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When trying to figure out how to get a job in a terrible job market, there are a couple of "insider" secrets you need to know. If you know them, you have a chance. If you don't, you have little chance of success. A wise man once said, "When everything is good, it's the hardest time to succeed. I love the worst of times. The only way you can go is up." (Okay, it was me who said it ... but it's a pretty good quote.) Nobody really wants to talk about numbers ... jobs, unemployment, benefits, whatnot. The only number that is really important is the amount on the check you take home. But there are some "secrets" you should be aware of: Traditional jobs, like corporate 9-to-5 jobs, are diminishing as corporations scramble to survive by cutting jobs and outsourcing more. Non-traditional jobs, from smaller, entrepreneurial companies are on a rise, but require more broad-based workers who have more than one specialty and can contribute to the company's success in a number of ways. So What Does This Mean To You? To succeed today, you need to forget about the past when you had a specific job title or function. Instead, you need to think in much broader terms. You need to determine what combination of skills and expertise can you bring to a company that needs more than one skill. Usually, the more the better as long as they all tie into the employer's needs. But Why Is A Lousy Job Market So Good If You Need To Find A Job? Because most job hunters don't have a clue that the job market has changed! Most of your competition is still looking for the single job slot they fit into. They are not adapting to the real world. The world where companies need multi-faceted employees. But though your fellow job seekers may not have figured it out, the companies who are hiring certainly have. And, now, so have you. Simply knowing this, and restructuring your mindset and the way you present yourself... in your cover letter, in your resume, in your interview, in your follow-up... can help you rise high above your competition. Especially when times are tough.

J. R. Sebastian was CEO of one of the largest communication agencies in the country until he retired while still in his 30s. He (with a little help from his wife) thereafter had triplets and opened several small businesses to help support them. In his 30 plus years in business, he has interviewed hundreds of job applicants and reviewed thousands of resumes. Nowadays, J.R. spends his days writing, playing with his kids, and wishing he had time for a hobby. His latest project involves the best in hammocks for sale (he's searching for the perfect hammock he can hopefully one day have time to enjoy) and can be found at

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==== ==== No games, tricks, or schemes, I will show you how you can make an excellent monthly income on the internet with the help of Google and Clickbank. ==== ====

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