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Donington on Bain Parish Council


The minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 27th February 2012 in the village hall beginning with the public session at 7.20pm. Present were: Cllrs M Fisher chairman, Mrs J Roantree, Mrs J Scutt, Mrs A Skitt, F Beaney and P Slinger, the clerk Mrs A Hodgson and one member of the public. The chairman formally opened the Council meeting at 7.30pm. 22.12. Chairman remarks The chairman welcomed everyone present. 23.12. Apologies and reasons for absence. The clerk had received an apology in advance from Cllr Mrs Burnham and the reason was circulated in confidence. It was resolved unanimously to accept the reason. County Councillor H Marfleet had indicated he may arrive late. 24.12. Declarations of Interest relating to matters on the agenda. Councillors Mrs Roantree, Mrs Skitt and F Beaney declared a personal and prejudicial interest in agenda item 10 as tenants of Parish Allotments. Dispensation had been granted which allowed them to remain in the meeting, take part in the debate and vote. 25.12 Clerk’s notes of meeting held on 23rd January 2012 to be approved as minutes. The notes having been circulated were taken as read. It was resolved unanimously that the minutes be signed as a correct record. 26.12. Clerk’s report on matters outstanding a) 3.12. The Standards Boards function for handling complaints ended on 31 January, to be abolished on 31 March. Council waiting for guidance on new Code to be adopted by 1 July. b) 5.12 b. Litter behind Changing Room and pitch now cleared. “ d. Cllr Mrs Skitt to attend Broadband conference. c) It was noted that the MUGA was being used by the village school, yet no application had been made except for a telephone enquiry asking for free use. Clerk to write. d) The clerk had reported the purchase of the shelter to the insurers and it was automatically covered for public liability. Property insurance would be approx. £100, with £250 excess. e) 10.12. Anglian Water will inspect and report on what they can do. f) 15.12. Freedom of Information notice had been updated with new charge. The notice board doors were not secured and had blown open- agreed that chairman to be 2nd key holder. g) The Parish Council was registered again as an employer, now had to be electronically. h) There had been a request for a ‘no fouling ‘ sign on Mill Road- clerk to investigate. i) Best Kept Village Competition- clerk suggested ‘Community Tidy Up Day’. Agreed that help, materials be obtained from Keep Britain Tidy and ELDC. Thanks to be extended to Janet and Albert Martin who supply and maintain the flowering plants for village entrances. 27.12. Correspondence received 1. Ark Housing Consultancy on behalf of ELDC asked for information on Traveller sites-none. 2. ELDC acknowledged receipt of precept form. 3. ELDC Notice that Planning consultation notices and decisions to be sent electronically. 4. ELDC update of Register of Electors. 5. LCC updated copy of Safety Code of Practice CPE1 for grass mowing. 6. NALC Free Training, supporting Neighbourhood Planning- Cllr Slinger to attend. 7. Community Council –details of Insurance for PC’s, passed to Cllr Fisher who had agreed to have delegated responsibility for keeping Council up to date with insurance requirements. email- reminder from insurers on snow clearing by Parish Councils. “ Police Newsletter and Cllr H Marfleet Newsletter forwarded with consent. “ resident concerned of danger created by young riders without helmets or lights using the entrance to Meadowcroft as a BMX track. PC Clark had been contacted and had checked no damage was done. Would give

riders advice on lights, helmets and road safety- BMX Track would resolve the issue. Other items were circulated.


28.12. Risk Assessment Review. Aims 5 and 6 were reviewed without change. 29.12. Highways and Public Rights of Way The County Council had now made the shelter a Call Connect pick up point. The siting of a traffic cone outside the village pub was queried as it had been there for some considerable time and was causing inconvenience. The clerk to query with Highways. BW Maintenance to be asked to quote for cutting public paths under P3 Scheme. 30.12. Planning 042/00137/12 for extensions and alterations to 1,Station Road on site of part of existing dwelling which is to be demolished, erection of a detached double garage/workshop and first floor games room, provision of a new vehicular access and change of use of land to form an extension to the existing domestic curtilage. It was resolved unanimously to support 31.12. Allotment Field. All the existing plots now have tenants with one half plot under notice. Cllr Beaney had sketched a plan showing his suggestion for the next site for plots on the field next to the football pitch, proposing a wire fence with hedging as a barrier. The clerk was instructed to forward a copy to the Council’s insurers and ask for their advice. There was a request for a notice to be displayed asking dog owners to keep their animals under control on the field. 32.12.Fouling of Footways dogs and horses. A request for people to be more considerate to be included in the Council News report. 33.12. Annual Parish Meeting The clerk informed the Council that a Parish Meeting, the annual assembly of parish electors had to be held between 1st March and 1st June and was usually held in April. A talk on Community Led Planning had been suggested- she gave dates when officer available. It was agreed to confirm Monday 30th April, to be advertised in a Council News Report. It had been the custom in recent years to serve refreshments provided by clerk and councillors. 34.12. BMX Track The site for the track was again considered and it was resolved unanimously to use the land behind the Cemetery, noting that it would not be available before May 2013. The clerk to put in a request for consent for change of use of Allotment Land to the Secretary of State. 35.12. Churchyard. The Countryside Service has no funds for this financial year. A Field Officer would contact the Council regarding advice. Copy of ‘ Responsibility for Closed Churchyards’ circulated. 36.12. Council Website Clerk had sought advice from LALC on way forward and it was stressed that the Council must agree and adopt a publication policy. This will confirm what can be displayed /and or published where and when. Documents need to be provided in pdf format so that they cannot be tampered with, allowing the Council to remain in control. A reminder was given that hand written copies could be taken by anyone of any documents the Council had approved in the policy for display on the notice board- but councillors could decide not to have personal information on the Parish Council website if they wished. The clerk to prepare a draft for consideration and approval and it was agreed that it should include that copies of minutes, once approved should be displayed on the notice board. A copy of a draft Data Protection Policy was put in circulation for the Council to consider. 37.12. Public Toilets/Changing Rooms. No update had been received. Clerk to investigate and report on progress at next meeting.

38.12. Recreation Area/MUGA. 102 The updated inspection report had been received from Digleys but the clerk had noticed some discrepancies- it would be help to have the 2010 report returned to check. PLEASE CAN IT BE RETURNED TO THE PARISH COUNCIL Wicksteed to be asked to provide a quote for minor adjustments to equipment. After repeated requests the contractor had provided the information required and the clerk had instructed him to power wash the tiles and trim the vegetation from the dyke as agreed. A request was made for a sign to be displayed appealing to dog owners to keep their animals under control on the field, particularly around the Allotments. 39.12. Standing Orders- to consider for adoption A copy of the NALC Draft of Standing orders plus Law and Procedure for Local Councils had been in circulation for councillors to study. The clerk pointed out that many were compulsory (printed in bold for easy identification) and were applied when calling meetings and in governance arrangements so that meetings and decisions made were lawful. Chapter 1 Meetings- copy of draft as provisionally agreed attached. 40.12. Financial matters. a) Retrospective payment for shelter. The clerk explained how finances had been depleted after paying for the Cemetery Path and the shelter invoice had to be paid to claim the ELDC grant. She had had to submit the VAT claim to raise the amount needed and when this was received, in consultation with the chairman the shelter invoice was paid and the grant application made to ELDC. 90% had been paid and the remaining 10% would follow when the form provided was completed and returned. This queried the benefit to the parish and the use it was put to- it was noted that walkers had already been observed eating their sandwiches before the rambling season had started. The clerk reported on the support and willing help she had been given by officers at East Lindsey and at the County Council in particular as they had assisted in ensuring the project was accomplished in the short time scale available to claim the grant- with a rewarding result. It was proposed, seconded and resolved unanimously to approve payment of the invoice. 000663 Littlethorpe of Leicester Limited £5709.60. VAT of £951.60 reclaimed. £5,700.00 transferred. b) Income received: Lloyds TSB Interest January Allotment Rent (outstanding) LCC ‘Big Society’ grant VAT refund ELDC advised of BACS payment

21p 35.00 750.00 1,620.13 2,321.00

41.12. Items for next agenda and confirm date of next meeting. The date for the next meeting on Monday 26th March 2012 was confirmed. The agenda to include items as discussed including finalising arrangements for Parish Meeting. The meeting closed at 10.00pm.


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