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Microsoft Exchange Hosting Benefits - Exchange Hosted Encryption _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Jonr Jony - A large number of companies have started using Microsoft exchange hosting provided by established by web hosting and application hosting providers. The benefits and advantages of using MS Exchange hosting are plenty. MS Exchange hosting outsourcing allows low upfront and ongoing costs. It is best to leave the hosting solution to the exchange hosting experts, and this is will make the most sense for mid size and smaller businesses. Learn More About Exchange Hosted Encryption

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 hosting provides a stabilized company messaging background that has Outlook e-mails, centralized storage and the workgroup solution. Exchange mail hosting is just an outsourced solution of Exchange server implementation offered on a shared basis, with pre-configured features such as free outlook, outlook web access, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, mobile phone syncing using ActiveSync.

One of the best features of Exchange 2007 hosting is that it offers secure email and Outlook access. The anti-virus and anti-spam features are the most beneficial qualities of Exchange Server hosting, with even greater benefits while receiving mail on mobile platform. Most people receive spam e-mails, and it is certainly worth considering a switch over to Exchange hosting that is well managed and properly configured with spam filter. The Intelligent Message Filtering filters all the spam and it eliminates spam prior to your mailbox getting cluttered. With respect to security, every e-mail that passes through Exchange Server 2007 hosting is encrypted.

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