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Around 3 kilometres North West of Geelong’s busy city centre is a very friendly, welcoming community called Bell Park. The town got its name named after the Bell Park homestead which was built by the early settler, John Bell. Settlement began in the early 1950s with many settlers coming from European countries after World War II hence the cultural support amongst the community members. In today’s society Bell Park is considered a popular residential suburb with an abundance of community, sporting and educational facilities. This is a very family friendly neighbourhood which is largely made up of parents between the ages of 24-49 with children of all ages as well. Safety, community spirit, culture acknowledgement and friendly faces are what Bell Park is all about. There are several churches, dance groups, community support groups, bowling groups, charity centres and a magnificent secondary school which is very well known for its multicultural acceptance and encouragement of heritage. The school also runs a huge multicultural festival annually which is open to the public as well as

primary schools. The town also has playgroups, parent support groups and childcare options including family day-care nearby (the main one being Kardinia Childcare and Kindergarten.) There is no better community to raise a family. Right at your fingertips there is unlimited access to everything a family needs, whether you are working parents or you stay around the family home to be with your kids. Bell Park is home to Geelong’s well known Grace McKellar centre for rehabilitation and extended care. There are several play grounds and reserves which are the perfect stimulation, involving active play and socialisation for the kids. The local area also includes one of Geelong’s biggest soccer facilities including 3 pitches, as well as walking and bike tracks. If your family has an interest in sports, then Bell Park is a great location and community hub which offers several options for sporting commitments of all ages. The Bell Park Dragons are a major club which provide the community with access to fantastic facilities and spirit amongst football and netball teams. If you and your family are interested in moving to the area, Bell Park certainly is affordable whether you’re renting or looking to buy. At the present time there are a good number of rentals available which are suitable family homes and there are also options to buy. There are many perks to living in such a community and providing a safe environment for your family or just yourself.

If your kids are interested in extracurricular activities there are several options for this interest as well, ranging from martial arts to scouts. Located on Furner Avenue is North Geelong Action Indoor Sports Stadium which is the perfect option for the whole family. The stadium offers dodgeball, soccer, cricket, beach and regular volley ball, netball, bubble soccer, court hire and birthday parties. Along Thompson Road there is also a venue which allows indoor skate boarding, biking and scooters with sessions for all ages and levels of skill. The Kardinia Church Group play a large role in the community providing childcare and kindergarten services, wider community projects, courses on different aspects such as parenting, marriage, budgeting to help on your journey through life, a play centre and two Kardinia Outlet Cafés which are located on Separation Street and also Kardinia Drive, Bell Post Hill. If retail options are an important part of your residential area selection, Bell Park is lucky enough to have two IGA Stores, a large number of industrial retail outlets and service providers as well as one of the famous Cheese Cake Shops and cake decorating stores. The area does consist of a few small shopping strips as well which are spread throughout the neighbourhood. After speaking with people around the community, it is apparent that there is just so much to offer. Residential areas feel safe and the neighbours look out for each other’s kids while playing out the front or in public spaces. There’s really not much more a community could ask for.

Kids Voice December 2014  

free parenting magazine for Geelong, the Bellarine, Surf Coast and Lara. Covering 0 - 18 years

Kids Voice December 2014  

free parenting magazine for Geelong, the Bellarine, Surf Coast and Lara. Covering 0 - 18 years