSON, Oct 17, 2017 - (KWTX) Authorities have narrowed the search for a Richardson toddler who’s been missing for more than 10 days to some specific areas including a field near a community college. Sherin Mathews, 3, was last seen at around 3 a.m. Oct. 7 when, according to an arrest affidavit, her father, Wesley Mathews, 37, forced her to stand next to a tree in an alley behind the house as punishment for not drinking her milk. When he went outside about 15 minutes later, the girl was gone, the affidavit said. On Tuesday, officers fanned out in wooded areas, along creeks and in fields including one near Richland College, assisted by police K-9s and a law enforcement drone task force. The field near the college is less than 2 miles from the girl’s home.

Police say at about 11 p.m. Monday, a man driving a Volvo was going north on Buckner Boulevard near Garland Road when he T-boned a Toyota Avalon.


ALLAS -- A wife was killed and her husband was injured after a suspected drunk driver slammed into their car in East Dallas. Police say at about 11 p.m. Monday, Damondrae Garner, 25, was driving a Volvo north at a high rate of speed on Buckner Boulevard near Garland Road when he ran a red light and T-boned a Toyota Avalon.

investigation continues,” Richardson police said in a Facebook post. The girl’s father waited about five hours before he reported the toddler missing, authorities say.

Cadaver dogs were also seen at the scene, KXAS-TV reported.

Mathews said he decided to wait until dawn to search further and passed the time by doing laundry.

“Detectives will evaluate the results of today’s efforts while the

He didn’t report that the girl was missing until around 8 a.m.

Zachariah Paulson, 62, was driving the Avalon, and his 56-year-old wife, identified as Minya Paulson, were taken to the hospital. Minya Paulson died a short time later. When the Avalon was hit, it spun and hit another car with two people inside. They were treated at the scene and released. Garner was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter. Family members tell WFAA that Minya “Miny” Paulson was a mother of four and worked as a nurse at Baylor University Medical Center.

on Oct. 7. But police have determined that Mathews’ 2013 Acura MDX SUV was gone from the family’s home between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. on Oct. 7. “We are asking for residents and business owners within an area where this vehicle could have traveled within that hour to review and preserve any video possibly containing this vehicle, police said.


FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017



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American Express CEO Ken Chenault to retire

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Samsung’s revamped Bixby takes on Amazon Alexa


AN FRANCISCO | AFP | Wednesday 10/18/2017 - Samsung on Wednesday announced it is upgrading its Bixby digital assistant and making it available for a range of connected devices, setting up a clash with Amazon’s Alexa and others competing for leadership in artificial intelligence. The South Korean electronics giant, which is the world’s biggest smartphone maker, launched Bixby last year but only for its own flagship Galaxy handsets. The new Bixby 2.0 will be open to developers in a move to put the personal assistant on more devices, the company announced at its developer conference in San Francisco. “Bixby 2.0 will be ubiquitous, available on any and all devices,” said EuiSuk Chung, Samsung executive vice president, in a blog post.


EW YORK CITY | AFP | Wednesday 10/18/2017 - American Express announced Wednesday that longtime chief executive Kenneth Chenault will retire in February, as it transitions to new leadership amid profound technology upheaval in shopping and payment systems. Chenault, one of the most prominent African American executives in the US, will be replaced by Stephen Squeri, who worked as a group president for AmEx’ corporate services group before becoming vice chairman in 2015. “We’ve had a very thorough succession process underway for five-plus years that involved every member of the board and we are unanimous in our decision that Steve’s the best person to build on the progress under way at American Express,” Robert Walter, lead director on the AmEx board, said in a news release.

The transition was touted by AmEx’ biggest shareholder, Warren Buffett, who called Chenault “the gold standard for corporate leadership” and praised Squeri as “the right person for the job.” Chenault is credited with building up AmEx’ customer loyalty programs, as the credit card company’s revenues grew to more than $32 billion last year from under $1 billion in 2001 -- the year he was tapped as CEO. The move came as AmEx reported third-quarter earnings of $1.3 billion, up 19 percent from the year-ago period, as it cited strong revenue growth in key consumer segments. But it has faced criticism from some analysts over its efforts to reposition itself to shifting consumer tastes and better differentiate its offerings in the mobile technology era. AmEx shares rose 0.4 percent in after-hours trading to $92.41.

“This means having the intelligence of Bixby, powered by the cloud, act as the control hub of your device ecosystem, including mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, home speakers, or any other connected technology you can imagine.” The move puts Samsung and Bixby squarely in competition with Alexa, the artificial intelligence program powering Amazon’s connected speakers and on many third-party devices including appliances and cars. Also competing in the space are Google and Microsoft, which have their own digital assistants that can be used for smart homes and connected vehicles. While the first iteration of Bixby drew mixed reviews, Chung said the 2.0 version will be “a powerful intelligent assistant platform that will bring a connected experience that is ubiquitous, personal, and open.” He called Bixby 2.0 “a fundamental leap forward” for digital assistants. “Today’s assistants are useful, but ultimately still play a limited role in people’s lives,” Chung said.

Samsung is revamping its Bixby digital assistant and making it available on competing devices, ramping up competition with rivals such as Amazon’s Alexa

Corporations to keep tax break lost by millions of Americans Jacob Sanchez Diagnosed with autism

ASHINGTON - Millions of Americans would lose a prized tax break under President Donald Trump’s sweeping revamp of the tax code, but corporations would get to keep it. The Republican proposal would eliminate the federal deduction for state and local taxes, a widely popular break used by some 44 million Americans, especially in high-tax states like New York, New Jersey, California and Illinois. (-Washington Post0


“People use them to set timers and reminders, answer trivial questions, etc. We see a world where digital assistants play a bigger role, an intelligent role, where one day everything from our phones, to our fridge, to our sprinkler system will have some sort of intelligence to help us seamlessly interact with all the technology we use each day.” When Bixby was introduced, it was billed as a system to control nearly all tasks in smartphone applications to make the devices simpler to control.

Samsung last year bought Viv, an artificial intelligence startup with cofounders who were part of the team that built virtual assistant Siri, used in Apple devices. Speaking at the WSJD Live conference this week, Samsung Next president David Eun said, “When we think about Bixby, we don’t think about it as a voice gateway on a single device. We think of it as a service across all devices in the home -- TVs, appliances, even cars.”

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Actress Suhasini Maniratnam set to perform in Houston


sprightly young girl was often accompanied to Kalaimamani K.J. Sarasa’s Bharatanatyam dance class by her aspiring actor uncle. Soon he became a famous movie star and she subsequently blossomed into a brilliant actress, like her illustrious uncle Kamalahasan and her father, Charuhasan, Dance was relegated to the back burner as her acting career became more demanding. But now, after numerous awards, marriage to the legendary director Maniratnam, and a satisfyingly successful acting career, Suhasini is dipping her toes into dance again, but from a different perspective. She will be seen as the Sutradhari (Storyteller) in ANTARAM, a dance theatre production that also features Krithikha Subrahmanian, who will be performing (Bharatanatyam) Gopika Verma (Mohini Attam), and Yamini Reddy (Kuchipudi). This wonderful trio brings to life great iconic women characters such as Andal, Kannagi and Vasavi. Their stories are woven to-

gether into a beautiful fabric through the theatrical interpretations by Suhasini, the storyteller. The eclectic mosaic of songs reveals the artistry of great

music composers - A.R. Rahman, Rajkumar Bharathi, O.S. Arun, Hyderabad Brothers, and Arun Gopinath. A work of art as diverse and exquisite as

a Texas quilt, ANTARAM promises entertainment that will cater to different artistic pallettes. The English narration by Suhasini gives an excellent dramatic effect while simultaneously explaining the content of the songs which are in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Sanskrit. Krithikha Subramanian, a disciple of the great Bharatanatyam dancer-guru Sudharani Raghupathy, Gopika Verma, one of India’s foremost exponents of Mohini Attam, and Yamini Reddy, daughter and disciple of the famous dancing duo, Raja and Radha Reddy, work in great harmony and their excellent chemistry is very obvious in this most unique presentation. where dance and drama come together to celebrate great women in history and mythology. ANTARAM is brought to you by Samskriti, and will take place at MATCH Houston, 3400 Main St, Houston, TX 77002 on October 28, 4 PM. Tickets are VIP, $50 and $25, and are available at www.matchouston. com / (713) 521-4533 (MATCH box office). For further information, go to or call or (832) 275-9658.

After yoga, meditation breaks into the mainstream

Companies are also reaping meditation’s benefits. More and more organizations in Silicon Valley and other sectors are introducing employees to the practice, convinced of the longterm benefits for the workforce.


Since April 2016, when she discovered the then-brand new studio, the investment bank employee has abandoned yoga and embraced meditation. “I have been meditating pretty regularly -- probably five times a week, 30-minute sessions,” says Lyons, sipping a cup of tea on the studio’s sofa. “I just need a moment to chill out. This city -- you are always running place to place and there are not a lot of quiet spaces,” she explains. “I think it’s made me a lot happier and also just helped me make better decisions, more thoughtful decisions.” Practiced by millions around the world, meditation promotes mental wellbeing through concentration,

For a long time, those singing its praises were intellectuals, celebrities or people dedicated to spirituality.

Lodro Rinzler, Mndfl’s 34-year-old “chief spiritual officer,” opened his first studio in Greenwich Village at the end of 2015, and now owns two others in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Elsewhere in the US, studios can be found in Los Angeles, Miami, Washington and Boston.

Its popularity in the West is owed in part to the Beatles, who promoted the practice on their return from India in the late 1960s. But these days, meditation can be found in all areas of life -- from hospitals exploring its benefits for patients with serious illnesses, to schools who recommend it for children and television shows. The craze is a result of many factors -- waning attendance at places of worship, lives spent submerged in smartphones, not to mention neuroscientists’ confirmation of the benefits. As a result, demand is spreading across American cities -- perhaps a natural continuation of the yoga craze, which firmly embedded the search for nirvana in the health and wellbeing

- $10 for half an hour -

Introduced to meditation as a child by his parents, who converted to Buddhism in the 1970s, he says business “is going well.” “The people who come here are really a cross section of all New Yorkers,” he explains. “If the common denominator is, ‘I am really stressed out, I need to know how to deal with my mind’ -- that’s basically everyone.” Rinzler refuses to talk money, revealing only that classes are often full -- and the 75 numbered pads in his studios have been reserved online 70,000

K. V. Doraiswamy Bhattar 281-489-0464 or 281-948-8368

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This is part of a world tour that’s covering India, Singapore, United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia and USA! - About The Show Carrie Fischer said ‘Take your broken heart and make it into Art’.

KK says ‘What was my Blood will flow like Chutney - Main Course Comedy, Side Dish Blood’

- CEOs join, employees follow -



LOOD CHUTNEY is Karthik Kumar’s third solo standup special.

The reason for success? A model offering a well-rounded introduction to this ancient practice for a reasonable price.

Their model is similar to gyms, but with “zen” in abundance -- including dimmed lights, plant walls, and unlimited organic tea.

breathing techniques and self-awareness.

Get ready for a hilarious show from India!

Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu said ‘For me Blood means for you Chutney-aa?’

With classes priced at just $10 for half an hour, and options for unlimited subscriptions, new studios in New York or Los Angeles hope to capture a wider audience.

EW YORK | AFP - It is 5 pm, otherwise known as rush hour in Manhattan. Julia Lyons, 31, finishes work and heads straight for her daily dose of peace and quiet -- half an hour at meditation studio “Mndfl.”

Karthik Kumar - Back in USA

times in just 18 months.

For years, Rinzler explains, Buddhist centers only offered long introductions -- sessions of several hours, or even seminars lasting a number of days and costing up to several thousand dollars.

The 75 numbered pads in Mndfl’s meditation studios have been reserved online 70,000 times in just 18 months (Photo: AFP)

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

Emily Fletcher, an ex-actress who has taught meditation since 2012, launched a special program for companies 18 months ago. Starting from 150 students in the first year, she now has over 7,000 -and hopes to reach tens of thousands more with online courses, including in medium-sized cities such as Cleveland, Ohio or Tallahassee, Florida. “The most common way that I find myself teaching at companies is I teach the CEOs to meditate, and they start to benefit and they bring me on to do a talk with the company,” Fletcher, CEO of Ziva Meditation, says. Employees take part on a voluntary basis, mostly “for some selfish reasons,” the 38-year-old explains. “Either they want to speak better, please their boss, want to make more money or have better sex...” But Fletcher insists she has no issue with people starting out of selfinterest. “If you actually practice you will start enjoying your life more, your brain will function better, your body will feel better, you get sick less of-

Blood Chutney is Comedy Catharsis, and is KK’s 3rd Comedy Special after #PokeMe & Second Decoction. A Stand-Up Comedy Special born out of difficult personal situations. An effort to make you believe that all tragedy is just an opportunity for positive thinking. Come and watch KK take on life’s punches and convert them into punchlines! Powered by Evam Standup Tamasha and Produced By 4Th South Production House Two Shows at Rockefellers Houston (3620 Washington Ave, Houston TX 77007) Matinee - 4:00 - 5:30 PM Evening - 8:00 - 9:30 PM Tickets can be bought at

ten,” she says “Those altruistic things will happen as a result of the practice anyway.” - Mobile meditation Another aspect of the industry gaining traction is meditation apps. One of the most popular, Headspace, had already been downloaded more than 11 million times in the spring -and boasts over 400,000 paying users. But meditation’s newfound popularity is of such high intensity, neither Rinzler nor Fletcher is concerned about competing studios popping up over time. “I am sure they are going to be exactly like yoga studios, you are going to find them on every block...” Rinzler predicts. “If you look at it as a business, there is competition,” Fletcher reflects, adding, “if you see it as a mission, there are colleagues.” “There are not too many teachers when it comes to teaching four billion people in my lifetime!”

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The People’s Lawyer

Triple Net Lease: Things You Need to Know

Hurricane Harvey People’s Law School videos are online Richard M. Alderman Interim Dean of the Law Center

Recently, the Center for Consumer Law at the University of Houston Law Center presented a special session of the People’s Law School devoted to legal issues arising from Hurricane Harvey. The three most popular classes dealt with insurance issues, FEMA, and landlord tenant/ consumer issues. All three sessions were recorded and are now available at http://www. If after watching the videos you have any questions, you may contact the Center for Consumer Law at, or 713-743-2168l Q. My landlord has not fixed a serious problem in my kitchen. Do I have the right to just fix it myself and withhold the repair cost from my rent? A. What you are talking about is called “repair and deduct,” and as a general rule you may not do this. Assuming you have given your landlord proper written notice to make the repairs and the condition affects your health or safety, you may repair and deduct only for a few specified very serious problems. The law allows you to deduct if the repairs are for the overflow of raw sewage, the lack of water or

heat, or certain housing code violations that materially affect health or safety. In all other cases, your remedy is to sue for the cost of repairs or terminate your lease. If you withhold rent when you don’t have the legal right to do so, you could be evicted. For more information about this law, look at the landlord tenant section on my website, www.peopleslawyer. net. Q. I changed jobs about 3 months ago. I recently received an email from my former employer stating he overpaid me on my last paycheck. He is requesting I send them a check for the amount of overpayment. Am I legally bound to pay them back? A. I assume you probably know the answer to this question. You are legally bound to pay them back, as they would be bound to pay you more if they underpaid you. When you resigned, your employer owed you a set amount of money based on your employment agreement. As far as the law is concerned, the employer must pay you that amount, no more and no less. If you are overpaid by mistake, you have no legal right to keep the overpayment. Q. A friend stopped by my house with her young child. The child started playing with my dog and the dog nipped at the child’s arm. The child sustained only

a small cut. The dog has never bitten anyone before and I think it thought it was only playing. My question is, are we liable for any medical bills? We have never had a problem with our dog before. A. As a general rule, the owner of a dog is not liable when his or her dog bites someone. For a person to be liable, the person must have been “negligent.” Negligence means not exercising ordinary care to protect others from being bitten by the dog. For example, if a dog’s owner knows the dog does not like children and had bitten a child in the past, the owner would have an obligation to keep the dog away from a child. If the owner did not remove the dog, or warn the child and her parents, the owner could be found to have been negligent. On the other hand, if the dog had never bitten anyone and was not a dangerous breed, the owner probably has no duty to take steps to protect the child. If the dog did bite a child, the owner probably would have no liability because he or she was not negligent. This rule is sometimes referred to as the “one bite rule,” meaning that until a dog actually bites someone, the owner has not reason to suspect it will and no duty to protect people from injury. Based on what you say, you would not have any responsibility based on the child’s injury.

Do you want to know more about your legal rights? Check out my website, And if you have a question about a legal problem related to Hurricane Harvey, call 713-743-2165.

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Surendran Koran Attorney & Counselor at Law, PKS Law Firm, PLLC

Question: As a tenant, what would be my financial responsibilities in a Triple Net Lease? Answer: Like it or not, if you want to rent a commercial site it is more than likely that you will be signing what is known as a Triple Net Lease. Chances are, you will be dismayed to learn that your options are limited regarding the type of lease that is offered, not to mention the fact that the NNN lease is unapologetically landlordfriendly. To be blunt, the NNN lease is designed to protect the landlord’s interests; it is meant to help the landlords to minimize his or

her costs while assuring that most financial risks are your responsibility.

big question: why would a potential tenant sign an NNN lease?

The basics of the typical NNN lease are the base rent, plus the NNNs themselves: property taxes, property insurances, common-area maintenance, as well as miscellaneous expenses and charges. Here’s the potentially tricky part: when you are given a base rent and those NNNs, the quoted NNNs are merely estimates -- often very loose estimates -- based on what is known at the time that the lease is negotiated.

Most commercial properties rented via such leases are maintained by a PMC, which generally results in a better level of maintenance and service than might be delivered otherwise. In addition, it has been observed that NNN leases are the norm for desirable commercial properties in what are considered prime locations, areas where the property owner has a significant investment and the property itself is both attractive and functional.

The lease has built-in flexibility that favors the landlord in the name of reconciliation of the actual costs and the estimates of the NNNs that are your responsibility. Such reconciliation can be accomplished quarterly, semiannually, or, in the case of longer-term leases, on an annual basis. The timing of reconciliation depends on the landlord and/or the property-management company (PMC). All of which brings us to the

In a future column, we will consider other issues and concerns related to NNN leases. BIO: Surendran Koran is an Indian-born attorney in private practice in the Houston area. He is the founder of PKS Law Firm, PLLC. He is licensed to practice in Texas, United States District Court Southern District of Texas, and in India. To contact please email:

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Young Life

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

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Singapore acts shine in season premiere of 'Asia's Got Talent' by Gabriel Choo


ingaporean singers impressed judges in the premiere episode of “Asia’s Got Talent Season 2” that aired last Thursday (12 October). Sisters Anne-Sophie Cazaubon, 10, and Ariane, 12, wowed the judges with their version of Leo Delibes’ “The Flower Duet”. Known as The Sisters, they received a standing ovation from the audience. Indonesian-born singer Anggun said, “I loved that, it was beautiful. You really moved me.” “Girls, I really loved it. This is why we’re here, to see talent like that,” praised renowned composer David Foster, who said that they were “so good, they were like one person”. “Where did that come from? The fact that you guys are kids just went out of my mind, and that was beautiful,” said Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park.

Sisters Ann-Sophie (left) and Ariane got through to the semifinals of “Asia’s Got Talent”. (Photo: Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia) Receiving three resounding yeses from the judges, the sisters will be competing in the semi-finals of the competition. Also receiving three yeses from the judges was Prasheela Ramesh, a 14-year-old Singaporean student who sang a rendition of Barbara Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade”. She received praise from Foster, who called her performance “pretty powerful”.

The first Golden Buzzer of the season, which was decided by Park, went to ADEM Dance Crew from the Kyrgyz Republic. “To be honest, I’ve seen a lot of animation shows but the way you put yours together was crazy. It was amazing, it was really, really good,” said Park. The ADEM dance crew will also head directly to the semifinals. (-AFP)

Teaching China’s next generation to express themselves in code

Should small children be banned from watching all screens? by Fiachra GIBBONS


ANNES, France | Regulators and programme makers are at odds over whether small children should be banned from watching television or using tablets and smartphones. France urges parents not to allow children under three to watch TV, and American paediatricians also favour a total ban on screen time until at least 18 months. Carole Bienaime-Besse, who sits on France’s TV regulator, the CSA, claimed Sunday that overexposing babies and small children to digital devices has become a “public health issue”. “People are realising that screens can cause addiction even among very small children, and in extreme cases autistic problems, what is called virtual autism,” she said. “Silicon Valley also knows this. There are lots of educational apps for babies, but in the end the results are counterproductive,” Bienaime-Besse told AFP. Studies show that “children over-exposed to them are the ones who find it hardest at school,” she said. France banned its broadcasters from targetting under-threes in 2008, and blocked Foxowned BabyTV from launching there. But some programme makers insist that bans do not work, especially with so many parents using television and devices to “babysit” their children. - ‘Digital wild, Wild West’ “It is admirable, but probably unrealistic” to try to keep small children away from screens, said Alice Webb, who heads the BBC’s children’s arm, CBBC, and the CBeebies network for pre-school children. “Those times are long gone. Digital is everywhere. This is a tide you cannot get ahead of,” she told top TV executives Sunday at the MIPJunior gathering at Cannes on the French Riviera. That said, the British public broadcaster is so worried about the digital “wild, Wild West”

ings.” Children attend a coding class as taught by Xu Xinyan in Beijing. (Photo: AFP)


or 22 years, Xu Xinyan has taught computer skills and computer science to young Chinese students. Now she is on the front lines of China’s national push to educate the next generation in coding skills essential to excel in the new economy.

“improve the AI education system, strengthen the construction of a talent pool and echelons, (and) especially accelerate the introduction of the world’s top talent and young talent, forming China’s AI top talent base.”

With a Microsoft China Education partner, she is going to bring KODU innovative curriculum to more than 150 schools and 200 IT instructors reaching 30,000 students, through forums, training sessions, and video recordings.

Xu got her exposure to computers while young. As the daughter of an instructor in ship modeling at Beijing’s Museum of Science and Technology, Xu was selected to join a pilot program to test children’s interest and aptitude.

China sees artificial intelligence and robotics as future engines of the Chinese economy, and crucial areas of industrial growth. Authorities are investing heavily to build China’s domestic capabilities in computer science. The cultivation of “high-end talent (is) of the utmost importance in the development of AI,” declared a State Council plan released in July 2017. It’s a visionary plan that aims to make China the world leader in AI by 2030, building a homegrown industry worth nearly $150 billion. The plan calls for China to

Committed educators like Xu are crucial to this vision.

“I started to play. Though I wasn’t very proficient, I became very interested.” Xu graduated from college with a degree in Chinese language and literature, but returned to university when she discovered that what local schools needed were computer science teachers. For twenty years, she refined her teaching as students progressed from lacking home computers to having tablets and smartphones in the classroom. Creating a course that suited all backgrounds wasn’t easy: out of a class of 40 students, she recalls, less than five could

complete the more technically demanding tasks she asked of them in QBasic, a text-based programming language. “It is too difficult and uninteresting for children. If a statement had an error in one place, the whole statement was wrong, and it would produce error messages and frustration,” she says.

“For younger grades, the rich colors and 3D graphics are appealing, and the coding language is closely connected to natural language. This is very important for determining whether children can accept it easily and continue to love it.

“We need to have this conversation now because we don’t want to be saying to ourselves in 10 years time, ‘What did we do to our children?’” Webb told AFP. She said the BBC aimed CBeebies at children from two upwards, “but we know children younger than that are watching. So we have to be realistic about this, and bear those children in mind” knowing that the TV or a tablet may be their “babysitter”. “We have games and apps that are about helping children develop the cognitive skills that a two-year-old needs. This is about learning on screen and in the real world at the same time, it is not an either or and it’s all about moderation,” Webb argued.

“There were some girls, they weren’t interested in coding, but they used Kodu to do 3D animation,” said Xu. “They made a little animated video to tell the story of a mermaid.” “I see programing as a means for children to express themselves, like writing, singing, dancing, and painting —it’s a window to their inner feel-

SBA Preferred Lender

SBA AND CONVENTIONAL LOANS Zafar Khan AVP Business Development (713) 715-9983

(713) 580-9900· (844) 972-4636 |

While Instagram, Twitter and Facebook claim that only teenagers over 13 are allowed onto their networks, Webb said that in the UK 75 percent of 10-year-olds and above are on social media. Despite what the social media giants say, “statistics suggest otherwise and they are finding it harder to stand behind that line,” Webb said. Bienaime-Besse said regulators need stronger powers so they can act against inappropriate online content in the same way as they do with traditional broadcasters. “I think it is absurd that the likes of Facebook and Twitter are not regulated like other content suppliers.” And she was sceptical that the industry would regulate itself when it came to younger children.

- Social media giants in denial -

However, “if you go to Silicon Valley, all the big tech executives send their children to Montessori schools without screens and just blackboards.

For older children, Webb said it was “impossible to think we can control what goes online”.

“And Steve Jobs of Apple did not allow his children to use an iPad.”

She said the only answer was to “teach children what is and is not for them... how to develop critical thinking and how to cope when they see things they don’t want.”

Bienaime-Bess said parents had to wake up to “what we are holding in our hands. A child who cannot defend themselves should be protected from the harm that these very useful tools can bring.

She said the BBC is setting up a new online resource called “Own It” to help children deal with the dangers and challenges of social media.

“Almost every school in our school district has downloaded KODU, so I am planning to organize a competition this semester in our school district, during this year’s “Hour of Code” week. We also have a 10-class STEM training, I am planning to apply a half day in the training session to train more than

“Kids should become masters of technology by learning coding” rather than being slaves to it, she said.

110 Information Technology teachers how to use KODU in combination with computational thinking.” In addition, at a November forum that will be attended by education researchers and teachers from all school districts in Beijing, Xu will give a KODU Scene Experience Lesson. (-AFP)

Astrologer, Vaastu & Gem Stone Consultant

“HARDIK VYAS” Astrologer Hardik Vyas, a famous young face in Vedic Astrology from India is available in Houston. Call for guidance on Health, Wealth, Education, Career, Business, Property, Love & Passion, Marriage & Compatibility, HoroscopeMaking, Child Problem, Luck & Fortune, Peace & Prosperity, Karma & Economical Sources.

Vaastushastra, the ancient science of land. Fix and appointment for personal visit to your home, plot, business/office, shop, factory, and hotel. To gain peace of mind and prosperity, by doing little changes as per Vaastu Shastra. Simple, Easy, Scientific & Affordable solutions/remedies to overcome problems in your Horoscope and Vaastu.

5 4


3K 2

Mn, Gu




Su, Bu

10 9R

Aziz A. Rahim SVP Commercial Lending Officer (281) 224-2523

children are growing up in that it is holding a global summit in December to try to put heads together on how they might be better served and protected.

Youngest Astrologer of North America


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Regulators and programme makers are at odds over whether small children should be banned from watching television or using tablets and smartphones. (AFP photo)

In 2016, she had a breakthrough: she began using Kodu — a 3D, visual programming language designed to introduce children to coding concepts in an intuitive manner. Without needing to type text, users can experiment with computational ideas such as loops, subroutines, and branching. Suddenly, students previously uninterested in computer science started to produce their own programs with ease.

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12V Kindly Note: Astrology & VaastuShastra are 11

Science of Nature, not related with any religion, caste, or community. It is an Occult Science and gift of nature for the welfare of people to get proper advice.

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Hema Malini

opens up about her relationship with stepson Sunny Deol


Bollywood actors Hema Malini (L) with Deepika Padukone during a book launch of her biography - Beyond The Dream Girl in Mumbai on late October 16, 2017. STR / AFP.

Action movies should channel ‘deep emotions’ says John Woo

ollywood veteran actress Hema Malini launched her biography ‘Beyond The Dream Girl’ on her birthday on 16th October. Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone launched this book in an event with Hema Malini. The media focused on the book to carve out some interesting revelation about the legendary actress and also her relation with Dharmendra’s first wife and his sons. In the launch event of the book, Hema Malini clearly said that if the name of the book is ‘Beyond The Dream Girl’, then it shows that she discussed both (Sunny and Bobby) in the book as well. The actress added that people always think about the kind of relationship she shares with Sunny and Bobby. Interestingly, Hema revealed that Sunny always supported her whenever she was in need. When she met with an accident in 2015, Sunny Deol was the first person who came to meet her.


USAN, South Korea | AFP |- Action movies should reflect “deep emotions”, acclaimed Hong Kong thriller director John Woo said Saturday, calling on young filmmakers to breathe life into the genre by exploring the human condition. Woo, whose Hollywood films include “Face/Off” and “Mission: Impossible II” but who made his name with gritty Hong Kong thrillers like “Hard-Boiled”, said he was now hoping to inspire “new voices” in the industry. “Action allows you to reflect on the deep emotions human beings share,” said Woo, speaking to the press at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival in South Korea. The 71-year-old, who has inspired the likes of maverick American Oscar-winner Quen-

tin Tarantino, said action movies “can add vitality to our lives by making us question what motivates us to make the decisions we make”. Woo said young directors should use action films to make their audiences think about their own lives, and their relationships with others. The veteran filmmaker is touring the international festival circuit with the new gritty urban thriller “Manhunt”, marking a return to the kind of action films that made him famous in the 1980s and 1990s.

thrillers in the pipeline. “A good film inspires,” said Woo. “It doesn’t matter what generation watches it. I feel like I have a lot more challenges ahead of me and new opportunities to learn about other cultures, and other lives.” Woo rose to prominence in the Hong Kong action scene with classics including “A Better Tomorrow” (1986) and Hard-Boiled (1992), which both starred Chow Yun-Fat.

The film is inspired by Ken Takakura’s Japanese classic “You Must Cross the River of Wrath” (1976), and features Woo’s daughter Angeles alongside Chinese star Zhang Hanyu.

The director then tried his hand at Hollywood blockbusters, including “Face/Off” (1997) starring John Travolta, before setting up shop in Beijing in the early 2000s and put together historical dramas such as “Red Cliff” (2008) and “The Crossing” (2014).

And despite battling health issues recently, Woo revealed on Saturday that he has more

His filmmaking style is admired by those outside the action genre, a point made


UMBAI, Oct 16 (PTI) Actor Varun Dhawan is the latest Bollywood celebrity who will have his wax statue featured at the Hong Kong branch of Madame Tussauds.

the youngest Indian to make it to your elite list. #dontstopbelieiving,” the “Badrinath Ki Dulhania” star wrote, alongside a picture which shows him giving his measurements for the statue.

This is to notice that two years back Hema Malini’s car was involved in an accident on Mathura Road due to which she sustained some injuries. Hema Malini married to Dharmendra in 1979, when Dharmendra was already married and had four children. This has been told that the relationship of Prakash Kaur and her children has not been good with Hema Malini. Till now no one from the family has said anything about their relationship.

The 30-year-old actor is the youngest Indian to have made the list and said getting his own wax idol is one of the coolest things he has done.

The official Twitter account of the wax museum posted an update saying, “Bollywood superstar @Varun_dvn is having his world-first figure in @TussaudsHK. He will unveil his figure in Hong Kong in early 2018 too!”

by fellow BIFF guest Darren Aronofsky, the American director who has brought his thriller “Mother!” to the festival but is better known for arthouse fare such as the Oscar winner

“Black Swan” (2010).

Hema added that this care shows that he always care for everyone and the same shows that the family bond is very strong.

Director John Woo, shown attending the Venice premiere of the movie “Zhuibu” (Manhunt) in September, said he was now hoping to inspire “new voices” in the industry

Varun’s wax figure to feature at Hong Kong’s Madame Tussauds

Varun took to Instagram to make the announcement: “MADAMETUSSAUDS coming soon. This is probably one of the coolest things that I have done. Getting my own statue is something I didn’t expect this early on in life. Thank you Madame Tussauds for making me

Aronofsky named checked Woo at a press conference on Thursday when asked about his inspirations and said that the Hong Kong director’s eye for

Next year, Varun will join other stars such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan in the Bollywood Superstar Collection. impressive visuals and balletic action style had left an indelible mark on him when he was starting out as a filmmaker. The Busan festival continues until October 21.

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The lumpless breast cancer you should know about


ne of the most aggressive and deadliest forms of breast cancer is often mistaken by women as a rash or skin infection. Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is rare, accounting for only 1 to 5 percent of all new breast cancer cases in the United States, but it is also one of the hardest to diagnose. “In cases of IBC, the skin can look like a rash, but it’s not itchy like a rash. Or it may be considered an infection, but it’s not painful like an infection,” says Dr. Arlene Ricardo, breast cancer surgeon at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital. “The breast will be hard and firm to the touch, but there may be no pain felt.” By definition, IBC starts as a Stage 3B cancer since it involves the skin, says Dr. Ricardo. It is often diagnosed at either a stage 3 or 4 because the disease progresses rapidly in a matter of weeks or months. According to the National Cancer Institute, IBC tends to be diagnosed at younger ages and is more common among African-American women and obese women. It can also occur in men. What are the symptoms? There are several symptoms that are unique to IBC. Unlike other breast cancers, there is no lump found in IBC cases, leaving many to second guess their symptoms and delay seeing a doctor. IBC is most recognizable by changes in the appearance of the breast area, caused by cancer cells that invade and block the lymphatic vessels. “Unlike other types of breast cancer, in cases of IBC a lump can’t be felt during a physical exam or seen in a mammogram. But, IBC is visible to the eye,” says Dr. Ricardo. “The sooner you are able to get a diagnosis, the better, so it is best to always be mindful of changes in the

HEALTHY What is hyperthyroidism? (Part II)

breast area.” What are the treatment options? Due to the aggressive nature of the disease,

Manjula Raguthu MD,FAAFP,ABAARM Continued from last week

IBC tumors in some cases are unable to be treated with hormone therapies. Instead, a multidisciplinary approach is used to treat patients diagnosed with the disease. Patients receive chemotherapy to help shrink and kill cancer cells, and then undergo surgery to have the cancer removed, which is followed by radiation therapy. Research has found IBC patients who receive multiple forms of treatment may live longer. Unfortunately, due to how aggressive IBC is and how rapidly it spreads even with treatment, there are cases where women do not survive as long as those diagnosed with other types of breast cancer. “Every patient’s experience is different and many factors come into play in terms of how the patient responds to treatment,” says Dr. Ricardo. “A patient’s overall general health, stage of the disease and location of the cancer all play a role.” Dr. Ricardo encourages both women and men to seek the opinion of a specialist if you experience any symptoms of IBC or notice any changes in your breast area. Click here to schedule an appointment at a Memorial Hermann Breast Care location. (-Memorial Herman Hospital)

Hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid disease, means your thyroid gland makes and releases too much thyroid hormone. The thyroid gland is located in the front of your neck, just below your Adam’s apple. It makes hormones that control your metabolism. Metabolism is the pace of your body’s processes and includes things like your heart rate and how quickly you burn calories. Hyperthyroidism can affect your metabolism. It can also cause nervousness, increased perspiration (sweatiness), rapid heartbeat, hand tremors, difficulty sleeping and weight loss. Hyperthyroidism usually begins slowly, so its symptoms can be mistaken for stress or other health problems. It can cause a variety of symptoms, including: • Surgery. Hyperthyroidism can be treated with a surgery (called a thyroidectomy) in which your doctor removes most of your thyroid gland. After surgery, you will likely develop hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid disease). You will then need to take a thyroid hormone supplement

to restore your hormone levels to normal. • Beta blockers. No matter what other method of treatment you use, your physician may prescribe a beta blocker drug to slow your heart rate and reduce palpitations, shaking and nervousness until your thyroid levels are closer to normal. If it is not treated, hyperthyroidism can lead to other health problems. They include: l Heart problems. A rapid heart rate, a heart rhythm disorder (called atrial fibrillation) or congestive heart failure can result. l Brittle bones (osteoporosis). Too much thyroid hormone can interfere with your body’s ability to incorporate calcium into your bones. Be sure to get enough calcium in your diet to prevent osteoporosis. l Eye problems due to Graves’ opthalmopathy. To relieve the symptoms of Graves’ opthalmopathy: l Apply cool compresses to your eyes l Wear sunglasses l Use lubricating eyedrops l Elevate the head of your bed to reduce blood flow to your head • Red, swollen skin on the shins and feet due to Graves’ disease. Try using over-thecounter creams containing hydrocortisone for relief. • Thyrotoxic crisis. A sudden worsening of hyperthyroidism symptoms that leads to a fever,

rapid pulse and even delirium (symptoms of which can include decreased awareness and mental clarity, restlessness and agitation). See a doctor right away if this occurs. • Questions for to ask your physicians • What is the likely cause of my hyperthyroidism? • Do I have Graves’ disease? • What are the results of my blood test(s)? What do these results mean? • What is the best treatment option? Will I need medicine? For how long? • Will I need surgery? • What risks are associated with these treatment options? • When can I expect relief from my symptoms? • Am I at risk for any complications? What can I do to minimize the risk of complications? Dr. Manjula Raguthu has been a family physician for 26 years. She is specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Medical Association, American Physicians of Indian Origin, Texas Academy of family Physicians and American Anti-Aging Academy. She takes a holistic approach to health, uses Bio identical hormones and integrative therapies to achieve optimal health for her patients. Visit for more details.


Medicare open enrollment has begun: What you need to know The Medicare Annual Election Period has begun from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7. It’s a time for people with Medicare to make important decisions about their health care — just ask the 17.7 million people who decided on a Medicare Advantage plan in 2016 for the year 2017. There are many factors to consider so that you get the Medicare plan that best meets your health and budget needs. To navigate your health care options during this year’s annual enrollment period, it is important to remember what not to do. When researching Medicare plans, people often focus on premiums and medical provider networks, but may not realize there’s more to consider. Knowing the benefits offered by Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, both of which offer enhancements to Original Medicare, will also be pivotal in your decision making. While Medicare Advantage provides the same coverage as Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans often also include predictable copayments, lower or no deductibles, Part D prescription drug coverage, outof-pocket limits for financial protection, and low or even zero monthly plan premiums. Some of these plans offer additional features designed to meet members’ needs, such as dental, hearing and vision coverage, a nurse advice line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and fitness programs. Here are few common hiccups Medicare beneficiaries may experience when considering their options in search of a Medicare Advantage plan that will help them achieve better health and well-being: Your monthly payments are not the only thing to consider While it’s tempting to gravitate to a $0 or low-premium monthly plan, it’s easy to overlook extra costs that can be incurred down the road, such as for hospital stays and medical procedures. After you analyze your previous year’s plan and assess the most affordable option for the coming year, consider the total value of the Medicare plan you select, along with your health, medical and budget needs for the coming year. Your drug coverage is not the same everywhere Surprisingly, drug prices can vary depending on your location, pharmacy and how much you’ve used your prescription benefits over the course of the year. Be diligent by making a list of your medications; researching drug formularies — the list of drugs a Medicare prescription plan covers; and con-

Sudhir Mathuria Licensed Professional Health Life 360 6776 Southwest Freeway, Suite # 178 Houston TX 77074 713-771-2900

sidering mail-order as you evaluate your prescription drug plan options. Some plans may offer lower costs if certain pharmacies are used. Your plan is not just for medical visits or emergencies If you are living with a chronic condition, you may want to look for plans offering personalized care in the forms of health coaching, education and support by registered nurses and other health professionals. Many Medicare Advantage programs also offer benefits, such as fitness programs, to help members maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. You may not need the same plan as your significant other Health needs vary, and what works in your Medicare Advantage plan may not be the best option for your spouse. It’s important for the two of you to sit down and assess your different health needs, health care providers and if your doctors will be covered in your plan. This ensures your Medicare plan makes sense for your individual health, budget and lifestyle. You’re not on your own in making this decision. Yes, we can help you. To choose right Medicare Plan for 2018, Contact Sudhir Mathuria @ 713-7712900.

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Women of Wellness

Breast cancer survivors inspire audience and physicians rally women to get mammograms at St. Joseph Medical Center’s “Pink Power” Luncheon

Featured Speakers Daisha Hayden, M.D., radiologist and Melissa M. Joyner, M.D., oncologist with cancer survivors. Photo credit: St. Joseph Medical Center.


OUSTON - While one in eight women in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, the women attending the Second Annual Pink Power Luncheon at St. Joseph Medical Center October 13 were inspired and empowered to continue the battle against the disease. “We believe that knowledge is power and we thank Dr. Melissa Joyner and Dr. Daisha Hayden for sharing their expertise about the benefits of early detection,” said Bo Beaudry, CEO-Interim of St. Joseph Medical Center. “We were also inspired by the stories of three women warriors who have battled breast cancer and generously shared their experiences with us. Their overarching message is that breast cancer does not define any woman, so the luncheon was a celebration of all breast cancer survivors and the dedicated medical professionals who are driven to combat this disease each and every day.” St. Joseph’s Women of Wellness (WOW) is a health and social program to empower women as healthcare consumers by providing educational information and social events that celebrate women’s roles in their own

wellness. The WOW Advisory Committee developed the luncheon to motivate women to get regular screenings for breast cancer. Daisha Hayden, M.D., a board-certified radiologist, told the audience that screening leads to the greatest reduction in breast cancer incidences. “Because a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer doubles at the age of 40, that is the time to begin a schedule of annual mammograms,” said Dr. Hayden. “And do not stop annual screening, at any age.” Her message was reinforced by Melissa Joyner, M.D., board-certified radiation oncologist, who added her encouragement for women to take care of themselves. “Each of us is a princess and our body is the castle that we must take care of,” said Dr. Joyner. “I’m the doctor women never want to see, but together, we can take away the fear and fight the battle. Ask every woman you know if she has had a mammogram and encourage her to get screened.” Breast cancer survivor Tamara Ojeda said the power of positive thinking and the support of her experienced

Cancer survivors at the Pink Power Luncheon. (Photo credit: St. Joseph Medical Center) radiology team at St. Joseph Cancer Center helped her throughout the treatment. “Now I have my full life, not my cancer life,” said Ojeda. “My team of doctors made me feel safe and with positive thinking and hope come healing.” Shannon Martin, a two-year survivor of triple-negative breast cancer, said she and her physicians developed a “plan of attack.” “After the shock of being diagnosed,

Across Asia, liver cancer is linked to herbal remedies: study


IAMI | AFP | Wednesday 10/18/2017 - Researchers have uncovered widespread evidence of a link between traditional Chinese herbal remedies and liver cancer across Asia, a study said Wednesday.

In Vietnam, five out of 26 tumors studied were a match (19 percent), along with five out of nine from other countries in Southeast Asia (56 percent). The link to traditional Chinese medicine was far less common in North America (five percent of 209 liver cancers studied) and 1.7 per-

“The desire to live a long and healthy life is normal and we accept the wisdom of our physicians to take us through this journey,” said Allen.

by Claudia Tanner

But the reality of near-death experiences has always been debated. Now scientists have discovered that a person’s consciousness continues to work after the body has stopped showing signs of life - meaning they have awareness of their own death.

Ginseng being sorted at a factory in Tonghua in China’s northeastern Jilin province. (Photo: Getty Images) cent of the 230 looked at from Europe. Taiwan banned in 2003 some herbal preparations using the plants after it was discovered that aristolochic acids could cause kidney failure and urinary tract cancers. However, there is no outright ban in China or Taiwan, and “only specific plants, rather than any plant and product containing AA or its derivatives, are regulated,” making it hard for consumers to avoid them, said the report.

Researchers found that the prevalence of AA-associated mutations in liver cancers in Taiwan did not drop after the ban was implemented. This could be because it would take more time for a drop in cancers to be noticeable in the data, as was the case with tobacco-related cancers after smoking was revealed to cause lung tumors. Or it could be that people continue to be exposed to these acids through other products and herbal mixtures that still contain them.

“Guiding us along the way are angels named mercy, grace, hope, love and charity and if we remember their strength, we can move forward with confidence.” Proceeds from the event support the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Membership in St. Joseph Medical Center’s WOW program is free and open to all women from 18 years of age. For more information or to join visit For information about SJMC’s programs and services, visit

Scientists discover your mind still works when you die


The acids can be found in some traditional Chinese medicines that are given during childbirth, to prevent parasites and promote healing.

Since these acids cause “a welldefined mutational signature,” researchers also looked at 89 samples of liver cancer in China, and found that 47 percent showed a link to this traditional medicine component.

An inspirational message was delivered by 88-year-old survivor Barbara Allen, Ph.D.

ome report having seen light at the end of a tunnel, while others claim to have floated above their body, watching as medics save their lives.

The findings suggest stronger measures are needed to prevent people from consuming chemicals called aristolochic acids (AA), which are derived from the woody vines of the Aristolochia plant family, said the report in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Researchers tested 98 liver tumors that were stored at hospitals in Taiwan, and found that 78 percent contained mutation patterns that indicated the cancers “were likely due to contact with the chemicals,” said the study.

I asked the doctors how we fight this,” said Martin. “Once you have a plan it feels like you are more in control. So that is my advice to others – have an attack plan, follow through and stay strong.”

staff who reported their patients, who were technically dead, could remember details of what they were saying. - Death of brain cells can take hours Medically speaking, doctors define death based on when the heart no longer beats, which then immediately cuts off blood supply to the brain. “Technically, that’s how you get the time of death - it’s all based on the moment when the heart stops,” explained Dr Sam Parnia.

And there is evidence to suggest someone who has died may even hear their own death being announced by medics, the MailOnline reported.

“Once that happens, blood no longer circulates to the brain, which means brain function halts almost instantaneously.

The findings echo the plot line of the new Hollywood re-make of 90s cult horror Flatliners, starring Ellen Page.

“You lose all your brain stem reflexes - your gag reflex, your pupil reflex, all that is gone.”

In the film a group of young doctors embark on a dangerous experiment by taking turns to chemically induce their heart to stop and flatline to find out exactly what happens in the afterlife.

The brain’s cerebral cortex - which is responsible for thinking and processing information from the five senses - also instantly flatlines, says Dr Parnia. This means that within 2 to 20 seconds, no brainwaves will be detected on an electric monitor.

A team from New York University Langone School of Medicine investigated the very same question through twin studies in Europe and the US of people who have suffered cardiac arrest and ‘come back’ to life, in the largest study of its kind. Study author Dr Sam Parnia told Live Science: “They’ll describe watching doctors and nurses working and they’ll describe having awareness of full conversations, of visual things that were going on, that would otherwise not be known to them.” He said these recollections were then verified by medical and nursing

This sparks a chain reaction of cellular processes that will result in the death of brain cells. However, this can take hours after the heart has stopped, he explained. And performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) that hasn’t successfully revived a patient can still result in sending some blood to the brain - about 15 percent of what it requires to function normally. But brain cell death is still happening, just at a slightly slower rate, he said.. (-Daily Mail)



The Essence of Diwali : Light, Listen, Learn, Care

by Dr. Meenakshi Bhattacharjee, Rice University, Houston TX


ooking back to Diwali during childhood days in India, one recalls a celebration that was about fostering community, camaraderie and caring relationships. These interactions were intertwined into the celebration of the messages and the lessons, of which the overriding one was the triumph of good over evil, as symbolized by Rama’s destruction of Ravan. For us, reflecting beyond this was never entertained, as the beauty of life was its simplicity and genuineness. Deepavali is about imbibing and spreading light; in fact the symbol of light holds deep significance for Hindus in particular but humanity in general, and its role in overcoming darkness is manifold – education over ignorance, good over evil, caring compassion over heartlessness, forgiveness over the desire for revenge, understanding and empathy over judgementalism, the embrace of atomic oneness over the sewing of discord and divisions, a helping hand over a crablike mentality, suffusing joy over negativism and pessimism. So how does one let light in? How does one emerge into the light? Actually, merely celebrating Diwali does not get one there; the acquisition and display of light is a continual and ongoing process. It begins with small acts such as helping an elderly or physically chal-

lenged person across the road or street; giving up one’s seat in public transportation to an elderly person or a pregnant woman; offering encouragement and/or bringing a smile to someone who’s feeling down or listening with empathy to others as they unburden. With time and the shaping of characters, the searcher progresses to the point where sharing is caring imbues the spirit and giving of oneself toward the empowerment of others and the upliftment of society.

Goddess Lakshmi’s Birthday: On this very Diwali the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi is said to have been incarnated from the depth of the bottomless ocean. The Hindu scriptures tell us that both Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) were mortal (Mrita) at one point of time. Seeking a deathless condition (Amarattva), they churned the ocean to seek Amrita, the nectar of immortality (an event mentioned in the Hindu scriptures as “Samudramanthan”), during which a host of divine celestial objects came up. Prime among these was Goddess Lakshmi, the daughter of the king of the milky ocean, who arose on the new moon day (amaavasyaa) of the Kartik month. She was subsequently married to Lord Vishnu on the

3 Quick Diwali sweets recipes


o celebration in India is complete without a touch of sweet. Desserts are the highlight of every Indian festival. They add much more enthusiasm to the festive spirit. With Diwali around the corner, festivities have stepped in and everyone is gearing up for the celebrations. Just like the multicolored rangolis that adorn the entrances of our homes, there is nothing quite like a dessert table decked with a variety of Diwali sweets. We bring you, our simplest Diwali recipes from across the country.

Goddess Lakshmi

Traditionally, desserts made with rice like Kheer and also Besan Ladoos made with gram flour are prepared and served. With a slight nip in the air, people tend to get lured towards the hot, crisp and sugary, that said, most of us have our own favourites. We’ve got you a mix of old, new and regional sweets that everyone will love. This Diwali, light up your homes with our festive dessert recipes. Ditch the elaborate presentation and fancy ingredients, here are super-easy solutions to soothe your aching sweet tooth. Most of these can be prepared in advance for those unannounced guests and untimely cravings. Everyday ingredients and a couple of minutes are all you need to spread bright smiles and sparkle with satisfaction.

In effect, walking the talk of seeking light must become second nature. Indeed may this Diwali be one of ever encircling light in an ever-expanding world of brotherhood and humanity. And may the flames of your light become embers illuminating the path towards a life of seva with its attendant soulful satisfaction, serenity and harmony. Having said that let us see the many mythical and historical reasons why Diwali is a great time to celebrate.

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

Kaju Katli

same darkest night of the year and brilliant lamps were illuminated and placed in rows to mark this holy occasion. Hence the association of Diwali with Goddess Lakshmi and the tradition of lighting of lamps and candles during the festival. To this day, Hindus celebrate the birth of the goddess Lakshmi and her marriage to Lord Vishnu on Diwali and seek her blessings for the coming year. Vishnu Rescued Lakshmi: The Bhagavata Purana (also known as Srimad Bhagavatam), the most sacred Hindu text, reveals how on a Diwali Lord Vishnu, in his fifth incarnation as Vaman-avtaara, rescued Lakshmi from the prison of King Bali during the Treta Yug. Bali, or rather King Mahabali, was a powerful demon king who ruled the earth. Powered by a boon granted

Recipe Chef Ajay Chopra

to him by Lord Brahma, Bali was invincible and even gods failed to defeat him in battles. Although a wise and perfect king otherwise, Mahabali was violent in his ways with the Devas (gods). On their insistence, Lord Vishnu disguised himself as a short Brahmin and approached Bali for some charity. The righteous and benevolent King couldn’t refuse the Brahmin’s offer and was tricked into giving up his kingship and wealth (of which Lakshmi is said to be the Goddess). Diwali marks this overcoming of Mahabali by Lord Vishnu and this is another reason why Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on Diwali. In Kerala, the festival of ‘Onam’ is celebrated around the month of August to mark this legend.

NEXT WEEK: Krishna kills Narakaasur

Barfis made with cashew nuts, kaju katli is one of the most popular giveaways during Diwali. This season, surprise your friends and family with home-made treats. INGREDIENTS: 1 tsp saffron 100 gm cashew nuts, broken 6 Tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp green cardamom powder 2 sheets silver varq DIRECTIONS: Grind cashew nuts into a fine powder. Heat sufficient water in a non-stick pan. Add sugar and saffron, mix and cook till syrup

thickens. Add cardamom powder and mix well. Add cashew nut powder and mix well, cook for about 3 minutes. Spread the mixture onto a thali and let it cool to room temperature. Transfer mixture onto a worktop and knead a little. Spread the mixture into a burfi tray, garnish with silver varq and let it set.Cut into squares and serve.

Coconut Til Ladoos

Divine superhuman powers demonstrated by 10 Nithyananda yogis for the first time in Texas


OUSTON - On Sunday, October 22, 2017, the Nithyananda YogisSM , initiated disciples of HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda into Third Eye AwakeningSM, will be in Houston, TX, as part of a world tour, “From Humans to Divine Superhumans and Beyond”. This one-day event, offered at no charge, at the Cullen Performance Hall at the University of Houston will feature the demonstration of various shaktis or spiritual powers. In the original science of Yoga, problems in life (spiritual, mental, physical) are because of losing the natural state of connection to the source, the cosmos, and it is this space of oneness to this source (Advaita) that leads to manifesting Shaktis (spiritual powers). From this state, anything can be moved with just the pure will.

A three-ingredient recipe with coconut, sesame seeds and dates. Your aching sweet tooth shall be served in minutes! Recipe by Chef Sandeep Pande of Renaissance Mumbai Convention Center. INGREDIENTS: 2 cups white sesame seeds 1 and 1/2 cup chopped dates 1 cup dry grated coconut DIRECTIONS: Finely chop de-seeded dates. Dry roast sesame in a wok for around 1-2 minutes on medium flame until it light golden. Keep aside the sesame to cool. Add coconut to the wok. Stir well.

Lightly grind the cooled sesame in a dry grinder more for a few seconds. Make sure you don’t grind it to fine. Take the ground sesame seeds in a bowl. Add chopped dates and coconut powder and mix well. Take small amount of mixture and roll it in hand to form a ball or ladoo. You can roll the ladoo in some coconut powder to add texture.

Goan Nevri Nithyananda Sangha of Houston cordially invites everyone to be a part of this landmark event and conscious breakthrough for mankind.

Some of the spiritual powers demonstrated in this event: • Read and see blindfolded - Ability to see beyond 2 physical eyes which helps to perceive and act on many situations in our life at a higher level. • See far away things - Describing locations at great distances through remote vision from the Third Eye Nevri is a Konkani sweet that is quite similar to a Karanji from Maharashtra or Gujiya from Uttar Pradesh. It is stuffed with a grated coconut along with almonds.

• Power of X-Ray vision Body Scanning human/ animal/ inanimate objects, revealing the source of problems and delivering solutions from the Third Eye

INGREDIENTS: 2 cups refined flour 1 cup ghre 1 cup grated coconut 1 cup sugar 1 Tbsp poppy seeds (khus khus) 1 tsp powdered green cardamom 1 Tbsp finely chopped almonds

• Power of consciousness over matter - Ability to move objects through your will • Live materialization of objects • Akashic Readings - the mystical gateway to answers we seek about the past, present and future Nithyananda Sangha of Houston cordially invites everyone to be a part of this landmark event and conscious breakthrough for mankind. His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, is revered, re-

His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, is revered, regarded, respected as a living incarnation of super-consciousness by millions across the globe. garded, respected as a living incarnation of super-consciousness by millions across the globe. He is also the spiritual head of the Mahanirvani Akhada, the oldest and largest apex body of Hinduism. He and His Sangha (spiritual community)

around the globe are serving humanity by reviving the Science of CompletionSM, Science of EnlightenmentSM, and manifesting various extraordinary spiritual powers as per the Vedic Agamic Tradition of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

To register for the event, and a more detailed description of the event happenings, visit tiny. cc/yogis. Devotees can also contact (832) 812-5916 or

DIRECTIONS: Rub one-fourth cup ghee into the flour and knead into a stiff dough with water. Leave to rest for at least half an hour. For the filling, mix together the coconut, sugar, poppy seeds, cardamom and almonds. Make balls of the dough and roll out into 1 cm/1/8 in thick rounds. Take a round, wet the edges with water and place some filling over one

half. Fold the other half over and press the edges together to seal. Either cut off the edge with a fancy cutter or make a design by pinching and twisting all along the sealed edges. Heat oil in a kadahi. To check if oil is hot enough put a piece of dough in it. If it comes up at once, add as many neoris as fit in comfortably. Turn them over and lower the heat to medium. Fry till golden brown on all sides. Lift out and leave to drain on absorbent paper. Fry the rest, increasing the heat for a few seconds before adding the next lot. These can be eaten hot or at room temperature and can be stored in air-tight containers.


FRIDAY, October 20, 2017



Fashion follows film in speaking out against sexual abuse


EW YORK CITY | AFP - In the wake of revelations about disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, American model Cameron Russell took to Instagram to share her followers’ experiences of sexual abuse in the fashion industry, posting dozens of anonymous stories over a number of days. Russell, 30, invited people to anonymously share their stories with her Thursday night, which she then reposted to her 90,000 followers over the following days using the hashtag #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse. “Hearing about #harveyweinstein this week has sparked conversations about how widespread and how familiar his behavior is,” the model and activist, who has modelled for the likes of Chanel and Victoria’s Secret, wrote. “Nothing in these stories should be a revelation for those working in our industry. Instead it was the beginning of a power shift. We are speaking to each other, we are speaking up, we are speaking to lawyers, and we are speaking to well-resourced reporters,” she added, calling upon magazines and agencies to take action and stop working with “predators.” The anonymous accounts ranged from recent experiences to some dating back to up to 20 years. They mostly involved photographers or stylists who sexually abused or attempted to abuse models -- primarily women, sometimes minors, and occasionally men too. In many of the stories, victims remembered being reassured that this kind of behavior was normal in the industry.


he street style in Seoul, South Korea, has become a major fascination of the fashion set for a few reasons: There’s the stylish toddlers (who often outshine their parents!), the diverse group of people attending the shows, and the fact that everyone genuinely seems to have fun with their personal style.

signed Dongdaemun Design Plaza, to capture the very best looks. Don’t miss his daily updates. Photographs by Alex Finch

advised young girls not to pursue an “unsustainable” career in fashion. She warned the job deprives models of “any creative control,” adding that her success was only due to winning the “genetic lottery.”

‘Anne Frank’ costume pulled from Halloween sale


ASHINGTON | AFP, Wednesday 10/18/2017 - American Internet retailers have withdrawn from sale a Halloween costume representing the clothes of Anne Frank, the celebrated Jewish teen who died in a Nazi concentration camp. For $25 (excluding shipping), “your child can play the role of a World War II hero on

Halloween,” said an ad for the costume. It featured a blue dress buttoned in front and a green beret, representing girls’ fashion from the 1930s and 1940s, said an ad accompanied by the image of a smiling brown-haired girl with a hand on her waist. The Anti-Defamation League saw nothing to smile about.

worldwide anti-Semitism, the costume sold on Amazon as a ‘WWII evacuee costume” and elsewhere as an ‘Anne Frank costume’ is unconscionably insensitive to Holocaust survivors and their families,” said the ADL, which fights antiSemitism.

“In a climate of escalating

ADL’s branch in the city of

St Louis added: “We learn from Anne Frank’s life and death to honor her and prevent future atrocity. We don’t exploit her.” Faced with the controversy, several distributors pulled the costume from their online displays, and at least one issued an apology.

“The Diary of Anne Frank” is one of the most-read books in the world. The German-born, Jewish teenager kept the intimate memoir while hiding in an Amsterdam attic in the Nazioccupied Netherlands until her capture in 1944.

VOA 2017

In one message posted Monday, a contributor revealed reading the stories made her “recall some experiences that I had long forgotten about

The Best Street Style from Seoul Fashion Week Spring ’18

We’ve already seen wild Lucky Charmshaped bags, sparkly sequined leggings, and lots of pastels, plus the requisite streetwear, Balenciaga accessories, US model and activist Cameron Russell invited her Instagram followers to anonymously share their accounts of sexual abuse in theand denim. fashion industry (AFP Photo/Kenzo Tribouillard) Alex Finch is on the ground at Seoul Fashion Week’s main venue, the Zaha Hadid-debecause I thought they were accountable.” normal. Unfortunately every Russell, who is signed to celsingle person in this industry ebrated agency Elite, made a has been personally assaulted name for herself in 2012 with or has seen it happen.” a “TED talk,” during which she Sharing the stories was “only the first step in a long process to make sexual harassment, assault, and violence unacceptable,” Russell wrote on Instagram, adding she hoped an “experienced investigative team can support the work of holding the fashion industry

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017 12005-B Northwest Freeway Houston, TX 77092


9209-A Gulf Freeway Houston, TX 77017


11314 North Freeway Houston, TX 77037


1066 San Jacinto Mall Baytown, TX 77521



FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

Cricket: Century-makers on ODI debut


NBA: Bulls ban Portis eight games for breaking teammate’s jaw


HICAGO | AFP W e d n e s d a y 10/18/2017 - Chicago Bulls forward Bobby Portis was suspended eight games by the NBA club on Wednesday, a day after punching teammate Nikola Mirotic at practice and breaking his jaw. Bulls executive vice president John Paxson, who announced the ban, also said Mirotic, of Spanish and Montenegro citizenship, will miss four to six weeks after suffering upper jaw fractures and a concussion in Tuesday’s altercation.

Imam-ul-Haq became the only second Pakistan batsman to score a hundred on his one-day international debut (Photo: AFP/File photo)


BU DHABI, United Arab Emirates | AFP | Wednesday 10/18/2017 - Young Pakistan opener Imam-ul-Haq became the only second Pakistan batsman to score a hundred on his one-day international debut, anchoring his team’s seven wicket win in the third match against Sri Lanka on Wednesday. The 21-year-old hit a 125ball 100 to steer Pakistan to their modest 209-run target in 42.3 overs in Abu Dhabi as his side claimed an unbeatable 3-0 lead in the five-match series. Nephew of one of Pakistan’s

greatest batsman Inzmam-ulHaq, Imam hit five boundaries and two sixes.

West Indies, Napier 2009

Here is the complete list of batsmen who have scored a ODI debut hundred (name, country, opponents, venue, year):

R. Nicol New Zealand v Zimbabwe, Harare 2011

D. Amiss England v Australia, Manchester 1972

M. Lumb England v West Indies, Antigua 2014

D. Haynes West Indies v Australia, Antigua 1978

M. Chapman Hong Kong v UAE, Dubai 2015

A. Flower Zimbabwe v Sri Lanka, New Plymouth 1992

K. Rahul India v Zimbabwe, Harare 2016

Saleem Elahi Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Gujranwala 1995

T. Bavuma South Africa v Ireland, Benoni 2016

M. Guptill

New Zealand v

C. Ingram South Africa v Zimbabwe, Bloemfontein 2010

P. Hughes Australia v Sri Lanka, Melbourne 2013

Imam-ul-Haq Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi 2017

South Africa vs Bangladesh, 2nd ODI at Paarl


outh Africa gained an unassailable 2-0 lead over Bangladesh after winning the second match of the three One-Day International (ODI) series on Nov. 18th. Put into bat first, South Africa was helped by AB de Villiers’ brute and Hashim Amla’s

stroke-play. ABD scored his 25th ODI ton, before departing on 176 off 104 balls. With ABD and Amla going hammer and tong, South Africa ended their innings on 353 for 6. In reply Bangladesh managed to stay afloat courtesy Imrul

Kayes and Mushfiqur Rahim. The duo added 93 runs for the third wicket. It was Imran Tahir that spun visitor’s middle-order with a 3-fer. Andile Phelukwayo ran past in the Bangladesh tail to snap 4 wickets in his 10 overs. (-Yahoo! Sports)

“Both players owned responsibility in the incident itself but only one player threw a punch,” Paxson said. “And that punch connected. For us, that is inexcusable. It’s not who we are. It disappoints us.” Mirotic’s concussion symptoms must subside before his facial injuries can be addressed, Paxson said. Portis begins serving the ban Thursday when the Bulls play their season opener at Toronto. While unable to play, Portis will be able to continue practicing with the team. “Bobby Portis is not a bad person,” Paxson said. “He’s a good kid. He’s a competitive kid. But in this instance, he made a mistake. And as we all know when you make mistakes, you have to suffer the consequences.” Mirotic fell to the floor after being struck and stayed there several minutes before rising. He was taken to the hospital and discharged Tuesday.

Chicago Bulls Bobby Portis (L) will be able to continue practicing with the team while serving his eight-game suspension after punching and injuring a teammate (AFP Photo/Kevin C. Cox) to start at power forward. He averaged 6.9 points and 5.0 rebounds over 126 games in the

past two seasons after being taken by Chicago in the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft.

NFL: Roger Goodell wants all players to stand for anthem


he NFL’s position after commissioner Roger Goodell’s press conference Wednesday was clear: The league wants its players to stand for the national anthem. However, it appears there will be no rule passed to force that issue.

Mirotic, 26, averaged 10.6 points and 5.5 rebounds in 70 games last season and was expected to have a starting role for the Bulls this season after inking a two-year deal worth $12.5 million with Chicago.

Goodell had a press conference at the NFL’s fall meeting that lasted about 20 minutes and almost every question was related to the anthem and player protests. Goodell’s main talking point was that the NFL also will listen to its players about social issues and wants to be a part of the solution.

Portis, 22, averaged 6.8 points and 4.6 rebounds in 64 games last season and was competing with Mirotic

Everyone was focused on what will happen at NFL games with the national anthem, which has become the most di-

visive issue among fans that the league has seen in a long time. “We believe everyone should stand for the anthem,” Goodell said. “That’s an important part of our policy, it’s also an important part of our game that we all take great pride in. It’s also important for us to honor our flag and our country and we think our fans expect us to do that.” The best outcome for the NFL would be for the players to stop protesting without the league making a rule change. Goodell sounded like the league hopes that if it keeps working with its players to help with their issues, with racial equality and law enforcement reform, then perhaps the protests will end. (-Yahoo! Sports)

THE LOSS OF A SPOUSE: Aftermath, How to Adjust and Cope With life WHEN: Sunday, October 29, 2017 TIME: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM WHERE: India House 8888 West Bellfort Avenue, Houston, TX 77031 In this Seminar we will have presentations addressing what to do after a spouse passes away. Information from funeral arrangements to informing appropriate people, understanding and applying for Social Security beneeits and dealing with Wills and managing Family Finances will be provided. Panel of Speakers include community members who have recently experienced the death of their spouse and experts who can address inancial and other issues. (Intent of the meeting is to provide general information of the various areas that need to be tackled as the survivor settles into a different way of life. It is not meant to be precise advice. Individual circumstances do vary and need to seek professional or expert help as needed.)

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FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

Your Horoscope for the Week of October 20, 2017 READ YOUR COMPLETE HOROSCOPE

by Hardik Vyas, Astrologer Cell : 832-298-9950


Libra (R,T) 23 Sept to 22 Oct

Aries (A,L,E) 21 March to 20 April You will have no problem finding ways to get others interested in what you are doing. Organize events that require endurance. Spend time with those who have similar interests & morals. Channel your energy into making money. Debates will bring distance between you and your friends. You will be tempted to overspend, so leave money in the bank. You will gain respect and close deals by being your charming self. Don’t let anyone take you for granted. Don’t spend more than you can afford to part with.

You’ll be ready to try anything that promises to bring you a little excitement. Travel and adventure will be your prime concern. Take care of all the fine details and you will receive the praise you are looking for. You should lay your cards on the table and let those you care about know where you stand. You can get ahead financially, however the emotional side of your life may be more difficult. You’ll be able to organize functions at work and earn the admiration of higher ups. A raise or promotion may be in order.

Scorpio (N,Y) 23 Oct to 21 Nov

Taurus (B,V,U) 21 April to 20 May You certainly are a master when it comes to learning the things that interest you, but a daydreamer when forced to listen to boring, tedious chatter. You are quick to respond and always willing to help others. You will be upset with those who don’t pull their weight, remain cool but don’t allow yourself to be used. You are used to giving your all and will be ready to blow up if you are forced to deal with lazy and inconsiderate individuals. Get sound financial advice to make the right choices.

Your sense of belonging to something greater. Others may strive to win, you are happy just to belong. It doesn’t take much to remind you of how lucky you feel. Incorporate your imagination into everything you do. The more you learn, the more eager you will be to use your knowledge. Original thinking will help you to see a broader perspective. Beware of the troubles into which your insecurities could get you. Satisfaction could be a lot closer than you thought. You’ll be surprised by behavior of co workers.

Sagittarius (BH,F,DH,TH) 22 Nov to 21 Dec

Gemini (K,CHH,GH) 21 May to 20 June A sense of excitement in your life. You’ll experience a surprising amount of passion. Life is interesting when there’s some mystery involved. Channel your desires into activities that are community oriented. Nothing is certain, but you’re in a good position for advancement. You’re wealthy and well-equipped spiritually. You’ll be able to find deeper meanings to your spiritual feelings. You need to believe in your own potential. When others aren’t sure what to do, use your perceptiveness to help them to find their way. Don’t waste your time on a losing proposition.

Help others through an emotional time in their lives. Domestic issues may threaten to put a damper on your passion. Keep a positive attitude and deeper understanding will prevail. No one will question your knowledge or skills, but maybe you should take on a new strategy. No one wants to listen to a ranting fool, so cool you heels and get down to the business at hand. Propose your ideas calmly and concisely. You want to help others, but you know they need to help themselves first. All you can do is relax and help by sharing some of their responsibilities.

Capricorn (KH,J) 22 Dec to 20 Jan

Cancer (D,H) 21 June to 22 July Make connections that help you discover who you are and what your goals are. Do the best you can and try to enlist some help from other friends or relatives. Helping others will be rewarding to you. Uncertainties regarding finances may upset you. Take a stab at doing your own thing or take time off to discover what you really want to do. Don’t take on other people’s problems. Make suggestions and get on with your own life. By week’s end, things will start to turn in your favor. Past partners may re-surface, causing you some confusion.

Lucrative business opportunities are likely. Take the plunge and get involved in a joint venture. Avoid detail-oriented tasks, try to work with others as much as possible. Try a little idea-generation and offer your assistance to colleagues. Don’t say things that may come back to haunt you. Personal problems will play on your mind. You must be willing to move on and let go of the past if you wish to get over the unpleasantness you’ve experienced. Changes are in order, so you better look at your own interests, first.

Aquarius (G,S,SH) 21 Jan to 19 Feb

Leo (M) 23 July to 22 August Look at the past, the immediate and protect your own interests. Seek refuge from a world that’s obviously trying to annoy you. Security is very important to you right now. Once you feel more secure, you’ll have more room to move and more time to play. A partnership may be a little more demanding than usual. Running away from your problems will not help the situation. You need to resolve your confusion by applying patience and persistence. Stand up for yourself. Now is the time for you to make presentations and public appearances.

Conversations about things that you know well will develop into discussions of ideals. Your performance could capture the attention of people who might want to hire or consult with you in the near future. Be very casual about your interest, but keep yourself focused on their needs. Hard work is usually your motto, but you may be able to negotiate a better plan, this week. You may feel torn between the two stories you’ve been told. It will be difficult for you to function until you are able to converse with those concerned.

Pisces (D,CH,Z) 20 Feb to 20 March

Virgo (P) 23 August to 22 September You’ll be full of energy and full of yourself. Your timing may not be quite as good, but you’ll be able to find some safe ground if you proceed slow. By week’s end, do some research on the small business venture that you’ve been interested in. You may want to run your thoughts by someone you trust, who is in business for himself already. Children or close friends will keep you busy. They are probably involved in programs that require your assistance. You are bored with some of the connections you’ve made & need to re-evaluate things.

Read your Weekly Horoscope Online


Pour yourself into what you love to do most. Whether it be writing or reorganizing, you’ll excel by applying your passion to whatever you do. Plan, design and tinker your projects to completion. Your final product is far from ready, but your ideas are budding into reality. Prolong the process a little, it’ll be well worth the wait. Issues of the heart have little to do with reality, you need to create an atmosphere of fun and fantasy. Right and wrong are important to you, although some might question your definitions. Pursue your imaginative goals and you’ll be able to surpass everyone’s expectations.




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MANAGEMENT TIP OF THE WEEK To Learn Something, Explain It to Yourself Out Loud Talking to yourself can get you funny looks from other people. But muttering under your breath can be a helpful way to learn a new concept or skill. When you’re studying something new, either reading about it or listening to others explain it, take the time to pause and summarize out loud what you’re learning. This serves two purposes: First, it slows you down — and when you’re more deliberate, you gain more from the learning experience. Second, it cements the new knowledge by forcing you to consider questions like “What do I find confusing? Do I really know this well enough to explain it?” Whether you hit the pause button while listening to a podcast, or stop to reflect while reading a manual, tell yourself what you’re learning — maybe just don’t do it in public.

iscahouston image. December 29, 1929 - October 11, 2017 Nita Padmakant Mehta, passed away on October 11 2017 in Houston, Texas, leaving to mourn family and friends. Mehta was a active member of the community and the past president of Indian Senior Citizens Association of Houston, founded by her late husband Padmakant C. Mehta

f o

o r p

Source: Adapted from “How to Manage a Narcissist,” by Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

Her funeral service was held October 16th 2017 at 11:00 AM. at the Garden Oaks Funeral Home, Houston, TX.

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PET of the WEEK

Sad Demise

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Elizabeth Thomas (Anju) October 14th 1974 – September 27th 2017 Anju passed peacefully from this life to be with The Lord, the night of September 27th, after almost 2 years of her battle with cancer. She was surrounded and supported by her loving family and friends during the last days of her life. Anju was born in Manarcaud, Kottayam, raised by her loving grandparents till the age of 4 and then she joined her parents. PC Jacob and Saramma Jacob in Rochester, New York. Anju graduated from Roberts Wesleyan University with a degree in nursing and later

NOAH - ID#A007240

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017

Shelter staff named me NOAH. I am a male, red and white Plott Hound mix. The shelter staff think I am about 1 year and 7 months old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 07, 2017. For more information about this pet, call: City of Sugar Land Animal Services at (281) 275-2364

pursued a master’s in degree as a Nurse Practitioner. Anju married Ajay in 1998 and moved to Houston. They are blessed with three beautiful children Alena (17), Amit (16) and Ashish(12). Anju is survived by her husband Ajay, three children; her parents, PC Jacob and Saram-


ma Jacob; her sister, Ani; sisters-in-law, Anjuand Anisha; brother in-laws, Joel, Anil and Arun; nieces, Amanda and Gianna; and nephews, Adam, Aiden, Elijah and Arjen. Funeral Service was done on Sunday, October 1st at 3:00 pm at Immanuel Mar Thoma Church, Stafford, TX.

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Voice of Asia e paper Oct 20 2017  

Voice of Asia Newspaper is based in Houston since 1987. We reach South Asian and Asian American families in Houston and surrounding cities i...

Voice of Asia e paper Oct 20 2017  

Voice of Asia Newspaper is based in Houston since 1987. We reach South Asian and Asian American families in Houston and surrounding cities i...