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Water restrictions to remain in place By Jake Maxwell WATER water everywhere but not a drop to drink ... despite all the extra water created by melting snow following Storm Emma, water restrictions are likely to remain in place in the Dublin area for several months. Eamon Gallen, general manager of Irish Water said while restrictions in Dublin will be reduced for St Patrick’s

Weekend, they will be reintroduced and remain in place for “some time to come”, with problems persisting in some areas until April and May. Demand on the Dublin network, which serves 1.2m people, has been 590m litres per day recently. Mr Gallen said reservoirs in Dublin are 70m litres lower than they need to be, despite “a

huge amount of leaks” being repaired. He said that a mixture of storm damage, leaks and an algae problem in the Vartry reservoir in Wicklow have all added to the restricted supply in the Capital. The condition of leaking pipes, which are on average 80 years old, together with increased demand, has forced authorities to reduce pressure

overnight since storm Emma to DOORZUHVHUYRLUVUH¿OO There were 22 local authority and contract specialised detection crews out across the greater Dublin area in recent weeks and 26 repair crews ³SULRULWLVLQJWKHPRVWVLJQL¿FDQW bursts and leaks”. Irish Water said those on the edges of the network or on high JURXQG ZHUH PRVW D൵HFWHG E\ water supplies being curtailed.



Unit 5, IDEA House, Killarney Road Business Park, Bray

Glenda Gilson and Simon Delaney grab a phone to help launch Radio Nova’s 4th Annual ‘Help Our Homeless’ Radiothon with Focus Ireland which took place recently. Pic: Brian McEvoy. More pictures inside

02 | March 01-14, 2018

news in brief Lean Out AS PART of International Women’s Day, the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire will hold a discussion called “Lean Outâ€? on March 11. In this discussion, we will ask if women were more present in economic debate, analysis, discussion and policy formulation, would the questions that we ask be GLŕľľHUHQW DQG LQIRUPHG E\ women’s lived experience? Also joining us will be Frances Weetman, winner of the inaugural Virago New Statesman prize for Economics and Politics, challenging our persistent trust of awed economic models. For more visit the website.

Red Bull Flugtag The Red Bull Flugtag returns to Dun Laoghaire Harbour on May 20. More than 50 teams ZLOO EXLOG KDQGFUDIWHG À\LQJ machines and launch them at the harbour. More than 40,000 people are expected to come as the event has been very successful in the past. Five-member teams of aspiring aviators and courageous craftsmen and women can apply for a chance to compete at Red Bull Flugtag 2018 by submitting À\LQJPDFKLQH SODQV WR ZZZ

Keith Duffy is pictured with Daniel Ryan and Lisa Cox from The Blue Diamond Drama Academy at The Mansion House Dublin recently where he presented charities with donations from his Foundation. Pic: Brian McEvoy

Mayor elections move forward By Charisma Trant PLANS to vote on directlyelected mayors in Dublin are moving forward quickly. The cabinet will be presented with a report during the next few weeks which will IRFXVRQGLŕľľHUHQWRSWLRQVRI power that could possibly be given to a directly-elected mayor. These would include executive duties comparable to the responsibilities of existing city managers.

So far, there has been no ÂżQDOGHFLVLRQZKDWGXWLHV an elected mayor would be responsible for, although it was suggested that it could involve planning, economic development and city promotion and maybe replacing the city council chief executives. In recent week concerns have been raised about having only one mayor for the nearly two million people living in the Dublin county. Therefore, it was also discussed if the directly-elected

mayor should be responsible for the Dublin City Council region with full executive powers over a smaller area. Another option included the delegation of transport projects of the city to the new mayor. An election is set to be scheduled after a decision on the responsibilities is made later this year with the possibility of combining it with the local and European elections in May 2019.

Dispoable income 15% higher By Charisma Trant DISPOSABLE income in Dublin is nearly 15% higher than the national average, new ¿JXUHVE\WKH&HQWUDO6WDWLVWLFV 2ྜFH &62 VKRZ Numbers from 2015 demonstrate that a person in the capital had an average of ₏23,298 as disposable income. This was 14.5% higher than the national average of ₏20,334. 7KH UHVXOWV E\ WKH &62 DOVR show that compared to the Border regions with the lowest average disposable income of only ₏17,641, the capital’s spending money is a total of 32% higher. Further numbers show that the remaining regions, for example the midwest are at ₏20,353 and the mideast at ₏20,441 for the average disposable. Per capita the southeat and southwest had ₏19,503 and ₏19,774 of disposable income. The second lowest national average was seen in the midland region with ₏17,846. Figures clearly show the irregular economic activity and the unequal concentration of wealth in the whole country.

‘I have no regrets, only that I have to leave now’ By Jake Maxwell “I HAVE no regrets, only that I have to leave right now.â€? Those were the heartbreaking words of best selling author Emma Hannigan, which were read out at her funeral service. The inspirational author from passed away earlier this month after an 11-year battle with cancer. She was buried in Shanganagh &HPHWHU\LQ6KQDNLOOIROORZLQJ a funeral mass in Our Lady of 3HUSHWXDO 6XFFRXU &KXUFK LQ Foxrock. )U *HUU\ %\UQH RŕľśFLDWHG DW the service where he read out the words written by Emma, after he had befriended her while he was the chaplain at %ODFNURFN&OLQLFDQGKHOSHGKHU through her illness. In the speech she recalled her idyllic childhood, meeting her KXVEDQG &LDQ DQG KDYLQJ KHU two children before settling in a house beside her parents, and how she would talk to the members of her family every day. “I hope you know I will be there in your hearts, and you will always be in mine,â€? she said. She had a special message for her kids Sacha and Kim. “Keep dancing both of you, keep having fun, be careful won’t you. Never go out on your own, and stay with a group.â€? “Yes, life was great, surrounded by my family and so many great friends. I can hold my head up and say, I never had a

day where I felt lonely, or as if I had nobody to turn to. I never felt I was on my own. Âł0\FDQFHUÂżJKWZDVXSWKHUH for all to read on Facebook or through my blog. “The peer to peer support I received there was priceless. I had such loyal readers and followers who took my hand and walked along by my side. “To each person I met along my way, thank you. Thank you for helping to shape my life.â€? “They say all things happen for a reason. I don’t want to go looking over my shoulGHURUZDYLQJP\ÂżVWLQDQJHU That was never my style. But the truth of the matter is this. I would never have wanted to go. There would never have been enough time. So I will try to be gracious about it,â€? she said. She said there is enough sadQHVV VXŕľľHULQJ DQG VWULIH LQ WKH world. “Let the laughter be heard.â€? She said “let the sparkles break through.â€? Fr Byrne described her as a “bright star that rose high and

We’ve a good reputation! By Charisma Trant A STUDY by the Reputations Agency and Reputation Institute has shown that Dublin has ranked as the 17th most reputable city in the world. The capital has beaten popular locations such as Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco and Brussels. The study ranks the cities

based on trust, esteem, admiration and ‘good feeling’ and this year Dublin has reached its highest position yet. Deputy managing director at the Reputations Agency, Niall Quinn said: “By understanding the global perceptions of Dublin, our leaders and policy makers can identify the capital’s competitive strengths and points RIGLŕľľHUHQWLDWLRQ´ March 01-14, 2018

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04 | March 01-14, 2018

newsinbrief Run For Rita Fundraiser ON MARCH 24 at 3pm, the 5th annual ‘Run For Rita’ will take place in Tymon Park in Dublin. The 5km run/walk will be held in memory of Rita Savage, and will raise vital funds for Suzanne House. Suzanne House is a community respite service, located in the heard of Tallaght Village. To take part in ‘Run for Rita’ people are invited to register via, or by contacting Glenda on 087 958 37 14. Entry is priced at â‚Ź20 (timed), â‚Ź10 for under-16s and a family rate of â‚Ź50 (2 adults and up-to 4 children).

Baby giraffe born in Dublin Zoo

Russborough art returned after 100 years By Charisma Trant

Art and the Great Hunger

Field day for the new born Rothschild giraffe at Dublin Zoo

The World’s Largest Collection of Famine-Related Art has been launched by Michael D. Higgins at Dublin Castle this week. The exhibition Coming Home: Art and the Great Hunger will open to the public on March 8 will be on display at The Coach House in Dublin Castle through June; between July and October it will be shown at Uilinn: West Cork Arts Centre in Skibbereen before moving to Cultúrlann Uí Chanåin in Derry in 2019.

DUBLIN Zoo welcomed a new arrival earlier this month ZKHQDEDE\JLUDŕľľHEDE\ZDV born. The Zoo announced that WKH5RWKVFKLOGJLUDŕľľHPDPD Maeve and father Tafari welcomed their healthy calf. The little girl is 6ft tall and weighs about 40kg. Âł7KHJLUDŕľľHFDOILVYHU\ lively and is engaging positively with the rest of the herd. Mother Maeve

By Charisma Trant

and her calf are healthy and Maeve is doing an amazing job of looking after the new arrival,â€? Helen ClarkeBennet of Dublin Zoo said. “We’re very excited about this addition to the Dublin Zoo herd and to see what the rest of the year will bring.â€? 7KH5RWKVFKLOGJLUDŕľľHLV easily recognised due to its obvious colouring of its coat and their males grow to six metres in height and weigh as much as 2000kg. They are the tallest of the land

mammals, and often referred to as the ‘watchtowers of the Serengeti’ as they often help to warn other animals of the presence of predators from up to two kilometres away. With only 670 living in the ZLOGWKH5RWKVFKLOGJLUDŕľľHLV unfortunately one of the most threatened of the nine subVSHFLHVRIJLUDŕľľHV You can visit the new baby JLUDŕľľHDQGLWVKHUGDWWKH African Savanna at Dublin Zoo which is open seven days a week between 9.30am- 5pm.

AFTER over 100 years some of the British and European Masters and furnishings have returned to the Russborough House and Parklands. The works are from the 17th and 18th century from artists such as Claude-Joseph Vernet, Agostino M a s u c c i , Marcantonio Bassetti, Anthony Lee and Joshua Reynolds. CEO Eric Blatchford was delighted with the return of the items and said:â€?Our thanks to WKH 'LUHFWRU DQG VWDŕľľ RI WKH National Gallery of Ireland for working with us on this exciting new presentation of the house in Blessington. “Also, thanks to the Apollo Foundation, the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural DQG *DHOWDFKW DŕľľDLUV IRU WKHLU help with the enormous amount of restoration undertaken in the

house this winter. Previously Russborough House’s art collections were the target of several gangs: in 1974 by an IRA gang including British heiress Rose Dugdale; in 1986 by Martin ‘The General’ Cahill (pictured); in 2001 and in 2002 by Martin Foley. In 1902 Lady Geraldine Milltown had donated many pieces to the National Gallery of Ireland and some of them have not been seen by the public in many year. Visitors can now view the pieces in the rooms the furniture was originally commissioned or purchased by the Earls of Milltown in the 18th & 19th centuries. Over the last 275 years three extended families have lived at Russborough house, and currently the The Alfred Beit Foundation is based at the premises. (See ad below)

Scientologists plan to build new playground WHERE HISTORY & CULTURE LIVE ON

By Charisma Trant

Rediscover Russborough – rich with paintings collected by the Earls of Milltown and donated to the National Gallery of Ireland in 1902, on view in their original surroundings for the fi rst time in over 100 years. The RHSI 18th century walled garden is available for pre booked groups For Family Fun there is a Maze, Fairy Trail, Playground & Tree Trail 2km Audio walking tour of the Demesne

Gift Shop &Restaurant


40% discount

from 14th April to 30th April on production of this voucher * Please note: this offer does not apply to groups

OPENING TIMES: 1st March to December, 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm

Tel: + 353 (0)45 865239 Email: Sat Nav GPS: Lat 53.135517 Long 6.572386

* Free Coach Park * â‚Ź2 Car Park Location: 20 km from Dublin off the N81 and 4.5 km from Blessington, Co. Wicklow, Ireland DV

COUNCILLORS and local have come out in opposition to plans by the Church of Scientology to build a playground at a new centre in Tallaght. The church had recently applied for a planning permission to add the outdoor space to their newly opened 1,200 seat Victory Centre. The Firhouse Village &RPPXQLW\ &RXQFLO FRQÂżUPHG that the playground would only be open for children who become a member of the controversial religion, which wasn’t mentioned in the original plans. Earlier this months, several councillors on the local authority’s Rathfarnham/TempleogueTerenure area committee also objected to the planned playground. “Any children’s playground

should be for all children,� the community council’s chairman Tom Fennelly. “The proposed playground will not be because parents who do not subscribe to Scientology will not allow their children to go there.� In addition to the planning permission of the playground Scientology requested two 4.5m- high CCTV poles near the playground. The social Democrats local area representative, Carly Bailey said: “It is unclear why this group are looking to provide activities and services geared towards people with young families.� The church argued that the outside area would be a great addition to the community because of the lack of play facilities for children in the area. However, numerous concerns have been raised, including in

the child protection interest, as the centre is in close proximity to surrounding schools. Brian Lawlor, local Fine Gael councilor, explains the concerns of the locals and said: “It’s a change of planning for that particular site, that site was a place of worship for their own followers to come in there and worship. “That park is a diversity park, so people are against lights, cameras and all that.� However, the Church of Scientology claimed the playground would “serve as a focal point for the community as it provides children with activities to partake in the area. It will serve a wide variety of housing estates given its central location.� “The development will provide for better interaction of the existing facility with the adjacent community.� March 01-14, 2018


06 | news in brief App to identify vaccant homes A NEW APP that can help to identify empty homes for the homeless is set to be launched on March 7 by a Twitter cofounder in Dublin. The national housing and homeless charity, The Peter McVerry Trust, has worked in close corporation with the Dublin-based social enterprise Space Engagers to use mapping technology to locate Dublin’s empty buildings. The initiative received an extra and unexpected boost when Twitter co-founder Biz Stone agreed to launch the app. The project is called Reusing Dublin and aims to identify buildings that can be reused for social housing.

Red Bull presents Free Gaff This Easter weekend, Red %XOO0XVLFSUHVHQWV)UHH*D྾D house party like no other, three nights of debaucherous fun DFURVV WKUHH ÀRRUV ZLWK WKUHH genres of music. 7DNLQJRYHUDFLW\FHQWUHJD྾ for one weekend, Red Bull Music will bring the best and hottest Irish acts together under RQHURRIIRUD)UHH*D྾OLNHQR other. We can’t tell you where the party’s at, until much closer to the time but what we can tell you is that it is going to be epic. March 01-14, 2018

Did someone say summer? Groove brightens our lives get comfy. Culture Vultures - a themed pop culture event of words and music with appearances from the Groove artists will feature. Also popping up in the Lounge is the Hardy Har Comedy Club hosted by Adam Burke (Finalist, Ireland’s Got Comedy Talent, Laughter Lounge, Vodafone Comedy Carnival).

By Charisma Trant GIVEN the weather we’ve had recently, we really need something to look forward to and the good people at Groove have duly delivered. One the country’s favourite best independent family music IHVWLYDO ZLOO NLFN R྾ VXPPHU 2018 by returning to its original weekend of July 7-8. This year sees two great names making the journey to the sumptuous surrounds of Killruddery - the Kings of New York, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, and Heather Small – The Voice of M People. Fun Lovin’ Criminals, who headline the Saturday night and are sure to play their hit Scooby Snacks, are no strangers to the area - along with frontman Huey Morgan they previously owned several bars in Dublin where is was a resident. Performing all of M People’s and her own solo hits, Heather will be giving One Night in Heaven again to Irish audiences on the Sunday night. Groove

Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Heather Small will headline at this year’s Groove Festival )HVWLYDO R྾HUV RQH RI WKH PRVW spectacular stage settings in the country right on the doorstep of Dublin at the foot of the Sugarloaf. Joining Fun Lovin’ Criminals on Saturday will be some of the most well-known names in Irish music including The Riptide

Movement and the Irish legends Something Happens. Sunday sees stellar acts such as HamsandwicH and Kila on the bill with one more headliner along with details of the Sony Xperia Stage line up to be announced in the coming weeks.

Inner City to get extra â‚Ź3.5m funds

For the ÂżUVW HYHU their will be a Live Lounge at Groove Festival where concert goers can grab some food and drink, take a seat and

Les MisĂŠrables is coming to Dublin

By Charisma Trant

A Mother’s Day Treat This Mother’s Day, treat your mum with a Gift from The Glen. From an overnight escape, a relaxing spa treatment or a splendid afternoon tea, you will be spoilt for choice. Purchase online at or call 01 287 0877 | Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow

AN additional â‚Ź3.5m funding has been earmarked for regeneration in Dublin’s North Inner City. The government has announced that the main infrastructure projects would include the new primary care centre at Summerhill, the refurbishment of Fitzgibbon Street Garda Station and the development of a new community hub at Rutland. The new project was FRQÂżUPHGDIWHUWKHRXWEUHDNRI gang violence in the area. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar also announced that the city council is set to continue its programme of social housing provision for the area. He acknowledged that north east inner city Dublin has “some deep problems ... particularly linked to organised crimeâ€?. He added that the additional funding was granted to be able to tackle the root cause of crime which are often connected to disadvantage. During the last two years â‚Ź7.5m has been invested in the area to improve the area and its community facilities.

By Charisma Trant THE BROADWAY hit Les MisÊrables is coming to Dublin’s Bord Gåis Energy Theatre this year. The musical was written by Alain Boublil and ClaudeMichel SchÜnberg and has been seen by over 120m people worldwide. It has already played in FRXQWULHVLQGL྾HUHQW ODQJXDJHVDQGQRZLWV¿QDOO\ time for the Irish fans to experience this Broadway sensation. Producer, Mackintosh is delighted with its success

DQGVDLGÂł6LQFH,ÂżUVWFRQceived the new production of Les MisĂŠrables to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary in 2009, this production has taken the world by storm more than matching the success of the original, which can now only be seen in London. “I am thrilled that modern audiences have embraced this production as Les Mis for the 21st century.â€? Les Miserable will run from December 8, 2018 until January 12 of 2019 and tickets will go on sale from 9am on March 12. March 01-14, 2018

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08 | March 01-14, 2018 March 01-14, 2018

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10 | March 01-14, 2018


Sarah Ahern and Kim Acheson at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival 2018 Closing Gala in Cineworld. Pic Brian McEvoy

Dublin GAA football star Michael Darragh MacAuley with students from Lucan’s Colaiste Chois Life School Jordan Mason, Maeve Doyle, Katie McCarthy and Daira Callaghan at St Endas, Ballyboden GAA club to promote Bus Éireann’s ‘Go Places’ competition.

Amanda Byram pictured at the launch of CLARINS Extra Firming, at The Westbury Hotel Chara Nagle at the launch of her Haystacks exhibition at Merrion Private, Heritage House, Stephen’s Green. The exhibition runs until March 21. Pic Brian McEvoy

Mina Fusco and Loreba Raso at the Club Italiano Irlanda Ball 2018 at the Mansion House, Right Denisa Ennis. Pic: Brian Whelan

| 11 March 01-14, 2018


‘Snow’ surrender to the Beast!


a n y column inches have been written about the snow from before, during and after the arrival of ‘’the Beast from the East’’ but I’ll add another few anyway. Sure what else would there be to write about in the week that’s in it! To say we have just been through one of the most bizarre weeks of our recent history is an understatement. It certainly reminded me of 1982, a snowfall I remember vividly, having been 13 at the time. It dwarfed 2010, which was the only reference point my own children had. I think as a country we planned for, reacted to and dealt with everything the week threw at us quite well. Obviously there are things that could have been done better, but in general the situation was managed well, ZLWKSHRSOHJLYHQVX൶FLHQWLQformation, warnings and advice to get them through a chain of

Brian Quigley events that we are unused to here. The reporting and coverage of the extreme weather was spot on and the print and broadcast media are to be commended for balancing the danger and seriousness of the situation with the novelty it presented us with. On one level snow is a pleasant diversion that we rarely see here, especially in the urban areas of the east coast, but on the other hand such hazardous weather inevitably results in cases of hardship and tragedy. If you are to believe what the experts tell us about global warming, and I’m one of the believers, then the collapse of the polar vortex is going to lead

Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone visiting Foróige in Blanchardstown where she met Karl Harmon, Jade Byrne, Cllr Mary McCamley, Mayor Fingal County Council, Sean Emmett and Naomi Jeremiah to us potentially having events like this every other year, rather than once every few decades. That being the case, then we need to invest in preparing ourselves for dealing with these situations better. We need to be able to quickly get and keep our roads cleared so that at the very least public transport can continue to operate, allowing people get to

work and keep business tickLQJ RYHU 7KH ¿QDQFLDO ORVVHV that occurred this week due to closures are not sustainable. If the weather is going to deliver a situation like this every year then we need to be able to work through them. Obviously people shouldn’t be put in danger, but if it’s a case of dealing with a heavy snowfall then we should look at

what other countries do, countries that don’t shut down when hit with much heavier snowfall and lower temperatures than what we saw this week. The economics of everything shutting down should mean that we look to invest in keeping everything up and running. The Emergency Services are to be commended for their efIRUWV WKLV ZHHN 7KHLU H൵RUWV

were seen by everybody and impressed everybody. Let’s not forget that they are providing WKLVNLQGRIH൵RUWDOO\HDUURXQG In particular, those working with the homeless really stood out. If anybody hasn’t had their eyes opened to the plight of the homeless then I’d ask them to try to imagine how on earth they think anyone can survive in the freezing temperatures we have had this week, or why anyone should have to be on the street at all in a supposedly modern, ¿UVWZRUOGHFRQRP\ The week had its lighter moments. The whole thing about the bread was really funny, a classic example of Irish humour. What I found funniest about the week was when I brought my children to the local park [which has a hill] to do some snowboarding. We came equipped with a few canvas bags which worked well but the array of sliding equipment that passed me by as I stood watching the slipping and sliding included election posters, tea trays, baking trays, bin lids and even a little boy in a frying pan!

12 | March 01-14, 2018

| 13 March 01-14, 2018


Aoife Dooley, Kim MacKenzie-Doyle, Annie Atkins and Chris Do at the IDI Why Design launch at the Greenway Building in Stephens Green, Dublin

Niamh O’Connor and Gillian Horan

Niamh O’Donoghue and Jake McCabe

14 | March 01-14, 2018

| 15 March 01-14, 2018

place - in more ways than one. The women profiled below are equal parts intelligent, innovative, creative, brave and inspiring. Each of them have put their all into their work and this is evident in their success stories. Despite tough times in recent years, these businesses continue to thrive and can look forward to a bright future.

We congratulate these women on their success and celebrate women all around the county. If you would like to be featured in the next Women in Business feature in the Wicklow Voice, the Dublin Voice, Kilkenny Today or Carlow People then contact us today on 01 9015565 or email or

NICOLA VANCE BAKER VANCE REAL ESTATE 3 St Gabriels Court, Cabinteely, Dublin 18, 01 9695458 Nicola Vance (Assoc.) SCSI is managing director of the busy Baker Vance real estate agency. Operating out of modern offices in Cabinteely Village, the agency offers a bespoke, professional and personal service in the North Wicklow and South Dublin area. Business has gone from strength to strength as a result of excellent referrals from satisfied clients and customers. Nicola prides herself on the unparalleled level of service she provides. If you are thinking of selling or letting, contact Baker Vance for honest and reliable advice from instruction to close of sale.

Real Estate

SINEAD CONNOLLY JAMES MCSWEENEY SOLICITORS 515 Main Street, Tallaght, 01 4521200, Emma Meagher, Partner is head of the Women’s Medical Negligence Unit at James McSweeney Solicitors. Emma joined James McSweeney Solicitors in 2008 is now recognised as one of Ireland’s leading Medical Negligence Solicitors. Throughout her early years in the legal business, Emma refined her keen interest in helping women who have suffered as a result of negligence during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. In 2015, Emma established a dedicated, mother-focused, legal advice unit and has built a support team specialising in obstetrics and the Law. Emma has regularly featured in various national publications and is consulted widely by media contributors on Medical Negligence Law. She also finds time to volunteer with the Free Legal Aid Board and also offers free legal advice to the London Irish Centre, Camden. Emma Meagher is a member of the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association, Irish Women’s Lawyers Association and the Medico-Legal Society of Ireland.

EDEL HESNAN FIT 7a Bellevue Industrial Estate, Glasnevin, 01 8825570, The ICTAP Tech Apprenticeship is the first of its kind in Ireland with its ‘earn as you learn’ initiative for ‘Tech Enthusiasts’ in the areas of Software Development and Network Engineering. Successful applicants are using the program as a platform to secure long-term employment in the ICT Sector, while employers are finding the program a cost-effective and timely approach to building their talent pipeline and addressing skills needs. As the industry grows at a rapid pace, the career prospects are endless for all. While FIT aims to provide all their students with the opportunity for growth and a meaningful career, we strongly encourage female applicants to consider ICTAP and will provide support and guidance every step of the way. If you would like to take part as a company or candidate.

LIBBY MURRAY 36/37 Sth William Street, Dublin 2 01 888 3666 Meridian Point, Greystones, 01 287 3767, Libby started Elysian Brows in 2009. She has been in the beauty industry for almost 20 years having initially trained as a brow specialist in London, and also with the renowned Anastasia Beverly Hills. On her return to Dublin, Libby opened Elysian Therapy in 2003. She moved on in 2009 to specialise specifically in brows and Elysian Brows was born. First opening on Dawson Street, Elysian Brows was a three station brow bar with a team of three threading specialists. By 2013 we had outgrown the small but cool little salon and moved to the ever bustling ‘L’Oreal Avenue’ of South William Street, and we’ve never looked back. In December 2016, Libby decided to bring the Elysian experience to the seaside town of Greystones. As a resident of the area, she has been thrilled to see this beautiful salon become a busy little spot with a team of six highly trained beauty specialists.


The Dublin Voice is delighted to bring you our latest profile of female entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who work extremely hard every day to make Wicklow a thriving business location for everyone. Without the contribution these women make to our business community and local economy, the county would be a much poorer

16 | WILDLIFE with Justin Ivory

Emma and the Beast! March 01-14, 2018

topten FESTIVAL of the week

FILM of the week

THE IMAX FILM FEST 2018 Cineworld, March 10, €4


Some films have just got to be seen in IMAX; the epic scale and jaw-dropping special effects feel more real. It’s an immersive experience that puts you right at the heart of the action. It’s an experience we want everyone to enjoy, so we’ve created The IMAX Film Fest. For one day only, we’re bringing back five films in IMAX exclusively to Cineworld, with tickets just €4 per film. All

Bateman and McAdams star as Max and Annie, whose weekly couples game night gets kicked up a notch when Max’s charismatic brother, Brooks (Chandler), arranges a murder mystery party, complete with fake thugs and faux federal agents. So, when Brooks gets kidnapped, it’s all part of the game...right? But as the six ubercompetitive gamers set out to

IMAX tickets include 3D glasses. Tickets booked online will include an additional booking fee per person. Offer available in all Cineworld cinemas with an IMAX auditorium. Go online for more.

ENYA MARTN - GIZ A LAUGH Vicar Street, 24 Holles Street, Dublin 2, March 15, 7.30pm €25

RUSSBOROUGH HOUSE & PARKLANDS Blessington, Co. Wicklow Russborough House offers all readers a 40% discount, all you need to do is mention the DublinVoice. They are delighted to announce that after over 100 years some of the British & European Masters and furnishings have returned to Russborough. They can be

viewed in the rooms for which they were commissioned or purchased by the Earls of Milltown. Most these works have not been seen by the public.

Enya Martin’s comedy show will feature Enya and cast performing madcap comedy sketches plus stand-up comedy from Enya. Two of Enya’s best known characters Chanto and Shardon will also be in the live show. Enya’s Facebook page Giz A Laugh has grown rapidly in numbers and popularity over the

BOOK of the week

PLAY of the week


LATE AT THE GATE Gate Theatre, Cavendish Row, Parnell Square, Dublin, February 23- March 24, 10.30pm, €10

It’s been ten long months since Anna Fox last left her home. Ten months during which she has haunted the rooms of her old New York house like a ghost, lost in her memories, too terrified to step outside. Anna’s lifeline to the real world is her window, where she sits day after day, watching her neighbours. When the Russells move in, Anna is instantly drawn to them. A

picture-perfect family of three, they are an echo of the life that was once hers. But one evening, Anna witnesses something no one was supposed to see.

Late at the Gate is a new initiative where mini-productions, platforms and post-show discussions run in parallel with productions on stage. These events aim to provide a forum for audiences and artists to respond to productions in the context of what is happening in the world today. We look

Well many of you reported huge numbers of both our ‘usual’ and some less usual birds foraging in your gardens and hedgerows, their numbers having been boosted dramatically by hundreds of thousands of winter refugees that flooded west from the continent in a vanguard action in advance of the harsh weather hoping to find warmer climes, easier food sources and shelter on our fair isle. There were unprecedented numbers of birds such as Redwing, Fieldfare, Woodcock and Snipe turning up in our parks and gardens. Starving foxes were encountered and fed by many of you. Please continue to feed the birds and mammals as nature’s larder is pretty bare at this time of year. Even with all your help thousands of birds and mammals have perished during this cold snap.

ANT & DEC’S SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY Channel 3, Saturdays, 9pm

THRILLER LIVE Gaiety Theatre, South King St, Dublin 2, March 12- 18, www.

The entertainer duo return with their regular weekend variety show, featuring audience surprises, outlandish stunts and celebrity guests. Kylie Minogue gets proceedings under way by opening the show with a studio performance, and Olly Murs swaps his rotating chair on The Voice for a seat in the announcer’s booth. Amanda Holden becomes the first

Thriller Live is back! Following a hugely successful run at the Gaiety Theatre earlier this year and direct from London’s West End where it is now in its record breaking 9th year, Thriller Live is a spectacular concert created to celebrate the career of the world’s greatest entertainer. You will experience over two hours of non-stop hits from

famous face to fall victim to the pair’s latest round of Undercover pranks, and Stephen Mulhern is back to preside over another Ant Versus Dec contest.

past two years due to her short and funny comedy videos which are inspired by her sharp eye and ears of daily life in today’s crazy world. Get your ticket now!!!



forward to a performance that interrogates the role of the artist in contemporary life. For this performance, he collaborates with director Oonagh Murphy.


pop to rock, soul to disco as the cast pay homage to Jackson’s legendary live performances and innovative dance moves executed with flair, precision and passion.

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HUUN-HUUR-TU The Grand Social, 35 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin, March 11, 8pm, €22/16,

ST. PATRICK’S FESTIVAL 2018 Various locations across Dublin March 15- 19

Rounding off the Improvised Music Company’s Spectrum Festival is a special concert from Tuvan musicians Huun-Huur-Tu. Huun-Huur-Tu are a group whose music incorporates throat-singing along with traditional Tuvan drums, Western folk instruments like the acoustic guitar, and even

St. Patrick’s Festival is Ireland’s leading Arts Festival. Enjoy four days and nights of culture, music and entertainment in Dublin, between March 15- 19. The principal aim of St. Patrick’s Festival, since its inauguration, is to develop a major annual international festival around the

electronic instruments. This style has been developed over many generations and has developed a significance in traditional Tuvan culture.



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A dead Black-tailed Godwit – victim of the Arctic conditions (Pic: Mark Collins)

solve the case and win, they begin to discover that neither this game nor Brooks, are what they seem to be. The friends find themselves increasingly in over their heads as each twist leads to another unexpected turn.

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Fieldfare – a winter visitor (Pic: Justin Ivory) PHEW! What a wicked and wild start to spring that was as Emma and the Beast from the East came together to embrace and twirl each other across the dancefloor of Europe in a winter waltz of epic proportions. Snow and ice, blizzards and high winds, flooding and freezing temperatures were left in the wake of this whirling dervish duo. Not to be undone the moon and the sea joined forces and sent exceptionally high spring tides our way for good measure! While for most of us this meant time off work and school and the opportunity to build snowmen, have snowball fights, re-enact the Winter Olympics or sing songs from Frozen, but how did our wildlife fare?



national holiday over which the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ownersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; of the festival, the Irish people, would stand proud. It sets out to reflect the talents and achievements of Irish people.


| 17 March 01-14, 2018

MONDAY GROUPS Donnycarney 5.30 pm & 7.30 pm Le Cheile Community Centre Clancarthy Road/Collins Ave East Your consultant is Mary 086 6008918 Donaghmede 5.30pm & 7.30pm The Donaghmede Inn, Cellar Bar Your Consultant is Toni 0872430247 Finglas 5.30pm & 7.30pm Willows Football Club, Jamestown Road, Poppintree, Finglas, D11 TF61 Your consultant is Margaret 086-3233524 Howth 5.30 pm & 7.30pm Howth Sea Angling Centre West pier. Your consultant is Claire 0852816822 Santry 5.30pm & 7:30pm Greenfield Community Club Shanliss Avenue , Santry Your consultant is Jillian 086 3532051 Swords 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm Thornleigh ETNS Applewood, Swords Your Consultant is Jackie 0862107000

TUESDAY GROUPS Clontarf Tuesday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm Clontarf Parish Centre, Seafield Road West, Clontarf Your consultant is Jackie 083 3655650 Donabate 530pm & 730pm Waterside hotel, Donabate Your Consultant is Maria 087 1371957 Feltrim, The Riasc Centre, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Feltrim Rd (opposite Ploughmans pub), Swords Your Consultant is Paula 086 8507051 Finglas 9.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Erins Isle GAA Club Finglas Your consultant is Jillian 086 3532051 Finglas 3.30pm, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Willows Football Club, Jamestown Road, Poppintree, Finglas, D11 TF61 Your consultant is Margaret 086-3233524 Kilbarrack/Raheny 7.30 pm Ard Scoil La Salle Raheny Road Your consultant is Mary 0866008918 Portmarnock 5.30pm & 7:30pm St Marnocks Primary School Strand Rd. (Beside the parish church) Your Consultant is Helena 086 2068100 Rush 5.30pm & 7.30pm The Strand Bar, Upper Main St. Your Consultant is Adele 0876440118 Sutton 5.30pm & 7.30pm Marine Hotel, Sutton Cross, Your consultant is Carol 086 040 2690

Swords 5.30pm & 7.30pm The B.A.S.E. on Brackenstown Road Your consultant is Jen on 0863726938 Whitehall 5.30pm & 7.30pm St. Aidan’s CBS, Collins Ave, Whitehall, Dn 9, Beside DCU Your consultant is Linda 086 3987316

WEDNESDAY GROUPS Donaghmede 5.30pm & 7.30pm The Donaghmede Inn, Cellar Bar Your Consultant is Toni 087 2430247 Drumcondra/ Marino 7.30 pm lerne Social & Sports Club Grace Park Road Your consultant is Edel 0874601216 Edenmore 7.30 pm St Eithne’s Primary school Your consultant is Jen 0863726938 Finglas 6.30pm Leisurepoint Centre, Cardiffsbridge Road Finglas, D 11 Your consultant is Natalie 0861095260 Malahide Pastoral Parish Centre 9.30am Main Street, Malahide Your Consultant is Paula 086 8507051 Malahide 5.30pm & 7.30pm St. Sylvester’s Infant School Yellow Walls Road, Malahide Your Consultant is Paula 086 8507051 Raheny 9.30 am, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Raheny United Football Club, All Saints Drive Your consultant is Carol 086 040 2690 Skerries 5.30pm & 7.30pm Skerries Harps GAA, Thomas Hand St Your Consultant is Adele 0876440118 Swords 5.30 pm & 7.30 pm Peacocks Bar & Restaurant Rivervalley, Swords Your Consultant is Rachel 086 8062229 Whitehall 9.30am St. Aidan’s CBS, Collins Ave, Whitehall, Dn 9, Beside DCU Your consultant is Linda 086 3987316

THURSDAY GROUPS Ballymun 9.30am Axis, Main Street, Ballymun, D 9 Your Consultant is Linda 0863987316 Balbriggan 9.30am 11.30am 5.30pm & 7.30pm Bracken Court Hotel Your consultant is Sandra 0863258526. Baldoyle 5.30pm & 7.30pm Racecourse Inn, Grange Road, Baldoyle Your Consultant is Michelle 086 4402531

Drumcondra/ Marino 9.30AM & 3.30PM, 5.30PM, 7.30PM lerne Social & Sports Club Grace Park Road Your consultant is Edel 087 4601216 Killester 7.30pm St Brigids Boys School, Howth Road, Killester Your consultant is Carol 086 0402690 Lusk 5.30 pm & 7.30 pm Corduff National School Your consultant is Maria 087 1371957 Lusk 9:30am Round Towers GAA Club Your consultant is Joan 086 3857035 Malahide 5.30pm St. Sylvesters Infant School Your Consultant is Jackie 086 2107000 Skerries 5:30 & 7:30 pm Skerries Sailing club Your consultant is Joan 0863857035 Swords 9:30 am Peacocks Bar & Restaurant Rivervalley, Swords Your Consultant is Rachel 086 8062229 Swords 5:30 pm & 7:30 pm Peacocks Bar & Restaurant Rivervalley, Swords Your Consultant is Joanne 087 6082073

FRIDAY GROUPS Baldoyle 9.30 am Racecourse Inn, Grange Road. Baldoyle Your Consultant is Michelle 086 4402531 Swords 9:30am Rivervalley Community Centre Rivervalley, Swords Your Consultant is Rachel 086 8062229

SATURDAY GROUPS Finglas 9.30am Beneavin College, Beneavin Road Finglas, Dn 11 Your consultant is Natalie 0861095260 Kilbarrack /Raheny 9.30 am Ard Scoil La Salle Raheny Road Your consultant is Mary 086 6008918 Santry 9:30am Santry community resource centre (opposite Santry park front gates) Donville Court, D9 Your Consultant is Linda 0863987316 Swords 10.00 am & 12.00 pm Colmchilles, GAA Glenn Ellen Road, Swords Your consultant is Joanne 087 6082073

18 | March 01-14, 2018

| 19 March 01-14, 2018


Katie seeks to unify belts


atie Taylor (pictured) seems to have shelved plans for the long-awaited homecoming ¿JKW EXW KHU QH[WERXWZKLFKZLOOEHLQ1HZ York at the Barclays Centre on April 28 on the undercard of the 'DQLHO-DFREVERXWZLOOEHRQH not to miss. .DWLH ZLOO EH ¿JKWLQJ WKH Argentine Victoria Bustos, who holds the IBF lightweight crown, so a win would allow .DWLHWRXQLI\ERWKEHOWVLQWKH lightweight division. Katie is currently in her training camp in Connecticut SUHSDULQJIRUWKHERXW Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no stranger to the Barclays Centre, having won there last year against Jasmine Clarkson on her US SURIHVVLRQDOGHEXW .DWLH¶V ODVW ERXW ZDV WKH defeat of Jessica McCaskill in /RQGRQLQ'HFHPEHU:HZLVK her luck as she prepares for this LPSRUWDQW¿JKW

Brian Quigley Busy spring for Irelandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cricket team ,W¶V D EXV\ WLPH IRU ,UHODQG¶V menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cricket team at the moment. The team have arrived in =LPEDEZHIRUWKHTXDOL¿FDWLRQ tournament for the 2019 One Day International (ODI) &ULFNHW :RUOG &XS KDYLQJ recently completed warm-up JDPHV DJDLQVW WKH 8QLWHG$UDE Emirates (UAE) and Scotland. The tournament will run throughout March. ,UHODQG IDFHG 7KH 1HWKHUODQGV 7KH :HVW ,QGLHV 3DSXD 1HZ *XLQHD DQG WKH 8$( LQ WKHLU 3RRO DW WKH TXDOL¿FDWLRQ tournament, with the top three

Cindy Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Shea, Irish Regional Director with Samaritans, and Junior Health Minister Jim Daly, launch Samaritans Ireland new dedicated email address Pic: Julien Behal Photography VLGHVDIWHUDURXQGURELQIRUPDW progressing to the Super Six stage. Should Ireland progress, points from games against the ERWWRPWZRWHDPVLQWKHLU3RRO



forward to in May when Ireland SOD\WKHLU¿UVWHYHU7HVWPDWFK 0DODKLGH &ULFNHW &OXE ZLOO KRVW WKH PDWFK ZKLFK ZLOO EH DJDLQVW3DNLVWDQLQ0D\ Ireland were granted full Test status (Test cricket involves ¿YHGD\ PDWFKHV ZKHUH HDFK side plays two innings and is seen as the pinnacle of the sport) last year, along with Afghanistan. :LWKWKH7HVWVWDWXVFDPHIXOO PHPEHUVKLS RI WKH ,QWHUQDtional Cricket Council (Ireland KDYH EHHQ D൶OLDWH PHPEHUV since 1993). 3OD\LQJ 7HVW FULFNHW ZLOO EH a special moment for some of Irelandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s longest-serving players. Ed Joyce is an H[DPSOH1RZDQG EDFN KRPH SOD\ing for Leinster Lightning after a distinguished career playing County cricket in England, Ed always dreamed of playing Test cricket for ,UHODQG EXW SHUKDSV GRXEWHG the moment would ever arrive. :HOOLWKDVQRZ

20 | March 01-14, 2018

Dublin Voice North 1 14 march  

Dublin Voice North 1 14 march

Dublin Voice North 1 14 march  

Dublin Voice North 1 14 march