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Donington on Bain Parish Council


The minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 1st September 2011 in the village hall beginning with the public session at 7.20pm. Present were: Cllrs M Fisher chairman, Mrs J Scutt, Mrs J Roantree, Mrs T Burnham and F Beaney, the clerk Mrs A Hodgson, District Cllr D Simpson and one member of the public. County Cllr H Marfleet was present up to and including Agenda item 9. The chairman formally opened the Council meeting at 7.30pm. 123.11. Chairman remarks The chairman welcomed everyone and informed the Council that the recently published Bribery Act 2010 applied. 124.11. Apologies and reasons for absence- all councillors were present. 125.11. Declarations of Interest relating to matters on the agenda: none were declared as items 12 and 13 on the agenda would need to be deferred as Council was not quorate. 126.11. Council vacancies An application had been received from Mrs Alison Skitt. It was proposed by Cllr Beaney, seconded by Cllr Mrs Scutt and resolved that Mrs Skitt be co-opted to fill a vacancy. Mrs Skitt, sitting on the public bench, had read the Code of Conduct, signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office agreeing to observe the Code of Conduct and joined the Council. 127.11. Clerk’s notes of meeting held on 8th August 2011 to be approved as minutes. The notes having been circulated were taken as read. It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Roantree, seconded by Cllr Mrs Scutt and resolved that the minutes be signed as correct. 128.11. Clerk’s report on matters outstanding a) The moles were back in the churchyard and Recreation Area the contractor had reported. Cllr Beaney volunteered to remove the soil if he was aware when the grass was going to be cut as the cost was high for what had been only a temporary clearance. b) Cllr Beaney reported he had put the notice board on the lay bye. He was asked to remove it until the Council had obtained the necessary licence for erecting a structure on the verge. c) The ELDC Tree Officer deals with trees with a preservation order but had offered to look at the churchyard. He was to contact Cllr Fisher when in the area who would inform councillors d) Turner’s of Horncastle had added the name to the notice board- the invoice was now paid. e) Clerk gave details of updating of Asset Register as required for audit by Audit Commission. f) The Highway officer was to arrange for the low part of the Station Road sign to be removed. g ) A further full size Allotment had been applied for. Cllr Beaney to mark out next to half plots. h) Agreed clerk to convey thanks to retiring councillors for their work while in office. 129.11. Correspondence received. 1. LCC Draft Parking Policy- Cllr Fisher suggested there was nothing of concern to Council. 2. ELDC next Area Committee Meeting on 19th September. Cllr Fisher to have agenda. 3. ELDC Review of Polling Districts and places-agreed all satisfactory. 4. LALC AGM and Conference on 15th October at Horncastle- cost £21.50 including lunch. 5. A member of the public had sent an email to the Council offering to run the Parish Council website with a second member. The clerk suggested there appeared to be confusion with the facility provided free for Parish Councils by the County and a village website. The clerk to provide an update for the next meeting- agreed to link with the village where possible. Other items circulated in file together with a copy of the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 which details the responsibility of the Parish Council as Burial Authority. . 130.11. Application to Standards Committee for Dispensation Clerk gave reminder of need for Allotment tenants to Declare an Interest (Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007 which would leave the Council without a quorum.

84 A Dispensation could be applied for and Councillors Mrs T Burnham, Mrs A Skitt, Mrs J Roantree and F Beaney signed the form, countersigned by the clerk to be forwarded to the District Council’s Standards Committee for a decision, via the Monitoring Officer. 131.11. Highways and Public Rights of Way a) Cllr Fisher reported on meeting with the RSP officer for a ‘SID’ demonstration. Three councillors were given instruction. It was proposed by Cllr Beaney, seconded by Cllr Mrs Scutt and resolved that the devise be booked for two weeks from 19th September, that the councillors who had received training be given permission to use it and that a copy of the Council’s Employer’s liability insurance be supplied to the Road Safety Partnership. b) It was agreed that the Council take no action on the County Council’s suggestion that the parishes provide funding and volunteers for self help in severe conditions. A route from the village was always kept clear and the police were now to close Welsdale when contacted. It was stressed to Cllr Marfleet that the preferred route was that currently treated. 132.11. Planning: No applications had been received. It was noted that permission had been granted to Mr and Mrs Mohan N/042/00955/11. 133.11. Recreation Area-report on grant application. Dist. Cllr Simpson confirmed that he would provide £650 from his District Ward fund as requested by the clerk to purchase the bench and picnic table the Council had chosen. He was thanked for his contribution- the clerk to place the order for the furniture. Cllr Beaney reported the damaged table had been placed on his Allotment and he had levelled the ground at the pedestrian access. He would provide the tarmac as needed. 134.11.To note termination of tenancy and consider variation of the Agreement. This was deferred as there was not a quorum present available to vote. 135.11. Allotment Field (Small Holdings and Allotments Act) renewal of tenancies. This was deferred as there was not a quorum present available to vote. 136.11. Provision of Public Toilets. The clerk reported on the approach by the Rovers Football Club regarding the possibility of combining the project with the need to provide changing, shower and toilet facilities within the next five years if they were to continue playing in leagues. She had suggested the club officers meet informally with the Council to consider the possibilities which could be of benefit to both with evidence of greater need for grants and reduced cost. It was proposed by Cllr Fisher, seconded by Cllr Mrs Burnham and resolved that a meeting be arranged. 137.11. Annual Maintenance-Cemetery/Recreation Area hedges. It was agreed that four contractors be invited to tender. To be returned in sealed envelope provided, marked for opening at the meeting on Thursday 6 October 2011. 138.11. Elizabeth Loren Charity . No one had expressed interest as a Trustee of the Elizabeth Lornen Trust. The clerk read a brief history as councillors were not familiar with the Trust and it was agreed that as this information may be of interest to the public it would be included in the next Council News report. The clerk to approach the Charity Commission to query the accounts. 139.11. Request for ‘Children Playing’ sign on Meadow Croft It was agreed that this was not necessary. 140.11. Cemetery- to progress replacement path project. The clerk and chairman had arranged to meet with the contractor after the meeting to confirm the arrangements for the work to proceed with the contractor invoicing for the labour and the Council purchasing the materials to keep costs down.

85 Cllrs Fisher and Beaney had met to draw up a list of the contents of the Cemetery shed. A list was not provided for the Council file. Discussion ensued regarding a replacement shed and the clerk reminded the Council that no decision could be made as it was not an item on the agenda. To be included on next agenda.(Clerk’s note- no provision made in the 2011-2012 budget) 141.11. County Council Grant offer for bus Shelter Clerk had informed councillors of 50% offer, maximum £2000 (but possibly more now) and as interest was expressed she had obtained leaflets and an application form for a further grant from ELDC. Site previously suggested was on lay bye where no-one would be inconvenienced but it was near enough for school bus pick ups and Call Connect, while referring to a Community Shelter would provide evidence of added use and need. It was proposed by Cllr Beaney, seconded by Cllr Mrs Roantree and resolved that investigations continue. Cllr Simpson highlighted early deadline of 5-9-2011; clerk had assumed 30-9-11 and would endeavour to meet it, County share of grant to be spent by February. 142.11. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee The Village Hall Committee had been asked to arrange a celebration and a parishioner was asking for ideas. Cllr Fisher suggested the Council could perhaps coordinate with the Committee but it was agreed that individuals would volunteer to help as they wished. 143.11. Financial Matters. Income received: Allotment rent £5 Plus £30 to 2012 Cash for casual hire of MUGA

£35 £32

VAT refund of £241.69 had been applied for. Bills for payment ; Proposed by Cllr Beaney, seconded by Cllr Mrs Roantree and resolved to pay the invoice received from: AR and DF Chappell contract 314.00 £320.00 to be transferred. 144.11. Items for next agenda and dates for future meetings The date for the next meeting on Thursday 6th October was confirmed. Deferred agenda item12 to be added- Allotment rents will be due to be collected.


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