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The new Apple iPad is taking its place as the newest and most sought after ebook reader and tablet computer. Out of virtually all ebook readers available these days, the iPad seems to be the most aesthetically pleasing. The interface features a wooden bookshelf, stocked with your choice of your favorite iPad books. But where can you find iPad books to download? Well, first of all, you'll need to download the iBooks application (which is offered for free) via Apple's App Store. Then, you can start browsing and shopping for books whenever you want. When you tap the iBooks icon, your bookshelf of iPad books will appear. In the upper-left hand corner, you can see the "Store" button, and when tapped, the bookshelf will flip around, revealing the iBookstore, your main medium for shopping for iPad novels. You can generally browse by author, title, or genre. Reading iPad novels is just like reading a real book, only better. You hold it like a book, you can flip the pages like a book, and you can generally do everything with your hands that you would do with a book. The scree offers high-resolution displays with fantastic illustrative capabilities and sharpness. One of the greatest conveniences is the ability to adjust the backlight and brightness to your preference. Although the Apple iBookstore is the main way to obtain your iPad books, since it was designed specifically for the Apple iPad, there have been questions arising of third-party developers offering additional iPad books through newly developed applications. There is already an Amazon Kindle application for the iPad, allowing users to read and enjoy ebooks obtained through Amazon and the Amazon Kindle right on the iPad. Currently, though there is still much speculation, there does not exist many third-party options for obtaining iPad novels other than from the Apple iBookstore. While most new iPad users will probably find everything that they need from the iBookstore, many will begin to search for alternative methods of obtaining iPad novels, especially once they get tired of purchasing each and every book from Apple for about $12 - $14. One solution does exist. A new service has sprung up with the launch of the Apple iPad, offering unlimited iPad novels, ebooks, magazines, comic books, and worldwide newspapers to its users for one extremely low fee. Even though it is not specifically affiliated with Apple, the service offers iPad novels in ePub format, the most common format for ebooks, which are all compatible with the Apple iPad, iTouch, and iPhone.

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==== ==== New novel is about a man who travels back in time, Best Ebook ==== ====

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