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Here’s how astronauts do their grocery shopping in space

FRIDAY, November 17, 2017

Indian one-man band blows, strums and sings against smoking

by Cailey Rizzo


LEAR LAKE CITY, Texas, November 14, 2017 - Living in space is, understandably, not like living on Earth. Those of us on the ground rarely think twice about the more mundane aspects of life. But in space, something simple like grocery shopping turns into a multi-day mission, complete with rocket launches and official countdowns. On Sunday, NASA sent 7,400 pounds of groceries and supplies to the International Space Station on a cargo rocket.

Indian one-man-band singer Gladson Peter performing in a church in Mumbai (Photo: © AFP )

Although most of the astronaut’s grocery list is prepackaged food, this shipment includes a special “cool box,” filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. The produce is a rare treat for the space crew, according to Space. com, considering that most of their meals are freeze-dried packages of space food or the occasional head of lettuce grown in space. The shipment also includes science experiments for the astronauts to conduct, a new laser-based communication system, and a virtual-reality camera from National Geographic. The crew will also receive “traditional Thanksgiving food items” alongside Christmas presents and care packages from their family on the ground. Once astronauts receive their shipment of food (expected to arrive Tuesday morning), they will unload the cargo hold and repackage it with trash collected from the space station over the past few months. They will send it back out and it will burn up when reentering Earth’s atmosphere. The meals will then go into a storage facility. It is a space station job


Astronaut Scott Kelly showing off his citris juggling skills in zero gravity (Photo: NASA via Getty Images) that every day, one person must go to the cargo to get all the meals for the following day.

lunch and dinner as scientists are constantly studying their bodies’ reactions to the meals.

Typical meals are freeze-dried and hot water is re-added once it’s time to eat. And astronauts must eat all of their meals. They have to follow a specific, pre-planned menu for breakfast,

Food is resupplied to the space station every 90 days, according to NASA, so astronauts will have to wait until February for the next grocery store run. (-Travel+Leisure)

Here’s why airports have carpet

UMBAI (AFP) - Indian musician Gladson Peter strums the ukulele while blowing into a harmonica and smashing a cymbal using his foot as children from one of Asia’s biggest slums clap and cheer.

have come up to me and apologised for tobacco consumption and have quit smoking,” Peter told AFP.

Peter, who can play 45 instruments, claims to be India’s only one-man band and enjoys something of a fan following for his renditions of popular songs, including Ed Sheeran hits.

Peter feared that he would never play wind instruments again.

The 24-year-old, a keen musician since the age of three, performs to raise awareness about the dangers of passive smoking after he lost part of a lung as a teenager. “My shows are the hook through which I share my messages that can change someone’s life. Many people

At college in his late teens two holes caused by tuberculosis were found in one of his lungs.

Doctors said the disease could be exacerbated by passive smoking. So last year he decided he would form a one man band, playing 11 instruments, as part of his own anti-smoking awareness campaign. “We built the equipment in a week, rather miraculously, and I kickstarted my performances,” said Peter, who has since played around 200 concerts across India.

Female bodybuilder finalists pose in front of judges at a local bodybuilding competition in Bangkok, Thailand

by Stacey Leasca


EW YORK CITY, November 14, 2017 - If you spend enough time traveling, you may start to wonder about the many aspects of airports. Take, for example, that most airports are carpeted. You would think that terminals should for the most part be designed with hard floors to keep travelers and their wheeled luggage moving quickly and to make it easier for airport staff to keep it clean. But as it turns out, carpeting is one of the many ways airport planners can affect your mood — and your behavior. Many airports have gate areas that are carpeted. This simple design element helps to keep travelers feeling more relaxed before takeoff, because carpets provide a “soft, cozy feeling, like you might find in your own living room.” Carpeting — along with lower ceilings, more natural lighting, and comfy seating — encourages relaxation among travelers who are very likely to be stressed, according to as Fast Company. Why? Because it turns out there’s a

Female bodybuilders stretch for new beauty standard in Thailand (Photo: AFP/ Getty Images)

Airport carpet have a psychological effect on weary travelers (File photo) benefit to relaxed passengers that airports are sure to appreciate: Travelers that are both happy and relaxed tend

to spend about 7 percent more money on retail around the airport and 10 percent more on duty-free, according to airport market research company DKMA.

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But this is not your average Thai beauty pageant -- it is a competition for the growing number of female bodybuilders challenging norms in kingdom where the pale, ‘twig’ physique has long been upheld as the standard of beauty.

The fad is increasingly catching on in Thailand, which took home a string of medals at this year’s bodybuilding world championship in Mongolia.


Nittaya Kongthun, the 26-yearold who takes home first prize in the ‘Model Physique’ division, is among dozens of Thai women competing. With her bulging muscles covered in bronze body paint, she is a far cry from the traditional ideal, but believes beauty and lifestyle trends are starting to shift. “Today, sporty trends are in,” says the full-time trainer, beaming after her trophy win.

human interaction when shopping, meaning you’re far more likely to see an unmanned kiosk than a store full of

The kingdom now boasts more than 500 men and women who compete professionally, according to the president of Southeast Asia’s bodybuilding federation. “That number has increased by the hundreds from ten years ago,” Phumvarin Chunhawongvarit told AFP. Thais will have another chance to showcase their talents on the global stage in December 2018, with the kingdom is set to host the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship in the northern city of Chiang Mai.

employees the next time you’re at the airport. (-Travel+Leisure)


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“By doing this sport we can have a beautiful body and be healthy,” she adds.

She tells AFP she was drawn to the


Shani Mang

To keep you spending, airports also tend to keep around fewer kiosk employees, according to Skift. A survey by NCR found 40 percent of respondents would prefer to avoid

sport to boost her fitness and develop a new look she describes as “like a Barbie doll but with more muscles.”


Mn, Gu


It even goes beyond interior design. As Mental Floss noted, many airports are also adopting more unorthodox methods of finding preflight serenity like adding spas, yoga rooms, and even therapy dogs to their terminals.

ANGKOK, Thailand | AFP - The room buzzes with excitement as dolled-up women adjust their glittering bikinis and prepare to strut across the stage before the panel of judges in a Bangkok suburb.

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