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Constant Contact Salutes: The Voice of Asia Newspaper The Voice of Asia Newspaper has been reaching South Asian and Asian American families in Houston and surrounding cities in Texas since 1987. The renowned publication recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary in August 2013. With 10,000 copies in weekly circulation, the Voice of Asia Newspaper has a weekly estimated readership of 40,000. To maintain a steady following, and target new audiences, the Voice of Asia News Group uses Constant Contact as a promotional tool for the Voice of Asia Newspaper. “We had a need to send e-Blasts via our newsletter to improve reader retention for our print edition weekly,” said Jacob David of the Print and Media Marketing division. “After we discovered Constant Contact through online ads, we began using it on a regular basis.” With real-time tracking capabilities, David is able to measure the success of targeted email communications. “We consistently check Google analytics to review our weekly reports on customer visits to our website,” said David. “We see a steady climb each week.” Through Constant Contact, the Voice of Asia Newspaper reaches a wide mass through relatively simple and inexpensive means. This allows the growing South Asian and Asian American community to receive timely, relevant information most pertinent to their business needs and endeavors. As David affirms, “Constant Contact is very user-friendly and helps us connect with and better engage with our customer base.” “We have seen a growth in our business as a result and would encourage others to use it in their marketing pursuits.”

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Constant Contact, a medium we use at Voice of Asia to help customers promote their business, products and services has sent us a letter of a...

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