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"History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life and brings us tidings of antiquity.” - Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC)

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Kristi J Woods

he history of Moreno Valley is one rich in symbolism. The ‘Brown Valley,’ named after developer Frank E. Brown (Moreno is brown in Spanish), accurately describes valley life both yesterday and today. It was the need for water that led Frank E. Brown to form the Bear Valley Land and Water Company in 1883, to bring water to the arid valley. He was met by limited success and eventually had to abandon his dream. However, the valley itself has been fertile in many ways over the years. The original inhabitants, the Shoshone Indians, a hunter-gatherer tribe, existed on acorn mush and wild game, and after Brown’s project ended, creative farmers turned to the dry farming of grains. The area’s modern history began with the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railway line which ran from the Mexican border to San Bernardino. However, it was the armed services that put the Brown Valley on the map with the development of March Field. Years later it was builders and developers that found the valley fertile, leading to a housing boom and influx of young families. Today, the Brown Valley consists of a diverse population, a brown mosaic of various ethnic groups and cultures, determined to keep their city vibrant and prosperous. In this issue we nostalgically look at the past -- emphasizing the planes, trains and automobiles that built this area; focusing on past icons such as -- March Field, the Southern Pacific Railway Line, and the Riverside International Roadway. We encourage you to learn more about the area’s history and support the work of the tireless volunteers who spend many hours maintaining The March Air Museum, the Orange Empire Railway Museum, the Riverside International Auto Museum and the Moreno Valley Historical Society. Sit back and enjoy our trip through the Brown Valley’s past and appreciate where it has led us today.

Linnie Frank Bailey

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CA I m a g e s o f A m e r i c a , M o r e n o V a l l e y,

Edgemont, and Old Moreno. A Pictorial History of Sunnymead, e present day show a clear and Pictures from the early 1800s to th the Mor eno Vall ey regi on. Man y of com pell ing pict ure of the hist ory of rs were provided by surviving membe the pictures included in this book e ved, worked, and helped shape th of several pioneer families that li destiny of this region.

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The Ea rl y Se tt lers


Shoshone Indians, a o r e n o Va l l e y a r e a w e r e t h e M e h t f o s t n a t i b a h n i l a n i g i he o r evada, Idaho, Utah, and ce prevalent in California, N n o e b i r t r e r e h t a g r e t n u h , l smal “ i n l a n d .” ne means “in-the-valley” or Wyoming. The name Shosho These scouts explorers sent from Mexico. h s i n a p S e r e w a e r a e h t n i s The first European which still exist. ny of the California Missions a m d n a , s e t u o r l a c o l t s r i f e established th ginally as the “Pacific tinental Railroad (known ori n o c s n a Tr t s r i F e h T f o n o i t e l The comp and 1869, saw an influx l a n d R o u t e” ) b e t w e e n 1 8 6 3 r e v O “ e h t s a r e t a l d n a ” d a Railro settlements. immigrants to the western of Americans and European more visitors tterfield Stage line brought u B e h t d n a 0 5 8 1 n i e t a t s a California became in the val ley saw the 188 0s, the nee d for wa ter In y. e l l Va o n e r o M e m o c e b to what would mp any . The pu rpo se Bea r Val ley Lan d and Wa ter Co ’s wn Bro E. nk Fra of ent pm the dev elo and pu mp ed fro m Bea r are a. The wa ter wa s col lec ted ley val the to ter wa e vid pro wa s to Mo un tai ns. Val ley in the San Ber nar din o y went out of isputes, the water compan d r e h t o d n a l a g e l f o t l u s e In 1899, as the r n the area which panish) had left his mark o S n i o n e r o M ( n w o r B r e v e w business, ho p what we know as towns, which now make u l a n i g i r o o w t e h T . e m a n bears his ndro and Moreno. Moreno Valley, were Alessa 87, where March Air alongside the rail line in 18 d e h s i l b a t s e s a w o r d n a s s e l A m the her o in He len nam e ‘Al ess and ro’ com es fro Res erv e Bas e sta nd s tod ay. The formerly T h e R a m o n a O u t d o o r P l a y, ( .” a n o m o R “ l e v o n 4 8 8 1 s ’ Hunt Jackson novel. It has outdoor play based on the n a s i t n a e g a P a n o m a R e h t known as met since 1923.) been staged annually at He

Fran k E . Brow n | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


Captain ms Rick Ada


Lt. Col. Donald Trau d

Darnell Gardner

Megan Crusher | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition


tasted e v a h u o ur y o y e c h t i w h t r “For on a the e k l a w l l i w u o have u o y flight y e r e h t r ds, fo r a w y k s .� d e n r n r u t e r o t eyes tu g n ill lo w u o y e r e h t nci. i V a d o been and d r a n -Leo

--> M a r c h A ir Force 1 9 3 4 < | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013



he town of lley in the early 1900s. T a V n w o r B e h t o t e m a c y r he milita s est ab lish ed in Mo ren o an d Ale ssa nd ro, wa of ns tow the een tw be , Su nn ym ead tur nin g po int for vel op ers . Ho we ver the ma jor de a rni lifo Ca ern uth So by 191 2 For ce (th en cal led the 8, wh en the Un ite d Sta tes Air 191 in s wa ley Val wn Bro the e) con str uct ed Ma rch Fie ld. Un ite d Sta tes Arm y Air Ser vic ing up its the Un ite d Sta tes be gan bu ild I, r Wa rld Wo o int try en of In ant icip ati on me nt of sit es ate d fun ds for the est ab lish pri pro ap s res ng Co d an ces mi lita ry for on Inn Ho tel , alo ng lle r, the n ow ne r of the Mi ssi Mi nk Fra . ots pil ry lita mi in to tra m the Wa r De par tm ent bie d for , and wo n app rov al fro lob s, der lea y nit mu com h wit ssa nd ro Fie ld. un d a sm all air sti p cal led Ale to con str uct an air fie ld aro Fie ld, nam ed Tra ini ng Fie ld be cam e Ma rch ing Fly ro nd ssa Ale 8, 191 On Ma rch 20, Arm y Ch ief of ton C. Ma rch , Jr., son of the Pey nt na ute Lie d on Sec of in ho no r t tro op s arr ive d in ht the pri or mo nth . Th e firs flig in ed kill en be d ha o wh Sta ff, s, the re we re ha ng ars , uct ion , wit hin a few mo nth str con id rap th Wi 8. 191 ril Ap fficerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exchange, hospital, and o t s o p a , s p o h s r i a p e r , s l l a barracks, mess h ots . tia lly use d to tra in fig hte r pil qu art ers . Ma rch Fie ld wa s ini tions and March a phase down of air opera t h g u o r b I r a W d l r o W f o The end ntu ally be cam e a ful l s reo pe ne d in 192 7 an d eve wa It 2. 192 in sed clo s wa Fie ld of troops dedicated to and supporting thousands g n i y o l p e d , e s a b e c r o F r i A pa rtm en t sen ed , an d the De fen se De les s ort eff e rtim wa As s. US mi lita ry eff ort lig ne d. On ses acr oss the cou ntr y rea ba ny ma of e on s wa rch Ma reo rga niz ed , ser ve Bas e. e be cam e Ma rch Joi nt Air Re Bas ce For Air rch Ma 6, 199 Ap ril 1, tow n of Ed ge mo nt, po pu lat ion of the are a. The the to ed add y atl gre ld Fie Ma rch clo sen ess to the ba se in 192 3, be ne fite d fro m its ed lish ab est en be d ha ich wh y the ry families settled there. B a t i l i m y n a m s a y l t n a c i f i n g and grew si d over tnam war, March supporte mid-sixties, during the Vie , wns of Edgemont, Moreno 80,000 troops, and the to on g com mu nit ies . an d Su nn ym ead be cam e str

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Th e Tu sk eg ee Ai rm en -- “Du ty wit h Dig nit y”

car e of “Hi sto ry doe s not lon g ent rus t the

free dom to the wea k or the tim id.

“ Dw igh t D. Eise nho wer

keg ee Airm en. te wit hou t a disc uss ion of the Tus ple com be not uld wo ory hist arm ed forc es. A trip thro ugh mil itar y avia tion itar y avia tors in the Uni ted Sta tes mil an eric -Am ican Afr t firs the e The Tus keg ee Airm en wer er des egr ega ting nt Tru ma n issu ed an Exe cut ive Ord side Pre il unt d ate reg seg e wer The U.S . arm ed forc es Afr ican -Am eric ans wer e of ma ny in the bla ck com mu nity, grin cha the to 0, 194 ore Bef 8. the mil itar y in 194 ck pre ss, the NA ACP, and lab or Civ il righ ts org ani zat ion s, the bla y. itar mil . U.S the for ng flyi form atio n bar red from , led the effo rt tha t res ulte d in the 21) e Pag , ters Por n lma Pul (see uni on lead er A. Phi lip Ran dol ph in 194 1. on bas ed in Tus keg ee, Ala bam a, of an all Afr ican -Am eric an squ adr tion and bec am e 1 to 194 6. The y flew wit h dis tinc 194 m fro ee keg Tus in ned trai re Nea rly 100 0 pilo ts we ser vice the y we nt on to of Wo rld Wa r II. Fol low ing the ir ups gro ter figh ted pec res hly hig one of the mo st The ir effo rts pav ed the wa y y exc elle d in var iou s pro fes sio ns. The es. niti mu com ir the in s der suc h as, bec om e lea Afr ican -Am eric ans in the Air For ce ing ank h-r hig t ren cur for and y shi ngt on, D.C ., for the inte gra tion of the mil itar of Sta ff of the U.S . Air For ce, Wa ef Chi e Vic r, nce Spe O. ry Lar . Gen tem s Age ncy , Dir ect or, Def ens e Info rma tion Sys Lt. Gen . Ron nie D. Haw kin s Jr., the Air For ce’ s . Gen . Sta yce D. Har ris, cur ren tly For t Me ade , Ma ryla nd, and Brig ato r. hig hes t ran kin g bla ck fem ale avi t. She told the Air For ce wit h her dec isio n to bec om e a pilo n me Air ee keg Tus the dits cre Har ris n -- peo ple wh o pav ed the 2: “To me et the Tus keg ee Air me 201 of ry rua Feb in e vic Ser s New let the m . I rem em ber thin kin g ‘I wil l not tion pira ins l ena nom phe a t jus way for div ers ity -- was pat ing ma n te the Air For ce so tha t any par tici gra inte to d har so d rke wo y the dow n’ bec aus e righ ts.’ ” the y wa nt - wh ich is rea lly civ il ls goa the e iev ach can n ma wo or ifor nia , Riv ers ide in abl ish ed at the Uni ver sity of Cal est s wa e hiv Arc n me Air ee keg The Tus tor ies, aw ard s, pos ter s, ers , pho tog rap hs, dia ries , ora l his lett es lud inc tion lec col The 5. 200 hiv e is the Tus keg ee Exp erie nce . The arc of n me Wo and en Airm the ut and pap ers by and abo Tus keg ee n, the Uni ver sity hos ts the ann ual itio add In . rary Lib era Riv ás Tom loc ate d at UCR ’s airm en, the ir ber 12, 201 2), fea tur ing sur viv ing em Nov ent rec st mo (the ns atio Airm en cel ebr nity . nel and me mb ers of the com mu 012 fam ilie s, cur ren t mil itar y per son o v. 2 N vors survi e e g e Tusk | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


Pilot, 912th Air Refueling Squadron, March Air Reserve Base The students clap thunderously when they discover that the young man standing before them, who looks only a few years older than themselves, is an Air Force pilot. They hang on his every word as he describes his journey from middle school to the United States Air Force Academy, and his twelve years in the Air Force. His summary message to them is well received: “If you work hard you can accomplish your goals. However, you also must make good

For the United States Air Force, the KC-135

Stratotanker has provided aerial refueling capability for the United States Air Force. The aircraft was produced by Boeing from

1954 until 1965, and with modifications and maintenance, it is estimated it will be in

service until 2040. The sister aircraft, used for commercial purposes is the Boeing 707 jet

airliner. The KC-135 provides aerial refueling support to Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and

allied nation aircraft. It has also been used


for medical evacuation purposes.

This is Captain Rick Adams, part of the 912th Air Refueling Squadron at March Air Reserve Base, speaking to a group of PE students at a local middle school. As a frequent speaker at Youth Education Motivation Program (YEMP) Career Days (see page 17), Adams stresses the importance of hard work.

The 912th Air Refueling Squadron

Under the command of Lt. Col. Scott Minton,

the 912th Air Refueling Squadron (ARS) is

at the forefront of the Air Force’s Total Force Integration program -- developed to make the best use of resources. In this case, Reserve

“I tell them I’ve known since 7th grade I wanted to be a pilot,” he says. “But, I also make clear that I researched what it would

aircraft are flown by active duty Airmen. As part of the 452nd Air Mobility Wing at March, the 912th is an active duty squadron.

take and took the steps necessary to get there - Including overcoming distractions.”

Senior Master Sgt. Eric Butt, 912th ARS First Sergeant, says the squadron came

Hailing from Boone, North Carolina (about two hours north of Charlotte) Adam’s middle school goals were realized when he entered the Air Force Academy, graduating in June 2000. Currently, he pilots the KC-135 Stratotankers which provide aerial refueling to military aircraft.

to March (or ‘stood up’ in Air force terms) in 2010 and now includes nearly 200

slots. “We have over 29 specialties (job

positions), including airmen, crews and those who maintain the aircrafts,” he states.

“We keep the planes operational. Today’s

KC-135 has had significant upgrades and modifications from when the planes were first built almost 50 years ago.”

Butt praises the 452nd as having provided

“everything we’ve needed to be successful here at March” and adds, “I hope they feel likewise!”

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Adams stresses that aerial refueling requires reliability and precision. “It is touch-and-go - a quick maintenance procedure with take off’s from airfields all over the world. I understand the significance of my missions. I also enjoy the opportunity to instruct younger pilots.” Adams, who has been at March for two years, says he loves Southern California and goes to many concerts and outdoor events. A Class A sailor, he also finds time for running, lifting weights and reading. Planning to be career military, he admits to a keen interest in political science and states he may pursue a career in politics or diplomacy at some point in the future. But for now, he is enjoying Southern California’s waters and music venues. He says he relishes the opportunity to encourage young people to follow their dreams. “Whenever I’m available and have a chance to speak to students I do it. From my own experience I understand the importance of making good decisions at an early age. And, I understand what is possible if you plan and work hard.” The rich history of Airmen at March Field continues today in the person of Captain Rick Adams. | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


M ar ch F ie ld Ai r M us eu m


-- “Ce leb rat ing he Ma rch Fie ld Air Mu seu m Av iat ion an d Ma rch Fie ld ” e the future must consult “Whoever wishes to forese s ever resemble those of t the past; for human even s from the fact that they e s i r a s i h T . s e m i t g n i d e prec ever have been, and ever o h w n e are produced by m e pa ssi on s, and thu s the y sha ll be , ani ma ted by the same res ult s.” -M ach iav ell i ne ces sar ily ha ve the sam

fit March Field Museum Operated by the non-pro erves as home to over 70 Foundation, the museum s ifa cts and dis pla ys rel ati ng his tor ic air cra ft and ma ny art of Ma rch Fie ld. to avi ati on an d the his tor y of cla ssi c mi lita ry air cra ft Re sto rat ion s at the mu seu m is. Dis pla ys cov er mi lita ry tak e pla ce on an on -go ing bas present, including Pearl aviation from 1918 to the nce s fro m sur viv ors ), the Ha rbo r (wi th vid eo rem em bra erf ace wit h Ho llyw oo d and Tus keg ee Air me n, and the int Air me n of all ge ne rat ion s the en ter tai nm en t ind ust ry. ir un ifo rm s and art ifa cts . are hig hli gh ted , inc lud ing the see an d ap pre cia te! So me thi ng for eve ryo ne to


► Open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. six days a week and mos t holi day s excl udin g Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, and Easter. Closed on Mondays ► Fees -- $10 (adults and kids 12 and over); $5 (5-11); Free for kids under 5; Active Duty and Reservists, in uniform, are admitted free of charge. ► F a m i l y D a y ( e v e r y Saturday of the Month)


► G r o u p t o u r s a n d g u i d e d tours (available in Spanish or for visitors with Special Needs, call ahead to reserve) ► To u r s v i a t r a m s o f o v e r 7 0 historic aircraft housed outside the building. ► “Behind the Scenes R e s t o r a t i o n s H a n g a r To u r ” every Saturday at 1:30pm.

Fie ld Air Mu seu m: To vis it or con tac t the Ma rch g We bsi te: ww w.m arc hfi eld .or inf o@ ma rch fie ld.o rg Em ail: , Riv ers ide , CA , 925 18. Ad dre ss: 225 50 Van Bu ren of Van Bu ren and loo k (Fo llow the roa d at the end cke rbo ard roo f.) for the ora ng e and wh ite che Ph on e:


95 1-9 02 -59 49 | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition


March Air Reserve Base:

Putting the ‘M’ in Moreno Valley “Make no mistake, March is still an active base” says Lt. Col. Donald Traud, Public Affairs Officer at March Air Reserve Base (March ARB). He explains how March ARB remains a vital part of Moreno Valley even though the base was realigned from active duty to reserve status in 1996. “We are the largest employer in the city with nearly 8500 personnel and March contributes almost half-a-billion dollars to the local community. In addition, we have over 60,000 retirees living in Southern California who visit the base and the city on a regular basis. Many of our retirees were the first residents in Moreno Valley communities. We have been a vital part of the city from it’s beginning. Our personnel helped put the ‘M’ at the top of the hill.” Traud, who began his career in Public Affairs at the University of Florida where he was in the ROTC, stresses, “We are an ACTIVE base -- not only in terms of current military operations (see March Today), but also in helping communities here at home and around the world.” He mentions the March ARB role in helping victims of a recent hurricane: “When Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast and Southern California Edison needed to get supplies and equipment to hard hit New Jersey, C-17’s from March were put into action and delivered over 80 trucks and needed cargo. Because of our capability to transport heavy cargo, we can cut the delivery time from 24 hours to four hours. This makes a big difference to people who are waiting for fallen lines to be repaired and power restored.” Currently, Lt. Col. Traud leads the Public Affairs Office of the 452nd command, the hosting unit at March ARB. His team has a myriad of responsibilities, getting the word out both internally and externally about happenings at the base. (Continued on page 17) | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


March Air Reserve Base (March ARB) is the largest Reserve base in the country, and one of the few multi-services bases. Hosted by the 452nd Air Mobility Wing, under the leadership of Colonel Samuel C. “Bo” Mahaney, March ARB houses the only Reserve Wing in the United States Air Force with new C-17 cargo transport planes and air-refueling KC-135’s. Other current operations at the March Reserve Base:

»► Location of one of the “four-corner” alert sites flying F-16’s and the 163rd Reconnaissance Wing that is part of the unmanned, remote-controlled aerial Predator mission.

»► Lodging for Army and Navy reservists. »► The Naval Operations Support Center (NOSC) »► The Defense Media Activity which broadcasts to U.S. bases and ships worldwide.

»► The Air and Marine Operations Center that monitors the

The Beacon, published by Aerotech News and Review, is March Air Reserve Base’s weekly newspaper. It is produced by the 452nd Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs Office.

skies and waters across our nation and provides customs

The Beacon is delivered to locations

and border protection.

both on and off base each Friday

»► A major deployment center for Marines from Camp

morning. Locations include: the

Pendleton and Twenty Nine Palms who protect our freedom

March ARB Visitor Center (off

in Iraq, Afghanistan and other volatile areas around the

C a c t u s ) , t h e C o m m i s s a r y, t h e

world. (Over 40,000 are deployed from the base).

Exchange, the March Field Air

»► An Army Brigade responsible for civil affairs, hospitals, and rebuilding Afghanistan.

»► A logistics center for Construction Battalions and Medics. »► A base exchange and commissary. »► A retiree Activity Center to support the over 60,000 retirees in the area.

»► Properties including: Air Force Village West (a retirement community); the General Old Golf Course; the March

Museum, and the Riverside Public Library (on Central Avenue). A microfiche collection of past Beacons, covering the years 1940 to 1994, can be found at The University of California Riverside, Tomas Rivera Library.

Field Museum (see page 14); and the Riverside National Cemetery.

»► Honor guards present at all military funerals. Serves all of Southern California (some 82,000 miles) and performs at almost 130 services a month and at special functions on Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and July 4th.

16 | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013

(Continued from page 15)

Activities include producing the internal publication at the base, The Beacon (see info box). This weekly newspaper is edited by Air Force retiree Darnell Gardner. The Virginianative relishes living in Southern California with his family

In June of 2008, the Riverside Community College District was

after a long stint at the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt.

awarded a CTE (Career & Technical Education) Community Collaborative grant. The purpose of the grant is to strengthen

The Public Affairs group also includes Megan Crusher

California’s workforce development efforts by linking the

and Linda Welz. Welz specializes in media relations, while

state’s investment in economic development with an

Crusher heads the community relations function. Her

investment in education. A major focus of every Collaborative

duties include base tours (for all age-groups), speaking

is to provide opportunities for middle school students to get

events, helping with the yearly air show, and other

an early start in exploring their career options.

base-related special events throughout Moreno Valley, Riverside, and Corona. Crusher also helps line up speakers

The CTE Collaborative identified the Youth Education

for the Youth Education Motivation Program (YEMP - see

Motivation Program (YEMP) as an effective model for

side bar).

career exploration. The precursor for YEMP was founded in 1974 by former Congressman Joe Baca, Art Alcaraz, and

Crusher, a central California native, enlisted in the Air Force

members of the then-named “Mexican American Personnel

over ten years ago and is now a Reservist. She works in

Association.” In 1978, the program name changed to

the public affairs office as a civilian during the week and

YEMP. However, the focus of YEMP remained the same --

spends many weekend hours on reserve duty. Crusher says

providing role models for youth by sending adult speakers

she especially enjoys participation in the local schools and

into schools to discuss their career and background.

getting March personnel involved. “I love the responses we get, both from the school staff and from the March

The goals of YEMP are to encourage youth to complete their

personnel. We don’t just find others to speak...all of us,

education and start thinking about future career options.

including Lt. Col. Traud, have participated in the YEMP

Today, YEMPs are held at middle schools throughout the


area. Many area companies and organizations, as well as small business owners and college students, participate as

Lt. Col. Traud, who had a stint as a military consultant in

speakers. Nearly 50 personnel from March Air Reserve Base,

Hollywood before coming to March, wows local students

have participated in YEMP.

with his talks on new military developments such as ‘Harry Potter’ type invisibility cloaks. “They love hearing about the capabilities that are being developed to keep our country and the world safer, he says of his visits with local school children.” Traud recognizes that the students are probably unaware of the rich history of March Field, but he describes for them what is going on now at the base. “Here at March we are at the forefront of tomorrow’s

YEMP Coordinator and Valley Life Today Editor, Linnie

military,” he says. “Our history continues!”

Frank Bailey, with: SSgt Angeline Santos, MSgt Amy Crain, TSgt Ana Maria Broussard and TSgt Rebecca Ghesquiere. | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


Norm Bucha nan

18 | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition


g n i h t e m o s s ’ ry e e v s ’ t a “Ther h t n i a a tr f o d n u o s e h ful.” e p o h about t d n a c i talg s o n d n a c i t n -Paul Simon roma

Ken Schwartz | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


O range E m pire R ai l w ay M us eu m T

seu m, loc ate d in he Ora ng e Em pir e Rai lwa y Mu ge st rai lwa y mu seu m in Per ris sin ce 195 8, is the lar Th e sit e inc lud es tra ins , the we ste rn Un ite d Sta tes . s, exh ibi ts and dis pla ys str eet car s, his tor ic bu ild ing bo th loc ally and acr oss de pic tin g rai l tra nsp ort ati on use s ove r 200 his tor ic the cou ntr y. Th e mu seu m ho , and on e of the lar ge st rai lwa y car s and loc om oti ves Red Ca rs in the nat ion . col lec tio ns of Pac ific Ele ctr ic the public 363 days a The 90-acre site is open to le eve ry we eke nd . yea r. Tra in rid es are ava ilab y of rai l tra nsp ort ati on ! Lea rn ab ou t the ric h his tor e Em pir e Rai lwa y To vis it or con tac t the Ora ng Mu seu m: We bsi te: Em ail:

ww w.o erm .co m inf o.o erm @g ma il.c om

Ad dre ss: CA . 925 70 220 1 Sou th “A” Str eet , Per ris, Mo ren o Val ley , Ca 925 53 Ph on e:



► The grounds are open everyday from 9AM to 5PM; streetcars, ► R i d e interurban cars and trains on the museum railway. Trolleys and trains operate every weekend and on many major holidays, 11AM to 5PM. ► Access to the museum grounds is free (except during certain special events). ► An all-day pass to ride the trains costs $12 for adults, $8 for children 5-11, free for kids under 5. A family pass (for members of one family, two adults is children) all and g n i k r a P available for $40. is free.

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“A More Genteel Way to Travel” Canyon Lake resident, Norm Buchanan, admits to a decades long appreciation of trains and railway transportation. Long retired from a career in Social Services, he is also wellversed in black history (he was one of the few white students to attend Howard University in the 1960’s on a ‘minority’ scholarship). Buchanan now spends his free time at the Orange Empire Railway Museum and is a knowledgeable tour guide on the many trains, streetcars, and other exhibits at the museum. “This museum is the greatest hidden secret of anyplace in Riverside County,” he relates. “Most of us are volunteers here at the museum. The conductors, the ticket takers, and even the guys that restore the rail cars. Some worked in the industry at one time but most just maintain a fascination with train travel.” Buchanan speaks of a love of trains that started when he was a child growing up in the Bay Area. He believes that today’s kids are more fascinated with their computers and are unfamiliar with actual trains or even the train sets such as Lionel that used to be popular among youth and adults. Nevertheless, he hopes others will learn to appreciate the rails: “If someone today would like to experience the ambience of train travel, I would recommend taking the Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Seattle. (See Info Box) I would get a sleeper car which gives access to the Parlour car. The Coast Starlight is still considered a classic. It allows people today to experience the luxury of train travel.”

Description of the Coast

The Pullman Porters

Starlight (from

(1860 - 1960)

“En route daily between Los

In the 1860s, American

Angeles and Seattle, the Coast

engineer George M. Pullman developed the train

Starlight train passes through

sleeping car. The demand for the sleepers grew, and

the San Francisco Bay Area,

Pullman deemed them “hotels on wheels” adding

Santa Barbara, Sacramento and

kitchens and dining cars and top-rate services for

Portland. Widely regarded as one of the most spectacular of

passengers. These services were provided by ex-

all train routes, the Coast Starlight links the greatest cities on

House slaves hired by Pullman. Porters became

the West Coast. The scenery along the Coast Starlight route is

the personal valets of the sleeper passengers and

unsurpassed. This legendary train features bi-level Superliner

Pullman used freed House slaves because of their

coaches and sleeping cars, along with exclusive amenities. The

domestic experience with the wealthy. He became

Dining Car offers fresh cuisine served on real china and table

the largest employer of African-American men in

linens. Coach passengers enjoy big, comfortable seats, plenty

his day. During this time of lack of opportunity

of legroom and new, larger pillows, plus meal service. Sleeping

and discrimination, being a Pullman Porter meant

car passengers can experience a full range of exclusive services

prestige in the black community because the job

and amenities on the Coast Starlight, including complimentary

offered travel and money made from tips. Still, the

onboard internet access via AmtrakConnect and an exciting

job brought much abuse and long hours. In the 1920s

alternative meal service, both available in the Parlour Car.

the Porters, led by A. Phillip Randolph, organized as

This “living room on rails” is the perfect place for sleeping car

the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. In the years

passengers to relax, celebrate or socialize. With an onboard

following, salaries and working conditions improved

theater and alternative dining venue, the Pacific Parlour Car

and many attribute the Porters and their offspring

will make your Coast Starlight experience unforgettable.”

with the beginnings of the black middle class. | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


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the Perris Line

The Perris Valley line will continue the area’s rich heritage with rail travel and provide easier commutes for residents. Coming in 2014, the Perris Line will extend much needed transportation options to valley residents. According to Aaron Hake, Government Relations Manager for the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC): “RCTC purchased the San Jacinto Branch Line in 1992 with funding from the first Measure A sales tax, which was approved by Riverside County voters in 1989. This was a visionary move by Riverside County leaders who saw the opportunity to someday run passenger rail service as the county’s population began to grow. Several years later, RCTC initiated the concept of the Perris Valley Line, an extension of Metrolink commuter rail service along the San Jacinto Branch Line.


could be as early as 2014. The project is receiving $75 million from the Federal Transit Administration due to its benefits to the traveling public.” More info on the project can be found here: rail-projects/perris-valley-line | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


Pat Flynn Riverside al Internation Auto Museum

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ing, t h g i f l l u l b a e , r g n y i l c n a o r e o t h Au re t a g n i b m i l c s. n i e a t m a n g u o e r m a s d r n a othe e h t l l a … s t way r g n i spo m e H t s e – Ern | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


“R acing bur ns li ke a fe ver inside me.” Ac tor and R aci ng E nt hus i ast, Ste ve McQ ue en Where the Moreno Valley Mall stands today, there once was the Riverside International Roadway ( R I R ) . T h e t r a ck w a s i n op e r at i on f rom S e pte mb e r 2 2 , 1 9 5 7 , to Ju ly 2 , 1 9 8 9 an d w a s we l l re g ard e d by l o c a ls and v isitors a l i ke. Pat Fly n n , of t he R ivers i d e Inter nat i ona l Automot ive Mus e u m, s ays in it s he yd ay t he sp e e dway broug ht t hous ands f rom out- of - tow n w ho p opu l ate d t he many re st aur ant s, b ars, and l o dg ings t hat were once a p ar t of D ow ntow n R ivers id e. Fly n n s ays t he R iverside are a has a r ich raci ng histor y. From t he races held i n t he e arly 1 9 0 0 s around circular Grand B oulevard in C orona (the f irst race was held in 1913) to racing at March Fi eld du r i ng and af ter t he war. A c ar craz e was f uele d by t he retur n i ng GIs and March wou l d have ra ce s t w ice a ye ar, ho st ing t he 1 9 5 3 and 1 9 5 4 O range E mpi re Nat i ona l Sp or ts C ar R a c e s. Thes e p opu lar e vents p ave d t he way for t he RIR . The t rack, ne ar t he March B as e was prop os e d and bu i lt i n t he 1950s. The f irst r ac e was held i n 1 9 5 7 . T he t ra ck w as bui lt to accom mo d ate d i f ferent t y p es of c ars and bi kes w it h t hre e cou rs e s. The three options on Riverside R aceway were the long course (3.27 miles (5.26 km)), the short course ( 2 . 5 mi le s ( 4.0 k m )), and t he NASCA R ( 2 . 6 2 mi les ( 4 . 2 2 k m) ) cours e. S out her n C a l i for ni a’s cli mate me ant r ac es cou l d b e hel d ye ar round. S ome of t he more wel l k now n races we re t he L os Angele s Times Gr and Pr ix and t he NAS C A R Wi nston Cup S er i es . B e c au s e of it s prox i m it y t o Ho l l y w o o d , t h e R I R s e r v e d a s a b a c k d ro p f or m a ny t e l e v i s i on s h ow s an d m ov i e s . St ar s an d c e l e br it i e s f re qu e nt e d t h e r a c e w ay, i n c lu d i ng St e ve Mc Q u e e n w ho p ar t i cip ate d in dir t motorc ycl e r aces ; legend ar y racer and ac tor Pau l Ne w man ; and a c tor Jame s G ar ne r, w ho didn’t r ac e but ow ne d s e vera l race c ars .

R iversi d e Internati ona l Ro adway

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I n 1984 t he RIR prop er ty b e came p ar t of t he cit y of Moreno Va l le y. Five ye ars l ater it was

raze d to bui ld a shopping ma l l (The Moreno Va l le y Ma l l) and a housing de velopment. On June 12, 1988, NASCAR held its f ina l race at RIR . The race way was clos e d af ter prov iding 3 2 ye ars of e nj oy ment to are a residents and raci ng ent hus i asts f rom across t he count r y. Today, all that’s left of the RIR can be found in memorabilia at the Riverside Auto Museum. The Mus e u m ho st s reunions of for mer RI R workers and ot her raci ng e vents such as t he annual Legends of Riverside weekend which brings in over 50 professional race car drivers f rom across t he count r y to inter face w it h fans. This ye ars e vent w i l l b e held t he we ekend of March 22 and 23rd. The Museum, founded by R ay and Doug Magnon, father and s on racing enthusiasts, b egan as a c ar col le c t ion. To d ay, t here is an i mpress ive d ispl ay of c ars . T he mus eum hous e s t he l argest and most comprehensive col le c t ion of Mas erat i ro ad c ars in t he Unite d St ates. R e storat i ons a ls o t a ke pl ace at t he mus eum. Bi l l L os e e, w ho s ay s “I’ve b e en ho oke d on c ars s i nce I was six ye ars ol d,” is t he C hi ef Me chan i c, resp ons ible for auto restorat ions. He s ay s , “We d o a l l w or k on s it e - m e c h an i c a l wor k , i nt e r i or wor k - e ve r y t h i ng e x c e pt p ai nt i ng .” L os e e expl ains t hat he has worke d on s e vera l raci ng te ams over t he ye ars. Mus e u m D i re c tor Nor ma Jord an s ays t he mus eum a ls o sp ons ors “C ars and C appucci no,” t he In l and Empire’s ver y ow n ‘Saturd ay Mor n i ng C ar Me et.’ T he e vent t a kes pl ace e ve r y Saturd ay at 8:00am in t he p ark ing lot of t he Mag non’s ne w rest aurant, Mag none Trattor i a & Marke t ( 1630 Spr uce St re et , R iversi d e) . Vis itors to t he mus eum l ament t he fa c t t hat t he RI R and t he O nt ar i o Sp e e dway ( anot he r p ast r a c i ng f i x tu re w h i ch is now t he l o c at i on of t he O nt ar i o Mi l ls Shoppi ng Ma l l ) are b ot h gone. The y des c r ib e l ong-ago we ekends w it h t hei r f ami li es at t he race way s . F ly nn s ays t hat he us e d to r ide his bi ke a l l t he way f rom Ven i ce just to work at t he t rack. Today in Moreno Valley there is nothing that remains of the RIR, however t wo cit y st re et s honor t he r acing l egac y - And rett i St re et, i n honor of Mar i o Andrett i and Penske St re et , a reference to R oger Penske a te am o w n e r. Ma ny r e s i d e nt s r e m e m b e r t h e R I R s i g n w h i c h o n c e s t o o d at Hi g hw ay 60 and D ay St re et and b e ckone d a l l to v is it Moreno Va l le y. | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


Riverside International Auto Museum


al Auto Museum he Riverside Internation Int ern ati on al Spe edw ay” ”Re me mb eri ng the Riv ers ide


un of driving because “We drove for the sheer f money to be made.” there wasn’t that much - Ric ha rd Pet ty.

► G e n e r a l A d m i s s i o n : $10 Adults, $7 Seniors and Students, $5 RIAM Members (Membership is $35.00 Annually)

ide Int ern ati on al To vis it or con tac t the Riv ers Mu seu m: nat ion al.o rg We bsi te: ww w.r ive rsid ein ter Dir ect or: No rm a Jor dan Em ail: No rm aRI AM eve nts @a ol.c om

► Open from 9AM to 5PM;

► F r e e A d m i s s i o n : F i r s t and third Wednesday of each month.

Ad dre ss: 815 Ma rlb oro ug h Av enu e Riv ers ide , CA Ph on e:


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2013 | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


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Honoring our History By Paola Wong-Ringer

in our lives, intertwined with situations and experiences, serves as a compass to understanding our families, our towns and our humanity. History has an uncanny way of contributing to our moral understanding. Stories of individuals we know allow us the luxury to learn by example and to create a framework of identity that is well established and confirmed. In my own family, we are very proud of being Peruvians of Chinese descent. We understand the importance of recognizing and honoring our ancestors who came from a faraway land in search of greener pastures. To some of us though, history can at times be uncomfortable and our search for nobility elusive. Still, we appreciate the striving and sacrifices of our ancestors to provide for our future. Now it is our turn. Choices made throughout


istory well told can be beautiful. The importance of history



our lives are consistently being annotated, if not publicly, privately for sure. Hence, establishing good citizenship is so important towards establishing good history. Moreno Valley is a great example of a multicultural history that continues. Originally inhabited by Native Americans of the “Shoshone” tribe, today Moreno Valley is an “ethnoburb” of various racial groups and community dynamics that include Latinos, African-Americans, Asians, and Anglos. Our history will continue to serve as a storehouse of information which will be essential as the rest of the nation struggles with multiculturalism. History well told should be beautiful. Our community is becoming established and our foundation has been confirmed. We are making our own history. Paola Wong-Ringer teaches Latino Culture and language to individuals, organizations, and businesses. She can be reached at | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


Baptism in the Jordan Bishop Lacy and Pastor Karen Sykes â&#x20AC;&#x153; And they s aid , Be lie ve o n th e Lo r d J e su s C h r i st , a n d t h o u sh a l t b e sa v e d, and thy hous e. An d h e to o k th e m the sa m e h o u r o f t h e n i g h t , a n d w a sh e d their s tripes ; an d was b ap tiz e d , h e a n d a l l h i s, st r a i g h t w a y. â&#x20AC;? A c t s 1 6 : 3 1 , 33

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Cross Word Visits the Holy Land | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


rch This past fall, a cont inge nt from Cros s Wor d Chr istia n Chu of Mor eno Vall ey mad e the pilg rima ge to the Holy Land that ing so man y beli ever s emb ark on or drea m abou t. Ima gine walk r. whe re Chr ist walk ed and bein g bapt ized in the Jord an Rive Take a look at this picto rial and see Naza reth , the Sea of Gali lee, the Mou nt of Oliv es, Beth esda , Geth sema ne, and the Gard en Tom b. Inte rspe rsed are phot os of pres ent day Israe l.

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Hi lls ov er lo ok in g th e Se a of Ga lil ee ; Ca es ar ea Ph ili pi ; | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013


C ro


er â&#x20AC;? on th e Jo rd an R iv te Si al sm ti ap B â&#x20AC;&#x153;A ed in th e Jo rd an . iz pt ba e ar rs be ss W or d m em | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition


To view ALL of the photos from the trip and the detailed itinerary, please visit | Discover the Greatness | Special Edition 2013



ow will historians describe the Moreno Valley of today?

What will the children who live here now say about growing up in the area when they reminisce with their grandchildren? How will their leaders be remembered? How will they describe their quality of life -- their school, their neighborhood, their sports, their entertainment? The choices we make today, just like the ones of yesteryear, determine our history -- good or bad.

“Prayer f or R i ght C hoi c e s ” De a r L ord. . . . We p ray fo r yo ur gu idanc e in t he dec is ions w e mu s t m a ke ; H e l p u s to N OT cause di sp ai r and dou bt or promot e fear and divis ivene ss.... thi s i s n o t t he pat h w e c hoos e Lord. Sho w us Y OUR way God, t he right way, so that whe n o ur his t ory is w rit t en, we c an s ay: … . W e cho se p e ace an d p ros perit y ins t ead of pet t ines s and polit ic s; …. We cho se fait h ins t ead of fanat ic is m; …. We cho se the people ins t ead of t he popu larit y. An d at the ve ry le ast De a r God, w hen we are one day ju dged by ou r ac t i o n s ( o r lack the re of), let u s be able t o s ay...”We Tried.” We ask you r bles s ings on t his c it y. Le t e veryone s ay, AMEN. LB

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The History of Moreno Valley  

A Magazine / Journal covering Moreno Valley, CA and the surrounding area.

The History of Moreno Valley  

A Magazine / Journal covering Moreno Valley, CA and the surrounding area.