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Serving Harris, Fort Bend and Surrounding Counties for 30 years

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Serving Harris, Fort Bend and Surrounding Counties for 30 years


Vol. 30 No. 46 Friday, November 24, 2017 • Published Weekly from Houston • 713-774-5140 24 Pages ( 2 sections) 50 cents E-mail:

Indian Americans host Thanksgiving Lunch to Volunteers of America, Texas by Shobana Muratee


OUSTON – Nearly 40 members, including the Volunteers of America (VOA) Texas and their families, waited eagerly for the Thanksgiving lunch which was hosted on Friday,

November 17th, 2017 by the Indian American community here. All dressed in red, the holiday spirit was evident from the smiles on the faces and chitter-chatter that went around the room. Two volunteers Wanda PM

and Brandon Pallins, seated at a table by themselves, were asked what Thanksgiving meant to them. “I love a good holiday with all my family and friends,” Wanda said, and to Brandon it meant everything. “Every time you wake up, you thank God for another breath of life. He doesn’t have to, but He gives anyway,” was his profound statement. The volunteers gathered were people with disabilities who have been doing various volunteering work with VOA, Texas. Continued on Page 8

Sewa International gets major Disaster Relief Grant

Indian Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, who has the lead role in the film ‘Padmavati’ has received death threats by those trying to halt the movie’s release (AFP Photo). Read Report on Page 10

Sharapova named in India luxury housing fraud probe

Sharapova travelled to India in 2012 to launch the luxury high-rise complex (AFP Photo/Sajjad Hussain)

Jugal Malani, Latafath Hassan and students Rahul and Varun Agarwal seen serving Thanksgiving lunch to the Volunteers of America, Texas. Photo by Shobana Muratee.


OUSTON, TX - (November 14, 2017): Sewa International has been awarded a $397,590 grant by the Greater Houston Community Foundation (GHCF) in its second round of grants announced today. GHCF, which has raised more than $80 million for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, had strict criteria in evaluating grant proposals, and a very quick seven-day grant announcement to grant submission on October 20, 2017. The Sewa International team was led by Sewa Houston Chapter’s President Gitesh Desai, and included Achalesh Amar, and Vasudev Singh who were in turn supported by the grant writing team headed by Kavita Tewary. The grant writing team included Anuja Deshpande, Hasita Kartick, and Jaydeep Chaudhari, and was advised by Prof. Sree Sreenath, President, Sewa International.

EW DELHI, India | AFP | 11/21/2017 - Five-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova is under investigation in India for cheating and criminal conspiracy after the collapse of a luxury housing project that she endorsed, police and a lawyer said Tuesday.

ing on directions from the court,” local police officer Arvind Sharma told AFP.

The firm behind the development is alleged to have taken millions of dollars from homebuyers before the project folded.

The 30-year-old tennis star travelled to India in 2012 to launch the luxury high-rise apartment complex -- later named Ballet by Sharapova --

“We are excited”, said Gitesh Desai as they got the email from GHFC late last week announcing the second round of grant awards. “Sewa International has broken through a barrier of sorts in receiving such a major grant for offering Disaster Case Management Services to Greater Houston Community that includes Houston and Harris county. We are proud of our work, but we are also anxious to start offering the services we have been tasked to deliver,” he said.

“We have registered a case of cheat-

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He said Sharapova and the firm behind the development, Homestead Infrastructure Development, were named in the case.

Sixth Miss World win draws India level with Venezuela

Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle crowns Miss India Manushi Chhilar after she wins the 67th Miss World contest final in Sanya, on the tropical Chinese island of Hainan. AFP. Read on Page 12

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VOICE OF ASIA Publisher: Associate Publisher: Editor-in-Chief: Austin Correspondent: Print & Media Marketing: Marketing Director: Office Manager:

Koshy Thomas Sherly Philip Shobana Muratee Sherine Thomas Jacob David Susan Pothanikat Priyan Mathew

Columnists: Legal: Richard M. Alderman Legal: Sharlene Sharmila Richards Research: Prof. Meenakshi Bhattacharjee Health Insurance: Sudhir Mathuria Astrology: Hardik Vyas Medical: Drs. Surya and Manjula Raguthu Opinion: Dr. Chandra Mittal

Women leadership and proven prosperity per cent of women leaders see a six per cent increase in profit. If women leadership brings so much economic gain and stability, why then do we still have such a huge leadership gender gap?

A myriad of scientific and social research indicates that women outperform their male counterparts in situations that call for deep cooperation and collaboration.

Societal prescribed cultural norms, stereotypes and perceptions have painted women as inferior leaders, wrought with emotions and easily distracted.

Laboratory experiments and assessment studies show that women tend to lead with a more participative democratic style than men.

These have been entrenched by art and media.

PARTICIPATION This evidence has not only been demonstrated in the national leadership level of postconflict countries, but also in the corporate sector. This could be because a woman’s mere presence in a key leadership position inspires a new generation of participation and inclusion, attributable to pre-conceived gender role and psychology. Editor Online:


f your organisation is going through a painfully complex situation such as restructuring; or your country is so ethnically divided that conflict is its second nature, then appointing a female leader will help sail you through, according to researchers.

Shobana Muratee

All rights reserved. No material herein or portions thereof may be published without the consent of the publisher. Voice of Asia assumes no liability resulting from action taken based on the information included herein. Published weekly by Free Press LLC, 8303 SW Freeway, Suite # 325, Houston, TX 77074. Tel: 713-774-5140. Fax: 713-7745143. Email for editorial submissions: voiceasia@aol. com; Email for advertising inquiries and submissions:

Despite this, politically, and in modern history, more men have largely played the role of national leader. ECONOMY But as the world becomes more conflict-ridden, should we consider voting more women to the highest positions of power? Maybe, if prosperity is what we desire. In her research, Katherine Phillips, and others, in the Journal of International Affairs, 2013, established that more women political leaders

It is the policy of Voice of Asia to publish letters to the editor which evidence a variety of viewpoints. The opinions expressed in any particular letter to the editor are not necessarily those of the management. Voice of Asia welcomes letters in reply to issues raised in letters to editor. In as much letters to the editor are not articles written or researched by members of Voice of Asia, it is not the policy of the Voice of Asia to perform any investigation or confirmation of any facts or allegations contained in letters to the editor. Moreover, Voice of Asia reserves the right to edit letters to the editor as necessary to correct errors of fact, punctuation, spelling and to comply with space constraints.

New York, | AFP | - Sixty percent of US women voters say they have experienced sexual harassment and more than two-thirds of them said it happened at work, a nationwide poll revealed Tuesday. The findings come as the United States grapples with sexual assault and harassment scandals that have rocked the world of entertainment, business and politics.

Although paid advertisements may appear in Voice of Asia Group Publications in print, online, or in other electronic formats, the Voice of Asia Group does not endorse the advertised product, service, or company, nor any of the claims made by the advertisement. - The Publisher

Voice of Asia (USPS 010-215) (ISSN#10705058) is published every Friday (for a subscription rate of $30 per year) by Free Press LLC, 8303 SW Freeway, Suite # 325, Houston, TX 77074. Tel: 713-774-5140. Fax: 713774-5143. Periodical postage paid at Houston, Texas. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Voice of Asia, 8303 SW Freeway, Suite # 325, Houston, TX 77074

Only 20 percent of men voters said they had experienced sexual harassment, of whom 60 percent also said it happened at work, according to the Quinnipiac University survey. Of those women who said they had experienced harassment, 69 percent said it happened at work, 43 percent in social settings, 45 percent on the street and 14 percent at home, the poll found.

equal more prosperity. After observing and studying national leaders in 139 nations over five decades the researchers established that ethnically diverse nations benefited economically from a female national leader. When women are elected to office in countries with internal unrest, these economies experience a significant boost compared with results under male leaders. ANGELA MERKEL Notable examples of women excelling in fragile countries include Liberia’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and Angela Merkel in post-reunification of Germany. Michelle Bachelet led Chile as it emerged from repressive regimes, and Prof Wangari Maathai fought and won

against iron-clad leadership to save Kenya miles of forests. If in doubt, we can learn from earlier civilisation that had a surplus of formidable women national leaders such as Cleopatra of Egypt and Julia Augusta of Rome. In fact, it is in the advent of equal voting rights that we start seeing a shortage of female national leaders, with only a few emerging sporadically such as Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom. PROFIT The presence of female leaders in the top corporate ranks has had a positive effect on performance. A World Economic Forum research established that companies with at least 30

• English as a Second Language • Academic English / Functional English • Business English • Spanish Class

Then, women may exhibit little belief in their ability, thus choosing to pass over leadership opportunities. While these two reasons are not exhaustive, they could be a part of the reason we are confronted with the same data every year. Africa, where 52 per cent of population is female, should take a lead, as it is evident that it is in its interest to work towards greater inclusion of women as paid workers and leaders. Where policy fails, perhaps, we can walk back to the time of Cleopatra and start righting the wrongs we may have done along the way. If scientific evidence is anything to go by, women need not ask for “seats at the table”, but should arise, believe in themselves and take their place, as 80 years is too long a wait.

Sixty percent of US women ‘sexually harassed’: poll spondents classified sexual harassment of women as a “serious problem” and 55 percent said media coverage of the flood of recent allegations had led to a better understanding of sexual harassment, the poll found. Sixty-two percent said they

thought people were more likely to be held accountable for sexual harassment following the recent allegations.

women say they have been victimized,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“A vast majority of American men and women are deeply troubled by sexual harassment and the numbers underscore why. A stunning six in ten

The survey was based on interviews with 1,415 voters between November 15–20 and carried a margin of error of 3.1 percent, Quinnipiac said.

Remembering You The Hardest Thing Is Not Talk To Someone You Used To Talk To Everyday.

JAY PAKKATH 07/05/1978 - 11/25/2012



Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher

Eighty-nine percent of re-

English Express

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

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Club 24 Celebrates Holiday Season with Galveston Bay Dinner Cruise

5 reasons young families need life insurance now can’t afford life insurance, consider term life insurance. It guarantees protection for a set amount of time. Since it’s not designed to last a lifetime, the annual premiums are considerably lower.3

Ina Patel, Agent, New York Life Insurance Company.

Prabha Garg (left) with Event Chair Manisha Gandhi, Foundermember Ashok Garg, President Pradeep and Kiran Gupta. by Pramod Kulkarni



The highlight of the cruise was the after-dinner karaoke. Singers included Manisha Gandhi, Alpa Shah, Savita Rao, Veena Kaul, Jyoti Kulkarni and Himanshu Upadhyay. Madhusudan charmed the audience with his rendition of “Nakhre-

EMAH, Texas – One of the star attractions on the Texas coast is a Galveston Bay dinner cruise. Club 24 Plus has now made the three-hour dinner cruise one of its annual events. Originally scheduled during the late fall, the event had to be postponed because of Hurricane Harvey.

Madhusudan Desai (left) singing “Nakhrewali” to the enjoyment of Manisha Gandhi and Jyoti Kulkarni. vali” and kicked up the tempo with “Apni to Aisi Jaisi” as the cruise liner returned to the pier. Club 24 is a by-invitationonly group with focus on charitable giving, outreach to the mainstream community, and networking. To carry out

these strategic objectives, the club hosts five events annually, including two networking events, Valentine’s Party and Holiday Brunch, two signature events, a philanthropy event where donations are presented to local charities, and the Diwali party.

Here are five reasons why young families need life insurance: 1. You just never know. While it’s not the most pleasant thing to ponder, an emergency situation could quickly put your family’s finances under water. In fact, nearly half of Americans don’t have enough savings to take care of a $400 emergency response. And when you’re starting out, not having protection in case something happens to a family’s breadwinner is even scarier.1

On Saturday, Nov. 18, more than 50 Club 24 Plus members gathered at the Kemah pier to board the American Princess II cruise liner While a cold front and a stiff breeze made it difficult to venture out on the open deck, most club members enjoyed themselves indoors through intimate conversations, good food, and karaoke. President Pradeep Gupta welcomed Club 24 Plus members and their guests and thanked Event Chair Manisha Gandhi and club members Alpa and Mahesh Shah for their role in organizing the dinner cruise. Thanks to Mahesh Shah’s personal attention, members enjoyed delectable hors d’euvers and full-course dinner from Madras Pavilion with a “Madhur Milan” desert

When it comes to money matters, young parents who are just starting out have a lot to juggle: They may be paying off student debt and saving for their first home, all while raising kids. But it’s also a time when young families may be the most financially vulnerable should the unexpected strike. To ensure that they have financial protection when they need it most, purchasing a life insurance policy should be top of mind.

2. The earlier you opt in, the more affordable it is. Because age is one of the factors that affects the cost of your premium, the younger you are when you purchase a policy, the less you’ll be paying each year.2 3. It’s not as expensive as you think. If you’re on a budget and are convinced you

4. It lets you concentrate on other goals. Once you have the peace of mind and financial protection that life insurance grants you, you may feel secure enough to fund long-term goals, like buying a home, saving for your nest egg, or going back to school. 5. You can always upgrade at a later date. Don’t let the fear of making the wrong decision deter you from purchasing a policy now. The policy you purchase today isn’t intended to be set in stone. As your family’s needs change, you have the option of making upgrades. We know it’s not easy for young families to make their life insurance needs a priority, given all their competing financial obligations. However, life insurance is a vehicle for protection that is not only affordable, but can also help families save money and can ultimately propel them toward reaching both their immediate and far-reaching goals. This educational, third-party article is provided as a courtesy by Ina Patel, Agent, New York Life Insurance Company. To learn more about the information or topics discussed, please contact Ina Patel at (713) 591-4130. SMRU # 1752894 1Neal Gabler, “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans,” The Atlantic, May 2016. 2Tara Siegel Bernard, “Life Insurance Buyer’s Guide: What Type, How Much and Who Will Benefit,” The New York Times, Feb. 19, 2016. 3”Parents’ Guide to Every Kind of Insurance,” Consumer Reports, February 2013.

Club 24 Plus members gathered on the upper deck of the dinner cruise vessel for a group photo.


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FRIDAY, November 24, 2017


Sugar Land, Katy, Stafford, Missouri City, R


UGAR LAND – (November 16, 2017) — The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), recently recognized the Surgical ICU Department at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital with a goldlevel Beacon Award for Excellence, making the hospital just one of seven ICUs in Texas to achieve this prestigious recognition. The Beacon Award for Excellence — a significant milestone on the path to exceptional patient care and healthy work environments — recognizes unit caregivers who successfully improve patient outcomes and align practices with AACN’s six Healthy Work Environment Standards. Units that achieve this three-year, three-level award with gold, silver or bronze designations meet national criteria consistent with Magnet® Recognition, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the National Quality Healthcare Award. AACN President Christine Schulman, MS, RN, CNS, CCRN-K, applauds the commitment of the caregivers in the ICU at Houston Methodist Sugar Land for working together to meet and exceed the high standards set forth by the Beacon Award for Excellence.

AACN recognizes ICU at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital with gold-level Beacon Award for Excellence

Missouri City to close non-emergency offices for Thanksgiving Pickup for Municipal Solid Waste will be on regular schedule


ll non-emergency City Hall Offices will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 23 and Friday, Nov. 24 for Thanksgiving. This includes:

*City Hall, 1522 Texas Pkwy. *Inspections & Permits, 1522 Texas Pkwy. *Municipal Court, 3845 Cartwright Rd. *Recreation & Tennis Center, 2701 Cypress Point Dr.

Our Beacon Award Winning ICU staff and hospital leadership These dedicated health care professionals join other members of our exceptional community of nurses, who set the standard for optimal patient care. “The Beacon Award for Excellence recognizes caregivers in stellar units whose consistent and systematic approach to evidence-based care optimizes patient outcomes. Units that receive this national recognition serve as role models to others on their journey to excellent patient

and family care,” she explains. The gold-level Beacon Award for Excellence signifies an effective and systematic approach to achieve optimal patient care by meeting the following evidence-based criteria: • Leadership Structures and Systems • Appropriate Staffing and Staff Engagement • Effective Communication, Knowledge Management, and Learning and Development

• Evidence-Based Practices and Processes • Outcome Measurement “This achievement is a testament to the great ICU caregivers here at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. It has been our goal to work as a team making our patients safe and comfortable,” said Tumi Layinka, manager of the Surgical ICU. “I am truly honored and proud to work with such a wonderful team.” To learn more about Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, visit our website at Visit our Facebook page at for the latest news, events and information.

Residents who have questions about City services and programs should call 281.403.8500 and leave a voicemail message. Residents and businesses with questions about inspections and permits should call 281.403.8600 and leave a message. City Staff will promptly return all calls. For emergencies, please call 911. The Recreation & Tennis Center, 2701 Cypress Point Dr., will also be closed Thursday and Friday. The center will reopen for normal business hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 25. The Quail Valley Golf Course and the City Centre at Quail Valley, 2880 La Quinta Dr., will be closed on Thanksgiving. Normal hours for both will resume at 6:30 a.m. on Friday. For tee times and other information, call 281.403.5910. Residents who participate in the Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling Program will receive regular service. To ensure pickup, citizens are encouraged to set garbage and recyclable materials out by 7 a.m. For assistance, residents may contact WCA at 281.403.5800. For more information about Missouri City, please watch the City website:, like us on Facebook—fb/MissouriCityTX, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat—@MissouriCityTX and watch Missouri City Television (Ch. 16 on Comcast and Ch. 99 on AT&T U-verse).

Sugar Land’s 15th annual Christmas tree lighting right State lawmaker demands Fort around corner Bend Co. sheriff apologize to


UGAR LAND - Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their elves are bringing holiday magic to Sugar Land Town Square for the 15th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting on Dec. 7 from 5-8 p.m.

The steps of Sugar Land City Hall will light up with holiday cheer and entertainment as various groups fill the stage with some of the community’s most popular performances, including Cornerstone Elementary Choir, Inspiration Stage, EPIC Center for Dance, Sugar Creek Baptist Church Choir, Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Dance Zone, 2017 Sugar Land Super Star Wesley Nilsen, Commonwealth Elementary Choir and the Tropical


The Christmas spirit will come alive this year with a Gingerbread Lane, Winter Wonderland and other holiday themed walk-around entertainment! Stop by activity booths provided by local businesses, or grab some scrumptious treats from one of the onsite food vendors for a nominal charge. Throughout the event, families will have the opportunity to take free pictures at different photo stations and even a chance to take a picture with Santa Claus. As the night comes to an end, gather with family and friends around the spectacular 40 foot Christmas tree located in the

middle of Town Square plaza to help Santa and Mrs. Claus welcome in the season with the annual lighting of the tree.

driver of ‘F-TRUMP’ truck

The event is free and open to the public. A complimentary shuttle service will run from Mercer Stadium, 16403 Lexington Blvd., to Sugar Land Town Square from 4:30-8:30 p.m. Limited parking will also be available in the Texas and Lone Star garages located in Town Square.

ICHMOND, Texas State Rep. Ron Reynolds spoke up today for Karen Fonseca, who he says has been going through a “nightmare” of backlash over her anti-Trump message on her truck.

For more information or to become an event sponsor, visit TreeLighting, or call (281) 275-2825. Don’t forget to like or follow the Sugar Land Parks and Recreation social media pages at @SugarLandParks.

Harvey aftermath, trauma could worsen holiday blues in area Experts urge others to reach out to people who were displaced by Harvey, be good listeners and include them in their holiday celebrations by Laura Iseesen


his year, the holiday blues could be worse for Harvey survivors, in a season that already can bring depression, anxiety and sadness for as much as one third of the population..

Fonseca, who was arrested just before the weekend on an unrelated fraud warrant, earlier unveiled another decal on her truck’s back window that says “F-Troy Nehls and F-You For Voting for Him.” The message was placed right next to her existing decal criticizing President Trump.

Karen Fonseca at the news conference (Photo: YouTube) her.”

Fort Bend Co. Sheriff Troy Nehls targeted Fonseca’s pickup in a Facebook post. He posted a photo of the “F-TRUMP” decal to look for the driver.

When asked whether she could find middle ground with the sheriff, Fonseca told ABC13 that she has not spoken with him.

In response to the new decal revealed Sunday, Nehls said, “It doesn’t surprise me. Her behavior is disgusting.”

“We have not changed any words. We don’t have a relationship,” Fonseca said. “The thing is, I think he went about it the wrong way, exposing us on Facebook.”

On Monday, Reynolds called for Nehls to apologize to Fonseca, accusing the sheriff of using the decals as a statement for his own political ambitions. Fonseca’s teen daughters say they support their mother despite getting threatening, bullying messages from people online. “My mom has always taught us to always stand up for what’s right,” said Larrissa Lev, who is 19 years old. “She raised us all the right way. We do take after

People who’ve gone through Harvey — or watched their family, friends or neighbors suffer from the mega storm — should be on extra alert this holiday season for warning signs of those holiday blues.

The sheriff’s office did not initially comment on the matter on Sunday, but Sheriff Nehls released the following statement on Monday: Last week, I received complaints from Fort Bend County residents regarding the window sticker on her truck, which states, “F*** Trump, and F*** You for voting for him.” The residents informed me they were offended at the language displayed on the

truck, and I asked for a photo. I received the photo of the truck with the sticker, but the photo failed to display the license plate number of the truck. I asked my office to post the photo of the truck with the sticker on my “Sheriff Troy Nehls” Facebook page, and obscured the offensive language. The intent behind the post was to identify the owner of the truck with the intent on speaking with that person(s) and have a conversation with the owner regarding the complaints I received and a possible modification of the sticker. My post also included my office phone number. As a result of the posting, we received information which helped us identify the owner of the truck. Once we identified the owner of the truck, we took down the post.” (-KTRK)


Those signs include anxiety, irritability, being withdrawn or tired, according to Dr. Asim Shah, who is the executive vice chair in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Baylor College of Medicine. He pointed to research from Hurricane Katrina, that showed one third of people in the New Orleans area suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and more than half experienced some mental health issues.


FUNERAL NEGOTIATOR Research shows that after Hurricane Katrina, more than half of the local residents in New Orleans suffered from mental health issues, and about one-third experienced post-traumatic stress disorder. (Photo: Shutterstock)

“When you see your families and friends and when you’re not able to do your routine things, then you get even more trauma and you get more traumatized and even more depressed and more anxious,” Shah said.

and spend time with people who are supportive.

But Shah said that being aware is the first step to coping. He added that people can also talk with someone they trust

Shah urged others to reach out to people who were displaced by Harvey, be good listeners and include them in their

“So your social support is the key here, because if you are with people are a good resource for you, who support you, you will get better quickly,” he said.

holiday celebrations. “Be a non-judgmental good listener, because when you listen to a person and you are non-judgmental you can help them more than not,” he explained. “But when you give them judgmental advice, they shut down and they don’t talk to you.” (-Houston Public Media)


Stephanie Salcedo INS URA NCE B ROKER

(832) 953-4229

Cemetery Plots 50% to 65% OFF Funeral Plan as low as $5,995 Worldwide Travel Protection $499

(832) 9-LEGACY Three Sugar Creek Center • Suite 100 • Sugar Land, TX 77478


FRIDAY, November 24, 2017


Richmond, Rosenberg and Meadows Place

Sugar Land Farmers Market to remain open for holidays

School is seeking donations, sponsorships from the community


any in the Fort Bend County area were shocked and disappointed by a surprise announcement in early November that the Farmers Market at Imperial in Sugar Land would close indefinitely.


ORT BEND ISD (November 16, 2017) – Lakeview Elementary is gearing up for a celebration 100 years in the making – its Centennial Celebration Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Lakeview Elementary (314 Lakeview Drive, Sugar Land 77498). The event will be free and open to the entire community.

However, officials from the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce now say the market will stays open every weekend throughout the busy holiday season and arrangements are quickly being made to relocate the market to a new location in the same area. “The market is going to remain open and its operations will continue uninterrupted,” Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce president Keri Schmidt said. “We will be at the current location for the at least the next two weekends. We are then hoping to announce a new location situated near where the market is currently operating.” The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce took over operations of the Farmers Market six years ago per request from commercial developers Johnson Development, Imperial Market. The company is in the

District and City leaders are scheduled to attend to help kick off a day of fun and celebration. There will be food trucks, carnival games, silent auctions, raffles, a mini historical museum of Lakeview, performances by select FBISD student groups and much more.

process of developing a $200 million mixed-use development on a 26-acre site that includes the city’s namesake property: the historic Imperial Sugar Company Refinery, where the market is currently operates. The Imperial Market master-

Sewa International.... Continued from page 3 What the Sewa International Team, led by a project manager and assisted by 20 Case Workers, will do is to identify and assist 600 clients in assessing their “individual/ family needs resulting from a specific disaster event, help them develop a recovery plan, and screen for duplication of benefits and provide them access to resources for their un-

Lakeview Elementary preparing for Centennial Celebration, March 24

met needs”. The grant money that Sewa received today will have to be spent over the next four months. As per the grant guidelines, Sewa has to begin providing disaster case management services within 30 days or less of receiving funding. “This is a kind of ‘get set, ready, go’ kind of challenge and opportunity for us”, said Kavita Tewary, Executive Di-

planned community development will incorporate the historic structures of the historic sugar refinery and will include approximately 270,000 squarefeet of upscale shopping and dining, office space, a 10,000 square-foot conference facility and fitness center, a 120-room rector of Sewa Houston who spearheaded the grant writing “We want to spend this money wisely, correctly, and carefully, and do it all within the next four months so that Sewa International will emerge as a reliable, trustworthy organization that can seek other such grants for disaster relief work across the United States and around the world. “We indeed believe serving humanity is serving divinity,” she said. For more info contact Kavita Tewary at or 713-303-4253

hotel, apartments and residential development. Scheduled to open sometime next year, the 855,000-square– foot development has already inked leasing agreements with a number of top retail companies, entertainment venues and popular restaurants including Schilleci’s New Orleans Kitchen, a chic French Quarter-style restaurant, The Guild Bar, a high-end lounge, Italian restaurant Mia Bella and Triple Tap Ventures to open a new 55,000-square-foot, ninescreen Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. The announcement about the market closure came after company officials notified Chamber of Commerce staff that the current location of the Farmers Market at Imperial was set to be demolished on Nov. 18. Chamber of Commerce offi-

Planning for the event has begun and the school is seeking sponsorships and monetary donations to help with the event. Sponsorship levels are: Diamond - $5,000 + Platinum - $2,500 + Gold - $1,000 + Silver - $500 + Mercury $250 + Bronze - $50, $75, $100 + The school is also seeking

cials have not yet said reveal any details related to the new arrangements made to relocate the market. But, shoppers can rest assured it will be business as usual for vendors as the Farmers Market will continue

in-kind donations related to printing, stage equipment, moonwalks, t-shirts, hospitality, food and drinks and much more. If you’re interested in a sponsorship or donation, contact Riqisha Rios, Centennial Celebration Chair at 832563-9760 or LVEsponsors@ Be sure to also follow Lakeview Elementary on Twitter, @LVE_vikings, like the Lakeview PTA’s Facebook page, and bookmark the school’s website to stay up-todate on the latest. to be open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It’s welcome news for weekend shoppers and the many fans of the Farmers Market at Imperial, Schwartz said.



Indian Americans host Thanksgiving Lunch to Volunteers of America, Texas

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

Indian American Cancer Network

Loss of Spouse and How to Cope with Life

Continued from page 3 Volunteer Delvin Townsend offered a short prayer at the beginning of the program, then organizing host Jiten K. Agarwal thanked the volunteers for giving the opportunity to serve Thanksgiving lunch. He said he was proud to be a part of the Houston community and was glad that his two sons joined in to serve and share the experience of Thanksgiving. Beanca J. Williams, IDD Regional Director-Houston thanked the Indian community for their service and partnership. Volunteer Christopher Berry also gave his heartfelt thanks that touched everyone deeply. Consul General of India, Houston, Dr. Anu- Consul General Dr. Anupan Ray with participating pam Ray addressing the gathering said, “I students Rahul Agarwal and Varun Agarwal. Photos always encourage our community to adopt by Shobana Muratee. the American ways and there there’s nothing more American than Thanksgiving.” He shared an integral part of the Indian tradition where in the Hindu scriptures it is written in Sanskrit ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’, meaning the universe is one family. “I want the Indian community here to adopt this family and share everything, and that’s what Thanksgiving and India is all about,” Dr. Ray said. He praised the two young students - Jiten’s sons - Varun Agarwal, 9th grade, and Rahul Agarwal, 11th grade, both from The Village School for their enthusiasm to serve at the Thanksgiving Lunch. Kevin Roberts, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, Texas, District 2 was among Volunteer Christopher Berry with his grandparents. the dignitaries who attended the event and vited and experience this powerful event!” Deputy Consul General, Surendra Adhana, Dr. Arun Verma, Founder Sita Ram Foundation, Gitesh Desai, Sewa International, Jugal Malani, India House, Lathafat Hassan, Indian Muslims Association of Greater Houston, Swapan Dhairyawan, India Culture Center and few other representatives of the Indian American organizations in Houston and members of the local media were in attendance.

Dr. Anupam Ray , Kevin Roberts, Dr. Arun Verma, Jugal Malani, Jiten K. Agarwal, Beanca J. Williams with the Volunteers spoke on the occasion. Reflecting on the event he wrote, “That is fabulous! All of your community-minded leadership

to help improve the quality of life for others is what makes our City, State & Nation great! I was beyond honored to be in-

Volunteers of America Texas is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that supports the most vulnerable in society. They help individuals find strength, healing and their full potential through services and programs. For more information visit

India House, Indian American Cancer Network(IACAN), Share Our Secrets(SOS) and Indo-American Chamber of Commerce(IACCGH) joined hands and organized an outreach program “THE LOSS OF SPOUSE: Aftermath, how to adjust and cope with life” for the Indian commu-nity. India House has generously provided the venue and the program was presented on October 29th, 2017. The program started with Colonel Vipin Kumar presenting a video about India House. Director of Anjali School for performing Arts, Mrs. Rathna Kumar who has lost her spouse about 3 years ago was the MC for the program. Bhaskar Rao, an engineer talked about the emotional aspect of losing his wife. He felt dysfunc-tional both at home and at work and talked to a therapist. This did not help Bhaskar as the therapist wanted him to let go of his feeling for his wife and move on with his life. What did help him was mentoring teenagers and young students. Rahat Sultana Kalle who has been a widow since 20 years, said she did not have time to grieve. She and her husband had an engineering company which needed her attention immediately after her husband passed away.

She got good support from her staff, family and friends. For Rahat, driving long distance is good therapy as well as good memories of her husband. Kumari Susarla, president of IACAN talked about the events at the hospital after the pro-nouncement of death, choosing funeral homes with crematorium, contacting priests who can per-form the needed rituals and keeping their numbers handy. It is important to keep money needed for these services in an account where you will be able to get it easily when needed. If the de-ceased is a Social Security recipient, the checks stop immediately. While both spouses are alive, it is a good idea to prepare a budget which shows where the income is coming from and when it is coming and the when the bills need to be paid. There are several websites which have good information on this subject Susarla said. Swapan Dhairyawan, CPA and president of IACCGH provided a financial checklist for the sur-viving spouses. The list includes bank statements, tax returns, investment account statements, loan and mortgage information to name a few. A secondary list includes contacting banks for change of information, life insurance provider, cancelling membership at Gym etc. among many other things. Mr. Dhairyawan also cautions not to put house on market immediately, not

to give money to children or charity and not to sell stocks and bonds immediately. Andrew Hardwick, public affairs specialist for the Social Security administration talked about social security benefits for surviving spouse and for children below age 16 if there are any. Death certificate and proof of marriage are important documents to collect Social Security. If marriage certificate is not available the SSA will ask for alternate documents. Biki Mohindra, founder of SOS talked about financial literacy for the surviving spouse. Settling financial affairs in India, consolidating accounts, making sure the spouse and children know about the financials affairs are some of the important things Mohindra talked about. Also im-portant is having a will, otherwise the state will decide how the assets will be distributed. The program was attended by more than 150 people and proved to be a great success. The gen-eral consensus from the audience is it is about time to have program like this which discusses the loss of a spouse and the impact it makes on the surviving spouse. IACAN Contact Information:www. Phone: 713 370 3489.



These South Asian Americans are spicing up their Thanksgiving tables

India: the hottest coworking growth market overtakes USA by Cecilia Amador


EW DEHLI, November 20, 2017 - Coworking in Asia continues to grow and evolve faster than in other regions of the world. Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and China have taken the industry by storm this year, with various operators attracting investment to power expansion across Asia and other markets.

$400 million in investment by 2018 and is set to grow by 40-50% to reach over 1 million sq. feet of leased ‘alternative’ work spaces.” Nair’s prediction has already been set in motion. Awfis obtained US$20 million in funding this year, WeWork’s first India location took up over 140,000 square feet in Bengaluru, and IWG’s coworking brand, Spaces, is set to open in Delhi in

These South Asian American cooks are putting their own, spicy spin on Thanksgiving. by Lakshmi Gandhi


ecause Thanksgiving is often regarded as the quintessential American holiday, the celebration’s traditional fare has sometimes been a struggle for first and second generation cooks unfamiliar with turkey, cranberries, or the intricacies of stuffing. “I first celebrated Thanksgiving my freshman year of college when I stayed with a friend who lived in Ohio and I didn’t completely get it,” television host and cookbook author Aarti Sequeira told NBC News. “But it’s a holiday built around the table and I really loved it.”

AFP/File Photo However, there is one Asian market that has experienced incredible growth in the past 12 months and holds immense potential for further growth in the coming years — and many are still unaware of this. Coworking in India Kowrk, an Asian platform that connects users and providers of shared workspace, recently published a series of articles analyzing the trends and prices of coworking across several Asian markets, focusing specifically on the state of coworking in various cities in India. I mentioned above that India holds immense potential for coworking operators, and here’s why. According to Kowrk’s research, the USA has an approximate aggregate of 27 million square feet of shared workspace. India holds triple the workforce of the USA, yet it has less than 1 million square feet of shared workspace. The conclusion? India’s demand for flexible workspace will continue growing for years to come. In fact, in Mumbai, demand has outpaced supply in the last couple of years, leading to an increase in price of about 35% since last year. According to JLL’s Ramesh Nair, “coworking in India is expected to receive

the near future. To a certain extent, coworking in India has been powered by the startup ecosystem. “Our regression analysis has found a strong correlation between demand for coworking space and the presence of startups within a particular city” with Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi NCR hosting about 70% of startups in India. Yet, as in other parts of the world, corporate coworking is quickly catching on, and JLL India claims that “Mumbai and Bengaluru offer by far the best opportunity for creating coworking spaces targeted at corporate firms.” Coworking potential, however, isn’t limited to Tier 1 cities. Kowrk’s research forecasts that “more coworking spaces will open in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, hand-in-hand with the establishment of top management and technology institutions in these areas.” The outskirts of Tier 1 cities will also see increased presence from coworking operators. In Bengaluru, “coworking spaces have cropped up along the outskirts of the city as a result of evergrowing demand.” Similarly, South Delhi holds the largest concentration of coworking spaces. Growth in the fringes of major cities will also increase as the areas become better connected via public transportation. (-Business Insider)

One of the things Sequeira, who was born in India and grew up in Dubai, did not totally understand at her first Thanksgiving was cranberry sauce, which she remembered being served “right out of the tin.” Since then, Sequeira has worked to put her own spin on Thanksgiving each year. “Because we live in LA, our Thanksgiving has always been ‘Friendsgiving,’ where I just say, ‘Come over, I just want you to enjoy,’” Sequeira explained. “I’ve done a tandoori turkey, which adds flavor to turkey, which is normally so bland.” For those interested in trying to do a tandoori-style turkey, Sequeira recommends getting an heirloom turkey. “They tend to be gamier,” she noted. “I usually look into cooking it in one of those big [oven] bags.” But it’s while making side dishes that many families with recent immigrant roots really get creative. “When I was growing up, one whole side of the table was things like turkey and cranberry sauce and the other side was all Indian,” Anupy Singla said of her childhood in the Philadelphia area. The author of “Indian for Everyone: The Home Cook’s Guide to Traditional Favorites” has in recent years been creating her own fusion recipes with her children.

Indian student shot dead at grocery store in US


OS ANGELES, Nov 16, 2017 - A 21-year-old Indian student has been shot dead allegedly by four armed robbers, including an Indian-origin man, at a grocery store in the US state of California, according to a media report. Dharampreet Singh Jasser was on duty at a grocery store next to a gas station in Fresno city in California on Tuesday night when four armed robbers, including an Indian-origin man, barged in to loot the store, local daily Fresnobee reported. Jasser reportedly hid behind the cash counter but was shot by one of the four robbers while they were leaving the service station after looting cash and goods, the report said. The incident was reported to the police yesterday when a customer who had stopped by to buy some goods, discovered Jasser’s body on the floor. Originally from Punjab, Jasser was a student of accounting and had gone to the US around three years ago on a student visa. Police has arrested 22-year-old Athwal, an Indian-origin man, who is believed to be one of the four suspects who looted the gas station and fired multiple shots one of which hit Jasser. Police said a Fresno County Sheriff’s deputy saw media coverage of the incident on Tuesday and recognised some similarities between the suspects from the incident and Athwal, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office said. Madera Sheriff’s detectives were contacted and determined Athwal is the likely suspect in the shooting.

Originally from Punjab, Jasser was a student of accounting and had gone to the US around three years ago on a student visa. (Photo: PTI)

A warrant has been obtained for the suspect and he will be transferred to the Madera Department of Corrections, the report said. Athwal has been charged with murder and robbery. “Dharampreet was a completely innocent victim, just doing his job, when he was senselessly killed during this robbery,” Madera Sheriff Jay Varney said Detectives continue to search for other suspects and any further information related to this case, the Sheriff’s Office said. (-PTI)

Indian toddler’s foster mother arrested in US for leaving her home alone ALLAS, Texas - The foster mother of Indian girl Sherin Mathews, found dead last month in a culvert in Dallas, has been arrested after police alleged that the Indian- American couple left the 3-year-old home alone the night before she was reported missing.

A state jail felony in Texas is an offense that is punishable by confinement in a state jail facility from six months up to two years.

Sini Mathews and husband Wesley Mathews, who was arrested last month, went out for dinner with their biological daughter October 6, leaving Sherin because she refused to drink her milk, police in the US state of Texas said.

An affidavit said the toddler was in the kitchen where they left her.


The 35-year-old mother, an Indian-American registered nurse, was arrested yesterday after her attorney took her to the Richardson police station. She is being held in the Richardson jail on a charge of abandoning or endangering a child, a state jail felony. Bail has been set at USD 250,000, police said.

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

Police said they have not determined whether Sherin was alive when they returned home an hour and a half later, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office is continuing to work on determining the cause of death. Those results will be made available when complete,” Richardson Police said in a Facebook post. Wesley, the 37-year-old foster father, who has since been charged in connection with Sherin’s death, remains in the Dallas County Jail on a charge of injury to a child. Bail has been set at USD 1 million. The crime is punishable with up to 99 years in prison. (-PTI)

Pumpkin biryani by Anupy Singla (Photo by Luna Light Media)

“We’ve been cooking like this since they were really young,” Singla said of her 14 and 12-year-olds. “My daughter likes it when we put chai masala in the banana bread and cranberry sauce is so much better when you add ginger and cardamom pods.” Singla’s Thanksgiving table also features dishes like garam masala brussel sprouts and pumpkin biryani, which has the advantage of being able to be prepared many hours ahead of time. “Most people wouldn’t put garam masala and brussel sprouts together, but those flavors are very fall and Thanksgiving,” she said. The Thanksgiving-themed pumpkin biryani is a newer addition to Singla’s repertoire. “I thought it would be fun to do something sweet and savory and translates to Thanksgiving. Some of the pumpkin biryani recipes out there didn’t speak to me,” Singla added. “”I wanted to make something that has that Indian taste profile and incorporates Thanksgiving traditions.” This blending of South Asian cooking and Thanksgiving recipes represents the continuing evolution of South Asian American identity to writer Wajahat Ali. In 2011, Ali wrote an essay for Salon entitled “How turkey came to our Thanksgiving table” that detailed how his Pakistani-American family learned how to embrace the holiday (and its cuisine). Ali wrote about how, as a child, he would beg his mother to prepare turkey for Thanksgiving, only to be denied. “For my parents’ generation,

they’d say ‘Oh, you’re being American,’ which really means ‘you are being white.’ But we are American,” Ali told NBC News. “ And as these things kind of happen, you see this type of culinary integration over time.” Ali was in college by the time his parents gave in to his wish for a Thanksgiving turkey. It helped that Ali’s parents appreciated the general theme of the holiday. “It’s a national holiday about good moral values,” he said. “But my mom is not a fan of turkey at all, so she’d make whole roasted desi chickens as a compromise. Pumpkin pie is not a thing in India or Pakistan. It’s been a slow moving process.” Since then, the Ali family has been serving turkey alongside more traditional favorites like chicken korma and lamb keema. “There’s masala in the turkey and it’s come to be this really nice thing about family and gratitude,” Ali said. “You see that immigrants have made the decision [to say], ‘This is home.’” But that sentiment does not mean that all flavors naturally go together. Both Singla and Sequeira said they do several recipe trial runs to make sure the balance is just right. “What I might try this year is a pumpkin pie with a spicier version of garam masala And since I grew up in the Middle East, I’m also trying some Middle Eastern flavors, like cardamom and rose water in pumpkin pie,” said Sequeira. “I don’t know if it will work in pumpkin pie, but I guess we’ll find out.” (-NBC News)



Indian producers delay ‘Padmavati’ film after protests

Members of India’s Rajput community hold placards as they protest against the release of Bollywood film “Padmavati” in Mumbai, India, Monday, Nov. 20, 2017. AP Photo.

UMBAI, India | AFP | 11/20/2017 - Indian filmmakers said they have delayed indefinitely the release of a Bollywood historical epic about a legendary Hindu queen that has been the subject of weeks of violent protests. Caste-based groups have been targeting “Padmavati”, which was due to hit screens on December 1, over rumours that the movie will depict a romance between the queen and a Muslim ruler. In a statement late Sunday Viacom18 Motion Pictures said they had “voluntarily deferred” the release date of the film, which has yet to be certified by India’s censor board. “We have faith that we will soon obtain the requisite clearances to release the film. We will announce the revised release date of the film in due course,” it said. The movie first ran into opposition in January when protesters belonging to the Rajput Karni Sena caste-based group attacked director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and vandalised the set during filming in Jaipur in Ra-


BJP media coordinator Suraj Pal Amu issued an open threat to the cast and crew.

jasthan. The protesters are apparently unhappy about speculation that the film will include a romantic liaison between Rajput queen Padmavati, also known as Rani Padmini, and the 13th and 14th century Muslim ruler Alauddin Khilji. The Rajput caste were historically Hindu warriors who ruled over kingdoms in western India. Rajput Karni Sena accuse the film’s makers of distorting

historical facts, but historians say the queen is a mythical character and there is no clear evidence that she even existed. Protesters attacked another set near Mumbai in March, burning costumes and other props. They have stepped up protests in recent weeks, including making death threats against lead actress Deepika Padukone and Bhansali and demanding to preview the movie before it is released.

Last week the leader of another caste-related group, the Akhil Bhartiya Kshatriya Mahasabha (ABKM), offered 50 million rupees ($769,000) to anyone who “beheaded” Padukone and Bhansali. Followers have burned effigies of the actress and the threats led Mumbai police to beef up their security of Padukone and the director. India’s Hindi film industry churns out hundreds of movies every year but filmmakers often face intimidation from fringe groups, fuelling fears over creative freedom in the country. The censor board has so far refused to certify the movie, saying the producers’ application form was “incomplete” while several politicians have also weighed into the controversy. On Monday the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, a member of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said the film could not be screened in the state “if historical facts are distorted”. The deputy chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, also a BJP politician, had earlier called for “controversial portions” to be removed from the movie. Cast members have called for detractors not to rush to judgement before seeing the film for themselves while several Bollywood personalities have come out in support of the movie and its team. “Sad that bullies have prevailed again. The government’s stance is disappointing but not unexpected,” Hansal Mehta, a director, wrote in a tweet. Actress Sonam Kapoor said she was “appalled” at the controversy, describing it as “ludicrous”. The movie stars Shahid Kapoor as Maharawal Ratan Singh, the husband of Padmavati, and Ranveer Singh as Sultan Alauddin Khilji who leads an invasion to try to capture the queen.

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

US mom details brutality at hands of Taliban faction

The family were released last month in Pakistan in circumstances that are also unclear, and are now trying to rebuild their lives in Canada. (Photo: AFP) EW YORK | AFP | 11/20/2017 - A US mother held hostage by Taliban-linked militants for five years has detailed the violence and sexual assault she endured in captivity, and said her young son was also beaten. “This was an intolerable situation for a child to be in,” Caitlan Coleman Boyle, 31, told ABC News in a television interview broadcast Monday. Boyle gave birth to three children in captivity. She and her Canadian husband were abducted by the Haqqani network while travelling through a remote area of Afghanistan -for reasons that remain unclear -- in 2012. The family were released last month in Pakistan in circumstances that are also unclear, and are now trying to rebuild their lives in Canada. Pakistan’s military has said it rescued the family while some US and Canadian officials have reportedly described their release as a “negotiated handover.” Boyle said their guards “could be very violent, even sometimes with the children,” assaulting their now four-yearold son with a stick, and hitting her and her husband. “I would get beaten or hit or thrown on the ground,” she told ABC News. She broke a cheekbone and three fingers while intervening to protect the children, her husband, Joshua Boyle, 34, told ABC.


Sharapova named... Continued from page 3 which prospective buyers were told would house a tennis academy, a clubhouse and a helipad. The website of the project quotes Sharapova as saying her goal was to “make the owners feel like they own something special and different”. “Any celebrity who endorses any product technically becomes an agent for that company. No one would have invested in the project if Sharapova’s name was not there,” said Piyush Singh, a lawyer representing the complainant. The project in Gurgaon -- a satellite city of the capital New Delhi -- was supposed to be ready in 2016 but, Singh said, construction work was abandoned after builders collected millions from homebuyers. Calls to the developers went unanswered. Sharapova has not yet commented on the case. Sharapova, a former world number one, made almost $30 million in 2015, according to Forbes, with $23 million of that coming from endorsements. She has had a stop-start season since her controversial return to the game in April, following a 15-month doping ban.



HCC Trustee Runoff Elections Notice

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017



Trump declares North Korea state sponsor of terror ASHINGTON | AFP - President Donald Trump declared North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism on Monday even as his top diplomat said Washington has not given up hope of a negotiated end to its nuclear standoff with Kim Jong-Un’s regime. Trump promised a rapid ramp-up of


Both Trump and Kim have previously raised fears of open conflict erupting over the North’s banned nuclear missile program, with both insulting and threatening the other with a devastating military response. But US officials have also been clear that their main hope is that what Tiller-

paign.” And US officials see the designation -- which was removed by then-president George W. Bush in 2008 -- as a way of ratcheting up pressure on other states and foreign banks that may be failing to fully enforce the sanctions already in place.

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

Sixth Miss World win draws India level with Venezuela

Miss India Manushi Chhilar wins the 67th Miss World contest final in Sanya, on the tropical Chinese island of Hainan (Photo: AFP)


Trump and Kim have been trading steadily escalating rhetoric for months (Photo: AFP) US Treasury sanctions against the isolated pariah state, after adding its name to a terror blacklist previously led by Iran and Syria. “Should have happened a long time ago. Should have happened years ago,” Trump declared, citing the death of a US student who had been held in a North Korean jail and the assassination by nerve agent of Kim’s elder brother on foreign soil as reasons for the move. But, speaking to reporters after the cabinet meeting, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Washington has not given up hope that sanctions and diplomacy can pressure Kim into agreeing to sit down and discuss his nuclear disarmament. Tillerson said that punitive measures were already having a “significant effect” on Pyongyang’s economy -- even if China has yet to cut off oil supplies to its sole refinery -- and said: “We still hope for diplomacy.” - ‘Maximum pressure campaign’ -

son described as an inexorable increase in economic and diplomatic pressure -- backed by China -- will force Pyongyang to back down. “We know that there are current shortages of fuel based upon what we can gather anecdotally and also from certain intelligence sources,” Tillerson said. “We know that their revenues are down,” he said. “So I think it is having an effect. Is this the reason we haven’t had a provocative act in 60 days? I don’t want to suggest to you that I can say. We are hopeful this period can continue.” North Korea is already under a crushing package of United States and United Nations sanctions, and Monday’s terror designation will not have much immediate economic impact. But Trump said his declaration would kick off a two-week period of announcements -- starting on Tuesday with a “very large” US Treasury sanctions measure -- that would eventually amount to a “maximum pressure cam-

“In addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation, North Korea repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil,” Trump said. In February, Kim’s potential rival and elder brother Kim Jong-Nam died after he was sprayed with a nerve agent in Kuala Lumpur airport, in an assassination blamed on Pyongyang. - Tortured in custody US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that other murders have been linked to North Korea, but the State Department said information about them “remains classified.” “As we take this action today, our thoughts turn to Otto Warmbier and others affected by North Korean oppression,” Trump continued, underlining the legal case for the designation. Warmbier died this year aged only 22 after release from captivity in the secretive country.


ANYA, China | AFP - An Indian medical student was crowned Miss World at a glitzy event in a Chinese resort on Saturday, making her country the joint-most successful in the beauty pageant’s history.

of Puerto Rico, at the ceremony in the Chinese coastal city of Sanya on Saturday night.

Manushi Chhillar is the sixth Indian winner of the long-running contest, following in the footsteps of Bollywood actresses Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai.

Saturday marked the Miss World pageant’s return to Sanya, on southern China’s Hainan Island, for a seventh time, where the event was last held in 2015.

Her win brings India level with Venezuela as the countries with most victories in the history of the pageant, now in its 67th edition.

At the previous occasion two years ago, controversy erupted as officials in Hong Kong stopped Miss Canada, Anastasia Lin, from boarding a plane bound for Sanya, telling her she would not receive a visa.

Chhillar, 20, is a trained Indian classical dancer who also enjoys painting and hopes to open a chain of non-profit hospitals in rural areas, according to the Miss World website. “Thank you, everyone, for your constant love, support,” and prayers she wrote on Twitter. “This one’s for India.” Chhillar’s victory rapidly became a top trending topic on the social media platform in India after the announcement, with Manohar Lal Khattar -- the minister of her home state of Haryana -- among the first to offer congratulations. Chhillar was handed the crown by last year’s winner, Stephanie del Valle

Stephanie Hill of England and Andrea Meza of Mexico finished as runners-up.

The 25-year old actress claimed the decision was due to her stance on China’s human rights record, including its persecution of Falun Gong, a Chinese spiritual group of which she is a practitioner. At last year’s event in the United States, Lin was again embroiled in controversy when pageant officials reportedly warned her against speaking to the press for three weeks about human rights abuses in China. Miss Lin did not participate in this year’s event, with Canada represented instead by Cynthia Menard, a high school student.


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TiE to host workshop for Southwestern National Bank holds entrepreneurs on Nov. 29 Grand Opening in Dallas area


TiE Houston Charter Member finalizing on the upcoming Workshop with Juan Arjona at Technip. iE Houston Charter Member lunch was hosted by Juan Arjona at Technip on Thursday, November 16, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm where the members discussed details of the upcoming workshop. TiE Houston has partnered with Houston Exponential to present: How to Pitch To Investors Workshop on November 29, 2017 from Noon - 6 PM. This event is open to the public and entrepreneurs at every stage are encouraged to participate.


Topics to be covered are: 1. Building and Communicating Your Value Proposition 2. Legal Matters 3. How to Engage with Angel Investors

4. Elevator Pitch Workshop 5. Building a Winning Investor Pitch Deck Speakers include: • John Reale, Station Houston • Greg Phillips, Phillips Kaiser PLLC • Ashok Rao, GOOSE Society of Texas • Courtney Siegfriend, Alice The event will include networking opportunities and the chance for participants to practice their pitches and get real time feedback from investors. Event information and registration: https://

ALLAS - On October 26, 2017, Southwestern National Bank held a Grand Opening celebration of the Dallas Regional Office located at 500 N. Central Expressway, Richardson, TX 75080. With over 200 attendees present, including special guest Mark Solomon, City of Richardson Mayor pro tem, the Board of Directors, Senior Management and staff extended their sincere appreciation for the community’s support and their business. A ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by a lion dance for good luck and fortune, and plenty of good food, concluded the celebration.

Southwestern National Bank officials opening the regional office, located in Richardson. Dallas/CA Region President, Mohammed Younus and Gary Owens, President/CEO were on hand.

Dallas/CA Region President, Mohammed Younus, stated that Southwestern National Bank has great expectations for our new and more convenient location and we welcome everyone to join in the Dallas Regional Office Grand Opening festivities.

Jacob Sanchez Diagnosed with autism

Gary Owens, President/ CEO of Southwestern National Bank, stated the bank looks forward to continued growth in the area and appreciates the community’s continued support. Southwestern National Bank is a minority owned community bank headquartered at 6901 Corporate Drive, Houston Texas. The bank is centered in a dynamic and bustling business community that is highly diversified in its ethnicity and rich in culture. To better serve our community the staff speaks several languages including but not limited to English, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Urdu. Founded on November 3, 1997, today, South-

The bank staff were feted by two Chinese Dragon dancers. western National Bank has six banking centers serving clients in Houston, Sugar Land, Plano, Richardson, Austin and the sur-

rounding areas. In addition, the bank operates a Loan Production/Deposit Production office in Irvine California.

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River of Fire

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

India’s heritage city races to save icons from polluted ruin

In Takayama, Japan, an annual tradition involves a temporary bridge and a lot of handheld fireworks. The festival happens every August 9th, and asks for a year of happiness and good fortune. (Photo: Naomi Sugitani)

Elderly Japanese cons reoffending faster than young criminals


OKYO, Japan | AFP | Elderly criminals in Japan are more likely to be sent back to jail than younger cons, a government report said Friday, with ageing crooks increasingly likely to reoffend.

atric crime wave making Japanese prisons look increasingly like nursing homes. The situation has become so dire that the government approved a plan

Conservation experts warn Ahmedabad, one of the world’s most polluted cities, faces a mammoth task defending its newly won UNESCO status as its fragile cultural icons decay under neglect, traffic and trash by Nick Perry

areas beyond the old city’s walls.


“We hope to see similar changes, such as this part of the city becoming cleaner,” she told AFP from the narrow doorway of her wooden home.

HMEDABAD, India | AFP - Traffic chokes the centuries-old stone archway into Ahmedabad’s historic quarter, the snarl of honking rickshaws and sputtering buses coats the monuments of India’s only heritage city in a greasy layer of soot. Conservation experts warn Ahmedabad, one of the world’s most polluted cities, faces a mammoth task defending its newly won UNESCO status as its fragile cultural icons decay under neglect, traffic and trash. The 600-year-old enclave was named India’s first ‘World Heritage City’ in July -- despite warnings from some of UNESCO’s own experts that it lacked a convincing plan for protecting its ancient citadels, mosques and tombs.

Most over-65s who fall foul of the criminal justice system are fingered for petty crime such as shoplifting and theft, with experts putting the rise down to increased economic hardship Almost one quarter (23.2 percent) of elderly inmates found themselves back behind bars within two years of being released, up 2.8 percent yearon-year, the justice ministry said. Most over-65s who fall foul of the criminal justice system are fingered for petty crime such as shoplifting and theft, with experts putting the rise down to increased economic hardship. Japan is on its way to becoming the world’s first “ultra-aged” country, meaning more than 28 percent of its population will soon be over 65. The latest figures show that 27.3 percent of a population of 127 million -- more than one in four people -- are aged 65 or older. That figure is expected to jump to 37.7 percent in 2050. Poverty among the elderly is an increasing problem and some experts say that may be at the root of a geri-

to deploy nursing care staff to about half of Japan’s 70 prisons from April. Prison life in Japan is far from easy -- talking is forbidden while at work, inmates must walk single file, and bathing is restricted. Even during rare events put on for their entertainment, prisoners are only allowed to sit ramrod straight with their hands on their laps. Applause is generally forbidden. In contrast to the ballooning recidivism of pensioners, reoffending rates among the general population are on their way down, Friday’s report said. Just 18 percent of one-time convicts are put back behind bars -- down 0.6 percentage points on last year. For criminals aged 29, the ratio was even lower, at just over one-in-ten, the report said.

Ahmedabad hosts the towering Bhadra fort, the legendary stone latticework of the 16th-century Sidi Saiyyed mosque, and countless relics fusing the unique Hindu and Muslim architectural styles of its conquerors. Authorities hope the global recognition from the UN’s cultural body will restore community pride in the crumbling, garbage-strewn old city. “They themselves also will be slightly more restrained in dirtying the places,” said P.K Ghosh, chairman of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s heritage conservation committee, of the city’s inhabitants. But many families that once fastidiously tended to ornate wooden homes in the old city are leaving in droves for the comforts of the modern city outside, tired of shabby living conditions. - Treasures in ruin Jagruti Vyas, a long-term resident, hoped the UNESCO listing would bring standards in her dilapidated neighbourhood into line with newer

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But it is the pressures of modern Ahmedabad -- the chronic air pollution, crushing traffic and chaotic urban sprawl -- that experts say are also rapidly eroding its cultural capital. The cramped heritage district was never built for cars, yet today thousands of trucks and rickshaws are diverted through its narrow lanes and alleys. The grinding congestion tears apart roads and fouls the air with fumes, streaking stone-carved monuments with black exhaust stains. Long-flouted laws banning construction near heritage sites have also hampered efforts to save Ahmedabad’s treasures from ruin. In the heart of the old quarter, just the dome of a medieval mosque is visible behind a tangle of shops, electricity wires and flats illegally erected around the sultanate-era relic. Ornate homes have been torn down and replaced by garish structures “totally incongruous” with history, said Ghosh. He said the heritage listing would give teeth to those safeguarding Ahmedabad’s architectural heritage. “There will be stricter enforcement of the rules. “Pulling down the exquisite old architectural pieces will not be easy now,” he told AFP. - Challenge starts now Some long-neglected quarters, sealed off from the outside world by labyrinthine alleys, are well beyond restoration. Many traditional ‘pols’ -- clusters of settlements identified by UNESCO as

bearing “enormous” historical value -- are all but abandoned, the iconic wooden homes collapsing from neglect. A small boy was injured in October when a balcony caved in, while at least two people died in July when monsoon rains brought whole houses crashing down, media reported. Once grand havelis -- beautiful multi-level wooden mansions -- are being rented to poor migrants and businesses looking for warehouse space. Conservation architect and old city expert Khushi Shah said Ahmedabad was “one of the most unique urban settlements in India” that could not be recreated once it was gone. “The city which we call a ‘living heritage entity’ will no longer be so if people start moving out,” she told AFP. Ahmedabad’s conservation committee has three years to document close to 3,000 buildings of heritage value to strict UNESCO standards -- a monumental task for Ghosh’s small team. UNESCO could revoke or downgrade Ahmedabad’s listing to “heritage in danger” should the deadline be missed and the committee fail to show it has slowed the decline and destruction of the old city. Jigna Desai, associate professor at CEPT University’s architecture faculty in Ahmedabad, said the coveted UNESCO inscription would mean little if there was nothing left to protect. “How do you make sure that this evidence does not deteriorate, that the evidence stays for the world to see, or the next generations to see?” she told AFP. Ghosh’s deputy at the heritage council, P.K.V Nair, agrees: “Getting the listing was one thing, now meeting that challenge is more important.”



Section 2


The People’s Lawyer

Richard M. Alderman Interim Dean of the Law Center

Q. I just bought a present to give someone for Christmas. The store told me that if the person I gave it to didn’t like it she could exchange it but that there were no returns. I decided not to buy it because I was afraid she wouldn’t like it, and it was a small store without much of a selection. Is it legal for a store to not allow you to return a gift and get a refund? A. This is a great question, and with the holidays coming up your timing is perfect. Not only is it legal for a store to limit a purchaser to an exchange or store credit, it is becoming more and more common. When you buy something you enter into a contract with the store. The terms of that contract are what you and the store agree to. If nothing is said about returns or exchanges, the term is what a reasonable person would expect. In my opinion, most people think you can either return or exchange a gift you don’t like, and that would be the contract term if nothing were said. The store, however, may change the return or exchange term, and if you make a purchase you agree to the new term. This means

you and the person to whom you give the gift are both bound to that contract. For example, a business that posts a very visible sign that says, “exchanges only-no refund,” or has a sign near the register that says “no refunds—store credit only,” has made that a term of your contract. If you make a purchase knowing the return policy, it is part of your contract. The bottom line is simple—always ask about a store’s return policy before you pay. Q. I put a few items on layaway about six weeks ago. I made several payments but did not compete the purchase. Legally, how much of my money am I entitled to have returned? A. Texas does not have any law specifically regulating layaway purchases. Your right to a refund of any of our payments if you do not complete the purchase is based on the agreement you entered into with the store. Most stores retain a small percentage of your money if you do not finalize the purchase. I suggest you read the agreement carefully to determine how much you are entitled to. Q. I had an accident that was the other person’s fault. He has no insurance. It is not a lot of money. Am I out of luck? Can I sue in small claims court? A. I am often asked questions that are based on a belief that if

someone doesn’t have insurance they have no liability. In fact, whether a person has insurance does not affect liability. Insurance pays only for damages that the insured person would otherwise be responsible for. In your case, if the person caused the accident he is responsible. If he had insurance, his insurance company would have pay. If he does not have insurance, he is still individually liable. I suggest you send him a letter or email letting him know you expect he will pay for your damages. If he does not, you may sue in justice court [the new name of small claims court] if the amount is under $10,000. Q. I am a jogger. A policeman recently told me that I had to jog on the sidewalk. He said it was illegal to jog in the street. This can’t be the law. Is it? A. As far as the law is concerned, sidewalks are made for walking and jogging. Under the law, when you jog you are a pedestrian. You are subject to the same laws as a person walking. This means you must jog on the sidewalk, unless there is not one. In that case, you may jog in the street, but you must jog facing traffic.

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Sharlene Sharmila Richards Attorney at Law

by Sharlene Sharmila Richards, Immigration Lawyer Email at


Q: What Form do I need to use to apply for Naturalization? A: The Form to use is Form N-400 Application for Naturalization. Q: I had my conviction expunged. Do I have to disclose this conviction in my naturalization application? A: Please disclose all your arrests and convictions even those that have been expunged. Q: I have an old conviction and it is outside the 5 year statutory period. Do I need to disclose it. Yes, you should disclose all convictions even those which are outside the statutory period. Because there are so many different levels of convictions for a whole hosts of offences, some of them more serious than the others, it is advisable to contact an immigration lawyer to review the conviction records for determination that it will not affect your naturalization application in any way or worse still, result in you being place in removal proceedings. Q: I was placed on probation after his conviction and he completed the sentence 3 years ago. Can I apply for naturalization now because I am eligible to apply in all other respects? A: If an applicant has been on probation, parole or had a suspended sentence during all or part of the required statutory period, the applicant may still apply for naturalization. However, the immigration officer has the discretion to use that probation, parole or suspended sentence to determine whether the applicant possesses good moral


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Store may limit the right to return a purchase

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

character for the 5 year statutory period. I suggest that you contact an immigration lawyer to review the conviction records to determine whether you need to wait for more time to pass before submitting your application. Q; My permanent resident card only has five months left before it expires. I have been a permanent resident for almost 10 years. Can I apply for naturalization now? A: In order to apply for naturalization, you should have at least 6 months or more validity on your permanent resident card. In your case, you are advised to go ahead and file for the replacement of your permanent resident card first and then file for your naturalization. Q: How is the US History and civics portion of the test administered? If I fail the test, do I have to refile the naturalization application? A: You will be orally asked from a list of 10 questions. In order to pass, you must orally provide the answers and correctly answer at least 6 of the 10 questions. If you fail this portion of the test, USCIS will reschedule you to retake the test. Usually, this takes place in about 60 days. Q: I have some bad debts because I lost my job and I am filing for bankruptcy. Will this affect my naturalization? A: Most likely not. For naturalization, one of the requirements is that the applicant has good moral character during the requisite statutory period. Just by being jobless or having bad debts or declaring bankruptcy will not result in a finding of lack of good moral character. However, be aware that if you have tax

debts, or have failed to pay your child support, those will most likely result in the denial of your citizenship application for lack of good moral character. Q: I have a tax debt but I have a payment plan with the IRS to pay the debt and will complete the payments in about 6 months. Can I apply for naturalization? A: Yes, you may apply for naturalization if you are eligible otherwise. But be prepared to provide all the details of the tax debt, why this debt occurred and the details of the payment plan. Hopefully by the time the Naturalization interview is scheduled, you would have completed the payment plan and no further taxes are owed. Disclaimer: Any advice provided in this article is general in nature and not intended to constitute legal advice for any specific case. Please consult with an immigration lawyer about the specific circumstances of your case.

My Bio Sharlene Sharmila Richards is a licensed Immigration lawyer practicing in Houston, Texas. She is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She was admitted to the New York State Bar in 2000 and is a member of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and a member of the US Supreme Court. You may contact her at telephone number 713623-8088 or by email at to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

What’s a ‘Law Company’ and why are legal consumers embracing it? by Mark A. Cohen


recent American Lawyer article by Roy Strom extolls the growth of ‘alternative providers.’ It focuses on The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), an oft-cited industry bellwether. Strom references a recent CLOC survey that reveals the growing use of ‘alternative providers’ (read: non-law firms) by corporate consumers, especially among the Fortune 500. Connie Brenton, CLOC’s Chairman and chief of staff and director of legal operations at NetApp noted, “When a Fortune 500 GC sees that 46 percent of their peers have leveraged [a legal service outsource firm], it is not risky any longer.” Ms. Brenton’s comment casts a bright light on the shifting legal services buy/sell dynamic. The CLOC survey confirms that: (1) it is changing; (2) legal buyers—especially the largest ones—are signaling that ‘it’s safe to use service providers, even for more complex work’; (3) that means that a tipping point has been reached where sourcing to ‘alternative providers’ becomes the norm—not an ‘alternative’ (necessitating new nomenclature for service providers); and (4) traditional law firm market share, already showing signs of softening, is projected to erode further. The

big winners will be companies like Elevate and Axiom, the leading provider sources in the CLOC survey. Thomson Reuters and Adam Smith, Esq. project legal provider revenue will mushroom from $2B in 2015 to $55B by 2025. Law firm revenue is targeted to decline while in-house share will increase during this same timeframe. It’s a changing marketplace indeed. This begs the larger question: why is this market shift occurring and what is it about the new provider sources that consumers find attractive? Legal consumers—like buyers in other industries—have elevated provider expectations in the post-global financial crisis era. Providers of goods and services are expected to deliver on a ‘faster, better, cheaper’ basis. Consumers expect easier access to providers, more transparency and choice, faster delivery, lower cost, and instant, ongoing connectivity with providers. Corporate legal buying is no longer the exclusive province of in-house lawyers; procurement and the C-Suite— especially CFO’s—now routinely participate in legal buying decisions. Legal ‘services’ are not presumptively bespoke. In fact, the pendulum is shifting in the other direction. That means fewer ‘relationships’ and more metrics. Law has al-

ways been about admissible evidence and burden of proof except in the sale and purchase of its services-- until now. With procurement and the C-Suite in the purchase mix, the burden shifts to lawyers to show cause why sources other than law firms are required to handle non-differentiated work. But what about the provider side? That’s the other element of the larger story of law’s metamorphosis from guild to digital marketplace. Initially, disaggregation—peeling ‘legal tasks’ from law firms and having them performed by other sources-- played out in two ways: (1) migration of work from law firms in-house (labor arbitrage); and (2) sourcing high-volume/low value and risk tasks--research, document review, etc.-- to legal process outsourcers (labor arbitrage and adoption of technology). The emergence of CLOC and The Association of Corporate Counsel Legal Operations group signals the digital phase of disaggregation. This involves melding technology and process to leverage ‘practice’-differentiated legal skills, judgement, and expertise. By separating legal ‘practice’ from ‘delivery’ the legal industry has fashioned a new delivery paradigm. Legal delivery is no longer solely about lawyers and law firms. (-Forbes)

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Young Life


Nepal’s musicians retune to tradition

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

Young men, frequent drivers most likely to get distracted while driving

by Paavan Mathema by April Fulton


ATHMANDU, Nepal | AFP | Nepal’s musical heritage is enjoying a revival as young musicians fuse the sounds of traditional instruments once at risk of disappearing with lyrics that examine the modern challenges facing the country.


istracted driving is a growing problem, accounting for at least 12 percent of road crashes worldwide. Young men are more likely to be distracted, a study finds. If you’re reading this on your phone while driving, stop it. Especially if you’re a young neurotic extroverted guy who drives a lot.

The Himalayan country has a rich folk tradition, but its unusual traditional instruments -- which include a leaf from a native tree that is played like a harmonica -- were dying out as younger generations moved towards Western music styles.

Two seconds of attention to the insistent beeping and blinking of our mobile phones or simply changing the radio station accounts for at least 12 percent of car accidents worldwide and 14 percent of them in the U.S., according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

That was until bands such as Night, which formed in 2006 as a metal group, decided to create a modern take on its indigenous music. “We grew up listening to sounds of guitars and drums and so we started to play the same. But then we started experimenting with folk instruments,” said Night’s Jason Kunwar.

Nepal’s musical heritage is enjoying a revival as young musicians fuse the sounds of traditional instruments once at risk of disappearing with lyrics that examine the modern challenges facing the country

Now the 33-year-old singer’s musical repertoire includes the more esoteric Sarangi, a three-stringed instrument made of wood and dried sheep skin whose sounds are said to closely resemble the human voice, as well as the deeper-sounding Piwancha.

we are to lose such valuable knowledge.”

The band’s latest album evolved from months spent researching instruments and singing styles in remote western Nepal. “It is fascinating to discover and learn new instruments. We are fortunate that there are still people who can teach us,” said Kunwar. “The longer we wait, the more likely

The songs tackle some of the most pressing social issues facing the country, including the huge number of Nepalis forced to migrate for work, often not seeing their families for long periods. The combination has proved popular -- it was standing room only at the band’s recent gig in Kathmandu. - ‘Turning point’ Ram Prasad Kandel, founder of a folk instrument museum in Kathmandu, believes the country is witnessing a “turning point” in attitudes towards

its music traditions. “There is such diversity in the sound and make of the instruments, and their playing methods. It is a gift from our ancestors,” he told AFP. “It is our identity and the young generation has to continue it.” Popular rock and pop bands Nepathya and 1974 AD were among the first to produce fusion hits with folk elements. Then Kutumba, an instrumental ensemble formed in 2004, brought the sounds of rural folk instruments to a more hip urban demographic.

College students far overestimate stimulant abuse, research finds


esearch recently found America’s college students have an inflated view of prescription stimulant abuse, thinking it occurs more frequently than it actually does.

He said colleges have gotten better about educating on things like how to minimize risk when consuming alcohol, but they still have a ways to go regarding prescription drug abuse. Kilmer credits his interest in the topic of substance abuse to research he started working on as an undergraduate in 1989. “The general kind of mindset at that time was abstinence only, just say no,” he said. Kilmer credits his current work to IU’s own late Alan Marlatt because

Also, people who felt that distracted driving was socially acceptable or didn’t feel they could control distractions were also more likely to report distracted driving, the study shows. Older women and those who felt that they could control their behavior were less likely to report distraction. (-NPR)

HCC wins math curriculum award


OUSTON, November 20, 2017 – Houston Community College has been honored with a 2017 MATH Pathway Exemplar Award for Excellence. The award was in the category of Curriculum and Pedagogy, which is the art and science of teaching. The award is given on behalf of the Dana Center at the University of Texas and the Texas Association of Community College’s Texas Success Center. It recognizes excellence in creating multiple pathways with relevant and challenging math content aligned to specific areas of study; acceleration allowing students to quickly com-


ollege students who borrow to pay for school typically don’t have to start repaying their student loans until six months after leaving school. But when it does come time to start making loan payments, you may find yourself stressing out about the additional monthly expense.

Kilmer surveyed a total of 2,989 undergraduates from seven American universities. The participating schools cannot be identified for confidentiality reasons.

“That’s noteworthy,” Kilmer said. “If we can correct that misperceived norm, we might actually see that that could have an impact on people’s decision to use or not use.”

Young men were among the most likely to report distraction due to phones but also people talking in the car or flipping through the radio dial. The study found that the more distraction-prone included frequent drivers, and those with neurotic and extroverted personalities.

plete college-level math courses; use of strategies to help students develop learning skills; and curriculum design. “This honor once again exemplifies HCC’s commitment to fostering student success at all of our campuses,” said HCC Chancellor Dr. Cesar Maldonado. Dr. Betty Fortune, Executive Director of Student Success and Completion, praised her HCC team for their contributions to winning the award. “Our team is incredibly committed to creating multiple pathways for our students to excel in their chosen areas of study and this award demonstrates that,” Fortune said.

Tips to repay student loans as quickly, affordably as possible

In a study by University of Washington’s Jason Kilmer, students guessed about 30 percent of their classmates were taking drugs like Adderall and Ritalin for nomedical purposes at least once a year. Kilmer found only 17 percent of students surveyed had done so.

The spring 2017 Indiana College Substance Use Survey reported 5 percent of 4,814 students surveyed from 31 Indiana colleges had misused prescription stimulants in the past month. More than one fifth of students Kilmer surveyed guessed that more than half of their classmates were abusing prescription stimulants at least once a year. Some students guessed that number was as high as 98 percent.

While anyone can get distracted behind the wheel, some people may be more prone than others, according to a study published Friday in Frontiers in Psychology by Ole Johansson, a researcher at Norway’s Institute of Transport Economics.

The study looks at the driving habits and personalities of hundreds of Norwegian high schoolers and adults. While few reported distracted driving was a problem for them, some patterns about who was more likely to be distracted emerged.

File photo he got his start working with college students on a project with one of Marlatt’s graduate students. In a time where abstention was recognized as the primary means to solve substance issues, Kilmer said Marlatt was asking tougher questions. “Listen, we can’t tell people to just say no,” Kilmer said, citing Marlatt’s philosophy. “We obviously can’t tell them to just say yes, but what if they do say yes?” Regarding his interest in this topic, Kilmer also pointed to researcher Amelia Arria from the University of Maryland. In a keynote presentation the two collaborated on together last year, Arria theorized that nonmedical use of prescription stimulants could be linked to marijuana use. The basis of her theory is that those who use marijuana are more likely to have attention, concentration and memory decreases, Kilmer explained. Experiencing those issues may cause people to turn to stimulants to aid their

focus. Kilmer’s research found 86 percent of students who engaged in nonmedical use of prescription stimulants also used marijuana in the past year. Only 38.8 percent of students who did not abuse stimulants reported using marijuana in the past year. His findings also showed skipping class and heavy drinking are correlated with abuse of prescription stimulants. In her paper, “Dispelling the myth of ‘smart drugs,’” Arria concluded both alcohol and marijuana use lead to decreasing GPA and skipping class, which can lead to nonmedical prescription stimulant use. “To me, it highlights the importance of considering the context of a student’s substance use,” Kilmer said. He said it can be difficult to recognize signs of stimulant abuse since some of the behaviors you would look for are also signs of a busy college student.(-IDS News)

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Rituals Performed: Sreemantham, Punyahavachanam, Namakaranam, Annaprashanam, Vidyarambham, Choulam, Upanayanam, Wedding, Sathya narayana puja, and all kind of Homas (Havans) and more. I can drive to your place. More than 30 years of experience as Priest in major temples including Sri Meenakshi Temple Pearland, TX. Can speak 5 languages (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English)

“Properly preparing for this transition can help students successfully manage their payments now and in the future,” says Martha Holler, senior vice president, Sallie Mae. To help, Holler is offering the following insights. • Know who and how much you owe. Keep track of lender and servicer contact information and other important details on a spreadsheet. Include the type of student loan, name of the servicer, the servicer’s phone number, interest rate and type, and the ending date of your separation or grace period. • Tap technology. Set up automatic payments so you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment. You’ll avoid late fees and you might qualify for a discount on your interest rate. For example, Sallie Mae customers may be eligible to receive a 0.25 percent interest rate reduction when they pay on-time via auto-debit. • Save money. Make more than the minimum payment each month to pay off your loan faster and pay less interest overall. • Think long-term. Paying on time

consistently can help you establish and build a favorable credit history. This can make a big difference when you apply for a car loan, credit card, lease, mortgage, or even a job. • Be responsible. Open any mail you receive from your servicer or lender and read it carefully. Update your contact information when it changes, such as when you leave school and “.edu” is no longer part of your email address. If you run into trouble, contact your lender or servicer, touch base with your cosigner if you have one, and look for solutions. For more tips and tools, visit and check out Sallie Mae’s “Manage Your Student Loans,” a one-stop source of straightforward, comprehensive information featuring practical tools -- including a monthly budget worksheet and a loan payment estimator, as well as easy-to-understand explanations of complex subjects, like how interest accrues, how payments are allocated to principal and interest, and how to build a strong credit history. “Our student loan repayment tips and tools are designed to help new grads adopt responsible personal finance habits now that will serve them well throughout their lives,” says Holler. Time to repay your student loans? Be sure you have all the tools and facts needed to do so as quickly and affordably as possible. (-StatePoint)

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FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

Section 2



The Star by Sheri Linden


ore sitcom than sermon, The Star revisits the story of the first Christmas from the perspective of the nonhuman critters, with quality time for Mary and Joseph. The very young Sunday-school set and their grownups will flock to the holiday offering, which combines spirited voice work and a soundtrack by Christian and secular pop acts in a mildly irreverent, suitably non-flashy package that’s more serviceable than inspired.


The comedy duo at the center of this Road to Bethlehem are a young donkey named Bo (Steven Yeun) and a hammy dove named Dave (KeeganMichael Key). Having escaped a life of drudgery in a grain mill, with a key assist from his world-weary yokemate (a brief but flavorful turn by Kris Kristofferson), Bo has his starry eyes set on the pomp and circumstance of the royal caravan. But a pivotal encounter with Mary forges a bond that supersedes his showbiz dreams and, with the crucial help of a sheep named Ruth (Aidy Bryant), who’s broken away from the herd to follow the star, he sets out to save her from the canine villains.

Sunny Leone, Arbaaz Khan in Tera Intezaar movie poster UMBAI - Bollywood actor-director Arbaaz Khan, who recently turned 50, is all set to feature in a film opposite Sunny Leone. The actors have shared the first motion poster of the upcoming film, Tera Intezaar.


Directed by debutante Raajeev Walia, the film completed a 25-day schedule in Rann of Kutch. Talking about her project, Sunny had earlier said, “I’m very excited about working with Arbaaz Khan.” The music of the film is composed by Raaj Aashoo while the lyrics have been penned by Shabbir Ahmed. The first song of the film titled as “Khali Khali Dil” which is sung by Armaan Malik and Payal Dev was released on 26 October 2017. The second track of the film to be released was “Barbie Girl” which is sung by Swati Sharma, Lil Golu and Hritiqa Chhebe. Sunny Leone will also be seen romancing Emraan Hashmi is a special song in his upcoming film with Ajay Devgn, Baadshaho. Arbaaz is also working on the script of Dabangg 3.

Bollywood actors Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone pair together for the first time for Tera Intezaar. The motion poster of the film was unveiled late Friday. (-AFP)

A aradhya turns 6 s Aaradhya Bachchan turned six on Thursday, her grandfather and Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan enthusiastically made several social media posts about her and her birthday. After sharing some of Aaradhya’s older pictures, her snaps with mom Aishwarya Rai and dad Abhishek, Amitabh also shared pictures from the birthday party they had on Thursday evening. The Bachchan family went for a quiet dinner at a suburban Mumbai hotel Thursday night to celebrate Aradhya’s birthday.


Steven Yeun, Gina Rodriguez, Keegan-Michael Key and Oprah Winfrey lend their voices to an animated telling of the Nativity. It’s up for debate whether processing a Bible story through movie formula reduces or expands its appeal, but as directed by Timothy Reckart from a screenplay by Carlos Kotkin (Rio 2), the adaptation emphasizes the humanist-mystical rather than the explicitly religious, delivering a Christian story in a way that’s generic enough to entertain beyond the choir. It isn’t likely to convert unbelievers, though — those who question whether the three-act story structure is life’s all-encompassing answer. The contemporary spin on the ancient events occasionally packs a nicely understated comic zing, as in the scene-setting title at the movie’s opening: “Nazareth, 9 Months B.C.” But the rom-com slant on the wedding day of Mary (Gina Rodriguez) and Joseph (Zachary Levi) is just awkward. After overcoming her nerves, she delivers the Big News about the Son of God they’ll soon be raising. “This is just so much to take in right now,” Joseph says, like your average angsty but sensitive millennial guy (this is not Joseph the elderly widower of tradition). The action-adventure is set in motion by the appearance of a new star in the sky and, on ground level, by King Herod (Christopher Plummer) and, even closer to the ground, by a mouse (Kristin Chenoweth) who witnesses the Annunciation and can’t contain her excitement — and who provides an energetic way into the story. Not happy to hear that a new king is about to be born, Herod orders a couple of attack dogs (snarlingly voiced by Ving Rhames and Gabriel Iglesias) to track down the Bethlehem-bound expectant

In keeping with the story’s animalcentric approach, the camels of the Three Magi get a plot strand, mostly a matter of gentle comic relief — the key joke being that the camel voiced by Oprah Winfrey is exceptionally wise and prescient, her spot-on pronouncements met with dismissive laughter by her fellow dromedaries (Tyler Perry and Tracy Morgan). Another trio of animals — a horse (Kelly Clarkson), a jumpy, walleyed goat (Anthony Anderson) and a cow (Patricia Heaton) — will set the stage for the Nativity in their stable; in a nice detail, they haven’t been able to sleep since the star appeared above their stable like a 24-hour spotlight. At the helm of his first feature, Reckart, who was lead animator on the essential Anomalisa, approaches this decidedly different material with a similar focus on character over setting, though most of the characters could have been better defined. In comparison with the frenetic action and busy backdrops of many kid-oriented animated movies, the visual scheme of The Star is stripped down. It’s also often lacking in oomph, though there are a couple of lovely images wrapped in the cartoon version of magic hour, and the light and textures of the desert towns and cliffs are effective. While the movie never soars or burns especially bright, it delivers a modicum of magic without getting pious or gushy — from the chorus of whoas that greets the appearance of the star to the simplicity of the manger scene, where a couple of reformed sinners are welcomed in, with true forgiveness. (-The Hollywood Reporter)

The family has been refraining from grand celebrations (there were no birthday parties for Amitabh and Aishwarya recently) after Aishwarya’s dad Krishnaraj Rai passed away in March. Aaradhya Bachchan may be all of six but she is a star in her own right. Keeping nepotism aside for a minute, this comes with being the daughter of Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan and granddaughter to arguably the biggest Bollywood star, Amitabh Bachchan. Her birthdays have become the mini-me version of the fan mania we see around the rest of the Bachchan family. So, as Aaradhya turned six on Thursday, wishes were flowing in for her on social media. However, the most adorable one came from her grandad. Taking to his blog, Amitabh wrote, “The eve of the birth of the little one .. the blessing of her in our home and in our presence .. and to be in celebration for her 6th .. When she shall tell us how much she has grown .. its actually 6 years but its 60 for most of us .. !!! hahahaa .. !! Her presence makes the happiness in our home and in the environ she presents herself in .. as ever .. bright and sprightly and one of maturity beyond .. And the love of them that gave her to us ..” He also thanked a fan -- or extended family as he calls them -- for designing greetings for her. “And for the Ef that have so generously designed her greetings for the social .. my personal gratitude and appreciation ..,” he wrote.

Ben Affleck on Harvey Weinstein: ‘I knew he was sleazy’ en Affleck sat down Friday morning with Savannah Guthrie on the “Today” show, where he discussed the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein, who was instrumental in launching his career.

win with Matt Damon for their “Good Will Hunting” screenplay.


Affleck, who is making the rounds to promote “Justice League,” told Guthrie, “I knew [Weinstein] was sleazy and kind of a bully, but unfortunately, that wasn’t that uncommon.” He explained that, as a 24-year-old newcomer to Hollywood who “had never made a movie,” he did not understand how the business worked and what behavior was deemed acceptable. Affleck shared his first Academy Award

“I think the most important thing to do is to support the voices that are coming forward” (Photo: AFP)

In addition to his breakout film “Good Will Hunting,” Affleck collaborated with Weinstein on several other movies, including “Shakespeare in Love,” which starred his former girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow — one of the many women who have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment.

Big B also took

Amitabh Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan to Twitter late Wednesday and posted a picture where Aaradhya is seen holding a t shirt with a younger version of herself imprinted on the front. “T

2712 - When she will remind us how much she has grown .. Aaradhya on her 6th!!” Amitabh wrote along with his post. (-PTI)

Rajkummar Rao on ‘Newton’: Have big opportunity at Oscars ational Award-winning actor Rajkummar Rao, whose comedy drama film ‘Newton’ is Indias official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 90th Academy Awards, said India has a big opportunity this year at the Oscars.

“We just had a screening for American Film Institute a few days back. A lot of people from Hollywood remain present for the screenings. I couldn’t go because of injury, but I am missing all the fun. I am sure the whole team of ‘Newton’ is trying really hard. A lot of money is being spent for the promotions there,” he added.


“It’s a great feeling to represent India at such an international platform, especially with a film like ‘Newton’. We feel there is a big opportunity that we have this year at the Oscars. We are hoping for the best,” Rajkummar told IANS.

Rajkummar, who fractured his left leg on the set of reality TV show ‘Lip Sing Battle’ in late October, said he will soon join the crew of ‘Newton’ in Los Angeles. “I will soon be joining them there as this means a lot to me. Thankfully, we have a lot of support from the government,” he said.

“The team of ‘Newton’ is already there in Los Angeles including the director (Amit V. Masurkar) and the producers (Drishyam Films). They are working really hard. There are a lot of screenings happening there on daily basis.”

The film revolves around a young government clerk who is sent on election duty to a Maoist-controlled town and how the ideological struggle puts him in an awkward situation. (-IANS)


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Voice of Asia

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

Section 2

Study shows video games could cut dementia risk in seniors The idea is to exercise the brain’s ability to change -- known as plasticity -- and to test skills of perception, decision-making, thinking and remembering by Kerry Sheridan


IAMI | AFP | 11/16/2017 - Could playing video games help keep the brain agile as we age?

Dozens of peer-reviewed scientific studies have been published using ACTIVE data, which has now completed 10 years of follow up.

A new study suggests older adults who practice specific computer training exercises that test how fast they respond to visual stimuli could face a 29 percent lower chance of developing dementia, results deemed encouraging by experts even as more work is needed to confirm the link. The randomized clinical trial involving more than 2,800 people study was funded by the US National Institutes of Health, and used a specific brain-training exercise called “Double Decision,” a patented program by Posit Science that is available on The exercises tested a person’s ability to look at an object in the center of the screen, like a truck, and click on an object that popped up in the periphery, like a car. As the user improves, the exercises move faster and become more difficult. The idea is to exercise the brain’s ability to change -known as plasticity -- and to test skills of perception, decision-making, thinking and remembering. Study authors say the process is like learning to ride a bike, a skill that doesn’t take long to learn but which drives a longlasting brain change. - Randomized study Participants were an average age of 74 when they enrolled in the Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly study.

a peer-reviewed journal of the Alzheimer’s Association known as Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Translational Research and Clinical Interventions. - Experts urge caution Some outside experts urged a dose of skepticism in interpreting the current study as a magic bullet against dementia, since many previous studies have found little to no benefit in popular online brain-training courses.

Participants in the trial were assigned at random to four groups: one did computer exercises, a second one followed a series of traditional memory exercises, another did reasoning exercises, and the fourth, a control group, did nothing at all. Those enrolled in the computer-game part of the study did at least 10 hours of training in the first five weeks of the program. Some went on to do more training over the next three years, leading to up to 18 hours of total computer work. “Speed of processing training resulted in decreased risk of dementia across the 10-year period of, on average, 29 percent as compared to the control,” said lead author Jerri Edwards, a researcher at the University of South Florida. There was no significant difference in risk of dementia for the strategy-based memory or reasoning training groups. The findings are published

HEALTHY In US, 4 in 10 cancers due to ‘modifiable risk’ study finds


IAMI | AFP | Tuesday 11/21/2017 About four in 10 cancers in the United States are due to lifestyle choices -- such as smoking and eating poorly -- and other risks that might be avoidable, researchers said Tuesday. The goal of the study was to calculate “the contribution of several modifiable risk factors to cancer occurrence,” said

head and neck region. Researchers analyzed the prevalence of these known risk factors and the extent to which they increase cancer risk to estimate the proportion of cancers they cause.

Alcohol came in third, responsible for 5.6 percent of cases and four percent of cancer deaths. UV radiation was estimated to cause 4.7 percent of cancers and 1.5 percent of deaths.

Then, scientists applied these proportions to current cancer data to estimate the number of associated cases and deaths for 26 cancer types.

Physical inactivity was responsible for nearly three percent of cases and 2.2 percent of deaths.

Of the total 1.57 million cancer cases in the United States in 2014, researchers determined that 42 percent were attributable to these modifiable risk factors.

vegetables was linked to almost two percent of cancer cases and nearly three percent of deaths.

Not eating enough fruits or

“The results reported here, of apparent reduction in risk of dementia after 10 years following only a few hours of cognitive training, are therefore rather surprising and should be treated with caution,” said Rob Howard, professor of old age psychiatry at University College London. “I find it implausible that such a brief intervention could have this effect.” According to Doug Brown, director of research at Alzheimer’s Society, the study is “positive” in that it spanned a decade and compared several kinds of brain training. But it made its conclusions about dementia in patients based on self-reports or from subjects’ families, not clinical diagnoses of the condition. “This study hints that a particular type of brain training may help people to ward off dementia, but due to limitations of the research, we can’t confidently conclude this,” he said. Experts say more studies should be conducted to see if the findings can be replicated, and better explained.

the report in the journal CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. Factors that are known to raise the risk of cancer included cigarette smoking, exposure to secondhand smoke, excess body weight, drinking alcohol, eating red or processed meat and low fruit and vegetable consumption, said the report. Others include not getting enough dietary fiber or calcium, lack of exercise, exposure to ultraviolet light and the sexually transmitted infection human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cervical and genital cancers as well as tumors in the

They found that a similar number of deaths -- 45 percent -- could be linked to these factors. The top risk was cigarette smoking, which accounted for 19 percent of cancer cases and nearly 29 percent of deaths. Next in line was excess body weight, with 7.8 percent of cases and 6.5 percent of deaths.

HPV infection accounted for almost two percent of cases and one percent of deaths. Two types of cancer were found to have the most number of cases and deaths due to these risk factors -- lung cancer and colon cancer. Better education about cancer prevention and access to preventive health care should be key parts of the battle against cancer in America, the study concluded.


Why You Should Still Review Your Medicare Plan In a world filled with health care complaints, being pleased with your Medicare coverage puts you ahead of the game. But being satisfied doesn’t mean there aren’t areas for improvement, and what worked for you in 2017 may not be right for 2018. Though it’s difficult to know what the future holds, if you foresee events such as a surgery or changes in your prescription drug regimen, planning in advance with the right Medicare policy could help you save substantially on your medical bills.


Medicare open enrollment, which will last until Dec. 7, is a chance for all beneficiaries – even those who are pleased with their plan – to explore their options. During this period, you can drop your current Medicare Advantage plan in favor of another, revert to Original Medicare, leave Original Medicare and opt for Advantage, add or change Part D prescription drug coverage or purchase a Medigap or supplemental policy. Changes made during the open enrollment period will take effect on Jan. 1. But, I’m Happy – Why Should I Change? Reviewing your current coverage doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make any changes, but rather that you’re open to the idea that something better might be available. Regardless of what coverage you have, you can search all Medicare plans, including prescription drug benefits – known as Part D Medicare If You Have Original Medi-

care This is coverage managed by the federal government and consists of Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) coverage. Your policy is accepted anywhere that takes Medicare, and you don’t have to worry about seeing medical providers in a specific “network,” though you will be responsible for deductibles, coinsurance and a premium for Part B coverage. Understand that Original Medicare doesn’t cover everything, and you may want to consider a supplemental policy and prescription drugs, eyeglasses, dental care (including dentures), hearing aids and exams, and long-term care. Another option is a Medigap policy, which can help with out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, copays and coinsurance. The time to sign up for a Medigap plan is within the first six months of becoming eligible for Medicare. After that, insurers can factor any health conditions you have when deciding whether to sell you a plan. You may consider switching to Medicare Advantage (also known as Part C) if you want a single plan that includes services such as prescription drug benefits, dental or vision coverage. If you’ve reviewed the information and want to stay with Original Medicare, no action is required on your part; your current coverage continues.

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clude PPOs and HMOs and resemble other private insurance plans sold to people of all ages. As with other types of health insurance, Medicare Advantage plans can vary dramatically in costs and coverage. Unlike Original Medicare, most Part C plans include prescription drug coverage. Some may also offer dental and vision benefits not available through Original Medicare. In addition, Medicare Advantage plans have annual caps on outof-pocket expenses. It’s also important to check your provider network and that the doctors you see still participate.

If You Have Medicare Advantage

Analyzing your health care needs for next year and looking at a variety of plans during open enrollment will help ensure you have the best coverage for 2018.

Medicare Advantage includes both Part A and Part B coverage and is managed by private insurance companies rather than the government. These plans in-

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FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

LIVING Give the gift of healthy activities by Christine Copelan


hopping for the person who has everything? Give out-ofthe-box gifts that promote good health—and foster relationships with family members of all ages. An Invitation to Sing & Bond Spring for tickets to a holiday singalong, which local churches and theater groups often sponsor. “It was great to not only see a fantastic performance, but also to have a shared experience and memory that I’ll treasure for many Christmases to come,” says Justin Joo, 29, of Nashville, who attended Knoxville Symphony Orchestra’s annual Clayton Holiday Concert with his grandparents. You’re sure to get your fix of crooning “Silver

Bells” as well as reap some unexpected benefits. Because singing requires bigger (and often slower) breaths, it typically slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. Another interesting perk: When a group sings together, individual heart rates can sync up, which helps boost the feeling of social connection, according to a study in Frontiers in Psychology. A Lesson in Mocktail Making It’s the perfect gift your parent or pal can cash in during the post-holiday detox. Limiting alcohol intake is linked to better blood pressure and a stronger liver, but alcohol-free beverages don’t have to be boring. In a mocktail mixology class, offered at gourmet grocers and university extension programs, attendees learn how to create booze-free libations that will dazzle and delight. If classes aren’t offered in your area, create a recipe book of tried-andtrue favorites paired with a basket of luxe ingredients—gourmet cherries, sparkling water and exotic bitters, to name a few. Brain-Boosting Language Lessons A foreign-language class will help any traveler gear up for his or her next trip. Not only that: It’s a great way for adults to connect with the school-age language learners in the family. Plus, learning a second language has brainand memory-boosting benefits, even if you aren’t a globetrotter. Consider a computer program like Rosetta Stone ($120–$280), or check to see whether your city offers community education classes. Many of these programs are beginner friendly and give a hands-on approach to language learning. A Summer of Fresh Produce Kick-start a healthy eating resolution and get farm-fresh produce on the table with a community supported agriculture (CSA) subscription or membership. Here’s how it works: You buy the subscription (anywhere from $300 to $800 for seven months) before the farming season begins, which gives the farmer startup money for

supplies and other necessities. Once it’s time to begin harvesting, you’re guaranteed a share of the bounty, often a box of produce that you can pick up every week until harvesting season is over. Not only will this gift bring fresh, local produce to family dinners, but it also will help out your area farmers. Visit to find one in your area. A Relaxing Massage An hour or two of pampering is always appreciated—but a spa day may deliver even more. A study out of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles reported that a single Swedish massage can have a positive effect on the

immune system by decreasing the hormones that are linked to aggression, stress and inflammation as well as positively affecting the white blood cells that help protect us from infection. Many spas offer packages that include one massage per month (popular franchise Massage Envy’s membership is $60/month), so you can make this indulgence part of a family member’s regular health routine. A Reason to Get Out & Walk Have a family member who wants to put the buff in history buff? Tickets for a walking tour of a nearby historic neighborhood or city might give him or her incentive to lace up. Colonial Williamsburg’s two-hour Behind-the-Scenes Tour is a safe bet, leading sightseers through the steps of Washington, Jefferson and other 18th-century figures ($75). “The tour gave us an intimate insider’s view of the town,” says Carrie D’Amato of Woodbridge, New Jersey, who toured Williamsburg with her family. “The informative guide allowed us to learn all about our surroundings while seeing as much as possible.” Why walk? People who follow a regular walking program improve their blood pressure, cholesterol and mental health— you could even supplement the gift with a comfortable new pair of kicks to sweeten the deal. A Ticket to See America Everyone from outdoorsy adventurers to casual day hikers will adore an America the Beautiful Pass from the U.S. National Park Service ($80), which grants family access to 2,000 federal recreation sites across the country. If the year-round fresh air, beautiful sights and family fun aren’t enough, a jaunt in nature may help boost your mood, according to a recent study. Researchers found that people who walked for 90 minutes in a natural setting showed decreased activity in a region of the brain associated with depression when compared with those who walked 90 minutes in high-traffic urban areas. (-Parade)


in so many foods? City) have reduced or restricted the use of trans fats in food service establishments. While trans fats can keep a package of Twinkies from spoiling, they’re not good for your health. Trans fat can raise your LDL or bad cholesterol and lower your HDL or good cholesterol. What’s more, they can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Why do some companies use trans fats?

Are there naturally occurring trans fats?

Trans fats are easy to use, inexpensive to produce and last a long time. Trans fats give foods a desirable taste and texture. Many restaurants and fast-food outlets use trans fats to deepfry foods because oils with trans fats can be used many times in commercial fryers. Several countries (e.g., Denmark, Switzerland, and Canada) and jurisdictions (California, New York

Small amounts of trans fats occur naturally in some meat and dairy products, including beef, lamb and butterfat. There have not been sufficient studies to determine whether these naturally occurring trans fats have the same bad effects on cholesterol levels as trans fats that have been industrially manufactured. If you look at a packaged food la-

Tel: 713-774-5140

Want to live longer? Get a dog


he benefits that come with owning a dog are clear-physical activity, support, companionship -- but owning a dog could literally be saving your life. Dog ownership is associated with a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and death, finds a new study published Friday in Scientific Reports, a Swedish publication. For people living alone, owning a dog can decrease their risk of death by 33% and their risk of cardiovascular related death by 36%, when compared to single individuals without a pet, according to the study. Chances of a heart attack were also found to be 11% lower. Multi-person household owners also saw benefits, though to a lesser extent. Risk of death among these dog owners fell by 11% and their chances of cardiovascular death were 15% lower. But their risk of a heart attack was not reduced by owning a dog. “A very interesting finding in our study was that dog ownership was especially prominent as a protective factor in persons living alone, which is a group reported previously to be at higher risk of cardiovascular disease and death than those living in a multiperson household,” said Mwenya Mubanga, an author on the study and PhD student at Uppsala University.

What are trans fats, anyway? And, why are they e’ve all heard the term “trans fat,” but what does it really mean? Chances are, if you’ve ever eaten a packaged food, you’ve consumed trans fat. That’s because trans fats are an inexpensive and easy way for manufacturers to make their foods last longer on store shelves and in your kitchen pantry. In this video, we’re explaining everything you’ve ever wanted to know about trans fat.


As a single dog owner, an individual is the sole person walking and interacting with their pet as opposed to married couples or households with children, which may contribute to greater protection from cardiovascular disease and death, said the study. Owners of hunting breeds, including terriers, retrievers, and scent hounds, were most protected from cardiovascular disease and death. However, owning any dog will reduce an owners risk of death, just to different extents, said Tove Fall, senior author of the study and Associate Professor in Epidemiology at Uppsala University. The study looked at over 3.4 million Swedish individuals between the ages of 40 and 80 sampled from a national database and the Swedish Twin Register over a 12-year study period. “We know that dog owners in general have a higher level of physical activity, which could be one explanation to the observed results,” said Fall. This includes taking the dog out for a walk in any weather condition. The findings also suggest increased social well-being and immune system development as additional reasons why dog ownership offers protection against cardiovascular disease and death. One factor behind this may be because dogs bring dirt into homes and they lick you, which could impact your microbiome -- the bacteria that live in your gut -- and thus your health. “It may encourage owners to improve their social life, and that in itself will reduce their stress level, which we know absolutely is a primary cause for cardiovascular disease and cardiac events,” said Dr. Rachel Bond, Associate Director of Women’s Heart Health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, who was not involved in the research. More to be revealed Fall believes that while their study

bel and don’t see “trans fat” as an ingredient, look closer: The sneaky type of fat is often listed as “partially hydrogenated oil” on nutrition labels. Some foods with trans fat to look out for include potato chips, fried food, baked goods, frosting, frozen pizza, margarine, and even coffee creamer. If trans fat are so bad, why are they in so many foods? The FDA asked the same question and, in response, decided manufacturers must remove trans fats from their products by June 2018. Doing so could prevent thousands of heart attacks and deaths each year, according to the FDA.

Dog ownership is associated with a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and death (Photo: Shutterstock) provides strong evidence for the health benefits of dogs, their work is not done yet, since it does not answer why dogs achieve these results or why specific breeds seems to offer more protection. Bond commented that owners of hunting breeds may be getting more exercise because these dogs are more active as opposed to small dogs who do not require as much exercise. There are also other factors that still need to be considered, such as the owner’s personality and general physical health and activity. “It is hard to say if there truly is a causal effect. This study in particular, excluded patients with heart disease in general, and we know that disabled people may be less likely to own a dog so that really raises the question if owning a dog lead to heart health or is it merely a marker for people who are more likely to have good heart

health,” said Dr. Bond. While the research was carried out in Sweden, Fall does believe it may also apply to other countries, including the U.S., since popular breeds and people’s attitudes toward dog care are similar. However, some factors that may affect the results are the differences in climate and socio-economic backgrounds, noted Fall. “We have a colder climate so we have indoor dogs where owners take their dogs out for a walk. In warmer climates, they could keep them in the yard and won’t have to actively take them for a walk,” said Fall. “I think it would be hard to take the data from Sweden and apply it to the US since we have a more diverse population. More studies should be obtained in the United States,” said Bond. (-Bloomberg)

Doctors at Vatican to debate ethics of euthanasia by Catherine Marciano ATICAN CITY | AFP - “We don’t carry out euthanasia as often as it is asked for,” says Dutch GP Carin Littooji, advocating for assisted dying on a bench usually reserved for bishops in the Vatican.


The World Medical Association (WMA)has gathered at the heart of the Catholic Church to debate its policy on end-of-life care. The choice of location sends a clear message about the organisation’s position on the controversial issue of euthanasia, according to Jeff Blackmer, the vice president of the Medical Association in Canada. “It’s like having a human rights discussion in North Korea,” said Blackmer, whose home nation allows terminally ill patients to legally receive medical help to die. “It’s not a neutral environment.” Euthanasia, practised by a doctor, and assisted suicide, performed by a patient, are deemed unethical by the organisation, which counts more than 100 national medical organisations among its members. The standards-setting body encourages doctors worldwide to refrain from supporting the procedures -even if they are legal in their country.

But medical associations in Canada and the Netherlands, where assisted dying is also legal in limited cases, are calling for a change in attitude within the WMA. Littooji says a patient experiencing unbearable suffering who requests an assisted death is monitored over a long period by a team of doctors. “It’s a road we walk together over time, the end can be euthanasia but far more often it’s a natural death,” adds Littooji. - Popular Support President of the German Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, quoted the 2,400-year-old Hippocratic Oath to the conference: “... neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course.” While he highlighted surveys from some industrialised nations which show majority support for terminally ill people legally ending their own lives with doctors’ help, he questioned whether it is “compassionate” to kill your patient. “In liberal societies people want to have choice and options right up to the very end of their life,” he added. “Are our ethics, our deepest beliefs, dependent on polls?”

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Radhika Jones set to shake up Vanity Fair

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

The CurvyCon founders on the state of the plus-size market Drawing together brands, influencers, and thought leaders, CurvyCon is centered on discussing the body diversity movement.


OS ANGELES - As the retail market limps toward progress, the CurvyCon founders CeCe Olisa and Chastity Garner have curated a successful annual event centered on the plus-size category. This past September, “This is Us” actress Chrissy Metz delivered a keynote speech and activations included a runway show and panels led by Fern Mallis. Here, the cofounders examine the state of the curvy market.

New Vanity Fair editor in chief Radhika Jones, who joins with extensive literary and editorial experience (Photo: Women’s Wear Daily) by Misty White Sidell


EW YORK CITY - Radhika Jones is learning the ways of One World Trade. Having been named the new editor in chief of Vanity Fair only this week, Jones, 44, headed to downtown Manhattan to get acquainted with the magazine’s staff. But while Jones may have been editorial director of the books department at The New York Times, an alum of Time magazine and The Paris Review, a graduate of Harvard and holds a doctorate in English and comparative literature from Columbia — none of this impressed Condé Nast-ers. They, instead, were aghast over her sense of style. WWD observed one of the company’s fashion editors in candid conversation with industry peers remarking not on the context of Jones’ first visit, but rather the outfit she wore. “She seemed nervous. The outfit was interesting,” the staffer noted. According to the fashion editor — who omitted Jones’ admirable literary accomplishments from conversation — the incoming editor wore a navy shiftdress strewn with zippers, a garment deemed as “iffy” at best.

Jones’ choice of hosiery proved most offensive, according to the editor. For the occasion, Jones had chosen a pair of tights — not in a neutral black or gray as is common in the halls of Vogue — but rather a pair covered with illustrated, cartoon foxes. The animal caricatures may have also been too much for Vogue editor in chief and Condé Nast artistic director Anna Wintour, who is said to have fixed one of her trademark stoic glares upon Jones’ hosiery throughout the duration of the staff meeting. Unnerved by Jones’ choice of legwear — and Wintour’s reaction — the fashion editor proclaimed to her friends: “I’m not sure if I should include a new pair of tights in her welcome basket.” Jones is said to begin her new role on Dec. 11. The fashion editor did not remark on Carter’s outfit for the occasion. After 25 years at Vanity Fair’s helm, he walks away from the job with a vibrant legacy that is noted, not for his signature wonk hairstyle, but rather his wrangling of A-list celebrities and publishing of writers including Christopher Hitchens and Dominick Dunne. (-WWD)

Meditation and Mindfulness for the Western Mind: Fab or Fad? by Stav Dimitropoulos


hey are popping up everywhere and in rich varieties: hot yoga, power yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, mindfulness. Practices from within the gut of the East are gaining the trust of Westerners who may be Christians, Pentecostals, skeptics, atheists, or hipsters. Just the other day, a particularly stressed friend told me he would try yin yoga, a type of yoga where you hold your asanas (postures) for longer periods of time. This, he had been told, would bring him emotional and mental salvation. Another friend meditates at least half an hour every morning. He might kick off the day hungry, thirsty, or sleepless, but he will always perform a ritual in which he will sit silently for 30 minutes, emptying his mind and controlling his breath before starting his life anew, as he says. A third friend is always telling me that being “mindful of the moment” helped heal her emotional wounds far more effectively than years of therapy. And a fourth does yoga because she was told it would keep her fit and confident. Pointing fingers at perhaps some degree of shallowness of the West’s Zen culture is nothing new. On the other hand, it’s an overstatement to say that everyone who practices some of the most sophisticated and millennia-old Eastern practices does so in an empty way. In our attempt to restore our inner core to equilibrium, we should rather be asking the question: Can we children of the West genuinely benefit from spiritual practices premised on religions and cultures completely different than our own? We have the tendency to toss around words like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as if they were all one and the same. It might be safe to assume that meditation is an umbrella term for

a host of techniques and practices— like silence, breathing, emptiness, mindfulness, love, and patience — all aimed at reaching self-regulation or a heightened level of consciousness. Mindfulness is a subcategory of meditation; it’s the act of being focused on the present moment. Yoga, or the spiritual science of the mind, contains methods applying to both body and mind — ethical disciplines, physical postures, breath control — meditation included. In this quest to understand how the Western mind can or cannot benefit from such practices, I narrowed my search to meditation and mindfulness. I spoke with C. Robert Cloninger, professor of psychiatry at Wallace Renard University and author of the book Feeling Good: The Science of Well-Being. Cloninger has produced extensive research on the correlation between mindfulness-oriented meditation and well-being. Neuroscience-wise, his research has revealed changes in the activity of the brain’s default mode network (the part of the brain associated with self-referential processes and anything related to ego) and in the activity of the autobiographical system of learning and memory (a system comprising episodes recollected from a person’s life) during meditation. Cloninger has also found that the appropriate meditative practice can lead to increased happiness and health and to feeling more self-directed, cooperative, and self-transcendent. It can also lead to feelings of boundlessness and inseparability with something greater than yourself. “Essentially, with meditation you are able to think of your life as a creative narrative in which you are responsible for writing the next chapter in a way that is meaningful and satisfying for you and others in harmony,”

WWD: In your opinion, what in the market is necessitating the focus on the plus-size market? Chastity Garner: Retail is struggling. Brick-and-mortar locations of major retailers are closing. The offerings for straight-sized women are oversaturated. Plus-size women are the majority of the women in the U.S., but have the least clothing options. If you want to stay alive in the retail market, you have to sell more to current customers or find new ones. The plus-size woman is that new customer. CeCe Olisa: Social media has been key to expanding the plus-size market. Until recently, any conversations about plus[-size] bodies or fashion was dictated by the media — it was shameful and lackluster. Now consumers are taking the reins. A plus woman who expresses herself through fashion can be interesting, aspirational and accessible, which can translate easily into sales. WWD: How can brands integrate body diversity into their collections?

The CurvyCon founders, Chastity Garner and CeCe Olisa (Photo: CurvyCon) C.G.: If your brand meetings don’t contain one person who can relate to the customer, that’s a problem. It’s important for brands to bring in people who are on the ground with the customer. Consult with consumers. They’re gatekeepers to serving your customer organically and authentically. C.O.: It’s an investment to shoot multiple models, but it can mean everything for a shopper to see clothes on a body that reflects her. I think brands like Modcloth and Eloquii do a great job integrating photos of everyday women.

WWD: What pitfalls should brands and retailers avoid when introducing plus-size options? C.O.: Offer us the same thing — we don’t want diluted offerings. Does that mean you will have to do more work for the right fit? Absolutely, but that’s how you build customer loyalty. WWD: What’s the future for the plus-size market? C.G.: In 30 years the plus-size market will have transformed. It will do so through social media — it continues to be the voice of the people. It’s up to us yield that power to create the change we want to see. (-WWD)

Aspiring instagram influencer? There’s now a school for that Condé Nast Italia is literally training influencers to use social media more authentically by Isabelle Hellyer


arly this week, Condé Nast Italia opened the doors to their Social Academy, a school they’ve established to “train” influencers. As WWD reports, Condé Nast Italia chief executive officer Fedele Usai sees it as the Academy’s mission to educate a new guard of social media users on subjects like transparency, quality content, and sponsorship disclosures. “This is our social responsibility, we have to train people. And if one day a company will need trained and professional influencers, we will be the only ones to be able to provide them,” Fedele said. Recently, a number of American celebrities have come under fire for failing to disclose that posts endorsing certain products were paid for by brands. The Federal Trade Commission is now cracking down on paid Instagram posts acting as personal endorsements, asking celebrities to include “#Ad” clearly in their captions. Condé Nast Italia’s editorial director and corporate communication director Luca Dini sees the Social Academy’s mission as twofold. He’s also eager to break down the barrier between bloggers and the heritage media, explaining, “We’re here to dispel a false myth, that influencers are the enemies of media companies.” According to WWD, upon completing 240 hours of lessons, graduates will join Condé Nast’s existing network of 300-odd influencers, armed with knowledge of everything from photo editing (easy enough, no?), audience management, and the more vague “communication strategies.” (-iD Australia)

Cloninger writes. I also spoke with Candy Gunther Brown, professor of religious studies at Indiana University and author of the chapter “Can ‘Secular’ Mindfulness Be Separated from Religion” in the book Handbook of Mindfulness: Culture, Context, and Social Engagement. Gunther Brown attributes the popularity of secular mindfulness pro-

Photo: Instagram/Rema Chaudhary

grams in the West partly to the decline of other traditional religions and to our modern frustration with technology. “People feel bondaged to their cellphones and computers, so part of the appeal is the nonsecular, mystical part of it. If ancient religious people have done it for a long time, it must work, modern people think,” Brown says. She also stresses that as traditional re-

ligions — especially Christianity — are losing traction, the promise of mindfulness is increasingly filling the inevitable moral vacuum. “Mindfulness will get you more focused, optimistic, and compassionate, but through the cultivation of ethical virtues that come from other religious systems, Buddhism in particular,” Gunther Brown says. (-Medium)



A clear history of Thanksgiving, without the myths by Joseph Kelly


ontrary to popular opinion, the first Thanksgiving was not observed at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1621. The “Pilgrims” — a later title given to the settlers — were Puritans who no longer wished to live in England due to religious persecution and for economic reasons. They believed the Church of England was too closely aligned with Roman Catholicism, which they loathed.

Plymouth got off to a horrid start; fully half the population and all but five women died the first year. The Pilgrims survived by getting some help from the local Native American tribes. The colony grew quickly, and by 1623, the settlers felt strong enough and safe enough to celebrate a day of prayer and thanksgiving, although not on a specific date; the actual date is unknown. As more and more English and European settlers arrived

FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

Family ends row over legacy of artist Arman

create the myth of the heroic Plymouth settlement and then the myth of the first Thanksgiving. The myth was spread by extensive western migration by New Englanders, into what is now New York state and even farther west to Ohio. As the New Englanders spread, Thanksgiving went with them. The transplanted New Englanders discovered that their new neighbors, even the Catholics, liked this holiday. The holiday’s popularity was

French-American sculptor Arman -- seen with one of his works, “Stegosaurus Plieros” -- was one of the founders of the “New Realism” movement (Photo: AFP/File)


ARIS, France | AFP | A decade-long row between the heirs of the sculptor Arman, whose works were once some of the most expensive in the world, has been resolved, lawyers said Monday. The French-American artist, one of the founders of the “New Realism” movement alongside Yves Klein, left his work to a trust controlled by his second wife when he died in New York in 2005, aged 76.

called A.R.M.A.N. The new agreement will allow his American wife Corice and daughter Marion Moreau to sit together on a board that will catalogue and authenticate his works and “develop a museum” for them, the Parisbased law firm Cabinet Neuer said in a statement. French-born Arman is best known for his spectacular public artworks such as “Long Term Parking” (1982), a 20-metre (65-foot) tower of 59 cars piled one on top of each other, which helped cement his

But his children from his first marriage contested the will and set up their own foundation

A popular, if highly idealized, vision of the ‘first Thanksgiving’ celebration in 1621. (File photo) In their day, the settlers were called separatists because they wished to separate themselves from this supposedly corrupt kingdom by going to North America. More Puritans left England after 1625, under the reign of King Charles I, who had a Roman Catholic wife, Henrietta Maria of France. The initial 1620 colony at

in North America, they pushed aside, drove out or destroyed the local tribes, believing that they were doing God’s work by driving pagan savages out of the “New Holy Land” (like the Hebrews, they had passed through water to reached their promised land). Supporting this, later generations of New Englanders would

limited by its association with New England, which had become strongly abolitionist, and Southern governors and plantation owners would not accept an “abolitionist” holiday. But holiday Thanksgiving had a strong ally, Sarah Josepha Buell Hale, a New England widow with five children who edited a major magazine for

Museum seeks to convince Indians that toilets are not dirty

In October 1863, after the great Union victory that summer at Gettysburg, Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November as a day of Thanksgiving. (Recognizing that some years November has five Thursdays, Congress passed a resolution in 1941, which President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed, establishing the fourth Thursday in November as the federal holiday).

women, in which she advocated the celebration of Thanksgiving, even providing recipes and guides for setting the table. By the mid-19th century, Thanksgiving had become a widespread Christian holiday, one of the few Protestant days that the immigrant Catholics adopted. When the Civil War broke out, the states that observed or denied the holiday found themselves mostly on different sides. Mrs. Hale urged President Abraham Lincoln to declare a national Thanksgiving Day.

After the Civil War, Thanksgiving grew in popularity, and New Englanders relentlessly pursued the veneration of the

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Scores of curious visitors stop by daily to see the centuries-old commodes, chamber pots and bidets as well as a 21st century machine that turns human waste into ash in seconds. More were expected for Sunday’s UN World Toilet Day which has events around the globe.

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Special Advisors to the Firm A throne with a built-in commode for a French monarch takes pride of place at a New Delhi toilet museum that is trying to break taboos around doing your business (Photo: AFP/File) people -- nearly half of the population -- defecate in the open, according to UNICEF. Some 70 percent of Indian households do not have a toilet -- while 90 percent have access to mobile phones. More than half the world population does not have a home toilet. Experts say open defecation in India stems from poverty and a belief that toilets inside the home are unclean. So people prefer to squat in the open. Three years ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a massive cleanliness drive, pledging to build toilets for all by 2019. So far the government has helped install more than 50 million toilets across the country of 1.3 billion people.

The Delhi museum’s collection also draws the curious to see a cushioned loo used in European gambling clubs which helped members keep an eye on table stakes without having to take a break.

Thomas P.Fischer

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One 18th century pot used by French royalty mocks the English by being designed as a stack of Shakespearean classic books.

• Houston • Canada • Ahmedabad, India

“It is very interesting to see and read about the quirky designs and the history behind them,” said Vinita Lodwal, a 25-year-old studying to be a nurse.

Masala Radio @ AM 1320 Every Wednesday : 5:05 - 5:15 PM

“It’s informative and funny too,” said Lodwal, as she posed for a selfie with her friend in front of an ornately designed commode.

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Toilets are a touchy issue in India where about 600 million

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The walls of the museum are plastered with toilet room jokes as well as Victorian-era pictures of ‘basket women’ in Europe carrying night-soil -- fertiliser made from human feces.

Believers love Thanksgiving because it is the only legal U.S. holiday that acknowledges that we citizens should give thanks. Most Americans love a day that recognizes God, his many gifts to our country and the importance of the family. It is also the only holiday that is difficult to corrupt with commercialism! (-Catholic News Service)


The French king is believed to have struggled with constipation and held audiences while defecating to save time, say the museum curators.

“Hundreds of visitors come now on the weekends,” said the 74-year-old, affectionately known as India’s ‘Toilet Guru’.

Plymouth Pilgrims who after all were English, not Confederates or Unionists, and had a unitive element. The Pilgrims were portrayed as pious, hardworking and reliable, thus providing strong role models.

Willy, Nanayakkara & Associates


Pathak said the museum has gained traction since being named among the world’s top 10 whacky museums by Time magazine in 2014.

Born Arman Fernandez, he made his name in the 1960s with his “Poubelle” (Dustbin) installations comprised of rubbish strewn on the floor, and “Accumulations”, arrangements of identical or almost identical objects.

Member - American Immigration Lawyer’s Association since 1989.

EW DELHI, India | AFP - A throne with a built-in commode for a French monarch takes pride of place at a New Delhi museum trying to break taboos surrounding toilets in a country where such convenience remains a sensitive issue. The replica of the wooden throne used by King Louis XIV is among a treasure trove at the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, tucked away in a bustling suburb of the Indian capital.

“The idea was to start a healthy conversation about sanitation and toilets. We wanted to tell people toilet is not a dirty word,” he said, playing with a small black ball made from dried human waste mixed with glue.

Another of his monumental sculptures, “Hope for Peace” -made from 83 tanks and other military vehicles -- was commissioned to mark the end of civil war in Lebanon.

Immigration Law

by Abhaya Srivastava

“It is quite an unusual museum and I believe it’s the only one of its kind in the world,” Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of the museum and the non-profit Sulabh International, told AFP.

reputation as an “archaeologist of contemporary society”. • immigration@


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FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

Your Horoscope for the Week of November 24, 2017 READ YOUR COMPLETE HOROSCOPE

by Hardik Vyas, Astrologer Cell : 832-298-9950


Libra (R,T) 23 Sept to 22 Oct

Aries (A,L,E) 21 March to 20 April New partnership or friendship will be come to surface, which will be beneficial. Exhibit the benefits of the new venture. Peers may try to question your motives, respond with positive financial data. Collect & study the facts, you may be tested to remember, later. Don’t be too ready to accuse someone without knowing the facts, but you probably shouldn’t trust everything you hear. If you are selling something, you are likely to close the deals and get top gains. A good, solid understanding of yourself and your own needs is very helpful.

Share your thoughts & your confidence level will increase. Investigate new possibilities in matters of business & opportunities. Use your productive time to organize others, lead the way to the top. You may be pleasantly surprised with other’s reactions. Something complicated may come to light. Don’t cover it up, instead clean it up. Problems are sometimes opportunities to show how competent you are and could lead to a more efficient system. You may have to keep hammering away to get your point across.

Scorpio (N,Y) 23 Oct to 21 Nov

Taurus (B,V,U) 21 April to 20 May Time for your ability to have discipline in your life. This is the way to achieve your immediate goals. Have communication with trusted friends about their experiences. Keep distance between your personal life and your social life. Your extra communication might put you in danger of saying or doing something not required. Others may not be in a mood to have their limitations challenged. Romance your opponent until they are firmly in your camp. The closer you get to someone, the less your differences matter.

Your skills are a valuable asset to any team on which you’re a player. Hold off on making your report final until you have listened to others concerns. There will also be changes in your domestic affairs. A chance meeting will be the start of a fresh new dealings. Spend some quality time & realize how special you feel. Your entire outlook will be transformed. Gatherings may be heated, refuse to take sides in family disagreements. It’ll only cause you to make bad feelings. Don’t allow negative comments you hear to discourage your progress.

Sagittarius (BH,F,DH,TH) 22 Nov to 21 Dec

Gemini (K,CHH,GH) 21 May to 20 June You will do well along with someone who is argumentative. You don’t need to judge anything but need to understand that you simply may be working with some very vulnerable people right now. You may be surprised by what you hear. Rather than defend yourself, face the facts with a readiness to make changes. Even if you try to get off to a quick start, chances are you’ll need to slow down to deal with delays and obstacles. Events this week may become a starting point for personal & professional successes. Don’t panic.

If possible, try to get an extension on your work deadlines. Hasty actions could be worse for you than not acting at all. If you have more time, try to devote it to getting it right. Someone close to you may disappoint you. There’s no point in pretending to be objective, but at least you can be fair with your feelings. Partners in an intense friendship have many ways to communicate. Once you’re able to express your feelings, you’ll be able to forgive then move on. Get out and find new projects that interest you. Seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Capricorn (KH,J) 22 Dec to 20 Jan

Cancer (D,H) 21 June to 22 July Small changes that may ultimately give you the freedom you seek. Changes in life can help you to appreciate others feelings & emotional insecurities. As long as you are sure of your position, you should prevail. Look to your dreams for a clue to what you might need to change. You may get caught up in details when this is really a good time to enjoy art, nature’s beauty, love, and recreation. There is, though stubborn nature in you which just wants to keep doing things the old way.

Push yourself to listen to other’s problems & try to make compromises for them. If your co-workers are compatible, you’ll be able to produce great results. If your relationships are less than ideal, this is probably as good a time as any to resolve those difficulties. Keep a smile on your face and you’ll be amazed at what you can get away with. This approach is one that enables you to be strong while appearing gentle. Some intense debate could prove engaging late in the week. Stay flexible and be ready to shift gears quickly.

Aquarius (G,S,SH) 21 Jan to 19 Feb

Leo (M) 23 July to 22 August The attention you receive will be encouraging rather than distracting. Your judgments could play a big role in others lives. A high level of confidence will announce to others that you’re ready to get down to business. Communicate your intentions clearly from the very beginning. The secret to your success will lie in finding a compatible partner to bounce off of. If you continue to argue on every point, then you may need to look elsewhere. You need to know when you’re wrong and when to admit it.

Health will improve but you need to remain active. Eat Healthy, think healthy & stay healthy will work great. You may find yourself in a much more sociable mood. Give yourself the right to try some different approaches, bold and direct, demure and indirect. A bossy person may shake your self-image. You needn’t copy someone else’s model to be successful yourself. Open the doors & be yourself. If you prepare properly, this could be a great adventure. You have to stretch if you want to keep an exciting relationship.

Pisces (D,CH,Z) 20 Feb to 20 March

Virgo (P) 23 August to 22 September You can’t continue to wear your emotions on your sleeve. Recent chain of events need to be addressed. Keep recent promise to continue to keep yourself fit, will benefit you both physically & emotionally. You could be easily irritated by small matters & may not appreciate others criticizing your methods. Try not to turn this into a war. There are, after all, many ways to approach a problem. Wisdom is about the willingness to take in, with an open mind, the views of others. You’ll be ready to break loose by the weekend. Go do something different!, Just to divert your mind. Go have a good time vacation by yourself and leave others out of it.

Read your Weekly Horoscope Online


Week will start with illumination in your life. You will be able to visualize clear picture & active actions in your life. Many doors of success will open for you. Your past efforts will bring results in present time. You need to be more compassionate towards loved ones & learn to enjoy the simple treasures you possess. You might be feeling financially pinched, don’t let that shut down your plans for a good time. The company you keep could lift your spirits and remind you that fun doesn’t have to be expensive. One of the most useful activities is simply to share your thoughts with someone you trust.




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5. Enjoy your favorite flicks. From classic dramas to contemporary comedies, the holiday genre

vorite films with some hot chocolate under a cozy blanket. To get an upgraded movie theater-like experience at home, check out the projectors from Casio’s LampFree lineup, which offer eliable, brilliant images. At your next holiday party, consider projecting movies silently while playing holiday music for an extra boost of cheer. (-Statepoint)

MANAGEMENT TIP OF THE WEEK Plan Ahead for Your Post-Retirement Career Are you ready to leave behind full-time corporate life for a variety of part-time roles — board seats, adjunct professorships, consulting, or writing? Before you make any big life changes, know what you want from your post-retirement career: Is it flexibility and less travel? The opportunity to give back? A clear view will make sure you choose the right opportunities to pursue. Also, get some relevant experience under your belt. If you want to serve on boards, join a few before you leave your full-time job. If you want to write, be sure you’ve published before you make the leap. Without a track record of success in a certain area, good opportunities will be hard to find. Lastly, be prepared for a slower pace. After years, or decades, of full-time work — the incessant intensity, immediately returned phone calls, in-the-moment demands, and urgent decisions — many executives are surprised to find the pace of portfolio life so much slower.


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FRIDAY, November 24, 2017

Voice of Asia e-paper November 24, 2017  
Voice of Asia e-paper November 24, 2017  

Voice of Asia Newspaper is based in Houston since 1987. We reach South Asian and Asian American families in Houston and surrounding cities i...