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Video message service (VMS) is the latest technology to facilitate easier mobile communication between its users. VMS allows its users to create and exchange video content in the form of video messaging and video blogging through their mobile phone. VMS is easy to use as a VMS menu is almost the same as the menu for text messages.

Smartphone users can download this app free from Android Market or App Store.

All the VMS content is centrally stored and not on the phone for added privacy. This also eliminates the need to have an additional or increased phone memory to save VMS content. The users can also customize their privacy settings in accordance with their preference.

Video SMS Chat Wi-Fi connectivity enables free exchange of video content making it an extremely affordable app for Smartphone users. This means that the subscribers can Conveniently do video SMS chat, which is affordable, fast, and user-friendly.

As VMS subscribers do video SMS chat with the other users, they can also add text to video content for an even more effective form of communication.

Accessing VMS Menu Subscribers can access their VMS menu through their personal identification number; helping the users accesses their VMS menu from any phone. In case of loss or damage to the phone, VMS content will not be affected. Also, in case of access to the user’s mobile phone by someone else, the access to the VMS content will not be possible by anyone but the user. VMS users can also access their VMS menu at

Video Blogging

VMS enables its users to access video blogs through their phone. Subscribers can create and upload new videos on their video blogs along with viewing, receiving, and sharing videos on subscribed blogs. VMS also sends updates to blog subscribers in case of any new posts on video blogs.

The easy access of video blogs through mobile phone is likely to cause a rise in video blogging. With the convenience of video blogging with VMS, the numbers of bloggers will most likely increase. This implies that video blogging can also be useful for business-related purposes as well like product launch or product promotion.

Other Features of VMS:   

VMS supports up to 5 minutes of video content It comprises of superior picture quality Mass distribution of video content is also possible with VMS, which extends its scope beyond personal usage.

Video Message Service  

Video message service (VMS) is the new-age mobile messaging technology. After SMS and MMS, VMS facilitates its users to exchange video conte...