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The Living Learning Center NEWSLETTER

Volume I, Issue IV: November 1, 2012

Oh, The Fun We've Had

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What You Don't Want to Miss: Upcoming Events ....Page 2 Community Announcements ....Page 2 Fortunately, Columbia's campus was not devastatingly impacted by Sandy's winds and rains. There are, however, many areas and people who are still affected by the storm. If you are interested in volunteering, talk to your RA, who has information on opportunities to help. Calling for resident submissions! Are you a writer, artist, or just like doodling on the side of your notebook? We'd love to feature you in the LLC Newsletter! Contact your RA for more information.

Photos provided by Hartley CA Victoria Nneji.

"We had a sleepover and movie marathon. There were bananagrams. I live tweeted the whole thing! ­Roz Watson, Hartley 5


Bottom left: Residents join Prof. Musatti for Koronet's in the Hartley Sky lounge. Top left: Residents crowd to watch while teams carve pumpkins. Pumpkin pie and candy corn were had by all. Top Right: Residents join the Kymissis family for a cupcake making extravaganza!

"IT'S CATS!" ­Sofi Sinozich, Wallach 7

"I just went to bed..." ­Lucy Suarez, Wien

"Walking down Amsterdam in the middle of the hurricane." ­Braudie Blais­Billie, Hartley 6

"I ate steak." ­Yani Zhang, Hartley 5 Photos by Wallach CA Lindsay White

"Being outside at landfall playing games with friends. I have a video. It felt amazing." ­Zach Schwartz, Wallach 4

What Not To Miss

Community Announcements:

Coming Soon

November 4, 2012:

Gingerbread House Competition

What: Gingerbread House Competition Where: Hartley Sky Lounge When: Sunday, November 4 at 7:00 PM Who: Anyone and everyone who thinks they can hang with the big dogs!

Note from Wallach 8's Amy Gong

The competition will seek to find by the end of the night the most tricked out, all around flyest and sexiest Gingerbread Crib for the win! They will be great to accessorize your respective suites or merely serve as something you pick at for the next couple of weeks until it’s unrecognizable. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

I know what you’re thinking; its November, why are you making gingerbread palaces like epic bosses? Good On behalf of the Tau Chapter of the Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, question. Answer: Jealous! (You don’t have to be.) Inc. at Columbia University, I would like to cordially invite you to our fifth annual Arise Benefit Dinner.

Also we would like to take this time for you to think about Gingerbread man whose home will be foreclosed Kappa Phi Lambda is a value­based organization that seeks to promote Pan­Asian issues and provide service and education to on by the bank on November 4th because of predatory its community. Our national philanthropy is the National Asian lending. Gingerbread man will be homeless for Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF), the only national Christmas. You can help prevent this! multi­issue Asian Pacific American women's organization in the country.

Each Fall semester, Kappa Phi Lambda hosts a benefit dinner in which proceeds go to raising awareness on an issue that affects our communities. Since it's inception in 2007, Arise has brought together the university community by providing an evening that is filled with food, entertainment, and good company. This year, we are featuring vocal performances as well as a Greek Stroll Showcase that highlights the diversity and talents of the Multicultural Greek Organizations at Columbia. This year, Arise will be donating to the Teen Resource Center of the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, a non­profit organization that provides health, educational, and social resources and services to the youth and community. In lieu of recent events, we will also be donating proceeds to CAAAV (Committee Against Anti­Asian Violence) to support their efforts in providing relief to those affected by the Hurricane in Chinatown. We would love to have you join us on Friday, November 9th in Roone Arledge Auditorium, located on West 115th and Broadway at Columbia University. Tickets for a show and dinner are $10, and can be purchased through this link. The Facebook event can be viewed here. Thank you so much for your support and we hope to see you there!

Build Gingerbread man the home he deserves.

You can’t pass this up! There are just too few times where you can have your gingerbread house and eat it too!

Any questions please direct an email to Jean Lafontant ­

Looking Ahead

November 13, 2012:

Pizza & Professor Event

Who: Professor Scott Snyder. Professor Snyder works in the Chemistry department and focuses his research on the total synthesis of natural products. He has been at Columbia for 6 years and teaches organic chemistry. Besides his passion for the sciences, Professor Snyder enjoys cooking and he loves history. When: Tuesday, November 13. 6:00 ­ 7:30pm. Where: LLC (TBD) Why: To meet the Professor Snyder in a casual setting over some delicious pizza. RSVP:

LLC Newsletter #4  
LLC Newsletter #4  

The Living Learning Center NEWSLETTER Volume I, Issue IV: November 1, 2012