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Simple Use and Enormous Benefits of VMS

As means of communication and technology are rapidly advancing forward, so is every aspect of it. Mobile phone technology marches ahead with Smartphone and extensive range of them being opted by every mobile phone user. Numerous apps being developed everyday, which literally explore the use of an app in every area of life, are definitely making life easier and more convenient. The apps developed for a Smartphone help a user carry their world around in the form of their phone. As voice calling is being replaced by video calling, it is now time for video message service (VMS) after SMS and MMS, which facilitates its subscribers to do mobile video SMS chat and video blogging. VMS takes mobile communication forward, as visual content has entered every arena of technology; it is definitely the next logical step after SMS and MMS. Wi-Fi connectivity enables free exchange of video content among VMS users making mobile video SMS chat with VMS affordable for every Smartphone user. VMS supports up to 5 minutes of video content and mass distribution of video content can also be done using video message service.

Enhanced Features of VMS

Privacy VMS comprises of enhanced privacy for its users, which ensure the safety and security of VMS content: All the VMS content is stored centrally and not on the phone This feature makes sure that the VMS content stays safe in case of loss or damage to the mobile phone. In addition, in case the user has to change the mobile phone, he/ she need not worry about transferring the video content.

Video message service subscribers are allotted a personal identification code, which allows them to access their VMS menu from any phone. This feature helps them avoid access to their VMS content from anyone who may have access to the user’s phone. An additional or increased phone memory is also not required due to the central storage system of VMS content.

How to Use VMS? In order to use VMS, the subscriber simply needs to download the VMS app free from the Android Market or App Store. After this, the subscriber needs to register the phone number with the app in simple to follow steps. Post registration of phone number, the user can access the VMS menu through which the subscriber can record a video, send it as a video message, and even do mobile video SMS chat in an easy, inexpensive, and fast way. A VMS menu resembles the menu for text messages making it easy for the users to create and share a video message with the other subscribers.

Video Blogging VMS subscribers can also do video blogging using their mobile phone through which they can create, upload, receive, share, and comment on videos posted on video blogs directly through their mobile phone. VMS users can also subscribe to video blogs from their phone. The ease to access video blogs from mobile phone is likely to cause a rise in the video blogging arena. This means that video blogs can also be used for commercial benefits of the service.

Simple Use and Enormous Benefits of VMS