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Your nutrition guide and step by step workout plan! LegsBumsTumsArmsAbsBacks-


Best health spa breaks for ultimate peace of mind.

Natural remedies - health benefits.

REAL LIFE Just how dangerous are steroids?

Inner HealthYoga yourself to a healthier body and mind.

EXTREME SPORTS SPECIAL Your 2010 adrenaline junkie regime to get your heart racing. Ice climbing, Mountain boarding, Canyoning and more!

+ Let music enhance your fitness + Ultimate stress busters + The top health and fitness gadgets Wear the seamless Nike Sport Armband and listen to your music while you work out. Designed to hold and protect your 4th generation iPod nano, it provides portability and protection from moisture, whether you're at the gym or out for a run.

CONTENTS Page 4: Editor’s Letter Page -6-7: Nutrition Guide for men and women Page 8-9: The best of the best- two night luxurious spa breaks. Page 10- 11: Taking it to the Extreme. Adrenalin junkie extreme sports special. Page 13: Get centered.Yoga yourself to a better body and mind. Page 15: The 5 ultimate stress busters. Page 16-17: Real life: Steroids are ok? No way! Page 18-19: The “Get fit quick guide”. Legs, Bums, Tums, Arms and Abs- work it out! Page 21: Let music be your motivation. Page 22-23: remedies.


Page 24: Gadgets to get you going.

Editor's Letter This month...

Vanessa Sowerby



his month, Vigour has pulled out all the stops and has a treat in store for all of you. Our february issue ventures into the extreme with our Extreme Sports Special. We all know we need cardio in our exercise regime to get into shape, despite how much we try, weights and toning exercises alone are not enough; so Vigour has put together a fantastic extreme sports special for you to get your heart racing! It is different, pushes you to the limits whilst giving you the ultimate workout. On pages 10-11 you will find a range of extreme sports to test your fitness, ice climbing, canyoning, mountain boarding and more, we've got it all! And it's not just for you adrenaline junkies, it's something for everyone to try- you know what they say, a scare a day keeps the doctor away. It's good for you to step out of your comfort zone and by doing so, you will actually find it exhilarating. On top of this, we've got your Nutrition guides for this month; male and female top tips for staying at your best through eating foods that are good for you, your Get fit quick guide, How to achieve the body YOU want and the perfect health spa breaks to soothe your mind as well as your body. And this month's real life story investigates the shocking effects of taking steroids, brace yourselves, the images are not for the faint hearted... but on a more positive note, Vigour this month will pull you out of the winter blues and get you looking forward to summer, motivating you to get that summer Bod! So what are you waiting for? Get reading, get fit and enjoy!


Vanessa Sowerby Image source:

ONLY £249.99 at

Nutrition for


A Man's recommended daily calorie allowance on average is 2550 calculated by the UK department of Health. Part of a healthy diet for everyone is to eat plenty of fruit and vegeatables rather than indulging in the high-fat foods that often lead us astray! Most of the food that is good for us is higher in fibre than in calories so you can get tha full feeling quickly making your weight easier to control! Mens’ diets are often dictated by convenience and even though some fatty foods are good for us, men should not exceed 25-30% of their daily calory intake on Fat. Unsaturated fats are the good kind but try to avoid saturated or trans fats as they can cause high colesterol which can be dangerous when you reach your 40s. Carbohydrates are vital to providing a slow release of energy and even though they should be eated in moderation like most food types to maintain a balanced diet, they should not be avoided entirely. Vegetables such as sweet potato and baked potatoes as well as whole grain pastas are good sources of carbohydrates. Grilled chicken.

Why should I eat fibre? Fruit and Vegetables are a great source of fibre and help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. You can find fibre in many beans, lentils and even in artichokes.

Can magnesium benefit me?

Avacado salad.

Not many people are aware that magnesium supports muscle and nerve functions, it helps our heart and creates a healthy immune system so it is very important for your diet to include this in it. Eat foods such as; Spinach, beans and pulses.

Can potassium help me? Diets high in potassium help maintain healthy blood pressure and it can be found in Sweet potatoes, tomato products such as paste or purees, and fruit/vegetable juice such as carrot or prune. Even if these foods don’t sound that tempting they can be accompanied by your usual favourites like a free range chicken breast or some smoked fish.

Vitamin A can help! Greek salad.

Vigour Nutrition tips:• Snack on fruit and raw vegetables with light or fat free dips such as hummous. • Make sure your vegeatbels cover at least half your plate! • Add fruit to your cereals.


Keeping eyes and skin healthy and fighting infection is vital to remaining healthy so add vegatables such as cabbage, potatoes and turnips to your diet.

Vitamic C is a must! Vitamin C helps heal our cuts and grazes and keeps our teeth and gums bright and healthy so any veggies such as peppers, broccoli and cauliflower as well as fruits like strawberries, kiwi, oranges, mangoes and pineapple are great for maintaining a healthy diet. So you have no excuse not to have your five a day!


A Woman's recommended daily calorie allowance on average is 1940 calculated by the UK department of Health.


Nutrition for

Being Nutritionally kind to your body starts with a balanced diet consisting of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and lean sources of protein. These kinds of foods provide women with plenty of energy, whilst making sure you feel and look great! Foods such as baked potatoes, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, oatmeal and bananas boost our serotonin levels.. Serotonin is the chemical in our brain which helps make us happier.. These foods all contain high levels of fibre too that help us keep that full feeling for longer and stop you snacking. Grilling food is healthier for you.

Foods rich in omega 3 oils are good for you.

Pregnant women: • Eat small frequent meals • Be careful as soft cheese, sushi and tuna all have high levels of mercury so these foods should be avoided. • Stick to lean sources of protein and eat foods containing healthy fats ( see the healthy fats bar to the right). • Take vitamins ( prenatal vitamins whilst breatstfeeding) • Avoid alcohol, nicotine and caffeine- these harm the baby and can stunt the baby’s growth. • A diet rich in calories benefits when breast feeding. Fertility boosting tips; • Eat organic foods. • Take prenatal supplements. • Take into account your patner’s diets. • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.

Calcium corner!

Not many women know how the lack of calcium in our diets can effect our health and that there are different types that can benefit us in various ways! Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis so maintaing healthy bones is vital! Even though milk and other dairy products are a good source of calcium, they are also high in animal fat and protein which can accelerate bone loss. So a great tip to remember is to include a plant-based soure of calcium such as broccoli and brussels. Image source:

Remember: • Eat breakfast • Have a nutritious lunch • It is ok to have a healthy snack in the afternoon to fill the gap between lunch and dinner, for example dried apricots- they are fibrous yet fiilling. • Eat complex carbohydrates • Eat healthy fats- oily fish suh as salmon contains essential fatty acids and is highly beneficial to brain cells. • Aim to eat little and often, at least every 3-4 hours so you don’t become irritable, tired and generally lack energy.

Healthy fats help • Seafood, peanut butter, olives, canola oil, nuts and avocado are all rich in healthy fats! • They boost brain power and help improve your mood. • During pregnancy healthy fats are very important to your diet to benefit both you and your developing baby • Some vitamins need these fats to be absorbed such as; A, D, E and K. • They help you look great; healthy fats improve hair condition, skin complexion and nail strength. • They lower the glycemic index in foods

Nutrition tips;

• Include a variety of whole grain, ans mixed beans to your meals to give yo.ur self enough fibre- adami beans are a perfect sourse of fibre and tasty too! • Eat food that isn’t processed, instead, use locally grown and fresh foods. • Make sure your diet contains plenty of calcium – but the right kind! (See the calcium corner for more info) • Have enough but not too much protein as certain sources of protein can lead to the loss of calcium therefore leading to weaker bones and other possible health problems. • Eat plenty of foods that have a high amount of Iron as we loose lots of it during menstruation or pregnancy unlike men! • Don’t drink too much Caffeine as it can interfere with hormones and increase loss of calcium, it can also cause your heart to race.


The BEST of the BEST two night luxurious spa breaks Vigour scoured the country to find you the very best deals on spa mini-breaks for two people, for two nights. All the spa complexes we found are part of luxury hotels or country manor houses with beautiful grounds, and as you can see from our exclusive photographs all the spa facilities are purpose-built and of the highest quality. You won’t be able to resist these bargain breaks, so pack your bags quick!

THE NORTH EAST 2 NIGHT SPA BREAK @ MERCURE ST PAULS HOTEL AND SPA SHEFFIELD £162 per person This beautiful 4-star hotel has 163 ensuite rooms and is set in the heart of Sheffield. The railway station, Crucible and Lyceum Theatres and Hallam University are a short walk away and Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield Arena, Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Chatsworth House and Peak District are all a short drive away. Facilities: The Yard restaurant, indoor pool, sauna, steam room, ice fountain, technogym. High speed internet, 24hr room service.

Your stay includes: 1.. Accommodation at Mercure St Paul’s Hotel & Spa. 2. Dinner each evening in the hotels restaurant (allowance of (£20 per person) 3. Breakfast each morning. 4. A choice of two half hour spa treatments each. You can choose from the following: • Express Facial - heavenly! • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage • Express Manicure • Express Pedicure 5. Full use of Pool, Gym, Steam Room and the Sauna. 6. Club Room upgrade - £30



The hotel is located on the North Promenade so you can easily walk to all the popular attractions. Graced by political parties, royalty, statesmen and stars of the screen and stage, the hotel is extremely prestigious. The Bodysense Health Club is located on the ground floor of The Imperial Hotel. It combines the latest in gym technology with a friendly, expert service.

Your stay includes: 1. Two nights in one of the hotels luxury en-suite rooms. 2. Dinner in the hotel’s restaurant both nights (£20 allowance each.) 3. Full English Breakfast. 4. Lunch on the ONE day after arrival. 5. Two of the following half hour treatments each: * Mini Facial * Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage * Mini Manicure * Mini Pedicure 6. Use of the hotel’s leisure facilities throughout your stay. 7. Optional Champagne & Chocolates (£10) 8. Upgrade to premier suite for £40 per night.

£134 per person Exquisite cuisine, attentive service and elegant surroundings come together at Tortworth Court. Set on the edge of the Cotswolds in South Gloucestershire, this Victorian mansion sits in 30 acres of garden. The hotel’s lavish bedrooms provide a touch of luxury and the leisure club with swimming pool, gym, spa and choice of beauty treatments will leave you feeling refreshed and vibrant. There are *3 restuarants on site.*

HOME COUNTIES 2 NIGHT SPA BREAK @ CROWNE PLAZA MARLOW, BUCKS £160 per person This hotel is situated in an elevated position on the banks of the River Thames. The Crown Plaza has comfortable beds, luxury duvets, blackout curtains and double glazing. Your en-suite bathroom willl have a shower and bath and sound speakers linked to the TV / music system. The Quad Club Health & Fitness has fabulous facilities for anyone looking to relax and unwind. The club has a pool, hot tub, sauna and steam room, drench showers, aerobics studio, gymnasium and three beauty rooms.

Your stay includes: 1. . Two nights luxury accommodation. 2. One gloriously relaxing spa treatment each. Choose one each from the following: a. Back and Shoulder Massage b. Mini Facial c. File and Polish 3. Full use of Peels Leisure Club: Fully equipped Gym, Pool, Sauna and Steam room. 4. Dinner in Moretons each evening. 5. Full English Breakfast each morning. 6. Freedom to explore the seemingly endless beautiful grounds. If you are staying over Saturday night why not add on a late checkout at 5pm on Sunday.



Your stay includes: 1... Accommodation at Crowne Plaza Marlow, Buckinghamshire. 2. Three course dinner each evening in the hotel’s restaurant (both nights.) 3. Breakfast each morning. 4. A choice of one hour spa treatment each. You can choose from the following: • Mini Facial • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage • Mini Manicure • Mini Pedicure 5. Use of the hotel’s leisure facilities throughout your stay. Upgrade your room for £30 per person per night.

The SOUTH 2 NIGHT SPA BREAK @ BARCELO BASINGSTOKE COUNTRY HOTEL HAMPSHIRE £149 per person The Basingstoke Country Hotel is set in delightful woodland hotel, which is perfect for exploring. Thorpe Park and Windsor are nearby. The hotel is modern, and sophisticated. The bedrooms are well designed with modern furnishing whilst retaining the charm and character of this country hotel. All rooms have internet access, satellite television, and refreshment trays.

Your stay includes: 1. Accommodation at Barcelo Basingstoke Country Hotel. 2. Dinner in the hotel’s restaurant each evening. 3. Full English breakfast each morning. 4. Lunch on the day after arrival. 5. Any two of the following treatments for each person: * Mini Facial * Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage * Mini Pedicure * Mini Manicure 6. Full use of the hotel’s leisure facilities throughout your stay. 7. Champagne and chocolates on arrival. Upgrade your room and get second day lunch for £60 extra. Image source:


taking it to the...


MOUNTAIN BOARDING ICE CLIMBING If rock climbing alone isn’t extreme enough for you, give ice climbing a shot. Considered to be one of the most dangerous sports in the world, ice climbing is not for the faint-hearted or foolish. The legendary ice climber, Guy Lacelle died from serious injuries after becoming trapped in an avalanche in December during an ice climb. Ice





riskier alternative to rock climbing. If there is ice, there is an opportunity to climb: waterfalls, icefalls and ice covered rock all provide you with a thrill.

A mountain board is a large Unlike rock climbing, however, skateboard with thick-tread there are no preset holding tyres, it is the perfect tool for places and you can put your feet speeding down a snowy hill! and hands anywhere. A small but well established But this doesn’t mean that it sport; mountain boarding has is an easy way out, ice climbing had plenty of media coverage is a real workout. It raises over the last decade and the heart rate; works all the now has several worldwide muscles in the body and the competitions that followers fresh air is good for you too. can get involved in. So get climbing! Mountain boarding is a tamer Vigourrecommendstogetsometraining sport than many of the extreme options on these pages but it is before attempting ice climbing. still a tough workout.

POWER BOATING Power boating is one of the most extremeandhigh-poweredwater sports around.

boat, the ZapCat has a twin, lightweight, inflatable hull and reaches 50mph in 3 seconds.

The ZapCat powerboat is the best and most popular boat in use and there is also an annual championship on the South coast of England each year that attracts thousands of people and lots of press attention.

You will experience forces of between two and three Gs while you bounce around on the waves. It is an exhilarating experience and will get your heart racing whilst releasing endorphins-feel good hormones that are great for your health and well being.

Originally designed as a rescue


Mountain boarding is an increasingly popular sport amongst the younger generations of extreme sports fanatics.

Attempting to keep your balance on rough terrain is one of the main challenges of the sport and it gives you an opportunity to really work on your leg muscles. As with all winter sports, wear a high spf.


XTREME Vigour takes a look at the most extreme ways to get healthy and get your adrenaline juices flowing! EMMA BIGG


Canyoning is a sport where you travel through canyons in any way you can. Scrambling, abseiling and climbing, canyoning requires strength, stamina and skill, especially in using equipment and planning routes.

BACK-COUNTRY SKIING Skiing in itself is hard work: just keeping your balance and turning at the right times when you first start out proves to be a bit of a challenge. The ski lifts are the only part of the ski tour that provides even a bit of respite from constant exercise.

Although it is done around the world, it is often in remote places and therefore requires survival and navigational skills. You need to make sure you own all the correct gear and stick with experienced canyonners . There is always a risk of flash floods, hypothermia and becoming trapped in crevices. However,you are able to canyon safely with experts at your side in the Breccon Beacons in Wales.

You are harnessed into a threewheeled buggy, handed a power kite and let loose! The buggy is powered only by the wind and the skill of the pilot.

Any form of skiing is great for working the thigh and core muscles and improves your balance hugely.

Image source:

It is one of the most demanding physical activities around but will give you a change to see things that the ordinary tourist or hiker would not. Kite Buggying is the latest in a long line of kite centred sports to sweep the country. Usually enjoyed on a beach or in a field, you are just three inches from the ground as you reach some extreme speeds.

While back country skiing is the most extreme form of the sport, it is also highly dangerous and Vigour does not recommend skiing on unchecked and unregulated slopes: your safety must always come first.

If you are looking for something new and exciting, try backcountry skiing, it will give you all the thrills you need.

Take in the breathtaking scenery and have a go at white water rafting without the raft!


Committed pilots are encouraged to get third party insurance for occasions where they may collide with other kiters or bystanders.



24 hour protection.


Get centred Stressed out with work and family? Need a release? Then yoga is perfect for you. As well as working your core muscles and finding your spiritual side,it is the perfect way to improve your energy and fitness levels. This week Vigour teaches you the headstand. The headstand position is the most beneficial to your body and well-being. It improves your balance, your mood and control whilst giving you all the energy you need to get through the day. Warning!

If you are a headstand beginner make sure you try it in a clear, spacious room and if you are worried about your balancing skills try the move up against a wall to support you. Don’t forget to stretch before you attempt any yoga positions.

1. Firstly lock your fingers together and make a v-shape with your forearms and place them on the floor. . 2. Bending down on your knees place the top of your head in-between the v-shape made by your arms,, you are looking to imitate the shape of a tripod. 3. Now straighten your legs and slowly walk your feet upwards until your bottom is facing the ceiling,. 4. Then slowly raise one leg and then the other. Remember the longer you can stay balanced in the hadstand position, the more you get out of it.

Next Week Learn the ‘Extended side angle’ position. The extended side angle pose is perfect if you want to feel more calm and serine. The stretch loosens the muscles and opens the chest to allow for better breathing.

The Extended side angle position.

Image source:

The headstand position.



The 5 ultimate

Stress Busters Stress going to your head? Raad our ultimate stress busters.

In Britain it is estimated that stress causes the economy ÂŁ3.7 billion every year and almost 14 million days are lost in the workplace due to people taking time off due to stress. Diabetes, heart disease and depression are all symptoms of untreated stress, so it is definitely time that you take better care ofyourselfandditchthatstress.


Take a chill pill Get away from your desk or take a break from the thing that is stressing you out the most. Go in a different room or even better take 10 minutes to get some fresh air. It does not matter what you do; make a drink or have a quick browse through a magazine, it will be long enough to take your mind off it and allow you to go back to work with a fresh mind. Most of all, to get rid of your un-wanted stress, leave your work at work! Your home is your sanctuary. Even if you work from home, put your paper work to one side in the evenings, let your hair down, do something you enjoy. .T he next day is a new day and you will be raring to go. Image source:


Sweat it out Whatever exercise is the best for you is the best to beat your stress. Whether it’s running or yoga, anything to get your endorphins pumping will help relieve stress. If you don’t feel that going to the gym is enough to rid you of your pressures then why not try martial arts, kick boxing is great.


Have a massage. It is proven that a massage with calming music and scented oils can significantly reduce stress. Research found that receiving a fifteen minute aromatherapy massage can reduce 60% of stress to just 8%. So try and take some time once a month to indulge in a relaxing massage.


Spice up your sex life Scientists have finally proved that more sex equals less stress. So even if you are tired and run down after a long day try your hardest go get the passion flowing Like all exercise, sex releases endorphinsthe happy chemicals, so get busy!


Get fishy. Yes it might stink out your kitchen, but it is proven that at eating at least two large portions of oily fish every week can increasingly reduce stress. Salmon and Tuna are packed with essential fatty acids that condition the skin , hair and nails and omega 3 oils that give you extra brain power.


Real Life

Steroids are ok? No Way! Steroids, steroids, steroids... Many of us have considered them for bulking up and looking toned, but really, how much would you risk for the perfect set of abs and bulging biceps? Legal muscle builders are avalilable in stores for as little as Twenty-Two pounds, but some still cannot resist steroids, Vigour has a shock in store for everyone... Anabolic steroids cause serious health problems.

Bottom: Skin lesions.

Although steroids can be prescribed for health conditions, using steroids for other reasons such as improving personal endurance and muscle building can have destructive effects on your body. Steroids are often used to control asthma or to improve people’s health with autoimmune disorders, but when used without the supervision of a physician, steroids can be very dangerous and can even cause mental and physical health problems.


Vigour did an investigation into a particularly severe case of excessive steroid use to highlight the dangerous effects to our readers. The 21-year-old body builder who has requested to remain anonymous has shared his story about his quest to build a perfect body, which resulted in grotesque, life changing effects. “He had these deep, ulcerating lesions with

bloody crusts… For me, personallly, it was the worst case that I had ever observed,” says Dr. Peter Arne Gerber, a dermatologist who treated the young man at Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf, Germany. His sperm count had also plummeted and his testicles decreased significantly in size. His friends and family had suspected him over abusing steroids due to his rapid acne breakout-a typical reaction when using steroids. “Steroids increase the amount of sebum and oil production from the Above: taking steroids causes acne. sebaceous gland. Acne is a bacteria that thrives on sebum,” says Dr. Bruce Robinson from the American Academy of Dermatology. For a long time, the 21 one year old denied the accusations of taking a mass amount of steroids, it was only when he finally admitted it that he could get help. He’ had been using


Injecting steroids with needles can be fatal.

two types of anabolic steroids twice a week for several months. The high dosage and long-term use caused drastic side effects which became externally visible. Although he managed to quit his highly dangerous addiction, he was left with numerous unsightly scars and serious confident issues. The biggest problem with using steroids is

The devastating external effects are shown in the images and it is enough to put anyone off taking steroids. However, there are also plenty of internal effects too. Taking steroids can damage your vital organs and even result in kidney tumours and heart conditions. Infections can also be contracted through injecting with unsterilized needles and violent moodswings are very common when using steroids, people become quick to anger. Steroid users can be expected to become irritated and outraged easily by others, verbally and physically. We hope that this educates you about the

Above: a serious case of skin atrophy.

the progression of the effects even after one stops using. Users can often get allergic reactions such as skin atrophy. thinning of the skin, stretch marks and inflamed blood vessels are just a few of the sypmtoms.

Above: a horrific skin ulcer caused by steroids.

devastating effects that taking steroids, can have on the body, mentally and physically. There are other ways to gain muscle but taking steroids is not the answer, Change your diet and invest in protein shakes to encourage muscle growth, but stay away from any type of steroids, taking them are not worth the risks. V

Next month: An inside look at Body dismorphia and how it affects a sufferer’s life. Steroids in pill form.

Image source:



Get Quick

The Ultimate Legs, Bums & Tums Workout to ensure you get the perfect 'Beach Bod' in just 6 weeks! LEG BRIDGE Assume start position by bending your right leg and lifting your left leg up towards the ceiling. Push up right foot in the direction of the ceiling whilst lifting hips. Return to start position and repeat on other leg.

THE BUM BUSTER The hip extension is an exercise that targets the largest muscle in the body-the gluteous maximus! Hold a dumbbell behind the knee or use ankle weights for added intensity. Another interesting variation is to try a hip lift whilst lying face up on the ball. Or try a more advanced version of a hip extension by lying face down on the ball and balancing on your forearms.


SIT - UPS Lay down on your back with your knees bent and the balls and heels of your feet placed flat on the floor. Then, put your hands behind your ears, with your elbows out to the side. Keeping your feet on the ground, tighten your stomach muscles and slowly lift your head first. You should feel the strain in your abdomen. Then lift the shoulder blades and pull up from the floor about half way. Hold the position for a few seconds and then slowly put your back down on the floor. Do reps of 10 at a time.

fit Guide



From 'kebab flab' To fantastic Abs, "Vigour''s" New Workout will be the all you need to tone up this summer! THE CRUNCH

Lie faceup, your knees bent and feet on the floor.Keep your hands behind your head. Avoid the temptation to pull on your head as you sit up. Curl your torso as you bring your shoulder blades up a few inches, squeeze your abs, and then slowly return to the starting position. To keep the pressure on, do not spend more than a second in the "down" position; the longer your shoulder blades are off the floor,the more work your abs must do. JUMP SQUATS Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms in front of you. Start by doing a regular squat and then jump up as high as you can while reaching for the ceiling. Upon landing, lower your body into the squat position and repeat. STANDING BARBELL CURL Stand with your feet hip-width apart, maintaining your spine's neutral position and keeping your abs flexed. Grasp the bar with an underhand grip just outside shoulder width and slowly begin curling the bar, flexing your elbows fully, holding the bar up in line with your shoulders. Keeping your elbows by your sides, slowly return to the starting position and then repeat the move. Image source:

Image source: Ultra fit.



Let music be your motivation With music being called the legal drug for sportsmen, Vigour investigates just how much music can motivate you.

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as Linford Christie

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are reached when they are

“ M u s i c

listening to music, surely there

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must be some truth behind


the claim and in fact there is.

it makes you work harder

According to a University of


Oxford study, merely listening to



music that is fast or upbeat in



tempo increases heart rate and


breathing. Music causes a level


of arousal directly proportional


to its tempo. When you listen

takes exercise from just being es are you will finally be able to











workout fitness a


Image source:


it peas motivating you to “pump


by it harder!” it would be pretty

expert hard to throw in the towel.

spokesperson So before you head to the gym Health


and for your next work out, take Music your I-pod with you and chanc-



exercise to being an experience. hit that personal best you have



Whether your favourite music always aimed for.

Check out

increases your insulin level and

is classical, rock, hip hop or our top workout songs below.

kick starts your hormones, this

dance; there is a workout song

effect means that a person can

to suit everybody. When you

in fact exercise harder when

are at the gym and hitting that

they are listening to music.

treadmill there are times when

Though some people may claim

everyone wants to give up,

that music does not make a

but if you have the Black eyed

Our Top Work Out songs • • • • •

Gossip -Standing In The Way Of Control. Black Eyed Peas-Pump it. Ice Cube- You Can Do It. Kanye West-- Stronger. Rihanna- Disturbia.


NaturaR lEMEDIES These days everyone thinks popping a pill is the cure to a headache or Drycla is the best way to stop sweating. Here's our top tips to show you how going back to basics and using some natural remedies is the best for your body. 1. A cold. Everybody gets a cold from time to time and here at Vigour we’ are sure that your bodies have had enough of pre packaged treatments. Try this ginger mix for a fresh approachTen grams of the ginger should be cut and boiled with water and then be strained. Half a tea spoon of sugar should be added and then this mixture should be drunk immediately. This can then be taken twice daily to help combat the cold.

3. Insomnia

2. Anaemeia People suffering from anaemia suffer from fatigue and breathlessness, due to a reduced amount of red blood cells in the body which in turn results in not enough oxygen getting to the tissues. Sufferers also bruise easily.

Insomnia is the annoying condition where you are unable to gett to sleep, this can often last for a prolonged period.

Fenugreek: The cooked leaves of fenugreek help in blood cell formation and the seeds are also a valuable cure as they are a rich source of iron.

Aniseed tea is a good cure for the insomniacs amongst us. Prepared by boiling water and adding aniseed, this should be simmered for 15 minutes and then drunk warm. Milk or honey can be added to sweeten it. This tea should be taken before bed, or after meals.

Almonds: A high source of copper, almonds provide iron and vitamins. Seven almonds should be soaked and then ground into a paste after removing the skin. This should then be consumed once daily in the morning for three months.

Curd massaged onto the head is also a good sleep inducer and can help you to relax.

4. Dandruff Dandruff is a scalp condition that can affect men or woman. The symptoms of this is itching of the scalp, which results in the flaking of skin on the scalp. Lime:: A teaspoon of lime juice, used when washing your hair on the last rinse, leaves hair glowing and dandruff free. Curd: Curd that has been open for three days should be massaged into the head and left on overnight. The next day your hair should be healthy.



5. Headaches An awful headache can be such a drag on your day, especially on your health. Here are some natural remedies to offer a new solution. Henna: Henna is useful for headaches that have been caused from spending too much time in the sun. The henna flowers should be rubbed in vinegar and then rubbed over the forehead for relief, this is especially good for migraines to release tension. Rosemary: Rosemary is a valuable herb for headaches that have been brought on by the cold. A handful of rosemary boiled in a litre of water should then be put in a mug. This should then be inhaled for as long as possible.

6. Cracked heels Cracked heels is a common problem that is usually caused from extremely dry skin. It is often made more painful when the cracks are deep, which can cause skin to bleed or become infected. Vegetable oil: After cleaning and washing the feet, apply vegetable oil on the cracked areas of the feet. Apply a thick coat, wear a thick pair of socks and leave overnight. Over a few days, improvements should be seen. Banana: Apply the pulp of banana to your heel and leave for 10 minutes. After rinsing off, soak your feet in lemon juice for another 10 minutes. Do this weekly, until fully healed.

7. Sweating

8. Asthma Asthma is a condition that affects over 300 million people worldwide. This chronic condition means that muscles constrict around the airways, resulting in attacks of wheezing, coughing or chest tightness.

Sweating is natural for everyone, although some people produce more than others. As this can lead to embarrassment, why not try out a natural way to keep sweat at bay. Tomato Juice: Try to drink a glass of tomato juice each morning. As it is rich in antioxidents this can help to regulate your sweat glands, making you pespire less. Combine this with eating grapes to keep your body extra cool.

Safflower: These seeds are especially good for bronchial asthma. Take half a tea spoon of the seeds and mix with a tablespoon on honey. To be taken once or twice a day, it reduces spasms. Honey: One of the most well known, but also most effective, honey is a useful home remedy. By holding a jug of honey mixed with boilling water under the nose of an asthma patient and making them inhale the steam it helps to reduce the chest constriction and allows them to breathe easier.

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Gadgets to Get You going Exercise









dawns and it is still pitch black outside. Here at Vigour we aim to make your life a lot easier . With some of the gadgets on offer this spring, you will be yearning to get your trainers on and out that door!

iPhone Armband


Never be without your i-phone,even at the gym. This nifty gadget allows you to listen to your music whilst exercising, just strap it on your arm and you are good to go.

Calorie Counting Watch £12.99 If calorie counting is your top priority then this is the gadget for you.Every movement and every step is counted up for you so you do not have to worry. It gives you results instantly right in front of your eyes.

The Helmet Camera £279.99 If you like extreme sports and the outdoors, this gadget is for you,it may be a bit pricey but the novelty of seeing yourself going down a mountain in your living room will never wear off.


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MP3 Sunglasses


These sunglasses are the innovation in Mp3’s, the music player is set within the glasses and simply pressing a button will allow you to hear music right into your ears.

An all together different type of exercise. Wii Fit Plus


With the rise of exercise games for computer consoles this Wii fit one is the best around for exercising from the comfort of your own home.

And for after all that... £7800 After all that exercise the only thing to do is rejuvenate your body. With this gadget your whole body will feel great again with 100% all around massaging at a price definitely worth paying for.

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