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Hi and welcome to issue 2 of Vogarth. Now this isnt the original intro to Vogarth #2, but that’s because of two reasons; 1. The original was full of references to my life in 1990 and 2. This is the redux version reprinted as it were online in 2009. And I wanted to take this opportunity to give a fuller intro to this issue. I had started writing and creating Vogarth some 6 years before this even, ideas that came from late night sessions with mates back in my school haunts on the Wirral and in the Black Country. By this time though the basic story was still there but the two main characters had evolved. From the outset Astro Punk was the original anti hero of the story after killing the title character in #1. In this story he is still the basic bad ass he was originally, he also acquired an LSD25 and had all the hippy additions that he gets in this and him being hitched up to that was pretty much the original idea. But then Katika came along. Katika evolved after I had tried to create two previous companions based on girlfriends of mine. When I separated from them I could never carry the characters on. So I wanted a companion that was created for Vogarth. Katika pretty much stole the show, but she also stole Astor Punks heart, really on the paper! He just became so lovable as we see him more and more through Katika’s eyes. She was a crazy inventor (suddenly I had a reason why AP had an acid gun), she had a mad sense of humour, she egged on AP - so long as he didnt hurt anyone - and she was sexy! They really grow into each other, over the stories they help each other become the Universes Greatest Couple! And this issue is where they meet - ladies and gentle men, I give you Astro Punk and Katika Ben Hunt June 2009 (oh by the way that’s me there in 1990 having to move because the squat I was living in was repossessed... Oh the things to come! The Gulf crisis, New Labour, The Prodigy, Hardfloor, Techno, 2001!!!)

Vogarth #2 - Let the Good Times Roll