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Week 3 Journal In this week’s tute we explored the different structural systems and construction types of buildings around the University campus. First we walked around to the Eastern Precinct student centre which was a relatively new section of the building, which was built in between two existing brick buildings. The two existing buildings provided support for the roof and the ceiling on the interior as well as structural support for the steel cantilever frame of the section. The addition of the new section was evident even from the outside as the floor changes from brick to concrete as you approach the section. The second stop was the MSLE Building which was also another link between two existing buildings. From the exterior, the sectino looks strikingly more modern than it’s lateral counterparts. The predominant use of glass and steel signals this.

The inside of this mid-section is a standad mass construction of bricks, but with steel supports on most doorways and hallways. The whole front of the section is made of steel and glass, whereas the back is more dominated by concrete. The entire section is a steel frame with mass constructed internal walls, which are shared with the two existing buildings on either side.

The cantilevered walkways were strictly steel, with glass panels under the rails

The third location was the construction site of the Queen’s College, which was a renovation and extension to existing buildings. The extension was comprised of timber frames supported by steel beams and concrete. There was 2 types of glass, one the conventional transparent form, and the other as blurred, thick block of glass which made very small windows which you could not see into and/or assumably out of.

The fourth and final location was the Ormond Theology Centre which was a completely new structure which was connected to an existing building. The frame was made from primarily steel with a few concrete beams spanning te front side. The entrance to the building was supported by cement columns and had a steel and concrete feature hanging down.

week 3 journal  

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