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RODNEY TORRES Words & Photos: Ryan Zimmerman

A LONG TIME LEGEND OF THE NYC SKATE SCENE AND VETERAN MEMBER OF PROFFESIONAL SKATEBOARDING IN GENERAL RODNEY TORRES HAS BEEN AROUND THE PREVERBIAL SKATEBOARD BLOCK. RODNEY WAS THE GUY BLURRING THE LINES OF EAST COAST AND WEST COAST STYLE IN THE 90’S. After a long list of sponsors, life lessons, and growing up Rodney left the ranks of Zoo York’s “Master Division” to start Torro Skateboards last summer. I recently accompanied Rodney and some of his team members on a few missions over the last week covering the burrows of Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. The following is some images and a short conversation I collected along our travels. Rodney, so you’re a staple member of east coast skateboarding and have had a long list of sponsors over the years ranging in size from big to small, east coast to west coast etc, without naming names could you tell us the plus and minuses from your experience and in your opinion what worked

and didn’t? Also any big lessons you learned by watching the industry that you make it a point to do or not to do with your company? Yeah, I’ve had my fair share of sponsors over the years which were full of plus and minuses. On the plus side, it was a real blessing to ride for some of those companies. I was honored to be affiliated with some reputable skater owned brands. The minuses were more of a learning experience for me. I just saw a lot of things that I personally don’t agree with which is why I decided to move on and start my own brand. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from skateboarding and I try to use what I’ve learned to help guide the team of kids I support. They’re all great kids with a lot talent and potential VNDL | ISSUE 2 | 113

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