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SEMITA means path in Latin. At Semita School we are dedicated to lighting the path to success. Semita’s singular vision, mission and values deliver dedicated excellence to its students.” - Dr. Judy Williams, Semita School principal

Discover the difference. Preparing for College. Preparing for Life. Discover the difference a school can make in the life of its students when they are challenged to develop their potential, when their individual differences are nurtured, and when they are encouraged to discover and embrace their identity and purpose in life. Semita School students are not only prepared to succeed in college, they are prepared to succeed in life. As a college preparatory private high school (9th-12th grades), Semita School individualizes student learning based on each student’s personal goals and abilities. Through Blended Learning Model and Individual Learning Plan Model, Semita students have opportunities to succeed in high school and prepare for college and beyond - the very essence of the Semita School mission.

Discover your potential. “

We chose Semita School because of its quality education with a special focus on individual learning. Regardless of the student’s current academic performance level, Semita helps each student to do better and enjoy learning.” -Semita School parent

Semita School academic program is designed to prepare students not only for college, but for life beyond college. Serving 9th through 12th grade high school students, Semita School provides a college preparatory curriculum, nurturing and challenging student to attain their fullest potential. Our student are taught by highly qualified, experience, and committed teachers who are not just dispensers of information, but are mentors, coaches, and positive role models. Through an innovative blended learning model that combines the best of inclass and online learning experience, Semita students are provided with opportunities to succeed in high school and prepare for college and beyond.

• Accelerate learning with better grades • Build confidence and leadership skills • Develop strong independent study skills • Improve the chance for admissions to top colleges • Develop a global perspective

Academics • University California (UC) approved courses • Comprehensive college preparatory curriculum • A wide range of honor and AP courses • Small class size • Flexible course schedule

Academic Support • Individualized Learning Plans • Academic tutoring program • Evaluation services • Gifted and Talented Enrichment • Leadership development programs • Caring and positive learning environment

College Guidance • Personalized academic planning • Comprehensive college admissions counseling • SAT and ACT test preparation • Aptitude and other assessments

Discover Semita School, and help your child reach new heights in learning and preparing for life.

A New Way to Learn

Discover a new way to learn at Semita and help your child develop his or her potential.

Blended Learning

At Semita School, students receive an innovative learning opportunity- blended learning which combines the best parts of online and traditional inclass education for today’s high school students.” - Dr. Theodore Ahn, Director, Student Support & Counseling

Blended Learning as a Way to Maximize Student Potential At Semita, we understand that each student learns differently, so we develop individualized learning plans to match each student’s personal goals, interests, and abilities. For each student, we evaluate his or her strengths, needs, and goals to develop a personalized learning plan. Then, our team of teachers and counselor carefully monitor each student’s performance on an ongoing basis and adjust the learning plan to maximize student learning. Unlike most public and private high schools, each student receives comrehensive in-person support from teachers and counselors.

Flexible Study Schedule

Blended program allows students to take both core and elective classes while attending school one to five days a week, depending on each student’s needs. A wide range of honor and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available to students who are motivated and committed to learning. This flexibility also allows gifted or highly motivated students to accelerate their academic progress. A student who needs more individual attention and guidance will also benefit from additional in-person class attendance. Teachers use the in-person classes for lectures and discussions as well as individual tutoring as needed.

How Semita Differs from Traditional Schools Unlike many traditional public and private high schools, there are no large classrooms full of students, no waiting lists for courses, no “one counselor for 300-400 students”, and no bullies. Instead, Semita offers positive learning environment that maximizes learning. Smaller in-person classes with more individual attention, more choices in regular, honor, and AP courses, and comprehensive and ongoing guidance and support from counselors and teachers for college preparation.

How Semita Differs from Online Schools

Semita’s blended program offers the benefits of online classes: a wide range of courses, the flexibility of studying anywhere and anytime, and the ability to work at their own pace. In addition, students work closely in-person with their teachers, counselors, and mentors for comprehensive support and guidance. Also, it provides a unique on-site learning community that allows group interaction and collaboration, including field trips, overseas study program, and club activities.

Learning Customized for Each Student

Discover your place . “

At Semita School, students learn to prepare not only for college but also for career and life in the 21st century where a global perspective and skills are critical components for success.� - Dr. Gus Pappas, Executive Director

As part of Semita School’s mission to provide students opportunities and training for leadership development, and global citizenship, international field trips and overseas study programs will be available through partnership with other schools in major cities around the world. These overseas programs will provide a wide range of opportunities which enhance our students' exposure to diverse cultures, customs, and people in the world as well as developing global awareness and perspective. These experiences and awareness will make our students not only competitive college applicants but also successful global citizen.


Discover the world and your place in it.


SEMITA means path in Latin. At Semita School, we are dedicated to lighting the path to success. Semita students have the opportunity to succeed in high school and prepare for college and beyond.� Dr. Judy Williams Principal Semita School

Discover Semita School. To find out more about Semita, please contact our Admissions Office at We look forward to helping you discover Semita School. 6 Centerpointe Drive, #700 La Palma, CA 90623 Tel: 714.367.8688 Fax: 714.367.8401


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