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Email Marketing Last month we discussed the importance of continuing communication with your existing customers. They spend 67% more than new customers, and after 10 purchases, they’ve referred you to an average of 10 people. One of the best technologies for connecting with current customers is email marketing. Why? EVERYBODY uses email! A recent study by eMarketer concluded 91% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 64 send or read email. And, an even Ann Johnson higher number of users over age 65 do the same. The results of a recent AOL survey revealed that users are checking their email at home, at work, in bed, in their PJs, in the bathroom, in the middle of the night, while driving (DON’T do that!) and an amazing 12% of respondents said they check their email in church! Email marketing helps build loyalty. What better way to reward loyalty than by giving your existing customers something that new customers don’t get? Give them a coupon to thank them for their business, or a special invitation to preview upcoming sale merchandise. Make them an insider! Believe it or not your customers really do want to know about you. Email marketing is cost effective, especially compared to direct mail (snail mail.) For the same response rate, direct mail cost 20 times more than email marketing. And, email marketing works. A study by the Direct Marketing Association concluded that every $1 spent on email marketing yields a return on investment of $48.29. That means if you spend $1000 your average return will be $48,290! Sounds too good to be true, right? There’s always a catch… And for email marketing that “catch” is spam. If you do email marketing right, you’ll grow your business. If you do it wrong, people will think it’s spam. And everybody hates spam. Last I checked, “hate” is not a buying emotion. Email marketing is delivering professional email communications to an interested audience that contains information THEY find valuable. If you’d like to learn more about email marketing, attend one of our free seminars, The Power of Email Marketing. Email and request information. Ann Johnson is the owner of Business Partner, a one-stop marketing resource for small to medium businesses

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423.477.2240 The Power of Email Marketing Free Seminar April 20th 9AM to 11AM Holston Business Development Center Ÿ Email Marketing Basics Ÿ Building a Quality Email List Ÿ Creating Valuable Email Content Ÿ Getting Email Delivered and Read Ÿ Learning from your results Limited Class Size Please register by calling 423.477.2240 or emailing or go to

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail By: Martha McGlothlin Gayle Spring has sprung! And with it comes a seemingly endless string of holidays and events…Easter, Mother’s Day, graduations, and about twenty-eleven birthdays in May alone. Usually by the end of March I would be in the throes of Easter basket shopping. But this year, I was granted a three-week grace period to prepare for the Easter Bunny goodies (the three weeks due to, as my Papaw used to try to explain, paschal moons and vernal equinoxes. But I digress.). I think Easter, like so many other holidays, has spiraled out Martha McGlothlin of control. Even the Easter Bunny, with all his hopping power, Gayle can only hop so much. Easter baskets should be fun, inexpensive and stress-free. The basket doesn’t have to be a “basket.” Use your imagination! Last year, I was strolling through Lowe’s and found some pastel buckets and decided right then and there that they HAD to be the kids’ Easter baskets. Only later did I realize how huge they were and would take some serious filling up. To fill up two-thirds of the bucket I made my own Easter grass. I took various colors of paper (which I always keep on hand for just such projects) and shredded it in our industrial-strength shredder at work on the “crinkle” setting (a personal shredder works too). Sounds like a great idea, right? Well, it was adorable, but the kids went nuts over it and after the festivities they spread it over the floor like a ‘70s shag carpet. The sheer volume I had shredded could have covered a football field. I have leftovers in boxes in my garage awaiting another brave mommy moment. To give the baskets height I stuck in a tall handmade paper flower with each child’s name on it. The bucket baskets were a hit and the buckets are still useful today! Everyone loves Peeps don’t they? That gooey marshmallow confection shaped like Bugs Bunny that melts in your mouth. I had never thought of using them in a centerpiece until I saw this one. Absolutely sweet (pun intended)! Until my kids got ahold of them, that is. They couldn’t resist the bright-colored delicacies and ate them right out of the vase! Hop on down your own bunny trail and create something different this Easter. Maybe the chocolate Easter Bunny will visit you! Martha McGlothlin Gayle is the mom of four toddlers, all under the age of five. She enjoys making jewelry (see her website at, writing her blog (, shopping at flea markets and decorating her home with salvaged items. Martha is also president of The United Company Charitable Foundation in Bristol, Virginia.

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