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ost introduced species don’t become permanently established and although they may survive in our climate, they are not able to reproduce in increasing numbers. The majority of new species disappear before they are even noticed. Some species do become established however; these species have populations that are able to sustain themselves over time. Again, the majority of these newcomers do not cause significant harm; they blend into the background along with the multitude of native species that make up or local flora and fauna. Unfortunately, some introduced species do become a problem – they are able to increase in numbers to a point where they are having a significant impact on our society, economy and/or environment.

Invasive Species Management Options for the Ontario Landowner

This manual is meant to be used as a guide for landowners who are interested in how non-native species may be impacting their property. It is intended to help landowners with their management decision making process – to provide options that are based on practical opportunities for successfully achieving long-term property goals.

Mark Richardson and Peter Neave