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Mental Health Consumer and Carer Program Review State Government of Victoria The Mental Health Consumer and Carer Program Review has commenced with a meeting of a reference group and the advertising of a tender to undertake the project. VICSERV, together with the Mutual Support and Self Help Network, is assisting the Department to scope activity in this area and to identify relevant data, evaluation and information to provide to the consultants. Click here for information and updates shared via the Department of Health website. TheMHS Consumer Day 2013 Invitation to submit The 23rd annual TheMHS conference will be held in Melbourne on 21-23 August 2013, with the pre-conference Consumer Day forum scheduled for August 20. The Melbourne Consumer Day Forum Organising Committee (CDFOC) has been working hard to provide a day that is inclusive, informative and provides a showcase for the range of work being undertaken by consumers across Australia and New Zealand. We aim to create a PowerPoint presentation for viewing during the day that demonstrates the breadth of consumer work going on across our two countries. We extend an invitation to all consumers engaged in consumer-driven initiatives to submit material for inclusion in the presentation. Specifically, we would like you to submit 3 PowerPoint slides highlighting your service/initiative/work, with the following structure:   

One slide providing details of the name of your project, its geographic location and contact details One slide that includes a photograph or other colourful graphic presentation relevant to the project One slide with some basic information about your project or some aspect of it (using a font size no smaller than 20)

The PowerPoint slides can be emailed to the CDFOC via and must be received by Friday, 28th June for inclusion in the presentation. Please note, while we hope for strong consumer representation at the forum, attendance is not required for submissions to be included in the presentation. The CDFOC reserves the right to edit and/or exclude slides if it considers that the material presented is not appropriate to the purpose. In such a circumstance the submitting individual/organisation will be contacted and an effort made to negotiate an outcome acceptable to both parties. For more information please contact Cath Roper on 03 8344 9455 or or Liz Carr on (03) 9380 3900,


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