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InShadow INTRODUCTION InShadow has already established itself as an international reference in the scope of interdisciplinary con- temporary creation, highlighting the intersections of video, performance and technologies. It is based on an original concept that links the binominal body-tech- nology, with emphasis to the presence of body on the image, screen, stage and other venues. InShadow promotes the crossing of languages of video/cinema and dance/performance, narratives which reflect, investigate and present solutions for a cine-choreographic conception between camera and body, exploring aesthetic and technical relations within an experimental approach. InShadow program includes a variety of performances, performances (preferably solos), international video dance and documentary competitions, video dance special sessions, installations, exhibitions, a program conceived to childhood and youth (LittleShadow) and a strong training component of workshops and masterclasses, aimed to a both specialized and broad audience. InShadow comes to its 6th Edition in 2014. It was born from Dance Without Shadow International Showcase in 2004, with a program focused on video dance. From 2006 to 2008 over 150 creators, such as directors, choreographers, performers and transdisci- plinary artists, musicians and interpreters participated in the Showcase, among directors. Over 5 editions, InShadow has been attended by over 14.500 people and artists from all continents.


Vo’Arte Association and InShadow Festival are taking in national and international submissions in the following categories and according to the general criteria described below:


Video Dance Competition: the videos will be selected according to: creativity, experimentation, theme, narrative and image, sound and editing quality.The work must show as its primary concern the creation of a choreography/dance/movement specifically for the camera. This includes video clips based in movement and experimental videos. About 40 videos will be selected, depending on their length. Documentary Competition: it may be a portrait about the life or work of a choreographer or dance company, one aspect of dance history, artistic creation processes, etc.The audiovisual record should engage with elements of the choreographic language and/or supplement it. Full recor- ding of stage choreographies will not be included. About 8 documentaries will be selected, depending on their length.

Participation Conditions _ video


1. Genre: Video Dance (Video Dance Competition), documentaries (Documentary Competition). 2. Length: videodance should not exceed 20 minutes; documentary has as reference duration 30 minutes. 3. All the videos must start and finish with 3 seconds of black image. 4. There is no limit regarding the videos’ date of production. 5. The works with dialogs must be spoken or in alternative present subtitles in English, otherwise the works incur the risk of exclusion. 6. The screening will be held in DVD or, if necessary, in another format timely communicated to the selected. Participation implies acceptance of the screening in this format.The screening quality is guaranteed by the organization.The quality of the copies is granted by the authors. 7. The running system should be preferably PAL, under risk of prejudice to the projection quality. 8. One night stay will be offered to the first two registrations – notified from the day after the call for entries closing – whose works are selected. 9. No remuneration is due for screening the films, they are however candidate to awards (see AWARDS title bellow). 10. Authors must sign a declaration in which they cede their work screening rights free of charge. 11. The winning videos in the Video Dance and Documentaries Competitions, as well as those selected by the artistic direction, will further on integrate InShadow extensions, which are exhibited in various national and international free entry festivals and cultural events in the year following each edition, fulfilling an important role in the diffusion of genre, as well as to the Festival promotion programming partners consolidation. Authors will be timely informed about each screening. The application for participation in the Festival implies acceptance of the possible inclusion of videos in InShadow extensions.

E-mail for questions related to submissions and online entry form Tel: +351 21 393 24 10 | Tlm: +351 91 404 04 71 Address to send DVD and other relevant information

Among the usual partners that host extensions are: Festival Visões Urbanas (São Paulo, Brazil), FIVER (La Rioja, Spain), Festival Abril Y Danzar (Xalapa, Mexico), Burra de Milho (São Miguel, Azores),

InShadow seeks, within the world of imagination, the exchange and dialogue among different cultures, experiences, methods, visions, knowledge and affections, defining itself as a deep and subtle observatory on the duals thought/action and creativity/innovation. InShadow scopes disquietude, plural debate and practices that turn «invisible» into «visible». A Festival for everyone, evoking multiple sensitivities in the common experience of a space where the art of image crosses that of the body.

Artistic Direction and Programming Pedro Sena Nunes and Ana Rita Barata

Organization Vo’Arte

Co-production São Luiz Teatro Municipal

DATE AND VENUE InShadow - International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies will run in December 2014 at São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro do Bairro, Plataforma Revólver, Galeria das Salgadeiras, Pickpo­cket Gallery, FMH – Faculdade de Motricidade Hu­mana, ESTAL – Escola Superior de Tecnologias e Artes de Lisboa, ETIC - Escola de Tecnologias Inovação e Criação and in other museums, galleries and venues in Lisbon.The guest country will be United Kingdom, with special highlight in all program sections.

Associação Vo’Arte | InShadow – 6th International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies


FNAC stores throughout the country (FNAC Armazéns do Chiado, in particular, Portugal), Corredor Associação Cultural (Azores), ESTUFA - Plataforma Cultural (Torres Vedras, Portugal), Dansul Dança para a Comunidade no Sudoeste Alentejano (Mértola, Portugal), Grupo Musical de Miragaia (Oporto, Portugal), among others.


The performance must be original and propose body’s connection to technologies, sound and image, from interactive devices with which the performer assumes an inventive and exploratory relationship.


The work up for competition will be valued for the possibility of its framing in the Festival’s partner venues. It may be a sculptural object, video (singlechannel or multi-channel, conceived to be displayed in loop), interactive (proposing to explore innovative interfaces in relation to the artistic object), sound research and also include performance.

Participation Conditions _ performances (preferably solos) and installations

1. Maximum length of 20 minutes (preferred aspect, and applicable only to performances). 2. Reduced use of technical and human resour- ces (preferably). 3. Possible presentation in unconventional venues. 4.Acceptance of the condition of performing without receiving any remuneration. For this purpose, the authors must sign a declaration ceding the representation rights to the organi- zation, free of charge. 5. All performers must hold a personal accidents insurance. 6. The organization reserves the right to film and photograph the performances and installations, for the Festival and work’s promotion purposes, as well as archive, restrained to the use of excerpts lasting less than 3 minutes (see section C. of these regulations).

Conditions offered by the organization

1. Promotion of the event, by performing arts professional peers, programmers and national press. 2. Ensures the venue and technical conditions are according to the rider proposed by the author (sitespecific performances will be handled case by case, and adaptations will be suggested when necessary). 3. Travelling costs are not provided for foreign participants.The organization is, however, available to provide an invitation letter for authors to apply to grants / travel support by government agencies or foundations. 4. For national participants who live outside the region of Lisbon (over 50km), support to travel expenses is granted, up to a maximum of 50€. 5. Support of accommodation costs (at a Festival’s partner hotel) and food during the days required for set up and performance, to the maximum two persons per work, lodged in a single room (1) or double (2), for foreign participants or national participants who reside at over 50km from Lisbon.. 6. Free participation in every performance, workshops and other paid events promoted within the Festival’s scope.

B)SUBMISSION 1. The submission to the Festival is free of charge. 2. The work can be submitted by any person or entity on behalf of the copyright’s holder. The author(s)/ copyrights holder screening permission to the Festival and extensions must be stated at the entry form, by signing a declaration contai- ned therein. 3. Each applicant is limited to submit 2 works per competition, exception made to distributors, production companies or agencies, which have namely a limit of 10 video works or 4 performance works registration. 4. Each individual submission must correspond to one entry form. 5. Entry form is available at the following link: Note: the information written on the entry form is confidential. The organization compromises to use it exclusively for the Festival’s promotion, keeping secrecy on all personal data given by the candidate. 6. For each applicant work the following mate- rials should be submitted: a) Fulfilling all mandatory fields in the entry form. a.1) Preenchimento integral de todos os campos obrigatórios da ficha de inscrição; a.2) 2 photos of the work with 15cm length (or 10cm height) for print promotional materials. a.3) 1 photo of the director/author. Note: both pictures should be duly identified and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi,TIFF or JPEG format. The photographs may need to be reframed or cropped for publishing/design. The organization is not respon- sible for compliance with the copyright relating to the reproduction of photographs whose authorship has not been stated by the applicant.

a.4) Identity card/passport (scanned) a.5) Scanned hadwritten signature as it appears in the identity card/passport (as requested at the end of the entry form to complete the declaration). a.6) In case of Performances and Installations, attachment of all important information to set up and technically implement the work: light design, video, scenery, props and other specs. b) Send the videos via wetransfer to info@voarte. com (features: Quick Time, codec H264, in HD if possible) until 2GB (maximum capacity of wetransfer) or, alternatively, send the DVD and other elements as in the point B) of the regulations to the adress on Contacts. b.1) Video_DVD (multi-zone), original format: full 16:9 or full 4:3, without bars. Performances_Full shot of the work (on stage, studio or elsewhere), preferably in DVD (meeting the specs described above) or alternatively via link (on the entry form). Installations_indicate a link to any photographs or audiovisual record that reveals as closely as possible the reality of the work on display context. Nota: each DVD or link much contain colely the proposed work

b.2) In the case of Performances and Installations, it is mandatory to send a copy of the ID docu- ment. In Portugal, the screening and performing licenses are issued by the General Institute for Cultural Activities, which obliges all authorizations to be presented together with the copyri- ghts’ holder ID, in order to verify the legitimacy of its signature. The organization undertakes the responsibility of using the ID copies for licensing purposes only, after which the copies will be dis- posed of. b.3) Any other documents considered relevant to the appreciation of the work.

Additional notes on the submission and reception of applications 1. The posting costs are of the submitter’s responsibility. 2. Reception of the materials sent by post will be confirmed by email. 3. All the material sent will not be returned, and will form part of Vo’Arte archive.


1.The exhibition of the works in the Festival, and in some cases in its extensions (composed by awarded videos or videos that excelled in the competition sessions, according to the Festival’s artistic direction), demands the author(s) cession of the screening rights.The authorization is consi- dered valid by signing the entry form declaration. 2. Excerpts or frames from the selected films (up to 1 minute) and performances or installations (up to 3 minutes) may be used for promotional purposes without payment of copyright duties, for insertion on spots and trailers, use in press confe- rences, print and/or digital publications produced by the Festival. For any use other than the refer- red, the Festival will ask for written permission to the copyright’s holder.


1. Official Jury and Documentaries Jury, composed by 3 elements each - national and international professionals/curators/researchers in the areas of dance/performance and cinema. 2. Schools Jury, composed by 5 elements - dance/ performance and audiovisual students. 3. Audience, composed by the those who attend the Festival video dance competition sessions, that vote for the best film at the end of each session. 4. Vo’Arte Jury, composed by elements of the organization team.


1. InShadow Festival awards nine (9) prizes. In addition to the established prizes, the Jury may award special or honorable mentions. 2. The Juries reserve the right not to award any prizes or distinctions, if they deem that the works in competition do not meet the necessary tech- nical an esthetic conditions. 3. It won’t be given ex aequo awards. 4. The final decision of the jury is sovereign; there will be no appeal. 5. All awarded will receive a certificate signed by the Jury. 6. The awards will be communicated to directors/ choreographers present at the closing session of the Festival and later by email.


Best Film € 300 (tree hundred euros) Best Performance Best Choreography

School Jury

Best Portuguese Director € 200 (two hundred euros) Best International Film

Audience Best Film

Vo’Arte Jury

Best Portuguese Film Artistic residency at Soudos - Rural Space of Arts

Award Conditions _ Best Portuguese Film

1. The work must be produced or co-produced by Portuguese entities. 2. The residency will be held during the year following the Festival, at a date to be scheduled with the artist and according to the organization’s availability (preferred dates for residence, due to insulation characteristics of the space are May to October). 3. The organization should be aware of the project to be developed before the residency takes place. 4. Vo’Arte ensures accommodation between 3 (2 nights) and 5 days (4 nights) for up to 3 people. 5. Vo’Arte grants all meals for 3 days (3 people) and a maximum of 5 days (1 person). 6. Should the project require a longer stay, pay- ment terms for each extra day will be agreed with the organization. 7. Vo’Arte offers a studio for creating, equipped with sound system and video projection (upon request). 8. Travelling, as well as other material and technical equipment than stated above necessary for the artistic residency, are at the awarded responsibility. 9. If the project resulting from the residency will be of acknowledged quality, assessed both by the author and the organization, it could be displayed on the Festival’s following edition. 10. The work resulting of the residency must mention at all promotional materials produced: ‘Support:Vo’Arte / Soudos – Rural Space ofArts’ (logos will be supplied by the organization)


Best Documentary € 200 (two hundred euros) Additional notes_Awards claiming The claiming of the awards for Best Film (Official Jury), Best Portuguese Director (Schools Jury), Best Portuguese Film (Vo’Arte Jury), Best Documentary (Documentary Jury) should be done until 30 days after the Festival’s closing, under penalty of not being granted financially.


1. Deadline for registration: 25th July 2014 (date of mail stamp). 2. Selection results for the Video Dance competition, Documentary competition, Performances and Installations will be communicated by e-mail and posted on the official website, as well as on InShadow Festival facebook. 3. All selected works will be included on the website and on the promotion materials produced for the 6th edition. 4. The day and schedule for screening/presentation of the films and performances is defined by the organization. 5. Vo’Arte reserves the right to modify any provision of these regulations, notifying the applicants in advance.The omitted cases shall be resolved by the Organization.