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ive hundred men sat in front of me, not a woman to be seen in the hall

except those who travelled with me to the meeting. This is the second time we visited Minyambauw. The first time was a year ago, when we began our outreaches amongst the tribes in the heart of Papua, Indonesia.

Minyambauw: “Why may I speak to you?” “Because you are our mom...” I turned to my interpreter and asked “Where are the women?” Smiling, he looked at me and said “This is a man’s world, no woman is allowed to speak to the men of the Arfak tribe...” Surprised, I looked at the leaders who stood close by and asked “Then why may I, as a woman, speak to you?” They looked at each other and said, “Because you are not just a woman,

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you’re our mother…” When Geisler and Otto, two German missionaries, landed on the island of Papua 150 years ago, they could never have dreamt that God intended for them to bring the Gospel to that entire island. Decades later, when I said “Yes” to the call of Papua, I never could have dreamt that God would give me the honour to be called “their mother.”

Transformation took place! With excitement the people of Minyambauw told me how the atmosphere had changed over the entire region since our first outreach! “Truly mom...” they said, “ the rainfall changed, the crops are bigger, even the size of the vegetables changed. The hall that was closed for 50 years is now our community hall with even a Bible school conducting its meetings in it. Everything changed… Even the most notorious witch doctor in the area got saved…” Transformation took place!

The region’s most feared witch doctor, who got saved!

The Arfak Tribe The Arfak tribe is one of the traditional tribes living in Manokwari, West Papua Province.

Windesi From the mountains to the seas, every possible means is being used to bring the gospel to the lost and needy. This time we went by boat to the Island of Windesi with a different strategy, reaching once again into the most remote places forgotten by the world.


oaded with 1,500kg of rice and other supplies, the convoy set off

with 5 four-wheel drive cars over the mountains and valleys for 6 hours to Anggi, the land of the Arfak tribe. Although the gospel has been present for 150 years in Papua, there are still many unreached tribes. The Arfak tribe only “opened” for the gospel of Jesus Christ 57 years ago. Still steeped in traditions, the leaders arrived for the meetings with many having walked for hours. We had to change plans on the spot: Early morning seminars and evangelistic meetings at 11 am as the people had to go over the mountains to return to their homes. When the chief of the tribe invited me back he said, “We heard about the change of Minyambauw and we accept you as our mother… please come back again…” Tears of thankfulness filled my eyes. I lifted my eyes and smiled at the people still dancing around the bonfire, where we had just burned their witchcraft stuff brought from their homes! Although we lived under very difficult conditions, tremendous impact was made, souls set free and delivered, the Gospel preached!

Fallen trees, we had to dig our way through

Medical supplies for remote regions

The Medical Clinic & Gospel Outreach

Amongst our luggage on the speed boats was a “mobile medical clinic” donated by Dr Crandall from the USA. Soon

the local government heard about the clinic and supported the medical plan with two of their own doctors, trained nurses, pharmacists and some of their own medication. Combined together we formed a powerful team. The plan: in the morning the medical clinic, at night evangelistic outreaches! The Island inhabitants came from afar for the medial treatment. First they went through a chain of intercessors praying for them, then the medical treatment, and then they simply stayed for the evening meeting. A powerful strategy!

Waking the dawn prayer movement and follow up As reported last time, in the different regions of Papua we started the 4.30 am interdenominational, weekly prayer meetings. This we also did amongst the different tribes and to my surprise they were eager to follow this pattern. It soon became clear to me that we would

have to send intercessors and leaders back to these regions to follow up on the initiative. With travelling difficult and costly, we considered it carefully but felt to continue. By the time you get this report most regions will have already been revisited. Yes we go over the mountains by car, we face the open seas on boats, and we fulfil the great commission “GO YE!” Reaching not the masses or great numbers but the lost and needy in places where very few would ever go. You are a part of that by standing with us and supporting us in prayer and financially. We are going, but you make it possible to go… thank you!

Biblical Teaching on


Solar-powered “mega-voices�; like an MP3 player; over 300 hours of biblical teaching; in their local language.


he MegaVoices prove to be a very powerful tool to train the pastors and leaders, supporting those who are illiterate. Many had tears in

their eyes when we distributed them. We were excited, knowing very well that back in their villages they would gather the whole tribe together to sit and listen to the audible Word of God. An excellent way to take the Word of God to the heart of the jungle and places we could never reach.

Update Newsletter April 2013