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Louboutin was in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, was born and raised. He was the only son of Roger, an Ebéniste (carpenter), and Irene, a housewife, both French, from Brittany. He has three sisters. Louboutin said in an interview that he was “much more dark-skinned than all the others in his family in 2012.” My family was very French and so I decided she had probably adopted me It was terrible, and that I felt was an outsider, had to go and find my real family, I invented my own story, from Egypt full of signs, because I was very into the pharaohs He discovered, ironically, after a revelation of One of his sisters in 2014 that his biological father was indeed an Egyptian with whom Irene his mother was a secret affair with.  Louboutin was expelled from the school three times and then decided to walk away at home at the age of 12, at which point his mother allowed him to live out with a friend at home. He saw much resistance when he decided to drop out of school. He claims, however, that what helped him make his mind an interview on TV with Sophia Loren, where she introduced her sister and said she had left school when she was only 12 years old but when she was 50 She got her graduation. He later remarked, “Everyone applauded, and I thought,” Well, at least, when I am sorry, I will be the sister of Sophia Loren! 

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Louboutin shoes began in his early youth and ignored his academic studies to sketch. When going through a punk he was in some movies, including 1979 cult classic race d’ep and the homosexual century, which attracted an English speaking audience. His first job was in the Folies Bergères, the cabaret where he supported the entertainers behind the stage. He was also a fixture on the party scene of the city, clubbing his nights away next to Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol.  His small formal training included drawing and decorative arts at the Académie d’Art Roederer. Louboutin claims his fascination for shoes began in 1976, when he attended the Musée National des arts d’Afrique et d’Océanie on the Avenue Daumesnil. It was there that he saw from entering a building out of fear of damage to the extensive wooden floor a sign of Africa women wearing sharp stilettos. This image remained in his head, and he later used this idea in his designs. “I wanted to offer that forehead,” said Louboutin. “I wanted to create something that broke the rules and made women feel more confident and empowered.” Fascinated by the cultures of the world, he ran to Egypt in his youth and spent a year in India.Louboutin returned to Paris in 1981, where he assembled a portfolio of drawings from elaborate high heels. He brought it to the upper couture houses. The effort resulted from the employment with Charles Jourdan. Subsequently, Louboutin met Roger Vivier, who claimed to have styled the stiletto, or Spike-Heel shoe. Louboutin became an apprentice in Vivier Atelier. Going on as a freelance designer, designed Louboutin Women’s Shoes for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Maud Frizon. In the late 1980s, he turned away from fashion to become landscape gardeners and contribute to Vogue, but failed to work with shoes and exhibited his company in 1991.


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Chanel Cruise Collection Summer On May 3, 2016 Karl Lagerfeld outdid themselves! It was so heartwarming to hear, he was going to Cuba, especially with the steps to pick up the embargo. But now that the full fashion show at is available, fashion fans have fallen in love with Chanel all over again! The Cruise 2017 Collection Chanel is something that can not be explained in words. It’s

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THE STYLISH SHINING STAR Interview by : Sarah White Jannat Mahid, otherwise known to millions as ’Jannat’, is a young, stunning starlet who is Moroccan, living and residing in Egypt, whilst travelling the globe performing to her adored fans: country after country, time and time again.

Upon getting the chance to meet her, I was unaware of her pure natural talent, and the fact she is so young, and damn right pretty! Jannat is a stylish soul, with perfect vision and an awesome attitude. Discovering her talent at a young age, her parents not only encouraged her, but vowed to give her maximum exposure through family- enabling her to reach the outside crowd. Since her fierce and fast rise to fame- she has somewhat remained grounded and so-so real, this is one of the main reasons her fans adore her and can totally understand her style and vision- by keeping it real. Whilst remaining as the young Moroccan girl with big visions and a big voice, she has managed to carve a classic, chic style that suits her personality to a tee.

As a superstar you’re introduced to designers pushed into styles and themes that are frankly not you, but not Jannat, she has stayed true to herself; finding designs, colours and styles for her. We, at Fashion Zone, give her true credit for this- flawlessly fashionable without being fazed by the fame and fashion empire.

See what she had to tell us, when we got to sit down with her, yes us! We promise you it’s interesting, and she’s undeniably chic, and refreshingly beautiful in every way possible: this is the real, Jannat.

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​​​​​​Tell us about how you wurde a musician? ​I started when i was young, after my parents discovered I could really sing! From then on They supported me in every single way- making sure I got noticed on a grand scale. The way it started , what singing at family parties, Eventually expanding into concerts This led me to a break in television- starting on talk shows, performing in Morocco: which led to me breaking out of my beloved home country and performing abroad. ​What inspires your songs? ​I always, always take inspiration from the people; . the people are the core of everything in society . I look to everyday life, and issues surrounding us- this inspires me to keep it real I believe 'what comes out from the people mouths teaches' I did place with real inspiration, comes a real connection. ​Do you find people relate to your lyrics ​I think did when you finish finish finish finish finish have new subjects, you have new Lyrics- Which make people more interested, than staying with the same trends more than once. I find my fans interact more with my music this way- as my inspiration is real, and my music is as real as the people listening. ​what's your fondest memory up to date within your career ​Wow! this is a good question; , this takes me back to my childhood days in school, back home in morocco It was a concert within my school with a very well known orchestra band, and my principal of the school asked the conductor to listen to this girl (me) singing. this what everything to me! I will never forget this moment; . it was amazing, full of magic moments and praise ​what's your opinion on the Egyptian fashion scene ​. I think it's going well . Bu there is always room for improvement, for everyone It always Seems to be updating itself; the Egyptian designers are working hard to create a name and at Industry- trying to compete with the world. Their names are growing steady and well though, Which has to be Recognized by us all. ​Who are your favorite designers ​Actually I do not have just one favorite designer, as I like something different from each designer, each season. HOWEVER, Roberto Cavalli I have loved him for a long time, I have worn. his dresses on a few occasions Actually He has his perfect signature All All All All All which is Recognized the world over, I so love his stuff. I would say the simplicity of Moschino is magnificent; . I also like the stunning designs from Marchesa ! Chanel is for there handbags- iconic in Themselves HOWEVER, back home in Morocco is the design house; Romeo haute couture I love the fact he Creates his own material, and is not just dresses, he completes the whole image, by pairing it with accessories -. bags and shoes and accessories . This is the perfect ideal for most women, to be able to create a whole look Easily


​What would be your favorite / dream collaboration ​I would not say I have a dream collaboration, as I do not, what is more important to me is the subject of the song, and the Lyrics- Ensuring two people can relate to this is more interesting to me than the person itself. What are your future plans? Well, at the moment it's about team discussions- sitting together with my tram and bringing opinions, and ideas for the future. HOWEVER, Cinema is on the cards. I'm searching for a role where it's not just singing, but acting and singing. This is a big aspect of my future plans and my career.

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Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown (born April 14,

1957) is an American makeup

artist and the founder and

CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmet-

ics. Brown has written eight

books on make-up and beauty.

She is the contribution to

Beauty & Lifestyle Editor of

Health Magazine and Beauty Born into a Jewish family

& Lifestyle Editor of Elvis in Chicago, Illinois, Brown

graduated from Emerson Col-

lege in Boston with a degree

in theatrical makeup. In

1980, she moved to New York

City to work as a professional

makeup artist. Brown was

known for a make-up style

that contained moderate and

natural tones that used a strong contrast to the bright colors at the time. In 1991, she and a chemist published a series of new lipsticks under the brand Bobbi Brown Essentials, which debuted at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. The success of their make-up line led EstĂŠe Lauder the company in 1995. Their work has been featured on the title pages of magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Self and Town & Country since. Brown was admitted to the New Jersey Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2013.


Lamis Ayyad Lamis Ayyad, not just a professional make-up artist with a varied yet executed list of specialties such as; Day / evening make-up to make beautiful bridal makeup, to the most artistic fashion makeup, you will see, and also custom-tailored veil to designs. Lami’s experience has not yet come to an end; No she is incredibly educated and experienced in the best skin care and techniques, such as crystal bowls. Lamis’ diverse offerings and impressive portfolio come courtesy of a mass of experiences outside of Egypt.With no other as a makeup forever as part of their career and past, as a trademark counselor, it is inevitable, she wonders impeccably.

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When Vogue Club UK decided to highlight its Middle East project, we started to highlight some of the makeup artists, we were looking for another and unique professional touch in the Middle East, a touch that meets the professional standers, we took photo shoots with respectable designer and we met a few good makeup artists among them was Lamis Ayyad, who amazed us with her skills and knowledge and her special technique in makeup By: David Martin


SANDRA BULLOCK Bullock was raised for 12 years

in Nuremberg and grew

German-speaking area upwards.

She attended the human-

istic Waldorf school. As a child,

Bullock often accompanied

her mother on European opera

tours. Bullock studied ballet

and singing as a child among

small pieces in her mother’s

operatic productions. She sang in

the Children’s Choir of the

Opera at the Staatsstheater in

Nuremberg. The scar above

her left eye was falling through

her into a brook when she

was a child. Bullock attended

Washington-Lee High

School, where she did a tumble

dryer and performed in

high school theater productions.

After 1982 graduation, she

attended East Carolina University

in Greenville, North Caroli-

na, where she received a Bach-

elor of Fine Arts in Drama

in 1987. While the ECU she re-

ceived in several theater

productions, including “Peter Pan” and “Three Sisters.” Then She moved to Manhattan and supported herself as a bartender, cocktail waitress and coat-checker while for roles audition. [Better source needed]

By the age of eighteen, Bullock held American / German dual citizenship. In 2009, it again applied German citizenship.

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Bullock was born in Arlington, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC. Her father, John W. Bullock (born 1925), was a US Army employee and part-time voice trainer; Her mother, Helga Mathilde Meyer (1942-2000), was an opera singer and vocal teacher. Bullock’s father is from Birmingham, Alabama, and has an English, Irish, German and French descent, while Bullock was a mother of German. Bullock’s maternal grandfather was a rocket scientist from Nuremberg, Germany. Bullock’s father, who was responsible for the Military Postal Service Army in Europe, was stationed in Nuremberg when he met his wife. They married in Germany and moved to Arlington, where John worked with the Army Materiel Command before becoming a contractor for the Pentagon. She has a younger sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado, formerly the vice president of Bullock’s production company Fortis Films.


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An independent Fashion Magazine for Africa , Asia ,middle East & Europe

Vogue Club DE  

An independent Fashion Magazine for Africa , Asia ,middle East & Europe