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Street festival gets event industry gong

This year's Pako Festa.

PAKO Festa has won the title of Best Regional Event in the Australian Event Awards. Geelong West’s multicultural street festival is the largest free celebration of cultural diversity in Australia and brings together local ethnic communities, organisations, schools, community groups, the business sector, and people with physical and mental disabilities, to celebrate diversity. In 2015 Pako Festa incorporated 33 different cultural community

groups to present and preserve their culture. All cultural performers were paid, providing valuable revenue for their community. Their food stalls also contribute welcome annual community income. Local traders are key participants, many also sponsors. Pako Festa raises the profile and awareness of Pakington Street itself - the festival site and an established commercial precinct. With thousands of visitors flocking to the street traders are able to present their businesses and goods to a whole new audience. To be awarded Best Regional Event, Pako Festa achieved the following criteria: An event that benefits the local community; an event that accurately identified customer/stakeholder groups and met their needs; an event that engaged in environmentally sustainable practices; reflected corporate social responsibility; and longer term benefits to the industry, sector or the community in general. The 2016 Pako Festa is on Saturday February 27. For more information see www.pakofesta.

Pako shines Left: Sticks and Grace (Highly Commended, Battle of the Bean)

Below Left: Winters (Winner, Healthy Choices and Highly Commended, Cafe Licensed) Below Right: Box Office (Winner, Battle of the Bean, Highly Commended, People's Choice)


NEWS on pako

at the Golden Plates PAKO cafes and restaurants took handfuls of honours at the Golden Plate awards. The Harwood Andrews awards celebrating its 12th year, declared Geelong West’s Box Office the King of the Bean in a highly competitive competition as well as being highly commended in the People’s Choice Award. Pako and surrounding businesses did well across the board. Winters earned a highly commended in the Café Licenced division, King of the Castle won the Café Unlicenced prize. The Best Hotel went to Pako’s Telegraph Hotel. Newtown’s Sticks and Grace earned a highly commended in the Battle of the Bean. Winters took out a winning prize for Healthy Choices. Box Office also earned a highly commended in the Judges Innovation Awards and Jaime Smyle of King of the Castle was honoured with a highly commended for Outstanding Front of House. Final scores from the 2015

Harwood Andrews Golden Plate Awards revealed Bellbrae Harvest took out the overall prestigious culinary award for the second consecutive year in the most hotly contested field to date. Pamela Jewson, State Director of the awards, commented “the field of entrants this year was our biggest ever making it very difficult for the judges to come up with a list of finalists and decipher the winners. The food scene in this region is better than ever and the competition is extremely competitive and because of this it is helping to attract big international sponsors like Garuda Indonesia. Geelong region is also awash with brilliant cafes and according to the judges reports would have to be serving the best coffee in Victoria.” People’s Choice this year again received over 10,000 entries across the state with an added incentive for customers to vote (a Holiday in Bali from Garuda Indonesia.) This award was taken out by new kids on the block Bear and Bean Cafe situated in the Ryrie St car park.

King of the Castle. (Winner, Cafe Unlicensed, Highly Commended, Outstanding Front of House)

Cover girl The Telegraph (Winner, Best Hotel).

This month's cover girl is local Michelle Szalinski. Michelle works at High Glam Beauty in Pakington Village.



PAKO environs By Jack Cameron

Planning park life GREENING Geelong is a true grassroots organisation which has been preserving and proliferating our environment since its genesis in 1989. The group’s modest number of volunteers have worked hard in the background to increase the appeal and habitability of our city. Their existence may be known to few, but their success is seen throughout Pako and the surrounding region. To a formidable extent we have GG to thank for all the green currently along Pakington Street; a result of both planting trees and the relocation of electrical poles and wires. Originally made up of former West Geelong

mayors, Greening Geelong focusses on community awareness and education. The group has notably succeeded in revegetating the area on the esplanade near Rippleside, and creating a link from Geelong West to the waterfront aptly named ‘Walk West’ which included the creation of sculptures, artwork and the building of traffic lights to facilitate it. Over the years GG has seeded the growth of similar local organisations, all the while putting the work in to become a well respected and frequently consulted environmental group in Geelong. They maintain close contact with the City of Greater Geelong which has given them a large and reputable voice on Geelong’s

environmental frontier. Recently, GG has pushed to increase the amount of trees in the car parks surrounding Pako and to plant more flowerbeds along the street. The new African daisies can be seen in bluestone flowerbeds around the post office intersection in West Geelong Pako. The group is now also looking at City’s plan to renovate and perhaps relocate the toilet blocks behind West Town Hall, they are enlisting the help of voters to swing the balance in favour of a more ‘tasteful redevelopment’. Above all Greening Geelong is a community based and focussed organisation. The fruits of their labour exist only through witnessing the

positive results in the community. It’s a little inspiring to see community members trading their time for the benefit of the rest, and personally, the idiosyncratic changes the group instigates help make Pakington so appealing. Greening Geelong is currently branching out and looking for some new, perhaps younger members to continue helping Geelong realise its leafy potential by taking part in their quarterly meetings, occasional tree planting days, and working bees. The next meeting will take place on November 1, at the Virginia Todd Centre. See their website for more details see: greeninggeelongwest.



Q&Abusiness Penny Benjamin - PB Lifestyles

Food for thought and more What is your business and what does it do? I started PB Lifestyles as a “onestop-shop” for people wanting to find or maintain a healthy, balanced, fulfilling life. Through my whole foods cooking classes and workshops, active holidays as well as my blog and social media presence I empower people to find and maintain balance in their lives across the areas of health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, relationships and career! How long have you done this? While I registered PB Lifestyles as a business back in August 2014, it wasn’t until March 2015 that I really honed-in on the business and developed it to look like it does now. Who else is involved in the business? How many staff? It’s just me for now! And I’m so excited for PB Lifestyles to grow! What did you do before? I am actually a fully qualified Chemical Engineer (BEng, Hons), I worked for several years in the oil and gas industry as well as brewing beer. Out of interest, I undertook study in personal training and fitness and fell in

Penny (green apron) during a PB Lifestyle cooking class. love with helping people be the best they can be! You can ready my full story on my website. How long in Newtown / Geelong West? Going on three years now! My work in the oil and gas industry moved me to the area on New Year’s Day of 2013. Why a business in Newtown / Geelong West? I love Geelong West. Its trendy yet friendly vibe, smorgasbord of great cafes, delicious dining, fresh local produce and small local businesses creates a beautiful community feel that is unlike

anything I’ve ever come across having lived only in big cities prior to Geelong. For this reason I chose to live in Geelong West when I moved here and it follows that this is where PB Lifestyles was born. I run my cooking classes in a local kitchen and the rest of my business is run from my home (organising retreats, and writing the occasional online program). Do you do most of your business with Newtown / Geelong West people? In terms of my suppliers for my cooking classes – indeed I do source most of my ingredients

from Geelong West businesses (Geelong Fresh Foods, Geelong Confectionery, the Fruit Shack, Warren & Hutch, Mojo Organics etc.) and only venture further afar if I’m unable to find what I need. It’s a little harder for the active retreats as most of my suppliers are overseas in the place where I’ll be heading, though my wonderful travel agent, Geelong Travel, is based in Belmont. How’s your business going? Great! I wake up every day excited about what the day will bring! Being new to running a business I’m finding it fascinating learning about the financial side of things, marketing, advertising, branding and all the other things we need to master as business owners - plus the fun, creative side. I have a business coach, Justine Davis, who has helped me move so far in the last few months, I couldn’t have done everything this year without her! At the end of the day, if I can help or inspire someone to try some great healthy food at home or to stay healthy and active while on holidays then I will sleep very soundly.

What other plans do you have? More retreats! At this stage I just have the Queenstown Active Escape as the only PB Lifestyles active holiday. But stay tuned as I have a lot in the works: I’ve just started doing private cooking classes for groups of friends or couples who want something a bit more intimate and in their own home so they can really engage with how easy healthy cooking really is. These classes are great ideas for gifts and for parties/functions. I love doing them and plan to expand in this area as well as the area of corporate nutrition and cooking workshops. What are your passions away from the business? Spending time with my family, reading, travel (of course), cooking delicious food for my friends and family. Do you have a website? I certainly do! Check out some delicious free recipes at www. There’s also plenty of info about my cooking classes and active retreats.


Cheap Pop Dance BOOM Gallery is hosting a full program of exhibitions over November, starting with an opening fiesta. The fiesta on Friday November 6 will include a night of art, food, wine and shopping from 5.30pm to 8pm. To complement these amazing exhibitions they will also offering delicious paella from Cater and Co to purchase as along with a complimentary glass of Livewire wine. The exhibitions will be:

Lance Delary-Simpson, Sippy Films, Acrylic and enamel on board.

Sandra Eterovic / Cheap Pop Sandra Eterovic enjoys exploring traditional gender roles, the public/ private self, cultural signifiers and the way we make meaning. Her style is influenced by Pop and naive art forms, and traditional illustration. She aims to deliver uncomfortable messages through work that is accessible and likeable. Cheap Pop is divided into two parts. Three of the five acrylic on wood paintings show scenes that Sandra has viewed while walking past windows in her neighbourhood.

Tension between guests in black in a stark white room; a frail elderly couple surrounded by books, obsessively reading; and a woman getting changed behind a curtain that is not quite drawn. The other two paintings show billboards in Sandra's suburb in which images of masculinity are used to advertise a product. These series are ongoing interests. The second part of Cheap Pop is a continuation of Sandra's series of figural sculptures - flat pieces of plywood, painted using acrylic, cut to shape and made to stand. These are lighthearted explorations of gender roles, popular culture and anthropomorphism. A hairy grinning lifesaver has moveable parts, a green olive plays Kim Kardashian, upside down footballers have legs akimbo and there are plenty of other strange creatures in between. Sandra Eterovic studied art history at university and worked for over fifteen years as a graphic and textile designer in the fashion industry. She currently works as a freelance illustrator and makes a range of items under her own name. These include



on pako

What's on at Boom Gallery

& Tap City illustrated cushions, greetings cards, prints, hand painted mirrors, wooden figures and other original artwork. She also exhibits her work regularly throughout Victoria. Lance Delary-Simpson What is it gallant steed? Tap Dance City What is it Gallant Steed? Tap Dance City is a tempered enquiry into cultural bias between dangerous, erotic and at times hilarious visual interactions. Using little to no filter when focusing on subject matter enables Lance Delary-Simpson to sample visual, theatrical and lyrical tensions. Ranging from the seductive flow, or minimal floral arrangement to the flight pattern of a common housefly, meticulous considerations of composition are made throughout each of the works. Employing hardedge and graphic interplay indicative of abstract minimalism, Delary repurposes the stagnancy of this style in his painting by way of absurd, anthropomorphic distortions of form, shape and line with a certain erotic-precision. The two-part title divided into a question and answer directly relates to a conversation between the viewer and the host. What is it Gallant Steed?’ is an adapted question asked by Death to his pale horse Mortis with the ensuing doom of a task at hand (from ‘On a Pale Horse’ by Piers Anthony). The latter part, Tap Dance City being the name of a Japanese trained racehorse. This exhibition considers a pale notion of success, death and everything inbetween grounding it within a visual interaction. Lance Delary-Simpson is a Melbourne-based artist. In 2014 he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts- Painting, from the Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne. In 2014 he was awarded the Sydney Canvas Company Award for his Graduate Show. He was also awarded the PROUD 2014 award from Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne. In January of 2015 he was commissioned to create a mural presented by and near the site of The Victorian College of the Arts as part of the SummerSalt Outdoor Arts Festival. Recent exhibitions include For a great BUICK call 555-7617 (Solo exhibition) Fort Delta, Melbourne, 2015; Summer Projects II (Group Show) Boom Gallery, Newtown, 2014; Drawbacks (Group Show) Fort Delta, Melbourne, 2014: Dead Rubber (Group show) Harmsworth Street Collingwood, Melbourne, 2013. New / Group Show We have curated a group exhibition of new and exciting work from some of our popular Boom artists: Tiel Seivl-Keevers, Shane Drinkwater, Julia Trybala and Ngaio Lenz. Tiel Seivl-Keevers is a painter and illustrator with a background in design. Her work evolves from her natural surroundings. Texture, line and colour are elements that echo as she works through the passage of developing a

blank surface to finished image. Shane Drinkwater delves into the act of painting landscapes with a minimum repertoire of visual elements aiming for a maximum visual intensity. The images are spontaneous, easy to view but full of visual and emotive information, letting the viewer respond with their own perceptions. Julia Trybala is an artist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Trybala's work deals with the everyday; assembling and mapping certain moments, memories, people and places. Through painting and drawing mediums on various surfaces, Trybala aims to bring forward certain elements while simultaneously allowing elements to fall to the background, creating a shifting dialogue within the work. This juxtaposition between

imagery and sense of space within her work deals with themes of sexuality, desire, loneliness and solitude. Responding to weathered surfaces that reveal a sense of history, Ngaio Lenz’s artwork explores the beauty of the well-worn surface. Her practice attempts to locate poetry in the relationships, combinations and interactions of materials and physical elements. Informed by natural process, weather, time, cause and effect, my works celebrate an aesthetic of imperfection. For me there is integrity in the rawness of a material in its most exposed state, and a truth and connection in a surface that has revealed its many layers. BOOM GALLERY, 11 Rutland St. Newtown.



PAKO news

New councillor for Kildare Ward

One day at a time for chuffed winner NEWTOWN local Peter Murrihy says he is chuffed after voters showed their faith by making him Geelong’s new Kildare Ward councillor. The former police prosecutor has taking over the manor that includes Chilwell, Manifold Heights, Herne Hill, Fyansford and his own suburb after Stretch Kontelj resigned to take up work overseas. Sipping a long black at one of Pako’s coffee palaces, Peter says he was stood on a ticket of no ticket, preferring to be an independent, tackling issues as they arrive rather than having his own agenda. Not even the obvious law and order issue has his goat. He was in the police for 22 years. At 55, the Port Fairy raised father of three girls, has lived in the ward for 30 years and has a strong pedigree with local footy. He played for and is a life

member at St Marys, played for Geelong Amateurs for four years and coached Newtown a couple more. He still goes along and watches and helps out where he can. He’s Geelong advocate through and through even though also ‘confesses’ to being a Collingwood supporter. But he’s over the moon that locals put their faith in him. “I couldn’t believe how nervous I was on Saturday (the election day). I was thrilled (with the result), very excited.” But it’s the independent bit he majors on. “I stood as an independent, rather than with political affiliations. “It just promise to do my best, there is no point making big promises you can’t keep. I will deal with issues as they come along, with an open mind.”



PROPERTY on pako

Elegant design for quality living Townhouse 2/151-153 Hope Street Geelong West $499,000-$549,000 ● Three bedrooms ● Two bathrooms ● Two car spaces ● Two toilets

BUILT over two levels this sophisticated and elegant townhouse located in the heart of Geelong West brings together class and quality that’s often sought but rarely found. It sits on its own title and walking distance to Pakington Street and Shannon Avenue’s best shopping, cafes and restaurants.

The abundance of local schools (Geelong Collage, St Joseph’s Collage, Sacred Heart) local parks and public transport makes this the ideal home for downsizers or those looking for exceptional quality with a low maintenance lifestyle. Set back off the street in a quiet and peaceful location, natural lighting floods the downstairs open kitchen, living and

dining areas with large windows looking out onto the beautiful and established gardens. With stone bench tops, gas appliances, ample bench and cupboard space and low maintenance stylish finishes this home has quality in plenty. The second story featuring three large bedrooms master with walk in robe/

ensuite, a second bedroom with direct access to the central two-way bathroom and the third bedroom with built in robe and its own private balcony. A home like this in Geelong’s most liveable suburb, makes it a must inspect, enquire now. Details Hayeswinckle – Highton. Contact Michelle Winckle on 0416 117 978 or Anthony Giglio on 0435 781 795.


Above: Brian and Val Thomas at Carey's Picture Framing. The artwork is a selection of Joy Timms' new range of original pastels.


PAKO people

Crafted with Carey CAREY'S Picture Framing values good customer relationships, with an emphasis on integrity and a high standard of picture framing. Brian and Val Thomas are the second owners and have run the shop for the past nine and a half years. "We listen to how people would like their picture framing done and also offer advice on the best way to achieve that f inal appearance of their art work," said Val. "We are a small family business and love the vibrancy of Pakington Street." The store is situated in Pakington Arcade at 129 Pakington Street, Geelong West, and has been at that location since 1981. There is private parking off Clarence Street at the rear of the Arcade and they are open

Tuesday to Friday and Saturday morning. "We use acid free backing, acid free through to conservation/ museum mount board; offering clear, non-ref lective or conservation glass." said Val. "We use Geelong produced stretcher bar and stainless steel staples in our canvas stretching." With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about framing for Christmas gifts. Careys also show a selection of framed prints from various Australian artists, which make unique gifts. "Come and talk to us about your framing needs, or just pop in to see the wonderful artwork on display for sale," said Val. For more information see the Carey's website at au.



PAKO news Helping face first year end THE summer holiday season is just around the corner and traditionally we spend this time enjoying the company of our family and friends. However, each year there are many people who will face the holidays and Christmas for the first time since experiencing the passing of their loved one. Regardless of our age grief can come to us in many forms and often the most difficult bereavement of all is the loss of a loved one. Grief can be a confusing experience for both the bereaved and those who are trying to comfort them - grieving people are often misunderstood because their world has been literally turned upside down. Assisting families and individuals during these times is part of the support provided by the team at Tuckers Funeral and Bereavement Service. In

Above: Last year's A Time to Remember. November of each year, Tuckers extend their Bereavement Care Program to the wider

community by hosting a special evening service ‘A Time to Remember’. This service is

aimed at helping those who have experienced grief and loss and to prepare for the Christmas period

in particular. Tuckers Bereavement Care Program has been a support network for the Geelong community since the late 1970’s and this event, ‘A Time to Remember’, is an extension of that care. “We are passionate about caring for our community, and that extends beyond the funeral service. Not everyone needs additional support, but it is something that can be requested by families as needed” says Karen Thirlwell, Bereavement Care Consultant. ‘A Time to Remember’ service will be held on the evening of Monday November 30, from 6.45pm (for a 7pm start) at the Barrabool Hills Centre 4-46 Province Boulevard, Highton. The event is free to attend and supper will be provided. For more details contact Tuckers on 5221 4788. l 0400 721185

corporate photography styled food photography lifestyle photography


The colour and I HAVE just returned from an amazing journey to India visiting the Golden Triangle. We flew into Delhi on Air India’s new Dreamliner. I was pleasantly surprised how quiet and comfortable this aircraft was. Air India provided a full service with ample leg room and I would definitely

recommend this service to my clients. My journey in Delhi started where our group had an exciting ride on a rickshaw through the Chandni Chowk Market. It's one of the oldest and largest in India dating back to the 17th Century built by Mughal Emporer of India Sha

Jahan. We tasted such delights like Samosa and drank Chai Tea which was the best I have ever tasted. This tour was followed by a visit to the prominent Sikh Gurudwara Bangla Temple built in 1783 and situated near the Connaught Place, New Delhi. We experienced sitting


TRAVEL on pako Karin Vanner - helloworld Geelong West

culture of the Golden Triangle peacefully for 10 minutes before having a tradition meal of Naan Bread and Lentils which was made on the premises by the locals. This meal is supplied to all that visit the temple. The next day we drove through villages for a five hour journey to Agra which is famous for the Taj Mahal. What can I say about

the history and beauty of this monument that one man built in the love for his wife. Definitely one of the wonders of the world. On our travel the following day to Jaipur we visited and enjoyed a haunting stop at India’s ghost town Fatehpur Sikri. The history just keeps rolling in. Jaipur is famous for being the

Pink City of India, founded in 1727. The beautiful Palace of the winds where the Royal women were able to view the city behind a picturesque façade. Amber fort is a must destination to visit just outside of Jaipur dating back to the 16th Century which has a magnificent aura and is a UNESCO Heritage site.

We also know this famous city for the wonderful movie Exotic Hotel Marigold with their bustling and vibrant markets. Now back to Delhi to visit a girls orphanage that gave us such delights with their entertainment and joy, a very heart felt moment. Then onto an Indian Family home to enjoy a wonderful meal

in a traditional homestay which is a must in India to understand the local way of life. Then back to reality with our return flight back to Melbourne. There is so much to say about this exotic country and culture so please contact Karin on 5221 3611 or visit helloworld Geelong West, 1/226 Pakington Street.



GRUBguide Follow @grub_guide_geelong on Instagram

Cool foodie



ECLECTIC feel, homely vibes and cheap eats all in the heart of Newtown. Burko’s café oozes cool and is run by even the coolest couple Natasha and Jeremey burke. This couple lives and breathes food. The café opened a little over a year ago and seems to be a West Fyans Street favourite, a bustling hub filled with homemade food. The menu is small but filled with a variety of things to suit everyone, and I must admit it has to be one of the cheapest cafes I have come across in a long time. The smashed avocado roll is a steal for $10 and is filled to the brim. Other foods you will come across are the housemade granola, housemade sandwiches, and healthy and sweet treats. I love this place as it's never lost its authenticity. The food is always


consistent and you can guarantee that at least one ingredient in each dish is locally sourced or foraged from the garden at the back of Burkos. My favourite part of Burkos is the ever-growing list of smoothies and fresh juices, especially the ones filled with super popular green matcha. On our visit to Burkos we indulged in a few other things, such as the house made banana bread with a citrus butter, a smashed broadbean and pea sandwhich with housemade labne and a chia pudding with poached fruits. I must say the sandwhich sounds weird but the combo was insane I cannot wait to go back in there and eat that again. The banana bread is a large serving, the bread moist and flavoursome and as for the chia pudding I can't complain about that. It was a perfect grab and go option when in a hurry

Building & Contruction

and it fills you up for the whole morning. Burkos café is small so get in early. If you want to grab a spot they do have outdoor seating which is perfect on a sunny day. There are also plenty of vegetarian options, healthy options and naughty options. This place is perfect for take away as the cake cabinet is filled from top to bottom with all types of foods. Summer is around the corner so Tash' has started filling the cabinet with unique salads. We at grub guide cannot wait for summer as we can picture ourselves sitting outside sipping on fresh juices and munching on tasty housemade food. Go and check out Burkos asap if you haven’t. This place is sure to impress. By Allira Jade


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