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Donington on Bain Parish Council


The clerk’s notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 26th November 2012 in the village hall beginning with the public session at 7.20pm. Present were: Cllrs M Fisher chairman, Mrs J Roantree, Mrs T Burnham, Mrs A Skitt, Mrs J Scutt, P Slinger and F Beaney, the clerk Mrs A Hodgson and one member of the public. F Beaney left at 8pm and J Roantree at 9.20pm for family reasons. Cllr Fisher formally opened the Council meeting at 7.30pm. 194.12. Chairman’s remarks The chairman welcomed members. 195.12. Apologies and reasons for absence- all members present. 196.12. Localism Act 2011- to receive Declarations of Interests/requests for Dispensation. S.33 of the 2011 Act provides that a Parish Council may grant a dispensation to a member (not exceeding a period of 4 years) in respect of restrictions which apply to him/her at a meeting which is considering a matter in which he/she holds a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest. S.33(2) confirms the relevant circumstances to be considered. An application had been received from Cllr Mrs Skitt and the clerk recommended adopting the form that LALC had prepared for dispensation applications. It waived the need for members to write a letter and all the information was recorded on one sheet to simplify the filing system. It was unanimously resolved to adopt the LALC application form. The clerk informed the council that by virtue of s.33 (4) of the Localism Act 2011 a member is free to participate and vote on the question of granting him/ herself a dispensation. Cllr Mrs Skitt completed the form providing all the information needed as an Allotment tenant and It was resolved unanimously that dispensation be granted until May 2015. 197.12. Clerk’s notes of the meeting held on 22nd October 2012 to be approved as minutes. The notes having been circulated in advance were taken as read. Cllr Mrs Skitt pointed out the clerk’s error at minute 187.12. The incorrect date was replaced with 2013 and the correction was initialled by the clerk and chairman. Minute 176.12-Cllr Beaney asked for ‘The evidence was not available’ to be deleted but as the record was not on the council file, Cllr Beaney proposed and it was resolved to add ‘the Council accepts the word of Cllr Beaney that the consultation has taken place, as confirmed by Cllrs J Roantree and T Burnham, also residents of Meadowcroft’. It was then resolved with five votes in favour that the minutes be signed as a correct record of the meeting. There were two abstentions due to absence on 22-10-2012. 198.12. Clerk’s report on matters outstanding a) 117.12- SID scheme had ended. Parish Councils to be informed if replacement available. PCSO to be asked to visit at school starting and leaving times b) 117.12 -the PCSO had been out and checked parking but few vehicles and no obstructions. She suggested Highways as the best option -if no satisfaction the police could look at arranging a letter drop asking owners to park responsibly. Clerk to keep her informed. c) 178.12- the clerk had prepared a page on bus pass renewal published in church newsletter d) 178.12-LALC credit note received for invoice addressed to wrong Donington village. e) Clerk to write and thank Cadet Justin Burnham for laying the poppy wreath at the service. 199.12. Correspondence received 1. ELDC –consultation on Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. The document with map showing sites identified, circulated for response in January. Members please take notes to bring to meeting for debate/vote on suitability, availability and viability. Due to size, full document only available on 2. ELDC offering free sand bags in preparation for possible flooding- 500 to be ordered. 3. HMRC notice of PAYE Real Time from April 2013. . Other items were circulated.

200.12. Highways and Public Rights of Way Request to be made for ‘warning of children’ sign to be replaced on Station Road. Flooding at entrance to Meadowcroft after heavy rainfall to be reported.


201.12. Planning Mrs Shorland booked to speak on Neighbourhood Planning at 7pm on January 28th 2012. There were no planning applications to consider and no decisions to note. Consultation on Draft Core Strategy – policies generally supported apart from ‘Rural Exceptions’ and ‘Gypsies, Travellers and Show People’. A moderately dispersed distribution of growth was preferred as the council does not believe the medium and small villages have the infrastructure to accommodate more dwellings. Affordable housing is needed. Consultation on Draft Housing Strategy – it was agreed that the priorities identified accurately reflect housing needs in the District. 202.12. Allotment Field- Small Holding and Allotments Act 1908 The clerk reported on outstanding debts and was instructed to write to the respective tenants giving notice that if rent not paid by 31/12/ 2012 the plots would be repossessed. The applicant had not accepted the offer of one and a half plots. The half plot had been offered to a new applicant with an appointment to sign the Tenancy Agreement and pay the rent prior to the meeting but there had been no response. Cllr Fisher had made investigations regarding leasing the land to a Committee but had discovered it was not feasible. Clerk gave reminder that the council had a duty to provide Allotments for parishioners if there is a demand and land had been purchased to do this. 203.12. BMX Track It was agreed that the clerk approach contractors with a view to obtaining an estimate of costs and a plan. This would enable application for grants plus planning permission/ change of use to enable the council to debate and resolve if the project could proceed. 204.12. Access track improvements There had been complaints from tenants that the access track was impassable during wet weather last winter. The Football Club had reported vehicles being driven over the pitch. The clerk to invite quotes from contractors prior to agreeing the budget/setting the precept. 205.12. Reclaimed Land It was agreed that the area between the football pitch/MUGA and the allotments should be made available for hay making again if there was any interest. To be advertised in church newsletter with offers invited. The boundary of the land will need to be marked out to avoid the interference experienced this year (as recommended when advice sought from NALC Legal). Arrangements to be made for contract grass cutting with the designated BMX area-suggested three cuts annually as programme for public footpaths- to be included in the budget. 206.12. Church yard The clerk had written to the secretary of the PCC Asterby Group (as recommended by Rev P Costin) and received a very prompt reply followed by a telephone call. It had been decided to have a proper survey done regarding the stability of the wall for consideration at the PCC meeting in January which would lead to a more satisfactory outcome. The cost would be borne by the St Andrews Village Church Committee but in her phone call the secretary queried the survey undertaken by the church architect, suggesting that may suffice. The clerk had stressed that at no time had the Parish Council requested a survey-the architect had been asked for names of contractors the PC could contact as suggested by the secretary to the Diocese Committee. The architect had insisted he needed to make a site visit to remind him of the work required and met the chairman of the PC and the clerk. The council was assured the matter would be resolved when the new survey was done and the PCC had agreed the course of action. Decision on Parish Meeting deferred until further information available. 207.12. Multi Use Games Area Moss not yet removed. It was resolved to accept offer to undertake the work from Football Club officer who has a licence and insurance. The estimated cost of the materials was £45.

Council informed that black bins had been installed- keys to be given to co-ordinator. Hedge trimming to be considered at agenda item 23.


208.12. Toilet facilities-way forward. It was agreed to arrange a further informal meeting to consider the possibilities and funding. 209.12. Recreation Area Hedge trimming/dyke trimming to be considered at agenda item 23. 210.12.Cemetery Trimming of the Cemetery hedges to be considered at agenda item 23. 211.12. Amenity Grass Cutting 2013 £230 and £367 to cover increase in cost of fuel for the third year of three year contract. The October cut had been abandoned due to the weather. Signed cheque cancelled. The contractor reported the moles were back, a hazard for machinery and the public. The clerk to obtain quotes for the next meeting. 212.12. Dog Watch Co-ordinators Two residents were interested in assisting and were to contact the warden-forms supplied. 213.12. Localism Act 2011- Training The Chief Executive of LALC had agreed to provide a training session in the new year on a date to be arranged when all councillors available. Other councils to be invited. 214.12. Recreation Area sign (Financial Regulations Contracts) Minute 192.12 (d) Cllr Slinger had obtained two samples of materials as original quote. The supplier had emailed a second quote but the clerk advised this must be disqualified. It was resolved that the clerk be instructed to place an order with Ian Burton of Complete Signs, Manby for a sign made of aluminium composite with wooden post at £42.50. 215.12.Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 -to consider quotes. It was resolved unanimously that the Council move into closed session to consider quotes/ reports received from tree surgeons and hedge trimming, dyke trimming contractors. The member of the public had left the meeting. 216.12.Financial Regulations (Contracts) 11(h) (i) and 10.3. 1. Three invitations, one quote received and opened. Cemetery hedge £325, Recreation Area hedge (twice) £30, Allotment Field hedge £200, cut vegetation on dyke £115, total £670. Resolved unanimously to award contract to BW Maintenance. 2. Four invitations, 2 quotes received and opened offering to inspect and prepare legal reports. Dead beech tree needs removing (£75). No action at this stage until reply received from PCC. 217.12. Financial matters Income received: Lloyds TSB interest October Allotment rent (Cancelled cheque 000695 credit 215.00) Bills for payment: It was resolved unanimously that the following invoices be paid: 000694 Glasdon bins 000697 Royal British Legion (Section 137payment) 000698 BW Maintenance P3 grass cutting 000699 A Hodgson admin. exp. 1/7/2012 to 30/9.2012

28p 285.00

601.02 25.00 486.00 36.35

218.12. Items for next agenda and confirm date for meeting on Monday 28th January 2013. Draft budget, precept, quotes, Housing Land Availability. The meeting closed at 10.03pm.