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By MERCY & GRACE Are we Called & Redeemed And THE HOLY SPIRIT Is Enjoined With Every WORD Of TRUTH Truly The LORD JESUS has Promised unto all people, who will accept HIM to be our LORD and SAVIOUR, that HE & GOD THE FATHER by The HOLY SPIRIT, shall come into our body temple and Make us Partaker of THEIR Indwelling Presence. Even according to THIER Conditions of do not doubt, but humbly as a child trust and obey THEIR Written Spoken WORD. Whereby HIS Interceding GRACE we are Made Able to Abide in HIS Love. Even daily by The HOLY SPIRIT are we born afresh with New Strength and Desire with growing Love to know our LORD JESUS & Heavenly FATHER and Every Written WORD that THEY have Spoken. Whereby we grow also in the knowledge and the wisdom of THEIR Kingdom of Heaven. Oh! Truly! By MERCY and GRACE we are Called & Made Able, even with desire to turn form our, sinful ways that Transgress ( violate, sin against ) GOD

our SAVIOUR’S Eternal Governing 10-COMMANDMENT LAW of The Kingdom of Heaven. Thru the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John The LORD JESUS, with easy to understand WORDS, gives to us The TRUE and Faithful WAY to understand HIS, Written WORD by HIS Servant Moses & the Prophets. Whereby as we read or study The Letters by the Apostles Paul, Peter, James, John or Jude or The Writings of Moses or the Prophets. There is no confusion nor misunderstanding of what meaning and interpretation The LORD JESUS,

Declares and Places upon HIS and GOD THE FATHER’S GOSPEL. Truly if even the smallest most seemingly harmless sin could be justified, then The Eternal Governing LAW of The Kingdom of Heaven shall cease to be The Standard of TRUTH and Right Doing. And Heaven’s WAY of Peacefulness, Joy, Happiness of Life, shall fade away and the ways of this fallen World would find away to advance it’s treacherous, deceitful & lying ways through out The Kingdom of Heaven. For Satan and his angels would not be destroyed ( consumed unto ashes ) as Promised in GOD our SAVIOUR’S Written WORD. But must be allowed back into The Kingdom of Heaven.

Oh! Truly! All who choose to excuse or justify their sinful or wicked ways. Do what they do, not because they are not convicted by The HOLY SPIRIT. But choose to reject or not to hear The VOICE of Merciful Conviction. Because of self centered desires and lusts for, the ways or riches of this World. Where-in are man made laws, that justified or society it’s self excuses or gives support for sinful ways and wickedness our SAVIOUR’S Written WORD Condemns. Blessed are the Redeemed of all Generations. For They are Made Heirs of the Promise unto Abraham. Even Adopted and Accepted as Sons & Daughters of GOD THE FATHER. And Made Joint Heirs with The LORD JESUS. ( Gal. 3:29; Rms.8:17 )

Truly! Who of our fallen race is able comprehend or understand the Wonder-

ful LOVE, MERCY, SACRIFICE and GRACE of GOD THE FATHER, HIS “only Begotten SON” and The HOLY SPIRIT, which is poured out upon our fallen world. Even unto all who humbly accept and believe our SAVIOUR’S WORDS of Life Giving TRUTH, given to us, from Heaven’s THRONE of Grace. Even unto all generations, of all mankind who, with humble willing trusting faith Hear and Obey HEAVEN’S Sent TESTIMONY->Lay Hold of Heaven’s Merciful Interceding Gift & Power to Repent. And by Enabling GRACE, Made Able to live victorious over sin and all of Satan’s temptations. Truly as we humbly accept our SAVIOUR’S WORD and WAY of HIS Kingdom of Heaven to be our way. HIS Wonderful Promised Indwelling Presence , is Made a Living Experience. And each new day, even moment by moment our Love for our SAVIOUR and GOD THE FATHER ( WHO Sent HIM ) grows. And true sorrow move us to hate our old ways sin which separated us from our Loving Wonderful Heavenly FATHER, LORD JESUS and HOLY SPIRIT. And as we humbly behold The Price Paid to Make us Free from Satan’s power and The Power of The Eternal Death Prepared for Satan, his angels and all who will not repent. Truly we are moved with a willing mind as a child toward our Merciful Wonderful GODHEAD.

All The Power Of Heaven’s THRONE awaits to Help us, according to our need.

But we must do our part by faith, whereby as a child trust & obey our SAVIOUR’S WORD Of HIS Promised MERCY, whereby we are Made Partaker of HIS Promised Forgiveness and Enabling GRACE. Truly each new day, as we seek to know The TRUTH & The WAY GOD our SAVIOUR & GOD THE FATHER have Revealed in THEIR Written

WORD. The Power of THEIR MERCY& THEIR WAY of TRUTH and Righteousness, moves our whole being with understanding with wisdom and thankfulness to share our experience with others. But words are not able to reveal the Joy of our SAVIOUR’S Promised Indwelling Presence and Peace. Wherefore with loving thankfulness, moving deep with us, it is of the highest honor, to live the rest of our life’s journey, upholding our SAVIOUR’S and Heavenly FATHER’S. Knowing it is by The HOLY SPIRIT we are moved with a new mind with loving thankfulness, not of our own self , but it is by The MERCY & GRACE of our LORD JESUS & Heavenly FATHER Truly not one of us, is worthy of The Infinite Sacrifice Given, whereby The WAY Is Prepared and Sealed for our Freedom from Satan’ bondage and be Forgiven of all our sins. Oh! What joy it is to know and not doubt, that our sin’s no longer stand against us, and stand justified before The THRONE of GOD our SAVIOUR, for our sins are Covered by HIS Blood. And by and through HIS Resurrection and Interceding WORK in Heaven’s Sanctuary we have a Crown of Life Prepare and Waiting for us. Oh! Truly! With all the power of our being, even as long as we have life’s breath in us, may we choose to stand faithful not defile our character again with our old ways of sin. And each new day seek in earnest prayer to be born afresh of The HOLY SPIRIT. Confirming also our thankfulness and the surrender of our will unto our LORD and SAVIOUR. Not doubting HIS WAY according to HIS WRITTEN WORD by HIS Servant Moses, Prophets and Apostles. Again be assured and doubt not. For all who stand faithful. Are Made Joint Heirs with our LORD. Accepted and Adopted, even Made Sons & Daughters of

GOD THE FATHER. ( Rms. 8:17 ) Truly! Unto all who stand faithful. Are Made Partakers of Mighty and Wonderful GRACE. Born again, Sanctified & Created a New Creation. Mercifully Blessed with our SAVIOUR’S Desires & Ways. Even Made Partaker of HIS Devine

Nature with HIS, Motives and Intents of HIS, WAY of Tender Loving Kindness and Forgiveness with all Charity. Even whereby the Apostle Paul Declared, that his Victorious life of overcoming his carnal and sinful nature, was founded upon his Choice to Believe & not Doubt. But willingly surrendered his all to Trust & Obey our SAVIOUR’S every WORD. And Faithfully each New Day he, by MERCY was Empowered by GRACE with the Merits and

Strength of our SAVIOUR’S Faith. Given by GOD THE FATHER by the Mighty & Wonderful Workings of The HOLY SPIRIT. Whereby also if we by faith, Trust & Obey. Are by The HOLY SPIRIT ’S workings in us, Made Able to overcome and stand Victorious. Transformed from our fallen nature, into

the very likeness of the PRINCE of LIFE ( GOD our SAVIOUR ) ( CHRIST JESUS our LORD ). If we are walking upon the path of True Repentance Advancing in the faith the FAITH of JESUS. And each New Day, reconfirm our Commitment and Loyalty to GOD Our SAVIOUR. Hereby enjoined in us, is New & Refreshing Strength. Sent from GOD THE FATHER by the HOLY SPIRIT. Even by and through the SACRIFICE of HIS “ only Begotten SON ”. Our Great and

Merciful, All Gracious HIGH PRIEST and Judge. Who ever Lives and Intercedes for us. Even calling us, HIS Brother and Sister. By Wonderful Loving MERCY and GRACE we are adopted and made Sons and Daughters Of GOD


There awaits for us, a Crown of Life. Which the LORD HIMSELF shall place upon the head of HIS faithful of all generations. Even for all, who truly love HIM

and HIS Governing WAY of HIS, 10- COMMANDMENT COVENANT LAW of the Kingdom of Heaven. ( Rev. 14:12; Rev.22:14; Jn.14:21; Jn.5:24-29; Rev.12:17 ) A Voice, Sonny

Mercy and Grace  

Mercy and Grace

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