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TD demanding health promises be fulfilled By Kilkenny Today reporter THE Government must deliver on its commitment that two promised hospital projects in Thomastown will not be D൵HFWHGE\WKHRYHUVSHQGRQWKH National Children’s Hospital, ORFDO 7' %REE\ $\OZDUG KDV said. The Fianna Fail TD was giving a cautious welcome WR FRQ¿UPDWLRQ WKDW SODQV IRU WKH 3ULPDU\ &DUH &HQWUH LQ /DG\ZHOO DQG WKH

refurbishment, renovation and new building works at St Columba’s Hospital are not VXEMHFW WR GHOD\V EHFDXVH RI children’s hospital overspend. He had raised concerns about WKH SURMHFWV YLD SDUOLDPHQWDU\ question with the Minister for Health. On St Columba’s, the HSE said that Public Private 3DUWQHUVKLSVDUHQRWD൵HFWHGE\ the HSE Capital Plan, and as VXFKLWZRXOGQRWEHD൵HFWHGE\ the children’s hospital. It said a

design team had been appointed, and a planning application was expected to be submitted later WKLV\HDU  2Q WKH SULPDU\ FDUH FHQWUH the HSE’s said the plan was unchanged, and the HSE project team had no indication it would EH GHOD\HG DQG ZRXOG EH EXLOW and operational for Q3 of 2020.  ³, DP YHU\ HQFRXUDJHG E\ WKH +6(¶V UHSO\ EXW , UHPDLQ cautious that the Government’s SRVLWLRQPD\FKDQJHDQG,XUJH Ministers Harris and Donohoe

WR HQVXUH WKDW WKH QHFHVVDU\ IXQGLQJ LV ULQJIHQFHG UHDG\ and available when required at WKHNH\SRLQWVRIWKHWLPHOLQHVR that these vital health projects can be completed without GHOD\´'HSXW\$\OZDUGVDLG Both the Minister for Health, Simon HarrisTD, and the HSE’s National Director of Social &DUH3DW+HDO\KDGSUHYLRXVO\ assured him that €18.9 million had been earmarked for GHYHORSLQJ D QHZ IDFLOLW\ 'HSXW\$\OZDUGVDLG

Best feet forward: Kilkenny native John Nolan with dance partner celebrit


kilkennytoday April 11, 2019

news in brief Antivenom lost in fire at reptile zoo 7+(FRXQWU\¶VDQWLYHQRPVWRFN has been seriously depleted IROORZLQJD¿UHDWWKHZHHNHQG One cobra died and a number of other snakes were injured in the blaze at the National Reptile Zoo in Gowran. All the animals have now EHHQHYDFXDWHGDQGWKH¿UHKDV been dealt with. The National Reptile Zoo is one of the few licence holders in the country to hold antivenom..

You need to be more cancer aware /22.,1* DIWHU \RXU ERZHO health can save your life, the ,ULVK &DQFHU 6RFLHW\ KDV VDLG DV QHZ ¿JXUHV VKRZ WKDW WKH QXPEHU RI SHRSOH LQ ,UHODQG diagnosed with bowel cancer is set to double by 2045. The society is encouraging people in Kilkenny to check their bowel health by using their online bowel health checker. April is Bowel Cancer Awareness month. This year it is estimated that up to 2,800 people, will be diagnosed with this disease, and more than 1,000 people will die from it.

Amanda Davitt, Nora McCarthy, Ligh Dooley, Majella Stapleton and Anne Buggy. Front row: Ellen O’Mahony, Isabelle Bulger and Aurora Leahy, who some of the raffle winners who partook in Zumbathon for Amber Women’s Refuge, hosted by Zumba With Rachel & Rebecca Kilkenny & South East, O’Loughlin Gaels GAA Club. Image by Rue Photography




Those with no home on rise 7+( QXPEHU RI SHRSOH homeless in Kilkenny and Carlow has risen slightly. 7KHR൶FLDO¿JXUHVIRU)HEUXDU\ of this year have been released E\ WKH 'HSDUWPHQW RI +RXVLQJ and show that nationally there were more than 10,200 people without a home. Locally, back in January there were 51 homeless in Kilkenny and 23 in Carlow. 7KRVH¿JXUHVKDYHQRZULVHQWR 57 and 26 respectively.  0U 1RHO 6KHUU\ PDQDJHU RI WKH *RRG 6KHSKHUG +RPHOHVV Centre in Kilkenny, says the R൶FLDO ¿JXUHV GRQ¶W  JLYH WKH full picture. The Government is looking at introducing reforms to rent pressure zones in the wake RI WKH ODWHVW ¿JXUHV +RXVLQJ Minister Eoghan Murphy said a number of areas were being H[DPLQHGWRKHOSWHQDQWV )RFXV,UHODQGKDVVDLGWKHURRW cause of the homeless crisis in ,UHODQG LV WKH EURNHQ KRXVLQJ system.

Better deal for working parents via EU move A BETTER work-life balance for working parents has moved moved closer to realty after MEPs have voted in favour on the agreement reached by the Council and the Parliament on the Work-life Balance Directive. ီ ,UHODQG 6RXWK 0(3 'HLUGUH Clune said: “This is a great step towards a better worklife balance for all working parents and towards improving the lives of families across all (8 0HPEHU 6WDWHV LQFOXGLQJ ,UHODQG “The aim of this proposal is to improve access to work-life balance arrangements, such DV OHDYH DQG ÀH[LEOH ZRUNLQJ arrangements for parents and carers.  ³,W VKRXOG ERRVW WKH WDNHXS of family-related leave by men, which will help increase female labour market participation. This will go a long way to supporting families in Kilkenny DQGWKURXJKRXWWKH6RXWK(DVW´ ,IDSSURYHGWKHUHZLOOEHQHZ minimum standards on paternity leave, with fathers or second parents being able to take at least 10 working days of leave on the birth of the child, paid at D OHYHO GH¿QHG E\ WKH PHPEHU 6WDWHFRQFHUQHG  ,W ZRXOG DOVR XSGDWH WKH minimum standard on parental OHDYH NHHSLQJ WKH H[LVWLQJ

individual right of four months but with two non-transferable PRQWKVZLWKDWOHDVWVL[ZHHNV to be paid at a level set by the PHPEHU6WDWHFRQFHUQHG The directive would introduce an individual right to carers’ leave, previously not recognised at EU level. The directive would also H[WHQG WKH ULJKW WR UHTXHVW ÀH[LEOH ZRUNLQJ DUUDQJHPHQWV for parents, until the child is at least eight years old, as well as for carers. “Parents and carers could DVN IRU H[DPSOH IRU ÀH[LEOH working hours or working patterns and for the right to work remotely. MEP Clune said: “The ZRUNSODFH FDQ EH DQ H[FLWLQJ DQGH[KLODUDWLQJSODFH+RZHYHU it can also be a challenging place. What many people will struggle with is getting their work/life balance right. “We are doing a lot of work at the European Parliament on the promotion of a good work/ OLIHEDODQFHDQG,DPGHOLJKWHG to see there are now further developments in this area which can help those in the workforce ZKRQHHGLW´ This will now be referred back to the Commission and they will set a date for it to come into law.



kilkennytoday April 11, 2019



kilkennytoday April 11, 2019

Civic Trust ‘must step up to the mark’

news in brief Warning over fake US visa websites KILKENNY students in planning their J1 trips to America and holidaymakers travelling to the US should be aware of fake Estate (visa wavering) websites, says MEP Deirdre Clune. Irish people travelling to America must register for an Esta (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) form before they embark on their trip. However, despite the Esta FRVWLQJRQWKHRŕľśFLDO(VWD website, many other websites have been set up which are charging up to $150 for the form.

Musicals evening up at the Castle KILKENNY Castle is pleased to present (as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations in the FDUH RI WKH 2ŕľśFH RI 3XEOLF Works), a wonderful evening of ‘Songs from Stage & Screen‘ at The Picture Gallery on Saturday, April 20th at 8pm. Ryan Morgan (Tenor), Siobhan Oliver (Soprano) and Eoin O’Callaghan (Pianist) will entertain with favourites from Rodgers & Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Leonard Bernstein and ClaudeMichel Schonberg. Admission is â‚Ź15 and includes interval refreshments.

Aimee Nolan, Orla Johnson and Kirsty O’Neill at A Night at the OsKaRs hosted by Teac Tom, Lyrath Estate Hotel. Image by Rue Photography

County gone to the dogs, with hunt for best puppy 7+(KXQWLVRQWR¿QG Kilkenny’s Puppy of the Year who will go into the running IRU,UHODQGœV3XSS\RI the Year. 7KHFRYHWHG3XSS\RIWKH Year winner will feature in national campaigns for 3HWPDQLD,UHODQGœVODUJHVW specialist pet retailer Petmania is encouraging SHRSOHZKRDUHFRQVLGHULQJ EULQJLQJDQHZIRXUOHJJHG

IULHQGLQWRWKHLUOLIHWRWKLQN DERXWDGRSWLRQRUIRVWHULQJ The specialist pet retailer has DQXPEHURIDGRSWLRQFHQWUH partners across the country DQGWKH\DOVRSURYLGHIUHH Puppy Parent Classes to new owners. Over the next two months, WKURXJKSXEOLFYRWLQJDQG DJUDQGÂżQDOGRJVKRZWKH pet retailer in association with sponsors BETA will


KILKENNY Civic Trust should take on a “radical redirectionâ€? to ensure the preservation of key heritage assets such as Rothe House, according to Green Party Councillor Malcolm Noonan. Cllr Noonan raised the issue at a meeting of Kilkenny County Council, where he said there needed to be a discussion around the Civic Trust’s function. While the Trust does valuable work to protect and develop properties within its care, such as Butler House, it could have a much broader role similar to Civic Trusts throughout the country. Cllr Noonan said that 16th Century merchant building Rothe House was in need of support, and the Civic Trust should step in with a rolling annual grant to help maintain it. “At the AGM of Kilkenny Archaeological Society recently, I was disappointed that no progress had been made in securing the future plans for 5RWKH +RXVH ² D VLJQLÂżFDQW

asset along the Medieval Mile. Then I was shocked to learn that Kilkenny County Council is now levying rates on the property,â€? he said. “The question must be asked, what is the purpose of Kilkenny Civic Trust? Its constitution deÂżQHVDFOHDUUROHLQWKHSURWHFtion and enhancement of built heritage. Yet KAS and Rothe +RXVH7UXVWDUHÂżQGLQJLWFKDOlenging to manage the properW\ဎ+HULWDJH EXLOGLQJV RI WKLV nature require huge resources just for basic maintenance — as does the equally important garden of Rothe House.â€? The Green Party councillor said Kilkenny Civic Trust could have a broad community engagement role. Kilkenny Civic Trust is a registered charity set up by Kilkenny County Council in 1989. Since 1989 the Trust has been managing the extensive property which consists of Butler House and Gardens, and the adjacent properties at the Castle Yard.


kilkennytoday April 11, 2019

Anglers sought for new major salmon project THE Minister of State with responsibility for the Inland Fisheries Sean Canney TD is calling on all anglers in Kilkenny who are willing to become citizen scientists in a new National Salmon Scale Project. Deputy Canney said: “As we celebrate International Year of the Salmon, this project will help researchers understand the challenges which salmon are facing today. The project, which has been initiated by Inland Fisheries Ireland, aims to collect vital information through scales taken from salmon and sea trout which are caught in Irish rivers and lakes and will contribute to LQWHUQDWLRQDO HŕľľRUWV WR KHOS LQ conserve wild salmon.â€? Fish scales record the life history of a salmon and one scale can reveal a lot about the life-

VW\OHDQGEHKDYLRXURIWKHÂżVK Scales can tell scientists what DJHWKHÂżVKLVKRZPDQ\ZLQters it spent at sea, how many times it spawned, how slow or fast it grew, what it ate and how long it spent in the river before it went out to sea. Scales can also reveal the feeding area where the salmon travelled to in the ocean, whether it went to the Faroe Islands, the Norwegian Sea or all the way to West Greenland. Scales help scientists to understand the biology and ecology of Irish salmon and sea trout. As part of the project, anglers in Kilkenny are asked to take a scale sample from a salmon or sea trout by gently scraping and removing approximately  ÂżVK VFDOHV XVLQJ D FOHDQ knife. Anglers are then requested

to post their samples to Inland Fisheries Ireland using the sample envelopes which will be made available to them. Scales can be removed from both harvested and catch and UHOHDVHÂżVK  6DPSOLQJ RI ÂżVK IRU UHOHDVH should be handled carefully and ÂżVK VKRXOG EH RQO\ EULHĂ€\ UHmoved from the water with evHU\HŕľľRUWPDGHWRDYRLGLQMXU\ or stress while weight should be estimated. For more information on the National Salmon Scale Project, including how to take a sample safely and to request sample enYHORSHVYLVLWZZZÂż salmonscales.  7R ÂżQG RXW PRUH DERXW International Year of the Salmon visit www.yearoftheVDOPRQRUJ RU ZZZÂż

08| news in brief ’Frustrated’ over MRI scanner delay THE Minister John Paul Phelan has said he is “frustrated” about the delay of the delivery of an MRI scanner to St Luke’s Hospital. The Chairman of the Friends of St Luke’s, Declan McCann, said €250,000 had been raised by the group for the machine. Minister Phelan told KCLR the project was included in the HSE’s capital plan for this year and the Ireland East Hospital *URXSKDYHFRQ¿UPHGLWZLOOEH built 2019.

Luke’s vacancy sees patients go to City THE HSE can not be allowed to become comfortable with patients having to travel long distances for treatment, according Fiona O’Neill from the Kilkenny branch of Arthritis Ireland as the vacant rheumatology job in St Luke’s +RVSLWDOVWLOOKDV\HWWREH¿OOHG The rheumatologist retired last October meaning people have to travel to St Vincent’s in Dublin. Rheumatologists diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disease and systemic autoimmune conditions commonly referred to as rheumatic diseases.

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Best feet forward for Greenway €10m fund OFFICIALS from Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford County Councils will make presentations on the tourism potential of the proposed Greenway to assessors who will consider Kilkenny’s application for funding when they visit on on Thursday, April 25th. Funding for the Greenway would in turn “unlock the potential of the South-East”. At the April meeting of the Piltown Municipal District, VHQLRU H[HFXWLYH R൶FHU %ULDQ Tyrrell told members the assessors would be on site at both the Ferrybank and New Ross ends of the line. “Hopefully, we will show ZKDWFDQKDSSHQR൵WKHJUHHQway also, in Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford,” he said. Mr Tyrrell reminded members that the Kilkenny project was just one of a number of greenway assessments taking place “so we will put our best foot forward on that date”. He said: “There has been a

Sarah Syeda, Kadidia Cisse, Imam Ebrahim Ndure, Suliman Souleymane and Mudassar Rafiq at Kilkenny Islamic Culture Exhibition 2019, River Court Hotel. People of Kilkenny were invited to see what Islam and Muslims were all about. This exhibition was part of an integration process and it was hoped that Irish Muslims weren’t negatively blanket judged as portrayed in international media. Image by Rue Photography number of preparatory meetings taking place to make sure we have the best presentation we can have.” &OOU7RPiV%UHDWKQDFKDVNHG Mr Tyrrell to convey the members’ best wishes to all involved: “I have no doubt it will be top class,” he said.

Cllr Melissa O’ Neill asked if the funding to create the project was successful, where would the funding to maintain it come from. Mr Tyrrell said it would come back to the council, which would own it, operate it and maintain it. He said the council was trying to implement the

policy of supporting greenways, and that the intention was it ZRXOG EHQH¿W WKH FRPPXQLWLHV and enterprises along the route. Cllr O’ Neill said she understood Waterford was “havLQJ GL൶FXOW\ ZLWK XSNHHS´ RI its own Greenway. Cllr Ger Frisby replied that Waterford

was maintaining it “to a high standard”. The 22km-long Greenway in south Kilkenny is to connect Ferrybank and New Ross along DGLVXVHGUDLOZD\OLQH%DVHGRQ similar projects elsewhere, the estimated cost will be in the region of €7 to €10 million.

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WILDLIFE with Justin Ivory

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Airport Ireland

Willow Warbler (Photo WikiWand) GOOD morning class! Today we will learn about the letter A. A is for April and A is for Airport. A is also for Avifauna, which to you and I means birds. At this time of year Ireland resembles the Arrivals, Departures and Transfers lounges of an airport for migrating birds.


EDUCATED by Tara Westover

THE BAY Virgin One, Mondays 9pm

SHAZAM General Release: 5 April 2019

Tara Westover and her family grew up preparing for the End of Days but, according to the government, she didn’t exist. She hadn’t been registered for a birth certificate. She had no school records because she’d never set foot in a classroom, and no medical records because her father didn’t believe in hospitals. As she grew older, her father became more radical and her brother more violent. At sixteen, Tara knew she had to leave home. In doing so she discovered both the transformative power of education, and the price she had to pay for it

New series. DS Lisa Armstrong is assigned as the Family Liaison Officer to the case of two missing teenage twins in Morecambe. After meeting the twins’ parents Sean and Jess, Lisa is shocked to discover that her connection to the family might be more than just professional. As the complications within the investigation grow, the hunt is on to find the twins before it’s too late, but Lisa must also deal with her own family’s problems. Sixpart crime drama, starring Morven Christie, Jonas Armstrong Tracie Bennett. Catch up Thursdays Virgin One 12am.

We all have a superhero inside of us -- it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In 14-yearold Billy Batson’s case, all he needs to do is shout out one word to transform into the adult superhero Shazam. Still a kid at heart, Shazam revels in the new version of himself by doing what any other teen would do -- have fun while testing out his newfound powers. But he’ll need to master them quickly before the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana can get his hands on Shazam’s magical abilities. An entertaining blend of humor and heart, Shazam! is a superhero movie that never forgets the

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ARIES Personal insights and epiphanies can inspire you over the next two weeks. Take your talents, capacities and skills to new levels by practicing basics. TAURUS You’re more productive in peaceful privacy. Make long-term plans. Enjoy rituals, spiritual ceremonies and practices. GEMINI Share what you’re learning with your friends. A FRPPXQLW\SURMHFWÀRZHUV Strengthen connections with people you admire and respect. CANCER Professional opportunities look ripe for the plucking. Listen to your angels. Get advice from a trusted elder. The next few days are good for decisions.

Brent Goose getting ready to leave for Arctic Canada (Photo Justin Ivory) Some of our winter visitors have already left for their breeding grounds but many are still here. In general when we talk about winter visitors, that means Waders, Swans, Ducks and Geese. Our winter visitors are now being joined by our summer arrivals. Reports are coming in daily now of Wheatears, Sand Martins, Swallows, Chiffchaffs, Willow Warblers and Sandwich Terns to name a few.

KILKENNY ROAD TRAIN TOURS T : 087 677 8832 Email:

KEYWEST Set Theatre, Langtons. Sunday, 21st April T : 056 7721728. E :

THREE HAIL MARYS Watergate Theatre. Thurs. 18th & Fri. 19th April T : 056 776 1674 E :

Join us on a fun filled tour of Kilkenny’s finest sights. Sit back, relax in comfort and let us bring you to many spectacular buildings and places that Kilkenny has to offer. Hear all about the sights on our fully narrated tour and sing along to many favourite traditional songs and music played onboard. From Kilkenny Castle we will take you on a 30 minute tour showing you historical sights including St. Canices Cathedral, St. Francis Abbey Brewery, The Old Court Houss and many, many more. Meander on a nostalgic journey reminiscent of the gone steam train.

Keywest have been called the hardest working band in the business. They’ve taken their high energy acoustically driven sound from the streets onto the radio, with sell out shows and to over 200k monthly listeners. Their live performances have been described as electric, cocky, clattering with crackingly good music. They sold out venues like the Olympia, The Academy and Whelans as well as a full summer with performances at Longtitude, Main Stage Independance, Electric Picnic & Salty Dog.

After spending over 10 years together in the same nursing home it’s time for Mary O’Neill, Mary O’Neill and Mary O’ Brien to bid farewell to one another. It might be their last day in each other’s company but they decide to celebrate it in style! From nostalgia to comedy and even a few sing-songs it’s going to be on hell of a hooley!!! This rip-roaring Irish comedy is written by Tommy Marren – writer of ‘It’s the Real McCoy’ and ‘Nobody’s Talking To Me’ – and is a must-see!! You might not be on your knees praying but you’ll definitely be on your knees laughing!

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VIRGO 'LVFXVV¿QDQFLDOJRDOV objectives and dreams with your partner. Review your plans and budgets. Negotiate bargains. LIBRA $FROODERUDWLYHH྾RUW ÀRZHUV6WUHQJWKHQ\RXU connection by enjoying time together. Romance kindles easily. SCORPIO The excellent work you’ve EHHQGRLQJUHÀHFWV\RXZHOO Quicken the pace to get your heart beating faster. Physical H྾RUWVUHDSVDWLVI\LQJ results. SAGITTARIUS

Sand Martin....streaming into Ireland at the moment (Photo WikiWand) As well as these, we have what are known as passage migrants thrown in the mix. These are birds on the move from the wintering grounds to their breeding grounds, but Ireland is not their final destination. As the term implies they are just passing through and treating Ireland like a transfer lounge. With all these movements of birds taking place globally, inevitably we get visited by birds that should not be here. These are usually referred to as vagrants and turn up here either due to adverse weather conditions sending them off course or their internal GPS systems are not functioning properly.

LEO Enjoy a business trip or conference. Classes and VHPLQDUVRŕľľHUXVHIXOVNLOOV and connections. Begin an intense expansion phase.

Share your romantic dreams and visions with someone special. Listen for where your interests connect.

ADULT ART CLASSES Butler Gallery, Evan’s Home, Barrack Lane Saturday 13th April 10am - 1pm

THE WAR OF THE BUTTONS TITANIC - THE MUSICAL Watergate Theatre. Saturday, 16th April Watergate Theatre. Saturday, 7th-13th April T : 056 776 1674 E : T : 056 776 1674 E :

We are delighted to share details of our Upcoming Adult Art Classes with Yanny Petters and Brian Cregan. Yanny Petters brings us a fascinating workshop on Botanical drawing focusing on beautiful spring plants, and Brian Cregan will give an informative step-by-step guide to digital photography and a photowalk through the Castle Park. Places are limited so booking is essential via Eventbrite.

Kilkenny Musical Society are proud to present Titanic, The Musical, set on the ocean liner RMS Titanic which sank on April 15, 1912. Maury Yeston and Peter Stone’s musical tells the tragic story with a compassionate book, intelligent lyrics, and soaring melodies. Full of memorable characters based on the real men and women on the ship, Titanic is a powerful, complex look at the making of a tragedy. Come join the award winning Kilkenny musical as they journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Welcome to a tale of squabbles, scuffles and buttons! George grows grapes. Bessie grows cabbages. One loves the sun. One loves the rain. A petty squabble grows and grows and grows into‌ the war of the buttons! This is a world where you are invited to eat birthday cake, take sides and where a button can be a kiss, a wish, a present or a trophy of war! Told through music, puppetry, clowning and sign language Compagnie Animotion’s non-verbal vocabulary creates a show accessible to deaf, hearing and all audiences.

CAPRICORN New beginnings at your house take shape. You may need to tear things down to rebuild them better. AQUARIUS Follow the money. Grab a lucrative opportunity, and run with it. Monitor expenses and don’t overindulge. PISCES Consider the consequences of a personal decision. Discover something new about yourself. Write down your future dreams.

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