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Donington on Bain Parish Council


The clerk’s notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 28th January 2013 in the village hall beginning with the public session at 7.30pm. Present were: Cllrs M Fisher chairman, Mrs J Roantree, Mrs T Burnham, Mrs A Skitt, Mrs J Scutt, P Slinger and F Beaney, and the clerk Mrs A Hodgson. One member of the public joined councillors to hear ELDC officer Mrs A Shorland give an introduction to Neighbourhood Planning but she did not arrive. The member of the public left. Cllr Fisher formally opened the Council meeting at 7.40pm. O1.13. Chairman’s remarks The chairman welcomed members, explained that the correspondence folder containing the SHLAA documents had been mislaid and he would propose to defer agenda item 8.3 02.13. Apologies and reasons for absence- all members present. 03.13. Localism Act 2011- to receive Declarations of Interests/requests for Dispensation. The clerk had issued a reminder to councillors of their responsibility to register their DPI’s. All had been provided with a Dispensation form as advised by LALC for setting the precept. Cllr Slinger had consulted the Monitoring Officer and informed the meeting that he could not take part as by failing to register a disclosable interest he had committed a criminal offence. The clerk advised that under s.31(2) and (3) of the 2011 Act a member must disclose the interest at the meeting and register it with the officer within 28 days if it was not on register. Cllr Slinger declared the interest and his intention to forward a new register to the officer. Applications for Dispensations were received from: J Scutt interest as owner of land at Armadillo Lodge., Old School Lane. It was resolved unanimously to grant Dispensation to resolve precept to 2015. M Fisher interest as owner of land at Yon End, Old School Lane. It was resolved unanimously to grant Dispensation to resolve precept to 2015. T Burnham interest as owner of land at 11 Meadowcroft. It was resolved unanimously to grant Dispensation to resolve precept to 2015. A Skitt interest as owner of land at Corner Cottage, Hollengs Lane and No2 Old School Lane. It was resolved unanimously to grant Dispensation to resolve precept to 2015. F Beaney interest as owner of land at 12 Meadowcroft. It was resolved unanimously to grant Dispensation to resolve precept to 2015. J Roantree interest as owner of land at Newgate Lodge, Meadowcroft. It was resolved unanimously to grant Dispensation to resolve precept to 2015. P Slinger interest as owner of land at Kestrels, Main Road. It was resolved unanimously to grant Dispensation to resolve precept to 2015. 04.13. Clerk’s notes of the meeting held on 26th November 2012 to be approved as minutes. The notes having been circulated in advance were taken as read. The clerk asked members to correct the page numbers on their notes as loose leaf minutes must be consecutive. The file copy and that provided as clerk’s notes for the village website were numbered correctly. It was resolved unanimously that the minutes be signed as a correct record. 05.13. Clerk’s report on matters outstanding a) 198.12- PCSO was negotiating with the school regarding starting and leaving time traffic. Highways to be reminded of parking complaint when weather conditions improve. b) 199.12- 200 sandbags were ordered: if you need some please contact a councillor. c) 200.12-new drainage system working well at Meadowcroft –now jetted and route checked. d) 209.12-Clerk had provided content for church news advert- editor apologised for omitting it e) 213.12-Dates for members training on Code of Conduct and behaviour, next agenda item.

06.13. Correspondence received 133 1. Offers from ’Sign Clear’ for road signs and ‘Future Clean’ for general cleaning-no action. 2. ELDC new Register of Electors for 2013 available with monthly update. 3. Wolds Facilities Guide-no change 4. Came and Co. reminder of council responsibility for insurance in winter conditions. 5. Community Lincs offer of training by ROSPA for play equipment volunteers-no action. 6. Review of Electoral Boundaries in East Lindsey-, no observations, poster displayed. 7. LALC news- A Skitt to attend inspection of play equipment training day. Other items were circulated in folder. 07.13. Highways and Public Rights of Way P3 grant application approved. 08.13. Planning 1. There were no applications or decisions to note. 2. No action as talk not given. 3. Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment- The chairman proposed and it was resolved unanimously that this item be deferred to the next meeting. Copies of documents circulated. 09.13. Allotment Field- Small Holding and Allotments Act 1908 1. The clerk reminded the council of the terms of the Tenancy Agreement. Not more that one quarters rent may be required in advance. Clause 2, Note 2. Clerk had delivered reminders by hand to those in debt to the parish and a second letter by post to two tenants who had ignored the first. They had been reminded of Clause 3- the legal requirement to give 12 months notice in writing to the council if they wish to end the tenancy. Two had given notice to 30th September, two after the reminder to 31st December. Councillors had been provided with a draft copy of an Allotment Policy giving delegated powers to the RFO/Proper Officer to let, invoice and receive payments for Allotments to avoid time wasting and ensure that all expected income is fully received as per the budget. Applicants for an Allotment in future will be asked to pay a deposit equal to the annual rent for the plot. It will be refunded minus £5 for administration if the tenancy does not proceed and refunded in full at the end of a successful tenancy if all debts are paid and the plot is left in good order. Charges to be reviewed annually as required by Financial Regulations It was resolved unanimously that the policy be adopted as a Standing Order. A recommendation that tenants who do not reside in the parish be asked to pay a fee to cover the extra costs involved was not discussed – to be on the next agenda. 2. It was resolved unanimously to formally adopt a Standing Order giving delegated powers to the RFO/Proper Officer to invoice and receive payments from parish land licence holders and graziers and accept and invoice applications for tennis membership and collect fees. 10.13. Public Bodies (Admission to meetings) Act 1960. It was resolved to move into closed session to consider quotes received. There were no members of the public present. 11.13. To consider quotes received. Mole hazard- Two invitations to quote, two received and opened. One for two visits10 days apart, one for a years clearance in 4x4 weekly periods when most active. It was resolved to take no action. Clerk reminded council of duty of care to members of the public on parish land as moles had in the past been cleared regularly. Contractor to be asked to inform when he is due to cut and members will spread the soil. Access track- three quotes were invited, one received and opened. It was resolved to take no action – grants to be investigated. Play equipment repairs- Two invitations to quote, one received and opened. Resolved to take no action but clerk to attempt to obtain more quotes. Clerk reminded council that repairs needed were outstanding from 2010 and annual independent inspection was due in January 2013 to comply with insurance conditions. BMX track- three quotes invited, one received and opened. Resolved to take no action- cyclists to attempt to set up their own club and obtain planning permission and adequate insurance before applying to rent parish land.

The chairman re-opened the meeting.


12.13. BMX Track A local farmer had offered an area of land adjacent to the village which included the remains of the old railway line which he considered would provide a basis for a cycle track. He would make the facilities available if an affiliated club was established with someone to organise and run it. The council agreed there was potential for the future if there was a demand for competition when the young people gained experience, but too ambitious for the council. The clerk to thank him for his offer. 13.13. Maintenance of reclaimed land. This was not considered as the advertisement had not yet been published. 14.13.Church yard No letter received but the clerk had been told the Asterby Group PCC had met. 15.13. Multi Use Games Area. The moss was increasing on the surface-chairman volunteered to investigate. A new covered replacement bin had been purchased for the court but the messy open bin was still there- and used for depositing dog mess. Notices had been displayed reminding owners it was emptied by hand by volunteers which had helped. It was agreed it should be removed as the new replacement bin had been put on the fence in the Recreation Area. 16.13. Toilet facilities. The chairman had been in discussion with the club manager who wanted to meet the planning officer. Clerk to contact and make arrangements. The Lincs Wolds officer was investigating what was available to help reduce running costs to prevent the building being a burden on the parish. 17.13. Recreation Area The sign had been placed on the fence, not on the post which was purchased with it. It was resolved unanimously that the site and sign were satisfactory and approved. Concern was expressed about the wording on the sign near the football pitch- to be on next agenda 18.13. Dog Watch Co-ordinators M Fisher is a volunteer co-ordinator- notices are displayed giving his contact details. A second volunteer is waiting for a reply from the warden. 19.13. Financial matters: The clerk had prepared and circulated copies of the draft budget for consideration. It was resolved unanimously that it should be adopted and the precept was set at ÂŁ5653. 0.52 Income received: Lloyds TSB interest November 27p December 25p Allotment rent 165.00 Football Club Licence 50.00 Interment of cremated remains 50.00 Bills for payment: It was resolved unanimously that the following invoices be paid: 000700 M Furminger meter box repair 000701 Southern Electric 000702 Complete Signs 000703 A Hodgson salary (nil tax code) 000704 A Hodgson admin. exp. reimbursed 1/10/12 to 3/12/12

55.00 18.88 42.50 213.98 34.25

20.13. Items for next agenda and confirm date for meeting on Monday 25th February 2013. Response to Housing Land Availability Assessment. The meeting closed at 9.45pm.


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