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Video Messaging Service: First Look

Video message service is a step forward in the communication process. It is a technology which facilitates the user to watch, share and comment on video content through a mobile phone.

With VMS, you will be able to:

 Video SMS: VMS helps the users create, receive, view, and send video in the form of video SMS in the same way as a text message. In addition to this, video messages are also fast and affordable and any long message, which may take much longer to type as a text messages, can take much lesser time for video recording.

 Video Blogging: VMS is also useful for video blogging as bloggers can access and subscribe to video blogs with their mobile phone using VMS. This also means that bloggers can create and update videos at anytime with their phone helping them stay regularly updated with their blogs.


for Marketing: VMS can be extensively helpful in advertising

campaigns as banner advertisements can be added to distributed video content. In addition to this, the advertiser can also send numerous video messages in a quick and inexpensive way just the way text messages are sent. The main difference is that a video message is more effectiv e due to visual content in it. Video advertisements or messages for marketing can prove extremely effective and influential for marketing purposes.


Video messaging services (VMS) is the new-age technology that has been recently developed which facilitates its subscribers to create and ex...

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