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Donington on Bain Parish Council


The clerk’s notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 25th February 2013 in the village hall beginning with the public session at 7.30pm. Present were: Cllrs M Fisher chairman, Mrs J Roantree, Mrs T Burnham, Mrs A Skitt, P Slinger and F Beaney, two members of the public and the clerk Mrs A Hodgson. Cllr Fisher formally opened the Council meeting at 7.40pm. 21.13. Chairman’s remarks The chairman welcomed members. 22.13. Apologies and reasons for absence Mrs J Scutt had given her apologies in advance to the clerk and the reason was circulated in confidence. It was resolved unanimously to accept the reason. 23.13. Localism Act 2011- to receive Declarations of Interests/requests for Dispensation. The clerk had reminded five members at the January meeting that they could not apply for dispensation as residents of the parish, only as members of the council. They then inserted details of the land in which they had declared an interest/registered in their ‘Disclosable Pecuniary Interests’ in accordance with the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council. The applications were then passed to the chairman who invited the council to vote without an inspection. The clerk checked later before signing and discovered that all had applied for a period of three years. The law does not allow the period for dispensation to extend beyond the members current term of office, May 2015. The clerk inserted the date 2015 and invited the members present to initial the change so that the applications could be signed as recorded at minute 03.13 for the parish records. J Roantree and P Slinger had completed their forms accurately with the required information There were no further applications for Dispensation or Declarations of Interest. 24.13. Clerk’s notes of the meeting held on 28th January 2013 to be approved as minutes. The notes having been circulated in advance were taken as read. It was resolved unanimously that the minutes be signed as a correct record. 25.13. Clerk’s report on matters outstanding a) 05.13 Invoice had been received for advert in church news-incorrect information not charged for b) 05.13 The sandbags are stored undercover and are available by contacting any councillor. c) 15.13 Dog mess had again been placed in the old open bin before it had been removed. d) 17.13 A post had been purchased with the Recreation Area sign and not used and is stored at the home of P Slinger. To be included on Asset Register. He is also storing the flood boards, putting them out on Biscathorpe Hill as necessary. New bins in the Recreation Area and on Football Club hut to be added to Register. e) 18.13 Ann Wright has now been appointed as a dog watch co-ordinator and contact details for both are displayed. Please inform them of any anti-social problems, in confidence, which require the attention of the Dog Warden. e) A resident had asked if a member of the council could clear up broken glass which is often left at the recycling centre for several days creating a hazard for pets and pedestrians. The clerk to ask at East Lindsey if more care can be taken when the glass is removed. f) Parish keys: the clerk had handed the bunch to the chairman who had volunteered to pass them to F Beaney when he was refurbishing the notice board at the lay bye. F Beaney returned the notice board key to the clerk but the others are missing- information needed. 26.13. Correspondence received 1. ELDC information on East Lindsey Live, an events programme including the SO Festival from 28th June to 7th July. Community Groups invited to take part and use the ELL logo. 2. ELDC Monitoring Officer had asked the clerk to pass on letters and DPI forms to two members as she did not have addresses for them. They were hand delivered. 3. ELDC giving reminder of correct call-in procedure for planning applications. There is no 135

136 power of call-in by a Parish but the power is available to ward councillors on its behalf. 4. November correspondence folder still missing- no ideas for monitoring circulation. 5. The January folder had still not been fully circulated. Other items were circulated in new folder. 27.13. Highways and Public Rights of Way Clerk to obtain quote for cutting/strimming the public footpaths under the P3 scheme. 28.13. Planning 1. Application N/042/00183/13 for the erection of a detached house, a detached building to provide a double garage, w.c. work shops and storage with a home office and games room on the first floor and construction of a vehicular access on land at Simon’s Close had been received from Mr Andrew Butt. It was agreed that it should be considered. Agreed no observations. 2. To note application received between meetings: N/042/02597/12 for creation of a new channel on the River Bain to bypass the existing mill from Mr R Osmond, The Mill, Welsdale Road. Details were emailed to members and no comments were received. 3. Strategic Housing Land Availability AssessmentPotential sites: Total estimated capacity for the village 12. DOB 301- Discounted capacity 5: Department to be reminded that application N/042/0183/13 for one dwelling on the site was currently being considered by officers. DOB 302- Discounted capacity 7: Viability of site, restricted access at present plus public footpath. Sites discounted: DOB 201 capacity 3; DOB 203 capacity 1; DOB 205 capacity 2; DOB 206 capacity 2, total 8. No observations were made on the suggested sites. No other sites in the parish were put forward for consideration. 29.13. Allotment Field- Small Holding and Allotments Act 1908 NALC Legal had provided a new draft Allotment Tenancy Agreement which was put in circulation. The clerk recommended that completion of the Council Allotment Policy (adopted as minute09.13) be deferred until final details had been confirmed. 30.13. Churchyard-Parish Council responsible for tree survey. The clerk had contacted the Diocesan Secretary who confirmed the Parish was responsible for the survey of trees in the church yard. The quinquennial inspection by an architect covered the fabric of the building. The clerk had issued copies of advice from the insurance provider including the importance of regular inspections. They recommended that council’s responsible for trees have a survey carried out by a qualified Aboriculturalist and that the council follows the advice in his report. M Fisher said he had found information that suggested this was not necessary in a churchyard as it was considered to be low usage. The documents were put in circulation. The clerk was instructed to obtain quotes for work on the two cherry trees to clear the telephone wires and for work on the willow to clear the telephone wires and make it safe. 31.13. Football Club notice erected to deter dog owners from fouling the pitch. This had been considered earlier in the meeting as Cllr Beaney had asked for the item to be brought forward so that the Football Club representative could leave early. It had been explained during the public session that owners allowing their dogs to foul the pitch had prompted the sign with a view to keeping them off it. F Beaney objected to the wording as it was a public area where dogs should be allowed and he wanted it changed. It was resolved to take no action unless a formal complaint was made in writing to the Council. 32.13. Localism Act 2011- to agree dates for councillor training on the Members Code of Conduct The Monitoring Officer had asked the Council to arrange training for all members of the Council on the Members Code and in particular best professional and proportionate behaviour for councillors and the legal limits on what a Parish Councillor can and cannot do without formal delegation of authority to act for their Parish Council. Dates were needed to submit to the LALC officers and Cllr Beaney said he would not be available and did not think all members should have to attend training for action he had taken. M Fisher said he would contact the Monitoring Officer. 136

137 33.13. Annual Governance Statement, sec.5/ to show council considered the risks it faces 1.The clerk gave a reminder that the internal auditor had asked that the Council complete their part of the Annual Return honestly and with due care and attention and there was a need to review the Risk Assessment as required by Accounts and Audit Regulations. The clerk had supplied members with aims 1-4 and a reminder of the insurers top ten list of areas giving rise to public liability claims. All had a copy of the risks and methods used to minimise the risks. 2.The clerk to arrange for parts of the Risk Assessment to be added to each agenda. 34.13. Recreation Area /MUGA- to consider replacement bin for tennis season It was agreed that the two bins be left in the Recreation Area and the situation at the court be monitored as players could be asked to use the one on the Football Club Changing Room. The clerk to instruct Digley Associates to undertake the annual Independent Inspection which had been due in January 2013. 35.13. Public Bodies (Admission to meetings) Act 1960. It was resolved to move into closed session to consider quotes received. The members of the public had left the meeting. 36.13. Annual Inspection Report, outstanding repairs. It was agreed a quote received after the closing date should be opened and considered. It was not itemised and gave just the total amount. No further quotes had been received. The chairman wanted to look at the inspection report again to check on the overdue issues 37.13. Access track to Allotments It was agreed that a quote received after the closing date be opened and considered. A local firm had prepared a very detailed and comprehensive plan for an access from the highway along by the MUGA and up the full length of the Allotment Field, creating a solid base and a boundary for the Allotment area. It was suggested that the soil removed could be left on site to help to cut costs for the young people’s BMX track if it went ahead. The clerk was instructed to thank the owner and inform him that the Parish Council would use its own volunteers. No arrangements were made for the work to be undertaken. The chairman re-opened the meeting. 38.13. Financial matters: Income received: Lloyds TSB interest January Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave Grant 96 Interment in a grave 133 Block A Stenigot Estate for herbage (now cultivated) Bills for payment: It was resolved unanimously that the following invoice be paid: 000705 Parish of Asterby Group for advertisement (corrected)

0.24 100.00 100.00 60.00


39.13. Items for next agenda and confirm date for meeting on Monday 25th March 2013. Mrs Shorland had apologised for her non attendance at the January meeting- she had not carried the date forward in her diary. She offered to attend a future meeting and the clerk suggested the annual Parish Meeting as it would give parishioners an opportunity to be involved. It was agreed to arrange it for Monday 29th April and Mrs Shorland would be invited to give advice on preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. The clerk had discovered that the annual meeting of the Parish Council was booked on a Bank Holiday and would need to change. It was agreed to hold it on Tuesday 28th May 2013. The meeting closed at 9.20pm.