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Virginia Museum of Natural History

Plan For the Future

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as chair of the VMNH Board of Trustees for Fiscal Year 2012 and I look forward to the bright future 2013 has in store. Yet, the museum’s future success can only be as strong as its current vision. During the past fiscal year, the Board of Trustees has worked with the museum’s Foundation Board to create a two year vision plan to guide VMNH Executive Director Dr. Joe Keiper and his staff in expanding the museum’s programs, exhibits, and

scientific research to reach a greater audience throughout the state of Virginia. As the Commonwealth’s museum for natural history, we are dedicated to bringing our message and offerings to as many citizens of the Commonwealth as possible. Our “Museum without Walls” plan will allow us to achieve this by placing a heavier emphasis on such endeavors as increasing traveling exhibits, expanding our outreach education programming, as well as continuing and developing new partnerships with the many other wonderful museums and educational facilities throughout Virginia. The coming years are a very exciting time in our museum’s history that will expand the awareness of the museum’s important mission throughout the Commonwealth and increase the impact it has on the lives of all citizens of all ages. Sammy Redd, Chairman, VMNH Board of Trustees

Making A Lasting Impression We witnessed many exciting moments during the 2012 fiscal year, none more exciting than reaching the $4 million phase of the Make a Lasting Impression Capital Campaign. The milestone was not so much a celebration of what we have accomplished, but what our future holds. The next $1 million of this $5 million campaign will be used to build an endowment, allowing for upkeep, maintenance, and future updates to the


museum’s permanent exhibit galleries. It is a significant step in securing our future and constantly improving the museum experience for all citizens of the Commonwealth. This past year also saw the hosting of the successful Wines & Shines event in May 2012. This wildly successful endeavor was praised by attendees, raising funds for the foundation in support of the museum’s research, exhibits, and education programs.

These accomplishments are among many of this past year that will have a significant impact on what we will accomplish in the future. With continued and growing support from constituencies throughout the Commonwealth, the foundation and the museum are poised for great success in the coming years. Dr. Denise Unterbrink, President, VMNH Foundation Board

We Get Around!

For part of the past year, our giant ground sloth Clawd was missing from his familiar perch on the 2nd floor balcony. He took a trip to the North Carolina Museum of Forestry to be a part of their “Prehistoric Giants” exhibit and became a VMNH envoy. But it wasn’t only Clawd that was on the move. Museum staff set up an exhibit on current curatorial research projects in the General Assembly Building in Richmond where we held the Foundation’s 26th Annual Jefferson Awards Ceremony. Our paleontology staff conducted another dig at Carmel Church in Caroline County, unveiling new fossils. We held four oneweek long Virginia Science Institutes for STEM Education at three State Parks, providing new educational methods in science, technology, education, and math for dozens of Virginia teachers.

We really get around! The effort to serve all citizens of the Commonwealth is grounded in the work done at our Martinsville facility, including exhibits, education, and scientific research. Clawd is back in the building now, greeting visitors in our lobby. When you see him there, let him remind you that with your support of VMNH we not only have a significant local impact, but that the Commonwealth as a whole is a richer place because of the museum and its programs!

Joe B. Keiper, Ph.D. Executive Director

Virginia Museum of Natural History

Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia: Bob McDonnell Secretary of Natural Resources: Doug Domenech

Museum Board of Trustees Sammy Redd, Chair, Martinsville Missy Neff Gould, Vice Chair, Richmond James W. Severt II, Treasurer, Washington DC Christina S. Draper, Secretary, Richmond Pamela A. Armstrong, Martinsville Dr. LeAnn S. Binger, Petersburg


Dr. Mark A. Crabtree, Martinsville Nancy R. Fitzgerald, Huddleston Paul Fleisher, Richmond Dr. Oliver S. Flint, Jr., Alexandria Conover Hunt, Hampton Dr. Mervyn R. King, Martinsville Lee A. Lester, Martinsville

C. Novel Martin, III, Roanoke Monica T. Monday, Martinsville Dr. J. James Murray, Jr., Charlottesville Kimble Reynolds, Jr., Martinsville Janet Scheid, Vinton Dr. Philip M. Sprinkle, Martinsville Stephen D. Walker, Charlotte Courthouse Lisa Lyle Wu, Arlington

Barry Jarrett, Martinsville Bradley T. Johnson, Martinsville Dr. David Jones, Martinsville Richard Lawhon, Martinsville Judith Matthews, Martinsville Dr. William Morris, Union Hall Jeffrey Perkins, Roanoke Skip Philips, Martinsville Stacey Reed, Richmond John Ross, Abingdon

Larry Ryder, Martinsville Gail D. Smith, Belville NC Forrest Truitt, Martinsville Meredith Vaughn, Martinsville Kris Willard, Penhook Bruce Wingo, Richmond Dr. Paul Winistorfer, Blacksburg Ellen Wood, Martinsville

Foundation Board Dr. Denise Unterbrink, President, Martinsville Clay Gravely, Vice President, Martinsville Manly Boyd, Treasurer, Martinsville J. Smith Chaney, Secretary, Martinsville Gayle F. Barts, Sutherlin Kelly Cain, Martinsville James Farrell, Martinsville Lisa Fultz, Martinsville Paige Frith, Martinsville

Foundation Advisory Board Jean Adams, Martinsville Briggs Andrews, Richmond Brenda Campbell, Ridgeway Elizabeth Cole, Martinsville Gary Collins, Martinsville Carol Hooker, Martinsville Prof. Ervin L. Jordan, Jr., Richmond

Museum Staff Executive Director’s Office Dr. Joe Keiper, Executive Director Cindy Gray, Executive Director’s Assistant

Advancement Ryan Barber, Deputy Director Kenneth Barksdale, Visitor Services Specialist Valerie Barrow, Visitor Services Specialist Vickie Bondurant, Visitor Services Specialist Melody Cartwright, Senior Graphic Designer Tim Champlin, Visitor Services Specialist Diane Clark, Visitor Services Manager Joel Clifton, Exhibit Hall Technical Specialist Jessica Davenport, Exhibits and Publications Manager Brad Harris, Visitor Services & Exhibits Assistant Charlotte Harter, Administrative Assistant Barbara Helmick, Grantwriter Betsy Ivey, Visitor Services Specialist Donnie Jones, Exhibit Hall Program Specialist Lucy Moore, Visitor Services Specialist Letitia Pulliam, Visitor Services Specialist Zachary Ryder, Marketing and Public Relations Manager Carolyn Seay, Special Events/Facilities Rental Manager


Dr. Porter Kier, Lottsburg George Lester, Martinsville Teresa L. Lilly, Martinsville Dr. Anne C. Lund, Farmville Martha White Medley, Martinsville Honorable W. Tayloe Murphy, Mount Holly Daniel Oakey, Roanoke

Administration & Services Gloria Niblett, Director of Administration & Services Rhonda Casey, Human Resources Manager Glynda Cassady, Procurement Manager Tim Champlin, Security Guard Rian Culligan, Building Operations Manager Debbie Curry-Menefee, Security Guard Frank DeShazo, Security Guard Joe Dillon, Trades Technician John Hairston, Security Guard Reneé Hairston, Fiscal Technician Alex Johnson, Security Guard Timothy King, Security Manager Paula Morris, Administrative Assistant Lynette Perkins, Fiscal Technician Sr. John Sherman, Security Guard Robert Wilson, Security Guard

Research & Collections Dr. James Beard, Director of Research and Collections/Curator of Earth Sciences (on sabbatical 12/2011-12/2013) Dr. Nancy Moncrief, Acting Director of Research and Collections/ Curator of Mammalogy Haley Cartmell, Collections Manager Dr. Alton Dooley, Acting Assistant Director of Research/Curator of Paleontology

Edwina H. Pancake (Didi), Charlottesville Edwin G. Penn, III (Trippi), Martinsville Katherine Slaughter, Charlottesville Dennis H. Treacy, Smithfield Robert A. Williams, Martinsville Dr. Max Wingett, Martinsville

Brad Harris, Geology Assistant Jill Harris, Registrar Dr. Elizabeth Moore, Curator of Archaeology James Moore, Paleontology Assistant Janet Roetken, Administrative Assistant Mary Catherine Santoro, Librarian Sarah Timm, Earth Sciences Technician Ray Vodden, Research Technician and Specimen Preparator Dr. Judith Winston, Curator of Marine Biology

Education & Public Programs Dr. Dennis Casey, Director of Education & Public Programs Aileen Bourne, Adult Volunteer Coordinator Tena Bullins, Office Manager Jo Carter, Educator/Southside Virginia Christy Deatherage, Museum Education Coordinator Jennifer Gaden, Outreach Educator/Central Virginia Glenda Hairston, Out of School Education Coordinator Robin Jensen, Youth Education Coordinator Ann Mallek, Outreach Education Coordinator/Central Virginia Nancy Newman, Outreach Educator/Central Virginia Susan Walton, Outreach Education Coordinator/Eastern Virginia

Virginia Museum of Natural History Statement of Operations July 2011 through June 30, 2012

REVENUE AND SUPPORT Commonwealth of Virginia Federal Funds Gifts and Grants Admissions Memberships Other Income TOTAL REVENUE AND SUPPORT

2010-2011 2011-2012 $2,612,965 $2,532,042 $14,0905 $90,000 $153,977 $169,023 $47,275 $25,361 $10,492 $13,608 $183,825 $285,329 $3,149,439 $3,115,363

EXPENSES Administrative and Support Collections Management Research Education and Outreach

$1,636,390 $1,623,018 $99,127 $97,162 $569,120 $559,119 $686,348 $636,016


$2,990,985 $2,915,315




Virginia Museum of Natural History Foundation Income Statement July 2011 through June 30, 2012

2010-2011 2011-2012

REVENUE AND SUPPORT Gifts and Contributions Membership Dues Capital Campaign Other

$27,101 $36,137 $35,365 $7,913


$106,516 $101,722

EXPENSES Salaries and Wages Contractual Services Supplies Other

$47,067 $64,511 $5,927 $6,817 $4,374 $5,415 $43,623 $28,353


$100,991 $105,096


$5,525 $(3,374)

$53,600 $29,138 $8,965 $10,019

Virginia Museum of Natural History

Exhibits The museum hosted a variety of in-house and traveling exhibits in fiscal year 2012, including the traveling exhibit Fossil Discoveries and the one-of-a-kind in-house exhibit Living off the Land. From the long-term exhibit galleries Uncovering Virginia and How Nature Works to the new Hahn Hall of Biodiversity and the Fossil Overlook, the museum’s exhibits connect visitors to the stories of Virginia’s natural past, present and future.

Temporary exhibits at VMNH: v Living off the Land – June 4, 2011 to February 25, 2012 v Rocks to Racing – March 24 to November 3, 2012 v Documenting Diversity – Open in the Harvest Foundation Great Hall

New long-term exhibits at VMNH: v Work began in 2011 on the new long-term exhibit gallery Wild Watersheds.

Wild Watersheds


Remote exhibits and displays: From large rentals to small displays of VMNH specimens, the museum had exhibits and displays in 18 remote locations throughout the region in fiscal year 2012. v The VMNH traveling exhibit Fossil Discoveries was on display at the North Carolina Museum of Forestry, November 5, 2011 to November 3, 2012 v The VMNH exhibit Living off the Land opened June 16, 2012 at the new Rockfish Valley Natural History Center in Nelson County, Virginia. v The Caroline County Visitor Center near Richmond, featuring a cast of Eobalanoptera and other VMNH exhibits, received visitors from across the region. v Thousands of visitors to the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond learned about VMNH scientific research in the Bone Zone gallery. v The museum placed an exhibit in the Virginia General Assembly Building in February 2012 in conjunction with the VMNH Foundation Thomas Jefferson Awards held in Richmond on February 9, 2012. v The museum had additional displays and exhibits in state parks, schools, visitor centers, and partnering organizations throughout the region.

Virginia Museum of Natural History

Marketing A variety of VMNH programs, events, exhibits, scientific research activities and more were promoted to local, statewide, regional, and national audiences in fiscal year 2012 through advertising, promotions, publications, public relations, and other tools.

VMNH in the news v Over 40 press releases were distributed to a variety of media outlets, providing information about VMNH exhibits, scientific research and collections, education programs, events, and more. v The museum had a strong online presence, with over 200,000 unique users worldwide reached through the VMNH Web site, along with the museum’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, Flickr photostream, YouTube channel, blog posts, and other listings. v A variety of promotions were implemented, including special offers in partnership with Living Social and Groupon to promote discounted admissions and memberships. v The museum received strong local, statewide, and national media coverage, with the museum featured in the Martinsville Bulletin, the Smith Mountain Eagle, the Augusta Free Press (Waynesboro), the Wilkes-Journal Pilot (NC), USA Today, the Houston Chronicle, The Virginian-Pilot (Hampton), The Progress Index (Petersburg), the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Our Amazing Planet, and the journal Science. The museum also received television and newspaper coverage across the region, with coverage on WSET (Roanoke), WSLS (Roanoke), WVVA (WV), WTVR (Richmond), BTW21 (Martinsville), MSNBC, PBS, and NPR.

Visitor Services


Museum staff members continue to develop new visitor services programs to increase repeat visitation and revenue. The PALEO CafĂŠ continued to serve as a resource for general visitors, while also providing catering for a variety of special events.


Events VMNH Foundation Golf Tournament Smith Mountain Lake, VA September 16, 2011

Chili Cook-off October 15, 2011

VMNH Members’ Family Discovery Night December 1, 2011

25th Annual VMNH Foundation Thomas Jefferson Awards Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA February 9, 2012

Lecture by Dr. Brian Huber of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History March 15, 2012

Rocks to Racing festival celebrating the opening day of the exhibit March 24, 2012

VMNH Foundation Wines & Shines May 19, 2012

Virginia Museum of Natural History


The Museum’s education and public programs continue to reach more students, teachers, and museum-goers. In 2011–2012, 906 educational programs reached 20,676 people. Education staff served 39 school divisions with 295 programs at the museum and with 615 programs through outreach offices in Martinsville, Charlottesville, and Newport News.

Virginia Science Institute for STEM (VSISE)

Eastern Virginia Outreach

In 2011, the 16th year of VSSI focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education and Science Standards of Learning. The Science Institute for STEM Education (VSISE) was conducted to support the implementation of STEM in the classroom. VSISE consisted of four, six-day summer learning experiences for elementary teachers. Fifty-four fourth and fifth grade teachers attended institutes held in July and August at Westmoreland, Bear Creek Lake, and Hungry Mother state parks.

Outreach educational programming now extends into the classrooms of Eastern Virginia. The Eastern Virginia Outreach office is led by Susan Walton. In addition to classrooms, a partnership with the Chesapeake Arboretum includes Saturday programs and summer camps. Walton attended the Region II Math and Science Consortium. Areas now served include the counties of Charles City, Gloucester, Isle of Wight, James City, King and Queen, Mathews, Middlesex, New Kent, Northampton, Southampton and York, along with the cities of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake.


Earth Day

VMNH hosted the fourth museum field trip for the 2012 Hollins Elementary Science Institute for Teachers (HESIT). This professional development institute, designed for elementary teachers, is sponsored by Hollins University and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia through a federal Improving Teacher Quality grant. Led by Drs. Casey and Keiper, participants toured the museum and took part in insect activities in Wilson Park. Thirty were selected to participate, representing Roanoke and Salem cities, and Roanoke, Botetourt, Floyd, Franklin, Montgomery, Henry, and Craig counties.


Earth Day Celebration for Students was held on April 20 at VMNH. Partnering community organizations conducted programs for students during this conference-style event. Over 200 first and second grade students from Drewry Mason Elementary, Patrick Henry Elementary and area home school families participated. The Dan River Basin Association presented a stream quality program and shared their Tub-of-Bugs; Laurel Park Middle School FAA members discussed plant parts; a Southwestern Piedmont Master Naturalist led a recycling sort challenge; the US Army Corps of Engineers presented the watershed model; and The Institute of Advance Learning and Research provided the STEM Mobile Learning Lab.

Summer Adventure Camps The 2011 Summer Adventure Camps were offered for various age groups ranging from three to 11 years of age. Before and after care as well as on-site meal options were utilized by campers. Camps included: Junior Naturalist; Engineering Challenge; The Great Lunch Adventure; and, two Doodle Bugs Summer Science Explorer Camps: Build Your World and Nature.

National Wild Turkey Federation The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) conducted JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) educational programs for 166 fifth graders from Patrick Henry Elementary and Albert Harris Elementary at the museum and in Wilson Park during September and November of 2011. NWTF

staff provided programs and activities including a pellet range station, archery, wild turkey information, and law enforcement. Museum educators provided interpretation of the Living off the Land exhibit.

Project WET VMNH hosted a Project WET Workshop on June 15 led by Christy Deatherage. Eleven area educators participated in the training. Deatherage also co-lead a Project WET Workshop on June 7 at the Danville Science Center.

Southwestern Piedmont Virginia Master Naturalist From its inception, VMNH has been involved in the Virginia Master Naturalist Executive and Steering Committees. Staff members are currently serving in leadership roles in local chapters in the Charlottesville, Hampton and Martinsville areas. Along with five other natural resources agencies, VMNH renewed its commitment to the program. The Southwestern Piedmont Chapter will hold its fifth training session in the Fall of 2012. Volunteers with the local chapter made significant contributions to the VMNH in 2011. The Southwestern Piedmont Chapter reported 976 hours (valued at $19,520) of volunteer time at the museum, providing interpretive programs, research assistance to museum scientists, and assistance with museum collections.

Virginia Museum of Natural History

Interpreters VMNH Volunteer Interpreters (VI) is an invaluable part of our organization. Whether providing interpretative services to visiting groups or assisting with festivals, VI’s are museum ambassadors. VMNH staff and VI officers completed the Interpreter Handbook in 2012 that addresses topics such as: philosophy and techniques of interpreting, key educational concepts in the exhibits, and basic interpreter information. 2011-2012 VI officers include: Linda Hill, president; Nancy Baker, vice president; and, Carol Meyer, secretary.

Professional Development Dr. Denny Casey and Christy Deatherage attended the Annual Association of Science-Technology Centers Conference in Baltimore, MD October 2011. Glenda Hairston and Deatherage attended the 21st Century Community Learning Centers conference and presented a workshop session in Roanoke, Virginia in March 2012. Deatherage attended the Project WET Facilitator Refresher Training in Richmond (DEQ headquarters) on March 30. In May 2012, Hairston and Dr. Casey attended the first annual STEM Forum and Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Hairston and Casey presented two sessions at the conference. Casey took part in the first-ever Invitational Unconference hosted by the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS) held March 2012 in Tucson, Arizona. National leaders in the field of science education and communication gathered to explore issues, share ideas, and raise questions and problems facing science education today. Other professional development conferences, services, institutes, and publications included the Virginia Science Education Leadership Association Annual and Strategic Planning meetings; the Virginia Association of Science Teachers Professional Development Institute; Nonprofit Leadership Conference; and editorial review board of the Journal of Virginia Science Education.

Consortium for Ocean Leadership As part of an NSF-funded informal education pilot project, Dr. Casey sailed aboard the JOIDES Resolution science research vessel from May 23 to June 3 on a transit from Curacao to Bermuda. The project is in coordination with the Deep Earth Academy’s “Ship to Shore” program aimed at increasing understanding of the Earth’s natural history through ocean floor drilling, scientific research, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related fields. With grant support from the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, the VMNH will invite Girl Scout troops to be involved in an exciting new program designed to promote girls’ interest in science, technology, engineering and


mathematics. We will be partnering with Girl Scouts from other areas of the country to highlight the importance of ocean exploration and STEM.

Martinsville-Henry County Community Nature Initiative MHC CNI, funded by The Harvest Foundation of the Piedmont, is in its fourth year of providing children and adults an interactive approach to outdoor learning. MHC CNI complements the content students receive in traditional classrooms in the Martinsville and Henry County school systems. MHC CNI, in coordination with the Henry County Parks and Recreation, hosted the third annual Piedmont Kite Festival at Jack Dalton Park on March 17. Over 1,000 visitors took part in various air-related activities including kite making, bubble station, paper helicopter station, and disc golf competitions. The MHC CNI conducted the third annual Earth Week Celebration April 20-28. Over a dozen organizations helped coordinate this week-long event to bring the community together to celebrate the environment.

Martinsville/Henry County After 3 VMNH continues to be committed to the Martinsville/Henry County After 3 program by providing academic programming for four after-school sites including Boys and Girls Club of Martinsville/Henry County, Collinsville YMCA, Bassett Community Center, and Fieldale Community Center. During the month of July, VMNH educators led two week-long summer camps for each of the MHC After 3 sites. After the students went back to school, VMNH educators brought programming to the after school sites. On November 12, a culminating event for the Boys and Girls Club Teen Center and their parents was held at the museum. Students displayed projects they created during Fall programs.

Lego® Children’s Fund VMNH received a $5,140 grant award from the LEGO® Children’s Fund in December 2010. The grant enabled the museum to provide engaging activities to stimulate elementary school children and middle school youth of Martinsville and Henry County in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through the after school Youth Empowered in Science (YES) Initiative throughout 2011. Partnering providers included the Boys and Girls Club, Martinsville and Collinsville YMCA, and the MHC After 3 sites. VMNH educators concluded its YES Initiative in December 2011 and had delivered 38 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs to 585 at local after school centers.

VMNH Foundation Goals and Planning for 2012 – 2013 Museum staff, in partnership with members of the VMNH Foundation Board, VMNH Trustees, and partners throughout the Commonwealth and beyond, worked to generate support for various museum programs, exhibits, and events. With a longterm schedule of exciting exhibits and dynamic programs set for the coming years, the museum is poised to reach new audiences while forging new partnerships with individuals, corporations, and organizations statewide and beyond.

Opportunities for giving: Discovery Fund The VMNH Discovery Fund is unrestricted money used to support the mission of VMNH. Discovery Fund gifts provide vital support for research, education, exhibits and the Thomas Jefferson Awards.

Memberships Memberships provide vital support to the museum while providing special member’s only benefits, including free unlimited admission, invitations to receptions and events, discounts in the VMNH Museum Store and PALEO Café, and free reciprocal admission to hundreds of museums and science centers nationwide.

Legacy Endowment

Gifts to this fund provide long-term income for the museum’s education, exhibits, and scientific research programs while improving education, quality of life and economic growth across the region.

Planned Giving Partners can achieve personal financial goals and leave a legacy of support for the Virginia Museum of Natural History—and the region—by using various legal and tax strategies to plan a gift to VMNH.

Corporate Partnerships A Corporate Partnership with the Virginia Museum of Natural History is a great way for companies to provide a variety of benefits to their employees while also supporting a dynamic institution that reaches citizens across the Commonwealth and beyond. The museum offers Partnership categories for organizations of all sizes and budgets, with each level providing an excellent return on investment for companies

To learn about how you can support the Virginia Museum of Natural History and its mission, please contact us at 276-634-4163 or

Virginia Museum of Natural History

Highlights in Research and Collections Summary of activities by VMNH scientists and collections staff: v Published eight peer-reviewed papers and one book, including a VMNH Memoir and two papers in VMNH’s series called Jeffersoniana v Conducted 20 programs (lectures, tours) for more than 350 individuals at VMNH v Attended conferences of the following scientific organizations: Archaeological Society of Virginia, American Microscopical Society, American Society of Mammalogists, Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Southeastern Section of the Geological Society of America, Virginia Academy of Sciences, Virginia Chapter of the Wildlife Society Judith Winston, Ph.D., Curator of Marine Biology

Dr. James Beard was appointed Program Director for the Ocean Drilling Program of the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Geosciences. He plans to return to VMNH in December 2013. Dr. Nancy Moncrief is serving as acting director of Research and Collections in his absence. Drs. Alton C. Dooley and Nancy Moncrief published an article in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology describing their use of an ultraviolet light to diagnose a genetic condition in 7,000-year-old fossils of eastern fox squirrels. They plan to use this technique to identify fossils of these animals in future studies of how fox squirrels repopulated North America after the last Ice Age. Dr. Elizabeth Moore mentored 35 high school students from the Piedmont Governor’s School for Mathematics, Science, and Technology. They excavated an archaeological site in Martinsville and subsequently analyzed artifacts, conducted oral history interviews, and conducted documentary research. The year-long project culminated with the students presenting the results of their research at a symposium at VMNH. Dr. Judith Winston presented an invited lecture “Dispersal in marine organisms without a pelagic larval phase” at the annual meeting of Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. The manuscript of this lecture has been published in the Society’s journal, Integrative and Comparative Biology.

v Made 30 research presentations (lectures, presentations at conferences, field trips) to more than 1,100 individuals in Virginia outside VMNH v Made nine research presentations (lectures, presentations at conferences) to more than 1,600 individuals outside Virginia v Responded to 56 requests for technical information and reviews of technical documents v Performed professional service duties for the following organizations: Archaeological Society of Virginia, Council of Virginia Archaeologists, International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature, State Review Board of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Virginia Academy of Sciences v Posted 90 new entries on the VMNH Paleontology Blog, which received more than 30,000 visits v Provided content (specimens and text) and assisted in planning, design, and fabrication of four exhibits (Documenting Diversity, Living Off the Land, Rocks to Racing, General Assembly Building) v Provided 19 loans of 490 scientific specimens to other institutions and agencies, including seven outside Virginia v Responded to 91 requests for information (from 189 adults and 81 children) in the VMNH library v Co-hosted two public events with the Blue Ridge Regional Library that were attended by 52 adults and 48 children v Trained 216 law enforcement personnel in crime scene techniques, in July 2011.


Alton Dooley, Ph.D., Curator of Paleontology

Work in Progress (as of July 2012) v Assisting in planning, design, and fabrication of two special exhibits for 2013 that will include many specimens from the VMNH collections. v Two peer-reviewed scientific papers have been accepted for publication v Four papers have been submitted for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals

Scientific Publications

In memory of Richard L. Hoffman, Ph.D., Curator Emeritus of Recent Invertebrates

Dooley, A. C., Jr., and N.D. Moncrief. 2012. Fluorescence provides evidence of congenital erythropoietic porphyria in 7000-year-old specimens of the eastern fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) from the Devil’s Den. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 32:495-497.

Ivanov, K., and J. Keiper, 2011. Potential impacts of the invasive herb garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) on local ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) communities in northern temperate forests. Jeffersoniana, 26:1-14.

Fehlauer-Ale, K.H., L.M. Vieira, and J.E. Winston. 2011. Molecular and morphological characterization of Amathia distans Busk and Amathia brasiliensis Busk (Bryozoa: Ctenostomata) from the tropical and subtropical Western Atlantic. Zootaxa, 2962:49-62.

Moore, E. A. 2011. Excavations on the Baldwin Block (44HR0200). Quarterly Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Virginia, 66:169-180.

Hayward, P.J., and J.E. Winston. 2011. Bryozoa collected by the United States Antarctic Research Program: new taxa and new records. Journal of Natural History, 45: 2259-2338. Johnson, C.H., J.E. Winston, and R.M.. Woollacott. 2012. Western Atlantic introduction and persistence of the marine bryozoan Tricellaria inopinata. Aquatic Invasions, 7: 295–303.

Vogel, S.I., B.T. Piatkowski, A.C. Dooley, Jr., and D.B. Poli 2011. The effects of fire on Lycopodium digitatum strobili. Jeffersoniana, 27:1-9. Winston, J.E. 2012. Dispersal in marine organisms without a pelagic larval phase. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 52:1-11. Winston, J.E. And P.J. Hayward. 2012. The Marine Bryozoans of the Northeast Coast of the United States: Maine to Virginia. VMNH Memoir 11, 180 pp.

Virginia Museum of Natural History

DISCOVERY FUND DONATIONS Dr. Richard L. Hoffman George and Jean Adams Hermes Family Foundation William Roscoe Reynolds Mervyn R. King Rosie Craig Groves/Chaney Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Donald Holsinger Frank M. and Suzanne Lacy Jr. John Ross Drs. Tom and Denise Unterbrink Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign Briggs and Cathy Andrews Worth and Katherine Carter Smith and Gale Chaney Nancy Fitzgerald Charlotte McClain Elaine and Larry Ryder Hollis and Karl Stauber Virginia Resource Use Education Council L. Dudley Walker Exxon Mobile Marty Fleenor Clay Gravely Cleveland and Rae Hickman Timothy Livengood Elizabeth Muse Rappahannock Electric Arthur M. Sleeper Marilyn Smith James Bennett Anne Chatham Jean Sapp Nancy Stanley Ivey C. Stone

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Virginia Museum of Natural History

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS TIGER SWALLOWTAIL Mr. and Mrs. Briggs W. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Lacy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Lester

CARDINAL Mrs. J. Clyde Hooker, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Poirier Mr. and Mrs. L. Dudley Walker

DOGWOOD Mr. and Mrs. George Adams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Adkins Mr. and Mrs. Jim Berry Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Kenton Clark Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Crabtree Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Davenport, Jr. Ms. Roxann B. Dillon Dr. Barry M. Dorsey Drs. Paul and Margie Eason Mr. and Mrs. Jay Edelen Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ford Mr. and Mrs. James B. Frith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Irving M. Groves, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William Morris Mr. and Mrs. Hal G. Prillaman Mrs. Gwen Sowdon Mrs. Bate C. Toms, Jr. George L. Wallace, M.D. and Pat B. Wallace, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Michael Wenkstern

SMITHSONIAN Dr. Caren Aaron and Mr. Darren Aaron Mrs. James Andrews Mrs. Nancy L. Baker Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Balabanis Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Barts Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bassett, III Mr. and Mrs. Dan Belcher Mr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Boisseau Mr. and Mrs. Manly Boyd Ms. Judith H. Carter Dr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Casey Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith Chaney Mrs. William C. Cole, III Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie K. Crowder Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Dietz Ms. Christina S. Draper Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fain Mr. J. Ronald Ferrill Mrs. Jane Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Gette Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Giesler Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Hammack Mr. and Mrs. William S. Henika

Mr. and Mrs. H. Graham Hollifield Mr. and Mrs. Tom C. Honer Mr. and Mrs. L. Randolph Isley Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ivey Dr. and Mrs. David C. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Richard Joyce Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kirby Dr. and Mrs. John B. LaFave Mr. and Mrs. Richard U. Lawhon Mrs. Mary Lawhon Mrs. A.J. Lester Dr. and Mrs. William D. Lewis Dr. Eugene Madonia Mr. and Mrs. John C. Matthews Mr. Julien McCarthy and Ms. Judith A Pate Mrs. Charlotte McClain Mr. and Mrs. Claude W. McMillan Dr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Merrill, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Garth A. Mills, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Mitchell, Jr. Dr. Nancy Moncrief and Mr. Phil Holleran Mr. and Mrs. Eric Monday Dr. and Mrs. James K. Muehleck Dr. and Mrs. J. James Murray, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Coy M. Park, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Parker Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Peitz Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Penn, III Ms. Melinda Penn Mr. and Mr. Jeffrey N. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. G. Ronald Pigg Mr. Donald A. Price Dr. and Mrs. Clarence L. Reaser Mr. J. W. Rhea Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Riddle Mrs. Janet Scheid and Mr. Bud LaRoche Dr. William R. Shealy Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Sleeper Mr. and Mrs. Wright Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Stauber Mr. and Mrs. John T. Stauffer Dr. William I. Taylor Mrs. Nancy Ullman Dr. Denise Unterbrink and Dr. Thomas Unterbrink Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Webster, III Dr. and Mrs. Richard T. Welham Mrs. Anna L. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Danny Winn Dr. E-an Zen

FAMILY Mr. and Mrs. John Austin Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Ayers Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Baran Mr. Mark Barnhart and Ms. Heather Hanawalt Mr. and Mrs. Len L. Barrow, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bartelt


Mrs. Jean Beam Theresa Bechtel and Dave Meyer Mr. and Mrs. James Belcher Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Benfield Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bentley Dr. Jim Bier Ms. Athia Bishop Ms. Leanna Blevins and Mr. Gavin Russell Ms. Laura Bowles Ms. Donna Brannock Mr. and Mrs. Robert Branscom Ms. Doris Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. Brittle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bryant Mr. David Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Marty Bullins Mr. and Mrs. John Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burton Mr. and Mrs. Charles Byrd Mr. and Mrs. Kelly S. Cain Dr. and Mrs. Henry S. Campell Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Carr Ms. Youtha R. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cecil Mr. and Mrs. David T. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Joel Clifton Mr. and Mrs. Rives Brown Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Tim Collins Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Compton Mr. and Mrs. James Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Danny Courtney Mrs. Gloria Craddock Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Crawley, Jr. Mr. Hollis Crowe Ms. Darlene Davis Mr. and Mrs. Milton Davis Mr. and Mrs. Duane Davis Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Day Ms. Anne Deboe Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dodson

Dr. and Mrs. Alton Dooley Ms. Sharon Dorn Mr. and Mrs. Arlen C. Doss Mrs. Marie-Bernice Downey Mr. and Mrs. John H. Dyches Ms. Evelyn Eades Ms. Doris J. Eanes Rev. Thurman O. Echols, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Edelen Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eisenman Dr. and Mrs. John D. Engel Mr. and Mrs. Beverly Estes Mr. and Mrs. Frank Estis Mr. and Mrs. Mack N. Evans Mr. Thomas E. Fain Ms. Bonnie Favero Ms. Jennie Finney Mrs. Anne Flues Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Flythe Mrs. Betty Joe Fulcher Mr. Felix C. Gallegos Mr. and Mrs. John Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Phillip P. Garrett Dr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Gendron Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Globman Ms. Julia O. Gravely Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guebert Mr. Charlie Gunter Ms. Lisa Hall Mr. David G. Hanby Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hardin Mr. and Mrs. George H. Harris, III Mr. and Mrs. Gary Helmick Mrs. Helen Hensley Mr. and Mrs. Ray L Herrmann Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hickman Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hockenbroch Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Holland Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Holland Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Holsinger Mr. and Mrs. Roger Holtman

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Howe Mr. Thomas H. Howland and Dr. Bozenna Howland Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hundley Mr. and Mrs. Rett Ingalls Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Barry Jarrett Mr. and Mrs. William J. Johnson Mr. Bradley T. Johnson Mr. Eric Jones Mr. and Mrs. R. Louis Judson Ms. Julia Kaminsky Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Keen Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn R. King Mr. and Mrs. Billy Kirby Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kosztarab Ms. Brandi Lackey Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lagergren Mr. and Mrs. S. Harold Lamm Mr. Gordon and Dr. Melissa Lannom Mrs. Carolyn L. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lawrie Dr. and Mrs. David H. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Lewis Dr. and Mrs. David O. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Ward Littlefield Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Long, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Lorence Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luttrell Ms. Sharon Lynskey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Magruder, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Mallard Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Manning Ms. Sibylla Mansour Mr. Charles Marchant Mr. and Mrs. Richard Margrave Ms. Patricia Marshall Honorable Daniel W. Marshall, III Mrs. Joyce Martin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Martin Mr. Stacy H. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Derek Martin Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Martin Mr. and Mrs. Danny Martin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Matthews Ms. Judy Mattox Mr. and Mrs. John Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Paul May Mr. and Mrs. James McClain Dr. and Mrs. David B. McConnell Drs. Harry and Catherine McCoy Dr. and Mrs. H. Marvin Midkiff Mr. and Mrs. John Milner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mittag Ms. Pricie Mooney-Walker Dr. and Mrs. J. Peyton Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Moore, Jr. Dr. David Morris and Dr. Susan Morris Ms. Martha Moyer Mrs. Elizabeth Muir

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Niblett Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Louis Norton Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Oakes Mr. and Mrs. Keith Oliver Mr. James J. Osenkowsky Mr. and Mrs. James W. Paris Ms. Krishna Patel Ms. Orana Paullus Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Peitz Mr. and Mrs. Tom Petschke Ms. Leslie Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Philpott Ms. Phyllis Porter Dr. and Mrs. W. Dan. Prince, III Mr. Ralph W. Pyles Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Rachner Mr. and Mrs. Craig Rockwell Mr. John Ross Dr. and Mrs. James Rountree, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rucker Mr. Kenneth C. Sands Mr. and Mrs. Mike Santoro Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sellers Mr. Edward Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shelton Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sherman Mr. Chip Slate and Ms. Christina Slate Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Smith Ms. LaVonne R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Rayford Smith Dr. and Mrs. Edward P. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Bob Soper Mr. and Mrs. Guy P. Stanley Mr. and Mrs. James I. Stegall Ms. Jeanne Stillman Mr. and Mrs. Cawley R. Stine Ms. Rebecca L. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Dwight A. Stultz Mr. and Mrs. David Sweet Ms. Mary Lee Tilley Ms. Joan N. Tilley Mr. James Tobin Ms. Jennifer Tranavitch Ms. Karen M. Turner Ms. Judy Turner Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Turner Mr. and Mrs. Carter Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Will Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Gary Vegh Mr. and Mrs. Ken Vickers Mr. John H. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Davis B. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Clay Watlington Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold Wells Mr. and Mrs. Ebb H. Williams, III Mr. Brian Williams

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wilson Mr. Robert Wilson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Mr. and Mrs. David Wilson Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Max F. Wingett Mr. and Mrs. William E. Winn Dr. Judith E. Winston Mr. Ronald K. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wotring Mr. and Ms. Chris Wright Mr. and Mrs. Peter Yann Ms. Latondra Yates Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Yellin Mr. and Mrs. Monroe A. Young Mr. JiFen Zheng Mr. and Mrs. James R. Zinck

INDIVIDUAL Ms. Bettina Altizer Mr. John Anders Mr. C. Reed Anderson, Jr. Hon. and Mrs. Ward L. Armstrong Mr. Harold L. Atkins Mr. Eugene M. Baird Mr. Douglas G. Belcher Mrs. Nancy Bell Mrs. Nancy Betz Mr. and Dr. Roy Binger Ms. Barbara Bradshaw Mrs. Catherine S. Bridges Ms. Suzanne M. Britt Mr. Edwin G. Burch Ms. Jo Carter Mr. B.J. Carter, III Ms. Evalyn T. Chapman Ms. Jessica Clark Mr. David R. Coffey Ms. Natalie Coleman Ms. Sandra Coleman Ms. Martha S. Cooper Mrs. Ruth Dandridge Ms. Lana Davis Mrs. Mary Louise Deel Mrs. Julie DeShazo Ms. Mary Loose Deviney Mr. Philip G. Echols Ms. Pat Edwards Ms. Barbara T. Epperly Mrs. Janet P. Fentress Mr. James C. Firebaugh, Jr. Ms. Susan Fleenor Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fleisher Mr. Doug Frith Ms. Fran L. Gale Mrs. Michele Handy Mr. William Harder Mr. and Mrs. Bobby D. Harter Mr. Perry Hazelwood Mr. Clark S. Hewitt

Mr. Shawn Hickman Mrs. Iliene L. Hite Ms. Betsy Holsinger Ms. Janine Howard Ms. Helen Howell Ms. Stephanie Hudson Mr. Wayne Kirkpatrick Mr. Michael LaChance Mr. Charles Lawson Mr. Edward M. Linker Mrs. Langhorne S. Mauck Dr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Merrill, Jr. Mrs. Lynnie Mitchell Mr. William T. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morrison Mr. Joshua E. Moyer Mrs. Nancy Nash Ms. Annita P. Nelson Ms. Edwina H. Pancake Mrs. Mary Pickett Ms. Jane Pilson Mrs. Joyce W. Poindexter Mr. Jesse K. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Ashby Pritchett Miss Elizabeth Pritchett Mrs. Joan Ragland Ms. Marie A. Ramsey Mr. Sammy Redd Mrs. Stacey Reed Mr. Dennis E. Reeves Mrs. Lynn Regan Dr. Janet W. Reid Mr. John N. Reynolds Mrs. Mavis T. Rice Mrs. Janet Roetken Mrs. T.S. Rothrock Ms. Mary Catherine Santoro Mr. J. Shelton Scales Mr. Ralph E. Shank, Sr. Ms. Deborah J. Smith Ms. J. L. Sowers Mrs. Kathryn V. Sparrow Ms. Meredith Spencer Mrs. Nancy U. Stanley Mr. Danny W. Stevens Ms. Ellen Thomason Mrs. Evelyn Trent Mrs. Anne B. Vipperman Mrs. Kris Willard Ms. Margaret P. Witt Mr. Fred V. Woodson, Jr. Mr. Charles Wray Mr. Patrick H. Wright Ms. Mary Ziglar

LIFETIME Dr. and Mrs. Oliver S. Flint, Jr. Dr. Marshall Hahn Family

Virginia Museum of Natural History

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Virginia Museum of Natural History

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The Virginia Museum of Natural History is an agency of the Secretary of Natural Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia The Virginia Museum of Natural History Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


2012 VMNH Annual Report  

The 2012 VMNH Annual Report features highlights from fiscal year 2012 (July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012).