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What happens when you throw a rock into the water? Well we all know that it creates ripples in the water that keep growing. If you notice more ripples are created and they multiply from just one rock, but eventually the water calms down and the ripples are gone. Well marketing is somewhat like throwing a rock into the internet. One you toss in an article, press release, video marketing, or blog it creates a ripple in the web. If you continue throwing more of yourself into the internet it just continues to multiply. Here are three keys to help you with "Online Money Making Opportunities" and continue to create the ripple effect in your life. 1. Focus Stay focus on your purpose of why you are wanting change. Just like a camera you may have to adjust the lens every once in a while, but never lose sight of why you want better for yourself or your family. Focus is a key element of why we succeed in our daily tasks. Whether your task is at your current job or home lifestyle. 2. Follow Through Following through requires commitment, dedication, sacrifice, determination, and faith. It's not an easy road, but who said it was going to be easy. Nothing in life comes easy and everything has to be earned, and winners always come out on top. What are you willing to do to make a difference? 3. Finish what you started So many people give up so quickly when they do not see results now. We have to stay in the race to the end, because people are wanting and waiting to hear your story. They will not hear it if you decide to quit the race. Think of how many people's lives you could help change. This is your Online Money Making Opportunity to be heard and get paid what you think your worth. The Internet is gaining thousands of new users everyday. Thousands of hungry people just like you and I, wanting to get paid what we are worth.

Learn more about online money making opportunities below. Sincerely Rick Perales

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==== ==== Make money online ==== ====

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