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Working Model A Windmill Science Fair Victor Mougrabi Zekie Hanono 8B

Responsibilities Zekie: Poster Lab report Victor: Oral presentation Ibook


C AP Ă? TU L O 2

What do you hope to create? We are going to create a windmill. We are going to make a generator using electromagnetic electricity using magnets, coil and other elements. In the science fair we are going to explain how we make the generator and how it functioned.


How Function The Generator. The generator inside the windmill will work with electromagnetism. Our generator function with 2 bigs ovals that in one are going to have 4 circulars magnets and in the other one we are going to put two hundred laps of coil and that two ovals are going to past to a big nail. That way when the windmill´s blades move around, the magnets will be activated and will put to the work all the electromagnetism


S EC C I Ă“ N 1

Previous Thoughts And Investigations We started inquiring about electromagnetism and found out that it can be used in many ways, one of them is using coil and magnets to cause the energy to move around inside and give energy to an LED light. We are planning on making everything work with the windmill. When the blades move because of the wind, the magnets will rotate and make the energy of them with the coil start to work. The coil is connected to the LED light and that way the light will turn on with just wind power. This coil will be connected to the LED light and transfer the energy through the coil and to the light so the energy makes the light work.

We searched in the internet how to make environmental physics projects and we thought that this was the most friendly to the environment. We discused the idea of big windmills that produce great power and that way you dont hurt the environment. We are happy to know how the energy of the windmill works and how important and useful it is.


Conclusion Windmills are very important to save energy and make the environment better. To have a better world we need to do actions. This little windmill that we created is a little example of how to save energy and reduce pollution. We think that it should be everywhere and people would have not just better life, but a better world.

We are very proud of our project because it showed us how physics can help the environment and we are very concerned of the problems of the world today. We are proud to say that the discovery of new ways to help the world are very interesting and exciting to us. We learned a lot and we will start to do actions so the environment is better that it is. v

Science Fair Ibook  

It is of the windmill and make a generator.