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Anyway I've not been completely lazy. Oh no I have been making music and a prat of myself on the stage with Los Bendez (two CDs and a CD-ROM are available!). The hybrid of punk, dance, video and all things modern, Los Bendez are fun and funky! Well I really enjoy it anyway (as do quite a few others!). Also, over the past couple of years Robin Talbot (a fellow Preston bound mortal) and myself have been amusing ourselves by creating and writing stories about very silly comic characters. Robin drew a couple of the stories up, then I did and we decided to compile them into a series of comics. As we wrote them, and then drew them we would be pissing ourselves saying 'this is a classic!' And so Classic Comix was born. Even as I type, the first one is being printed so by the time you read this all four may be complete. Each issue is A5 with 40 pages of classic comic entertainment, with a colour cover and costs £2 if you order it from me at the address below. Go on do yourself a favour and buy the lot for £8, it's well worth it and you won't regret it!

Los bendez cd's £5 each, cdrom £10 (includes videos, both cds(mp3s) and more)

classic comix 1 st issue cover

Well this is a very special adventure. Why? Because it's in colour, that's why! Vogarth had always been in colour in my mind anyway, so to give you the public the chance to see the universe as Astro Punk and Katika see it, I did a lot of work and saved my pennies and then slaved over a hot PC to bring you this. I had been doing some strips for mates in colour for a couple of years now and was originally going to just compile those (the first one ever is on the other side of this page!), but then I thought what the heck let's do a completely new adventure. It's a bit shorter than the usual Vogarth adventure, but it's colour so it cost a lot more. Which is also why the cover price is a bit higher than usual, so sorry. Though it is a one off special (I don't think I'll be able to afford to do this often) and it is fucking ace, so what's the prob? If you would like to see more full colour Vogarth send me loads of money, or get someone to publish it cos I ain't spending this much again for awhile!

Here's some credits for this issue and then I'll get off. Story and art by Ben Hunt in November 2000. Colouring and lettering also by Ben Hunt in December 00 and January 01. Vogarth logo by Sonja Curtis and Ben Hunt (see you did get a mention!). Handy hints, inspirations and donations (whether perceived or not) from all the following people so they are also recipients of a big hugs: Nadine (ta chuck!), Des (the dez part of Los Bendez ~ it's a two way thing!), Kim (no, it's a three way thing!), Robin (BENEFITS!), Mich (cats, dancing partner, critic), Shaun (keeping Mich sweet!), Jane (Castle, who else?)(also dancing partner!), Pablo and Tad (just lovely, a cultural exchange thing), Justin and Fi (congratulations), Mum and Malc and Annie and Rachel and the whole damn family thing (love you really!), Ian and David (walthamstow massive), Katy (what's all this malarkey?), Shaz and the Prescap crew (ta for the work, keep it coming!), Anna and Joe (wobblies and laffs), Claire and Petra (good times and boogie-woogie), Sian and Bez (avenham mural murder!), Dav (dancing), Phil (remix but not a banana), and everyone who keeps the blues away… Music by Los Bendez (of course), Moloko (first album's fucking excellent), da damn phreak noize phunk (Hardfloor alter ego), the Herbaliser, the Prodigy Experience (still!), and loads of hip hop courtesy of Robin whilst drawing bits and pieces. Special mention to Tab and Ted, my two darling boys (cats) who are both really helpful and relaxing and the biggest irritation at the same time! Thank you for buying this. Ben Hunt Jan 2001 (wow it is) 27a Duke St Preston PR1 4HP

Vogarth #23 the colour one!!