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No. 2 · 2010 I 2011

News from the International Place in Eifel National Park

CONTENTS WE SHOW YOU THE FUTURE Vogelsang guide Jost Stodt has the key to the future. It is Sunday, 2:00 PM, the “construction site tour” begins, and because Jost Stodt wants to guide the group toward the future today, he unlocks the brown wooden door at the former parade ground beneath the Visitor Centre. The sign says “Magazine”. These “hidden rooms” are not accessible to guests at the former NaziOrdensburg except for the construction site tour. ..........................................

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NAZI-DOC: CONTEMPORARY WITNESSES WANTED! September 26, 2010: The first guests view the newly renovated, reopened open air theatre at Vogelsang (“Birdsong”). They discover the hidden propaganda of the former Nazi-Ordensburg during a tour by a Vogelsang guide.

65 years have passed since Vogelsang was a Nazi-Ordensburg. In 1945, the Americans were able to capture the site without a fight. 65 years later, the number of persons who personally experienced Vogelsang during the National Socialist period, is dwindling. ..........................................

NEW COLOUR AT VOGELSANG “Man, I feel small here!” says Gregor Tillich, 35, standing with his hiking group in the open air theatre, which was called the “Thingstätte” by the Nazis. He tilts his head back and looks at the tower of the former NaziOrdensburg Vogelsang ...


mall and inferior - the National Socialists wanted to create this feeling with the autocratic architecture at Vogelsang: the omnipotence of the party above and the small person below, who must look up to his Führer. But, thankfully, these times are long past. Since 2006, the officials at vogelsang ip have been preparing and working in order to lead Vogelsang into the future. Albert Moritz, executive director of the Visitor Centre of the Forum Vogelsang, is happy that additional parts of the historic structure could be opened to visitors in September 2010 with a newly marked slope tour, with open air theatre and “Sportlerrelief”. And after authorization of the “early beginning of work” by the district government of Cologne, planning can now start for the renovation of the Forum Vogelsang.

During the upcoming construction phase, the current Visitor Centre will be temporarily housed in the Vogelsang cinema, so that new construction can be performed around the “Adlerhof”: a new Visitor Information Centre, exhibition rooms for the NS Documentation and the Eifel National Park. There will also be seminar and conference rooms and a panoramic restaurant with an outdoor terrace. An external lift will be installed on the tower to take visitors to the “Eifelblick”. And the region will be presented through the Display Window Eifel Ardennes. The buildings are being made handicappedaccessible. Lifts and wheelchair ramps are being installed. Johannes Bortlisz-Dickhoff, chairman of the board of vogelsang ip gemeinnützige GmbH: “This will be completed at Vogelsang by 2013, with a calculated cost of around 35 million Euros – just for the construction work.” In addition, new jobs will also be created in the region. Even during the renovation phase, vogelsang ip will continue to be open to guests 365 days a year. In accordance with the motto “open and vibrant”. Executive director Albert Moritz: “Come and have a look! And: come again when it is finished!” Speaking of looking: vogelsang ip is planning to construct an observation platform above the Forum during the construction period. From here, visitors can view the progress of construction and the Eifel panorama at the same time.

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COMBINING OLD AND NEW Mountains of clouds that are typical for the Eifel in early autumn gather above Vogelsang on Sunday, September 26, 2010, 2:00 PM. The first 25-man group under the direction of Vogelsang guide Gabriele Harzheim inspects the freshly renovated historic outdoor installations. ..........................................

The hiker Gregor Tillich is the first to arrive at the Visitor Centre. The group’s previously booked tour of the grounds is scheduled to start at 2:00 PM. He looks out the window at the valley and sees his hiking friends: some of them are standing in the open air theatre, others are walking along the new paths or coming up the stairs. Their bright hiking jackets are spread out along the green grass of the slope in splashes of colour. All of them are on their way to the new Forum Vogelsang. The hikers and - with the upcoming remodelling – also the former NaziOrdensburg. n

VISIT VOGELSANG IP vogelsang ip offers its guests tours, tower ascents, exhibitions and much more, both before and during the construction period. The Forum Vogelsang, located in the picturesque setting of the Eifel National Park above the Urftsee, is the starting point for diverse adventures. ..........................................

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Map: Where are things located? ............ Page 7

VOGELSANG IP “The EU, the federal government, the state of NRW and the regional partners are investing around 35 million Euros in the Forum Vogelsang – just in construction costs. Add to this 7.2 million Euros for exhibitions. We are expecting 9 million Euros this year with the first funding approval. Even when the first excavators start work at the beginning of 2011, the former Nazi-Ordensburg can still be visited!” Johannes Bortlisz-Dickhoff, chairman of the board vogelsang ip gemeinnützige GmbH

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WE SHOW YOU THE FUTURE Vogelsang guide Jost Stodt has the key to the future. It is Sunday, 2:00 PM, the “construction site tour” begins, and because Jost Stodt wants to guide the group toward the future today, he unlocks the brown wooden door at the former parade ground beneath the Visitor Centre. The sign says “Magazine”. These “hidden rooms” are not accessible to guests at the former NaziOrdensburg except for the construction site tour.


zialistische Erziehung und Formierung” (The “new German”. National Socialist education and formation).

vogelsang ip is a living International Place, a centre for confronting Nazi history, as well as a starting point and destination for hikers in the National Park. You, dear guest, make a contribution with your visit and discover it for yourself.

After around 30 minutes, the group is once again in the fresh air of the Eifel and in front of the building of the former Belgian “Van Dooren” barracks – the next future site: A Four-Star Hotel will be built here with 150 beds, the mystery resort. Stodt stops again after a few steps: “To the left of the next building”, he says and gestures with his arm at a building, in which female employees lived during the Nazi period, “a youth hostel will be constructed, to the right a youth forestry education hostel.”

You and more than 850,000 other guests since 2006 have made this historic facility come alive, have critically analyzed it and contemplate it for the future. Your participation in the tours, and that of 300,000 others to date, especially demonstrate that you wish to understand and expose the effect of Nazi architecture. The public sector has made a promise for the future: the federal government, the state of NRW, and the region wanted to invest here. They are now fulfilling this promise. Historic open areas became accessible for the first time, the former Belgian cinema is being renovated, the Forum Vogelsang is being remodelled and renovated, the NaziDocumentation Centre and the National Park exhibition have been secured and the infrastructure of the grounds is being successively replaced. Further development is supported by a landmark ruling and a framework agreement by all political parties. vogelsang ip is therefore now an International Place for private investors: DRK is already here, a youth hostel is being built, Ernst und Neuberger Consult plans to build a mystery resort with a four-star hotel, Harald Bardenhagen are planning an observatory with an “Astronomy Workshop”. Additional projects are ready to begin. And what exactly can you experience here as a guest? We will report more on this in the second edition of We will take you along once more, informing you of the happenings at the International Place vogelsang ip in the middle of the Eifel National Park. For you, dear guest, a reason to come and see us again and again. Watch what happens here, be a part of it. And you may have an idea that would help us. Contact us. Welcome!

“But now we will go into the cinema.” After walking for five minutes, the group reaches the former Belgian cinema. The visitors enter the large cinema hall from the side: The long rows of wooden folding seats fall away steeply, the walls on the left and right are upholstered with green artificial leather. In the protected historic cinema from the 50’s, 1,100 people will soon be able to sit once more. Soon, the fire protection systems here will be modernised and the sanitary systems replaced. When this happens and a small snack bar has been constructed in one of the numerous adjoining rooms, the cloakrooms and dressing rooms behind the stage can once again be used by artists and those interested in culture can visit the great hall once more. And the rule in the cinema is: “Quiet please. Performance in progress!”

The metalworking shop, yesterday and today: A yellow painted pathway on the floor of the room marks the area where workers once could safely walk between the large machines. The National Park exhibit will be housed here in the future.


Stodt continues on, the end of the former Belgian warehouse is lost in the darkness. After the completion of the remodelling of the Forum, spatial elements will intersect the historic building material in several locations, making it visible. A new Visitor Information Centre with a glass roof lowered into the courtyard will then connect the subterranean rooms with one another and serve as a central access point. The Display Window Eifel Ardennes will be positioned in the spaces beneath the large outdoor

he transformation of the central building complex of the Nazi-Ordensburg into an exhibition, education, and tourist information centre brings on many changes. “According to the current state of research, the Belgians located their metalworking shop in an area that was once a part of the kitchen during the Nazi period”, says Stodt, turning the light switch and walking on. There is not much left of this, however: A yellow painted pathway on the floor of the

“It will start at the end of 2011”, says Vogelsang guide Stodt and closes the door of the cinema, “then the Visitor Centre of vogelsang ip will be temporarily located here, because: as long as the Forum Vogelsang is being remodelled, the Visitor Information Centre, shop, restaurant, and seminar and conference rooms will temporarily be housed in the cinema.”

It still smells of metal shavings, but in the future the focus will be on nature: The National Park exhibit will be located in these rooms.

This is the schedule for the new “Forum Vogelsang” with its exhibits.

forum Vogelsang: Preliminary and draft planning of the architects Outdoor installations and grounds: Planning of the measures

*Delays can occur due to construction conditions.

Info: Construction site tour “The future has begun. Planning and building at Vogelsang”; Sundays and public holidays 2:00 PM; 5 Euros; reduced 4 Euros; children under 12 years free; Meeting point Forum Vogelsang, Visitor Centre n

staircase between the east and west parts. Jost Stodt has arrived in the subterranean level of the west wing with his group. The former Belgian carpenter’s workshop will become the future home of a Nazi-Documentation Centre with the title “Der ‘neue deutsche Mensch’. Nationalso-

otherwise empty room marks the area where workers once could safely walk between the large machines. It still smells of metal shavings, but in the future the focus will be on nature: The National Park exhibit will be located in these rooms.

forum Vogelsang: Receipt of the early beginning of work

forum Vogelsang: Arrangement of the project team

Nazi-Documentation Centre: Receipt of the early beginning of work

Nazi-Documentation Centre: Search for scientific and design teams

Visitor Centre: Beginning of construction, intermediate solution cinema Outdoor installations and grounds: Implementation of initial measures Exhibitions: Material research, scientific, pedagogic, design and media preparation

National Park exhibit: Release of additional exhibit planning

forum Vogelsang: Planned construction of the observation platform

forum Vogelsang: Building application and authorizations

forum Vogelsang: Start invitations to bid Visitor Centre: Moving into the former Belgian cinema

forum Vogelsang: Implementation planning Outdoor installations and grounds: Implementation of additional measures


Sincerely, Thomas Fischer-Reinbach


Executive director Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Vogelsang GmbH

QuartEr YEar


IP.NEWS No. 2 · 2010 I 2011

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elsang: nstruction vation




n Dreiborn on the edge of the National Park, an observation platform was dedicated at the end of September 2010 in the Eifel National Park for watching red deer. 60 covered seats on a wheelchair-accessible gallery are the result of a donation.

For example, do you want to help young people experience and understand Vogelsang as a place of international interaction, in keeping with the spirit of Vogelsang as an International Place in the Eifel National Park?

Hubert Breuer: “Please support us! Make a financial commitment and become a donator!”

Stefan Wunsch prefers to interview contemporary witnesses at Vogelsang: “This helps to bring out deeply buried memories.”



years have passed since Vogelsang was a Nazi-Ordensburg. In 1945, the Americans were able to capture the site without a fight. 65 years later, the number of persons who personally experienced Vogelsang during the National Socialist period, is dwindling. For research and student projects at the Vogelsang extracurricular learning site, it is therefore immensely important to speak with Vogelsang contemporary witnesses. Stefan Wunsch is a historian and Vogelsang guide. For the Cologne scientist, “memory is in many ways the only thing that can provide us with information about certain details regarding Vogelsang, if there are no written sources.” Wunsch conducts the interviews with contemporary witnesses according to scientific methods. As a result, the core statements of the stories are comparable. And he records the conversations – depending upon the willingness of the contemporary witnesses – either with audio or video. Subsequently, this will be evaluated for research and it can go into the Nazi-Documentation Centre at Vogelsang, as well as serving as material for study and project days at Vogelsang in the future. The experiences of the contemporary witnesses are especially important for students.

ON-SITE CONVERSATIONS The historian speaks with contemporary witnesses “preferably at Vogelsang, because a visit to this site helps to bring out deeply buried memories.” Stefan Wunsch also meets many contemporary witnesses without an appointment, when they come to the site as ordinary visitors.

forum Vogelsang: Building application and authorizations

forum Vogelsang: Start invitations to bid

According to Stefan Wunsch, only a few of the trainees from the Nazi-Ordensburg Vogelsang, called “Ordensjunker” by the Nazis at the time, are still alive today. During World War II, however, Vogelsang was the site of three “Adolf Hitler Schools”, and the number of Adolf Hitler Students available as contemporary witnesses “is larger than that of the ‘Ordensjunker’, they came to the schools at the age of about twelve at the time.” Friedrich T., a student at an “Adolf Hitler School” at Vogelsang starting in 1942, summarised his experiences and education: “I became the complete opposite of what they wanted me to become”. Conversations with relatives of people who were at Vogelsang, such as the woman from Cologne whose father was a craftsman and worked on the mosaic in the Vogelsang swimming pool, are also a valuable source for site history. The Cologne historian attempts to verify the knowledge gained from this oral history with available written sources – as much as possible. Stefan Wunsch has already conducted around 30 interviews, additional ones are planned. Because a great deal of information is still needed, Stefan Wunsch appeals: “If you have something to share about Vogelsang, whether it is a visit there in the 1940’s or if you are related to an ‘Adolf Hitler Student’ or someone from your family was at Vogelsang at the time: we need your memories for the Nazi-Documentation Centre at vogelsang ip. Please call us, help us! And maybe we can help you remember.”

In addition, three pieces of art were added: a Christian cross and stone images, which show portraits of Wollseifen citizens, as well as a model of the site. These initial projects, which were implemented with donations, show what is possible with regional participation. But this can only be a beginning. Hubert Breuer, chairman of the board of trustees of the Stiftung Eifel Nationalpark und Vogelsang: “The first citizens of the region are already making contributions to our foundation – you are welcome to do the same!”

Visitor tours through the historic grounds, specialised lectures, film series, and art projects are at the centre of the committed educational work at vogelsang ip. Now, the image of Vogelsang as an open and vibrant site of interaction must be fulfilled. With projects that cannot be accomplished by vogelsang ip alone.

Contact: Julia Schmidt fon +49 (0)2444 91579-20 n

The church in Wollseifen, which was forcibly evacuated, has been renovated and weatherproofed.

Contact: Stefan Wunsch fon +49 (0)175 4164859

forum Vogelsang: Construction phase

Outdoor installations and grounds: Implementation of additional measures

Visitor Centre: Moving into the former Belgian cinema

forum Vogelsang: Implementation planning

The church in Wollseifen, which was forcibly evacuated in 1946, has also been renovated and weatherproofed with donation funds, which served to preserve it.

Exhibitions: Final work on the pedagogic programs, finish exhibit concepts

Exhibitions: Implementation

forum Vogelsang: Opening

Outdoor installations and grounds: Implementation of additional measures

CONStruCtION fOrum




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4 IV

I 2013



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IP.NEWS No. 2 · 2010 I 2011



taken their toll on the seven figures made of porous red lava stone. They no longer have heads on their shoulders, the bodies have bullet holes in them. Still, the figures are recognizable as fit athletes. The trained folklorist Gabriele Harzheim explains: “The Nazi sculptor Willi Meller simply showed the figure of the javelin thrower from the rear - a ‘trick’. This allowed him to chisel the spear into the stone.”

A BREATHER AT THE “FACKELTRÄGER” Shortly thereafter, the group stands in a place that the National Socialists pretentiously called the “Sonnenwendplatz” (solstice place), in front of the “Fackelträger” (torchbearer). The almost six meter tall sculpture, also by Willi Meller, embodies the misanthropic and racist Nazi master race ideal. Harzheim: “With the numerous reliefs on the grounds, the trainees at Vogelsang were constantly presented with the Nazi ideal body.” Many visitors sit down on the new long logs that serve as benches. After a good 90 minutes, Gabriele Harzheim, architect Kloeters and the other “first visitors” reach Forum Vogelsang at the top. This form of opening is appropriate for the teaching concept of vogelsang ip. Because: The former NaziOrdensburg with its Nazi architectonic idiosyncrasies requires explanation, cannot be easily understood.



Mountains of clouds that are typical for the Eifel in early autumn gather above Vogelsang on Sunday, September 26, 2010, 2:00 PM. The first 25-man group under the direction of Vogelsang guide Gabriele Harzheim inspects the freshly renovated historic outdoor installations.


lso present: Professor Norbert Kloeters, the chief landscape architect from the Aachen architectural firm 3+ Freiraumplaner. Using his rolled-up umbrella as a walking stick, he walks down the stairs, looks around and seems very satisfied.

VOGELSANG IP “When visitors optically fill the newly opened slope like splashes of colour, one can see: The path to the new Forum Vogelsang is making progress, for investors and for guests. And for vogelsang ip.” Manfred Poth, chairman of the supervisory board of Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Vogelsang GmbH

Professor Norbert Kloeters: “Gently combine the old with the new”.


IP.NEWS No. 2 · 2010 I 2011

On the slope, beneath the grass of the old open air theatre, the architects found rows of seats from earlier times, some of them only as substructures for supporting wooden benches.

“Normally,” he says, “architects like to try and put their mark on a property, but at Vogelsang the challenge was to only do what was necessary, in close coordination with monument protection, to gently combine the old with the new.” He stands on a step near the open air theatre, points at a rain gutter beneath the handrail with the umbrella: “In this architectonic window, one sees the old part on the left and the new on the right, made with stones from the region.”


In addition to focus on the history of Vogelsang, there is another aspect. Thomas Fischer-Reinbach from SEV GmbH has management responsibility for the site development and ordered the measures: “Our goal was to permanently rehabilitate this part of the historic structure, which is important for the site.” Paths, stairs, walls, rain gutters, handrails, and balustrades have been carefully renovated or replaced on approx. seven hectares. Here, the condition that existed in 2005 after the departure of the Belgians was largely maintained and rediscovered Nazi architecture made partially visible in “architectonic windows”. The renovated open-air theatre (Nazi term “Thingstätte”) is located in the centre of the areas that were inaccessible to the public up until now. 800,000 Euros from the funds of the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben were utilised for this first stage of development. “We were able to accomplish more with these funds than was originally planned, and also finished on time”, Thomas Fischer-Reinbach emphasises the responsible use of public funds.

In the meantime, the group is farther down on the edge of the football field. Gabriele Harzheim gathers the group in front of the “Sportlerrelief” (Sportsmen Relief) – this was not open to the public until now: years of weathering have

Info: The informative tours through the newly opened historic outdoor installations along the slope can be booked as group tours. (Contact partner see page 7) n

Finally accessible: the sports field with the “Sportlerrelief” and the sports field stands above it as well as the open-air theatre with stands above that.

New seating at the “Fackelträger” for hiking groups and school classes.




The first winner has been chosen. After the conclusion of the international architectural competition, held by the Landschaftsverband Rheinland des Deutschen Jugendherbergswerk (DJH) in close coordination with Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Vogelsang GmbH (SEV), the winning design has been determined.

August 2008 - April 2009 A new main supply system for power (high voltage and low voltage current) and water was installed for the grounds; the fibre optic connection has been secured. Investment: 460,000 Euros

May - August 2010 A new power and water supply system for the cinema and Transit 59 of the DRK. Investment: 60,000 Euros

© Hascher + Jehle Planungsgesellschaft mbH

March - September 2010

Together with the new buildings, a 3.5 hectare property around the redoubt will be redesigned and sports fields and generous parking areas created. So far, the builders are assuming investment costs of around 15 million Euros. The construction plan is currently being drawn up.

MYSTERY: TO BE CONTINUED! According to the plans of Ernst & Neuberger Consult GbR from Kall, around 20 million Euros shall be invested in the former Belgian”Van Dooren” barracks in order to build a mystery resort there. The concept, which will be unique in Europe, includes a four-star hotel with 150 rooms that are individually furnished and specially designed for the performance of mystery dinners.

Investment: 100,000 Euros

May - November 2010

KRIMI-RESORT “VOGELSANG/EIFEL” The drainage systems are being surveyed and inspected, sewers and shafts are being rinsed and a renovation concept created for the drainage system .

After the winner of the architectural competition, the next winner is also already known: It is the youth of the whole world. n



“We will soon be able to offer present and future DJH-members a high-quality, unique, wooden international interaction site located in the heart of the only National Park in NRW. Our goal: We want to have completed the two new buildings by 2013 and have renovated and remodelled the ‘redoubt’ as a central building.” Friedhelm Kamps, Executive director DJH

August - October 2010

A local theatre academy will ensure exciting productions. An extensive seminar and conference program for business customers will draw 50,000 guests per year. The beautiful scenery and the proximity to the Vogelsang cinema additionally increase the attractiveness of the resort. Up to 200 new works will be created here. The “Criminale 2010” will be continued. Operators and investors are currently being sought. . n


290,000 Euros © M. Hilgers

Whereas the protected redoubt will house the central facilities like the dining hall, kitchen, and meeting rooms, innovative new wooden buildings will be constructed for the 200 beds of the DJH and the 70 beds of the youth forestry education hostel to the right and left of the redoubt. In the future, multi-day visits to Vogelsang will therefore be possible.

The contest jury described the draft of the Berlin firm as “a self-confident, but task-appropriate ensemble.” Due to the consistent use of wood and glass as materials, the new buildings will harmoniously fit into the natural surroundings and elegantly supplement the redoubt without optically overpowering the old, protected structure. In all, almost 7,500 square meters of net floor space will be created.

Investment: 800,000 Euros

Dangerous areas on the grounds where people are at risk of falling are being secured and railings installed on the support walls at Depot 31 and the swimming pool.

© Ernst & Neuberger Consult GbR


tilizing the building called the redoubt during the Belgian period, the building for the female employees of the former Nazi-Ordensburg, the DJH will create an international interaction site for youths, young adults and families as well as a youth forestry education hostel (sponsor: Nationalparkforstamt Eifel) in accordance with the plans of the Berlin firm Hascher + Jehle Planungsgesellschaft mbH by 2013.

On a seven hectare area, new paths are being built and existing ones renovated, and open air theatre and stands, stairs, and sports field stands are being renovated and “historic windows” created. A new trail for visitors is also being posted.

June 2010 - March 2011 Framework plans for the development, the grounds and the lighting are being created as the basis for additional investment decisions in case of infrastructure measures. Investment: 90,000 Euros Ernst & Neuberger Consult

2011 to … To be continued ...

IP.NEWS No. 2 · 2010 I 2011





Duration: A total of 8 hours; including basic tour at Vogelsang 90 minutes; hiking to Wollseifen approx. 2.5 hours. (Length of the hike: 6.5 km) Sturdy shoes and weather-resistant clothing are req uired Price: 160 Euros + meals Group size: up to 25 persons Meeting point: Visitor Information Centre in the Forum


VOGELSANG IP: DESTINATION FOR COMPANY OUTINGS AND VACATION TRIPS Whether a company outing, daytrip of a men’s choral society or board meeting: vogelsang ip offers exciting all-day programs for groups of visitors that are interested in nature and history from institutions, companies and clubs.


n addition to 90-150 minutes guided tours through the historic grounds of the Nazi-Ordensburg and alternating exhibitions in the Forum Vogelsang, vogelsang ip is impressive due to its location in the midst of the ruggedly beautiful nature of the Eifel National Park. Hiking trails, Eifelsteig, the former village of Wollseifen, and the impressive Victor-Neels Bridge over the Urftsee invite you to hike and cycle; perhaps to the dam and back? The morning program of a company outing can be arranged from this broad palette, for example. And after a mutual lunch, the guests can then book specialised lectures. For members of a choral society, the topic “The Sharpest Propaganda Weapon – The Song in Everyday Nazi Life” might be particularly interesting. Employees of a municipal administration might wish to know more about “Investment for the Eifel – Nazi Economic Policy in the Region”, the members of a company outing from a youth facility are more interested in “Manipulated Youth. Education under National Socialism”? No problem.

Large rooms, often with a view of the National Park, for meeting, eating and discussing.


IP.NEWS No. 2 · 2010 I 2011

Finally, the day visitors can go swimming in the Vogelsang swimming pool and crown the company champion in the 50 meter crawl. Or round out the evening in the “fireside lounge”.

lodgings on the edge of the National Park are not far away. And once the youth hostel and the mystery resort have been completed, guests can stay overnight directly on-site.

“vogelsang ip has something for everyone. And everyone is welcome!” Astrid Flömer

“Fackelträger der Nation” (Torch Bearers of the Nation) Scientific texts on education and formation during the National Socialist period with a focus on Nazi Ordensburgs and a special consideration of Vogelsang. ISBN: 978-3-412-20554-6 Price: 24.90 Euros

SUGGESTED READING 2 Ein Begleitheft durch die NS-Ordensburg (A Guide to the Nazi Ordensburg), Basic information on the history of the Nazi-Ordensburg from 1933 to the present. Including a description of the tour and a service and information part, a chronicle and a map of the grounds ISBN: 978-3-935873-11-6 Price: 4.95 Euros

SUGGESTED READING 3 SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Astrid Flömer manages the palette of programs at vogelsang ip: “We can flexibly react to the requirements, wishes and needs of different groups and create an individual program from the various programs for practically anyone.“


The Forum Vogelsang and the restaurant are open 365 days a year from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM; and outside of these times with special booking. There are sufficient parking spaces, busses park for free. We will be happy to assist you with planning, contact us. Our service team will be happy to advise you and create an offer for you tailored to your needs!

In addition, events, meetings or conferences for up to 200 persons can be conducted in one of the numerous seminar rooms of the Forum Vogelsang. Almost all of the rooms offer a beautiful view of the Eifel National Park. The numerous

Info: Interested parties can download the entire program palette on our internet site or request it directly at fon +49 (0)2444 91579-0 n

A tour can also include the former Belgian cinema.

Easy to reach by bus

Die ehemalige Ordensburg Vogelsang (The Former Ordensburg Vogelsang), This impressive illustrated book on the history of the construction and effect of Vogelsang written by Ruth Schmitz-Ehmke and edited by the curator Monika Herzog also presents the former Nazi-Ordensburgs of Krössinsee and Sonthofen. ISBN: 978-3-88462-299-5 Price: 24.80 Euros All publications are available in the bookshop of the Forum Vogelsang

Enjoy the view

Path to the Victor-Neels Bridge over the Urftsee, cycling trail K7 (route 0.7 km, 16 % gradient/slope)


Slope tour 1.2 km Sports facility “Fackelträger”




Nationalpark Eifel

Wollseifen “Eifelsteig” “Wildnis-Trail”

500 m


vogelsang ip offers its guests tours, tower ascents, exhibitions and much more, both before and during the construction period.

Forum Vogelsang


Visitor Centre

“Adlerhof” P

View of the Urftsee

“Haus der weiblichen Angestellten”


Belgian “Van Dooren” barracks Plateau tour 1.3 km

Belgian cinema

The Forum Vogelsang, located in the picturesque setting of the Eifel National Park above the Urftsee, is the starting point for diverse adventures.

“Transit 59” Seminar centre of the DRK


Belgian petrol station

P2 View of Wollseifen

INFORMATION & BOOKING “Eifelsteig” “Wildnis-Trail”


Jennifer Hilgers fon +49 (0)2444 91579-11

Visitor Centre

Mira Cvejic fon +49 (0)2444 91579-12

The Visitor Information Centre in the Forum Vogelsang is open for business 365 days from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM; on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Hiking trail to Dreiborn ATM at the gate

Our service team will assist you in all matters related to vogelsang ip and the region. Here, you can book tours, tower ascents and other programs.

Daily tours

The vogelsang ip shop is also located in the Forum. Here, we present “Marke-Eifel” products, everything related to hiking, extensive map material, and various literature, especially regarding the history of the NaziOrdensburg Vogelsang and the exciting Eifel National Park region. n

 Date: Daily without advance reservation, 2:00 PM, Sundays and public holidays also 11:00 AM

Vogelsang restaurant Before or after the tour at Vogelsang, you should visit the restaurant. It is open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and offers regional specialties in addition to refreshments. n fon +49 (0)2444 912589

Nationalpark Eifel

Nationalpark Eifel

B 266

Gemünd “Eifelsteig” “Wildnis-Trail” We recommend coordinating a date ahead of time for the tours and programs that can be individually booked. n

Vogelsang guides will give you insights into the history, architecture, protected buildings and development of vogelsang ip.

 Duration: 90 minutes  Cost: 5 Euros, reduced 4 Euros, Children under 12 years free  Meeting point: Visitor information centre, Forum Vogelsang

Group offers

In addition to various tours of the grounds, we offer in-depth special tours, study and specialised lectures, seminars, excursions and study days. It is worth looking at our program – whether in our brochure or in the Internet Our service team will be happy to advise you and will create an offer for you in accordance with your requirements!

Temporary exhibition “Ferien im Dritten Reich” This is based on the exhibit “Freizeit im Faschismus” created by the Prora Documentation Centre, which was expanded with regional references to the Eifel and the Nazi-Ordensburg.  Date: Tentatively until the end of March 2011, Daily, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM  Cost: free and without reservation  Site: Forum Vogelsang

Ranger tours: Discover the wilderness The hike guided by National Park Rangers goes over the Dreiborn plateau to the deserted village of Wollseifen.  Date: Sundays, 1:00 PM  Duration: 3 hours / 6.5 kilometres, suitablefor children and all-terrain prams, includes a slope  Cost: free and without reservation  Meeting point: Forum Vogelsang, at the photograph of the wild cat Organizer and info: National Parkforstamt Eifel, fon +49 (0)2444 9510-0, fax: -85, n

Educational site vogelsang ip Youths and young adults, who wish to actively deal with the past and the future, are welcome guests at Vogelsang.

Today, the former Nazi-Ordensburg Vogelsang is a site for remembering the National Socialist history of Germany. The purpose of the Forum Vogelsang is to actively shape the “future of the memory” as an educational centre and extracurricular learning site. Our program is part of the transformation of the former Nazi educational establishment into an International Place in the Eifel National Park that is characterized by openness and tolerance. With our program, we want to create a realm of experience for exemplary learning. Participants are sensitised and motivated to base their lives on self-responsibility in a democratic society. This also supports resistance to the enticement offensives of the right. Sponsorship is available for youth groups. Let us advise you! n

IP.NEWS No. 2 · 2010 I 2011


VISIT VOGELSANG IP VOGELSANG IP RECOMMENDS In the series “Film-Winter”, I introduce seldom-seen historic films from the Nazi era. With the topic “Die Preußen und die Nazis”, we deal mainly with the epoch of the Seven Year’s War and the figure of Frederick the Great. I will especially show how and why the Nazis intentionally warped this extremely popular figure, reinterpreted history and laced it with propaganda.

DATES Film Winter “Die Preußen und die Nazis” (The Prussians and the Nazis) This year, the focus is on National Socialist Historical Film: Three movies on the topic of Prussia and Frederick the Great are annotated by the vogelsang ip-historian Klaus Ring with regard to historic-political and film-aesthetic aspects and classified in accordance with Nazi ideology. Some of these are indexed “restricted films”, which may only be shown within the scope of political education. Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Youthful heroes in the Prussian uniform “Kadetten”, 1939 Director: Karl Ritter Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Frederick the Great and the “Führer” “Der große König”, 1940 Director: Veit Harlan Tuesday, February 22, 2011 The “final victory” as revision of the Prussian defeat “Kolberg”, 1944 Director: Veit Harlan  7:00 PM  Duration: approx. 2 hours  Cost: 5 Euros  Meeting point: Forum Vogelsang  Parking: free Info: More information about the individual films under n

You Enter Germany II Das Archivmaterial | The Archive Material -------------------------------The Konejung Stiftung shows and annotates excerpts from a DVD with more than 4 hours of historic film material from the years 1944 - 1954. Examples are also shown of use in classrooms. The two main films “Westwall – Aachen – Hürtgenwald 1944” and “Nordeifel – Düren – Rur 1944 – 45” show uncut film footage taken by the US Signal Corps during combat.  Date: March 22, 2011, 7:00 PM  Duration: approx. 2 hours  Cost: 5 Euros  Meeting point: Forum Vogelsang  Parking: free Info: DVD, ISBN 978-3-941037-62-5; ©Konejung Stiftung: Kultur 2010; Price 19.50 Euros; available in bookstores or from n

SPORTISSIMO.2011 / EifelXtremeRun For the third time, the SPORTISSIMO will be held at Vogelsang, a weekend of sports and exercise with fun, dialog, information and many activities as well as the EifelXtremeRun.

We look forward to seeing you! Klaus Ring, vogelsang-ip-Team

The original furnishings are still preserved in most of the rooms of the emergency headquarters of NRW.

THEN: SECRET! TODAY: PUBLIC! The all-day event on the “Spuren des Kalten Krieges in der Nordeifel” (Trail of the Cold War in the Northern Eifel) begins for guests in the morning on the grounds at vogelsang ip. On foot or by bus, visitors explore the troop training site that was called “Camp Vogelsang” during the period of Belgian occupation. Here, the tour guides explain why and how the British and later the Belgians made Vogelsang a military area. The program includes a hike to Wollseifen, the village that was forcibly evacuated in 1946 for the troop area.

Since 2009, guests can act out the “worst case scenario”: from the nuclear alarm, first detonations in the Ruhr area to entering the bunker, the visitors are actively involved in a role play, pretending they are officials of the state government, who are ordered into the bunker in order to maintain vital functions of the state during a catastrophe.

With a lunch in the Vogelsang restaurant, the guests fortify themselves for the afternoon. Then, they take the bus to Kall-Urft 18 kilometres away, to the “emergency headquarters”: this designation refers to a subterranean bunker, which the state government of NRW had built in the 1960’s.

 Duration: 8 hours, approx. 4 km by foot, incl. bus, plus meals  Cost: 180 Euros plus 8 Euros per person for admission into the bunker; Travel and meal expenses not included

In most of the rooms, the original furnishings are intact: a trip into the past of the Cold War.


IMPRINT PUBLISHER vogelsang ip gemeinnützige GmbH represented by: Albert Moritz (executive director), with Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Vogelsang GmbH represented by: Thomas Fischer-Reinbach (executive director) Forum Vogelsang 53937 Schleiden I GERMANY fon +49 (0)2444 91579-0 fax +49 (0)2444 91579-29, DIRECTION Björn Troll (V.i.S.d.P.)



Forum Vogelsang 53937 Schleiden GERMANY fon +49 (0)2444 91579-0 fax +49 (0)2444 91579-29

Bus: Station “Adlerhof” with National Park Shuttle SB 82 from the direction of Kall, SB 63 and 63 from the direction of Aachen/Simmerath; Information under, or Automobile: B 266 from the direction of Einruhr or Gemünd; entry into navigation system: 53937 Morsbach, Einruhrer Straße; then follow the signs to “Vogelsang”. The central visitors’ parking lot is subject to charges: 3 Euros per vehicle/day. Travel busses free.

EDITORS Thomas Fischer-Reinbach, Astrid Flömer, Petra Kleen, Birgit Linden, Albert Moritz, Klaus Ring, Julia Schmidt TEXTS Tim Hannes Schauen, Sterneins Medienbüros, Cologne PHOTO CREDITS All images: vogelsang ip gemeinnützige GmbH | Roman Hövel; except for: see notes on the edge of pictures GRAPHIC CONCEPT g29, Aachen GRAPHIC IMPLEMENTATION W-Design, Simmerath PRINTING Schenkelberg Druck- und Medienhaus, Meckenheim All information subject to correction, We reserve the right to make price changes, Status November 2010 Partners of vogelsang ip gemeinnützige GmbH: _________

 Date: May 21/22, 2011  Cost: admission is free  Meeting point: grounds of vogelsang ip


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Info: Information and registration for the run can be found at


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