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aking into account the great city of New York and not set aside to Miami are the major powers when it comes to fashion in the United States; taking out all these taboos that differ with ours, either Clearwater, Tampa, etc. , we can say that we have many similarities, we have beaches, beautiful women (Latin, American, of all countries), we have good fashion designers, because each year the universities put more enphazis the current fashion, to be updated on a daily basis in the tools to be a good designer and able to compete with the great masters, which undoubtedly will say that women may enjoy the ranges of sensual colors and styles that we see in

every closet of every woman. The idea of this new magazine is opening to give all new designers a support since each day there are more designers without who can guide them, and be consistent with the cruel fate that may be the time to belittle the young talent, and VOCESS was created for fashion designers who hope one chance in life, to show their talent, and that the only thing they do is satisfy us, with styles and colors, and thanks to them we can shine impeccable at a party you have to or when your friends have a reunion with your business partners, or leave a romantic dinner with your partner.

“ The fate can be cruel, but it is more cruel if you not dare” With a group full of creative talent and undoubtedly full of desire to succeed and give a new magazine model by which all of you loyal readers our future, can enjoy lying in bed, a comfortable sofa, with your “friend” of your partner or in your “free-time” , at the hour of work when you should take a “break”.

I can say that over the creation of VOCESS; has been able to meet people with a lot of talent (photographers, models, make-up artists, designers, etc..) Which at the time of collaborating in the magazine, taking into account since the beginning of its creation people like Donna Crowley (Shareholder), with effort and sacrifice has been in the struggle to give our readers this magazine and for which it has been possible to put an identity, but like everyone has their dispute, have also crossed into our way “talented people” who wanted to destroy our reputation, or better still, your magazine, but thanks to the help of God we managed to fight

staff and continue on the path of victory. And now we can say that this magazine will have the purpose of demonstrating the talent that the name of our magazine, not silence the voices “VOCESS” talent either Latin, American or Europe; it must be emphasized that VOCESS, aims to contribute Internationally and locally, people with diabetes early, “Meche Foundation” and do not have the information or money to pay for their medications or a wheelchair, which is why it was thought that each edition of the month, there will be a Fashion Show with designers who will be a monthly in YOUR magazine. Giving a welcome to your new magazine fashion and most of all thanking God that managed to put on my way to the right people, my parents and brother (Franklin Orellana, Franklin Jr. Orellana. Elsy Arroba), with tips and a desire to fight not to let down our arms, and especially my wife (Digna Sanyer Orellana Vice-President) that despite our distance, that desired, that she has given me to achieve my goals and strength, “I love you”, and Finally thanks Ramsel Aguilar, MarK Powell and his wife, Mario Gomez, Tati Pastor, my in-laws (Marcos Sanyer, Mercedes Sanyer), “Roberto Hernandez”, “Brandon Pierre”, and many more, always will bear in mind. This magazine is dedicated to my little brother “my puppie” COKITO, from heaven, must be moving his tail “I love you”, and my friends Milton “JEFFERSON University” and Beatriz “CEM’s friends”, whose departure is the beginning of a new life and as I have always said you never ceases to exist, because they live in the hearts and memories of our loved ones.

“ The fate can be cruel, but it is more cruel if you not dare”

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fashion designer


by: Xavier Orellana

Interviewer: Mario Gomez, you have been involved with fashion most of your life. Tell me, how did you come to get involved in fashion? Mario Gomez: Fashion is part of my family. In fact, I am related to three generations of designers in Venezuela. When I was younger, I started to study dentistry, but ended up working in fashion because I was needed in my family’s business. I learned a great deal from my family, but extended my studies in Venezuela and Switzerland. I moved to Tampa several years ago and started my business in this county. How does the fashion business differ in the U.S. compared to Venezuela? In Venezuela, I lived in Caracas where there are many more fashion activies such as pageants, and there is a greater interest in desinger fashion in the general public. In the U.S., consumers are more interested in buying clothes off the rack. Consomers here do not give the time for hand crafted work or pay for the craftsmanship. What about fashion in the U.S.? Much of the influence of fashion comes from Europe, especially France

and Italy where there is a great focus on color and style. The American designers tend to have simpler designs. What about Florida? Does Florida have a place in the international fashion world? Florida has one of the best academies of design in Tampa. As a result of this, there are many local fashion designers who have tremendous talent. Of course, Miami also is a significant center of fashion— especially during fashion week. Tell us about your work? How would you characterize your fashion vision? All of my work is custom made. Thus, I work with a client to find out exactly what they want. I adapt my work to the client and the event. This allows me to be creative, whether I am working on a pageant ensemble or a wedding gown. What is the inspiration for this collection? The collection will be influenced by the fashions of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Of course, I will work with silk and the focus will be on A-line, bias cuts, and vibrant tropical colors. I will use some linen and patent leather as well. The design is influenced by the weather in Florida. The collection will be beautiful, but comfortable.

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Silk beaded kimono dress with border in boths sides, hair style by Graff Steve, make-up by Judith, model Diana Smith, photography by Mark Powell.

Silk beaded kimono dress with border in boths sides, hair style by Graff Steve, make-up by Judith, model Diana Smith, photography by Mark Powell.

fashion designer


by: Xavier Orellana

Dr. Karen Wolstein was born in New York, but has resided in Dunedin, Florida since 1970. She went to Florida State University where she received her bachelors degree in Business Marketing and Management, as well as a masters degree in Sports Medicine. She attended chiropractic school at Life College in Atlanta and has been practicing as a chiropractic physician since 1993.

to embellish clothes, shoes, belts, pens, sunglasses, furniture, and even wheels on a car. Karen has done work for entertainers and athletes, blinging their outfits - be it a dress or a sweat suit. She has ‘blinged’ the MMA WFC ring girls’ outfits, as well as kids skating outfits and bodybuilding suits. She has just started a men’s line called Dr. BonesWare. She will bling one item or many, even if it will be with one stone or ten thousand.

Karen initially went to Florida State University to study fashion design because she loved fashion. What girl doesn’t? When she got pregnant in 2004, she began ‘blinging’ her pregnancy outfits. As soon as her daughter, Kayla, was born, ‘blinging’ became a hobby turned business - Crystal Time. Her inspirations are wanting to be shiny and sparkly. Seems like everyone loves the shiny and sparkly bling. Swarovski crystals are used

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Silk beaded kimono dress with border in boths sides, hair style by Graff Steve, make-up by Judith, model Diana Smith, photography by Mark Powell.

fashion designer


by: Xavier Orellana


t all started on February 5, 1982 in Jacksonville, FL., when she was born. I guess her mother knew at that moment that she was different because she named her Shanikki (pronounced Sha-nee-k-a). She learned fashion at an early age overlooking her grandmother make custom clothing. So it was just something that grew with her as she got older, at the age of 12 Shanikki decided she wanted to be a Fashion Designer, she would draw sketches of clothing on sheets of paper and dream of making clothing for stars. During high school she applied for fashion colleges in the area and was accepted at The International Academy of Design and Technology of Tampa. Soon after graduation she moved on her own to Tampa, Florida to pursue a career in Fashion Design. During her time away from home she was focused and obtained not only the Associates Degree that was initially planned but also a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing in March 2005. After graduation she was

own her own business, but she didn’t know where to start, so she started making clothing for friends then eventually made clothing for bikini bars. After a few photoshoots with models featuring custom-made clothing, Shanikki grew an interest in designing swimwear. Models saw her work and loved how she could make custom swimwear to fit all different shapes and sizes, also being one of a kind and unique. With that being said she had to create a name for her line so she named it Lu’Jeanik (pronounced LaJeah-neek). (Lu) dedicated to her mother (Jean) dedicated to her late grandmother and (nik) dedicated to herself to tie in a name that not only says “unique” but 3 different women who are strong, fashion forward and inspiring to others. Until this day she continues to strive to the top and make swimwear that everyone “unique” can enjoy!

hown is the collection called “Pieces” inspired by the sexy, sophisicated women who is bound to make a statement; no matter where she goes. The exclusive pieces shown are made in house and not manufactured. Prices vary from $65 and up depending on style and detail. Custom orders are available for the more flattering figure. These couture pieces and our new collections can be found at

S he T Collection

confident that she would someday

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Stripe plunging neckline One piece with red belt tie and chain-sides by Lu’Jeanik Swimwear. Price $80.00. Photography by Mark Powell.

fashion designer


d o o w e Byth can often afford. Thus, the shoe



ece Bythewood, a Tampa Native has been admiring shoes for as long as she can remember. Upon graduation from the University of Florida with a degree in Marketing she set her sights on a career in Retail Marketing/Management. Long work hours and undesirable holiday schedules dampened the shoe retail glamour. Corporate America quickly became a more lucrative option, although she still longed for the creativity and freedom that a career in fashion

design bug had officially bitten. As a stepping-stone to the Shoe Design Field, Cece took a slight detour and opened a Full Service Salon. “Cece’s Hair Party” was featured on ESPN and CNN Sports in 1999 as the Hottest Spot for haircuts for Professional Athletes in the Tampa Bay Area. The success in this area gave Cece the courage to step out into the glorious abyss of Shoe Design. Several years later, following full-time mother hood,

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it was time to give Shoe Design the “old college try”. Cece attended and audited a high fashion cobbler’s class at the Moda Shoe Institute located in Vipitino, Italy. Upon completion, she began shopping her originals in January of 2007, officially launching her first designs through Sergio Zelcer and Dans Sara shoe manufacturers. This has been an excellent genesis for Cece and she is currently working on her 2009 originals to be done in collaboration with Merlo Italian Fashion Brand of Milan. Her inspiration for every collection is “comfort and style get married…..and they live happily ever after.” Her current Winter Collection, appropriately

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Silk beaded kimono dress with border in boths sides, hair style by Graff Steve, make-up by Judith, model Diana Smith, photography by Mark Powell.


r a l i u g a




Interviewer: Why do you like to be a model? Ramsel Aguilar: Because is a way of expressing yourself with fashion, art, beauty, culture, etc, and you can meet famous designers and learn from them, i also feel that the more i involve my self with modeling the more i learn to take care of myself as drinks lots of water have my 8 hours of sleep be healthy etc that enriches my persona innmy exterior and enricheses it in my interior aswell of life motivation to rich my goals. also being a model i can express myself to other women out there who may think they cannot be models for the way they look etc i think everywomen is beautiful and there is always place for everyone with different shapes, differents cultures etc in fact i think that modeling is what is all about. How many years have you worked as a model?at what age did you start?

I have been doing modeling for about 2 years and basically all my childhood and teenagehood i did lots of prints tv comerctials since the age of 5 What advice would you give to others who are starting modeling and want to receive job offers? First of all be confident and be full of positivisim, because they can feel you how full of energy you are and never think you cannot do modeling because of your looks or any other reason, modeling is what is all about different looks, difirrent shapes, etc and i belive there is always place for everyone as long as you are willing to follow the rules and have the discipline that they might required foe instance, beeing healthy prepare for any obstacle may cross in you way, always it is important to find guidence with the right people and the most important to believe in yourself.

“Beauty has to have a purposenot just to show your body as an elemet” What is your favorite fashion magazine? I more than one cosmopolitan, vanidades, vogue,seventeen magazine, elle and any fashion local magazion yes i love fashion. What is your brand or designers clothes? Miss sixty, zara, mango, armani exchange, guess, victorias secret, jlo clothing line, diesel, and a full list of hispanic local designers in miami, fl high brand names:dolce and cabbana, roberto cavalli, dior, moschino, giorgio armani. What is your big dream?

interview My biggest dream is to have my own clothing line, my own fashion magazine and my tv production company that i can produce ,direct fashion events, and still be a model at no matter what age i get. Is it hard to be model? did you work hard to be where you are? I will say it not easy ‘cause requiers lots of discipline, reliabilty and you need to be able to study in what your field in the modeling world it is going to be for you besides there might be many people out there who may be against it and you need be able to face it and keep on going and yes i did i think for every model to be where they are has been worked hard enough because it is non stop job and every day it is a new start in anything that your do with modeling also going to casting, doing photoshoots etc requiers lots of time What has workd well known brands? Kodak, Pepsi, Cocolla , Paulmitchell, local designers. If you had the opportunity to promote you country wich will you emphazies and why? In fashion because there is a demand on american fashion designers, all we hear is about european designers

etc.. so i think that will be a good target because we have treameandous talented designers in america and along with models we have lots of different mixes in america that have created a beautifull combination of different types of model that ar not necessary like the ones the look on a high fashion magazine. How do find the role of a women in your country at this moment? Some one who emigrate this country with lots of dreams and is here for many reasons and a purpose that no one would let me stop to achive my goals How has your family influence your life? They are the reason why i am doing what im doing, specially my dad he was a tv procucer, art director and graphic designer so during my childhood he had me and my brothers doing lots of work and prints and tv commertials also he would always direct us and explaind us every single aspect in how to do media for example he would tell us all the tricks behind the sence etc.. that i growp seeing my dad an example in the media and gave the a good impression in anything related with tv fashion etc that now relates to me. If you had the opporunity to full fill a dream for your country at this moment why would it be and why? To be part of a well known magazine as a model, coordinator and to have my own tv production company with my brothers that are also involve with media and produce a tv production company in my home country.

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