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oice of Manifestation is an “Apostolic” lifestyle magazine dedicated to the sons of God that are being made manifest in the earth realm.

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What you are about to experience is a magazine that is like no other in that it will showcase individuals who have come from traditional church settings and are now embracing the „pattern‟ that was first delivered to the Apostles. I for one was a product of “traditional” church. I was seeking God, but found religion instead. My journey consisted of 12 different church experiences and 4 different denominations. Audrey ClarkePub. Relations

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All the while on this journey through „church as usual‟ I did not know that God has established patterns in spiritual leadership. These „patterns‟ which are the five fold ministry offices of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, are to demonstrate a life of the spirit that should be duplicated by those who are their followers. There are certain precepts that should be imparted into the life of every believer for the purpose of their spiritual maturation once they have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. According to Ephesians 4:11-13, we are being equipped with this level of teaching so that we are prepared for the work of the kingdom. True Apostles possess an anointing to install principles and precepts from the word of God which causes a reformation of the minds of men. By following the mandates given to them by God, ONE voice is being heard in the community and the manifestation of the sons of God is taking place on a consistent basis. As believers of this end-time mandate to manifest sons, we are ordained of God to walk in kingdom authority and to be the examples of the word made flesh, that all the world longs to see. As we live our lives as a continual sacrifice, men will see our good works and glorify the Father. Our works (testimonies) can be seen in the way we live daily. In our homes, in our places of business, and on our corporate jobs. This is a revolution! It‟s not church as usual“This is the season for the manifestation of the sons of God!”


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Dr. Mark T. Jones Sr. “I live for the manifestation of the sons of God.”

anifesting Sons

The purpose of this page is to enlighten, inform and edify the body of Christ so that we may be firm in our convictions and belief in the revelations of the word of God. The questions presented here are from our readers and those that attend our live panel discussions. For more information feel free to contact us or send questions to editor for review and to be considered for printing in future publications.

What is the doctrine that was first delivered to the Apostles?


That Jesus is the Christ, Son of the Living God, through Whom we have eternal life in calling on His name. There is no other name under heaven by which man can be saved.

What is an "Apostolic Lifestyle?"


My estimation, is that it is an understanding that as a pattern for other leaders, I am to model the kingdom, and the mind of the Spirit. Furthermore, I and those who partner with me must understand that we are to perfect what we do, so that we will be Godly examples to other churches and other leaders for their furtherance and strengthening.

What are the precepts noted in Ephesians 4:11-13?


God has gifted the body of Christ with five distinct roles that are purely for the maturation of the saints. The “five fold” ministry is God‟s hand of glory, through which He reaches into the body, continuing the process of edifying, and building up the saints to the measure of His stature in love.

Explain “Manifestation” of the sons of God


The intentional and deliberate process of sanctification through which the Holy Spirit is revealing the identity of the true sons of God. The unveiling of those called apart from the world by the Father to manifest His glory

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January 2010 contents

“I live for the manifestation of the sons of God…” God…

An exclusive interview with

Apostle Mark T. Jones Sr. Articles : The Role of the ApostolicPastor O'Neil Salmon - (pg. 6-7) MARKS OF APOSTOLIC MATURITY

Dr. John Garcia - (pg. 8-9)

pages 16-17


Pastor Michael Morreale (pg. 27)

EMPOWERMENT Gail Boles- James F. King (pg. 12-13) UNFINISHED BUSINESS Dr. Charlotte Dixon (pg. 14)

Worship & The Apostolic Regina Felton-Juana Mapps (pg. 10)

JUST DO IT! Pastor Al Gonzalez (pg. 31) 4

Voice of Manifestation JAN „10


The Role of the Apostolic in the 21st Century Church “Back In Alignment� "If you continue one degree off from your target, you are sure to miss the mark"

But, who would stand to bring the "Church Back into Alignment"? This was the only church I knew then.

Paul, an Apostle of Jesus Christ said that he "pressed towards the mark of the High Calling in Christ Jesus"; it is my firm belief that he desired to walk in the assurance of his calling and office. Is there relevance, a necessity of this office (gift) and proof (manifestation) today of this calling? I aim to give to a personal testimony that I pray diffuse any doubt that may exist. I was raised in a Christian Family Home and church attendance was mandatory to all. I was raised in the United Pentecostal Church for much of my life. We were called Pentecostals and at times Apostolic. I often debated in my spirit while growing up why we were identified as "Apostolic". We were often preached to and taught about the Pentecostal Experience. The latter just did not fit, as we did not embrace the Apostolic Way in its full measure. The organization primarily acknowledged and embraced the role of the Pastorate and Evangelist. It seemed that Salvation was always a primary agenda (as it should be); secondly, reaching the lost (evangelism) and thirdly, living according to a standard that seemed to be outdated and somewhat hypocritical in nature.

Upon embracing the call to launch out into the deep and birthing out the vision of Shiloh Restoration Tabernacle; I was led to go independent of the Organization to which I was accustomed, mentored and nurtured in. It was no easy task or decision to make. But the call was not attached to my present location. I had to move from what was comfortable, natural and common to me. I was but 1 year into Pastoral Ministry before connecting to FBCM (Fellowship for Bible Centered Ministries). Prior to this, I wondered and questioned God about the present state and direction of the Church. I felt discarded by the organization I once supported with all, ostracized by fellow brethren I once served by and alone in what seemed like a tiny pond. I needed mentoring, guidance and a Spiritual Father. I was broken, at times discouraged and disappointed (Can I be real?). But, through a series of events purposed for divine connection, I met Apostle Mark Jones. I felt like Elizabeth must have felt when she heard the salutation of Mary, the baby (destiny) leaping within me.

Come worship with us! Shiloh Restoration Tabernacle 1044 East Brandon Boulevard / P.O. Box 1655 Brandon, Florida 33511 (813) 657-9400 Voice of Manifestation JAN „10 6

As he spoke, he not only ministered to my present state and brought comfort, he provided coherent guidance to my next step and began to shape my future and the vision came alive once again. Readers: This has no bearing on the man, but that he was humbled by his calling, fortified in his purposed and used under God's anointing. The Holy Spirit allowed him to speak to my past life, present state and promised future. What other proof do I need to gain a resolution to the question of the existence of the Apostolic, when it is actively working in my life. The measure of Apostle Paul's ministry was not based upon what he took from the church; it was based upon what he gave. I was being given another chance at life, success and fulfilling purpose. The baby within me has not only leaped, it has given birth, grown and has continued to mature. I have continued to remain in a constant state of pregnancy, as the word continues to be deposited. The relevance the gift has made in my life is that it shaped a future worth believing in. The necessity of the gift is that it produced a testimony in me that counts me numbered as a Survivor. Lastly, the proof is in the pudding as it is often said, I am here walking out my assignment because someone said "I would not have you ignorant, brethren, that sometimes I purposed to come unto you, that I might have some fruit among you also‌" Romans 1:13. In conclusion, as God brought me back in alignment. It is my profound belief that he is doing so with the Church of today. We have gone astray (Isaiah 53:6) and God is placing a mandate on the Church to return to its foundation and to work Grace into the World through the Manifestation of the 5-Fold Gifts (Ephesians 4:11-12). Coincidentally, 5 is the number of "grace", or is it coincidental at all? Be encouraged today! In His Service,


Pastor O

Voice of Manifestation JAN „10

John Garcia, PhD of Religious Philosophy / The Promise is that as we move from infants into a deeper level of spiritual maturity, we will advance from slave to son, and thus, become heirs. It is awesome to receive the revelation that not only are we heirs because of Christ Jesus, we actually become joint-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:14-17). Notice, and if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also be glorified together. To be a joint-heir denotes the inheritance is divided equally if someone is a joint-heir. This is a tremendous incentive to move into the place of maturity so we will not be deprived of, nor forfeit, one bit of what Father God longs for us to fully walk in. The same anointing that empowered the early disciples is now obtainable and available for each of us. Christ stated, "As My Father has sent Me, even now I am sending you" (John 20:21). It is the plan of God that we walk in demonstrated power. Christ declared we would be able to do the works He accomplished and even greater works than these (John 14:12). This is our birthright. The promise is that one generation will receive the restoration of what other generations have lost (Joshua 11:23).

Your birthright is to walk in the anointing and power of God's Holy Spirit. (Daniel 11:32). We are called to be over comers, seated with Christ in true prophetic and apostolic power (Rev. 3:20-22). The eyes of the Lord are looking for a people whose hearts are upright so that He can fully support all they put their hands to do (2 Chronicles 16:9). Our hearts must be free from self-seeking and self agendas. Our goal is to desire nothing more than the advancing of the Eternal King and the establishing of his Kingdom through the appropriation of our birthright. (Galatians 4:1-7). The Lord spoke, saying, "If I can find a people without mixture, I will pour out My power without measure." God has promised to identify each of us as Sons and Daughters of the Most High if we will choose to grow up and live a clean pure life (2 Corinthians 6:16-18/2 Corinthians 7:1).

God longs to unveil our outstanding and distinct destiny. It is time to mature, moving from mere infants into mature sons. It is crucial we set our hearts to move without delay into maturity. Only then will the Spirit of God be released to bring us into our divine inheritance. The promises of God are sure. Even though one It is truly a pity to live spiritually impoverished when in generation forfeits their call, this does not disqualify you fact, we are a multi-mantled generation. It is feeblefrom walking in your complete birthright. In Joshua, mindedness, pseudo ecclesiastical systems and the chapter five, forty years of 'no' became a 'yes' in one absence of fathers/mothers in the Church that has kept day. This is a great display of regaining our birthright us from walking as heirs of Jesus' finished work. and obtaining the promise. Apostles will always point us toward Jesus' finished work and how our assignment connects to that work. The Spirit of God is waking our heart, calling us to God is looking for a people who will shake themselves receive our birthright. and arise coming out of this self-imposed poverty. Voice of Manifestation JAN „10 8

The identity of this complex/spirit is most helpful: It is an Esau spirit which manifests itself by causing Believers to come into distraction from the worth and value of their birthrights and divine inheritances. The result has produced disdain for the thing God places great value and worth upon. May we never again be guilty of selling our God-given destiny for a moment of self-gratification. Many (including leaders) have fallen prey to this spirit, as it seeks to allure them from the path of God, causing them to succumb to quick indulgence, promising to satisfy the hunger of the flesh. Another way this spirit works is causing Believers to expect only their inheritance to be given to them when they die and enter the spirit world. This has led so many to live below the promise of power and authority here and now. The scripture states that God hated Esau. I feel it was the deeds of Esau that God hated. What did Esau do to cause such a displeasure in the heart of God the Father? He fell prey to this spirit which demands the feeding and the satisfaction of the flesh, pushing for personal pleasure at all cost. Thus Esau counted worthless his inheritance, not valuing what God had destined him to walk in...selling his birthright for a single bowl of soup (Gen. 25:29-34/ Romans 9:13). The enemy tried this same strategy with Adam, in Noah's time, the days of Lot, with Jesus during his testing as well as today with us.

the head and not the tail. God destined us to be above and not beneath. To my five-fold colleagues, now is the time for us to rise above and seek to prepare the minds of the people to receive all that the Father longs to release. The Saints are no longer slaves to sin or to us. They are sons and thus heirs of the promise. The Lord is looking for a leadership who will walk in uprightness of heart so He can release immeasurable authority and power (Psalms 24:3-5). We must model this intimacy and release permission to our flocks to be all they were meant to be. It is one thing to ascend into the hill of the Lord; however, it is another thing to abide in such a place and bring our congregations with us. It is one thing to have our sins forgiven, to pray, worship, read scripture...yet there remains the place where who we really are moves beyond the veil of the most holy place. It is in that place where Godly visitations or manifestations aren't good enough. Where our giftings pale in comparison with His beauty and we see the Church coming into her own. Only spending time with Him in the inner chambers will suffice to reveal our birthright. It is in that place, the place of our genesis, the place of intimacy where we were conceived in God, where we will find our lost identity, lost treasure, lost coin and hidden pearl. He will show us how to grow up into Him, who is the Head.

The Spirit of God has released grace to overcome this spirit. We must regain a noble desire to walk in our true birthright. Never should we again be satisfied to walk below what God has designed for us. We are created to be Inside Oak Park Plaza

777 W. Lumsden Rd. Brandon, FL 33511813. 770.LIFE (5433) John is a teacher & psalmist who ministers in apostolic authority and revelation to bring people into their 'greater works' consciousness. He ministers passionately, declaring the manifestation of the Sons of God. John is an international recording artist as well as an author in the making as he finishes up, "Loose God & Let Him, Go!". Together with his wife Marilyn, John is the Founding and Lead pastor of Legacy Church. They have a son, Devan and a daughter, Katryel. Additionally, he and Marilyn are founders of Call To Deep Music and The Brandon Christian Community School. Dr. Garcia earned a Masters Degree in Pastoral Care & Administration and a Ph.D. Doctor of Religious Philosophy from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary. For more information you may visit one of the following: / /

Voice of Manifestation JAN „10 9

orship and the Apostolic Clean hands and a pure heart is the mandate of a worshipper. The Apostolic worshipper is in oneness with the spirit of God. They carry a mantle of pure intimacy, transparency and a loving heart towards God and His people. The heart of Christ and the hunger for righteousness assist the worshipper to enter into the very presence of God; thus leading God‟s people to cast down their cares and embrace that intimate place where we find rest in His Glory! The Apostolic Worshipper displays a true hunger and thirst to stay in the presence of our Almighty King Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and a desire to bring others to that place of true abandonment to self. Worshipping God after the apostolic order is a fullness you walk in whereby you stand boldly in the confidence of Christ realizing you are a vessel fit for the Masters use! Just as apostles are the sent ones who are commissioned to be carriers of the Holy Spirit of God, sent to usher/equip believers in how to convey the heart of God, worshippers are also carriers. They are carriers who endeavor to usher in and manifest the weight of His glory. When oneness is birthed in the spirit, the climate of the atmosphere is changed because divine order has demanded Its place. A place fit for the King. This climate creates a welcome mat in the spirit for the King to come. Worship is the offering. The kingdom has been established in the worshipper. They aid in unleashing the King‟s agenda in the earth realm as it is in heaven. Heaven is pregnant and the Apostolic worshippers are pregnant with God‟s thoughts. Purification, fertilization and consecration are the recipe ingredients that cultivate intimacy with God. God is looking to conceptualize a purified and fertilized womb. Worshippers possess bowed down hearts that capture the essence of God. Jesus is changing the wealth of our identity when we see Him. ~ It‟s clearly a Trumpet call ~

Apostle Mark T. Jones Sr.

10 Mapps - Juana

Regina Felton

“Receiving the Supernatural Grace to Triumph” It‟s time to preach the “True Gospel” of Jesus Christ.

During this time it is critical that our relationship be authentic with the Father and with our brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of God. Covenant is sacred unto God and the passion that burns within me is for the revival, restoration, deliverance and healing to the rejected, bruised & broken. This can only come through surrender and covenant intimacy with the Father. The Voice of God is used so lightly in this hour and it is my passion that when we declare and decree the voice of God, it is with precision, fire and demonstration. Through the empowering grace of the Holy Spirit for such a time is this, I am empowered with a greater reverence and zeal to make full proof my assignment in the advancement in the Kingdom. I will continue to edify, mentor, impart, & activate Prophets and equip them to undergird and assist Apostolic vision according to Ephesians 2:20-22 Amp. 20 You are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus Himself

the chief Cornerstone. 21 In Him the whole structure is joined (bound, welded) together harmoniously, and it continues to rise (grow, increase) into a holy temple in the Lord [a sanctuary dedicated, consecrated, and sacred to the presence of the Lord]. 22 In Him [and in fellowship with one another] you yourselves also are being built up [into this structure] with the rest, to form a fixed abode (dwelling place) of God in (by, through) the Spirit. And Allowing the Love of God to transform the lives of those in darkness into light and emphatically proclaiming through all seasons of trials and persecutions. – You Shall Live and Not Die! Prophetess Michelle Guess

Don‟t Lose Your Prophetic Utterance - By Evangelist Sheila Williams Then she came and told the man of God. And he said, Go, sell the oil, and pay thy debt, and live thou and thy children of the rest. 2 Kings 4:7

I was not only mindful of the words I spoke, I was mindful of the types of songs I would sing during praise and worship. One of my favorite songs to sing is by Maurette Clark-Brown. The words were “I may not be able to see it, but in my heart I do believe, I believe. Jesus He knows my struggles and soon He‟s coming to see about me….I can feel the breaking of day.”

I‟m sure you‟ve heard the story of this Shunammite woman. May 1997 I received a word of prophecy that said, “I see you like the Shunammite woman, you‟ve gone out and went out of a lot of things, but God is going to give you ways to make money, you‟re going to be able to do things for your children that you‟ve always wanted to do.” Dec. 2009 this prophecy was fulfilled. I learned prior to this to believe the prophet so shall ye prosper. I knew that my tongue was as the pen of a ready writer, so I was always mindful of what I spoke when I was going through a trial. Life and death are in the power of the tongue; so regardless of how things looked, I learned to look beyond the What I really want to convey is this…your situations are circumstances. never greater than God. 11

A. Marino Gail Boles

D. Lester

V. Carter James 5:6 says, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” -Gail Boles & Valerie Carter

501 E. Kennedy Boulevard Suite 1700 Tampa, Florida 33602 P: (813) 228-7411 F: (813) 229-8313 S. Lyon

A. Mansis Voice of Manifestation JAN „10

R. Ortiz P. McGuire 12

Chief Operating Officer

“Our five offices around the state of Florida work seamlessly together to offer clients the most appropriate lawyer to handle their matter. Each office offers a comprehensive range of legal services either locally or through our other offices. The Tampa office has lawyers practicing from our Business, Government, Environmental and Land and Litigation departments in all practices to serve your needs.” Empowerment Through Encouragement and Prayer is a corporate prayer group at Fowler White Boggs. This group is designed to empower, pray for and encourage one another and to understand that our assignment in the marketplace as Christians is to be vessels for God‟s anointing. Moses prayed, “If your presence doesn‟t go up from this place with us, I don‟t want to go.” our version of that prayer is, “Lord, if I go to work, it is the presence of God that changes people, not our reasoning, and causes them to be open to meeting the Truth in the person of Jesus Christ. We can preach to the blind and deaf all day and they won‟t see or hear. But when He comes, their eyes and ears are opened. The prayer group focuses are personal prayer requests, encouragement, praying for our co-workers and praying for the CEO, leadership, and the company. We view the company as a separate entity, similar to an individual that has sins and needs salvation just like we do. When Jesus said in Luke 19:10, “The Son of Man came to seek and to save THAT which was lost,” we believe He meant all of His creation. What was lost in the Garden of Eden? Not just Adam and Eve, but the ground itself was actually cursed Our “ground”(the fields in which we work) has also been redeemed by the blood of Jesus, and it‟s up to us to fulfill our original calling to have dominion over it, be fruitful and multiply. After all, “THE WHOLE CREATION cries out for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed.” The Bibles calls us to “pray continually” (I Thess. 5:3). James 5:16 says, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” God is calling us to labor in His vineyard. God is calling us to take the Gospel to those we supervise, to

our co-workers and even to our superiors. That is what it means to be salt and light in the marketplace. In order for us to accomplish our mission, however, we must understand the importance of the positions we hold and the professional roles we play. We don‟t just work for or manage the company, we disciple the company. No matter what your position, industry or role at work, you are not at your current job by accident. You are there to do much more than collect your paycheck and pay your bills. If you are a follower of Christ and God has blessed you with the job, He has handpicked you to be His salt and light in the workplace. We must understand that God will give us wisdom and strength to please our earthly bosses and our heavenly Boss! We do not need to compromise one for another. When we are focused on faithfully representing Jesus in our character, conduct and work ethic, we cannot help but perform on the job with excellence. It is comforting to be able to pray in my workplace, there is a great need for this activity. I pray as I go throughout the workday. As we gather in the workplace each day, we carry our cares and concerns with us. Needs are great. Work is a blessing and an assignment to expand God‟s Kingdom. We are ambassadors. “Lord, increase Your presence to and through me today in the workplace,” is the same prayer as, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” We can sit by and wait for Jesus to come and save the marketplace, or we can join Him now and be a part of it. The fields are white with harvest. We pray that the Lord of the Harvest sends workers out of the barns and into the field.”


Voice of Manifestation JAN „10

Dr. Charlotte Dixon

Dr. Charlotte Dixon is an Associate Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling at the University of South Florida. For the past 15 years she has educated and prepared future counselors to work with persons with physical, psychological, and emotional disabilities. She earned her doctorate in Rehabilitation at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and has been on the faculty of USF since 1994. In her 15 year career in academia, Dr. Dixon has published one book, numerous chapters and professional articles. She is a nationally recognized speaker in the area of rehabilitation counseling and has conducted hundreds of workshops and training seminars. She currently is a Secretarial appointee to the Veterans Advisory Council on Rehabilitation and has served on the board of Directors of several local organizations. Dr. Dixon is a licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in psychotherapy and substance abuse counseling to persons with traumatic brain injury and other forms of physical and psychological disabilities. She also is a nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and can be reached via email at

“Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” But are you truly free or are you bound by forces, habits and beliefs you don‟t understand? Is this unfinished business from your past holding you back from being all that you could be in Christ? Let‟s explore that question. What is Unfinished Business? Over the course of a day we leave many things undone (i.e., house cleaning, office work, unpaid bills, errands, etc.). However, this is not the type of business I am referring to. The Unfinished Business (UFB) I‟m referring to are those issues of the heart that have not been dealt with; you know, the broken relationships, wounded love ones, childhood traumas, broken promises, hidden sins and buried secrets- the list goes on and on. When we try to move forward before taking care of our UFB, we tend to experience recurring problems, obstacles and failures. Some of us try (sometimes consciously, sometimes not) to shove these memories, thoughts and feeling so far back in the recesses of our minds that we believe they‟ll never see the light of day. Unfortunately that only works for a little while, maybe even a few years but inevitably, your UFB starts to show up. Maybe it‟s triggered by something someone said, something you saw; or a sermon that was preached. Perhaps for you it was the breakup of a relationship or the betrayal of a trusted friend. Regardless of the cause, you are now faced with demons from your past. A Gooey Mess

How can you put your all on the alter when a large part of you is oozing out of a messy cardboard box? YOU CAN‟T. You must take care of yourself and your UFB before you can truly give God your best.

Taking Care of Unfinished Business 1. Find comfort in the fact that we all stand naked before God. Take a minute to imagine yourself standing naked in front of God. Go ahead, stand there, turn around, let Him look you over. From the number of hairs on your head to the souls of your feet, He knows you. With that image in mind, go to God in prayer and ask that He give you courage to face the demons/issues of your past. 2. If you commit to doing this, it won‟t be easy. Therefore, ask God to direct you to the spiritual guide He has preordained to help you teardown the stronghold in your mind that gives strength to the demons of your past. 3. Bring your demons out of the dark recesses of your mind. In the dark, the demons have the power. Secrecy is their best defense; it is the ties that bind. No one can refute them in the darkness of your mind. No one can help you face them unless they are brought to the surface. ExThink of UFB as gooey mess that you packed away in card board boxes pose them to the marvelous light of Jesus Christ. When you suffer years ago. Overtime the boxes began to breakdown and the gooey mess through the pain of this exposure you will find freedom and liberty starts to seep out all over the abundant life Christ came to give you. It‟s awaits you on the other side. But first you must go through the pain. seeping into your marriage, your friendships, your interactions with co This is the step that has crippled so many others; men and women who -workers and fellow Christians. More importantly, its seeping into with have turned to all forms of self-medication (drugs, alcohol, sex, gamyour relationship and commitment to Christ. You may be starting to bling, work, etc.) trying to avoid the pain of exercising the demons of wonder where the fear and self doubt are coming from; what caused their past. Remember, the moment you expose it, it looses it‟s grip on you to burst into tears for no apparent reason?; why were you so upset you and you‟re on your way to freedom. by an innocent comment? You‟re wondering if anyone else knows 4. Going through this process is work; hard work and it won‟t be about your gooey mess. quick. Many people have lived with demons for years and believe me, With so much on your mind, how CAN you be „free indeed‟? How are they won‟t leave without a fight. Find a Godly therapist to work with. you able to praise God in spirit and in truth when you‟re so preContrary to popular opinion, therapy is not for crazy people. It‟s for occupied with your own stuff? you and me when we need it and thanks be to God that such help is available.

Voice of Manifestation JAN „10


Your Body, Your Health, Our God- What‟s the connection? The economy has affected many of us, some are cutting back. As a pharmacist, I have witnessed that it is not outof-the-ordinary for patients to S-T-R-E-T-C-H a 30 day supply of a prescription medication for up to 90 days! When your healthcare practitioner gives a prescription, he or she is expecting certain results from that medication. For example, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and/or lower blood sugar. Not taking the medication properly and not exercising or changing your diet, the expected results are NOT achieved. On your next office visit, the physician will either: (1) increase the dose of your medication, (2) increase how often you take the medication or (3) add more medication, in an attempt to get the desired result. WOW, all of that for not taking your medication properly, and not making the necessary lifestyle modifications, to improve your overall health. This practice of “stretching” your medication is actually more costly to your health and your money in the long run. In a recent article of a pharmaceutical journal, the medical profession recognized the need for a strong spiritual component when performing any type of intervention in the African American neighborhoods because of our strong spiritual beliefs (I Thessalonians 5:23). Paul encourages us to work out our own salvation. (Philippians 2:12) Show it, bring it from the inside to the surface. James exhorts us to show to the world (outside) what God has accomplished in our spirits (inside). There should be some physical manifestation of what you believe. In the old testament, the temple was the place where people came to WORSHIP God.

I Chronicles 23:24 records that the sons of Levi worked in the service of the Lord‟s temple. I Corinthians 6:19 Paul lets us know that every born again believers‟ body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own. Your body is the LORD‟s temple. We are a royal priesthood (I Peter 2:9). In as much as the Levites worked to maintain the Lord‟s temple we should care for our bodies because it is not ours but God‟s property. It‟s time for us to start looking at our bodies the way God does, created in his image and after his likeness (Genesis 1:26). We have been given the job of maintaining our bodies, the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are not our own we were bought with a price, the precious blood of God‟s only begotten son our Lord. Therefore glorify God in your body, and in you spirit, which are God‟s.

K.A. Richards Rph, Cph WelDone Pharmacy LLC.

Deborah R. Bennett Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, my husband and I decided to relocate to Gibsonton Florida in 2003. I was born with a birth defect called Scoliosis, it makes me look and feel different from others. Being raised in the C.O.G.I.C. religion helped me to get through the difficult times of growing up. Being a part of that congregation and holding true to what I was told helped me to get through the difficult times in life that I had to go through, in order to get to where I am now. Yes there have been times in my life, I didn‟t even know if I wanted to continue to live. I would open my eyes everyday during these dark times in my life and ask God “why am I still here?” I didn‟t want to be here but I was aware from the teachings of the C.O.G.I.C. faith that I could not commit suicide or I was sure to make hell my eternal home. I have been wheelchair bound physically for 27 years. My spirit was somewhat bound without a true vision and a prevailing word constantly being spoken over my life.


I am so excited about what I have been learning since becoming a partner of the Center for Manifestation! The teaching is so powerful and heaven sent, I believe I am truly seated in heavenly places in Christ. I'm more focus on what God has to says about my life now more than ever before. I now believe in myself and with that comes also loving myself. I really hadn't learned to do this in all these years. I now realize that I am a person of value to God and He is the only one I will ever need to validate who I am in this life. I have grown so much in Christ since being apart of the Center for Manifestation. I know I'm in the will of God being here. At this time in my life Christ has allowed me to see that HE gave me this life with a purpose, on purpose. I needed to understand this so that I could move on and manifest the love of Christ to others regardless of my situations in this life. Disappointments, rejection and abuse, we all know, leaves us with scars. Christ has shown me that I am not a victim of those scars but a blessing to others by having had to received them. We say that we want to be like Christ, well He received scars for us. So I know “scars and all” I have the victory. I have surrendered it all to Christ that He may guide me to my divine destiny in Him and that He may be glorified in the midst of it all.



 



Mark T. Jones, Jr. - Dr. Mark T. Jones, Sr. Voice of Manifestation JAN „10



Lady Lisa Jones, Marlesia Jones




The world may have come to know Mark Jones as a successful businessman with 14 years experience in management. Since then, he is now a “ministering spirit” & role model to many as God‟s ambassador as he humbly submits himself to the appointment and the office of an Apostle. From Elder Mark T. Jones to Dr. & Apostle of several partnerships through the Fellowship of Bible-Centered Ministries, the Senior Pastor and Founder of one of Tampa Florida‟s fastest growing churches is also called by God to teach the message of the “MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD,” across the country and around the world! He is affectionately admired and greatly sought after as teacher and speaker for many churches and corporate events held in the Bay Area. Guided by shared values and inspired by the Holy Spirit, Dr. Jones and wife of 18 years, Lady Lisa Jones believe in keeping families strong, and devote themselves to training married couples in the church through marriage enrichment seminars and classes through the It Takes 3 Marriage Ministry. The Jones‟ have two teenagers, Mark Jr. and Marlesia (Marley) Jones.

Dr. Mark T. Jones Sr. & Lady Lisa In this season, he is a voice for the voiceless. His messages compel the attention of those who seek to discover their purpose in life and launch their destiny.

The Center for Manifestation located in the heart of East Tampa is a Bible believing, Bible teaching, spirit filled, nondenominational, charismatic church. The central focus of the ministry is training believers to help them to achieve total life prosperity and total life healing.

Determined to make a difference, Dr. Jones rid himself of traditionalism and religious restraints and in 2001 launched “Preparing the Way Ministries,” which later became “The Center for Manifestation,” because of the ministry being a place of manifestation through “worship, the word, and witnessing.” The Center for Manifestation was released from the heart of God to be a refreshing force to the body of Christ. While the central theme and essence of the ministry is to prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, in part this purpose is accomplished by retraining the saints as to what their God given roles and responsibilities in the church are.

The vision is to teach the end-times church of the essence of kingdom life, and to communicate deep, spiritual truths in a simplified manner. Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision the people perish." The center for Manifestation was released from the heart of God to be a refreshing force to the body of Christ. While the central theme and essence of this ministry is to prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, in part this purpose is accomplished by retraining the saints as the what their God given roles and responsibilities in the church are. It is also the vision of this ministry to bring healing and deliverance to those who have been hindered from moving into position for the latter rains.

Known for his dynamic and practical teaching style, his vibrant illustrated sermons are sometimes intense, often humorous, but always relevant. He communicates the message of Christ with sincerity and simplicity.

Very often, people of purpose and destiny fail to leave an ineradicable mark on either society or mankind, only to retreat to the heavens without maximizing their God-given and intended potential. Dr. Mark T. Jones, Sr. is not only maximizing what God has deposited in him, but he is also empowering the people of God to fulfill their purpose on the earth.

Voice of Manifestation JAN „10 17




Teacher Katherine Walton


B I B L E -


Pastors Kelli & Deondrick Douglas




Pastor Broughton Bro. Jason Edwards Pastor “G” & Lady Joi Broughton

May21st – 23rd

Pastor Clentine Murvin

Pastor F. L. Wynn & Dr. Mark T. Jones


FBCM 3 Day Ordination It is the mission of “FBCM” to assist pastors in the strengthening and development of their churches. FBCM will also assist in the development of ministries that are not necessarily local churches in the traditional context, but which do serve for the advancement of kingdom purpose.

For more information or to receive a complete packet about FBCM please contact: Jason Edwards

Voice of Manifestation JAN „10


Dr. David A. Boyd Apostle Mark T. Jones


A worshipper who lives for the manifestation of the sons of God!

when something loses its definition in our hearts, it loses its power.

Dr. Jones‟ line by line, verse by verse approach to the word stimulates the intellect of people on all levels of life and is masterfully captured in a number of audio and video series. Mark T. Jones has a passion for developing the lives of the saints of God. He is considered by many both nationally and internationally as spiritual father, mentor, pastor, teacher and friend. Dr. Jones is rapidly setting the standard of God by installing biblical precepts, patterns, and principles in the life of those he pastors and teaches locally, as well as various churches and ministries around the globe that have submitted under the covering of Manifestations Worldwide, Inc.

The last aspect of our vision is re-positioning those who have been out of position so that they might receive the latter rains. (Hebrews 6:7) With all of the constant outpouring that God manifests among His people, we should walk in the blessings of God and manifest kingdom life. VM: Describe how you received such a mandate and the mantle to fulfill this great call of God on your life to serve others?

The Voice of Manifestation magazine recently spoke to Apostle Jones about his ongoing passion for developing people and ministry leaders and the responsibility of imparting fresh manna into their lives, relevant for the times in which we live. Below is the excerpt of that live interview conducted by Jason Edwards courtesy of VM Magazine.

DJ: the Mandate of God for Manifestations Worldwide was spoken to me on July 12, 1996, the Lord began to firm up in my heart that I was in fact called to my present calling and assignment. The Lord told me that I was to learn wisdom from men‟s mistakes. He said there are a lot of things I‟m Voice of Manifestation (VM): Dr. Jones, what is the vision of going to cause you to see that I never want you to repeat. And Manifestations Worldwide? so I knew from that word the Lord gave me that night that there was a mandate of God for me to understand the mind of DJ : There are several important aspects of our vision. The the spirit and not do ministry as it had been done as I had first is to train the body of Christ the essence of kingdom life. seen, but in fact to take up the calling of God with the kind of Most people that operate in the body of Christ only underdiscipline and integrity the He intended those of us who walk stand religion, tradition and there‟s a lot of form without the in pastoral or apostolic leadership to walk in. I have come to power and substance thereof. Training is done partially by understand as Paul said, we as apostles are patterns, and if the imparting the logic of God. Unless a person embodies kingpattern is flawed then the entire lot is flawed. So the mandate dom logic, they can never enter into kingdom life. was that this is to be a ministry and this is to be a leadership and pastorate of integrity. The 2nd aspect is refreshing. We are to be, and we are, a refreshing force to those who are coming in from the The Mantle was taken up in this capacity; I believe that when “weariness” of church service. Seeking a higher dimension or God intends to do certain things in certain regions of the the higher life. earth, I believe God works through Mantles or anointed asThe next aspect of our vision is re-training what the proper roles and responsibilities within the body of Christ are. So we spend a lot of time developing leaders in the essence of kingdom life as well as defining the roles by scripture (Ephesians 4:11) that God has given us. For instance the role of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher deacons, elders as well are trained because what I have come to understand is that


signments in order to manifest those purposes. I believe when leaders pass on having not fulfilled the purpose of God those mantles remain in the earth….(to view this live interview in its entirety, visit: This is the season for the manifestation of the sons of God!

Voice of Manifestation JAN „10

Featured Teaching Series by Dr. Mark T. Jones Sr.


$20.00 $25.00 Our bookstore carries over 150 series taught by Dr. Jones. Teaching topics range from many areas of life, from spiritual & personal development, to finances & family life. Also, you don‟t want to miss the opportunity to experience Dr. Mark & Lady Lisa Jones as they empower couples with the message that different is not bad, it‟s just different, in the series entitled “He Said -She Said” Please visit our online bookstore to order

$20.00 Voice of Manifestation JAN „10 21

As God Has Created “YOU” To Be “I often say “be yourself” because if you are trying to be like someone else you may forget how to be you. Being a “First Lady” has never been my primary focus or even a desire of mine, because of the unrealistic expectations, that lead to the confinement of who God created us to be. Aligning myself to what God wanted from me as the first lady with a prophetic assignment came with great hesitation, because of the stoic persona that many have displayed. I was constantly plagued with the fear of inadequacy. Looking at the prophetic in the bible and seeing the prophetic in operation in the churches today caused me to question God as to why He needed another person in that office when so many are already operating. My “faulty” reasoning led me to not take this calling serious and even to avoid those who were called to the same office.

In the beginning people would ask so “how does it feel to be called the 1st lady?” My sarcastic response would vary from time to time because I never experienced that feeling they were referring to. I began to cry out in unfairness to God for making me a first lady and then positioning me into the prophetic. What I was hoping was that He would change His mind before I lost mine. My submission to this process did not come until He said that my preoccupation should never be with being a first lady or some well known prophetess, but to just be a woman of God first and to continue the learning process of just knowing Him.”

First Lady Prophetess Lisa Jones MANIFESTATIONS WORLDWIDE, Inc.



Evangelist Laconya Williams Apostle Delossa Harris Sr. Pastor - End Time Ministries Overseer -

Tampa, FL. End Time Ministries Rochester, N.Y.

While Prophets speak on behalf of God, I believe Apostles speak as God. Apostles are not God, but they walk in a dimension of authority of declaration and establishment. Because of the gifting, anointing and authority that this office carries, some reject and are intimidated by a woman holding it - primarily because of their old mindsets. Therefore, it is vitally important that we are fully persuaded as to what we are called to do and to be secure in that. As females in this role we cannot allow ourselves to feel inferior to anyone. Have faith in God and confidence in ourselves and nothing shall be impossible for us. We need to walk in the liberty which Christ Jesus has set us free. It is unfortunate that in this day and time we are still judged by gender rather than the character and manifestation of the office.

Manifestations Worldwide

Pastor Laytecia McKinney Senior Pastor & Founder

As an End time Evangelist, my mission is to reach all humanity with the love of Christ which will draw all people to the Father. There is definitely a freedom to operate in my ministry office under the leadership of Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones doesn‟t lead from the traditions of men, but the wisdom of God, line upon line and precept upon precept. Matthews 28:19 says, Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. God has opened doors in

three continents for Manifestation Worldwide and I have ministered with Dr. Jones in Africa, Asia and Europe. One thing Dr. Jones says, is “just what did God mean when He put His spirit in your body?” I am not here to only be a portal for the birthing of children. Joel 2:28…. And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: I‟m here

to shake Nations and Transform Lives. The problem in the church with men thinking that women shouldn‟t preach is that they have read the Word like a newspaper taking scripture out of context, no revelation. Some men are intimidated by the anointing on women and the spirit of jealousy manifests, so they don‟t allow women to operate in their God ordained assignment. I thank God that Dr. Jones knows who he is, he walks in a strong anointing and in the confidence of Christ allowing women to effectively execute their office. To God Be The Glory!!!


Victory Temple Outreach Ministries Tampa, FL.

Being a Female Pastor in an era where it is not the norm or what is acceptable, does bring opposition to you but it also reminds you that Jesus was not accepted or considered to be a part of the “Big Boys Clubs.” According to Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. God is not looking for gender but for a “yielded vessel” in whom He can use to feed a dying Nation, the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we read throughout the bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament, women were used and called upon in leadership and authoritative positions to lead the people of God. The Apostolic Directive is poured out upon the female as well as the male and sets a precedent that God will use whomever He pleases. If He used a donkey and an axe to deliver a message, surely He can use me to deliver (preach) the message of His Gospel! I am who God says that I am and can be nothing less. You don‟t just wake up and say today, I am going to be a Pastor, but God chooses you to this position as He did David and others. The bible declares that you shall know them by the fruit that they bear, therefore watch my fruit and not my femininity.

Prophetess Marilyn Smith Manifestations Worldwide

Teacher Katherine Walton Manifestations Worldwide

The word of the Lord in (Psalms 107:20) came to Prophetess Marilyn. She was called and ordained to the office of the Prophetic in the year of 2001. The voice of the Lord spoke to her, “Go and prepare my people for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” The year 2003 God birthed out of her " The Jesus Military Forces Academy." An Apostolic Prophetic Militant School. We are commissioned by God to prepare His Prophets Prophetic vessels and Intercessors for the movement of the Apostolic and the Prophetic Ministries. November 2005 God connected Prophetess Marilyn and Pray For The Nations Under the Apostolic Mantle of Apostle Mark T. Jones Sr. God reveal to Prophetess Marilyn a vision of the Apostolic and Prophetic Walking together to the Cross. Being Under this Apostolic mantle God has caused effectual doors to be opened in the foreign mission fields "Pray For The Nations Global Foreign Missions." Haiti Umbrella ( Apostolic Safe Haven) For families, children, leaders, Pastors , churches. Our purpose is to establish the Kingdom Of God into the foreign missions field. And to be a refreshing to the missionaries that are in the foreign mission fields. When you are under a Kingdom Of God Apostolic Ministry God anoints you with the breaker anointing. You have the ability and power to establish the Kingdom Of God in the earth. Apostolic People are Kingdom Of God Builders.

Standing in the 5 fold ministry office of the Teacher is a very humbling experience, as many times you spend more time as a student than you do as a teacher. Logistics of the Kingdom begins to unfold at greater dimensions as responsibility and stewardship for imparting Kingdom Doctrine and Principles become more in demand. One of my greatest appreciations is to have a Spiritual Father such as Dr. Jones to train, mentor, Father and raise me up in the Teaching Gifting. The pattern is both phenomenal and multidimensional, thereby requiring diligent years of training. With teaching I've noticed little to no resistance relative to being female as the teacher always arises when the student shows up with anticipation, ready to receive. I'm eternally grateful to my Spiritual Father and my Heavenly Father.

“Making a Case for Women” is a dynamic series ministered by Apostle Mark T. Jones Sr. It is power packed with an anointing which is designed to position the woman of God to be released into her destiny! Copies of this series are obtainable by visiting our website @ or to place your order today, call us 888-538-3577 25

Consuming Fire Intl. Ministry Apostle Al & Prophetess Dorothy Davis 2040 6th Street Sarasota, Florida 34234


“Acts chapter 2 clearly sets the order of the apostolic mantle that has been released upon the church through the manifestation of his giftings and callings upon the church. The mandate was set in place in Joel Chapter 2 when Joel received a prophetic word about the future of the church with reference to the Holy Spirit falling on men and women young and old. Joel spoke that there would not be a difference between the genders and that we would all be used by God whether young or old male or female. In my personal experience walking in the office of a prophet I have observed the religious mind sets of those that believe that women are not to minister the gospel, change their theological views because of how God shows off his giftings through me and other women. The prophetic reveals mysteries and unlocks the revelatory realms and unveils the secrets of the future. I believe that the body of Christ is in a place of crying out for truth. Fivefold ministry is orchestrated by God to bring order to the body. The Spirit of truth (the Holy Ghost) uses whomever He chooses and whomever that will make themselves available. In the church I, also assist in the role of a Pastor. We have seen many women that have been battered by the church through doctrines that say women are not supposed to preach or even hold a fivefold office. When that spirit is revealed and cast out of a woman of God she becomes as free as an eagle and then the ministry that is in her begins to soar as the eagle. She then begins to operate in the anointing that has been stifled by religious mindsets. Several of these women have been established in five fold ministry and are now apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers and are now equipping the church as well as establishing ministries of all sorts. We must look into ourselves and make sure that we are not allowing the enemy to snuff out our destiny and the destiny of those that are in our lives. In writing this brief message I desire that everyone that reads this writing allow the Holy Spirit to use you to the fullest whether you are man woman or child.”

Prophetess Dorothy Davis


Embracing The Apostolic (Representing the younger generation) “Engaging in an Apostolic ministry is a tremendous blessing and experience for everyone. In my time of being involved in an Apostolic ministry, I have witnessed that Apostles make time for people. I don‟t have to go through ten different people just to have a question answered. His life is never too busy for me. He understands that he is a living sacrifice and his job is to help God‟s people, not his own agenda. I have the option of meeting with him as well as email. Every time that I have a question, it is always answered, by him, with scriptural reference so that I will have something to go to for further knowledge. God has made everyone different and unique. In Corinthians, Paul talks about being one body, but the body has different members. In an Apostolic house, the Apostle engages you by the gifts, callings, and purposes that God has placed inside of you, strengthening them. By having an open ear to the voice of God, Apostles give words of wisdom, impartation, counsel, and correction. An Apostolic ministry is so powerful that righteous change is provoked, error is corrected, and the people of God are being made perfect, without spot, blemish or wrinkle.” Devan WilliamsManifestations Worldwide, Drummer

ew Beginnings


in Apostolic Anointing

New Beginnings Church Pastor Mike & Terri Morreale 205 Clayton Street PO Box 563 Brush, Colorado 80723 (970) 842-0440 or (970) 380-2998

Pastor Mike & Terri Morreale “Having come from the largest main stream Pentecostal denomination in America, I learned some things about the fivefold ministry because that doctrine was taught in seminary. However, seeing it in operation was a very different story. The seeker sensitive approach was what we were told in our education to be the new approach to ministry. And why? “Because it works,” they said. I refused to believe that God was in these last days, going to substitute the anointed fivefold ministry and the impartation of the ministry gifts with a corporate America approach, just so that the numbers would be higher in the congregations. I searched long and hard to connect with a ministry that not only believed in the importance of incorporating the fivefold ministry, but also one that taught the principal of seeking the baptism of the holy spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues for the purpose of Holy Ghost power that the bible teaches. I have been a pastor for the last 7 years, in a small rural community an hour north of Denver called Brush, Colorado. Connecting with a church that embraces not only the fivefold ministry but also deliverance and healing, has been impossible since most don‟t believe in it. I had to travel 7 years through time and 1500 miles by airplane to connect with a vision that embraces the whole truth leaving nothing out of the word of God. I thank God for the Center for Manifestation in Tampa Florida where not only are the principals in the fivefold ministry taught, but operates in the fullness of it by raising people up who are called to it. At New Beginnings Church in Brush Colorado we are raising up ministers called by God to serve in a fivefold bible based model that the Apostle Paul taught in the bible.

about the application of a fivefold ministry and even though I am educated, I haven‟t quite arrived yet. I truly appreciate Dr. Mark T. Jones, not only his heart, but his dedication to embracing the truth without compromise and without leaving anything out of the word of God. As a Pastor, I have made rookie mistakes raising people up in the fivefold ministry by moving them along too quickly at times and not waiting for spiritual maturity to take place in their lives. Living in a small town and having come from Detroit Michigan a large metropolitan city, all I can say is that the pickings are slim in a town of 5000 people. It is easy to get overzealous and want more for people than they can handle. And if I as a Pastor expect, for those who I am raising up in their assignment to the five-fold ministry to learn submission, I must also be willing to submit myself to Godly leadership in the fivefold so that I set forth the example before the flock. I just never thought I would have to travel a half a continent away to find it. Well if that‟s what it takes its okay by me. I‟m looking forward not only to learning more about the fivefold ministry, but also how to incorporate the principles so that God‟s people can fulfill the vision that He created for them, before the foundations of the world were formed, operating in the vision of their assignment.”

Mike Morreale M.A.T.S. Master of Arts theological studies

“Manifesting sons” Worldwide Taking the gospel across the country and around the world!

Selling out to the seeker-sensitive approach would be to conform to what most of the churches in America are doing today. A true apostolic fivefold ministry is not only rare, but it goes totally against the “go light‟ approach that mandates political correctness. I say why be politically correct when you can be right. Some may ask, why is it necessary to connect with a ministry so far away from your land when you both believe the same things? Truthfully I believe that I have much to learn

Solomon Assaye from Ethiopia greeting Apostle Jones after becoming new CFM covenant partner! Voice of Manifestation JAN „10


Deanne M. McNamara, M.S., MHC., is a significant voice in the church and through out the counseling community of Tampa Bay. She is currently the Founder and President of Center For Loss and Healing, Inc. Her ministry and vision is to Identify, Examine and Administer healing counsel to the total man, i.e., Spirit, Mind and Body, through a Pastoral or Psychotherapeutic approach for those affected through life‟s changes and loss. McNamara is a graduate of Springfield College where she received her Bachelors Degree and later went on to complete her Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling. After eight years of extensive research in the area of trauma and Psychoneuroimmunology, she completed her own theory, which is soon to be published. Formerly, a member of New Life Ministries in Sarasota, Florida for twenty years where she served in The Women‟s Ministry in the area of healing and deliverance. She is currently one of the writers and also serves on the board for Cryout Africa, which is one of the largest circulating Christian magazines in Africa.

At present time she is part of the ministry for The Center for Manifestation, where she is being mentored and trained in a Pastoral Training Program by her spiritual father, Dr. Mark T. Jones. Dr. Jones is also her spiritual covering for her ministry at The Center For Loss and Healing. She has also served as one of the leaders for the deliverance ministry and as an instructor for Adorned in His Glory.

“The Casualties of Conflict” When love is finally found the heart begins to beat to another rhythm in time. The body begins to breathe once again, and the sound and smell of the world around us seems changed forever. At last, the journey in life will not be traveled alone. Each new challenge creates unforeseen turns in the road ahead and the direction we take is not always apparent to us. The beginning of any relationship is as if heaven has touched earth, but not all roads in life lead to the same destination. Ephesians 5:31 states that when we begin our journey into marriage we begin as two separate individuals, but when we are joined together, we are no longer considered two but one flesh. Marriage often begins in heavenly bliss, only later to find, that an individual‟s traits and tendencies can pull us in one direction, and our mate can pull us in the opposite direction causing what is known as a power struggle. Every individual has hidden areas in their psyche where feelings and qualities of recognition and expression have been denied. The result of this denial of emotions facilitates a war within the individual in order to express their own uniqueness. The dynamics of relationships are meant to take us beyond

our habitual ways of behaving and perceiving into another viewpoint that is different than our own. When two individuals come together the need for balance must be generated. In order for one to evolve past their own mindset, they must look deep within themselves in order for change to occur. Most people never evolve past their current mind set, because it takes looking deep within to see their own destructive patterns and behavior. We can only change our selves and not another. If we are not free in any area of our mind, then we must identify that change needs to occur in our lives in order for the process of liberation to take place. Liberation is not a single event but a process. Just as the Israelites tried to break free from bondage of the Egyptians it is the same for us when we are struggling from our past entanglements. We may leave a relationship only to find the affects of the previous relationship is still lingering on and affecting our present life. More often than not we identify and define ourselves through our experiences. We must come to the realization that we can go through something and not form our entire identification of self through one single event.


Every individual is comprised of many different facets of their personality. For example, the wife that has never been allowed to express her anger as a small child has now become an adult, and her emotions of anger resurface once again in feelings of inferiority. Dr. Alfred Adler stated that the drive to be perfect is synonymous with the superiority complex. The wife who now dominates and legislates every activity within the household desperately tries to keep her superiority in place. The feelings of inferiority and the lack of control in her environment now cause the anger that was once never dealt with to come to an outward manifestation. Ephesians 4:31-32 tells us that we must rid ourselves of all bitterness, rage, and anger so we must realize that the casualties of conflict are not without extreme consequences. Many individuals and couples alike engage in conflict everyday not realizing that in battle there are always casualties of war. Regardless of the weapons of war in which you choose to engage, no one leaves the battlefield unscared. We have the ability to choose our words wisely, and when we act out in anger our words become drawn swords that can cut through the heart of another. According to Proverbs 12:18, rash words are like sword thrusts but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Our words should edify, lift and exhort one another. Our words should be the expression of love on the canvas that we now create on the heart of another. Only we can choose to be at war or at peace with those around us. The continual exposure to emotions of anger, hostility, resentment and bitterness are linked to deadly diseases. Feelings of anger create chemical reactions in the body and brain which occur both at an organ level and a cellular level. The mind and body are connected, so

therefore, there is no differentiation between physical or emotional stress (Colbert, 2003). The stories of times past have told us that it is healthy to release feelings of anger. That is indeed the case but only when brief encounters have occurred with this emotion. Science has found that when anger reaches past a normal level it is then at a level which is called “flooding.� At this point, there becomes a change in the mental state, which alters the perception and conscious state of the individual. This altered state does not allow the person to have constructive reasoning any longer. When emotions reach a level of toxicity, it is at that time, that there is a high cost associated with such emotions. Many times relationships come to the place of toxicity and at that point one must seek sound counsel. Every heart shows the scars of many battles of the past. For some, the years have left them battered, broken, and bruised. Jesus is the heavenly balm that soothes the wounded soul. He heals the heart that has been broken and he binds up the wounds curing all pain and sorrow. Christ is our ultimate healer and our total dependence on him brings us to the place where he is the potter and we are the clay. He picks up the broken pieces and mends us together once again into a place of wholeness and restoration. He is the greatest physician.


2 Chronicles 3:1-6 NIV Cynthia Whiteman 1 Then Solomon began to build the temple of the Lord. He built it on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. That's where the Lord had appeared to Solomon's father David. He had appeared at the threshing floor of Araunah. Araunah was from Jebus. David had provided the threshing floor. 2 Solomon began building the temple on the second day of the second month. It was in the fourth year of his rule. 3 Solomon laid the foundation for God's temple. It was 90 feet long and 30 feet wide. Solomon's men followed the standard measure that was used at that time. 4 The porch in front of the temple was 30 feet across and 30 feet high.

Beautifying the Temple Your House

Solomon covered the inside of the temple with pure gold. 5 He covered the inside of the main hall with pine boards. Then he covered the boards with fine gold. He decorated the hall with palm tree patterns and chain patterns. 6 He decorated the temple with valuable jewels. The gold he used came from Parvaim.


Cynthia Whiteman For the past 30 years Cynthia‟s career has been An Interior Designer -Decorator is an that of a licensed cosmetologist. Twenty-five individual qualified by education, exyears into her career she felt the leading of the perience and examination to enhance the Holy Spirit to make some changes. Having a function and quality of interior space. passion for decorating she decided to go back to school in order to add another career to her Every great room starts with a formuprofile and in 2006, she challenged herself by lated, well thought out plan. Space planenrolling into Interior Decorating Class at ning is very important. There must be a Erwin Technology located, in Tampa, FL. step by step plan that will meet your This kind of challenge was not easy for goals and fit your budget. Cynthia Whiteman Cynthia who was 52 years old at the time. Her new career demanded that she learn good study habits, Sometimes all a room needs is a little freshening up, or a which sometimes required staying awake until 2 or 3 am. different look. A “new look” can be found in rearranging the With a good support system and trusting in the Lord, she furniture, adding a splash of color, maybe some window achieved her goal and graduated with honors! She also was treatments or floor treatment. Color can change the look of Student of the Year and a member of the National Honor your walls. Accessorize with unique pillows, pictures, area Society. rugs and beautiful lighting. Accessorizing is like icing on the cake. It is the finishing touch to your design! “My goal is to continue in my career as a cosmetologist and to someday own an Interior Design Company complete with Cynthia Yvonne Whiteman was born in Tampa FL. Designer Accessories. All I‟m looking for is an opportunity to She is the proud daughter of Pastor David and Annie Peoples of display the professionalism and creative skills that God has Las Vegas. placed within me. I want to focus on new ideas and styles. The educational training that I have received has prepared me for a disciplined, secure work environments and the challenges associated with events that are unexpected.”

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As an interior designer or decorator you learn how to achieve the “look” that you are seeking. Voice of Manifestation JAN „10


I know we have all seen the Nike advertisements convicting us to “Just do it!” but God has been saying this to us for a long time. The problem is we are so busy saying “Hallelujah” to the message from God through the many vehicles He sends that nothing gets done. I know it has to be frustrating to hear some one say in your language “I will put into action what is being said, because I agree” after giving instruction. To only hear later “please help me” because the action was not put into practice even after being told it would. The word Hallelujah translated easily is “Praise the Lord” but in Hebrew breaks down into 2 prime words Halak Yah (Meaning God). “Halak” meaning; to exercise, follow, forth, forward, get, go, move, pass, send in agreement. So to say Hallelujah during our praise and worship or when we are in agreement with a message, we are saying we agree with what ever God is saying and to prove it we will take action. So every time you hear a message that is for you don‟t just agree, DO IT! And do it because you said you would. In Acts we see the apostolic order like no other book in the Bible; during this time Timothy watched and learned. More so he took action, he did not sit and receive the word and take notes and jump for joy and shout because of what God said he was but he did what God said and followed his example. As Paul developed ministries, developed ministers, and established Kingdom work, Timothy followed and did as Paul did. How do I know? Children look like their fathers, and Paul called Timothy, “my dear son” (2 Timothy 1:2) even though he wasn‟t really his biological son. He trusted Timothy so much he sent Timothy to handle the tough unruly groups, Corinth & Greece, saying “I‟m sending Timothy, he will remind you of what I teach” (1 Corinthians 4:17). Timothy did what he was taught, and because he was so accountable and so reliable, when he was discouraged Paul could write him or as I like to call it give him a little bump of encouragement, when he was discouraged or uncertain. One thing was for sure, he never gave up which means he was working the system Paul laid before him (2 Timothy 3:14). Student ministry is the Corinth & Greek of this generation, and those in Student ministry are considered the „Timothy‟ that “must” do the work. Yes it is difficult, and will never get easier, but His yoke is easy, only if you die every day, and just do as we are being shown to do through our senior leaders. I have a unique senior leader, Dr. Mark T. Jones, which is not a pastor but an Apostle, so I can relate to Timothy more than most. See when Dr. Jones gives an impartation class on leadership I don‟t just take notes I take action! When he gives a praise report about what God is doing in Manifestations Worldwide, I get excited because I know this means it “has to happen” in Emerge.

For this to be true I can‟t sit and wait but I must do as he does. For this reason, our ministry has 4 performing arts ministries, 2 outreach ministries, 6 in-reach ministries, 2 life skills classes, 2 bible study groups, small groups, 2 services, sales counter & café, media ministry, internet ministry, a missions ministry, our own magazine, leadership orientation class, new members class, parent to pastor ministry, over 15 different events 8 of which are annual events, and its own Vision, Purpose, Mission, Values, Slogan, Foundational Scripture, Logo and Name. The CFM Emerge Student Oasis module is duplicated through workshops which are designed for FBCM Youth ministries, it is developed in Student ministries and it helps us to do as our covering Apostle does from the oldest to the youngest. In order that I am not stuck in only the development of my sphere of influence within Manifestations Worldwide, I am also the president of the Urban Youth Pastors Network, where student ministries from in and out of FBCM come together for networking and mentorship. UYPN releases information and resources to help each ministry develop forums, class curriculums, development maps, and there are even messages already prepped with power points, illustrations, and marketing materials, all which can be edited and tailored without restrictions. Currently, I mentor 36 youth pastors and growing, 6 music artist, and the Chaplin for 2 recording labels. Also a member of the Greater Tampa Bay Ministers Alliance. All together helping to develop over 75 youth ministries and touching the lives of every one of their students. This is what my father, my Paul; Dr. Mark T. Jones, Sr. does for others along with what his ministry does for the community. I am one of his Timothy's and I am proud to say, when he says it, “I do it!” The next phase is to assist more student pastors through an up coming book which I am writing, now in the negotiation process with a publisher for distribution. This book will show any student pastor, not just how to do what I do as a pastor, but how to build and maintain a Student “Church” not just a youth ministry. Stay tuned for more information on this as this publication gets closer. Student ministers, get up and „be‟ apostolic, reach your students, build them up so you can help other student ministries to be apostolic. We must change this generation! To be apostolic does not mean you must be an apostle but it means to do as your apostle does. Don‟t get convicted to run or play a game because of a Nike commercial and stay stagnate when God says today. Just do it!

Voice of Manifestation JAN „10


Vision of Harmony Simply an ear Catching, Danceable, Make u wanna sing-a-long, Pop/Urban flavored/Christian crossover, Praise Party-Fest! Hailing from Tampa, FL., the duo Vision of Harmony consists Angela and Valencia. While they are not twins, they are indeed sisters. Called into the Music Ministry of the Gospel 3 years ago, they have released their 4th CD. If you have ever seen them in person, then you know the reactions they cause. If you have not, this CD is the next best thing. So get your praise on with Vision of Harmony, as they take it to the world. For additional information on Vision Of Harmony, visit them at:


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