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This special issue of Blast is a collection of the Blast strips in Classic Comix #1 & 2, written by Ben Hunt and Robyn Talbot and drawn by Ben Hunt. Blast is the best known superhero of the Classic Comix stable, originally created as a character for teen girls to get into, but was somehow a big hit with the boys. Ok so reality here.... Classic Comix is a four issue pseudo collection of Adventures from the annals of Classic Comix. The idea was that the story of the comic company was told through the comic strips. Also it meant Robyn and I could sit around making up stories that were similar to the sorts of stories we’d been into as kids. They were always funny to us, but also crazy and exciting! Anyway Blast filled an obvious gap in our made up Comix history; the big hitter - their Superman or Spiderman! We came up with the idea that it would be a woman, but kind of says all the same things that her male equivalent would. But she also needed a past and a real universe around her... Katy Brightman then came alive! As I quickly created the Origins story (it sets up the main strip to follow in CC#2), Robyn and I knew her whole history from bright and breezy college student to the angst ridden and moody DARK BLAST (and in no way reflecting the real genre change for darker characters and stories). This comic tells the that story, as Robyn took over drawing for Dark Blast. Enjoy, Ben 09

All art by Ben Hunt (c)

blast #1