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Bravo Crew’s Dinner 24TH AUGUST, 2012 Left: Bravo Crew after dinner and (right) all hands were needed to get things ready.

The regulars enjoyed their dinner hosted by Bravo Crew and the companionship of their fellow diners. Our menu consisted of two tasty spaghetti and pasta dishes accompanied by salads and followed by cheesecakes, apple pie, icecream and custard. Richard stood in for Joe and drew Kathryn Harding's name for the member's draw. However her absence means the Goose Club jackpots to $450 which could be nice for another of our members. The Lucky Door Prize was won by Dave Harris of Bravo Crew. First prize in the raffle was a toolbox donated by Thomas Grice (and holding a couple of bottles of wine) and this was won by Rosemary Chapman. Second prize was won by Nola Clark while Elizabeth Lloyd took home third prize. Considering we were down on numbers, it was still a very enjoyable evening.

Dave Harris

Rosemary Chapman

Nola Clark

SYC’s Open Day

Elizabeth Lloyd

7th September

See full report on page 8.

Clockwise from above: MC Andrew Pearson with Rev Ron Holt blessing the fleet, the Bayside Divas perform, most of our life members, official party, some of the wooden boats on display and Commodore Laurie Williamson.

2 – October/November 2012



FOR YOUR INFORMATION WHAT'S COMING UP OCTOBER 2012 7th 7th 9th 17th 21st 23rd 26th 27th 28th 31st

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SYC Sailing Heats 1 & 2 Club Champs … Start time 1:00 pm SYC Meeting … 4:30 pm Lionfish Dive Group Social … 6:30 pm SCC Committee Meeting … 7:00 pm SYC Sailing … Start time 1:00 pm VMRB Management Meeting … 7:30 pm Tango Crew's Dinner … from 6:30 pm VMRB Shopping Trip TS/KB Race … Start time 10:00 am Lionfish Dive Group Meeting … 6.30 pm

contributions to BOAT TALK is THURSDAY, 23



NOVEMBER 2012 3rd SCC General Meeting … Start time 11:00 3rd & 4th SYC Centenary Regatta … Start time 1:00 pm 13th Lionfish Dive Group Social … 6:30 pm 21st SCC Committee Meeting … 7:00 pm 18th SYC Sailing … Start time 1:00 pm 18th SYC Meeting … 4:30 pm 25th TS/KB Race … Start time 10:00 am 27th VMRB Management Meeting … 7:30 pm 28th Lionfish Dive Group Meeting … 6:30 pm 23rd November Crew's Dinner … from 6:30 pm.

Welcome! New members this month are Melinda Beutel, Richard Cunnold, Karen Dawson, Ben Gillespie, Russell Kennedy,Trent Litherland, Noel Luxton, Ian McDade and Jamie Piggot

LOOKING AHEAD TO DECEMBER 2012 2nd 2nd 2nd 11th 16th

We look forward to seeing you around the Base and getting to know you better soon.

SYC Sailing … Start time 10:00 am SYC Meeting … Start time: 4:00 pm VMRB Christmas Party Lionfish Dive Group Social … 6:30 pm SYC Sailing … Start time 11:00 am

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The Team also includes representatives from our Associated Groups – SYC, SCC and Lionfish Dive Group. BOAT TALK is published bi-monthly. Management Meetings are held at the Club at 7.30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month and members are welcome to attend. Front Cover: The pontoon undergoing a transformation recently (Photo by James Mathieson). See page 8 for more.



October/November 2012 - 3

VMRB Matters WELCOME TO OCTOBER/NOV 2012 From Your President, Neil Sheppard

Our new 6 metre Swift Marine RIB “Sandgate Rescue 2” has arrived and is in the final stage of fit out. Recently Bill Hirn conducted an induction session with our Duty Masters. No doubt this vessel is an impressive piece of machinery and will greatly extend our search and rescue capability. This new vessel should be fully operational within the next few weeks. We’ve had a real struggle with erecting the shed to house our new vessel. Thankfully Councillor Victoria Newton came to our rescue by helping us to navigate through the Development Application process and securing a significant reduction in Council fees. With Council approval received we are hopeful that the shed will be constructed by the end of October. Our Queensland Rail raffle was drawn at the August BBQ. The winner is Wade Lin of Zillmere – we hope that Wade and his partner enjoy this lovely get away at Tangalooma. We are greatly appreciative of the support of Queensland Rail and the ticket sellers that did an awesome job. At the AGM we presented a number of service awards. John Belling was awarded Clubman of the year for his commitment and dedication to the weekly maintenance of Energex Sandgate 1. John’s hard work means that every Saturday crew receives a vessel that is in pristine condition. Thanks John for a magnificent effort. We also acknowledged the long service of a number of our volunteers: Joe McCoy (15 years); and Nino Aceto, Brian Mathews, Peter Quinn, Tom Ivins and Joe Myatt all for completing 10 years of service. Bob Walker was a very worthy recipient of Life Membership having spent 40+ years in active service. Seven crew members received their first stripe and one other their second stripe. It is great to see us gaining traction with our training and crew members progressing through the ranks. I’d also like to acknowledge the significant contribution of David Davis who recently retired from active service and as a member of the Management Committee. We thank David for his contribution and wish him well for the future. As always we have many things to do so if you can assist us in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me. Safe Boating

Neil Sheppard, President

From the Editor Sandgate Yacht Club held a successful Open Day and you can read about it on page 8 with photos on page 2 and the back page. We’ve had the AGM with a few changes - see page 7 to meet the new team and relative reports are on pages 12-15. Meet our Clubman of the year on page 7 too while we introduce our new rescue vessel on page 19 - but more of that next issue. We have welcomed quite a few new members recently but also sadly farewell a long-standing member, Bob Walker, upon his retirement from active duty. See our tribute to Bob on page 18. Thanks to Barbara Schluter for her article and to James Mathieson and other crew for their photos. I’ve appreciated some help with this issue of the magazine. Linda Frankland, a new hard-working member of Foxtrot Crew, has stepped in to finish it off while I enjoy some holidays. Happy Reading.

4 – October/November 2012





Date Activity (excluding training exercises) 5/8 5m powerboat with 4 POB) early in the afternoon from Mud Island back to the Colmslie boat ramp 9/8 7.6M Bayliner from Little Sandhills to Rivergate. 25/8 5 m powerboat with engine trouble from Brisbane River to CTC 25/8 8 m power boat with engine troubles near Cowan Cowan to CTC 30/8 8 m power boat with engine trouble required a tow from St Helena Island to the Whyte Island 1/9 Broken down power boat from Brisbane River to Whyte Island 24/9 Water Police request assistance in SAR between Dunwich and Russell Island CTC = Cabbage Tree Creek

Crews’ News 1.9.12 Foxtrot - An early call out to assist a vessel broken down in the Brisbane River 'near Sunstate Cement', had crew members on the go and on the lookout; the vessel with 3 POB was located anchored under the infrastructure of the manufacturing plant. With our Duty Master, Thomas Grice at the Helm some tight manoeuvring of Energex Sandgate I, we were able to secure the tow line and bring the vessel out into the river. We headed toward the Whyte Island boat ramp from where they had left earlier. With an incoming tide, this needed to be a strategic and efficient tow to enable Energex Sandgate I to get in and back out under the Whyte Island Bridge. At a steady rate we were able to complete this without incident and even a few centimetres to spare! The return trip to base had Thomas 'plotting' an afternoon training exercise - Search and Rescue. Anthony Pamplin and John Belling took Energex Sandgate II to the water, situated the vessel then called in with land marks, we calculated the area we would begin the search. All eyes on the water and these rather smart men placed themselves directly behind another yellow vessel, out of line of sight on our approach; good work, you made us work harder! Sierra Crew spent the next day, Sunday, training. In the morning the crew completed a navigation exercise travelling to Manly Harbour via Mud Island. In the afternoon the crew brushed up on their local knowledge travelling from Cabbage Tree Creek to the Colmslie boat ramp via the Koopa Channel. Saturday 8th September, Callum Baird led Bravo Crew in Ian’s absence. This duty day coincided with our SYC Open Day, so the Bravo Crew was busy helping with preparations and participating in the Blessing of the fleet. Later in the afternoon the Crew brushed up on their local knowledge and vessel handling skills. Quebec Crew led by Thomas Grice on 9th September had a relatively quiet day with an afternoon of training the order of the day.


Alpha Crew,15th September, With the fit out of “Sandgate Rescue 2” almost complete Bill Hirn met our Duty Masters at the Base and conducted induction training that included on water practice. The new vessel looks very impressive but will need to be handled carefully as we get used to this powerful and nimble craft. Nigel led Papa Crew on Sunday 16th September training in our own Bramble Bay gaining valuable local knowledge. On Saturday 22nd September, with Nino in charge, Charlie Crew trained with an emphasis on honing their towing skills. Ian McCartney also led a night training exercise. The crew travelled from Cabbage Tree Creek to the Hamilton Reach via the Koopa Channel and returned to Base via the Coffee Pots. The following day, Karl had Tango Crew building on their navigation and man over board response skills. 24 September, After Hours at 03:30 we received a phone call from the Water Police requesting our assistance to search for a person that had fallen overboard somewhere between Russell Island and Dunwich. Thomas Grice along with Kelly Williams and Glenn Philip joined vessels from the Water Police and other volunteer organisations in the search. The search ended around midday in unfortunate circumstances with the missing person found deceased on the shore of Peel Island.

Training News Oct/Nov 2012 In September, Bob Chapman presented a well attended training session on updating your radio skills. In fact, this training was suitable for all crew members beginners and those more seasoned . Special trainings like this one are offered to enhance our skills and ability to operate as an efficient squadron. Take advantage of these. When you see or hear of training sessions coming up, sign up and attend . Ongoing training means we remain positively responsive and currently informed crew members. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Bob.


October/November 2012 - 5

Training News UTC, PETER LEECH The current Courses Offered list is in the Radio Room and members should register for courses they wish to attend. Please note that until you complete the ESS module it is recommended that a member not attend other training courses as they will not have the knowledge or experience. The Elements of Shipboard Safety (ESS) Theory course that was planned for 30 August and was postponed due to electronic problems will now be conducted on Thursday 4 October 2012 commencing at 1900 hours. This course is a must for all people wishing to successfully complete the ESS component of their training. The relevant Assignment for this subject will be handed out on that night. Other components of the ESS training will be conducted as per the training program. Please refer to the August/September 2012 Training News for the requirements for completing the Assignment. In relation to the ESS Practical Assessment they need to be aware of the requirements on page 1, have a sound working knowledge of the information on page 2 and page 3 up to Survival at Sea. The remainder of the Assessment is generally done during the swim test and the flares and fire fighting training. When members consider that they are competent enough to complete the practical assessment they should contact the UTC. Remember that a member has 6 months to complete the ESS from the date of joining. Please note that if you have been in the squadron more than 6 months and have not fully completed the ESS training then you are not to board the vessels. As from 1 January 2013 the operation of commercial vessels will come under the direction of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and VMRAQ have been advised that on water audits will be conducted. The second of our First Aid training courses was conducted on Sunday 26 August by Squadron member Bill McCord of Sierra Crew. Bill is a qualified first aid trainer and has extensive experience in theory and practical requirements and the course was very informative. Bill will be conducting all squadron first aid training in the future and it is possible that more than 2 courses will be held each year and it is possible we may be able to train non-members. The new course requires that people undertaking CPR and First Aid must now complete an open book assessment in the classroom in order to obtain their qualification. As these assessments were not available at the time of training they will conducted on Tuesday evening 9 October at the base commencing at 1900 hours. The CPR assessment of 30 minutes duration will be first followed by the first aid assessment of 45 minutes duration. An assessment on the VMRAQ subject, “Comprehensive Understanding of the Squadrons Local Area of Operations” was conducted on Thursday 6 September and the assessment has been rewritten to reflect the new requirements. A number of people sat for this assessment and it should be noted that further training is needed in this area for all crews and the assistance of all Duty Masters and Coxswains is sought in this regard. In order to assist members to gain this knowledge a number of sample questions will be included in the next few Boat Talk magazines (commencing with this one—see page 17) and the answers

6 – October/November 2012

will be published in the following magazine. For example, if you are asked to indicate the light characteristics for a certain navigation aid you need to state the colour of the light as well as its flash sequence. A number of copies of the MSQ publication Queensland Commercial and Fishing Ships Operational Handbook Second Edition have been obtained and are issued to all crews. These are not a personal issue and remain the property of VMR Brisbane. These books are a tremendous source of information and should be used in conjunction with the publication The Small Ships Manual 6th Edition (copy issued to each crew) as the primary sources of information for all training conducted within VMR Brisbane. During this past year the Squadron has undertaken its first Coxswains course in order to ensure that there are sufficient coxswains within the squadron to meet manning requirements. A number of members have been working their way through the required subjects on several weekends and Thursday nights. The training program is proving beneficial and six persons should qualify as VMRAQ Coxswains during October 2012. The course has been conducted by the UTC with tremendous assistance coming from the State Training Manager Robert Brock. The squadron is grateful for his exceptional assistance and knowledge. Thanks must also go to Duty Master Bill Hirn for the use of his vessel on two occasions for training and assessment. Bill also provided invaluable assistance in the training arena. Thanks also to Rae Hirn for the great coffee and delicious cakes. During the Coxswain course every opportunity was taken to complete the Task Books whenever possible. It is pleasing to note that the Squadron has developed and implemented a Minimum Eligibility Requirements and Operational Guidelines for the appointment of Coxswains, Senior Coxswains and Duty Masters for the Squadron. This is a step in the right direction and sets the minimum standards required for these positions. (Contd’ page 14) The answer to last edition's question: In relation to managing risk the vessel owner or operator must provide the crew with certain requirements. What are they? The vessel owner or operator must provide the crew with: Safe system of work (regular information, instructions and procedural training) Safe working environment Safe entry and exit to the vessel and all spaces in it Safe machinery and equipment Further information on risk assessment and risk management can be found in the Australian Boating Manual, fourth edition, by Captain Dick Gandy, Chapter 19.4. This edition's question: What are a crew members’ responsibilities in relation to risk management?



Who’s Who in the Zoo VMRB MANAGEMENT 2012-2013

Neil Sheppard President

Wayne Wright Snr.Vice President

Luke Hillyard Jnr.Vice President

Glenn Philip Treasurer

David Massam Secretary

At the Annual General Meeting of VMRB on 25th September, Neil was welcomed back as President, Wayne Wright moved from Jnr to Snr Vice-President, Luke Hillyard stepped up to be Jnr Vice-President while Glenn and David continued as Treasurer and Secretary respectively. Chris Hillyard has taken on the role of Crew Liaison Officer while Bill McCord and Thomas Grice handle WH&S roles. John Belling was presented with our Clubman of the Year Award for 2012. As well as being a dedicated member of Delta Crew, John fronts up every Tuesday with the Midweek Crew to detail Energex Sandgate 1. Members appreciate coming to duty on the Saturdays and finding a pristine vessel. Certificates of appreciation were presented to Bob Chapman, Stan Lewis and Karl Nast who have all stepped down from their Management roles and to David Davis who has retired from active service. Bob Walker was awarded Life Membership in recognition of his service since 1969 and upon his retirement. Joe McCoy was awarded a 15 year service certificate while 10 year service certificates were presented to Nino Aceto, Tom Ivins, Brian Mathews, Joe Myatt and Peter Quinn. Sally and her helpers provided a lovely supper enjoyed by all over a chat and congratulations shared.

Peter Leech Unit Training Co-ord.

Greg Keough Membership

Thomas Grice IT/H&S Rep

First Stripers presented at AGM—Congratulations



Bill Hirn Members’ Rep.

Inspector Chris Emzin and Kerry MIllard

October/November 2012 - 7

Sandgate Yacht Club On Saturday, 8th of September, Sandgate Yacht Club members and guests gathered on the lawn by the Clubhouse on the banks of Cabbage Tree Creek for the 100th annual Opening Day of the sailing season, and the Blessing of the Fleet. The springtime sun shone down on an impressive array of vintage sailing craft gathered for the occasion on the lawn to form an historic boat display celebrating the Club’s Centenary year in 2012. The Bayside Divas entertained the crowd with sea shanties and other songs, and also sang the national anthem as the flag was hoisted. Naval Cadets from T.S. Paluma under the direction of Merv Ward provided an honour guard. Immediate Past Commodore Andrew Pearson acted as MC for the day, and called the crowd to order at 10 am. He recalled how the drowning of two sailors from a capsized boat competing in an ad hoc race on 11 November,1911, near the mouth of the Brisbane River initiated community action and a public meeting 100 years ago. The Sandgate Yacht Club was subsequently formed to organize sailing on Bramble Bay, and has continued to sponsor sailing and racing events over the last 100 years under various names, and for a great range of boats of many classes, most of which were on display at the 100th Opening Day. Sandgate Yacht Club, founded on the 14th February 1912, is the oldest established boating club in Sandgate, and one of the oldest sailing clubs in Queensland, operating out of the Clubhouse at Allpass Parade in Shorncliffe, on the northern banks of Cabbage Tree Creek. The subsequent order for the 100th Opening Day featured a welcome speech by Commodore Laurie Williamson, a Reading by Vice Commodore Lindsay Gilbert, and a Blessing of the Fleet by Rev. Ron Holt. Then Kerry Millard, Member for Sandgate, officially opened the 100th Sailing Season. She gave her best wishes to all the sailors for a safe and fun season, as did Councillor for Deagon Ward Victoria Newton. Both Member Millard and Councillor Newton were then on hand, along with officers of VMR Brisbane and other dignitaries to review the racing fleet, members of the Wooden Boat Association and the VMR Brisbane fleet who took part in a salute and sail past. There was a festive sausage sizzle and drinks all around to keep visitors and members alike sustained.

Lunch was served upstairs in the Clubhouse for dignitaries and invited guests, including several Life Members of the Sandgate Yacht Club. Two Sharpies joined in an inaugural race out of the creek and back again, which was won by the heavyweight Sharpie. A highlight of the day was the historic boat display, featuring most of the racing classes which have sailed out of Cabbage Tree Creek over the last century. The Linton Hope Rater Miss Sandgate was loaned by the Queensland Maritime Museum, and formed the centrepiece of the display. Built in 1929 by the late Ted Rice, she was accompanied by the Museum’s 16 Foot Skiff Fury and 12 Foot Skiff Hurricane. Ian Highett's 10 Foot Skiff Darlene, John Stewart's Thorpe Trainee Black Swan and Kevin Sharman’s Flying Dutchman Pegasus VIII represented other historical classes of boats significant for Sandgate. Ian Eastgate lent a Gwen 12 and a Moth, while Ian Gleeson contributed an OK Dinghy, and Don Rebetzke restored the Club’s Sailfish, the first to be built in Queensland. The Jeays family’s heavyweight Sharpie Fiona was joined by Ashley Wilson’s heavyweight Sharpie Natives and Brian Hutchison’s 12 Square Meter Sharpie Antiquity. Modern boats of the classes still sailing were also on display besides the historical boats, including Greg Williamson’s Heron, Owen Hutchison’s lightweight Sharpie Mango Magic, Robert Wasson’s modern 13 and 16 Foot Skiffs, Laurie Williamson’s modern 10 Foot Skiff Marina and Ashley Smith’s Flying 15 FAB. Special thanks go to the Sandgate Yacht Club officers for organizing the event, and to all of the above individuals for bringing and displaying their sailboats, as well as to the Queensland Maritime Museum and Ian Jempson, who very generously allowed the Club to borrow Miss Sandgate and the 2 other historic boats from their collection for the event. (See some photos on page 2 and back page.) Amelia Brown


Pontoon Upgrade Recently there was a working bee at low tide to remove the pontoon—don’t panic, it was only to replace the indented jet ski section and extend the ends by two rows and the front side by another row. It was a big job and well done by our volunteers.

Laurie Williamson Email: Vice Commodore: Lindsay Gilbert Rear Commodore: John Mitchell Secretary: Ron Walker Email: Treasurer: Graeme Dobson

0438 165 916 (M) 0419 210 645 (M) 5484.1738/0429.387441 3399.1586/0407.251413 3262.2269(H) 0417 756 356 (M)

(Above) the grey section was removed, then the pontoon moved to the ramp and work carried out to finish the upgrade.

8 – October/November 2012



Sandgate Canoe Club Sandgate Canoe Club is starting up a small junior paddling group. We have bought 6 junior racing kayaks and plan to have junior paddling on Thursday afternoons after school (from 4—5.30 pm) during the warmer months. We will be operating out of our shed in VMRB grounds. If any VMR members have kids who may interested perhaps they could drop Sue Gollagher a line on 3261.3336. To participate the children need to be able to swim 25 metres.

the close relationship with the one who dropped the camera. Heading for home base saw all back within 2 hours to clean up the kayaks. Shortly after, 40 people were involved in a discussion on safety, risk at sea and trip leader rules for sea kayaking. Active discussions occurred with minutes taken for some enhancement of the rules that were established back in 2007 but had fallen into non -use.” We have had some interesting sessions. “Last month 20 sea (Barry Renaud) kayakers turned up for the first paddle of the month at Yundah Now this is one Street to link with the racers. At the start of a big day, the glassy big canoe and conditions allowed 17 or us to head out to the bay and then turn left kayak raft! for the foreshores of Brighton area. On 24.9.11 in After an hour, we took a photo break to snap 16 kayaks rafting up, Inlet, New York as well as have some in-kayak refreshments. The rafting up shot (pop. 400) a new was tried earlier in the day, however the waterproof digital camera Guinness World being used headed for Davy Jones Locker as part of the set up—I Record was set with 1,902 am sure there is a lesson here but it is difficult to comment given canoes/kayaks.

Meetings: Management Committee: 1st Saturday at 10.30 am. Sub-Committee: 3rd Wednesday alternate months 7 pm General Meetings: at 11.00 am on the first Saturday in March, June (AGM), September, November.

Club President email: Club Secretary email: Club email: Web page: Newsletter email:

Lionfish Dive Group

WEEKEND AWAY TRIP TO MOOLOOLABA 15TH/16TH SEPTEMBER We launched from Mooloolaba with OceanCat. Our first dive on each day was at the ex HMAS Brisbane while the second dive was at ‘The House of Pain’ which is situated at one end of Murphy’s reef just 15 minutes from the wreck. The ex-HMAS Brisbane had good visibility - about 15m-20m - on both days, a little surge as usual but no big currents. We saw the usual suspects on the Brisbane, huge Lionfish, those crazy aggressive black fish that bite you, albino sawtail fish changing colours, octopus, schools of smaller fish, shrimp, lobster, cod, lots of nudibranchs, a humpback whale…no just kidding we didn’t see a whale! Well not underwater but whales were spotted all weekend above the water! The second dive site was new to most Lionfish members and sounded intriguing; then we found out from George that the name comes from the fishing fraternity because the large pelagics there are so hard to catch. Funnily enough there weren’t many pelagics at the site at all! So maybe the fishermen have got better at catching them! The visability was about 10m with no current, a little choppy on the Saturday but flat on the Sunday. The scenery was pretty different, lots of

crevasses and rocky outcrops. This site went down to about 32m and it would have been nice to explore down there but most of us were on Nitrox and had already done one dive, so were mindful of our deco limits. A lot of macro, some colourful sponges and rope like weeds sticking out from an otherwise barren landscape. Some lionfish and smaller fish, unfortunately the pelagics weren’t around but it was still nice to try a new site! Beautiful weather all weekend and the water temperature was about 21 degrees which was a nice change to the 16-17 degree waters of late. Shared some lovely food and lovely chats whilst basking in the sun, all in all an enjoyable weekend. Next away trip is on October 13th with Blue Bay divers who launch out of Brunswick heads. It’s time to see some large pelagics and sharks before they leave for the summer! Blue Bay Divers is a lovely operator with first class service, if you haven’t dived with them before you should definitely give them a go! Possible dive sites are Julian Rocks, Spot X, Mackerel Boulders, Windarra Banks and more.

Club Nights: 2nd Tuesday of the month at VMRB 6.30 pm Club Committee Meetings: Last Wednesday of the month 6.30 pm (Venue to be arranged)



Club Contracts: Steve Dobson - Ocean Cat Trips - Email: Katherine Harding - general enquiries - Email:

October/November 2012 - 9

Crew Lists and Qualifications  New member (clean slide)  Duty Master (3 stripes + Anchor + Rank on Name Badge This roster is a living working document, and as  Trainee Crew (1 stripe) Senior MSQ Coxswain (4 stripes + Anchor) such will change from time to time, or details LEGEND:  Crew (2 stripes)  Radio Operator may be omitted or entered incorrectly. Should  VMRAQ Coxswain (3 stripes)  Designated Radio Operator (1 stripe + Lightning Bolt) you find an error, please contact Luke Hillyard Senior VMRAQ Coxswain (3 stripes + anchor)  Available Days  Available Nights on 0421 239559 to arrange for the correction.

This page has been left blank intentionally. Crew details are included in Members’ copies.

NEARBY SQUADRONS: Ambulance, Fire, Police……………000 Mobile Phone Emergency No. ……112 (even if you have no credit or service) Poisons Information Centre…..131 126 (Poisons, medicines, plants, bites and stings) VMR Sandgate………………3269 8888 Try Radio first: Channels 88 or 91 A/H Emergency VMRB 0428 022 881 VHF Channels 16 or 67 Water Police…………………3895 0333

10 – October/November 2012


VMR Bribie Island VMR Raby Bay VMR Victoria Point VMR Stradbroke Island Coast Guard Redcliffe Coast Guard Manly

3408 7596 3821 2244 3207 8717 3409 9338 3203 5522 3396 5911









Fishing & Cruising Licencing



Hall Hire
















17 SCC C'tee Mtg











20 SYC Sailing 27


Papa Crew L


TS/KB Race Tango Crew

All dates are as provided by participating groups and members at time of production.





21 SCC C'tee Mtg









Centenary Regatta



13 Lionfish Social


Quebec Crew

Charlie Crew





31 Lionfish Meeting




Tango Crew BBQ

Only dates actually confirmed at time of printing are shown for this month. Further information can be obtained from members of the Management Team or are as displayed in the Radio Room.



Alpha Crew

Management Mtg




Sierra Crew

Bravo Crew



6 SYC Meeting Foxtrot Crew

Lionfish Social 15



Watch for Boat Talk







Delta Crew

November Crew



Foxtrot Crew

Sierra Crew

17 SYC Sailing Bravo Crew




November Crew BBQ

Alpha Crew


Quebec Crew L

TS/KB Race 25 Papa Crew


Management Mtg Lionfish Meeting Note: When scheduled meeting dates fall on public or school holidays, the meetings may be changed.



Dinner on 26th October will be hosted by Tango Crew while on 23rd November it will be November Crew’s turn to be your hosts.



Selected Sundays after races SYC Meeting TBA 2nd Tuesday in Month Dive Group Social 6.30 pm. 3rd Wednesday in Month Canoe Club Management 7.00 pm

Alpha Crew Joe McCoy 3269 1255 Bravo Crew Ian McCartney 3869 0916

(General Meetings 1st Saturdays in March, June, September & November at 11.00am)

4th Tuesday in Month VMRB Management Team 7.30 pm. Last Wednesday in Month Dive Group Committee 6.30 pm. (Venues change….. NOT at VMRB)


Charlie Crew Bill Hirn 3203 5865 Delta Crew Bob Chapman 3216 5521 Foxtrot Crew Thomas Grice 3869 2825 November Crew TBA Papa Crew Nigel Turner Quebec Crew TBA

3264 3648

Sierra Crew Callum Bard

3869 1515

Tango Crew Karl Nast

3886 5451


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October/November 2012 - 11

ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 PRESIDENT: NEIL SHEPPARD I think that as a Club we can all feel very proud of our achievements over the past 12 months. At the beginning of the year we set ourselves the goal of building on the solid base that we inherited and this has been our focus. As I’m sure everyone would appreciate it is beneficial to all members of our Club for our search and rescue arm to be successful. For us to have a sustainable future we must ensure that our services continue to meet community needs and that we attract the financial resources, equipment and members’ necessary to satisfy these needs. To this end, we are having ongoing discussions with other emergency services organisations to see if there is a need or opportunity for us to diversify the emergency services that we offer. Of course this is the centenary year for the Sandgate Yacht Club. This historic event has been celebrated and remembered in a number of ways and it is great to see that the Yacht Club has such a strong following. In February we held a Boating Safety Forum with the assistance of Maritime Safety Queensland. This event was well attended by a good blend of members and the public and provided a great opportunity to help spread the boating safety message and raise our profile in our community. This event was promoted across a number of media channels and outlets. I’d like to acknowledge the support of Maritime Safety Queensland, and in particular thank Luan Baldwin and Kevin Condon, for helping to make our Forum a success. In March we participated in a joint exercise with the Fire Brigade that involved a simulation of a boat on fire and persons needing retrieval from the water. This exercise included resources from the Sandgate Fire Station, Water Police, Queensland Ambulance Service, Coastguard and MSQ. This was a great learning exercise for all involved and we look forward to more of these most valuable exercises. Over the past year we completed 66 search and rescue operations and in doing so returned 122 people to safety. Our crews were busy with training with some 133 training activations conducted. One of our key challenges is the rejuvenation of our Crews. To that end we have had 18 new crew members join. Further, we have been able to fast track six people along the journey to achieving Coxswain qualification. It’s worth noting that the average years of service amongst this group is 4+ years and sea time averages in excess of 150 hours. We are keen to run the fast track course again next year so we are seeking expressions of interest from Crew that are well progressed towards their second stripe. Our sponsorship, grants and fund raising activities have been very successful with in excess of $132,000 raised from a number of different sources. I’d like to recognise and thank all the organisations that helped us during the past year: * Energex, * Port of Brisbane, *QR National, *Brisbane Airport Corporation, *Kedron Wavell RSL, *Jupiters Gambling Community Fund, *Queensland Rail, *Brisbane City Council, *Grill’d Restaurant.

12 – October/November 2012

With this support we have been able to purchase: • a new 5.9 metre Swift RIB vessel to compliment our primary rescue vessel; • a thermal imaging unit for Energex Sandgate I that has greatly enhanced our search and rescue capability in poor light; • new computer equipment; • a defibrillator unit; and • First Aid training equipment. We have also replaced the deck adjoining the Radio Room and the stairs off the kitchen in the Operations Centre. Further, we plan to build a new shed to house our new rescue vessel. We face an increasingly difficult environment for securing grants and sponsorship so it is very important that we do whatever we can to support the people and organisations that support us. Our social events have been well attended throughout the year and I’d encourage all members to participate in the many events on offer. As our Treasurer, Glenn, will report on shortly, we ended the year in a sound financial position. I’d also like to acknowledge the support of a number of people from outside of our Club: • VMRAQ representatives, Harry Hubner and Robert Brock – their help with tackling a broad range of issues including our training program has been greatly appreciated; • Inspector David Kolb, Inspector Chris Emzin, and Senior Sergeant Warren Francis; and • Councillor Victoria Newton, Kerry Millard Member for Sandgate and former State Member Vicky Darling. Of course none of this would have been possible without the dedication of the Management Committee and Support team. It is the commitment and energy of these people and their supporters that helps us to operate and improve our Club. I thank each and every one of you for your amazing contribution. I’d also like to thank the general membership for your support. In closing, I am confident that the direction we have taken over the past year is the right one for our Club and places us in good stead for the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead. Thank you. Neil Sheppard President 2011/12 Queensland Rail provided a great three night Getaway Package to Tangalooma for our supporters. Wade Lin of Zillmere was the winner whose name was drawn on 24th August. He and his family were looking forward to taking their holiday. We are very grateful to Queensland Rail for their sponsorship and to our ticket buyers.



ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT BOB CHAPMAN The year past has seen the usual maintenance on buildings and yard continue. Rescue vessels have also been kept up to the required standard. In relation to the club building, members are advised that major issues are becoming evident in the paint condition and underlying structure. This issue needs to be attended to in the near future or costings will rise substantially. Regulation difficulties have arisen regarding the proposed awning and repairs to the ramp, however the matters are being attended to as well as avenues to minimize costings. Whilst overall membership has remained fairly static, it is pleasing to note the recent influx of new members willing to take on the rescue duties of our club. Training is continuing under Peter Leech’s guidance and the system has now settled somewhat as we become familiar with it. O.H.& S. issues are dealt with as they arise and are solved with a common sense approach. This year we appointed a duty master leader (David Davis) to act on behalf of the crews and Duty Masters at Management level. This is a

step forward and is working as it should. Bill Hirn, as Equipment Officer, has worked tirelessly to keep the documentation for SOP and survey up-todate and procuring any new/ replacement items required. As usual, the mid-week crew have done numerous tasks as they have arisen and together with the club members who are not on crew but, when asked for advice or help, have assisted the club in the manner to which you all have become accustomed. A special mention to John Belling who has taken “ownership” of Energex Sandgate 1 and, with the help of others, presents weekly a boat which is the “pride of the bay”. Thanks to all, Bob Chapman, Snr Vice President (retired)

ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 JUNIOR VICE-PRESIDENT WAYNE WRIGHT Report on the Hardstand—Several boats came and went throughout the year. At present all spots are full and there are a couple on the waiting list. This is the first year that all the boats have had to have at least third party insurance and I am pleased to say that all are now compliant. There has also been a full electrical inspection and all power points and lights now meet the required standard. This facility continues to be an important source of revenue for the club. Boat Talk—Once again, Deidre Windham has done a wonderfully professional job of producing our own club’s outstanding magazine and on behalf of the committee, I would sincerely like to thank her for all her hard work.

Hall Hire—As well as the usual monthly crew bbqs, there were quite a few paying functions throughout the year. In addition there were 10 VMR training sessions and the Sandgate Yacht and Canoe clubs also used the hall. My first year on the management committee has been an interesting learning curve. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me throughout the year, in particular Glenn Philip who came to my rescue when I frequently got stumped by the computer and Tom Begby, for ,although the hall management is officially my responsibility, he is the one who actually does all the work.

ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 TREASURER GLENN PHILIP I’m pleased to be able to report that the Club continues to be in a sound financial position. Overall revenue and expenditure was in line with prior years with the following notable exceptions: Income: • Bar Sales were down on the prior year mainly due to reduced Hall Hire and fewer people attending our monthly BBQs. • Grants and sponsorship income increased significantly thanks to the retention of Energex as a sponsor and the attraction of new sponsors such as the Port of Brisbane, as well as our successful application for funding for a new search and rescue vessel. • Bank interest income is up mainly due to the early receipt of a grant and the delayed expenditure of this money. Expenditure • Boat expenses have increased partly due to an increase in fuel costs but also due to our expensing the FLIR installed on Energex Sandgate 1 • Rent, rates and utilities expenses all increased. The Club faces the same cost of living pressures as we all do as individuals. • Repairs and Maintenance, and Other expenses are also up. This is a combination of expensive purchases such as our new Ride on Mower but more significantly the repairs to the Hardstand following the ram raid earlier in the year. Fortunately a significant portion of


this cost was covered by insurance. The Management Committee continues to manage the financial affairs of the Club prudently and to this end we now have in place a three year rolling forecast that helps project forward our expected revenue, expenses and project costs. We are facing the need to tackle a number of capital intensive projects over the next couple of years that will definitely provide us with a challenge. It is critical that we do everything in our power to retain existing sponsors and attract new sponsors. In the current environment we are unlikely to receive any additional support from the State Government. Any funding gaps will need to be filled through alternative fundraising activities and / or reduction in spending. We have improved our financial controls by making greater use of the features available to us via our accounting system. You would have evidenced this change with your membership and hardstand renewals this year. Thanks to Phil Fitzgerald, Management Committee and support people, and general membership for making my job a whole lot easier and rewarding.


October/November 2012 - 13

ANNUAL TRAINING REPORT 2011/12 THE UTC, PETER J LEECH Once again the database has been an important tool in maintaining accurate records for audit purposes which are conducted regularly by the Australian Qualifications Training Framework officers (this looks at the VMRAQ compliance with the Registered Training Organisation requirements) on behalf of the National Training Council and Maritime Safety Queensland, who assess compliance with the maritime requirements. There have been no audits this year; however an audit may occur within the next 12 months. The database has been useful in maintaining our records for all training for members and is able to indicate the progression of members through the required stages of the training program. Our member numbers are remaining static with incoming and outgoing members and there are still those who have not yet fully completed their Elements of Shipboard Safety (ESS) Training. Not all persons are required to complete the ESS training and the exemptions are those who wish to be Designated Radio Operators (DRO) and wish to only man the radios. Section 110 of the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Regulation requires that persons must complete their ESS within 6 months of becoming crew on a commercial vessel. With the change to the National Marine Safety legislation as from 1 January 2013, we can expect this matter to be given some attention from compliance staff. The First Aid training continues with the February course being conducted by True Blue First Aid and the August course being well conducted by our own member Bill McCord, a qualified First Aid Trainer. The new course requires that people undertaking CPR and First Aid must now complete an open book assessment in the classroom in order to obtain their qualification. As these assessments were not available at the time of training they will conducted on Tuesday evening 9 October at the base commencing at 1900 hours. The CPR assessment of 30 minutes duration will be first followed by the first aid assessment of 45 minutes duration. Members should be aware that Coxswains and designated Crew Radio Operators are required to hold current First Aid and CPR qualifications in accordance with VMRAQ requirements. During this past year the Squadron has undertaken its first Coxswains course in order to ensure that there are sufficient coxswains within the squadron to meet manning requirements. A number of members have been working their way through the required subjects on several weekends and Thursday nights. The training program is proving beneficial and six persons should qualify as VMRAQ Coxswains during October 2012. The course has been conducted by the UTC with tremendous assistance coming from the State Training Manager, Robert Brock. Training News—Oct/Nov 2012 (Cont’d from page 5) Another item of training assistance is the DVD RulesMaster Pro which is a comprehensive, highly interactive learning guide to the International Regulations for the Preventing Collisions at Sea. If the Squadron does not have one, then arrangements will be made to secure a copy and have it installed in the Radio Room. To gain the qualification MF1 07B (a VMRAQ subject) then the

14 – October/November 2012

The squadron is grateful for his exceptional assistance and knowledge. Thanks must also go to Duty Master Bill Hirn for the use of his vessel on two occasions for training and assessment. Bill also provided invaluable assistance in the training arena. Thanks also to Rae Hirn for the great coffee and delicious cakes. During the Coxswain course, every opportunity was taken to complete the Task Books whenever possible. It is pleasing to note that the Squadron has developed and implemented a Minimum Eligibility Requirements and Operational Guidelines for the appointment of Coxswains, Senior Coxswains and Duty Masters for the Squadron. This is a step in the right direction and sets the minimum standards required for these positions. In the area of Courses offered, the following information is available:From 1 July to 31 December 2011, 6 Courses were offered and all were conducted; From 1 February to 30 June 2012, 7 courses were offered and all were conducted; From 1 March to 31 July 2012 12 courses were conducted for the Coxswain course; From 1 August to 31 December 2012, 2 courses will be conducted for the Coxswain course: From 1 August to 31 December 2012 9 courses will be conducted and it is expected that all will be completed. The Local Knowledge assessment has been rewritten to reflect the new requirements and this course was conducted for the first time on Thursday 6 September. A number of people sat for this assessment and it should be noted that further training is needed in this area for all crews. The current UTC will not be continuing in this role after September 2013 and a suitability qualified replacement is required. This person needs to be at least a VMRAQ Coxswain with considerable experience and hold a TAE Trainers and Assessors certificate. It is desirable that this person hold commercial marine qualifications in order to sign off the required assessments. Peter J Leech UTC, VMR Brisbane

15 September, 2012

member is required to also undertake a SAREX or an actual search and rescue and be signed off by the Duty Master. All members MUST WEAR enclosed footwear when coming onto the base, whether it is for a duty or a visit. VMRAQ OH&S policy states that enclosed footwear MUST be worn at all times. There are no exceptions!!! Safe boating, Peter Leech, UTC, VMR Brisbane



LIONFISH DIVE GROUP ANNUAL REPORT The Lionfish scuba diving group came about in April 2002, when an enthusiastic group of divers got together with the aim of diving a diverse and interesting range of dive sites, including reef, pinnacles, shoals, and wrecks and the lesser known dive sites around Moreton Island and beyond. As a sub-group of VMRB, the divers have always supported the important work that VMRB does and to that end the Lionfish each year have made significant donations, as well as volunteering at Purcell Meats on a Saturday morning, attending VMRB open days, and attending social nights at the VMRB club house. Over the years the Lionfish have planned diverse events such as a Seminar conducted by the marine expert Neville Coleman, which attracted a big group of divers, held at the VMRB clubhouse, and an information evening conducted by a Constable in the Water Police, who also brought along his equipment.

Lionfish social events highlights have included a Christmas cruise on the Brisbane river, a bowling day, evening at Methyr Bowls club, committee meetings at various restaurants and Lionfish BBQ's at the VMRB club house. Diving highlights have included a fun club trip to Bargara, a Live Aboard fantastic trip to the Yongala, Hideaway Island Vanuatu, New Guinea and numerous trips and various other overseas unusual destinations such as Christmas Island. Many Lionfish divers have also dived the famous President Coolinge in Santo. Lionfish monthly and fortnightly Moreton trips to Moreton on Ocean Cat have been well supported, thanks to the great diving and yummy food provided by Ocean Cat! Lionfish Divers can look back over the years and to the present day with a great association with VMRB and the work that they do, Lionfish explore under the water, VMRB explore to rescue above the water!

QR National Giving Fund Our sincere thanks to the QR National Community Giving Fund who gave us $4,500 to purchase first aid training equipment and a defibrillator which will be located in the Radio Room. The equipment was put to good use with one of our qualified members, Bill McCord training several of our members recently.

The VMR Annual “Shop till you drop�. All Welcome. Saturday, 27th October 2012 $50.00 per head (includes morning tea & lunch) Please RSVP with money by 1st October 2012. Pick Up: 8.00 am (sharp) at the VMR Brisbane Base at Shorncliffe then calling in to lots of great factory outlets throughout the day. Return: 6.30 pm (approx.) Email: or phone Jan Young - 3265 5892 or Angie Aceto - 3264 6104 Payments by cheque are to be made out to VMR Brisbane and mailed to PO Box 866, Redcliffe Qld 4020.

You could have all your Christmas gifts under control by the end of October: how good is that?!



October/November 2012 - 15

AGM Presentations and more...

Stan Lewis receives recognition of his time served on VMRB Management Committee

Bob Walker awarded Life Membership at AGM 2012

Alpha Duty Master John McCoy is presented with his Certificate for 15 years of service to VMRB

Bob Crawford steps down as VMRB Snr.Vice President

10 years VMRB Service Certificates

Nino Aceto

Thanks and appreciation for time and effort served David Davis

16 – October/November 2012

Tom Ivins

Brian Matthews

Totally focused members at VMRB AGM Sally busy preparing Supper



Canaipa Passage Brian and I had been looking forward to a boating trip down the Canaipa Passage. We left VMR Sandgate in perfect conditions – the sea was like glass. I had a bit of a laugh to myself as I always say to Brian that he only likes to take me out in Barbri when it's rough. We anchored the first night at Canaipa Point, a lovely spot, but we found out there were no fish to be caught. Next morning, David and Jenny Davis pulled in beside us in Jenny Wren. They were on their way back to VMRB after spending a few days in Tiger Mullet. We motored down to Jumpinpin on our little motor, travelling with the tide. We didn't see anyone catching any fish, but we saw lots of bird life. In fact two kookaburras made themselves at home on our boat for quite a while. We put our two crab pots out and were fortunate enough to get two nice size crabs and we caught a feed of fish. We headed back up the passage and followed North Stradbroke Island and across to Day's Gutter. We spent the night at Moreton then headed up the Gutter to do some whiting fishing at the Sandhills. Unfortunately the wind had come in so no fishing. We had a very choppy homeward run, waves at times breaking over our bow. I should have known, but we did have a lovely time away. Barbara Schluter.

Kookaburras sitting in the old gum tree – I don't think so!






The beacons that mark the Measured Nautical Mile are important to the safe navigation of large vessels. a. What is their purpose? b. What other name are they known as? c. What are the light characteristics? You are undertaking a night CAS Evac from Tangalooma. a. What types of navigational aids are used to safely enter this area? b. What are the colours of the lights? There are leads that indicate the safe entry to Cabbage Tree Creek. What are the light characteristics of the front lead and the rear lead?

Brian and friends.

Commercial vessels are required to maintain radio contact with the authority managing the movement of vessels within the Port of Brisbane. A listening watch is to be maintained on the VHF radio. a. Who monitors the traffic within Moreton Bay? b. What is the frequency for the Brisbane River and northern Moreton Bay?

So did you test yourself?

(Left:) Front Reciprocal and (right) Rear Reciprocal.

How did you go?

What have you done, Sebastian? Recently Quebec Crew had a nice day on the bay doing some prac- Sebastian was home again, although a little groggy, by 19:30 and I tice search patterns in the morning. am now the proud owner of a $1,200 near new 1/0 fish hook!! After a nice lunch we responded to a call for a tow from north Mud Just thought I’d share this as it may not have been a dog that picked up this hook from some careless fisherman (yes, there was Island to Colmslie Boat Ramp which was executed beautifully. someone fishing on the bank who was observed to land his bait on On return to base our trusty assistant coxswain (Sebastian) did his our pontoon more than usual perimeter run of the pontoon. once) but it may have been Whereupon I looked down at him to see a fishing line trailing him, a toddler with a less than from his mouth. successful outcome. Thomas Grice So we had a quick trip to Queensland Veterinary Specialists, 263 Appleby Rd, Stafford Heights ( who did a fantastic job x-raying him to see if he had swallowed something he shouldn’t have. Sebastian was then admitted for an Endoscopy which I’m happy to report was very successful.



October/November 2012 - 17

Bob Walker retires...


Bob Walker, a long time member of VMR Brisbane and Foxtrot Crew member signed off on his last duty day on 1st September, 2012. Bob has been at the radio control for Foxtrot Crew for many years.



Times and Heights of High and Low Waters

Time Zone - 1000

© Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2010 Bureau of Meteorology National Tidal Centre

An esteemed crew member and thorough gentleman, Bob has contributed greatly to both VMR Brisbane and the crews he has been involved with. His last crew day was recognized by the Foxtrot Crew with a cake, a speech and crew photos. Bob has been an active member since 1969. His experience and enthralling stories will be sadly missed. Thank you, Bob, and we hope to see you around the base from time to time.

Date Claimer

2nd December-Christmas Party

Time to mark this in your diary. It will be similar to last year, with a sausage sizzle, games, prizes and a special appearance by Santa – at the base, on the lawn if it is sunny.

Datum of Predictitons is lowest Astrronomical Tide. Moon Symbols:  New Moon First Quarter

Full Moon

Last Quarter

Tide times provided by courtesy of Maritime Safety Queensland. For more information, see the Official Queensland Tide Tables published by Maritime Safety Queensland and the World Wide Web at The tidal predictions for Brisbane Bar are supplied by the National Tidal Centre, Bureau of Meteorology. Copyright reserved.

ADVERTISING TERMS & CONDITIONS Advertising is available in this publication in the size and form as used on this page - approx. 10cm x 5 cm. Ads will be black and white placed as appropriate within the magazine on a bi-monthly basis. Cost is $25 per issue, paid in advance each June & December. One month's notice is also required should a long-term advert be altered or withdrawn from publication. To arrange advertising or for any further information, contact

18 – October/November 2012

Hall Hire Our own base is a great place to celebrate birthdays and other functions. There is a stage, large room with wooden floor suitable for dancing, nice new kitchen, separate carpeted area and verandah. Licenced and manned by bar staff (no BYO). To hire upstairs for an evening, the fees are: Members: $142 (no bond) and Non-Members $220 with a $200 bond, with a non-negotiable cleaning fee of $150 for all. For bookings and available dates, contact Tom Begbie on 3269.8633.



Quebec Crew’s Dinner

21st SEPTEMBER, 2012

(Left) Quebec Crew and (below) Phil sharing with Peter and Thomas Enjoy a social evening on Friday, 28th October,2012 at our dinner hosted by Tango Crew from 6.30 pm at $12.50 a head. Bring your family and friends! Members’ Draw stands at $500. Remember to let us know you are coming by texting 0415 254 732 or emailing

Maybe it was the school holidays, but probably the change of date, which meant numbers were down. But as MC Richard said everybody there was enjoying themselves. Quebec Crew served up an abundant supply of delicious appetisers including smoked salmon crackers, spring rolls and kabana and cheese. These were followed by roast lamb and beef with all the vegies and, for those who could squeeze dessert in, they enjoyed apple pastries, custard and ice-cream. Hugh Martin will be sorry he wasn’t there when he finds out his number was drawn in the Goose Club so he missed out on taking home $450. We missed David and Jenny Davis but they weren’t there because David preferred hospital food. Hope you’re fit and well by now. Richard tried to make up for David’s jokes by running the ‘Raffle Olympics.’ The Lucky Door prize was won by Thomas Grice. Phil Fitzgerald won 1st prize Thomas won the Lucky It doesn’t really take 3 people and took no time to share his bottle of Wyndham’s 555. 2nd prize went to new to get raffle money out of our Door Prize members Emma and James Piggot while Carol Leech was pleased to win 3rd prize former Treasurer! which means she can retire her rusty secateurs.

Phil and 1st prize.

Emma Piggot (2nd)

Carol Leech (3rd)

Lee Dowling, Frances O’Byrne, Dean Steinback and BT Editor’s new best friend, Assistant Editor, Linda Frankland

Replacement for Sandgate 2 Our new rescue vessel, obtained through a grant from Jupiters Gambling Community Benefit Fund, is undergoing a fitout and the required Management System along with the SOPs are almost complete. The boat was manufactured by Swift Marine on the Gold Coast and is a "Swift 5.9m RIB". It is to be named Sandgate Rescue 2 and is powered by a 175hp Suzuki outboard. The registration number is "31485QC". On 15th September all of the Duty Masters went through an induction on the vessel and it will now be up to the Duty Masters to instruct their respective crews (and log the induction on the sheet provided) once the boat is available. Soon a new shed will be erected to house it.



October/November 2012 - 19

Round the Rigging

Quebec Crew’s tow

David Kirkpatrick’s photo of a multihull rescue in August

(Above) The VMRB Management Team for 2012-2013 (below) TS Paluma cadets getting ready for the guard of honour and colour party.

One of SCCs Information Days

Returning from a fishing trip, Lionel Baker came across this fur seal happily frolicking at the Measured Mile

2012 Club Man of the Year—John Belling Bob Chapman delivers his last Report as Senior Vice President. port as Snr.Vice President

New members Ben and Gary admiring Miss Sandgate

It was all hands on deck to hoist the life raft onto Energex Sandgate 1.

20 – October/November 2012



Boat talk October-November  

Boat talk October-November

Boat talk October-November  

Boat talk October-November