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Video Messaging and Video Blogging using VMS Video message service (VMS) allows the users to access, create and share video content like video

SMS and video blogs through their mobile phone. Unlike MMS, it is fast and inexpensive and supports up to 5 minutes of video content. It is user-friendly and a VMS menu is a lot like the menu of text messages. The user can simply record and send the video to a specified number, just as a user types a text message and sends it further. Despite its simplified use, it comprises of enhanced privacy settings.

Video Blogging VMS users can participate more actively in video blogging. Bloggers can access video blogs right from their mobile phone, even upload, and share new videos on their video blogs. This results in a boost in the popularity of the blogs along due to regularly updated videos and an increase in search engine ranking of the blogs. VMS users can create and upload a video at anytime from the phone to their video blog. In addition to this, VMS also facilitates its users to view and receive videos of the blogs for which they have a subscription. This is most likely to bring a rise in video blogging.

Another feature of VMS allows its users to receive updates on any new video posts on the blogs for which they have a subscription. This facilitates the subscriber to stay more updated with his/ her subscribed video blogs. Mass Distribution of Video Content Other Features VMS comprises of superior picture quality and can be used for mass distribution of VMS content like video SMS. This feature of VMS can also be effectively used for marketing and advertising purpose as it is a much cheaper means of marketing in comparison to other forms. Moreover, since there are millions of mobile phone users around the globe who are connected to their phones for most part of their day, advertising via VMS has immense scope. All the VMS data is centrally stored and not on the phone eliminating the need for a separate phone memory for VMS content. This also means that you can access your VMS content on any phone and since none of the VMS content is saved on the phone, it enhances its security.

Video Messaging and Video Blogging using VMS