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With the advent of video content in mobile communication, the emergence of video SMS sharing was only a matter of time. Video message service (VMS) enables its users to create and share video SMS and video blogs directly through mobile phone. It is an app for Smartphone users, which is free for download from the Android Market and App Store. This app supports up to 5 minutes of video content and has advanced picture quality specially designed for Smartphone users. Free exchange of video content through Wi-Fi makes sharing of video content affordable for VMS users. Video SMS sharing with VMS is extremely easy, as a user has to simply create a video and send to the other VMS user’s phone number. However, for the subscriber’s privacy, in order to share video SMS and other video content with the other users, one has to take permission in the form of a subscription. This helps every VMS subscriber avoid unwanted video content. Video Blogs In addition to accessing video blogs, the users can also create and upload videos on video blogs with their phone. This makes video blogging convenient for bloggers. They can upload new posts more frequently helping them retain the interest of current subscribers and attracting more traffic and subscribers towards the blog.

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